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  2. with the current crafting system might be difficult but i demand full loot preferably 100% full loot
  3. Yeh I think I'm now a part of this category... Been trying to log in for 30 mins constantly closing and re-trying.
  4. Instead of just complaining about what I'm not personally happy with, I'll try providing some feedback (and hopefully discussion) on what I think would be cool additions to the game, particularly the Dregs since that hasn't been implemented yet and it has the potential to be the game mode that will differentiate CF from all the other RvR MMOs currently out there: 1) Win conditions and ruleset: What I really don't want the Dregs to become is just a copy-paste of the faction with just the added grind of having to build the keeps and forts instead of just claiming the preset ones. That means win conditions that revolve simply around building and holding keeps/forts for points, which are accumulated through the seasons. I want something more along the lines of the Bloodstone ruleset which was presented as an example years ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=3&v=IolWGu7xFlw Something that forces the more well established alliance to split their forces between defending their city and transporting the bloodstones to the dropoff location, and that allows a "homeless" alliance currently unable to hold a city to still have a fighting chance. Ideally something that would spread out the objectives as much as possible as well to account for performance and zone lock limitations. 2) Less spammy combat: I know all signs and previous statements point against what I'm proposing here, but I'd really like to see some form of group wide friendly fire (like Big World had) or at the very least guild wide friendly fire (assuming guild caps at something around 50 players). But 5-man group friendly fire would be ideal. If we just have alliance wide free from friendly fire, combat will just play exactly the same as in factions. There'll be very little differentiation. Huge blobs of laggy ability spam clashing against each other in a war of attrition that is usually more fun for the shot callers and leaders to coordinate than for the individual players to participate in. Groups of 5 would give a little more room for individual plays to occur, would spread out people more, and it would be more interesting from a tactical and strategical side as well. Not to mention another mechanism to favor coordination over numbers more. 3) As much of a clean slate before the start of the CW as possible, or a more flat power curve when it comes to gear. I remember reading a thread in the 5.8 discussion forum a couple months ago (I honestly can't remember who it was, yoink maybe?) showing how passive skills alone would allow a guild to already have a gigantic jump start even after a complete gear wipe (including vessels) at the start of a campaign. And while I won't beat this horse here again, gear currently has a huge role in terms of stats and raw power. Are tomes going to be enough of a catch up mechanism in terms of skills? Can't say, but gear power has gone waaaay beyond what I woud have liked to see for the game, so as much of a clean slate before the start of the campaign would be ideal IMO. I honestly don't have a solution for this one, but frankly I wouldn't mind a Dregs CW where skills are temporarily reset to zero again, although on the other hand doing the gear grind from zero every single time might just lead people to burn out since the grind has become pretty excessive over time. I don't know, frankly nerfing gear a lot and flattening the power curve would really make for a more healthy game IMO. And then it wouldn't matter as much. These are my initial thoughts and feedback. Would be really interested to see what other people think about it and what they wanna see for the Dregs.
  5. Today
  6. Don't know if its supposed to work like that or not but @ Merphyron / Chaos Gateway XYZ: 2992, 0 , 2441. The chests there spawn items inside every time you open them, so you can get infinite amount of meat and bangades.
  7. @vkromas@jtoddcoleman@thomasblair@ACE_FancyHats@ACE_JackalBark Can we please get a confirmation that Major Disciplines (Combat Souls) are not in the game and that there is really no good way to get Major Disciplines for this patch? Yes we know we have to use Soul Tools to get Souls. Yes we can get Harvesting/Exploration Disciplines (Villein/Foreman etc) Yes the Major Discipline RECIPES are in the game. NO we cannot farm Ancients (they only drop stuff in hunger mode). NO we cannot get combat souls. Can we please get confirmation that we are currently missing a key aspect to making Major Combat Disciplines? Once again(post in bug feedback and been pointing this out even when 5.90 was on test) can you PLEASE make Ancients always HUNGER form or add Major Combat disciplines to their NON-Hunger form just until Combat souls have been correctly added into the game. We still need the crutch of Ancients and killing the Night/Hunger cycle has broken this crutch so we have no way to get Majors. EDIT: Even a response saying "combat souls will be added soon" would help. Although I think changing Non-Hunger Ancients to have the Loot Tables of Hunger Ancients would not be difficult.
  8. Super vidéo @royo, merci! Je la partage sur Facebook 🏆
  9. So if I chop down a tree I get use able wood, mine stone and ore get usable resource, dig up a grave get a usable resource. Then why don't I get leather when I kill creatures, why is skinning required. I don't have to melt ore, process wood or clean the bones. Drop rates would still be based off of passive skill, just like all other exploration skill.
  10. Pressing issues: The target being assigned on keypress (instead of release) for attacks like ranger bow LMBs needs a fix. Same thing applies to harvesting - weak spots light up and disappear when you mouse over them rather than when the tool hits. It just feels wrong. The getting stuck on changing zones is really irritating too. Sometimes it sticks on loading zone, sometimes on loading terrain. Either way, we have to kill the client and restart. And attack queuing is still noticeably broken. That's another one that needs a fix sooner rather than later. We take the old "tow truck" durability hit on every death now because we are forced to rez at a temple/statue instead of flying back to our body. No way to get major disciplines in 5.9
  11. Killed over a couple hundred aurochs not a single milk. Both campaign and GR
  12. KIlled an awful lot of animals and 0 Milk. Loot tables ?
  13. UI for capturing is intermittent. Sometimes it shows the progress circle sometimes it doesn't for camps. When do yo step into a Camp sometimes it doesn't register so you need to walk out and back in. Other times it won't work at all. If you used random world generation for the new campaign it didn't work as it's using the old map.1
  14. Yes, these R all valid reasons not to even waste your time training jewelcrafting.
  15. The bug I was referring to is this, not just the loading bug. Known Issues By LordofCake, April 29 in Pre-Alpha 5.90 News and Announcements Show Stoppers : We have an issue with characters getting stuck on loading screens. Sometimes you can close and reopen your client to free your vessel. If the vessel becomes permanently stuck while loading, you will need to create a new avatar vessel.
  16. I have not gotten the loading bug once since the patch yesterday... before that all I had to do was load the charactor that was stuck into my Eternal Kingdom to get them unstuck, or like Jah said just wait a certain period of time and try again eventually it always worked. I also have 2 machines one is running a 2gb gpu I have noticed that one can litterally take minutes to get in.... but eventually it does also load with the new build
  17. duelist ambush has no animation. I see that you don’t have impale on your list of issues....???? It’s the most broken I’ve ever experienced this patch. we could see an enemy player, duelist, past 40m who was in stealth when they were in their own outpost. When they left the circle went back to unseeable stealth. Did not see any tunnel animation. Got stuck between unbreakable rocks in Ismiris at 2019, 22, 2817
  18. Minor discs are farmed from wartribes.
  19. There has been people still joining EVE 15 years after launch. People will be drawn to it. Besides, Launch is some time off
  20. This is the first patch, that made me feel angry and dull. Game is totaly unstable, pvp content is about 5% of playtime and the rest is braindead grind for gear, which is the biggest factor in pvp. Population is being depleted. I don't know where the shift from initial direction happened and why, but I don't want to play it until game is back to its roots. I am taking break.
  21. Didn't see in listed known issues: Dying has a chance for racial slot items to go to overflow. Another death after being in overflow drops this item. Examples: Guinea Ring, High Elf Neck, Centaur Horseshoe To test equip something in these racial slots and die(reports that it doesn't happen every time so may need to do a couple times to trigger it.)
  22. I remember those skills. You make some valid points and I agree the training progression could be longer. This issue with limiting professions to train 1 at a time even though it would bring it more in line with eve ( one skill train at time) is it would simply cause people to buy more alts ( like eve) in order to do all they want to do. I guess its debatable if that's a bad thing. It would bring in more revenue for the crowfall team.
  23. How does one obtain a runemaking techniques minor disc now since they are no longer obtainable via the ui or on a vendor?
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