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  3. for crafter you need: 1) alot of free spaces in bank 2) safety place to care resources and keep staying near crafting stations 3) special gear (armor + accessory at least) 4) lvling in account tree (crafting) 5) vessel with better stats for crafting this mean you can't and won't go out of safety place and pvp with this character. on the same way you can lvling at the same time: crafting/combat or crafting/gathering or combat/gathering trees. with another character (vessel) builded for combat you can always do some pvp. this way you should lvling crafting/combat (you do not need another account ) lvling account skill tree crafting/gathering. this way you will suck in pvp ps. usually crafters is the separated accounts coz they need alot of bank space.
  4. I think they should get the Dregs and other systems like embargo, refining, caravans into testing first - and then do the risk vs reward balance across the game as a whole. Waste of time to try to fine tune it right now.
  5. ok i want to have crafter/gatherer. what should i do?
  6. Your equipped items can not be looted. You're inventory can be looted after either a) you release your corpse, or b) they chop off your head. If you are not looted you can get your inventory back by returning to your corpse/cairn. Chances are you'll be looted, though.
  7. R5 is too high for God's Reach, and there is no need for the campaign to be full of R7. Even R7 should be spread around. And R10 should be Dregs only.
  8. Treasure Hunter seal This seal will increase the drop rate or rarity rates of items dropped by mobs you deal the most dmg too, seeing we have harvesting seals it might be a good idea to give PvE farmers a boost since thats basicly like harvesting mobs and something somone who just wanna kill things. (Fuctions basicly like rarity drop/Quanity drop you get in say the diablo/Path of exile type games one increase the quality of the items while other increases the amount of item the mob drops) Added some items for the pve player i feel will go a long way in the long run for the game since it add pvp content aswell.
  9. Gods reach should be R5 imo tops. R10s should only be located in the forests and Ravines R9s Should be located in tiles surrounded the Ravines/Forest R8s should be located Around keeps and forts (Forts should each have an abundant resource, So you get forts with Wood around another with stone around another with Ore around and another with animals around. This is to add differences to forts and give some more reason to capture than others (I would even split them further into forts gte one resource type around them so one may be all iron in the vacinity another might be all Birch and so on) R7s should be the main resources all other tiles with maybe the occasional R9/8 tile spot outside those spots.
  10. Hey guys if you want to use a controller for CrowFall with steam you can. What you need to do is Enter Big picture mode, then go to settings and in settings you will set up a controller for desktop config. all the configurations you need just like a regular game. Once comfortable with your settings exit big picture and run Crowfall and you controller will work. Im using it right now. understand if you want to make additional changes you will have to start steam again in big picture mode apply configurations to desktop mode for controller and exit out big pic mode again and again until you are comfortable with setup. your configuration for desktop mode allows you to use your controller as a mouse for your everyday use without having to be in big pic mode or playing a game in big pic mode. try it!!
  11. Are resources in the campaign world better than they are in gods reach? I stand by that for the pre-alpha testing GR as is functions as it should. You cannot get the best stuff their, and because it's a testing phase and not the game, you want people to be able to pick it up and hit the ground running in a semi safe environment. You cannot begin to competitively gear to fight a purple vessel, purple equipment guy by playing gods reach. You have to go to the campaign to do that. Or if you could, the astronomical amount of time it would take makes it very unrewarding, which you cannot. I think what the chaos players are doing is an example of something that is only bad for the game because it's such unrewarding and unengaging gameplay and is not what this game is about and potentially is misrepresenting it as a loot simulator. These two reasons are why I believe that incentivising players into the campaigns is the answer. You are right that it feels like nothing pushes these players into the Campaigns. I say pull them in, don't push.
  12. 100% agree here - archers/rangers are WAY overtuned at the moment. As they are now, they can take a player wearing full plate from 10K to 2K health in one volley from almost 70 meters. There is no counter to that.
  13. If you are killed in pvp, can the things you wear and carry be looted off your body? Or is there a limited time to reclaim your possessions?
  14. Account vault: Shields do not show up under the "Weapons" category, even though they are classified as weapons.
  15. Melee is struggeling in 5.100, mostly because of the changed melee range. Effectively the 3 m range in combination with desync of the server makes it near impossible to actually hit your opponent. At the very least makes it extremely easy for the target to kite. In comparisen ranged will be able to hit you from a mile away (over exaggeration) with a huge hitbox. You literally dont even need to have the reticule lit up, you will still hit. In addition one of the big reasons to take an assassin would be the anti-heal. Unfortunately this has been nerfed to being useless, instead everyone takes PlagueLord for the 30m 1hit 1application ability. Something the assassin needs 6 attacks to match... just from melee. So ATM there is really no “best” assassin build, cause the class is broken. You can make it work, but its not effective compared to other classes ... Best of luck
  16. В этой теме я буду выкладывать картинки древа профессий с описанием каждого навыка. Начну пожалуй с ОСНОВ БОЯ в категории БОЙ
  17. @Dampoe you the best. Thank you so much!
  18. something is not working out in this explanation: 1. First of all a bit about taxes in the USA. The USA simply does not have VAT - so nothing to include, but it is what you supposed I believe, that is OK. Instead they do have common 'state sales taxes' state-wide, and more local surtaxes, which may be defined by county. There is no US state with higher than 7.5% local sales tax, or higher than 12% average tax including local taxes. Which makes the worst possible price (if not point 2) for US - 55$, exactly same cost as for EU, so definitely no one going to pay any "differences" that you mentioned. 2. I have just registered via proxy from Louisiana, which is according to https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/taxes/2018/03/27/states-highest-and-lowest-sales-taxes/452512002/ has the most avg tax in the USA, and I am able to buy pack for 49$ So apparently there are no sales taxes collected from online payments. I am not going to investigate per-state requirement to collect online retail tax, but as we can see from simple experiment - you can easily buy game for stated 49$ in US (after processing to paypal - it still shows 49.99$ in the final checkout). 4. I still can buy pack from retailer from Austria for 49$. https://store.markeedragon.com/catalog/Crowfall_Patron_Backer_Pack.html
  19. I mostly just quoted it to show that the resources are supposed to be limited in low risk places, and best in the highest risk places. It is a foundational concept in Crowfall that should not be abandoned.
  20. To be fair gods reach in that is current faction campaigns.
  21. These player-owned and player-managed kingdoms are the only permanent (non-time limited) Worlds. They are complete, functional Worlds - but lack resource factories (such as quarries, mines and mills) and produce only common reagents. Players rule these Home Worlds as Monarchs and can grant land and titles to other players in exchange for oaths of fealty. Levy taxes, enforce trade restrictions, and set the PvP rules within your domain. The proving grounds for Order, Balance, and Chaos. Players join one of three divine Factions and battle for control of the World. The goal for Order and Chaos is to capture as much territory as possible before the World is destroyed. The goal for Balance is to ensure there in no clear victor between Order and Chaos. These Worlds are more deadly and the stakes are higher. The alliances of the Gods hold no sway here. The followers of the twelve Gods vie individually for the Throne. The Shadow Worlds lie closer to the Hunger, where even the Gods dare not tread. On these Worlds it's Guild vs Guild competition for the abundance of resources and rich cache of souls. On the razor-thin edge of the Hunger lies the Dregs... Worlds utterly drained of warmth, about to shatter into dust. Alliances between Guilds are weak and brittle. These every-man-for-himself Worlds are deadly and unforgiving - yet they yield the greatest reward for those who can survive.
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