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  2. Leveling is a huge chore, the lack of things to kill that drop gold is an issue and when you find mobs to kill that drop gold its such a small amount. I'm going to not play till this is fixed or they come up with a better solution.
  3. Today
  4. I wouldn't stop at guild. In ArcheAge there was something called "families". They were a smaller unit separate from a guild that could have their own access permissions to certain forms of storage. Generally these were used either by a single player with many alts, or shared by exceptionally close friends such as a small group that goes from game to game together, husband and wife etc. Some kind of storage like that would be hugely useful in not having it be such a pain in the butt to juggle resources between characters on seperate accounts. Or even characters on the same account in a no import campaign.
  5. Knights can chain through the Keep gate leaving your character model stuck against the gate inside on your screen unable to move or use any abilities or the gate itself like when your character is on uneven ground. Corpse after is on the outside keep against the gate. Have had to deal with this twice with exact same results.
  6. Half elves attributes caps are nethari attributes caps ( 300 int , 200 str )
  7. I was a bit long-winded in the way I said it but really this system would only change archdruid balls to blue and enemy bombs to red. Everything else would work the same way it does now. Nothing that isn't currently visible outside party would be.
  8. Yeah i've been wanting an SSD anyhow so its probably about time, what do you mean by swap?
  9. As I don't see a way around skinners avoiding taking a hit beyond having others do the killing, maybe other harvests/crafts should take a hit as well while actively harvesting. I don't see how banging on a rock doesn't wear out gear besides the tool. Especially with having harvest/craft focused gear, it should have a way to decay from use. Crafting might be tricky but maybe take some sort of hit once a crafting process has begun? Or even sitting around with the Craft UI open takes a lower hit. Same as gear takes a hit while the combat bar is open even if we aren't in combat. All roles and associated gear should have similar costs be it during creation or over time. But beyond that, fix leather. Kthxbye XOXO
  10. So as a community I'm sure everyone agrees that leather armor is subpar and a waste of mats which makes any spec that only wears leather subpar. So why does it even take more materials to make leather than its better counter parts? I actually think some of these light classes can be pretty good but I have a hard time getting gear made because as i said before, most people think it's a waste of time and mats to make. Im actually constantly being told to reroll to a spec that doesn't use leather but what's the point of testing the game if i can't find out why some classes excel while others are gimp. So I'm thinking maybe the resources needed to make this gear needs to but cut down..... By like half. If leather armor cost less mats this alone would gave more validation to run a light class because the cost to gear them up would be less. At least for the testing i feel as though this needs to be done so some actually balancing suggestions can be made outside of people just stating dps numbers and we can get more people trying it out in actual combat. Thought i was placing this in the suggestion page. Do this on my phone, at work.... Soooo if anyone can move this for me i give many thanks.
  11. this is the problem (well, right after broken game performance) upgrade to ssd, increase swap. or increase memory and disable swap
  12. That is the point of named vessels. Organization.
  13. How come when you switch between Campaign and Eternal Kingdom you loose your inventory??? If this is how things happen, you might explain in the "unlock" popup that inventory will be wiped instead of just asking "are you sure?" Days of work wasted now.
  14. Yesterday
  15. Hello, so I just got the game Friday afternoon and I've been enjoying it very much. Though I've been experiencing what I would call weird lag. It freezes up for about a second or less and tends to whip my camera around though not all the time. It didn't happen in the starting zone nor in the city at least not that I noticed its when i when out of the city through one of the portals that it started. Just running and it will start doing it especially around larger areas like keeps and especially in pvp fights. I've tried numerous things to fix it for example adjusting the in game settings, playing with Radeon settings, even setting windows for best performance as well as turning off core 0 on my processor for the game, reinstalling the game. None of that has made any difference. It's really frustrating because I play at 50-80 fps and then bam game just plummets like someone dropped an anvil on it and then that anvil vanishes after it smashes the game and all is well and then bam and bam and bam. It is so frustrating. If anyone has had this problem or knows of a potential solution please help lol if not well guess I could wait for the game to be optimized but I'd rather play now as I'm sure you can understand that. My specs are: i7-6700k Radeon RX 570 8gb ddr5 HDD
  16. @Ussiah “you think you got resources?! Hold my beer?”
  17. Seems like a unnecessary requirement. That's just for organization
  18. He's talking about renaming your vessels in the character selection screen, not changing the name that shows in game.
  19. No renaming characters, they are all named your account name it needs to stay that way so actions can be linked to you
  20. He posted a pic the other day of a legendary neck with +17 reaping
  21. Agree. We we have an EK with all those pretty buildings but no way to store goods.
  22. Not that anyone cares about realism but I'll toss this out there anyway. One real world cow gives more than enough leather for a complete set of leather armor. A single short hunting trip should be enough to armor a person assuming they don't horribly butcher the assembly.
  23. This would be amazing! I don't think they need to be visible to everyone but there definitely needs to be color change for earhtkeepers and archdruids. Druid bombs are exactly the same regardless of friendly or foe.
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