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  2. Thank you. Sent an email to support as I am using the LIVE client and nothing seems to work.
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  4. Make sure you are using the LIVE launcher and not the TEST one. If you are running the TEST launcher, you will see the word TEST under CROWFALL on the patcher. If you are using the LIVE launcher and still having the issue, contact support@crowfall.com
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  6. I've seen this question several times since the topic was touched upon in a live stream, but "they" won't let me talk about it yet.
  7. "Another major system soon to be implemented in Crowfall is the city building mechanic. Not quite what I thought it was when I first heard it, this is a mechanic that will have teams electing to build different types of structures in their captured keeps. These structures will range from cosmetic to some that provide bonuses of various types." So does this mean we have free-building on the city parcel (like eks)or will it be pre designed and we get to choose what features we want?
  8. Enjoy it when you work and give us something
  9. “Systematic flexibility is one of the key things I’m looking for from ArtCraft Entertainment, as they push towards the release version of Crowfall,” writes MMORPG.com’s Red Thomas. “The dynamic campaign system is the bedrock that I think this game-changer in the industry is going to hinge on, but that system only works well when there are systems in place that support multiple campaign types. It’ll also be important to ensure campaigns of even similar types play out differently.” Read Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes, Thomas’ latest article wherein he shares the scoop about his recent visit to ArtCraft HQ, shedding new light on upcoming features for Crowfall that include city building and the Divine Favor system.
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pAF-YWitXBk
  11. I've been on this bandwagon for years now and never had issues installing or reinstalling the game. Today I decided to update the client and it didn't work. So I uninstalled and reinstalled and got the message everyone is talking about in this thread. I tried everything that made sense and every tip listed here, nothing works. At the moment, I am locked out. Not fun.
  12. I've had an apostrophe and I need your help! We want to do a "12 Days of Crowmas" celebration for the upcoming holidays. beginning Dec. 12 and ending Dec. 24. Instead of eight maids of milking and all that jazz, I am looking for volunteers who would be willing to donate in-game items for a daily giveaway. It could be anything as humble as a stack of coal or as luxurious as a legendary vessel, and I need to collect items on both the EU and NA servers. (Props to @CrusaderW for inspiring this idea. For a time, he was putting together "new Crow packs" that he would give away during his live streams. These bundles had lots of goodies such as armor and weapons that would be useful to new players.) If you are willing to pony up something, please drop me an email (community@crowfall.com) and let me know your account name, what item(s) you'll donate and if it's for EU or NA. Feel free to include a plug for your vendor or guild if you'd like to promote them.
  13. It's been mentioned several times that the team is squarely focused on the upcoming "War of the Gods" milestone (commonly referred to as ‘5.110’). For that reason, we have not been updating the version on LIVE (5.10).
  14. Asqual


    Am in a guild now Thanks for taking an interest in my post
  15. The bonus any person will receive within a week's time will be neglible, but yes the sum will have some noticeable impact, as intended. Vessels will really only be limited by gear to the extent that a bonus to plebtiful harvest will require a corresponding tool for said harvesting but for the most part their bonuses are independent of each other and are all cumulative. Neither are limited by passives aside from crafting.
  16. Your right. I am looking downstream. Passives greatly effect harvesting and crafting, 2 things that will greatly effect a players ability to get gear, vessels and consumables. In effect gear/vessel power is sort of locked to passives.
  17. I'm not sure the relative power gains are really that much compared to other forms of stat boosts that will be available from gear, vessels, and consumables. That said, I think it's okay for some capabilities to be locked behind the passive training system because it offers a solution to player progression in that can't be sped up by playing 24/7 while also allowing casual players to equally progress skill training even if they can only play a few hours a week. I think some easy solutions for passive training would be to take away the different training types and make the passive training all a uniform xp, less convuluted/penalizing and then it can just be invested with increasing costs as players progress through the various trees. It would also be cool if some disciplines were made available as part of the passive training so that players could get in right at the start to place "starter points" and get a discipline that allows them to immediately fill some role as a harvestor or crafter. Preferably, thralls and Runecrafted version would be there for specialty or improved disciplines that aren't solely a kinda core/baseline for harvesting, crafting, etc.
  18. ho humm... wake me up when there's something to see.
  19. I tend to agree with you. I really don't want p2w in any game since it cheapens the experience for me. I Would rather not need to have a catch up mechanic at all. But, currently there is too much relative power gain with passives to not have mechanic. New players are disenfranchised by having to wait for harvesting/crafting skills while waiting to make gear/vessel in order to compete in pvp. Having no way to catch up with power gap will not sit well with many.
  20. After 2 years of asking for a fixed dev tracker, I must give up. It was said that forum is 3rd party administered and then we did get forum members online addressed last year, but still no tracker. I simply cannot understand why ya'll would let a subcontracter get away with not doing their job for so long, so I must assume there is absolutely no desire to have a dev-tracker.
  21. Asqual


    Hi everyone. Was told its a good idea to introduce myself. So here I am :>. Also I've played swtor, gw2, stuff like that. I do have depression which can make me unskilled in pvp. However I wanted to do pvp in this game. I have only done WOW pvp. As the ping to my country Australia is good from WoW. Okay, still I wana play this game seems kinda cool and easy/fun to play. I am looking for a guild if anyone can point me in the right direction or have any offers to recruit lil ol me that would be great. Im currently level 11 centaur knight. Made just some leather armor for myself at about level 6. Also I watched a vid on crowfall on youtube. She said to choose combat no 1 and explorer no 2 for harvesting. So that's what I chose. Im mainly looking for people to play with, team up and do some stuff. Gather or help you out if I can. Or atleast get to a place where I can help others out in a guild environment. I don't really wana use discord though. I find it intereferes with the sound of the game. As my friend on steam knows how I feel about discord lol. That's why I just wana keep to simple stuff I can do with others without discrud. That's my only gripe. I know there an oceanic guild southern sky company but I read on the guild page they use discrud too so I didn't wana apply and then have to leave because of that. Also im interested in well behaved guild that wont talk nonsense. So something mature. I hope to see you all out there and can enjoy the fun together be it opposite side or same side. :>
  22. To your first point: There are/will be consumables that cover gaps in harvesting. I think crafting training needs a rework for sure though. To your second point: It's possible because if you put power behind a pay wall rather than some other form of achievement (in this case account age, or in-game effort to purchase this valuable commodity from more veteran players), you inherently force players to spend money in order to remain competitive, and that is textbook P2W. It doesn't matter if the benefit is miniscule or massive, the demand on players becomes the same and the perception of your game is marred for it.
  23. yay, article written by investor. Cant find a large enough grain of salt to swallow those types of articles.
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