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  2. Guild criteria: Region: NA (CST), will play any faction. Atmosphere: Looking for a guild that can teach me PVP so I can become part of a well-oiled, domination machine. I love groups that keep it chill but know how to lock it down and get serious when its time to compete. Casual/Hardcore?: Somewhere in between - can't dedicate all my time but am perfectly fine being serious, practicing, and taking orders. Size: Unimportant. Play-Style: Crusader Cleric -- prefer to play healer but am always interested in playing what the group needs. Commitment: I can make myself available most days, nights, and weekends, I just need to know ahead of time. Experience: Been gaming since Runescape. I was pretty hardcore into Star Wars: Galaxies and Player versus Monster Players in Lord of the Rings Online Co-founded a clan in Combat Arms that competed in the World Online Gaming League several years in a row, including a second place finish Unrelated to MMOs, but I'm Champ III in Rocket League and consistently in the top 1% of players Voice-Chat services: Anything works. Discord preferred.
  3. Druid bombs are killing people before exploding. Watch Jecht's health compared to when the explosion actually happens.
  4. Great show. Clear comms and good coordination. I enjoyed that.
  5. Today
  6. A crow with a dead branch in its beak flies into the courtyard. Bad omen...
  7. https://crowfallcombatlogparser.kdsguild.ro/combatlogparser/externalview.php?poi=31&start=2019-08-24 19:01:40.394&end=2019-08-24 20:11:05.69 If you have the patience and the server will not crush you will see a few things about that fight. My coding skills suck so I'll need to get back to the drawing board in order to open that tool to a wider audience. EU server It's alive and that's the most important thing so Thank You all for that!
  8. Siege engines is the win or loose of a siege - totally agree @Yumx Numbers wise if we were more or if you were - don’t really care numbers are a poor reflection of what really matters : Harvester/Crafter specced or Combat? Geared with warcamp or crafted gear? Blue or Legendary? I could find a lot of things that matter more to me than numbers... Regardless of it all - its nice to have events that boost or break morale. It makes the game feel alive.
  9. ""with a very limited supply of siege weapons" Puts ground in to living flame with ballista fire for an hour Was an enjoyable evening for sure though, goodfights.
  10. "You filthy custard bastard.” “I didn't find out till today that you're a filthy traitor”, Pakkrat said. Chaos is a bitter, passionate faction filled with hot blood and traitors. Defeat stings but it stings even worse when you find out your close friends betrayed you… friends you thought would never leave. “I really thought you had more gumption than that....” Pakkrat lamented. The siege had went really well that spring evening. Really well if you were a part of Balance, if you were a member of the House of Avari, which I am. I had rained down arrows with my new vessel, empowered by my fellow traitor Heartsteel. Her avatar and my arrows brought more kills than I had ever garnered in any campaign prior, and I earned them all in a single fight. Balance is good. Malekai is the patron god of traitors. He watches over and guides me. In my mind burns one desire, deeper than friendships, stronger than allies, and more ferocious than betrayal. It’s a madness really. Quite uncontrollable... the words haunt my mind: I will adapt, I will overcome. I will fail, I will succeed. I will work, I will find a way. I will not stop, I will not relent. I will dominate. Fear is the enemy of the mind and death is a sweet song, a ballad I now play with my bow or occasionally with my bombs. Royal Kitsune, “custard you Tae!” His bitterness was well deserved. I had trained with Royal Kitsune on how to use the full power of the Archdruid. We had bonded as I explained the vessel’s strengths and weaknesses. I had been a friend, a mentor, and now I have just blown him up. It was quite precious to me. My first kill of this campaign. I came upon Royal Kitsune shooting at a bane tree, trying to take it down. My smile turned wry, he was all alone, and I was behind him. Seeing it as a teaching moment I placed orb after orb atop his head. Spinning while I conjured the deep magics of the earth. Then after my final orb I stared at him surprised that he had not noticed anything at all. He was so focused on that one bane tree, and then I just blew him up. “Bada boom”, I said. Favor to Malekai.
  11. Sorry to interrupt the show, but I'm gonna shut it down. This thread makes my head hurt and I think my eyes are bleeding.
  12. Well as the title state, we are 2, (Druid & Sin) experienced players that played most mmos (b2p and subscription based only) that are curently in the market, but relatively new in Crowfall and we are looking for an active eu pvp guild.
  13. Yep! A few of us will be on today around 1pm central for some resource grinding for vessels, and maybe some recording for a new guild recruitment video. Hit me up on discord - Damarus#6410. We usually play evenings, especially around 9pm on keep fight nights.
  14. I received your message Damarus. When do you guys usually play? Is anyone on today that I could group with to see how it goes? I am not super picky. I don't like to join and then leave on people either though.
  15. Good fights! It was an equal fight as far as I can see, 27 chaos vs 27 order. You guys set up a strong defence, it was really tough to break through anywhere! After the siege ended everyone kept fighting - it's amazing how big of a difference ballistas make currently ☺️
  16. Farewell rekrutiert Wer sind wir und was sind unsere Ziele ? Farewell ist eine aktive PvP orientierte Gilde die es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht hat durch Könnenund qualitativ hochwertige Ausrüstung auf den Schlachtfeldern Crowfalls zu glänzen. Das erreichen wir durch eine Truppe von Veteranen und neuen lernfähigen Spielern. Unser Ziel ist es eine relativ große Gilde im Midcoreberreich zu werden, dennoch geben wir unser bestes und wollen mit Können und nur mit den besten Waffen und Rüstungen unter die Top-Listenplätze kommen. Um diese Ziele zu gewährleisten haben wir 3 Gildenleiter die ich euch gerne vorstellen würde. Kegelj - Meistercrafter ( auch Ivan der Schreckliche genannt ) Pest - PvP-Drill-Sergeant Darksilver - Organisation Unsere Crafter und PvP-Spezialisten sind auch stark im Theorycrafting involviert. Warum Farewell ? Was wir anbieten: Crafterausbildung Hilfe und Anleitung beim PvP sowie der Klassen PvP Training ( Skrims ) Ein System der Freiwilligkeit und der Zusammenarbeit Eine lustige Gemeinschaft Eine flache Hierarchie Die Chance beim Theorycrafting dabei zu sein Spannendes PvP Für wen ist Farewell geeignet ? Du musst ein Mindestalter von 18 Jahren erreicht haben Du spielst PvP-orientiert bist es dir aber nicht zu schade um zu Farmen Du willst ein Teil eines Teams sein Du bist lernfähig und kannst mit konstruktiver Kritik umgehen Du siehst Niederlagen als Chance besser zu werden Du willst das Beste aus dir und deiner Ausrüstung rauskitzeln Du hast Discord sowie die Fähigkeit über ein Headset zu kommunizieren Sollten wir dein Interesse geweckt haben melde dich auf unserem Discord: https://discord.gg/WQD69gg Solltest du weitere Fragen haben schreibe einfach unter diesen Post oder melde dich direkt: Vitnir#1150 ( Discord ) Werde JETZT ein Teil von Farewell !!!
  17. Bisschen pvp https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5whKWB3lByg&feature=youtu.be
  18. They've figured us out! Abort! Abort!
  19. As Fall grasps a hold of the EU server.. When NA and EU players gather on Chaos faction it's bound to spell trouble, nothing about what's been happening can be summed up as Chaos being the "underdog" - on the contrary. Chaos has had the fortune of pulling in NA players for a while now, boosting their numbers with guilds from the Balance faction. All something which has providing them with a lot of versatility in what they can accomplish, Balance is left being a few new players, and Order is solely a small group of 4G, KDS and Caldera. Backs against the wall. KDS and Caldera is in this video defending the keep under manned and with a very limited supply of siege weapons, to stay "in the game" so to say - they need to defend. As such this was how we proceeded to keep the fight rolling around in the keep, rather than have it focused in one spot. My role, was that of picking up loose ends and making sure they got tied up. This is an attempt to compile an 1 hour long fight. Enjoy, thanks for the much welcomed action. #CrowfallGame #Warstories #Caldera #KDS
  20. Was this your next move? Locking us in this damn temple?
  21. happened for some of the respawners yesterday hahaha
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