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  2. there have been random death spots previously that werent gates, the most notable being everywhere west of one of the keeps in the first gods reach campaign
  3. No like i said i will definitely push forward into the game, wait for more content etc i'm aware of the state of pre-alpha but i felt like it is important to give a "first impressions" feedback for the developement. As for the guild i played with someone from yours i believe that helped me reach 30 and answered few questions so this point is getting better.
  4. allows players to claim territory, amass resources, build and destroy strongholds, or create a merchant empire. They've got one of those down, hopefully the others arrive soonish. I'm just glad the author didn't miss how DYNAMIC Crowfall is. Gotta love hype words.
  5. Okay this i just dont agree with you on. Im my experience it works just fine to keep up with people by using disengage and engage plus dodges. But ofc you might have another experience. Im not sure but if you land a engage, does that not slow your taget? Cant remember.
  6. See, expecting players to act against their own interests for altruistic goals of preserving a server is a losing battle. If the devs want balanced population, there needs to be incentives to join underpopulated factions so it isn't like this after launch. For example, splitting campaign rewards among all the players in a faction would result in more for you if you're in the small faction. If they really want to fix it quickly, give PvE loot drop bonuses to members of the under-populated faction. I guarantee the problem would be resolved after 1 or 2 campaigns then. If anything, I hope things become even MORE lopsided during pre-alpha so it becomes glaringly obvious to the devs that they need to address this.
  7. again, not everybody. but assassins have. fae is mandatory if you want to be very mobility and able to fast escape. else do not complain. and again, take escape artist or illusionist if you have reach problems or dps issues. every single melee have such problems you listing. for me this is not an argument. what they can do? 5k crits to dummy? yes. with top gear and cap stats. titans and alpha warriors are hardly depend on party healers. else they die and have almost no options to escape. assassins does not need it coz escape. on eu I almost do not see good titans (probably Vanguard's one) and never seen good alpha warrior. but seen alot of assassins. do you try to get the same experience with you are speaking before complaining? show me easy game with titan plz (I do not familiar with alpha warrior tbh) myrmidon have one CC - net pull which working in 50% of times in bigger than 1v1 fights. all other CC you can skip coz useless. champion have more, yes. So, you can take those class, own everyone you seen, record video, report it and they will be fixed soon. but again, I repeate my questions. do you get top end gear, good skill tree lvling and built correct your class? how many hours you spent on trainings? or you just login, lvl white vessel to 30lvl, get some random disciplines and white gear and wanna split heads right now? it does not working.
  8. Today
  9. Well, one pretty much has to chose Fae as an assassin, other races are less preferable, although indeed elf is the second best. Everybody has those, so its not a gap closer. Unless Assassin has the opportunity to open up on a stationary target those "not" gap-closers are of insignificant value. Coz when i open up and use stun, the target breaks out of it and jumps away, the distances of the "right click: skills are also all different so i have to use mine and then either run back or chase. Then rinse and repeat. And its even worse when i first to have to use a right clicks to close the distance, then i just wont be able to catch them because they (in most cases) have 2 dodge rolls to use. You can say that right, after i saw what a Myrmidon or a Champion can do i was.... damn ... Indeed balance seems to be a side issue with the devs at the moment. And that is why I am giving my take on the Assassin and how to make it more viable, and not just hitting and running back and then trying again. Its called an Assassin, not feral druid for crying out loud! Well, One Major is pretty much always Black mask (especially for the upper spec). The other Major disc makes you choose what to sacrifice. And that shouldn't be the case for a squishy melee class. I would like to be able to close the gap and lay down some slow or dazed effect, both not just one. Well I wont speak for all other classes but just take a look at Myrm and Champ.... they dont have problems with either gap closing or CC.... and got a freaking lot of damage on top of that as well and even some invincibility. Damp the gift that just keeps on giving.... I guess Devs meant to make them like this..... hmm... not really an argument is it? The list is true for every class (well maybe the first point is more Assassin specific), and could be said about every one of those classes. One should always try to get decent gear and vessel. And ofcourse experience is needed a swell. And yet none of that will correct for the fact that Assassins just lack certain abilities which they should have had. If you have two similarly geared and experienced people those class shortcoming will be the same. Ill be damned if I would have to switch to Mymr or Champ because of the inability of Devs to make some classes playable....
  10. Yesterday
  11. I strongly recommend to monitor playerbase, especially on eu server before introdusing new maps. new map with 6 keeps makes it less chance to fight factions and eat more time to travel instead of actual fight (for 500+ online it can be true but 40-50 online with 6 keeps is something I do not understand) ontop of this even splitted forces between maps do not help to get stable connect. servers keep disconnecting players back to lobby (with party lost which is critically bug) and sometimes we also get freezes. sieges every day is not so fun with current durability lost and playerbase. siege should be event, conflict. with reason, with reward. for example, I would like to see 1-2 keep per day max but first you should do something with zerg and respawn system coz 1 force death mean lose in siege for attackers current sieges for me are simulator of running. between maps. fort capturing windows 1h - you can play this yourself, really. the problem is what you trying to make rules for GvG theme parks inside sandbox with loot. if you want theme park, just copy-paste Teso/Guild wars system, do not need to reinvent the wheel
  12. take escape artist and you will get more dodges in a row take fae and you will get longest and fastest "dodge roll". current race/class statement dictates fae is the best race but strange disciplines mechanic forces to take half elf for free slots. 2 gap closers are built in. it is more than some melee have. Blind, "proper ambush with teleport" is the skills from other games which ACE wont reproduce here, I suppose. you will discover alot more shock content right after you try out any other class. balance and "fully working class mechanics" is not about current statement of the game. not everyone able. not anytime. you supposed to keep your target in reach with more experience using right runes. assassins is very mobility class if built right. there are also big issue with CC/AntiCC design which makes CC builds are worthless well, this is how devs build class specs. other classes have the same problems which mean they should chose role. I can keep discussion coz I remember how assassin was born, how assassin was meta for a long time, how he fall and such. but I would like to say before whine: 1) take fae, get demon's pact 2) get blue+ armor with epic+ accessory and epic+ runic weapon 3) get blue+ vessel 4) play alot vs more enemies or vs good veterans 5) experience with builds (test server will help) and then you can produce correct questions. current assassins statement: middle dps, good sustain, 2 viable specs, player skill requirement to success, almost 100% chance to escape in scale pvp. role: scouting, approach from the rear
  13. I am puzzled why you would think WB and HoA are a Zerg. I have been playing alot , nearly 90% of the sieges since Jan 2019 and have seen the population, there has rarely ever been a numerical advantage on Balance compared to any other faction. Numerous campaigns were filled with sieges where Balance was consistently outnumber and even times when Chaos and Order teamed up bringing nearly 3-1. Now, if you are complaining about the Balance faction being organized and working together, then "Zerg" is the incorrect term and maybe what you're trying to say is that Balance is trying too hard for your liking. I guess we are lucky things are in Pre Alpha.... If the game design of Crowfall is too tough for non competitive PvP players then I guess it is good that we are testing now so they can make adjustments to ensure that it is working as intended.
  14. The HoA move, no matter how you try to justify it, was a fair-weather gaming move. Couldn't get the job done so you buddy up to the other largest guild who has also been playing longer than most. Passive skills for harvesting, crafting and combat are higher than most of the server and then you also have the numbers and gear to defend or attack multiple keeps. Most guilds I have seen on Order or Chaos have a handful of steady gamers with recruits coming and going. Your two guilds have 4x as much dedicated players, it seems. Chaos, at one point, did get an influx to try and combat all of this and failed to do so. Kudos on winning that campaign, it was a failure on our part to organize. However, it's not like that anymore. Not even close. You are, without a doubt, winning the campaigns. The way you're winning, and to the determent of the server, is not the way I would want to win. To each their own, I guess. Now you're asking to stage fights, It's obvious you're starved for PvP.... and that's your own fault. Let's pretend you had no idea it was going to be this way (history would make me believe otherwise). Now that its glaringly obvious, you're plan is to dig your heals in and act like it's all good? The fact that any of this has to be explained boggles the mind. The level of homerism needed to be in such denial is off the charts. I will give you guys one thing though... You're organization between the multiple guilds is done perfectly. Basically one giant guild squishing all the small PvP groups out there. Every time we see a couple people and attack 6+ more show up around the corner within seconds. I hope you guys stick together when it really counts, once the game is launched. Once the big guilds start coming into the game and its an even fight, you guys will be a lot of fun to fight against.
  15. You pretty much cant kill them 1v1 alot of the time if they know what there doing cause they simply disengage 180 use again run in straight line till dots leave re stealth heal up in stealth using the ability and harassing the other person with there stealth skills and re enagaging again when it suites them. then there templars who physically cant kill anyone cause the opponent just walks off when they decide they cant win
  16. I like the direction this thread is going.
  17.  CROWFALL EN LA PRENSA Lewis Burnell de TenTonHammer ha escrito un articulo muy interesante sobre Crowfall después de comprobar las mejoras del parche 5.90, Las Pruebas de los Dioses (The God Trials) “Me place decir que no solo algo significativo esta sucediendo, pero el desarrollo de Crowfall sigue creciendo con fuerza.” Red Thomas de MMORPG.com, quien recientemente se paso por la central de ArtCraft también escribió un articulo muy interesante. Habla de la actualización del control del carácter, el Alcance de los dioses (God’s Reach) donde nuevos jugadores pueden comenzar sus aventuras y las Guerras de las Tribus. “Finalmente estoy emocionado con Crowfall. Parece que el esfuerzo del desarrollo ha acelerado el paso y encuentro que cada vez que entro al juego, este ha dado grandes pasos hacia estar completo.” No os perdáis los artículos AQUÍ. HA COMENZADO LA PRUEBA DE MAEVE Comenzó: 23 de mayo a las 4 PM CDT (NA) / 4 PM CEST (EU) Fin: 12 de junio a las 10 PM CDT (NA) y 10 PM CEST (EU) Nota: - Es una campaña de 3 semanas - No hubo limpieza (wipe) antes de la prueba - Se puede importar Condiciones de victoria Sello de oro de Maeve Facción Ganadora: Jugadores en el TOP25% en ambos: TOP de capturas y TOP de ratio de Matanzas y Muertes. 2ª Facción: TOP 15% de jugadores en ambos: TOP de capturas y TOP de ratio Matanzas y Muertes. 3ª Facción: TOP 5% de jugadores en ambos: TOP de capturas y TOP de ratio de Matanzas y Muertes. Sello de Plata de Maeve El resto de los jugadores en todas las facciones recibirán: El sello de plata de Maeve. El favor de Maeve es valioso ya que todos los sellos ofrecen el bono de Maeve: +2% de bono elemental de la armadura (ofreciendo una ventaja mitigando el daño de fuego, hielo y ataques eléctricos). Importante: Para poder recibir la recompensa del sello, debes estar en la clasificación de líderes. Para estar en esa lista has de matar o ser matado por otro jugador o durante la campaña debes crear objetos artesanos que tengan un valor de sacrificio. ORO PARA GLORIA, CUERVOS PARA HISTORIAS Los despojos de la guerra no son siempre oro (aunque oro es generalmente un muy buen incentivo). Para muchos, conseguir el honor eterno puede llegar a ser más importante. La historia de Crowfall es tú historia. Queremos preservarla por medio de las Historias de Guerra. Puedes contarnos tu historia por medio de videos, imágenes, gifs, e informes de batalla. Puedes compartirlas en Twitter (#crowfallgame y #warstories) o en los foros de Crowfall. Cada viernes elegiremos a la “Historia de la semana” y le entregaremos 500 cuervos al creador. ¡Esperamos leeros pronto! ELIGIENDO TU CLASE EN CROWFALL Con 11 clases y 12 razas, Crowfall ofrece la habilidad de crear personajes totalmente diferentes del resto. Cada raza tiene ventajas únicas y los recipientes pueden adaptarse con habilidades, disciplinas, talentos y equipamiento. La gran cantidad de variedad hace que encontrar tu propio estilo sea posible. Crear el carácter adecuado es el primer paso en el universo de Crowfall. Para hacer el proceso más fácil, CrusaderW produjo un video tutorial ofreciendo un repaso en profundidad a las opciones disponibles, incluyendo los detalles como habilidades pasivas y promoción de clases. El video te puede ayudar a crear tu Héroe Eterno que te traerá gloria, riqueza y poder. Ve el video AQUÍ. ¿Conoces a algún youtuber o streamer? Crowfall quiere trabajar mas cercanamente con su comunidad, como Community Manager me gustaría tener contacto con vosotros, por lo que si conoces algún YouTuber que esté preparando contenido para Crowfall dínoslo AQUÍ. Sigo deseando hablar con vosotros y ver cómo os podemos ayudar desde Crowfall. Un lugar para nuestros Streamers Si haces livestreams de Crowfall en español, esto te puede interesar: ACE y Travian Games te ofrecen el canal oficial de Crowfall para hacer tus Streams. ¿Interesado? Contáctanos aquí en el foro o en Discord (TheUnknown#2425) y únete al equipo de Streamers. AVISO: ¿Tienes algo interesante para contar? ¿Encontraste un tutorial útil? ¿Planeas un proyecto o una actividad relacionada con Crowfall y buscas aliados? Por estos y otros motivos, escríbenos y te ayudamos a difundir tus novedades en la comunidad Hispana y redes. Saludos, TheUnknown
  18. Yes assassins have that ability, but it is mostly suited to get away, if you are chasing someone its bloody useless, especially when quick turning around of the camera will result in an unpredictable direction. It only works in theory, in practice its useless. It would be really nice to have an ability (not dependent on spec tree or Major/Minor Disc) to catch up with someone, preferably slowing or stunning them at the same time. And also to be able to dodge an attack. This is the only game not having that kind of dynamic for Assassin that i know of. And the two dodges are not Assassin specific, everyone has more or less 2-3 dodges.
  19. Home menu tabs can be selected through the Purchases and Settings menus Notes: ⦁ The tabs are fully functional and redirect the player to their appropriate menus Repro: 10/10 Repro Steps: 1. Launch Pre-Alpha Live build 5.90-356-FE961771 2. Progress past the IIS and navigate: Settings 3. Select the area to the left of "Reset to Defaults" 4. Observe the lower-right corner of the screen Actual Result: Menu SFX plays and the button to enter different game modes appears and can be selected. Expected Result: Only menu options belonging to the current menu may be interacted with.
  20. What the game really needs is an incentive for people to not always side with the expected winning faction every campaign.
  21. As a universal rule, there isn't a major PvP MMO title you can list that I can't cite barrier to entry as a primary reason for failure. Generally it's #1 on the list. Darkfall isn't just not an exception to the rule, the original Darkfall is the worst offender on the entire list for full loot PvP games. You have to go to Themeparks forced into trying to be PvP games like ArcheAge to get worse.
  22. And Eve online is a fundamentally good game and would be so even without full loot. Perpetuum was ripped and copied from Eve Online source code and had full loot, it was a fun game, it's gone now mainly due to lack of PVE /Bad PVE I disagree if you are talking about Claus Grovdal's Darkfall published by Adventurine SA. Heavy handed vets didn't kill that game. Opening the NA server split the population and ruined the economy . But I do agree Darkfall was a clunky game
  23. ok strange one this and very annoying.... Ported through to the Balance using the portal, had a mini freeze so alt-tabbed reloaded the game and it came up, you have been placed in a safe position, that safe position was in the center of the war tribe camp at the temple! not a very safe place indeed!!!
  24. I'm not predicting rainbows, I'm predicting a viable game model for a non-alpha game. I'm going to assume that much because otherwise we are all wasting our time here / if I'm wrong then nothing that happens in this game will matter.
  25. Beneficial Harvest Power has been maladjusted. Fully trained in animal. With no gear. I have .34 With gear. Blue mind you. Not the best out there. 15.32 I think the decimals got confused again. And it makes gathering Leather a bit problematic. And I am sure it is also bugged on Ore and stone as well. Making bene harvest for it all MUCH weaker.
  26. I am sorry, when I predict I look at how things are currently. I won't base my predictions on rainbows when ACE hasn't produced any form of mass production and hasn't told us a timeline for it being put in. It should be obvious if they made things easier(thralls etc) that there would be less work for players.
  27. It's not good to balance a game around the limitations of being half-finished. We can assume banking improvements and the introduction of thralls will make the game much more churn-friendly. And if we can't then this game will get rated very poorly on it's crafting system in general once the "it's an alpha" defense no longer applies.
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