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  2. Thanks for replies. I personally play Vandal and would like to know which major und minor discipline you would use for them.
  3. Having the Duelist Saltpeter Rounds buff makes it to where your Pepperbox Shot doesn't stun. Pretty easy to reproduce. Put Saltpeter Rounds up, try to stun, does nothing.
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  5. For Black Guard, you will want agent provactor, good stealth major. You can go arcane archer / sharpshooter for range / root for second major. Or illusionist for more damage. For minors, spirit whip, elven eyes and uniform mail are solid.
  6. Классный Гайд! +Респект
  7. you can find R7 resources in the campaign ...use the back gates over the bank
  8. Most assassins run Blackguard. It lacks the burst of CutThroat, but more than makes up for it in surviveability.
  9. True, but we've seen some pretty large fights without zone crashes. And performance was relatively normal right up until the sudden crash.
  10. seems like performance to me, there were a lot of people in zone i know its not character controller, thats for broken druids
  11. Something went quite wrong there. Some sort of zone crash. But I don''t think it was a general performance issue or the client controller. More like some sort of unusual but severe zone crash bug.
  12. performance is still poorly made socks druids are so broken its not even funny. seems like the character controller did more damage than anything... and rangers well @Balathan already showed you
  13. I have no idea what ACE is thinking with the campaign being so full of R9 and R10 resources. It seems really excessive.
  14. Currently as far as I am aware all non basic nodes in Campaigns are R10. This does surely offer the best resources, but if you are a new solo player these are incredibly difficult to downright impossible to farm. Which in and of itself is not so bad, but it's very tempting to hangout and farm in gods reach to build up to the point you can somewhat efficiently gather in Campaigns. If you play this game like that it has no real content and a player will likely drop the game considering it a loot simulator because you haven't pushed into the real content. This game needs a friendlier way of pushing a new to player into the campaign or showing them how to prepare and get there. Because a lvl 30 common vessel with green gear and runic harvesting tools without speccing to make them isn't going to win PvP and isn't going to enjoy the farm grind. All the "PvP" guys want harvesters to farm, well harvesters aren't incentivised into the campaign. And just cutting Gods Reach off will only make many of them not waste their time to be killed after 5 minutes breaking one node.
  15. The tool tip for the exploration disciplines reflects the old model for pips use( the Q effect for harvesting). With the 3rd and 5th pip effect being transposed. I don't believe it changes the effects and think it's just the tooltip being inaccurate.
  16. First off let me be clear in saying that sharing your thoughts on things that feel strong, weak, broken, and useless is, and can be, constructive and useful. However in my short time back to the game I've seen a pleothora of people posting on the forums and in game absurd things about how the devs hate them, hate their player base etc... Why? Because things are not balanced. What an absolutely absurd line of thinking. This is a testing environment, the point of the whole hamster loop we are currently playing in is to gather the necessary information to be able to balance the game. Not to mention it's lack of necessary features that are intrinsic and needed before balancing is even a productive choice. I don't log on looking for balanced hardcore PVP action, not yet anyways, I just want to see how the game is going, learn a bit, share whatever gems of knowledge I think I may have and wait for launch day. I'm only choosing this as my first "Gem" because it is harmful to the community as a whole and I think it's reflective of a weakness of character this community has no need for.
  17. Hey I play a druid But I use mail because gathering leather could be used as a punishment
  18. I'm pretty certain I only know one druid. Probably because of the leather thing. Clearly I don't know what I'm talking about.
  19. druid still broken, see previous post in other thread good job
  20. Run as administrator? This fixes alot of download/login issues. Also, did you set up 2-factor Authentification that requires a code? You can check your settings for this in Account Profile from the main website page (upper right corner) If you are still stuck, email support@crowfall.com - should be a fast response and they can do more troubleshooting.
  21. On a Blackguard Assasin with the Major Discipline Elementalist, if you cast Fire Wall on an enemy or structure you are not able to go in to stealth mode again. Despite not having any kind of debuffs on you. I don't know what is causing this but about one second after the visual effects of Fire Wall have dissapeared, I am able to stealth again (the target still has a burn on him at this point for a few more seconds, so I don't think it's just the burn effect). Thanks for fixing the bug that didn't show health orbs of Blood Price passive.
  22. But internet tears are delicious... You’re so nice, even when correcting what you believe to be poor judgement. You’re basically a Canadian Owl.
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