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  2. Encountered the same bug and fixed it the same way. Loading into GR then back into the campaign. A guildy logged on and encountered the same bug too. @Pann @jtoddcoleman Please make sure you guys account for this when selecting importation rules for the trial of Maeve if it isn't fixed by then. We may need to go to GR and back quite frequently if the bug persists. On the upside I have yet to encounter the loading zone bug so if you guys were trying to fix that I think you did.
  3. Not currently. Gave an "advantage" with passive training that they removed due to training changes and likely not wanting to be seen as P2W. Beyond that not sure what they have planned that won't provide an advantage over those not paying. Well as in perfect is likely not going to happen anytime soon. Several games have handled it well enough though. DAoC, GW2, ESO, BDO all did it decently well all things considered for the time/tech being used. Camelot Unchained hopefully pulls it off a bit better then others as they've spent so much time on the engine specifically for this. As is though, Crowfall doesn't seem to be meant for anything beyond 50v50 with how combat and siege function. Would of liked to see larger experiences, but seems they want a less then large throne war. It is better but not a huge difference IMO. Still have the fall back of "pre-alpha" so they have time to continue improving.
  4. Taking gold off the creatures did create a balance issue with Skinning (killing mobs takes time and gear durability vs node harvesting) so something needs to be adjusted to make up for that. Either some other type of drops or more leather output.
  5. I'm a fan of full loot if the systems are balanced to support it (easy acquisition of gear). Mainly I like it because it creates a much better risk vs reward setup for competitive pvp MMOs. In CF if you have Legendary gear, you have no more risk than someone in whites - and you are more likely to win fights. That type of gear progression works ok for pve themeparks, but I feel it ultimately hurts player-base growth in pvp because veterans can use that advantage to crush noobs out of the game. Ultima Online fans might remember that there were Vanquishing Weapons in the game (rare and overpowered) but they weren't often used because you risked it being looted if you died. When "bless deeds" were added that let you protect an item from looting, it messed up that risk vs reward self-balancing mechanic. If there isn't full loot, flattened power curve is even more critical to get right. ----- I'd be interested to try a Dregs with only group immunity (group of 5 is green, everyone else is red). When we tested it early on, it did work for combat but it would be much more challenging in terms of organization and teamwork for guilds - doubt it would be as popular as more zergy rulesets.
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  7. Getting black screens sometimes when loading into game One more edit that closing game and reopening didnt fix problem. Another member in my guild had same problem he waited and it fixed itself went on another char that was loaded into god reach. camped and came back and it was fixed
  8. Yesterday
  9. morrendo para as aranhas iniciais kkkkkkkkkkkk
  10. Es ist soweit – die Prüfung von Maeve steht kurz bevor! Hier findet ihr alle wichtigen Infos zur Kampagne: Start: Donnerstag, 23. Mai um 16:00 Uhr (EU) | 23:00 Uhr (NA) Ende: Dienstag, 11. Juni um 22:00 Uhr (EU) | Mittwoch, 12. Juni um 05:00 Uhr (NA) Vor Start der Kampagne wird es weder einen Wipe noch einen Reset geben Importe sind erlaubt Gewinnkonditionen Goldenes Abzeichen von Maeve Erstplatzierte Fraktion: Top 25% der Spieler bei Eroberungspunkten und bei der K/D-Rate (Verhältnis von Kills und Toden) Zweitplatzierte Fraktion: Top 15% der Spieler bei Eroberungspunkten und bei der K/D-Rate Drittplatzierte Fraktion: Top 5% der Spieler bei Eroberungspunkten und bei der K/D-Rate Hinweis: Die Erfolge bei Eroberungen und der Score bei Kills im Verhältnis zu erlittenen Toden werden zusammengezählt. Ihr solltet also in beiden Kategorien gut abschneiden, um eine höhere Chance auf das goldene Abzeichen zu haben. Silbernes Abzeichen von Maeve Alle Spieler, die an der Kampagne teilnehmen und auf der Rangliste auftauchen. Hierzu müsst ihr während der Kampagne einen anderen Spieler töten, von einem anderen Spieler getötet werden, oder Handwerksgegenstände herstellen, die grundsätzlich zur Opferung verwendet werden können. *Alle Abzeichen – unabhängig davon, ob sie golden oder silbern sind – gewähren eurem Charakter einen Rüstungsbonus von 2% gegen Elementarschaden (Feuer, Eis, Elektrizität).
  11. ultimately full loot would fail because it takes too long with 1x to craft, and along with painful harvesting for leather and the reduced drops we recently got along with high mat, dust, and ember costs no one not even the rich players would ever risk a decent set of gear
  12. some would say the ability to not piss off everyone else on the server is more important then your own numbers or skill, some guilds seem to have forgotten they only exist because the faction ruleset prevents eradication
  13. Having played full loot games like Darkfall, EVE, Epic on Wurm Online, Mortal Online (Which failed because it was the worst of the games listed btw.) and PvP centric MMOs without full loot like ArcheAge, and always going for groups that are underdogs when I initially joined them, I can tell you playing an underdog in full loot was A LOT more fun that playing the underdog in ArcheAge. Full loot can be very fun for smaller groups if you adopt the right mentality and strategies.
  14. Think mino is still frontal cc immune, Mino gets a little more Dex than Elken (18 base stats i think) but Mino also gets less con than Elken (26 in base stats i believe) Elken also gets Gestalt, Trailblazer and +25 perception. But then Mino gets the bloodthirst which is interesting. I think as an anti stealther the Elken is best, but for a brawler kind of playstyle I think the Mino might be best? Even though the Elken gets more Con as a base stat, the frontal CC immunity could save your ass when fighting up close. I honestly think its a difficult choice?
  15. There isn't any with active combat and not plagued with hacks. Camelot unchained's engine seems to handle quite a lot though, so there is some hope for the future. Black desert ran quite nicely before launch and shortly after, but this was only due to having everything client side so hacks were rampant. I am still waiting for all these supposed performance improvements ACE said would be in 5.9
  16. dragon got blair mathed so it wasnt a problem for dany tho
  17. Some will be full loot. And they will quickly become ghost towns. It is only fun when you are winning. And noone will win forever. The brilliance of this game system is they can do it. And watch it burn over and over and it will not impact the bottom line if they are smart and have palatable risk options for sane players. I just worry that they will somehow forget about options like Dany forgot about the Navy. And lose some seriously important people from the short sightedness.
  18. Abo worked with full loot. But gear wasnt that much of a pain to get.
  19. Loot rules aren't really a primary factor in determining if small-elite groups can be viable in the dregs but to the degree they exist as a factor they favor smaller groups because they make guerilla strikes more effective. The reason guerrilla warfare is so effective at allowing smaller groups to contest larger ones is IRL is a permadeath campaign. In other words, the harsher you punish people for dying, the better guerilla strikes become. The better guerilla strikes become, the more effectively a small group can contest a large one as larger groups need to spread out to gather all the resources they need (and if they don't then node concentration will need to be lowered so they do.) If small groups aren't viable with full-loot they CERTAINLY won't be viable without it.
  20. Good luck. We'll agree to disagree. Hope you don't have a city. Because your "Small, coordinated, skilled, and constantly out killing people" group will be homeless looking for a sub, I promise you.
  21. gonna kill 10 people on an alt and then not play because no one in chaos will get a 10.0 kd
  22. Uncle Bob's favorite mechanic is permanent stat advantages. See ArcheAge if you want to see a game that is Uncle Bob's paradise. The top players can one shot someone, who can one shot someone, who can one shot someone, who can one shot someone, who can 1v5 max level players. And it's ALL based around gear. And that gear is permanent/something you can never lose. So you get players who swipe/no-life their way to the top then run around harassing everyone else still earning their gear solo all day. What full loot means, is that if your faction gears up a champion into full oranges, and they go out thinking they can solo harass the enemy cause dey gots da gearz, and then you kill them, that full orange gear now belongs to your faction and they have a champion who needs a new set of gear. It also means when you get together a small-group of skilled players and run around ganking members of that 100-200 man zerg who are all spread across the map that your strikes actually mean something. Full-loot is a fairly easy system to turn against zergs. People being secure in their gear lasting a while is a very easy system for Uncle Bob to use in their favor. Now if you are bad at it, don't have spare sets of gear, play too risky, run around solo all the time etc. yeah, full loot sucks. Dregs is meant to be the place for more experienced players anyway though. The group I would expect to benefit the most from full loot is these guys: Small, coordinated, skilled, and constantly out killing people. They would be fearsome in a full-loot dregs.
  23. Awesome news!!! Thank you for the much better delivery of information specifically no wipe part 😀
  24. Try to make a confessor book, or a bow..consider we are at 3X training not 1. You want to see this game fail?.... institute full loot... or see Mortal Online.. which has a much less intensive crafting system. lets face it, everyone knows where the hot spots will be at, Wherre the Mob Bosses, R10/R9 nodes ate at etc. They will become funnels for people to tear gear away from people. I'm not a pixel hugger, but I know time to harvest and craft. It will be untenable. Imagine (don't roll your eyes) Shadowbane seiges when you had 250 vs. 250. Or worse 250 vs 100... You may die three or four times fighting outnumbered.. or more. Longest seige I participated in was right at 12 hours. But even at a two hour max here? What will that cost you? A city and all the guilds crafted gear. Forget your "Zerg Mechanic", lol. You won't be running out naked to defend.. you will have lost your city and more... everything on a prosecuted seige by enemies with superior numbers. Full loot won't work. IIf you institute full loot, you will see a "arms race" for numbers like you have never seen. Untl people quit playing and the game dies. For any old SB players, look at CN/Pac-Rim. You want to create "Uncle Bob".. institute full loot. Don't say I didn't warn you. EDIT: If you want to dumb down crafting/harvesting to where you just need resources and and anyone can create their own gear it will work.. until ACE abandons that part of the game it will not. EDIT II: Imagine "Server Wars" where there are multiple seiges every night....
  25. On day one when the game launches and all crow stats are equal, everyone who has been playing before will have the knowledge of where points need to go. Noobs will misallocate points as they learn. I don't think a catch up system is fair to long term players. I think loot drop passive skill manuals might be an idea, find a skinning book worth 1000 points, you could use it or sell if your tree is maxed.
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