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  2. Because these objectives used to have zero benches. When they added benches, before the keeps had crafting buffs, the forts were given everything but necromancy and jewelcrafting tables. Later, they added buffs to keeps and necromancy to forts. If it were an oversight it would have had to be an oversight after multiple passes over the system specifically built around the value of forts versus keeps.
  3. For comment above, could not add quote after the face.
  4. Making your account name a last name would work, but both names would have to be displayed. I just hope, if they do this, they will give a free name change. At first, my username was my email and they said that they allow one free name change; so I have used my free use. Just not sure if Devonic is the last name I would want, it sounds more like a first name. Please reference quote below
  5. @Ble @Ussiah Im still trying to figure out who this guy is 😼. I don't recognize the name. Cool story though.
  6. Willkommen zurĂŒck. Ja, da sprichst du ein großes Problem an, das sich mit dem neuen Update fĂŒr Solospieler ergeben hat. Ich halte das allerdings nur fĂŒr eine Übergangsphase zwischen zwei Versionen, die sich leider etwas unglĂŒcklich gestaltet hat. Gold erhĂ€lt man nun nur noch durch Handel oder das PlĂŒndern von humanoiden NSC's. Es erfordert wesentlich mehr Arbeit an Gold zu kommen. Alleine schon das Finden humanoider Monster kann eine Herausforderung werden. Die besten Chancen hat man bei den KriegsstĂ€mmen. Die aber oft auch ziemlich stark sind - sich in einer Gruppe zu bewegen kann sehr hilfreich sein. Relativ of findet man sie auf der Karte in den Abenteuer-Gebieten auf den Parzellen mit den zwei kleinen HĂŒgeln nebeneinander. TatsĂ€chlich ist Crowfall hauptsĂ€chlich auf das Gruppenspiel ausgelegt (und das wurde auch schon immer so gesagt). Als Einzelspieler ist es deutlich hĂ€rter (aber möglich). Ich bin mir auch sehr sicher, dass sich da in Zukunft freie Kooperationsmöglichkeiten ergeben werden. Wenn die Entwickler das nicht selbst tun, wird die Community dafĂŒr sorgen (und wenn ich es selbst tun muss ). Das Leveln wird mit steigender Stufe imme schwieriger, da man immer stĂ€rkere Gegner und/oder OpfergegenstĂ€nde von höherer QualitĂ€t braucht. Bis ungefĂ€hr Level 15 sollte es eigentlich jedem möglich sein zu leveln. Das ist auch das Level, das man braucht, um sich mit einem Handwerks-Runenstein auszurĂŒsten (mit dem man dann an den spezialisierten WerkbĂ€nke in den PvP-Festungen oder in Königreichen bessere GegenstĂ€nde herstellen kann, mit mehr Opferpunkten, um weiter zu leveln). So oder so, mit Gruppenspiel ist vieles wesentlich einfacher. Bis zum letzten Upate hat man das nicht wirklich gemerkt. Aber jetzt wird es langsam haarig. Mögliche Kontakte um dich innerhalb der deutsprachigen Community mit anderen zu verknĂŒpfen kannst du hier finden. Viel Spaß und Erfolg im Test Kraahk
  7. Today
  8. I have never seen any version of your name on purpley skinned elf rogues or rangers on every game I’ve ever played.
  9. Whats funny is we've had the opposite results with impale. Impale seems to hit quite reliably in pvp but doesn't register on mobs.
  10. I disagree with this. there are ways for us to have unique character names while maintaining actions linked to you. That was one of my biggest disappointments when I logged in the first time, created my first toon, and then spent forever trying to come up with a cool, unique name only to find out when I actually entered the game with it that the name I picked was meaningless. Had I know that the name I picked to create the account would also be the name for ALL my characters on it I would have put more thought behind it. very disappointing. One of the simplest ways I can think of off the top of my head is to have a "family" name for the account. I am sure there are other ways to do it to...... Whats to stop me from buying a separate account, training it up, do all kinds of nefarious (though NOT TOS) activities and you would have no way of knowing it was me, the drizzzt guy. Just saying. I can have ways to have zero things linked to me if I wanted to spend enough money.
  11. The only faction switching I would support would be the ability to switch to the Worse off faction. If a faction is getting steamrolled hard opening up a switch to it wouldn't be terrible.
  12. Welcome (back ) to the forums. I remember the moment in time you are speaking about. It was during the redeem promotion. Due to the recent changes at these days they expected to no longer use charakter slots, so they offered people to either take the risk and wait - or to pull the rope and exchange them for 25 credits/$. Currently it looks like the charakter slots will be a thing again. You can use up to 6 vessels in the playtests, but nine slots are shown, with 3 being locked. With this and the recent changes (crafting recipes are provided by major runestone disciplines - and major runestones won't be changeable once you equip them with a certain body) character slots seem to be a thing again and may become even more important in the future. But, that's just guesses. No dedicated official news about them as far as i know.
  13. Locking you into a faction is important, like it was said. Keeps people fro stacking into the winning faction. The ability or guild leaders to identify what faction they will be using and give a warning if you are about to choose a different faction. at least caimpaigns are only a few weeks and you will get to rechoose after.
  14. I am interested to know how guild banks and other storage will work with exports for campaigns. Or will it only work for EK's? that would be smart.
  15. They addressed this in a previous live stream. They know it’s a problem and it will be fixed but it’s a complicated long progress for them to fix and it’s further down the pipeline than other fixes/mechanics/systems. Nobody is truly happy with the banking and storage issues the CF pre alpha has but it’s not going to launch with what we have now and they’ve acknowledged our valid concerns. Not sure what the point of riling people up is.
  16. Chests and bank size is fine. Just need a guild bank tab and guild ranks so permissions can be assigned. is it difficult to assign different stack size limits for just the bank vs character inventory?
  17. Ooo no apparently I replied or posted 17 times before that one! Thanks to any informed parties in advance.
  18. Hi all, long time backer, first time poster (I believe?) I was wondering what ever happened to the: Character Slot (x3) Reward from the Kickstarter, at one point they offered us 25$ a slot in trade but stated that later they would be converted to something interesting in game, though I can't seem to find the result of that, and don't see exactly what in my long list of rewards was added as a result hehe.
  19. Estou esperando um wipe geral. Ainda esta dando muito lag quando tem muita gente na tela. Nao da pra jogar pvp assim. Meu fps da 60 90 tranquilo mais msm assim o lag atrapalha no pvp aberto causando uma ma experiencia. Mais mesmo com isso estou empolgado com o game e espero q reabram o server br pra ver se melhora ou ate mesmo melhorarem a otimizaçao no server NA. Eu espero a primeira opcao kkkk. Valeu galera abração.
  20. Hallo Leute Kann mir jemand einen Tipp geben? Ich bin ein solo Spieler und neige zum PVE. Ich habe eigentlich alles gelernt um WerkbĂ€nke usw. zu bauen.Kann aber nichts herstellen. Da es kein Gold mehr gibt kann ich mir auch keine Disziplinen kaufen. Also auch kein Königreich aufbauen.(ab 5.8.6)auch mit Lvl komme ich nicht weiter. Ich verstehe den Sinn des Spieles nicht mehr. Was mache ich Falsch? Kann kein englisch und Spiele nur allein. Das kann doch nicht der Sinn des Spieles sein nur in Gruppen zu Spielen. Danke fĂŒr Antworten
  21. I agree with the guildbank and the chests in the keep's have to be bigger or so
  22. E aí pessoal tudo em cima? O que vcs estão achando desta nova campanha? Mais interessante com o wipezinho que houve? Ou ainda estão esperando o wipe geral mesmo? Opinem por favor.... ajudem nossa comunidade a se manter viva. Abraço Fauno
  23. Acredito mesmo que vå ficando cada vez mais melhor, mas temos que ter paciencia... tentar agradar a todos os jogadores leva sem tempo. abraço
  24. Agreed this is getting a tad insane. The fact at worst you have to store mats in an NPC and pay 5G per 15mins is crazy of a work around
  25. Leveling really is a group activity. If you take a party of 5 and hit high level mobs it's over very quickly. I've maxed three vessels this campaign and none of them took more than a few hours of grinding with a group. I can understand the frustration if you're attempting to do it solo, but I'd adjust your method. Leveling groups are not difficult to find on Order at least.
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