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  2. I would love to embrace the neckbeard but sadly i must be clean shaven for work đŸ˜„
  3. Menja


    KrĂ€hen und Raben in einer Blaskapelle? Na hoffentlich mĂŒssen sie nicht mehr allzu lange ihre Klagelieder anstimmen ... 😁 Danke dir fĂŒr dein regelmĂ€ĂŸiges (und unterhaltsames) Feedback!
  4. Let the neckbeard floweth Balance, for in fall it hath a glorious shine.
  5. Devonic

    Druid Armor

    So now that armour is changed, I am looking at leather pretty hard, anyone else?
  6. I want black and blue balls 😈
  7. Now that disciplines are hard to get, it is less of an issue as you will use what you get/find. No more crafting disciplines.
  8. Today
  9. big thx to the @ComradeAma we won our war story round https://crowfall.com/en-US/news/articles/war-story-makkon
  10. eskie

    Duelist 5.8 Feedback

    The camera angle is definitely the worst thing about the class right now. I hope they add the ability to customize the camera more.
  11. Well if by counting in discord you mean dropping a shadow play into Vegas and going through it writing down names then yeah, we did count people last night. I'd be glad to share all of that information with you, but it's a waste of time. I'm sure you'll just move the goalpost and continue thumping your chest while pretending that anyone from the other faction that has an opinion counter to yours is a complete idiot. And to be honest it really doesn't matter. We are going to continue soldiering on and finding ways to make it fun. We play the classes we enjoy and savor our victories. To me, and most other order players, the scoreboard doesnt matter enough to go full potato on the meta. I'm not sure what you are trying to accomplish here @Andius. Everyone knows what the numbers are and it doesnt change the way we play. These guys are trolling you. The reality is that we win our share of even or slightly outnumbered fights but balance can always bring more for for the big shabang at the end, just like in Aerynth last night. I cant control that. The devs probably cant design a system to control it, that just the way it is.
  12. so i noticed that in the Ranger talent tree, the double shots passive isn't triggering with any ability or attack.
  13. So let me understand this correctly, so your only "count" is based off of people who were in a discord? On top of that you have no actual accurate count on chaos numbers or the rest of your faction that wasn't in this discord of yours. However even after all of that your going to just assume balance had the rest, and even further your going to assume that all of the balance was HoA/W? To be honest all I care about is that yall don't just give up and quit like you do every other campaign so if believing you beat us 2v1 keeps you going then custard it.
  14. Arkade

    Duelist 5.8 Feedback

    The Press the Advantage talent gives Redirect Pain a heal over time. Does anyone know how the healing is determined? If I use it with 5 pips, the strength of the barrier should always be the same, and I would expect the heal to always be the same, but it isn't. Does it scale off of Support Power and/or Healing Modifier?
  15. Ok so i played enough now to get a handle on how it works, and yeah got a bit of a concern, your limiting folks to 6 character slots, and atm your making us choose between a char good at combat or good at crafting, well that sucks comes to mind, each char should have 2 combat major discipline slots and 2 crafting major discipline slots, not just 2 slots to share between both, it means those chars I spent my time lvling and turning into crafters are now nothing but pretty lawn ornaments if I ever want to use them for anything but crafting, thanks.... yeah bad design, if you had unlimited char slots then sure make people split em if you want frankly even then you shouldnt but hey its bypassable, but limited char slots dont be douches, you shouldnt have to sacrifice multiple char slots to crafting and make the characters have a disadvantage vs those who became combat only, this seriously discourages the average player from engaging in the crafting system, which is a bad thing, a tiny number of crafters and few gatherers will end up with a horrid economy of high priced crud that only a few big guilds will be able to afford as a matter of course forcing everyone else to be equipped with lousy gear all the time, and no one likes dying cos their gear sucks cos they cant do crafting cos the game itself doesn't allow you to do so alongside combat in the 1st place. Frankly your whole system is in need of changing, neither minor explore or major combat disciplines should overlap with crafting, and visa versa, you shouldnt have to sacrifice your ability to craft to fight or visa versa or frankly gather to craft etc also, given your extremely limited char slots , if this stays as is its heading for a bad road come release.
  16. Adding to the fun, Blade Master creates orbs that I need to pick up for self heal and AP buff. In the fray, telling my orbs from druid orbs isn't always easy.
  17. solairre


    Der Handel ist tot ,erstickt an einer leeren Geldklammer.Der Leichenschmaus (BegrĂ€bnisabschiedsmahl ) fĂ€llt aus weil keiner das Gold dafĂŒr hat .Die KrĂ€hen und Raben imitieren die Blaskapelle und versuchen " Wenn ich einmal reich bin " zu spielen. Toll und spannend finde ich das Ihr euch mit den Siegewaffen beschĂ€ftigt , gut gemacht bedeutet das viel Spielfreude , also verehrte Crowfall-Mitarbeiter , weiter so !! LG solairre
  18. I have had it removed on me when I attacked a creature, before the 12s was over. Any action besides running should remove it. i.e. Chopping wood.
  19. I appreciate you letting us know who the shot callers are.
  20. So is this an ethical discussion now? Did you incorrectly state there is a bug when there isn’t one? Also what is with the vitriol? Maybe since I craft mainly I just don’t get it.
  21. merci @Ikas pour cette newsletter en ces temps calmes pour nos chĂšres haches!
  22. All im gonna say is when people log character out where there farming so when they die they can log the dead crow off and log in there other character with 30 second of dieing to continue a fight can be rather low.
  23. on the 5th topic, i find it funny that paladin bonus is +10% fire dmg and fire dmg cap however the only fire dmg output they have is divine light which doesnt realy do much dmg wise fury is the fire dmg templar they get fire dmg and slashing dmg bonuses. Personaly i would like to see a small range attack dmg on paladins atleast so they can trigger devotion a little better in the open field fights.
  24. Hi all! Just a little feedback after lurking for months playing game and reading forums. 1. As the crow flies: it doesn't. Shouldn't it? Why not able to fly over the caverns, holes, and such to get to corpse or rez point? This crow is really just a typical mmo ghost. Actual flight (limited) would make corpse run less tedious. Not an option due to possible exploit? 2. Player creation: would be nice to have option to choose class first that shows racial options not just race first then class options. A little thing, but helpful. I tend to think class before race. 3. Mouse run: I like to use the mouse to run (both mouse buttons) but currently have to change right click and left click powers because I'm constantly swinging my crafting tool. Is there a way to fix this? As a lefty, I have lots of remapping to do and so getting my run option off my powers hand is super helpful for game enjoyment. btw I hate not being able to click powers. 4. Sacrificing on the fly: Why only sacrifice in temples and such? Would be nice to be able to sacrifice on the fly, especially for those of us who like to level by killing mobs. Sometimes I seem to out-level my sacrifice items because don't recall back to temple when I'm in a leveling mood. Am i doing something wrong? Maybe a player could build their own temporary personal altar to offer sacrifice in gratitude to their god much like the campfire. 5. Templar- A suggestion since I enjoy playing them from my Shadowbane days: Vindicator would be cooler as a fire based zealot closer to confessors. Understand they are light based lore wise and that makes some sense for paladin spec but the damage spec would be cool to have affinity for fire side of sun rather than light more in line with confessors. After all they are not Paladins. I know they have fire damage buff, but templar doesn't have many fire based damage powers-- or am I missing something? Maybe a fire-dot either weapon based or even a ranged cast? 6. Voices- One of the coolest things about SB was the casting chant that played when a player cast a spell. Any chance something like this added to CF? 7. Need more biomes(?) like desert. Of course with the appropriate desert kar-sekt background music.
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