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  2. Guild criteria: Region: NA Atmosphere: I am very new but looking for someone to help me understand how to play and contribute Casual/Hardcore?: I ca nget hardcore as needed but looking to focus on crafting Size: Doesn't matter just looking for some serious guidance and advice Play-Style: I have played many MMO and Survival games and am tired of the battle grind I want to craft grind I guess to try something new Commitment: I work until the late evening so most nights I will be on past 10 pm PST Miscellaneous: I like the idea of crafting and helping in the background but also helping the frontlines as needed can be done as well. I may need hand holding at first but once I learn I can really pick it up Experience: Been playing MMOs since Ragnarok online and looking to scratch that MMO itch while looking for the next great MMO Voice-Chat services: Discord Or anything else as needed
  3. I am not sure if this is a bug or not, but the cleric ability illuminate is giving significantly less mana back than previously.
  4. Pretty much all that has to be done to make an economy full-loot friendly is you make the durability of items low and the crafting cost as well. Very doable with the current system, and it may be a large portion of why they are fiddling with gear durability so much. I have the feeling we won't really understand how time-to-create and time-to-consume will work out in terms of gear until after thralls have been implemented and they've perfected it a bit past that point. One thing I wouldn't assume though, is that when the final system is implemented that regularly running anything beyond blues is intended as a feasible style of play. If games such as Darkfall are any indicator dragon (Darkfall's legendary equivalent) was very rarely used in ordinary (non-siege) PvP and even in sieges people in full sets of dragon were still pretty rare / generally exceptionally high profile players, and infernal (Darkfall's epic equivalent) was primarily used to supplement sets of bone, with full sets also being rare in ordinary (non-siege) PvP. People have gotten used to epic and legendary being more common/permanent here, but I wouldn't assume it's meant to be that way. __________ That being said I agree. I'd like to see everything but discs/vessel lost upon death and vessels have a set number of deaths before they break as well.
  5. Authorizing a device or even an IP with 2fa would be rad.
  6. Today
  7. So is the ridiculous 30 durability loss on death to the swift mount intended, or have the devs just decided to make the super rare dropping mount melt like butter on a hot summers day?
  8. Yeah fullloot doesn't work with the current system they have.
  9. With the current crafting system, full loot will kill the Dregs, I don't even think that is debatable. There will be a time when you will see 100 man guilds here, not alliances. Trolling zones with 20 man groups collecting gear from noobs or the outnumbered will go over like a lead baloon. If I'm wrong and the pop isn't there, this game will have failed anyway. Full loot is only good when gear is disposable. That is not the case here.
  10. Yesterday
  11. also having same issue, also tried running as adim with no luck.
  12. Maybe you can make dregs a loot drop. 10,000 mobs for 1 dregs update.
  13. I actually got goggles off my first r6 boss I dropped, along with a scroll case and another recipe... the goggles were an awesome find till I started to try and level my first gold vessel... ouch
  14. A helpful video guide from CrusaderW details the character creation process. FULL STORY
  15. He could be talking about rapid fire for rangers? You need to wait for the gobal cooldown to be completely over before you can press and hold rapid fire. Brigand traps dots give a visual for each dot tick. In the last thread i linked a video showing what is wrong. As a woodelf i used a ability, instantly blinked which put me in a loading screen of doom, alt f4ed, It said i was transported to a safe area then i was dead. This happened in a Keep we owned. I wasnt fighting anyone or taking damage of anykind. It was flare shot to a blink if that helps at all. player of same faction still show invis sometimes like not stealth invis but you can only see there health bar or weapons. Havent come across a invis enemy. Stealth classes in group will have the purple hue even when not in stealth sometimes. Wartribe camps that spawn on hill still having a hard time reseting to there spawn area if you run them off the hill. Couple times i tried to use divine light right before getting cced and it didnt go off. The knock down from satyr did it to me couple times. Wartribe bosses seem to just be dropping a poorly made socks ton of ore and no other resource for me not sure if anyone got anything else.(this is to do with resources they drop they drop other things like the minors or googles.) Would be cool if one wartribes drop leather since strong and soft animals of higher rank still hard to come by. One more edit. Would be nice if righteous parry triggered off range the enemy is from you instead of the type of damage. Having a ranger just pull a bow standing right in front of you should beadle to punish imo.
  16. I'd like to see PvP, I know I know, this is a PvE game, but one can hope.
  17. Isnt that why they brought about gods reach? Faction play is a terrible idea and many naysayers will see this.... but too late.
  18. I would rather see supply caravans that must be guarded, from forts and your keep to the temple (world plunder). You receive a portion as a guard for the part of the caravan that makes the trip. Attackers get resources if they kill all player guards.
  19. @Durenthal, what issues are you seeing with attack queuing? If there are still problems with this, I would like to get it addressed.
  20. There are two important quality of life changes you guys should make that will make the game a lot more functional to play. Especially while we're having to constantly reload the game due to loading zone bugs. 1. Re-entering my 2 factor authentication every time I reload or switch accounts is a serious pain in the butt. There are other games such as Star Citizen that use 2FA that you can tell to "Trust this Device" and then set a period of time. For that period of time you should never have to re-enter your 2FA. Having this option would save us A LOT of time. 2. In the same general theme as the first suggestion, make it so we can set the game to remember our passwords as well. Create a drop down list of accounts that we can just select one and if we've set the game to remember it we can open it up without re-entering our login info. These may seem like small changes with an insignificant impact, but with the frequent need to reboot the game I think the seconds this would shave off each login and account switch would start adding up for us rather quickly. Especially when say, you get booted while zoning in a siege and you're trying to get back into the game and catch up with your factions forces as quickly as possible.
  21. This just in. Polishing paste, Cutting stones and grinding stones now stack. !!!
  22. Druid's Will O'Wisp works so randomly. Instead of hitting the ground where aimed, and healing 5 targets as AoE, it just travels in straight line until it hits player - If there is one standing. Now you can't even self-heal with it. Cast takes a few seconds, people move around and we can't be yelling at people to stand still so we can actually target them during PvP. It became an issue with 5.90 patch. Before it worked like a charm. Here is a video of what I am talking about:
  23. I'm not against there being legions of disorganized solo players for us to wade through. It makes for great PvP videos.
  24. I don’t remember all the zone names but are you talking about the starter zone chests?
  25. Try logging your character in someplace else, God's reach or an EK.
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