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  3. All im gonna say is when people log character out where there farming so when they die they can log the dead crow off and log in there other character with 30 second of dieing to continue a fight can be rather low.
  4. on the 5th topic, i find it funny that paladin bonus is +10% fire dmg and fire dmg cap however the only fire dmg output they have is divine light which doesnt realy do much dmg wise fury is the fire dmg templar they get fire dmg and slashing dmg bonuses. Personaly i would like to see a small range attack dmg on paladins atleast so they can trigger devotion a little better in the open field fights.
  5. Hi all! Just a little feedback after lurking for months playing game and reading forums. 1. As the crow flies: it doesn't. Shouldn't it? Why not able to fly over the caverns, holes, and such to get to corpse or rez point? This crow is really just a typical mmo ghost. Actual flight (limited) would make corpse run less tedious. Not an option due to possible exploit? 2. Player creation: would be nice to have option to choose class first that shows racial options not just race first then class options. A little thing, but helpful. I tend to think class before race. 3. Mouse run: I like to use the mouse to run (both mouse buttons) but currently have to change right click and left click powers because I'm constantly swinging my crafting tool. Is there a way to fix this? As a lefty, I have lots of remapping to do and so getting my run option off my powers hand is super helpful for game enjoyment. btw I hate not being able to click powers. 4. Sacrificing on the fly: Why only sacrifice in temples and such? Would be nice to be able to sacrifice on the fly, especially for those of us who like to level by killing mobs. Sometimes I seem to out-level my sacrifice items because don't recall back to temple when I'm in a leveling mood. Am i doing something wrong? Maybe a player could build their own temporary personal altar to offer sacrifice in gratitude to their god much like the campfire. 5. Templar- A suggestion since I enjoy playing them from my Shadowbane days: Vindicator would be cooler as a fire based zealot closer to confessors. Understand they are light based lore wise and that makes some sense for paladin spec but the damage spec would be cool to have affinity for fire side of sun rather than light more in line with confessors. After all they are not Paladins. I know they have fire damage buff, but templar doesn't have many fire based damage powers-- or am I missing something? Maybe a fire-dot either weapon based or even a ranged cast? 6. Voices- One of the coolest things about SB was the casting chant that played when a player cast a spell. Any chance something like this added to CF? 7. Need more biomes(?) like desert. Of course with the appropriate desert kar-sekt background music.
  6. Hey I like Mandalore. He is who he is and is unashamed of it. Good for him! (and it is not sarcasm, nor a poke or anything else. Mandalore is consistent, and I respect that )
  7. Cleric - Arbiter Spec, using Ult dose not reset cool downs as stated. Bard Ruin - Heal Song is not equipable on survival tray. this prevents usage of the out of combat benefit and make the twisting minor unusable while moving in and out of combat. on a bard with only the twisting minor i can activate the 140% speed song, and swap trays as much as i want and it will continue looping on a bard with both twisting and sustaining note the song refreshes itself while in the combat tray but runs the timer out and then starts the 130% speed song. if you twist speed before the better song has expired it will not refresh the buff timer or apply the lesser buff and your speed will drop until you play it again. Druid - While suffering from essence burn, if you swap from life to survival then death tray , you will continue to burn. if you swap from life to death it will stop the burn properly. - healing orbs can not be placed on ramparts Minor accompaniment (20% song dmg) seems to have no effect on the troubadour damage song Please Help!
  8. jokes on you i havent even done my ek since the wipe.
  9. oh god marth has left the EK's its the end of the world
  10. I keep telling myself when I get frustrated: "It has so much more coming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming" So I figured I'd post here and remind myself; as well as many of you about a few things we're still missing that will make this all feel so much more alive and busy. PLEASE, correct me on anything that is going to be *Post Launch* or has been discontinued. I haven't been keeping 100% up with all the videos and changes. Caravans will be a huge creator of conflict. Having to run large amounts of resources between keeps/forts to upgrade them will provide dynamic PVP content. We will need bodyguards, scouts, and to set up ambushes along the routes these Caravans take. I am assuming that they will be Static routes between each keep/fort. Tracking, though we haven't gotten many, if at all; concrete details on how this system will work, it is something that will bring with it more interesting roles within the Throne War itself. Where the Ranger and Assassin classes can really shine. This makes having allies with you that can detect those that would try and slit your throat all the more important. Mounts, though we have the statistical benefit of mounts; it will FEEL so much better to actually be galloping on horseback (Or whatever the hell centaurs will do) on a mount throughout the dying worlds. The Dregs will make for some interesting mechanics for us to toy with. Creating our own cities in a large scale "EK" that can be attacked and sieged dynamically, or on siege timers (We don't know which yet) being able to be actual mercenaries for the highest bidders, there is a lot that can be done with the game once The Dregs come online. Performance is currently being worked on, and although I personally haven't been in more than just PVE fights on the Test server when the snap test for 5.9 was up, I can say the movement feels WAY better. When using dodge moves it feels like gravity is actually weighing us down, as a minotaur, or half-giant I actually felt like this large intimidating mass of flesh ready to tear apart some limbs. Even just walking felt way more believable and "real". As far as performance increases go, I couldn't see an actual FPS increase, but I did notice there were fewer drops in FPS. Though I was only on for maybe two hours testing all the classes. Now, I will say this much of ACE: They made a HUGE decision with the Race/Class split. I think a lot of us forget that the Race/Class split was not in the books from the get go. They were doing really well with performance in Hunger Dome, and Siege Perilous felt okay for how early in the stages they were at the time. Making the choice to give us more options put them in a MAJOR setback, I'm sure @jtoddcoleman and @Tyrant can both agree that it wasn't an easy decision to make. However, it makes the game more interesting and gives us more options. The game is moving slowly, and sure it's not where *WE* want it right now; but ACE also isn't a multi-million dollar company that's releasing their 5th or 6th game as a studio. This is their first, and although they have a lot of talent, such as @Hanseshadow (Whom I think is a badass btw) and Blair(SP?) on their side they're learning how to be a team together. Anyways, I hope this has rekindled a bit of what is hopefully to come in the next year. Don't let your light fade ARTCRAFT ENTERTAINMENT! -OsirianLegacy-
  11. Not sure how any of that is related to the fact that referring to them as UDL and LoD is 100% appropriate as that's the tag they chose for themselves in our Discord. I don't care about your history with them. I just care that you were petty enough to attempt to criticize me for calling people by the tag they're using in Discord. Well, not that much just a bit baffled really. Edit: Ah I think I see what you are trying to go on about now. You're super puffed up about knowing them from other games. Wasn't immediately obvious since I think of them as those guys I hang out with Discord that do some shot calling at sieges and know some cool builds, and you seem to believe we view them as some kind of messiah? Nah. I respect the help the ones I know have given me and what they have done for our faction but I haven't made a shrine to them yet. Maybe later. I come from other PvP games too. I remember UDL from Darkfall. Congrats on knowing them, though the ones that I have heard mention you to don't seem to think of you quite as highly as you presume they do.
  12. Had a friend centaur leaped inside the stairs by the back in order temple and got stuck in the roof.
  13. Sobre o server BR os devs tem alguma novidade?
  14. I know those guilds. I know those leaders. I know those players. I’m friendly with all of them. You speak their names in hushed whispers of awe and I’m messaging them on discord belittling each other’s masculinity. UDL and LoD are part of an alliance across multiple games and it is much older than CF. HoA was part of that alliance until we decided to branch out of the death alliance and find allies that better suited our play styles and needs. If you want I can give you a more in depth history lesson about the great houses of early CF; reasonable rates and only 25% of the content is hooligan jokes.
  15. A bit more general feedback: Apples are OP, cut back on apple drops. Food acquisition is way too easy, cooking is wasted time, and those food resources waste bank space given the mass amount of apples dropping. Basic Harvesting Tools are OP, building intermediate rune tools seems almost not worthwhile especially given that I can whip up basic tools in the field. Nerf them a bit so there is a real incentive to build intermediate rune tools, on the way to real tools. Base stats (STR, DEX, INT, SPR, CON) don't have enough influence on derived stats. What currently matters is (1) time-based skill training and (2) gear. I think base stats should have a stronger effect. I want better meaningful interplay between all three of these character aspects. EKs need some sort of bulk bank-like storage. There is now so much stuff in the game that a lack of bank space is a real annoyance. And some bugs: Animals despawning into/outof hunger versions is very buggy when you are trying to kill or skin them and they suddenly disappear and the replacement animal is full health but you already swung your weapon and now you're dead. Ranged classes can kill Ranged NPCs (e.g. zombies) using line-of-sight tricks taking absolutely zero damage.
  16. Couple of quality of life issues regarding Foreman. Foreman is fun, I like triggering weak spots for my group. (They love it too!) But I'd love to get some sort of feedback. Currently being able to answer how many stacks my allies have, or how long before they start falling off, requires me to look-over at a teammate's screen or ask in Discord. Not fun. On that same vein, stamina management is critical to keep the Foreman buff running (more so on motherloads). But I don't have any good tools to do so. Right now I'm running with Miner just for the +0.5 pip rate. I'd love to have some sort of feedback-loop where my allies's success would grant +N stamina every-time a group member successfully hits a weak spot. Something that loops back into the Foreman would be awesome. This lack of stamina is more evident on motherloads as I have to spam the Take it Down! ability which means I cannot effectively spend my pips on stamina recovery. As to Take it Down! there's no indication that its doing anything or how long the buff has remaining. This sucks.
  17. I agree, remove the immunity the moment you take ANY action, not just attacking. But also, the immunity should go longer in case your client or network hiccups.
  18. It was posted earlier in the topic so I'll just repost it for you: 50 Balance vs 25 Order = 2 to 1 I think that Chaos actually attacked and was killed by us in that particular fight too but I'm just counting Balance vs. Order numbers. Not even sure what your point with the post was or what you were intending to "educate me" me about. Just calling my shotcallers by the tags they use in alliance Discord. Sorry if there is some name you feel would be more appropriate?
  19. @soulein I officially request a formal name change from HoA to any of the three following options: 1. 23rd STS 2. 1st SFOD-D 3. DEVGRU
  20. You mean Chroma and Blazzen? Or did you mean unfolded and ginko? Maybe you meant Pest? Never heard of UDL or LoD. Never. Not once have I ever talked to any of them.
  21. Since this campaign began I have not seen these 2 to 1 numbers that are constantly being claimed. We must have some special forces that are so good they are only seen by the enemy 😮
  22. I would too. While others in our faction such as my own guild leads, UDL/LoDs shotcallers, GDs interference team and Sophia have all done a lot more than I have, I've done enough at sieges to be proud of and surely it must make for more interesting songs than "And then after they wiped us 2-3 times we called the whole faction and beat them while outnumbering them 2 to 1!" or "And then the 6 of us stood on points at 3am Pacific!"
  23. 'Do it with soft' was a challenge, followed by the implied 'good luck'. Farming durable hide is easy and about as useful as copper; it has it's uses, but it's not the stuff you want in volume.
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