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  2. Would you please form any size group or any comp and let me know when you’d like to meet up. I’ll bring the same exact group, or lower numbers if you prefer and we’ll put this “we’re good cuz out numbered” thing to rest (and on the youtubez).
  3. Because it’s so easy to harvest?
  4. why??? it should works imo
  5. Today
  6. A lot of the meta is pushed towards enclosed spaces because of the value of these objectives. This makes melee/tanky or AoE based classes shine. More open tree rooms or objectives would probably help to widen the meta and help range to use their class specific advantages.
  7. Leather armor should probably be same amount for ore, and there is a difference. Chest piece subcomp for ore - 10/10/10 x 3 = 90 Side piece subcomp for ore = 8/5/5 x 2 x 3 pieces= 96 Total = 186 Chest piece subcomp for leather - 12/12/12 x 3 = 108 Side piece subcomp for ore = 10/10/10 x 2 x 3 pieces= 180 Total = 288 Why does leather take 50% more?
  8. Je viens chercher ma réponse dans le forum français car mon anglais est surement trop limité pour comprendre pourquoi le jeu met tant de barrière sur le commerce . j'expose ma compréhension ( pas forcément correcte ) : il n'y a pas de vessel "bon à tout faire" , certains sont bons en exploration/récolte , d'autre en fabrication , d'autres au combat . On peut s'attendre à ce que les récolteur vendent aux fabricants , que les fabricants vendent aux combattants. Pour que ça fonctionne il faut : 1/ que les combattants aient une visibilité ( comme dans EVE par exemple, où d'un système donné il voient globalement l'ensemble des offres dans un rayon donné ) qui leurs permettent d'avoir le temps de faire leur activité préférée ( c'est à dire combattre ) plutot que de passer un temps non négligeable et lassant pour quelqu'un dont le but est surtout le pvp à parcourir un à un des EK , et dans chaque EK consulter un à un des marchands .... 2/ que combattre fasse gagner suffisamment d'or pour alimenter le commerce ! or depuis la 5.8.6 il me semble que si ni le pve , et encore moins le pvp d'ailleurs , ne permettent de gagner suffisamment d'or ( par rapport à l'usure de l'équipement conséquente des combats ) pour permettre aux combattant de se stuffer ou restuffer . Sauf à demander aux fabricants de vendre à bas prix : mais celà rendrais l'activité de pure fabricant non viable . 3/ Encourager la circulation d'or , car plus l'or change de main pour des achats , plus il y a l'activité artisanale est encouragée , or les limitations d'import/export encouragent les joueurs à déplacer l'or le moins souvent possible . En conclusion , et j'espère vraiment me tromper !! j'estime que les limitations actuelles encouragent l'auto-suffisance, elles nous encouragent : pour ceux qui veulent être combattants - soit à toucher à tout ( avoir un vessel pour le craft , un autre pour le combat ) pour s'auto fournir en équipement. - soit à compter sur la générosité des autres ( plus anciens de la guilde par exemple ) et pour ceux qui veulent être artisans : - A vendre à prix déraisonnablement bas ( ce qui rend l'activité pure d'artisans non viable à long terme )
  9. When you fix "Divine Alacrity" make it work with either the heal or dps ult, this would give the class the ability choose to be a better off-healer with CC or a dps with CC. the Arbiter passive could also benefit from being a bit more healy to make it feel more like an off heal spec. could we have one CC that debuffs retaliate costs or CC immunity time on the player(s) effected buy it for some time longer then the CC.. making it harder but not impossible to escape. or make increases to hard/movement CC bonus % increase the stam cost of breaking the casters CC..... IE at half value if i have 30% hard CC bonus, if an enemy tries to retaliate MY CC it cost 15% more.
  10. looks like this was happening in 5.8 too... however i believe your problem is in equipping both the twisting and sustaining note minor... Posted January 19 Bard/Twisting bug When activating the Pure Song buff from the Twisting minor discipline while in a combat tray to gain a enhanced song buff such as D'orion's Accelerando the enhanced song buff cannot be maintained after switching to survival tray even though the Song of Speed continues to cycle. I believe this was a recent change possibly introduced in 5.8 Please allow enhanced song buffs to be refreshed after switching to another tray. Bard/Twisting quality of life suggestion Since you can't slot Hymn of Restoration in the survival tray it's impossible to activate the Pure Song buff from the Twisting minor discipline while in the survival tray with the Bard discipline by itself. This is a large usability hit. Please allow Hymn of Restoration to be slotted in the survival tray. It would be nice too if this heal was affected by support powers.
  11. And I suspect that it was a more personal post between ble and the OP with the OP wanting to bait people in for responses who knows, would seem likely based on the OP's history but I guess that would be t biased, although a lot of posts lately with finger pointing lately seem to have the same feel with roughly the same people but as you said let thee unbiased judge
  12. More adventures with discord!:
  13. I know you guys are digging our #warstories. We may be small but we are mighty! This is another video from our first night out as a guild. We were happy to find a good fight and lucky to get it recorded. Anyone interested in small-scale PVP scrims please hit me up here on the forums. We are recruiting, so anyone looking to join the Chaos, for a challenge, look us up. Chaos may be outnumbered but with some teamwork and collaboration we can bring the faction back together. If you see me out and about doing something ridiculous, you can bet I'm recording. See you in game! -Bzra
  14. To be fair, veeshan's original post is perfectly civil and names no names: "Just wiped some balance in a spawn and they logged into other characters and they were immune for a good 15-20 seconds due to log in immunity while they were fighting us.That buff should realy be removed if you draw a weapon or hit somone." Staff did try to stir up some crap, but the OP did not. They just reported on what happened to them and were met by this: "You guys had absolutely no chance in killing me, like zero. So lets not pretend it was about immunity. As soon as I entered life tray and beamed, it was removed. I sat there with your entire group on me beaming @Dedolin and you got me to half by the time he killed 4 of 5, no one bothering to stun/knock down to stop the beam. Immunity wears off the moment you make an offensive action, which it did, soon as I loaded in and pressed beam." Perhaps Staff's comment got him riled, but between Ble and the OP I leave it to any unbiased reader to determine where civility broke down and it became political.
  15. It can be hard to have a civil conversation when the person being accused snaps back, altho it doesnt help that the beginning of the thread is less about a game mechanic and more directed towards painting rivals as criminals, so i dont know why that would surprise you, threads such as this is not gonna lead to civility when you approach the issue in a way like that, and that goes for anyone know matter the faction or guild
  16. I think calls for civility are best made before you essentially call the person who called you out a liar, insult the intelligence of anyone who disagrees with your faction's narrative with phrases like "reading comprehension is your friend", and subsequently have your own claims disproved. Such after the fact calls (or calls like Jah's made while Balanced seemed to be on top of the narrative) come across as extremely disingenuous. Maybe if Balance conducts itself with civility in it's overall forum conduct instead of circling the wagons anytime anyone says something they disagree with, and attempting to silence dissenters with numbers and condescending attitudes, we can all be nice and get along before anyone has to get epicly shut down with a truth bomb again.
  17. I think Jah has a great point, mostly because anyone could be abusing this Bug if its being abuse, the more you try to poke your rivals the more devs will look at the info you put down as children bickering and will look away. It be nice if everyone is able to keep it respectful and retain a positive healthy testing community
  18. What is your profession? Follow a new path with Class Specific Disciplines! We'll get started with everyone's favorite shadowy slinker, the Assassin! (Class Disc 1 of 11) Skirmisher Major Discipline (Assassin) Can Equip: Buckler Gained Skill: Skirmisher's Block (Block) Your basic attacks no longer generate pips. Every conquered army grows a crop of corpses and deserters. Those on the front lines seldom choose which they become. Skirmisher's Block (Block) Block with your shield, reducing incoming damage and suffering no loss in speed. For each attack blocked, gain one pip. This block skill does not block crowd control effects. Shove (Stealth/Melee Tray, requires Pips & Buckler) Shove up to three targets in melee range with your buckler, knocking them back 2.5 meters for each pip spent and dealing minor crushing damage. At five pips, one of these targets is knocked down. Camouflage Allies (Survival Tray) You enter your Stealth tray, and all group members become Camouflaged in place for 120 seconds using 90% of your stealth skill. Moving or taking any other action ends the camouflage effect. Flourish (Melee Tray, Active) Dodge in any direction with an artistic flourish. Activate this ability at no cost to gain three pips. 30 second recharge. This ability may be flash cast and breaks crowd control.
  19. I'll give Ble the benefit of the doubt that he was unaware of this bug and used it accidentally. Perhaps even you only tested a single damage skill and your factually incorrect statement is just a result of improper testing. But I wonder how @veeshan discovered this bug if his account was factually incorrect. His honesty is vindicated by my tests as far as I'm concerned. In terms for my takeaway suggestions, I'd suggest that the mechanic we KNOW Balance was willfully using of logging out mains next to their farmers, while clever, is unbalanced. I applaud their usage of dirty underhanded tactics, and suggest that ACE correct both the issue of invulnerability upon login, and the issue of login ambushes, by forcing people to spawn back at faction temple / the nearest protected spawn point if they are logged out for longer than 5 minutes (5 minutes to prevent getting shunted away by a quick disconnect.)
  20. Reading comprehension is fine, I just don't trust Balance to ever give anyone the truth, and here is why: Summary: I log out after being damaged by some spiders then log back in to the same character. I switch to my healing bar and drop a healing circle. The heals go off successfully. So does the knockdown effect I get from being an arbiter. Invulnerably persist until it times out. The damage numbers that would be there if I was taking damage say "Invulnerable" each time the spiders attack me. To be fair, I did multiple tests, and the one in which I did damage to an enemy actually broke my invulnerability. This video definitively disproves the claim that switching bars and using skills breaks invulnerability though. Conclusion While initial testing seems to suggest only dealing damage breaks an invulnerability, It would take a 2nd person and an earthkeeper account to test if beaming someone does or doesn't break invulnerability. We also don't know if doing things to an allied player would break it either. So Ble may or may not be correct in saying he broke invulnerability the moment he used a beam. However this test does prove it exceptionally likely that some of his life tray abilities might not have broken his status, making veeshan's story very plausible given we now know the bug he described is real / he almost definitely observed it somewhere, and Ble was in his healing tray.
  21. Good to see that we're back to making up numbers to protect fragile egos
  22. I’m going to miss the current sunsets. There was something...mystical about them
  23. Maybe people you will be remembered for zerging the trials. Maybe the deeds of pre-alpha will barely be remembered and building skills is more important than building wins against a faction half your size. Thanks for the dust and bread Thromdeir. Hope the book was equal exchange.
  24. Doesn't everyone hate elves? On the original topic, I think PopeUrban nailed it - any action should remove immunity, period.
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