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  2. Muchas gracias @Ossis, la verdad que se ve impresionante... se que no estamos en Crowfall por los gráficos, pero a nadie amarga un dulce.
  3. I just looked over the ranger skill tree and most stuff seems pretty clear. Unfortunatly the lvl 25 passives arent expained at all, Could someone list me what exactly "Trick Shots" , "Aero Spin" and "Booby Traps" do ? Thanks in advance, Pest
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  5. I use other rotation: alt + tab open_interface MouseMove, 0, 300
  6. I cannot decide if this should b under bug og feedback, but now it's here. I often experience that, when skinning animals, the weak spot indicator is often outside of the hitbox of the actual animal. Meaning I cannot target the weakspot and deal damage to the animal at the same time. It happens with ore and stone nodes too, but only rarely. I guess this is due to the stone and ores being more regular shaped, hitting better into a hitbox. On a sidenote: It's really extremely annoying that when you take down a node, the spawned loot hides under a rock because the loot can apparently fall through obstacles that palyers cannot enter.
  7. Whats the point of full time crafters then? If they can make nothing meaningful why put months into crafting?
  8. My suggestion is pretty simple: the centaur should also get a "centaur-only" racial passive skill that improves its movement speed. It would say something like: "Quadrupled: Your extra pair of legs gives you a bonus of 5 - 10% to your movement speed, depending how hungry you are." ...and replace the dash action in the survival stance with: "Full Sprint: Use the full power of your horse body and move for additional 15% faster. This action slowly empties your stamina." Right-click to activate it anytime you want and right-click again to deactivate it anytime you want. To make it more balanced I thought something like this: "Sprinting: Using Full Sprint empties your hunger-bar faster."
  9. Harvested Souls stack. 😍 Nice QoL bump in light of storage issues. Found Soul of Adjudicator as loot from common R8 animal, so that is working.
  10. good stuff. for the crafting/harvesting guides, i'd suggest you touch upon the grade tiers/colours perhaps?
  11. good starting place is: https://community.crowfall.com/topic/24742-a-beginners-guide-to-crowfall/
  12. L'habituel... posséder tous les 6 châteaux... #HoA #Winterblades
  13. @Yumx Thanks alot! Ill get started!
  14. Chers Corbeaux, Vous le savez, une nouvelle campagne a débuté hier. J'aimerai avoir vos avis d'experts sur une question: Quelles sont les premières choses et actions a faire quand on démarre une nouvelle campagne? Comment bien démarrer?
  15. 1. Create your character 2. Go into God's reach (newbie area - only pvp in the siege zones), choose any faction, start exploring and leveling up. 3. Get comfortable with your character, craft some gear in the forts or keeps of your faction, then start looking for a guild in the recruitment section: https://community.crowfall.com/forum/5-guild-recruiting/ 4. When you find a guild you can join the campaign, and make sure you are on the same faction as them there. If you don't wanna spend time in god's reach and want to take the rough way, jump straight into the campaign and hope there's other players on your faction that wants to show you the ropes.
  16. Long story short. Backed it a 4-5 years ago, never really played the game. Hooked up my PC and here I am! Can someone give me a quick briefing on the three game modes and what the hell am I supposed to be doing? I played some of EK and I understand the farming end of it but not sure about the other game modes! Any help at all will be appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  17. Good find. Please make sure to also post it in the current playtest feedback thread to raise the visibility for the devs. Otherwise it may go by unnoticed (this here is more some kind of players-help-players subforum).
  18. It looks like if you linger too long near an opposing Rune Gate you get one minuscule warning then a few seconds late you get zapped. The warning should be more obvious. It took three attempts to understand this insanity.
  19. Yea, your gear is still bene... that's hurting your results, no one keeps it up anymore, as the difference is dismal anyway (juice not worth the squeeze). I linked passive talents specifically because they don't appear to be working. I get a lot of input is coming from players that have had years in the community, but anything crafting pre-5.9 as of right now... is irrelevant to the conversation. And building the way you always have shows you haven't theorycrafted, or play tested other inputs to try to maximize yeilds. This is why we're angry, we have worked through the changes, adapted, and still found a way to hit consistencies in 5.8 to previous yeilds. But 5.9 is a wrench that broke the machine. And it's been ignored in bug reports, or taken the wrong way by a touchy dev.
  20. There is a section on the map that kills my character by just being their. I cannot see any animals, monsters, other players It is simple wilderness. I approach the area and die. Problem is my character has left a fair bit of gear from the session. Any ideas?
  21. Shouldn’t we test the game like it’s going to be played? If we don’t show them how ruthless the players will be how would they ever build welfare systems in preparation for the tears of those who are less organized and vastly out skilled?
  22. Didn’t they nerf crit dmg so people aren’t at the cap instantly?
  23. Split a different stack up higher that you can fully interact with. You can also hit enter (or type a number in the box and hit enter. (As a work around). This bug, sadly, has been around for ages and it seems too big a task for the dev team.
  24. Splitting a stack of items positioned in the lower 1/4 of the inventory will cause the split stack window do be displayed so low, that you are unable to interact with any of the buttons, which effectively blocks a good junk of you whole inventory. this can so far only be fixed by completely restarting the game, as logging out will do nothing and the box will stay in place
  25. Crit Hit DMG was severely nerfed this patch, which is a pseudo nerf for alphas. (Auto crit based as you know) Instead of hitting the cap of 200% we now struggle to get to 140% in epic gear.
  26. Getting chain pulled/net pulled on the upper levels of the keeps, will make your character bug through the floor.
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