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  3. I do like the forced choice aspect of the current system. It wasn't so much that the minors weren't balanced as they felt unimpactful. I know that a minor should be a small thing, but it should change a small facet of my character, and it did not feel as though it did that. I think that removing the slots is one way to fix it that is ok and fairly easy, but if you could rework the minors in a way that made the ones that took passive slots be more impactful and change/introduce more minors that are like elven eyes or reaper and don't require a passive slot but offer just stats or small buffs this seems ideal to me. I figure the non passive slot minors should be scaled to be somewhere in the range of 2 points in your talent tree, maybe more, and then the ones requiring a passive slot have more character altering role defining effects. maybe they give access to a weapon your class otherwise couldnt use, or armor, or a passive that added utility. Spirit whip is a good example as it makes you capable of doing different fun things potentially not available to your class. maybe you put a glider, or repelling rope, or some sort of purely utility active ability on one that is useful and changes your characters play but not in an explicitly combat way. It can help to facilitate more dynamic environment play. I think you can do lots of fun things to make characters unique with minors. The majors are almost like a promotion class in a sense and offer a set of things, the minors can then offer these small nuanced tweaks.
  4. Sides seem to be VERY unbalanced. You'll have to deal with this before the game starts or it will ruin the whole game. There is an annoying delay between you can see and actually gather items dropped from harvesting (playing with 12ms and I still have to wait like a second before it registers that I am trying it pick it up)
  5. Thats cool, whats up with the reward from the first Decapathon ?
  6. good changes but many minors are bad, i would like to see many such as all thorns related ones receive a massive buff, along with the addition of several minors that DO require a passive slot but in exchange are extra powerful such as a minor that increased the power efficiency cap by 10% and gives you 30% efficiency as opposed to weapon finesses 20% or or a minor that healed you by 3% on every basic hit
  7. Disciplines (and Passives) were mentioned in our last ACE Q&A. What are your thoughts on the changes Blair spoke about?
  8. You can either fill out the Influencer form or drop me an email - community@crowfall.com. Happy to take a look at your site and see how we can collaborate.
  9. The only thing I know about is that they work with streamers, which you can check out here: https://crowfall.com/en-US/influencer
  10. I hope they can keep advantages and disadvantages separate from minors, having it at character creation like initially intended. I do like the idea of humans and half elves being able to nullify one, or it could even be as simple as just giving them more points to take advantages at creation. I also like the idea of stacking minors for new effects, but share the same concern. However his second idea of minor utility buffs works too, although it's a bit more boring.
  11. so i have a gaming blog and i would like to know if crowfall provides any support to blog for it or is there any kind of affiliate to it ? since i have been playing this game from a long time i thought i would start including this into my blog and write about whats coming and currently on going with crowfall as my own experience?
  12. Yesterday
  13. Yeah, I could see how that would be one of the outcomes, but if a player has multiple accounts then they are likely using them to cover different gaps and wouldn't be doing anything redundantly if it was sacrificing the efficiency of having multiple accounts. Not saying all skills would be considered redundant but it's safe to say that over time more and more tomes would wind up on the marketplace. The other piece to consider would be how much demand there might be for tomes that a player may decide once capping something out that they would prefer to sell skill tomes from that tree as an easier way to make gold than anything else immediately available -- depending on market pressure. Not all players will be the most hardcore multiaccount-wielding players that we have now. If the system is built around these behaviors then it would theoretically be possible to guarantee these pressures remain a significant contributor to landing skill tomes on the market. Without that system in place it's hard to say in any absolute terms though.
  14. In campaign currently and I have a completely empty hunger bar but am not suffering from the hungry debuff. While this is incredibly convenient I thought I best report it.
  15. There appear to be issues with necromancy additives drops rates from the R10 Bosses (Kings and Chiefs). This data was gathered by 4g_BlackCanario who has diligently been farming them for the last few days and compiled by me. The Mob types killed were: Embarri Cleric Kings/Chiefs Fae Assassin Kings/Chiefs Embarri Champion Kings/Chiefs Satyr Knight Kings/Chiefs Can you please verify that this is intended as previously the chiefs would also drop legendary additives. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vQuJomrxP9BnuIXRCwxPNKthPocCVvnbTGH9JEbq8myjMY9MED7G4JSjPxl9GSv-SEP5rPK1rmNzgqN/pubhtml# It is also worth noting that during this murder spree, no hammers dropped and only 3 Necromancy goggles. BlackCanario has informed me that despite us only having statistics for 17 Kings, he killed an additional 20 that didn't drop any legendary additives, unfortunately he didn't screenshot the loot for these 20 prior to us starting collection. So the actual number of Kings is 37 and 2 legendary additives dropped. If needed we can provide images of the loot drops that were compiled. Thank you.
  16. Lets not forget that many people will not sell skill tomes to other players until their alt and main accounts are full up. Realistically someone would need 1 account just to assault(lol word subbed r@ped) skill tomes from, since it would cripple that account. Unless they are sold through the cash shop I cannot see new players getting their hands on many of these. I counter that skill tomes, as described long ago, would actually benefit vets more then new players.
  17. Welcome to the forums. Your current forum level in this forum is "Visitor". Visitors only have limited writing rights. If you bought the game on the official crowfall website crowfall.com or during kickstarter, you should at least have the "Tester" level, and by this extensive access to this forum. If that's the case, but you don't have access, you should contact support@crowfall.com to get the access that's due to your pledge level. If you bought the game on the russian 4G website, you might not be entitled to write on this forum, but should have access to the official 4G Crowfall forums. I don't know if they have any playtest bug-report/feedback sub-forums there, though (but I hope they do). In both cases: If you find and want to share any informations about bugs or exploits or just want to leave some feedback ... but can't, due to restricted writing rights on the forums ... you could just send them directly to support@crowfall.com. Or if you don't want to bother them, you could send them to any other player who has access to this forum and is willing to pass on your feedback/report. Like me for example. Have fun, good luck Kraahk
  18. I can’t write to the forum thread about bug reports, I’ll write here. During the game in windowed mode, with the game window active, when the camera rotates, the mouse cursor can move outside the window ... extremely annoying
  19. The player power potential in this game is already limited by a number of caps. Passive training helps achieve some of those more easily, but the entire purpose of the game is the collaborative build up that happens in campaigns, not the time training itself. The benefits of being an invested player are an aspect of achievement that should be in the game in order for any sense of persistence to feel impactful. Additionally, if players are chasing time worms, then we are putting in incentives that directly pull players out of the campaign for non campaign based progression and that might be a little counter-intuitive. I'd rather the new players be helping a campaign than holding back whichever faction they belong to by focusing on more trivial gains. As an aside, most of the benefits invested players have will be imparted to players in a number of ways anyways. Whether that be through market interactions or PvP ambushes, all variety of goods will be distrubuted one way or another and that is the core of player power in the campaigns. It's gonna feel a lot worse in game now because training was accelerated and players are literally years ahead in training than would be intended over a similar dilation of time in the live product. Not to mention there are still a lot of missing systems that might drive more of the crafted item availability like caravans, thralls and factories.
  20. IMO That still only benefits the advanced player by fattening his wallet and leaving the younger accounts depleted.. My suggestion keeps the strong vs the strong while allowing the younger account to catch up at no real cost. Should the veteran player be rewarded with gold just for being in the system longer? IMO, no.
  21. There was a skill banking/tome system already announced just not in game yet. This would be a way for players to do exactly what you're suggesting. In the skill banking design players could take saved up time training and turn unused time into skill tomes that other players can purchase and use to catch up.
  22. Pit fighter champions (centaur race generally regarded as best due to racial armor break debuff) fulfill a 2h-wielding, self-sustaining, tanky brawler type of role. Medium dps, lots of staying power in fights due to self sustain but they won't solo someone that is receiving heals. A Titan Myrmidon is not as tanky as a pit fighter but can dish serious damage and has powers that, when used carefully, can provide sustain/longevity in fights. Half Giants are good Myrmidon races. Minotaurs are also good. Myrmidons are a dual wield class. They also have a ranged root/pull similar to Death Knights in WOW. An Alpha Warrior champion is a high dps, low sustain, medium tankiness, 2h-wielding class.
  23. I have a suggestion for the folks and powers that be to help players catch up their profession tree to players that have been playing a longer period of time. Add in a time acceleration mechanic so that when a player is dead and in their crow form (thus not affecting the world), they can fly through or to a time acceleration node or nodes while in crow form that will grant them bonus time units towards their current profession tree in training (like worm hunting for time). This would benefit the game in a couple ways, 1: the player that is less powerful on the battlefield would have an avenue other than beating their heads on the wall while they get stomped by more powerful players, to catch their skills up, but at the same time not have to just sit and wait for the clock to run. They cold affect their clock marginally to help them progress and catch up to the players that are further along. 2. The players that are already advanced would see less of the trivial opponents while they search for the "time worms" in crow form. Players that are advanced, if so choosing to go for time crystals, sacrifice the campaign objectives while doing this other activity. It keeps the strong fighting the strong and gives the weaker players an avenue to get stronger faster.
  24. Yeah, agree @Audin Not sure their idea of baking all passive into the player reduces the potency of already preferred minors, since now even more power is compounded including traits that are also really strong still. Would be nice if they just brought back the banes/boon system to the design of minors so that there could be significant and impactful choices to make regardless of getting all passives. Maybe Humans and Half-Elves could could nullify one of their "banes" as part of the human versatility theme /shrug @DeernadoI like your idea of stacking similar disciplines as a way to generate a new effect. My only concern would be how does that keep the minors unique? If they are more about their combine effect than their standalone effects my fear would be the potential homogenization of the granular options that exist now.
  25. They won't get a special access key. The access level is bound to the account. They just need to log in to the crowfall.com website and download the LIVE client on this page. The site will automatically check wether they are allowed to use the playtest environment or not. If there are any problems with connecting to it, it is recommended to contact support@crowfall.com, and they will help to get in. There have been codes that were able to provide rewards to the one sharing them, but as far as I know the current basic referral codes, as shown above, provide a discount to the buyer alone. Still a good deal in my opinion. And of course this may change in the future for future codes you may get access to. Besides that, joining a guild currently provides later rewards to the guild wallet. So, if you want rewards, it can be usefull to create your own guild and invite your friends to join it. You can find more informations about this in this news info. Have fun, good luck Kraahk
  26. Sharpen your wits and your axes! Decapathon 2 is set for October 29 - November 5, 2019. FULL STORY
  27. So i recently asked my 2 friends to join the game and they both bought the game and now waiting on access key, can you tell me if they use my referral do i get any rewards ? and how long do they have to wait for access key after they get account verify notification.
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