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  2. Having an active and supportive guild will always be more efficient than having multiple accounts. I have 4 accounts. That allows me to train multiple crafting and harvesting trees in addition to combat. It also allows me 4 times as much storage, imports and exports. All well and good. However, it also requires 4 times as much time to level and gear the characters on those accounts. If I want to be good at all of those crafting professions, I need vessels, armor and jewelry for all of them. And since I am actively doing 4 different crafting professions, I need 4 times as much stuff, which uses up all that extra storage, import and export space. Having multiple accounts enables players to be more self sufficient, but the player who is part of an active and supportive guild will easily surpass that solo player. I can't fight with all 4 accounts at the same time. When I'm out harvesting, I'm almost always on one account because it's too hard to manage 2 accounts in dangerous areas. I don't need a hidden mule because the character I'm harvesting on has stealth usually, and I can put stuff in the bank whenever I want. That will probably change, but it just means I need to be more careful, and recall more often to bank stuff. Having more accounts doesn't make any individual character more powerful. It gives players more options, but not more power.
  3. All he’s going is skipping the middleman (bank buddy). I see nothing wrong with it. And i hope I see someone logging a toon in the wild to trade with. Easy kill. Especially if it’s at the same location. Patience pays off.
  4. These are two completely different scenarios. A stealthed alt is out in the field; temple is not.
  5. Did you really need to make a video to describe facerolling?
  6. Today
  7. recently? no. but i remember the bad old times.
  8. I like this audio thing but I'd actually split it in to 2 minors and tie their function to survival/stealth trays so the soundscape doesn't get too muddy in a fight. One for predators (harvesting sounds specifically heard at longer distance in noncombat trays) and one for prey (footstep sounds specifically much louder/longer distance in noncombat trays)
  9. Would also be great if a plate centaur bunny hopping across the field made more noise than someone picking a mushroom. Sound needs to work both ways, especially since a harvester can't keep his head on a swivel while harvesting.
  10. That's fine, but there's still a big problem with the client. Have you seen how much CPU/RAM it's using?
  11. ^This! It was great. Let ears be great again!
  12. Multiboxing is one of those topics that comes up once in a while. If someone is interested in the discussion history, here are some examples from 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018. More or less all about it has already been told and discussed. Multiple times. The Devs don't really want to have or support it, but they know they won't be able to fully prevent it. They did some things that makes it harder or less useful to use multiboxing, though (like no tab-targeting). But explicitly forbidding something you can't really control only undermines the truth of your rules. So why doing it. And another important base, since this will be a community-driven game, if the players don't like multiboxing, the may as well just take care of it themselves ... Multiboxer headhunt, following the all-you-can-eat and 5-in-1 principle ... in the end it's our choices. So, no point to complain about not being able to multibox, because the game is not optimized for it. It isn't. And afaik it's not meant to, nor ever will. As for the quoted rule - I am not a friend of paragraphs. Rules have to serve the people, not the other way around. So I think it's important to understand their base. This said, it might be useful to know that this paragraph was not part of the original ACE rules. It was part of a one-to-one translation of the rules Travian used (and still uses) for it's own browsergame, when they joined in as EU publishers. Needless to say that the rules for a browsergame won't just magically fit for any MMO. The first version even didn't allow to have two accounts and it needed some month to make them change that for Crowfall. The EU players had to accept the Travian rules. Much later some of them moved over to the official ACE rules. Now that Travian is gone, the rules still include some, uhm, funny things that may need a workover. I would assume that the rules will get a(nother) review before launch and that we will have to accept them again before it gets hot. Before then I am not too worried about them. Up to now I accepted maybe 5 different terms (and I am really tired of reading them all in detail). And ... we are still in testing anyways, right? As long as we give feedback about functions and disfunctions, report possible exploits and use some common sense, we should be fine ... until the game launches.
  13. The whole post is only a quote of an old posting made by Caenth, including the real comparison spreadsheet. See here: So if there is anything to discuss, I would do it in the original thread, since the informations in it are still valid and this thread here seems to be nothing more but a ninja copy.
  14. I think its unacceptable. You are paying extra for a mobile bank. Its very much the mining, passing loot to the stealthed alt character that logs in and out so you are never in danger of getting ganked for your resources.
  15. I see a lot of newer people in game asking about farming or how to get this or that. Usually trying to make trades for Vessels, Ambrosia or Chaos Embers to use as a currency. Chaos embers are the top resource for end game are about the only resource advanced players will want, that under trained, under geared players can actually farm. I find it mind numbing to farm for Chaos Embers though and to do it effectively still requires advanced training and gear. If you are looking to get into the market, or just a way to help your guild I am going to suggest that you harvest Blood and Bone. Blood and Bone are the most sought after end game material after Chaos Embers and requires almost no training to get into. The great thing about Blood and Bone is that white quality is just as valuable as legendary. The blood and bone from R2s is the same as from R10s. This means you don't need any advanced gear or training to farm it. You can even do it with basic harvesting knife. There are 3 training nodes in Exploration Basics and 2 nodes in Reaping for Blood and Bone harvest chance. These nodes can be trained relatively quickly. The only other ways to increase your chance for Blood and Bone would be to: Use the Connoisseur Harvesting Disc and keep the buff active while skinning. Use and advanced knife rune tool made with copper and silver. Chaos Embers are still better, but this would be the next best alternative if you are trying to decide how to train.
  16. Am I blind or did you not link anything?
  17. There will always be one underdog in 3 faction scenario. But there are also many ways to balance it out. There could be upkeep for holding teritories, or maybe some kind of world buff that affects stats or even gains from gathering and mob farming drops which decrease the more faction points you have and vice versa. I believe that in the end there are plenty of possible ways to balance it out.
  18. @OneLeggedMan check out my Champion guide I recently released: https://crowfall.crusaderw.com/crowfall-in-depth-champion-guide/
  19. In this post, I want to give you an in-depth guide for the CHAMPION, including all promotion classes. I've been playing the champion for a couple of months now and I feel quite familiar with it. I did a lot of research so I wanted to share those information with you in this guide. I'm going to cover...: the passive training, the playable races, the talents and abilities, what equipment I would recommend, the attributes that you should focus on and what there is consider, the stats that all the combination of the former lead to, and, last but not least the disciplines that you can equip and that are a good choice in my opinion. If you want to read the full guide: https://crowfall.crusaderw.com/crowfall-in-depth-champion-guide/
  20. There's a lot of confusion between all the different pledge bundles versions (Kickstarter and 2015). So, by request, I made a spreadsheet comparison with all Crowfall pledge Rewards. You can find it here: It's entirely possible that there are some errors or mistakes in the spreadsheet, so please reply to this thread with the corrections. I will correct the data if needed! Any feedback is appreciated!
  21. Didn't see this edit. One of the great things about old Big World, was you could hear people from incredibly far away, and the sounds from harvesting were very distinct. Half the fun was trying to pinpoint where you heard it from. Stuff like that would be neat, thinking about it.
  22. Obviously they make more money when everyone has multiple accounts so their probably gonna be pretty lenient on this. Plus its really hard to catch and prove .
  23. Servus, Caldrus Komm einfach in unser discord dann reden wir weiter. Bin auch ein alter daoc Spieler.
  24. considering ACE doesnt enforce and actively allows some ToS breakage in game it would be good to get clarification if this part of the ToS is enforced in game or not
  25. I do like the idea of having some additional (whatever) minor choices that don't require a passive slot.
  26. Yep, although that would appear to be in violation of the ToS. Some clarification from ACE would help here.
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