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  3. Playing tonight I had multiple instance of crashing during combat. I do have an older computer and GPU, but my performance was actually better pre-5.90. There were also multiple instances tonight where the sound of the game shuts down for multiple seconds and then comes back up.
  4. The Trail of Maeve continues... Battles have been fought, lines have been drawn. Who will triumph and win Maeve's favor? Check out my Warstory:
  5. Those are all terrible ideas and they won’t be doing that. So not to worry.
  6. Yesterday
  7. Centaur racial Auras drop with every stun, is it intended or a bug? As long as they are accociated with a casttime this makes them pretty useless when fighting assasins.
  8. Hello, fairly new player here, at least to this recent set of tests. Last time I actually got a chance to play was, like, pre-Alpha 1, so I can't really speak to some of the issues other people are discussing. Just wanted to see about something. I'm currently trying out Confessor and I seem to be having problems specifically dealing with elk. They just kinda toss me all around the map with their charges. Dealing with one is normally fine, albeit annoying at times, but whenever I fight groups of 2-3 they just knock me about until I get knocked out of range and they reset. I didn't have this issue on my Knight at all. Just wanted to see if this was some weird interaction of if it was working at intended (think Skyrim giants).
  9. So, does that mean it's not happening again this month? So much for 8th-30th May to log these hours...
  10. If we go by population rather than score, expect to see a new meta of locking alt accounts into different factions to throw off the count.
  11. increased drops for faction with lowest population might be better
  12. wartribe: elites / boss / groupboss / raidboss are best chances to get that one, or by trading...
  13. why silly? experienced players give you multiple examples how to increase effectivity of your assassin. you call it silly coz...well, 2 weeks of playing with white gear. This is actually funny to me, he may be an experienced player, but if you take at face value that he is suggesting, it is quite silly. What is being suggested is are 4 major discs which are pretty poorly made socksty for an asssassin, what he should have suggested is probably Agent Provocateur, Banshee and Escape Artists. So yeah, when a Healers or Rangers Disciplines are being suggeste just because they have that one ability that can be used to root and the other 3 are not exactly useful i will call that silly. I know you want do defend your buddy and its fun to try to do all my arguments away with: "Oh you dont know, you dont understand.. blah blah..." I asked some valid questions, i pointed out what i think is missing and all you people have done is dismiss all arguments with your assumptions and useless suggestions. I think there was only one person actually suggesting useful things. I've got a tip for those who like to act this way: If you really want to help then answer to the point and explain your answer or suggestions. If you are going to act like a child or give silly advise, keep it to yourself. There are people who actually want to have some balance and to be able to excel at this game. If you cant contribute to this in a meaningful manner just dont bother replying.
  14. ofc it is game performance which is terrible obvivously and was terrible for 2 years already. but there are some ways to decrease camera jumps (with good pc). for example, firm hand + low sensitivity + no panic. no, no and no. easy catch fleeing, easy staying on target, easy dps, easy escape and hello back 50% of the server again assassins. for example if you want to catch fleeing - play knight. no stealth, not so good dps/mobility, tanky. as reward you can disable dodge rolls. as reward you can't escape. there is only one problem with sins atm - not very comfortable for sieges why silly? experienced players give you multiple examples how to increase effectivity of your assassin. you call it silly coz...well, 2 weeks of playing with white gear. such words I usually like to explain like this: 1) I like ganks, look at this, CF have assassins! 2) I am new player and I don't want to understand mechanics, I don't want to get better gear, I don't want to get good party. I just want to win in white gear 3) Oh, I can't win -> assassin is so gimped in this game... such topics makes me sad all the time, especially without any serious arguments. and I really hope devs do not listen this coz I still remember how broken OP assassins was 6 month ago. all melee classes have the same problems. best regards, opposition. learn to play or blame performance and game statement, it is pre alpha any way
  15. This has been mentioned but I feel people need to keep saying it, the leveling is such a HUGE BORE, Keep the leveling system fast, Why nerf gold at the sacrifice alter? and then nerf gold drops, this makes the game so painful. Their is soo much grinding in this game why add more? if your going to nerf gold at the alter then at least bring back gold on all the mobs.
  16. Measuring faction strengths player numbers, there is no difference between someone who plays 16 hours a day, every day, all campaign, and spends all 10 of them crafting/gathering/fighting/taking objectives, and someone who logs in once then never logs in again. Especially as they continue to refine the aspects that make up player score, those differences would be reflected there. The way it should go is that guilds queue for factions as guilds. Say a week before campaigns, the guilds and unguilded players desiring to participate declare their intent to participate. Guilds then pledge to factions in order of strength (as measured primarily by total player score, with player score being a reflection of each player's performance in previous campaigns). Strongest guilds pledges first, weaker guilds and solo players pledge last. When you pledge you see the respective strength of each faction. Pledging to strong faction penalizes you/your guild. Pledging to a weak faction benefits you. If the benefits are properly balanced this should in general see the smaller guilds and solo players evening out any disparities caused by large differences in power between the top guilds as everyone pledges. This also means if the two top guilds decide they going to be the same faction the 2nd rank guild will get devastating penalties, so they'll need to merge guilds if they want to be in bed together. Once the pledging is done, the bonuses are set and don't change. Campaign on. This of course would be the standard ruleset for three faction or any other factional PvP. I don't see this being the ideal ruleset for Dregs or GvG.
  17. Didn't see it anywhere at the keep. Can you, please, give a more specific hint?!? Overall, from my prospective, this new system is broken... Why swords and daggers I can craft right away and for Axes I should go grind gold and then we don't even know where to buy this thing??
  18. There were some good fights til balance managed to condense their forces into the final couple areas. A lot of people seemingly working well together. You want more PvP roll the side with the least people. Odds are better you’ll get action. Or look for the primo gathering spots. Bring enough of a crew they don’t roll alone.
  19. Chers Corbeaux ! J’espère que vos avez passé une excellente semaine. La newsletter est disponible !!! 😎 Je compte sur vous pour proposer des idées que vous souhaitez partager ou divulguer , des projets en cours, etc. pour notre Newsletter! 🎺 Trial of Maeve Le Trial of Maeve a démarré cette semaine! Début: le 23 mai à 16h00. Se terminera le 12 juin à 22 h. Remarque: - Il s'agit d'une campagne de trois semaines - Pas d'effacement / réinitialisation - Les importations sont autorisées ------------------------------------------------------------- 📰 Nouveaux articles sur Crowfall Deux nouveaux articles de TenTonHammer et de MMORPG.com détaillent certaines des nouvelles fonctionnalités implémentées dans la dernière mise à jour de Crowfall: The God Trials. Pour en savoir plus sur #WarStories, God's Reach et autres mises à jour majeures de #CrowfallGame! Tous les détails ici. 🎬 "GO FAST" Une super vidéo de présentation de la 5.9 en français 😍Merci a @royo , membre et joueur toujours très actif de notre petit communauté.😀 N’hésitez pas a le remercier et l'encourager sur sa chaîne youtube! ------------------------------------------------------------- 💡 Nouvelle campagne? Un petit post pour discuter du démarrage d'une nouvelle campagne. Quelles sont les premières choses et actions a faire quand on démarre une nouvelle campagne? Comment bien démarrer? Commentez ici ❔ Sondage Facebook Donnez votre avis sur Facebook!!!! Félicitations a YUMX, Histoire de guerre de la semaine:
  20. Audio bug: When you use your ult as an assasin all audio gets dimmed and the ult noise doesnt go away unless you relog.
  21. I am sorry if I overly generalized too much about population. I was reacting to the tired old excuse of Zerg that has been a mainstay on the forums for the last 6 months. You are correct that at the moment the population is very low and Balance could have 30 people participating at sieges out of a total server population of 75+ with most Order and Chaos folks not sieging. This campaign is the lowest population I have seen in 6 months and Balance certainly could out numbers other factions during some sieges since the other Faction guilds aren't playing/testing. There isn't any easy fix to some guilds "trying hard" besides simply not running trials for a while until they have the next big phase of the game ready to test
  22. Can't imagine what it would be like if all these smaller studios combined forces and their great ideas. AOC's economic concepts are just that right now but seem a lot more interesting then having a stall in an EK or whatever we end up with in CF. https://ashesofcreation.com/news/2019-05-32-know-your-nodes-economic-node-type
  23. can just delete frostweaver already and instead implement an unarmed brawler monk class that has all 3 trees actually be viable
  24. i believe they are under the impression they will eventually kill the "zerg" and get all that loot
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