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  2. See I respect yall for that, I will say out of all order I consistently see yall when im out roaming around. You are by far the most active throughout the day for order, plus yall are always fun to fight
  3. New lighting changes will really brighten up your Crowfall experience! FULL STORY
  4. Today
  5. Iā€™m disappointed in you. How could you forget the glorious Frostweaver?!
  6. there stil the bug u log in invun and it doesnt go away when you enter combat or use combat abiltiies
  7. I cant wait to see the performance gains in 5.9. Similar to your situation, I couldn't get on the 5.9 test, so I will wait patently for it to go live. ACE has thrown a lot of manpower into this issue of late, so I am reasonably sure some intended parts of the game suffered and wont make launch. I personally don't care if all but one of your bullet points are after launch. If performance isn't drastically improved nothing else will matter.
  8. I remember when crowfall was sold for years as a game without leveling/pve grinding or gear determining pvp, yet here we are.
  9. I was going to say this. Faster animation in a random direction in a pre-set range away from tornado when hit.
  10. I think what I would have to say to that, is you perceived correctly that there are limitations, but incorrectly that it is deemed to be a problem with the design. Rather, it is a major goal of it. Many of us here consider that many modern MMO games are too homogenized in design, and it's hard to differentiate players and styles. If everyone can be a specialized crafter without some restrictions, nobody is a specialized crafter. In order to drive home that point, this design forces you to make periodic choices that exclude others. You can, pick a new passive training line, level a new vessel, but at some point you will notice that to move forward in a new profession/race/class, you have to start over to some degree. One of the big advantages you may not have seen yet to the leveling and vessel system, is that you can "twink" yourself. If you are playing a end game Cleric, you can use that endgame cleric to harvest/craft/farm everything you need to try your next build exploration, prior to jumping into a new vessel. There is no gear limitations by level, nor grouping limitations by level with your friends. Got a great purple suit of plate, migrate it to your brand new level 1 Guinean knight after messing around with the Nethari templar. In fact, getting twinked and rapid experimentation is probably going to be the more common early player experience, rather than the current slog due to all the resets.
  11. I respond to changes in information and constructive criticism, perhaps as a regular forum user the information from the ks remains ever fresh in your mind but frankly I backed this years ago in KS and havent exactly refreshed my memory on it often since as I waited for it to be more mature, and frankly im busy, the goal of my post was not disparage the game but ensure its success by exposing for considering an angle that those currently attached to it are likely to "close" to see, my initial suggestion was merely the most obvious solution to an issue I perceived, there are vast array of ways to approach such issues, given time finding one that both matches the principles of the game as you see it and broadly satisfies addressing the issue should be possible, the post stated the issue freshest on my mind having now put some hours into playing the game as a new player, ie the kind of thing a new player with no prior history with the game would most notice. Personally being a former student for longer then most and frankly a former computer bum due to coming out of college at a bad time for recruiting I have somewhere between 50,000-100,000 hours of gaming experience (not all in mmos, probably about 40% in mmos), and then I taught myself various fields of game design and now work as an independent game developer mostly contracting to other studios but hey, so I dont have nearly as much time to play in recent years but I still try to keep myself abreast of most major and the odd minor but more interesting titles, still you'd be hard pressed to find many individuals with my experience game wise, more heads do not always make for a better view, as most game developers simply havent played games enough to spot potential problems that arise long term, nor most enthuastic mmo gamers for that matter. Based on the replies on this post I see that some of the issues I've seen stem from the unique design, so adjusted my focus accordingly, dogedly sticking to the same viewpoint despite fresh evidence to the contrary is not my style so i freel free to adjust the general tone as appopriate, it doesnt mean theres not an issue of some kind awaiting the proper address, even if in the end the true issue is that the game fails to explain its unique approach adequately to new players as a matter of course, leading to misleading un-realised expectations, that's still an issue in and of itself, i only discovered the whole "vessels" thing from a random comment someone made in game afterall.
  12. I was tagged and asked to support the claim that confirming numbers is easy. Pointing out that even when we had /who available there were still endless debates and distortions about numbers is relevant. I'm not trying to bring it back, though.
  13. Yes, bugs will happen in early testing - please keep the focus on forward progress!
  14. Asking you to allocate one character to crafting, and to equip that character for crafting, when you can only realistically train one crafting line at release training time scales for a very long time is entirely reasonable. The game is not designed for you to be able to do everything. It is designed to ensure you can't do everything so that you're required to group and trade with other players. Unlike other games, crowfall is designed at a basic level to require you to delete characters as a natural part of progression, as you replace old vessels with new and better ones. Making it easy for you to delete failed experiments and try new ones is why white vessels are free and can be leveled extremely quickly. If you created a character without using a crafted item to do it you are going to delete that character.
  15. Do we really have to keep going back to that jah? You proved you were outnumbered then, this much is understood. As for now, with my honest and pure intentioned fae heart I truly believe balance outnumbers us 2 to 1. Whether you admit such things or not it doesnt matter. The fights are still fun and the game is moving in a much more solid direction I feel. Once caps are increased and we get much more players I will be eager to see if you Winterblades can remain such lofty lords of the land Again. Numbers are numbers. My boys and I will continue to be a rageful force against anyone who opposes us.
  16. It helps if the feedback being given is factual. There was no immunity after Ble used the druid beam, the mechanic to drop immunity works; not sure why the OP made the thread to begin with.
  17. Confirming numbers was easy when we had the /who command. The command was removed, so it is now much more difficult to figure out how many people from each faction are in a zone. And even when I had screenshots of /who for each faction in each zone, people continued to lie about numbers to push a false narrative of Balance outnumbering everyone. As in-game propaganda that makes some sense. As feedback to the devs on game mechanics it is more problematic.
  18. I absolutely hate circle standing but sadly it is currently necessary I agree with less outposts I only outpost cap if they have some crazy capture bonus. it takes soooo long to cap 1 outpost solo too which doesn't help.
  19. Game feedback works better when its not infused with game politics. You should be able to make an argument for changing the log-in immunity without accusing your rivals of abuse. It ends up derailing your thread and makes it less likely the devs will take it seriously.
  20. I think less outposts would be good, but make them worth more. Oh and let's not put a 3 guard tower right next to a bane tree spawn šŸ˜¬
  21. @oneply Turn on parcel mode, one in every parcel im pretty sure.
  22. Stop holding W when you're on a loading screen and can't see anything. You have no idea if you're running toward or away from the mobs. There is no version of "I can run away while invincible because I just relogged" that's okay. If you can't figure out why this is a problem think harder.
  23. Just tested this as well and you are correct stealthing doesn't remove invulnerability. I agree that it would be better to make tray swap remove invulnerability or any survival action(mount button etc). Too bad that wasn't what this thread was about because that is a good suggestion.
  24. Wish it would show which outposts are going down too. Be a lot more open field fights. Too hard to remember where all the flags are and which is missing.
  25. I only stand in circles to provoke fights šŸ˜˜
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