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  2. The first evening in the Trial of Maeve. We decided to leave our keeps undefended, and instead chose the overwhelming odds of sieging the Order factions main keep as only 5 people. Enjoy the 4 different point of view video! ______________________________ We are still recruiting, looking for 1 full support player, and 4x flex players! Check us out: Our recruitment thread
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  4. The whole thread pretty much sums up why i will only join maps with disabled import after release. I don't like the idea at all that crafters can hide in temples and EK's.
  5. As a crafter, I am not against this at all either, especially when imports/exports are back. My PvP brethren dislike the idea though. My suggestion would be to make temple crafting having disadvantages like keeps have advantages. (IE negative stat bonuses applied to crafting) - The tools/tables aren't as good. This would still allow players to compete even if their faction is losing across the map.
  6. Crafting Feedback: Necromancy Humerus - Most of the Humerus stats(dmg type caps) are useless. There is no possible way to get close to cap for the damage types EXCEPT for vindicator which does it using it's base abilities(which seems like an oversight to me). Crit Hit Dmg CAP Hands - These have also become useless with the new weapon stats. Players won't ever get close to 200% in this iteration. Runics Esoteric Runestones - now provide 0.18% damage mod before being put in a weapon(EPIC). I'd rather not even have this step and have one less crafting profession needed. *insert juice/squeeze quote*
  7. Hey! I've recently joined the game and have been farming around on my own for a while. I'm really impressed by the Amazing amount of choices the game gives you, creating an actual weapon has never felt more "Real" than this in an MMORPG. I mean, actually depending on my skills and on the materials I get, the stuff I makes is better or worse. I love this. Toh there is 1 issue I'm currently dealing with: Finding a path to follow. I do not know if I missed something or if I'm currently not understanding, I've been roaming around the faction temple for a while and there are some things I didn't understand: 1) Is it normal I can't sell items to merchants? My balance is sad and just by killing village monsters it takes a lot to gain certain amounts of gold. I know I should be able to farm to easly obtain materials and Create stuff on my own, but then wont the NPCs be meaningless? 2) I learned that I need to create a "Mount" item to run faster, but following online guides doesn't help, because the Mount isn't anymore where it was before. Since buying it for 500 gold is taking me a lot, isn't there a fastest way to do this? 3)Is it normal that I haven't made a single Discipline gem yet? I saw some being sold at the NPC, but always same issue with gold. How do I create them? I mean, just today I learned that the stonemasonry is WAY too usefull, but I feel like I haven't even taken the "Noob stuff" that I usually get at gamestart. 4)Is it normal also that whenever I join the game I get a new longsword and a new shield? Kinda annoying now Sorry for all this stuff, I hope someone is able to fill the holes I have left in my path ><
  8. Was enjoying this till they said they had no plans for open world pvp, sadly thats the best part of MMOs atleast for me keeps you on your toes
  9. Problems i have atm Crafting - Requiring other crafts is good to crafts thing problem is no one selling components and guilds cant easily transfer things to get thing crafted, if there were guildbanks and things to make it easier for guild to pass components and things around to crafters who need it, will greatly fix the issue here - Blacksmithing i strongly feels need to be split into 2 crafts simply to help reduce the workload for these crafters having 1 crafter to do 2 different types of armors along with weapons for basicly every class is a little demanding as the game expands the burden on this craft will increase exponentially . Vessels/Disc - leveling atm is too extreme especially when you want a different major/minor disc you have to remake and relevel a new vessel, which just takes to long forexample i accidently deleted a vessel this campaign and no motivation to get and relevel a new one and get the discaplines. - Disciplines are such a pain to farm right now especially getting certain ones that are vital for your class here a minor solution that could work for this, give people the ability to break down Major and minor disapline people dont want into shards, combining 10 shards together will allow a runecrafter to make any discipline, this way your guaranteed to get a discipline you need on your 10th discipline this way you atleast know you will get what u want eventually instead of getting millions of useless ones. Equipment - With quipment current durability the resource cost is way to high in my option you should keep the lower durability on equipment so crafters are in demand however the resource cost to craft equipment should be reduced this can be done by simply reducing the cost to craft the base component, so basicly instead of 3+3+3 ore = 1 ingot make it 2+2+2 = an ingot or what not this way gear is 33% less this may be a little to high still but you can always change it to 2+1+1 per ingot and what not if need be and so on. Doing it this way wont affect stats on the equipment since it still using the same amount of items with stats on them aka ingots. This can literally be done to all armor and weapon crafts. Easier to craft equipment that decays at a good paste will be good for the economy and crafters. as it stand now gear cost doesnt work with the gear durability and the lower durability option is probaly better that gear that lasts months.
  10. From my understanding horse shoes were spose to be the mount for centaurs or something
  11. Isn’t UDL supposed to be a gaming powerhouse? Where’s this death alliance we’ve heard about for years?
  12. Dont worry we didnt like you either you tend to run leaving allies behind to cover you when an evenish fight breaks out. Good thing you dont have to worry bout even fights anymore over there. Remember multiply occasional you did this, one when a castle wall got dropped and there was a reasonable force of winterblades on the other side you went to go through the breach but decided to pull back leaving half your facton force there to hold the point as you backed out at which stage the fight was then loss due to loosing to many people at the breach while u turned tail. Another time was winterblade pushed on us and HoA ran off while a couple of the order faction who wernt HoA stay and held a ridge which a few minutes later you guys are like ohh there holding we can win this and eventually came back in and cleared them out. Your first action in any situation that seem challenging is run to get a grasp on the situation but by doing so you loose fights that way because you loose players on your retreat to get a grasp on the situation. I remember another time when both HoA and WB attacked a fort with bout 15-20 people and there were 12 chaos defending it HoA backed out leaving WB in there which died while you guys backed out for a number check to see if you could win at that stage u lost over half your force and was no longer winable. Same thing happened with one of the keeps a few campaigns back you guys broke through winterblades rushed the tree you guys stood back which cause that push to fail horribly when if you all pushed it probaly would of been in your favor. I myself are glad HoA is no longer in the same faction as myself however as a game/testing standpoint in this stage of the game i dont like how one sided it has gotten due to your choice in allying the WB this basicly meant the 2 largest and most familiar guild with the game are on the one side which created a horrid balance between the factions which just cause more people to flock to balance for the satisfaction of so called winning a campaign which realy means nothing at this point.
  13. Fighting about whose fault it would be, while I feel it's fairly obvious, is wasted breath. The fact is right now Balance has about twice the active players of both other factions combined and that means while we can get some interesting fights in small group PvP, any sort of campaign is pretty much a wash this go around. We all know Order is the only faction putting up any kind of notable resistance, and with FoE come Order and the rest a no-show Chaos is a blank slate faction for the most part. It would seem like guilds interested in a decent fight on Balance might talk to some of the smaller groups they work well with and go Chaos next round if they want to improve as players and get good PvP. Good allies, poor allies, there's practically nobody left over there so it doesn't really matter does it? You'd have what you bring. Unless the real problem is both groups are afraid to stand on their own in a campaign with 3 factions of roughly equal numbers.
  14. You’re just jelly nobody wants to share humors with you anymore. It’s like when a jaded ex sees you in public with your hotter new girlfriend and then stalks you for 6-12 months complaining about how you don’t think the new gf is hotter when in fact she really is. UDL was a 5, -W- is a 7.5 (would be an 8 if Dame/Mal/Phylor kicked Jah). Sorry boo.
  15. Ditto. Trebuchets aren't working correctly. You can place them, buff them with skill #2 but #1 doesn't fire. It let's you line up the shot but doesn't fire. I press 1, I hold down 1, I smash 1, my efforts are futile. I tried both at a fort and a keep.
  16. At Drachenfels Keep in Yinta in GR, I am unable to see barrel molds on the merchant. Twice I have asked another player to buy the mold for me as they can see it but I cannot.
  17. I am glad you mesh elven humors so well.
  18. I agree but crowfall has only reduced what is on the shop. I wish they added to it or do something to take in more funds. They chose to remove all the things that might make them money over people saying p2w instead of clarifying what eks did and were. Missed opportunity in my book especially since eks look like they are gonna keep getting pushed out of the way for everything else.
  19. Got tired of having poorly made sockse allies so we sought out allies who played like us, meshed with our elvish humors and had a past history with (HoA and WB are both guilds that played live and emulated SB servers and personally I fought both of them). Why would we, HoA, want to play on a faction where we don’t like our allies nor feel they are contributing as equals? Sorry not sorry.
  20. Seems more like a smart business model. People like vanity and are willing to pay for it. ACE was selling housing/skins for hundreds and thousands of dollars. If Ashes is a cash grab then Crowfall is too? I backed both so whichever ends up better for me it doesn't matter. All of these things have potential to do well and not so well. However the strengths I hoped Crowfall might have seem to be neglected so likely won't end up being the one for me.
  21. This aix guy somehow snuck into the Chaos Temple. Couldn't damage him or anything though. Also my traps are healing enemies? O.o
  22. But again its just an unneeded hassle, like why choose loading screens when it could be better? I know with myself and a ton of other people if something takes too long, especially when it should be something basic, it's enough to send the ADHDs into maximum overdrive. Like I'll spend HOURS doing something boring like modding Skyrim and when I'm finally ready to play if loading screens last too long I'll just immediately go into shut down and swap to League of Legends as if I hadn't been wanting to play Skyrim for the last two hours. Same basic issue here. It's a minor inconvenience, I know, but its enough to make some people lose interest at times which really only makes it worse for the faction. Vicious cycle and all that. Besides, functionality shouldn't be an argument against improvement.
  23. #warstories @Pann So there I was, traveling across the Indolis Gorge when I spot an Order Outpost. I decide I don't quite like Order owning that outpost, so I go killing the guards and start taking the Outpost for Chaos. Just as I start doing that, a Balance Templar named Teilen loads into the world. Caught off guard and thinking he was going to attack me, I strike first and rush at him. I obviously caught him off guard too, because he started running as soon as I rushed him. He soon decided that that was a fruitless effort and turned to attack me. The fight didn't last long. Teilen had no armor and his Divine Light could not heal through the traps at placed at his feet and soon died. I pulled out my axe preparing to take his head as a trophy when he then releases, denying me a prize. I peruse through his cairn to see what he had left. I decide to take his wood and collect an Apple Tax. I then go back to taking the Outpost. I decide to do some inventory management as I wait when Xaameth, an Order Assassin, comes to defend their Outpost. He attacked from behind and caught me with my pants down, but his element of surprise didn't last long. I quickly turn the tables on him, stacking my traps at his feet and hitting him several crits. Xaameth sees this fight is lost and tries to run, but I wasn't having any of that. I charge at his fleeing self and pull out my bow. With one arrow, I shoot him in his back and down him then and there. But, by the time I pull out my Executioner's Axe again, Xaameth had already released, denying me yet again another prize. He traveled light and didn't have much on him. I took his carrot juice and went back to taking that Outpost. Nothing else eventful happened as I took the outpost, and once I had taken it for Chaos, I left on my merry way. Just another day in the life of a Roamer.
  24. Hello, Once again lost all saved up SP's when I went to click on a branch to train in. Happens quite often, they just disappear. I have reported the bug before. Kenito
  25. One note on the terrible durability loss, which looks like it may be a bug: you take a durability hit to your items at the time you release your crow. You take a *second* hit at the time you revive.
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