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  2. Farming was shown as a profession in the early Exploration skill training trees, and there is a "farm parcel" designed for planting in rows. Other systems have development priority right now, so it might not be added until after launch. No recent info but it is still planned AFAIK.
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  4. And fortunately, they will START looking into this problem tomorrow. Notice the lack of replies still over the weekend.
  5. Just wandering if there has been any resent discussions about the possibility of adding farming as a profession. Thank you.
  6. Correct again in the twitch clip near the end you will see lots of explosive traps. They will stop going off once the dot is over(watch the player red debuffs). Why there so many is because the fire dot hits for less but ticks faster. Without the passive there will not be a dot from the trap.
  7. Bombs hitting twice has been a bug since at least 5.8.0 (no idea about before then, we didn’t have a combat log then), but from my own testing it’s only a visual bug (for example Faerie trap doesn’t reapply the barriers). It’s caused by the Booby Traps passive (or the DoTs applied by the passive). The bug didn’t happen when the passive wasn’t equipped
  8. See 113 2 times of the first explosion then the 24 dmg dot after it.
  9. well i was playing ranger also. But from my logs i think it is just a visual unless someone has logs of that first activation hit hitting them over and over again(which is about 200 dmg). My logs says it does hit 2 times (basically does one extra melee hit) i never seen more. From what i tell its just the 30 dmg dot ticking on people and its having a visual bug that just showing a trap go off over and over. You can see this very cleary in that twitch clip if you watch the red burning debuff timer that is on macncheese (the guy playing in the clip).
  10. Just want to point out that i had no idea that it was anything more then a visual bug at the time of this fight 🤣 found out earlier today that the bombs are custarded. Also while im aware that dots are supposed to only stack once per target in the current game you cant see what is applied to enemy targets so if youve come up with a way to confirm that its only applying once then i would love to see it. Per the floating text and the combat log more damage is being applied per target then what should be. Mind you this could be as simple as a bug with the log itself but its also possible that its doing more damage then intended. Also the visual bug seems to be more then just a visual bug, it also appears to do more damage as well. I havent been able to confirm this because it doesnt translate to the combat log and when we tried to test in the EK AoE ablities werent hitting to include the activation of bombs.
  11. you cant have multiple of the same dots on the same target. Take mer bleed dot. If there a stronger bleed on a target myrm bleed is not on the target so they cant gain stacks. I agree its the explosion one its what make the visual glitch. but burn dots usally do less dmg but tick faster. When i tested it on a single target the bombs did however to its being dmg 2 times. Explosion trap does about 200 dmg when activated. In my logs that 200 dmg would show twice. Then it would be the regular 30dmg dot that would tick. From what i seen before that dot has always ticked faster and doesnt last as long So some it up it looks explosion trap is showing a visual over and over and the dot from that trap seems to be making the trap visual pop up again. Also that dot ticks quicker then other dots since it does less dmg so you get a poorly made socks ton of visuals over and over. To get the visual of a trap it seems its the target needs to be moving or you have to be moving when its ativated. It will not cause the visual bug(of showing the trap) if you and the enemy are standing still like you see in your youtube video. Its not something people are using over and over like someone stated earlier. Other bomb issues is the dot visuals will also hit dead bodys. Watch this clip and see if you agree with me. That the 30dmg dot ticks quicker but once it over visual of traps stop. I feel that dot is just causing a visual that looks like a trap going off over and over.(again its the explosion trap you can tell since its the fire color.) As soon as the burn is off the visuals of the trap stops and you can see this by watching the debuff of the burn https://www.twitch.tv/macncheese65/clip/CrazyPiliableDonutKeepo?filter=clips&range=7d&sort=time Also in your youtube video you see the dot dmg causing a visual each time it ticks. With the fire traps its not just giving the visual but also putting the trap on screen. Again i think it has to do with moving targets since there moving around when the dot on them.
  12. Okay, so i bought this game 4 days ago, and played this one campaign. Here's my experience. (for the good or for the bad) 1. Went into the game blind, it was kind of tough trying to figure out what I'm doing and where i'm supposed to go, the tutorial stage goes to the Hub, which is okay, it makes sense with the type of game this is, but there is a lot and it can be overwhelming, this goes into point 2 2. The Skill trees, first the Explorer tree / combat tree / crafting tree, Because nothing is explained i spent a lot of points places i shouldnt have trying to unlock the tree i wanted to get into, little to my knowledge it was tough because all i really had to do was follow the next trees "put 5 points in this to unlock this tree" thing, but instead i spent a lot of points places i should'nt have, so through this campaign i was useless in that regard, and i was not able to mine anything of substantial value. this goes for 2 of those trees, the combat one made sense to me. PLEASE ALLOW A RESET PER CAMPAIGN OR SOMETHING>>> ^^^^^ because it sucks having messed up. (after playing for the 4 days i can say i learned it for the most part) 3. Combat feels a bit clunky, but i'm sure that will change over time as things progress and improve. 4. The death mechanic is very bad, post 5.9 it was okay, you would become a bird and fly to your corpse (which i see the problem with this one too) But now, why even become a bird? you can only revive at posts, and because the only posts are in keeps / or in the hub it's been basically a useless experience for me. maybe someone can explain this one for me better. 5. AI can be abused very easy early levels on ledges / stuns. 6. The UI is clunky, slow and causes lag because when you hit ESC and re-open the menu all the windows you had open before stay open aswell, I'm sure this is also something that would probably be in the works. 7. Gear durability is horrendous, things break too fast and it's a long tedious process to craft them. At least allow the armor / gear to be around longer. (personal complaint) 8. the campaign itself was a very confusing experience and I'm not really sure what i was doing, i did not take part in almsot any of it, and when i did it was just be getting mow'd by a group of pvpers while i was just farming pigs for mats, that's fine, but it just needs to be explained or pointed out like.. where what is happening, even on the campaign man i was like what's going on, timers that were not accurate or maybe i just was not in the right spots. 9. necromancy is cool, i have not dabbled in it, but the AMOUNT of resources it needs takes up basically your entire inventory. 10. (IMPORTANT) Organization button NEEDS to be implemented / auto stacking, the amount of inventory clutter / sorting is super annoying. 11. Not sure if the team is going to be expanding on the PVE aspect of the game, but it would be cool to see other areas, maybe keeps or castles infested with different types of monsters that are cool to fight / a lot of what's happening now is monsters spamming abilities / leaping away / leaping in, i know this is a PVP game, but still for those players whom gather resources for the greater good of their company it would benefit everyone.. 11. the minitaurs racial / ability to not get stunned from the front seems kind of broken, more so in small scale PVP 12. Templar Divine Light heal is super strong, so A. Either nerf this ability, or B. buff everyone elses healing, AND give the druid an actual heal, not a heal just based off the Major Discipline. I have literally like another 1000 points, but will leave this here for now, feel free to message me on discord (Skunk_King#8890) to discuss / Or even on my stream account. twitch.tv/Skunk_king also, great patch from 5.8.6 - 5.9 (just need to fix the combat as it feels off now)
  13. Thanks! Doesn't work in the spirit bank unfortunately.
  14. Here were the tables Blair posted ages ago for the drop rates, and how they work. That 10% I believe is on the chance the table gets a roll, and not on the volume to expected after the roll, which is critical amount. # of times the critical table is rolled when a critical hit is made. If you look at those R9 tables, there is only a 15% chance of green on a R9 Crit, but the sample data I have seen where green represents 60% of the yield, seems to indicate that the majority of material is from the non-critical hit table.
  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1lVjiDJ4Xo&feature=youtu.be So I did some more testing of the brigand bombs in the current patch, Explosive seems to be the only one doing the constant explosion glitch at least so far anyways. HOWEVER based on the combat text and the floating Combat numbers I think that the Bombs Dots are applying multiple times to single targets. Bombs in video are 1. Fairie 2. Explosive 3. Concussive
  16. If its not loading zone issues its the black screen problem. Game is unplayable for a lot of people.
  17. Espero que tenham tido uma excelente semana. A nossa newsletter está de volta para falar o que houve esta semana que passou. Uma nova mini-campanha: Kierlan Esta mini-campanha que iniciou 5ª e terminou hoje, domingo, teve a particularidade de trazer o update 5.90 e não dar prémios aos vencedores. Foi apenas pelo prazer de vencer, que é o que move os jogos não é mesmo? Se você perdeu esta campanhã, veja aqui as informações sobre ela. O Sentinela Você já conhece a história do Sentinela? "Nós podemos sentir em nossos ossos no momento em que aconteceu, como um vento gelado em uma tumba antiga" Curioso para saber mais sobre esta personagem? Leia tudo aqui! História de guerra da Semana: Warstory RealBlankSpace O descanso dos guerreiros. Veja esta história aqui! Sabe o que são recipientes e como os obter? CSe sua resposta for negativa, então não pode mesmo deixar de ver o live feito pela nossa desenhadora Valerie Kromas e pela nossa diretora de comunidade, onde elas respondem a algumas dúvidas sobre isto mesmo. Sondagem em nosso facebook Nossa sondagem desta semana questiona vocês sobre a opção que tomam ao criarem um novo receptáculo. Estamos empatados. Não deixe morrer empatado. Chame seus amigos corvos e participe na votação! E se ainda não votou, está a tempo. Vote aqui. Você se lembra de quando se iniciou em Crowfall? Das suas dificuldades? Queremos saber isso, por essa razão estamos perguntando qual ou quais os tutoriais que acha importantes existir em nossa lingua. Não deixe de participar neste enquete. Participe aqui Continuamos procurando streamers 🎥 Se você faz streaming e videos sobre Crowfall (em português), fale com a gente! Queremos difundir seus videos/streams e promover seu canal na nossa comunidade de lingua portuguesa. Para isso basta falar comigo, Fauno, aqui no forum ou no discord Fauno#9151 Você tem algo interessante para contar? Sabe de algum tutorial interessante? Está planejando um projeto ou qualquer atividade sobre Crowfall? Me escreva, e colocarei sua informação na nossa newsletter. Nossa e não minha Boa semana para todos, meu amigos. Fauno
  18. For any crafted item that is based on the stats of the ingredients, greens and blues get an automatic 15% stat bonus upon assembly, purples 20% and golds 25%.
  19. Your only partly right. Look at the starting stat for your green tools. IIRC they have a starting base stat (mining, logging, etc) of 5.25 when green compared to 5.00 for white. That starting improvement will factor into each pip automatically, so green pips are worth more than white. As a rune crafter, if your trying to craft blue tools with all blue materials, your wasting your time and resources. Green will get you as good a bonus as you ever need for such a disposable item. The difference is not worth the quality mats unless you have a very large surplus. Even then, that surplus is probably better spent on other items. The only blues I ever roll for are ones I made by bootstrapping blue parchment and white ore to blue runes, upgraded when applying to green blanks.
  20. Yesterday
  21. Ok So i need help understanding how color quality works. So from what I can tell Color quality of a resource doesn't actually affect the bonus of the experimentation pip. Am i right in this? all it does is allow more pips to be spent, right? So if I'm not trained in say jewel crafting And i can only spend 4 pips to make an item the quality will have no outcome on my final product? I find this extremely annoying trained or not the quality should at least make a difference in the base state. Right now on rune making If i craft a green or blue harvesting tool it makes zero difference in my quality.
  22. As much as I dont want it to be so, this is the cold hard reality of the situation, They had to push 5.90 imo cause they needed bigger numbers to um test it properly, I would be willing to bet the loading zone error everyone is getting is due to something going on with server load( number of players on)... and people are getting dropped in the zone loading process cause for some reason the server just does not feel it can deal with all the requests it is getting. This would only happen on Live imo, I never experienced that on test on any of the builds leading up to 5.90 being pushed to live
  23. I really agree with this as the best course of action, they should at this point be able to keep both test and live up at the same time with two different builds, the older more stable one on live. I also think they will constantly get an influx of players onto test as they patch new builds, simply for players to check out and see what is changed over time. It seemed in their last trial of test only, even with the mug they were not getting the numbers they wanted, but alot of the problem for me as the post above mentions I never knew when test was up. I know that in the period 5.90 hit gods reach before the campaign went live, I still tried to log onto test multiple times to try and help, only to see that it was down for maintenance.. did you want us to test or not I was thinking. I also think the drop rates are fairly silly atm, I am capped in iron, silver and human graves, It seemed like I was not only getting a whole lot of blues off rank 10's but what 1 gold per 100 purple.. the grave drop was really kind of sad I think I have about 100 purple arms and legs 50 heads and torsos and 2 gold heads and a leg and this is with a full human tree I was always digging with 5 pips and bene harvest food. I was also hitting quite a few r7 ore and stone for green resources and It seemed like I was almost getting as many purples and I got a few golds off of them.. I did not run across any r8 or r9 nodes in mass so could it be that just the r10's are broke? I have no idea... again all issues other people are having.
  24. aanyka

    Runic Book?

    Appreciate you taking the time to answers my question. Thank you.
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