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  2. We had 12 as well, 1 cleric and i think hax might have had a single healer as well. you did have the guards help as well.
  3. you can not multibox and get the same advantage tho so im not sure the point. Using alts isnt against tos just having them on at the same time is.
  4. We had 12, and only a single Earthkeeper among us. There was no chance that we were going to win without help.
  5. Will say did enjoy the first 5 minute of that siege it was good, just a shame you dont get the evenish fights very often.
  6. i know what you said, but balance wasnt attacked by order so what other smaller faction is there
  7. i didnt say smallest, i said smaller which is Chaos and Order.
  8. Today
  9. smaller faction? we didnt get sieged by order though
  10. Keeps realy need to be further apart from each other. When there 2 minutes run from each other its kinda difficult for a smaller faction to have a chance at taking them since they can reinforce it with there entire force within a 5 minute period from when the side been spotted. But anyway good fight at the keep we has 12 vsing what ever clams had seemed they had around the 2-3 group mark aswell so first 5 minutes or so was an fun fight till reinforcements came from the other
  11. Given Crowfall is action combat, it would effectively be impossible to multibox actively, but the unfair advantage multiboxing gives in Crowfall is through the passive training system and embargo system. You could have every possible crafting and harvesting need covered this way with one "account" as your main focusing Combat, get around Import/Export and bank restrictions, and unfairly give yourself a level of self sufficiency. I think there are a variety of things they could implement to help track for potential multibox abuse. It may not always be worth the resources, but I'm sure they could track IPs for example quite easily, as well as who trades with who, log in/out events, what accounts show what kind of activity (such as, do they only ever seem to be on more than a minute of passive allocation and only harvest/craft?), and so on that could together point to multiboxing versus merely multiple people on the same internet connection. I'm sure they could find out who is doing it if they wanted to and the resources for it.
  12. Feel like a broken wheel bringing this up with each update, but woodworking still has some broken parts: Runic staff recipe is available with no recipe scroll equipped Runic bow recipe doesn't work (the riser takes a polished spherical gemstone, making a "jeweled bow riser" which then does not work in the final assembly where a "runic bow riser" is required - the bow rest made by a blacksmith is the "runic" part and goes into the bow riser recipe) Less bug and more feedback: In addition to the bugs, woodworking recipes also take far more components from other crafts (especially blacksmithing) than they do wood parts or steps, which doesn't feel like it's intended. By comparison, blacksmith recipes take 1-2 planks or 1 padded leather, and leatherworking recipes take at most 1 blacksmithed buckle or rivet. This heavily impacts crafting score when you use that as a scoring mechanic. Bows: 7 pieces woodworking (4 planks, riser, limb, final assembly), 6 blacksmith (4 metal bars, sight and rest,) 6 leatherworking (4 stitched leather, grip, string), Tome of Arkon: 5 pieces woodworking (2 planks, book casing, bound chapters, final assembly), 5 blacksmithing (4 metal bars. book clasp), 6 leatherworking (5 stitched leather, 1 lacing sinew), 3 runemaking (book chapters) Mystical Staff: 9 woodworking (5 planks, parchment paper, staff head, staff limbs, final assembly), 11 blacksmithing (8 metal bars, 2 weapon grips, staff heel), 5 runemaking (2 unmarked runestone, sigil life and death, runestone life and death)
  13. Multi-boxing is allowed in some form per the devs comments and the official rules that we agree to. A user may not have several accounts for one game world simultaneously. However, the user is permitted to have one game account in several game worlds simultaneously. 2 accounts in 2 game worlds is fine. 2 accounts in 1 game world, not okay. Take that a step further, 2 accounts in 1 game world and using assistance by 3rd party means is even less okay. Problem is the terms and definitions we use. 1 account in an EK and 1 in a campaign is not the same thing as 2 accounts in a 1 campaign or 2 accounts in 1 campaign being run at the same time artificially. Yet this all falls in to the "multi box" term apparently. ACE should clarify if needed, but shouldn't be shocking to understand most of this especially for anyone with any MMO or social gaming experience. None of this is remotely new. If there is a bug allowing control of multiple accounts, that should be fixed ASAP. How ACE wants to police all of this is on them, but there shouldn't be much grey area. Seems some adults still enjoy seeing how close to the line or over it they can get before someone has to step in. Some of us leave that behind in childhood
  14. Coulda swore there was a specific line saying no multiboxing. Must've been in an older ToS
  15. No special programs are needed to run two clients on the same computer, so I don't see how that line covers multi-boxing.
  16. Seems clear. You can own multiple accounts and you can run them at the same time as long as they aren't in the same game world. They said this in the video. Not sure it should matter if it is one PC or multiple. Running 2+ in the same game world is not allowed. However there is a big difference between having a character sitting in stronghold crafting while another is out fighting compared to 2 identical characters side by side doing the same actions. Typically the issue is when 3rd party hardware/software allows players to do things to gain an unnatural advantage. I don't know of any human that can control 10 MMO characters at once without outside assistance. While not very specific, the TOS has a line for this as well. Use or dissemination of “auto” software programs, “macro” software pro-grams or other “cheat utility” software programs. To me this covers botting and multi-boxing. Shouldn't be too difficult to record/report people abusing this and have them dealt with. As far as those with crafter/fighter or whatever in the same game world, that is probably a fruitless battle for ACE and I doubt they'll waste resources fighting it. If someone is able to craft while in the middle of a siege, good for them I guess. There is also a line for not using Bugs which I assume isn't enforced much due to the stage of development, but post-launch I hope reporting what has been rather obvious abuse in the past will result in punishment.
  17. Where do you see that in the ToS?
  18. I think what they meant was that if you are playing 2 accounts and 2 separate computers, they can't stop you. But playing 2 accounts on the same computer is a ToS violation
  19. Yesterday
  20. I bet there are far more than you think.
  21. Dear Community, dear CF guild, I would like to revive this thread, because I am planing to do a guild showcase for NA and EU guilds on the official CF Twitch channel on my stream on tuesdays... In order to do that I would like all guilds who would like to participate in the guildshowcase to drop the info I need to the following Discord channels: EU: https://discord.gg/TCjNazc -> #cf-guild-showcase-eu NA: https://discord.gg/qGVS8cM -> #cf-guild-showcase-na I will prepare a quick introduction based on the information provided and available to each guild. I will present the guilds in the same order that they added their information to my discord. I will start with the EU guilds and and follow up with the NA guilds. If a representative of the guild wants to be present for the stream I want to give everyone the opportunity to present the guild. Guilds who will provide a little speech will be presented first. I will announce this stream at least 2 days in advance and planing will be done on discord. The guild showcase will most likely take place in beginning of September. Looking forward to see you.
  22. Multiboxxing isn’t specifically the same thing as owning alts. I could play ten alts one at a time and never multibox. @Pann the tos says we can’t multibox while a video of JTodd/Blair says we can but only Bc you can’t stop it. A rules clarification would be awesome.
  23. Yeah I had the same issue as you guys, just took many attempts to get it to log in.. It's possible but very hard lol
  24. And yet ACE clearly allows it. Who doesn't have 2 accounts? Seriously, there cant be many active players that don't.
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