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  2. @Staff 1. If you can't be ready for a campaign without entering it it's one of those loops that offers no entry. And I cannot at this point in playing even gather all the materials to make a vessel so it's more than 5 minutes I promise. 2. I think it was attributed to Blair from early concept, just part of the idea they were initially aiming at and adjusted. 3. I haven't had a hard time capping AP so even though equivocal power of stats to AP makes that seem like it's not as valuable, it is more valuable. 4.outside my experience entirely I will take your word. 5. That's a player psychology problem their, and I feel sorry for them because loot simulators are like going to work in my opinion. Gods reach is a tool to help someone like myself who hasnt played since the first initial tests when it was confessor and knight with 2 abilities and 3fps get familiar with the game and the way it's mechanics work before stepping out into the campaign world so underheated I couldn't win a fight if I knew what I was doing, which I don't. I'm not arguing long live Gods reach, I'm saying it's a useful tool, and to take it away or neuter it entirely so that some loot simulator folks can't abuse it will do more overall harm than good. I am saying don't launch with it, at all, or on launch give a new player 20 hours play time in there or something that expires to get familiar.
  3. +1 It's good to stop and recognize positive improvements to the game. So often we're focused on missing features or bugs that we forget how far we've come. It's also important to recognize the developers who gave up their weekends and/or sleep to squeeze some of these improvements into the latest build. That's correct - forts and outposts are tied to the same "timer". Until they're able to separate forts and outposts into separate "timers" to scale them independently I think forts that cap too fast is preferable to 20 minute solo outpost capture times. I agree - this is one thing that I find kind of wonky on the schedule.
  4. The keep being up twice on Saturday is dumb. Especially at the time the first one goes live. It’s really my only compliant. It has low participation of NA players almost every time. And I would say nothing been solved. Participation in capping objectives is way down. And it continues to dwindle. Rez outposts have reduced the value of forts. Making the setup for a successful siege having a group go take it real quick. Not the pre planning it was before. During siege windows the rez outposts should not be able to be used.
  5. 1: YOU SHOULD NOT BE ABLE TO SPEND 5 MINUTES IN CAMPAIGN AND BE CAMPAIGN READY 2: your quote is very wrong and probably from a chaos player, real power is very different 3: 112 dex is chump stats and not as powerful nor hard to get on a vessel, dropped weapons will give ap equal to 112 dex easily 4: leveling bonuses for higher vessels is like 10 more attribute points which is nothing 5: no risk of losing anything is more valuable to many players then faster farming
  6. Definitely a much needed change and I fully support what has been done.
  7. @Staff. Graveyards are not in GR as you said. So in order to upgrade your common vessel you have to go to campaign. So no you literally, physically, could not ever reach the same level as someone in the campaign. And I saw a quote somewhere that character power was supposed to be 1/3 gear 1/3 levels and talents 1/3 vessel. Who knows how meritful that is but I watched a streamer craft a vessel with +112 dex alone, not to mention leveling bonuses. I've never seen Items doing that. And with reward being a function of Net/cost. Cost being time. Gods reach isn't a rewarding choice to farm in. I can make a million dollars at McDonald's or a million as a lawyer. One does it much faster and I would argue is for that expediency much more rewarding.
  8. Glad someone posted about this. Agree with all of your points!
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  10. Viel Erfolg mit euer Gilde! Man sieht sich auf dem Schlachtfeld (und hoffentlich auf der selben Seite)!
  11. Write to them instead send a “guild request”. The guild forum is really helpful in that regard
  12. Absolutely support every word of @Angelmaron this topic!
  13. you can reach the point in gear where most of balance is right now in GR aside from the bodies since theyre unfarmable in GR , its faster to do it in campaign but its doable in GR, which is fundamentally wrong, you should NEVER be able to reach the same level as someone who plays in a tougher campaign without going there yourself or buying from those who play it. You are right this is a testing phase, a testing phase of every system crowfall has, due to the amount of playtime and how players play this is beta level feedback theyre getting rn in pre alpha, we are simulating a live enviroment, which means we need to test every part of a live enviroment, that includes not having safe spaces like GR, as for what chaos is doing, thats a whole nother post and a 50 page report on the psychology and ideology of the 2 factions
  14. We've had some great fort fights pretty much every night since this change went live. Some of that can be attributed to guilds on both sides being more active the last couple campaigns but the schedule has played a significant part. Great change, and I'm glad our feedback has been taken and improved upon. At first I thought that the short cap time on forts was bad but I'm on the fence now. While it does for sure benefit the larger force being able to just flip it out from under a smaller defending team, it also makes holding the wall a lot more important. The fort being utilized as a defensive structure has been missing from the POI dynamic since it's introduction and having it flip sides so fast gives more urgency to keeping enemies out instead of just piling everyone on the circle and trying to push the opposition off. It can still be a problem if there is a rise in population, mostly because the walls will just disintegrate if a siege sized force shows up and start hitting them. For now though this change has provided a lot of fun, and adapting new tactics to deal with the circle flipping so fast has been a welcome challenge. The next step is to get win conditions where holding forts is more than just a tally on a scoreboard, I think we would get a lot more people interested in playing if there was a end game more tangible than points to fight over. I'm not alone in wanting PVP to be driven by something worthwhile, points on a scoreboard was presented to us as a placeholder back when we first got win conditions and we are still waiting for the payoff.
  15. bonjour, Il y a-t-il une rubrique où nous pouvons éventuellement aider pour la traduction notamment pour les crafts ? par exemple: j'ai deux icônes identiques pour un morceau de cuir ( hard leather square et leather square) et un item morceau de cuir. Pour cet item, qui demande des morceaux de cuir il faut prendre les leather square. Les morceaux de cuir ne correspondent pas. A+
  16. I've stood in my fair share of circles throughout the trials and I can say these past two trials have been a breath of fresh air. The reduction in the number of outposts and the reduced time to cap means I spend far less times standing in circles and far more time fighting over them. The death of back capping and night capping has also been a welcome change. Thanks ACE!
  17. Six months from Blazzen's article and the guild leader round table at the end of January and we finally have a real fix for nightcapping. @jtoddcoleman We've been through one full campaign and into a second with the new siege scheduling mechanics and can now confirm night capping is dead and burnout is greatly decreased. The reduced keep siege schedule is also giving folks a very welcome break from grind of night after night keep sieges for months on end. We are also seeing "player funneling" during the fort windows--where fort fights didn't exist before because of night capping, forts are now getting contested. For the off-hours folks there is at least one fort always open, where they can try to get a fight started if there are people around. Essentially, ACE has finally taken another stab at solving the PvP Coordination problem: Known location at a known time to compete for a limited or scarce reward or resource. The new schedule finally gives the known time and location. ACE's successes with the new schedule: Night Capping is dead (capping off hours and whoever stays up latest wins) Back capping is dead (capping objectives behind each other groups, while avoiding any fights) Reduced burnout from daily siege Reduced circle standing time/reduction in outpost count Outpost time to capture much reduced Respawn Outposts are sometimes contested. Some suggested further improvements: Fort capture circles and outpost circles are apparently the same thing. So forts, even when contested, can be flipped in about 30s. This often decides the fights. Fort circles need to be their own thing with their own timer that is much slower so the defenders get more of the benefit of guards. Bottom line: ACE doesn't often get credit for their improvements. This focused improvement round on siege/fort mechanics was a very big and long needed success. Congrats ACE.
  18. for crafter you need: 1) alot of free spaces in bank 2) safety place to care resources and keep staying near crafting stations 3) special gear (armor + accessory at least) 4) lvling in account tree (crafting) 5) vessel with better stats for crafting this mean you can't and won't go out of safety place and pvp with this character. on the same way you can lvling at the same time: crafting/combat or crafting/gathering or combat/gathering trees. with another character (vessel) builded for combat you can always do some pvp. this way you should lvling crafting/combat (you do not need another account ) lvling account skill tree crafting/gathering. this way you will suck in pvp ps. usually crafters is the separated accounts coz they need alot of bank space.
  19. I think they should get the Dregs and other systems like embargo, refining, caravans into testing first - and then do the risk vs reward balance across the game as a whole. Waste of time to try to fine tune it right now.
  20. ok i want to have crafter/gatherer. what should i do?
  21. Your equipped items can not be looted. You're inventory can be looted after either a) you release your corpse, or b) they chop off your head. If you are not looted you can get your inventory back by returning to your corpse/cairn. Chances are you'll be looted, though.
  22. R5 is too high for God's Reach, and there is no need for the campaign to be full of R7. Even R7 should be spread around. And R10 should be Dregs only.
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