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  2. I agree with GR being capped at white, but think you're way off about 9 and 10s being limited to Dregs. I don't see how monopolizing the strongest materials in the game to a single game mode makes sense.
  3. haha it's the tool parsing the combat log that can't recognize every thing very well and I've missed them when I checked since they looked like player names
  4. That's not necessarily true. There's a skill line called leadership which has several buffs to group gathering. Besides that it's almost always better to gather in groups because there's safety in numbers. If a duo gank squad has the choice between a lone target or a 3 man group, they're going for that lone target 99% of the time because they have much less risk. With that said, yes it's completely unrealistic to expect a combat focused non gatherer to sit around with their hands in someone else's pocket. That might sound like a plausible exchange on paper, but it will almost never happen. The only exception I might suppose would be a person to kill animals for a skinner to skin. The spirit banking anywhere thing is ridiculous. But this is literally pre alpha and it obviously won't be staying through the release.
  5. OH GUD BURNZ LOLZ!!1!!! GOT EMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!1111
  6. That play on 11 min, well played by the dude that placed it. Overall gfs
  7. Today
  8. It started out as an attack of 10 people, which turned into a 25+ v 25+ constant battle. Thanks to everyone involved! _______________________________We are recruiting! Looking for 2x flex players and 2 support players! Check us out here: GUILD THREAD
  9. Welcome to the forums. This question has been asked frequently throughout the years. And fortunately the answer is still the same. Basically this is a false appearance issue. In fact the EU prices are a little lower than the USD prices would be. Because the USD prices in the store don't include VAT (the added value tax), the EU prices do. As far as I understood, that's mostly because the so-called regional taxes in the US can differ from country to country, so prices are usually shown without taxes before the checkout. While the european law demands to show the final price immediately at the offer. When you take a look at the US store, it says: " * All prices are in USD unless otherwise stated and do not include regional tax. " When you take a look at the EU store, it says: " * Order Price VAT is included, if applicable. " Currently 10 USD is 9 EU. The US package is 50$+taxes. That would be 45€ + about 20% taxes = 54€ including taxes. So the current EU price of 50€ including taxes is in fact cheaper than the alternative. P.S.: If they now increase the price, only because you wanted the prices to be fair, I expect you to pay the difference between 50 and 54 for all future EU customers.
  10. High elf needs some love. I'd like to see them get a large bonus to spirit when rolling as a knight. With the removal of Surging Spirit, it would be helpful to have one race that can be geared more toward healing. Stoneborn is a pretty good option, with their combination of strength, spirit and constitution, but high elf needs something to distinguish it.
  11. Their blink is the most powerful dodge in the game. It carries the race. They are fine.
  12. Oh yes, that was lovely. Just have two deathpigs hidden somewhere in a bag and they will be overburden! I miss that game man..
  13. Why is it a fact that you should bring a guard? Current and past gameplay has shown that it is more efficient to gather solo. The time wasted for a player to stand around on the chance they might get attacked cannot be justified. With full paperdoll looting, I would change my stance, but alas that is not how the game is or has been to date. The ability to bank anywhere is so over the top and destroys any argument for having guards. disclaimer: motherloads are a separate beast and so I am not referencing them.
  14. tbh the highest you should be able to farm in the entirety of the campaign is blues with white being GR cap, r9 and r10 should be dregs exclusives, play with the big boys if you want big boy gear
  15. New campaign is up and we are hitting it hard. All in Epic or better vessels and ready to take on the Green Wave of the Balance Zerg in PvP !!!
  16. That's what happens when you have been a PvP Guild for 15+ years with great leadership, been featured in many MMO publications, and have a reputation.
  17. Oh boy do I miss the Darkfall days, looting was such an adrenaline filled moment. I would always have bags in bags with heavy stuff, then when players would grab my stuff they would get overweight and get screwed in PvP.
  18. I don't know why you keep answering questions that YOU asked, not me. I don't think that people should get blues and purples on GR either. I'm not sure what your point is. I stated that people should be able to farm on GR or the Temple to get 30 and green gear.
  19. It’s a sandbox-ish game, so really this is the game. Except once you leave the temple there is pvp involved. Ask around in faction chat/general whenever you have questions. Lots of friendly people will give you advice. Highly suggest if you think you’re going to invest your time into the game you find a guild, really helps. Also make sure to set your passives ASAP (dumbbell looking thing on left side of screen).
  20. I fully expect rampant inflation during single CW but if they get imports right, gold will likely not be something you bring over. Only stacks to 99999 so you’re talking about 1 import for something you can get in just a few hours. I’m not a fan of having to click all those discs, I wish they’d just put other merchants with the upgraded rarity discs on them at the same price it takes to so the combines, but as long as buying discs is a thing, gold will have some relevance. Buying white materials could also have great value early in Dregs when you need to build a castle, we’ll see how that goes. Not very long ago gold was not used for anything at all and that was absolutely horrible.
  21. Costs more to translate the game from US English to English English. Like “butter” for example, becomes “buh uh”
  22. Thank you, that's exactly what I was wondering. I know loot will be different for safe zones vs PvP, which makes sense, just wanted to make sure they had mentioned that they were aware and would do something about it at some point. Good to know. 😁
  23. I agree a lot with this. They need to work on how resources are allocated. It isn't an easy tasks. Forts / POI's could act as the two delineations you made. With the heavy / best resources being in PoI's with the smaller amount / lower tier being around forts/keeps.
  24. sssh or todd will make it a new race/wartribe
  25. LOL, those bastards were MvP though 😂
  26. Die Gilde "Dingoes Ate My Baby" [DNGO] sucht nach Mitstreitern im deutschsprachigem Raum, die Interesse an einer Söldner-Gilde mit familiären Flair haben.Wir kommen ursprünglich aus dem Spiel Guild Wars 2, indem Unser Hauptfokus auf dem WvW liegt. Unser Ziel wird es sein, eine kleine Truppe zu bilden, deren Zusammenspiel das Wichtigste ist. Mit diesem eingespielten Team wollen wir dann Festungen, Türme usw. einnehmen & halten bzw auszubauen.Wir rekrutieren dennoch Leuten, die kein Interesse am PvP haben.Sich dafür um das Sammeln von Materialien und das Craften von Vessels, Waffen, Rüstungen etc. kümmern. wollen.Bis zum Release werden wir Jeden mit Interesse aufnehmen.Nach Release werden wir eine Casual-Gilde bleiben, in der das RL im Vordergrund steht.Jedoch werden wir trotzdem auf eine gewisse Anwesenheit & ein spielerisches Interesse achten.Für weiter Informationen, könnt ihr BruderBrom oder Mich gerne anschreiben.https://discord.gg/ZaXrqN6
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