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  2. Welcome back to the forums. Just a few and short answers. I am sure other will be able to tell more. 1. Passive training is not gone. It's just that VIP won't give you 3 instead of 2 training options (now everybody has 2). 2. White vessel maybe 2 hours max. White needs about 17k sacrifice points, green 30k, blue 50k, purple 90k, orange 125k (all roundabout). Nearly everything can be sacrificed, but depending on the quality level of the item, it won't give SP at some point anymore (like white give no SP anymore for a green vessel lvl 13). So yes, you can buy. But looting should make more sense. 4. It's currently not possible to pass stronghold pieces on ingame. Maybe later, maybe not. 5. No information yet. But since 6 slots are open ingame, with 3 slots greyed out ... it seems to be so. Have fun
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  4. Haven’t played or kept up with crowfall in a year, I was sad to see passive training gone, with little time to play that was one of the features I really liked especially saving time to a tome for newer players to progress faster, seemed like a cool level/economy concept . But from what I read it seemed like it didn't work in practice? Anything other then afk SB power leveling I guess lol. Not sure if they thought about doing some kind combination where you can have passive training but also level in game buy trading XP or resources for time/pips like the current sacrifice, that way if you don't have as much time you still get some progression but if you play you are not time gated. However it seems like leveling is based on vessel and not by account now so maybe it’s not possible, really liked the by account system *Shrug* anyway the questions I have while I try and get re-familiar with the game before alpha. Since passive training is gone do we know what VIP does? Is leveling vessels slow? Dependent on vessel quality? Or We don’t know yet? Since xp is based on sacrifice can’t you just buy things to sacrifice? Once you get to a high level vessel what’s the end game of winning campaigns or dregs, are those resources specific to EK? Give some benefit to the next campaign Or we really don’t know? Thoughts? I have 2016 large castle and it doesn’t seem like the trusted traders want to give me much for it and since I won’t be able to play as much will I be able to sell these lands/forts/castles in games to maybe help buy much better vessels to lower my grind? Extra charcter slots in our packs, does this mean I have extra vessel to switch between? Best new player tutorial ? I thought I got a recent crowfall e-mail with a beginner tutorial but can’t find that email or know what’s the most relevant tutorial going forward? Prefer text (So I can be lazy at work) but video works I guess. Thanks for helping an old SB player, hoping this game turns out well even with what seems to be a lot of hiccups the last year.
  5. Go to YouTube, type; "Obie Trice - Cry Now" or "Justin Timberlake - Cry Me A River" or "Ariana Grande - No Tears Left To Cry" Then... let it all out.
  6. There's a lot of similarities between Erlich Bachman and Doggett. I still enjoy the show but it hasn't been the same without him.
  7. "at this point i could stand to be a little perverted"
  8. This is what the 2nd/3rd campaign in a row you’ve chosen Order, the significantly under populated faction on NA? Can’t really cry about numbers when you are intentionally putting yourselves in that position. I only ever see 2 order guilds cooperating with each other. There’s some other small guilds and randoms out there, maybe try to get them working with you? Or befriend Vanguard from EU and have them show you how to steam roll. They do have the best stormcaller in the game after all. If you want better vessels there are several people in balance and chaos that would roll top end bodies for you. My necro is maxed and geared. I’d gladly roll you whatever you want, just bring me the ingredients (including philo stone, don’t have max alchemy yet). Have a fully maxed and geared jeweler as well, will roll those up for you too. Back capping is always going to happen. Most times it’s happening in an effort to find the player(s) doing it for PvP purposes. But points are the objective so capping is required if you want to win. Ragging on people for capping is petty. From fighting you guys, you’re tanky but lack burst dps. And what dps you do have isn’t focused together on one target. This game doesn’t play like others, it takes some time to break those bad tab target habits. Take the advice from players who’ve been here awhile. You’ll have more fun. And that’s what it’s all about.
  9. Good job. Love it. P.S.: What about this ordering Pizza thing? Any chance we'll get that for l(a)unch? P.P.S.: Does that also mean Mini Maps and armor dyes are coming?
  10. That's wild! I wonder if this is as much of a surprise to ACE as it is to us? Here's one of the more memorable clips from the show for those uninitiated:
  11. Cool! I love that show. I wonder who is Dinesh and Gilfoyle at ACE. This is still the hardest I've laughed at a show in a while.
  12. Not sure if this has been posted, but was watching the new trailer for Silicon Valley season 6 on HBO and they had some Crowfall footage in the opening 10 seconds. Thought that was kinda neat. Silicon Valley Season 6 Trailer
  13. What it was like to play order 7 months ago
  14. What the average balance player feels like when fighting chaos
  15. I've read this before but couldnt figure out what it meant...until now! LOL When you go to skills (Press K) theres 3 slots to the left where it displays each of your bars... you slot the passives here.
  16. did you slot thepassive power?
  17. Can't seem to get to leave feed back section so posting here. Passives from Disc's: Preparation, supposed to recover 1 PIP and 1 every 30 seconds. It doesn't not, tested on assassin. Pound of Flesh: +15% dmg on health above 90%, testing on assassin, no noticeable difference when I back stab. Should work, mob is afterall fresh and above 90% health. Found Resources: 2 PIPs upon entering stealth. Tested on assassin, when I enter stealth I don't get any PIPs.
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  19. cool ill have my piece of article ready and once all set ill have it posted and than share the link with you
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