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  3. I think in order for it to operate as a veteran reward system it would have to remain time gated and if the catch-up mechanic was anything other than a marketplace created by players then it would cease to function as such and may as well not exist at all -- especially true if there was ever any consideration to place this time training in the cash shop (because that is totally P2W). However, I believe very strongly that it should exist as a time-gated benefit and any content explicitly gated by passive training be moved to another system entirely or be made accessible earlier on in training.
  4. That's my point. Grinding and collecting materials to help upgrade yourself to blue equipment, vessels and so on will do way more for your individual success than any reliance on stats from passive training. Maybe we aren't talking about the same thing, but white gear is fodder gear, and you aren't expected to fair better than fodder if you use it. Passive training wouldn't make up for that disparity even if you maxed it out.
  5. New players would be much better off leveling their first character, gathering gear from war tribes, and learning to play.
  6. Last I checked someone in junk white gear without skills has no chance against a vet in good gear. It would be different if gear/vessels was not such a deciding factor. Luckily ACE is reworking skills and I expect major changes to address this issue. Don't get me wrong, I am not advocating to delete passives or remove gear, but there must be some moderation in power levels to account for newer players. If passive skills didn't have such a large effect on gathering and crafting it wouldn't be a big deal since new players could gather and craft while they waited to gear up. There would be progress for those players. Currently the new player meta is login, start skill training and logoff for a couple days, Log back on to set new skills training and logoff till next week. This is not a recipe for success, its one for disaster. You simply must capture new players interest quickly or lose them. ACE pulled quite a lot of combat related power out of the passive tree's, so I fully expect the same sort of thing to happen with gathering/crafting. You cant rely on other players to sell their own skill points to new players for an amount that new players could generate. Ace will have to provide the supply and that will have to be from the cash shop, the only currency new players will have in order to utilize this 'new player' mechanic. If its as you say, simply a 'veterans convenience' then you wont mind if anyone can simply swipe their mastercard and attain the same level as those playing from day 1.
  7. Yesterday
  8. Welcome, welcome! I highly recommend browsing through the Guild Recruiting forums to see if any of them seem like a good fit. If not, you can post about yourself in this thread and it's a sure bet at least one guild rep will reach out to you.
  9. Good fights! We just couldn't manage to break through your defences there, well played. Maybe next time! 😁
  10. That was such a fun intense hour. Good Fights my dudes.
  11. Thank you much. I submitted an application.
  12. Feedback: Allow mouse wheel scroll to be used for key bindings. e.g. I would like to set Jump to mwheeldown.
  13. This is one of 3 hard fought battles over the forts in Axis Mundi with the battles stretching easily over an hour.
  14. We visited the NA campaign friday night, and got a lot of fun fights versus the order faction:
  15. We visited the NA campaign Friday night and got into a lot of fun fights, here's some of them. Thanks for the fun! ________________________________________________ Do you want to join Vanguard? Apply here!: https://forms.gle/FF4WBSoWjzTMMu5r5 Want to talk to us? Join our Discord!: https://discord.gg/YT8fE64 Do you want to see our recruitment thread?: https://community.crowfall.com/topic/25251-v-vanguard-eu/
  16. Archaos


    Welcome to the community, Saivar. Glad to have you here.
  17. Hi Saivar, Indeed, we ASSIMILATE players of ALL skill-sets (new or experienced to Crowfall) into ROME. If you're willing to learn and eager to become a comrade, we'll help forge you into a proper player. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to send me a private message. Good luck mate.
  18. That is really it though, "catching up" on the passive training system is not what you need to win a campaign. It's just a catch up for the passive training, it's not what is needed to catch up to other players in a way that allows them to be competitive. Passive training is just a veteran's convenience but even new players will be able to catch up to the vets through skill tomes. To emphasize it as some form of time-gated benefit required to win is just demonstrably false. As an aside, it also shouldn't feel "unfair" to be incentivized to gather materials based on the demands of the playerbase in a sandbox game with an emphasis on crafting in order to have generally competitive gear or success.
  19. If new players feel like a 'birch node' or if they feel they cannot catch up due to time gate skills with no realistic way to catch up, there wont be many new players.
  20. I don't have any issues with few people on screen. Its only with 30+ that the game is unplayable.(sub 30fps) 1080 w/ i7-8700k. I would think your CPU is fine, sure I have 2 more cores then you(useless for gaming), but you can clock up to 4.7, so I would say at most your cpu would have 1-2fps difference. Is your 980ti clocked up? With a good OC you can hit about 80% of a 1080.
  21. Last week
  22. Are you guys taking Crowfall newbies under your wing as well? I'm an experienced gamer, but freshly new to Crowfall. I'm looking for a guild to help me learn the ropes so that I can then help them and others out in kind.
  23. BillyTheTort, truly one of his kind. One with nature. One with the world.


  24. The point is that the game is built around a gauranteed outcome where a limited pool of players achieve more while others conversely achieve less. Feeling like a "Birch node" in this scenario is hopefully a good motivator that helps drive competition and fuel drama that could fracture even the strongest of alliances. The catch-up mechanic would merely change what innate bonuses the account imparts to player characters. It isn't a catch-up mechanic in the sense that it is the end-all-be-all factor that decides who wins because that is more a matter of organization and effort in campaigns, not the passive-bonuses starting line.
  25. - Debuffs can be gotten rid of by running through runegates. - There is a subtle model push that happens when one stops moving and another player comes up and stands real close to them. Same Happens when one stops moving in a combat scenario against a npc where the npc will sometimes keep moving into you and push you back. - When putting an item/items into the sacrificial window the EXP is sometimes one less than what it says in the inventory highlighting item tool tip. For example 18 venom sacs 308 XP but in Sacrificial window 307 XP. - Campfire Outpost Guards will not always notice you if you dodge roll into circle behind the flag post. - Live/US East - Virginia / Freyren (NA) / An Dun XYZ: 2346, -2, 1687 - Live/US East - Virginia / Freyren (NA) / An Dun XYZ: 3689, -2, 2607 Copper and Tin on top of each other - Live/US East - Virginia / Freyren (NA) / Axis Mundi XYZ: 2979, 1, 3677 Outpost says Chaos captured but can't see the recapping mechanic. - When using Banner of Storms on top of ore nodes it negates the ability to mine the node until the ability AoE has passed.
  26. No, that won't be the last one. There will definitely be another at soft launch, and potentially one or two more for beta.
  27. @Responses - Thx Ya..... Hopped on to check things out in game, here on the Form's and QA's...... Looks like they did the right thing on just going for the next big patch. Is the next wipe (5.11.0) in Feb the last one? I have not see an answer to that....... We will be on Test for sure to help out once the changes start hitting.
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