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  2. My Test from monday. I had it posted to the wrong thread. sorry.
  3. Savage... but true. Maximizing harvesting is now weighted more heavily in areas other than ben harvest procs. What I would really like to hear is feedback from @thomasblair and company on their intents. I need to know if they truly understand their harvesting math, are managing by spreadsheet or that this is all intentional and by design for reasons a b and c. I’m not sure how to structure my feedback to them without this understanding. Again, as I’ve mentioned quite a few times, testing inhibited by the lack of communication of information and direction.
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  5. A lot is being talked about races: their skills (passive or active), how to play them (basically their gameplay),... a lot of us have many ideas for every race. So let me start with this: Those who play the centaur race always say that it should be the fastest (land-based) race. But the centaur isn't the only race that gets "Trailmaker" as racial passive skill. (I forgot what other races get this skill.) This basically makes the centaur only to ONE of the fastest races. My suggestion is pretty simple: the centaur should get a "centaur-only" racial passive skill that improves its movement speed. It would say something like: "Quadrupled: Your extra pair of legs gives you a bonus of 5 - 10% to your movement speed, depending how hungry you are." ...and an active skill like: "Full Sprint: Use the full power of your horse body and move for additional 15% faster. This action slowly empties your stamina and your hunger-bar." To make it more balanced I thought about this: "Big Hunger: Your stomach is bigger than those of the others. You need to eat more to fill your hunger bar." ...and: "Sprinting: Using Full Sprint empties your hunger-bar faster than usual." That's how I would "improve" the centaur race.
  6. It’s an absurdly powerful rune that hard counters almost every ranged in the game. It’s also the only defensive rune that brings a strong offensive option too. Hard counters undermine the whole game.
  7. It worked really well in Big World. I'd go a step further: your own group is green, alliance is blue and you can hit them both with healing (as per current faction rules) as well as damage, enemies are red and you can only hit them with damage.
  8. Guild criteria: Region: NA Atmosphere: I enjoy a relaxed atmosphere where everyone has a good time, but can still focus on objectives when needed Casual/Hardcore?: Semi-casual hardcore? I expect I'll be devoting a significant amount of time playing going forward, but my play-times can vary. Size: Large enough that I can get into a group with some frequency. Play-Style: I enjoy PvPing, Crafting, Capturing objectives, whatever is needed for a guild. Commitment: I'm fairly committed to games and groups once I make them. Miscellaneous: Have one mid-level vessel (cleric) but happy to level up whatever is needed for the group. Experience: I've been playing MMOs for roughly 20 years, largely with PvP groups. Notably, I did play Shadowbane back in the day. For Crowfall, I've been loosely following the game development since I backed the Kickstarter and started to dive in with the latest update, getting to roughly 15 solo. The value of having a group is definitely apparent though. Voice-Chat services: There's the obvious Discord, but I can probably use whatever is needed.
  9. 1) Rank 5 mobs now give XP all the way to level 30 (on a common vessel), though at some point they only give 25 per kill and at after level 26, they only give 12 per kill, so you might want to go to a campaign and kill higher ranked mobs instead. Working in a group will be faster since everyone in the group will get full XP for each kill. Collecting the lore fragments from war tribes and combining them into sacrifice items can help too. I'm not sure how well they are dropping on God's Reach, but rank 8 elite or better drop them consistently. I think elites drop 1 fragment each while captains drop 4 each. Group and raid bosses would obviously drop more. 2) Yes, it is viable to join a campaign at any level. Again, being in a group helps. Make use of the local banks often so that if you do get killed, you won't lose as much. 3) It depends on what crafting you want to do. There are some things in the basic exploration tree at least that you will want to learn for certain crafts. For example, if you are going to be a runemaker, you will probably want to train to get Soul Gems at some point. Soul Gems are required to make special tools that can be used to harvest souls of exploration and soul essences, used to make exotic exploration disciplines like Villein, Foreman, Lookout, etc. If you are going to be a jewelcrafter, you might want to be able to harvest cutting grit and blood. You'll also want gems, which you would train for in the excavation tree. Or minerals, if you want to be a necromancer. Just starting out, I would work on leveling my vessel, getting advanced gear and focusing my skill training on one specific thing. Figure out what you want to be good at, what your niche is going to be, and target your training toward that. I would also join a guild and find my niche within the guild. Having a support structure of other players who can provide you with the things you lack is really important. Eventually, the economy will be able to provide many of those things, but it's better to have an organized group making sure that all the bases are covered.
  10. You’re off to a good start. Gods Reach is designed for exactly what you’ve used it for, those beginning levels and such. IIRC the richest level stiff in GR is R6 which all give you full XP till 18 and then less xp pernkill for a couple lore levels till it finally drops off completely. Read below for updated leveling info. The best thing you can do at this point is join a guild. The knowledge curve is massive and it will not be easy moving forward with success. Check our HoA if you’re going balance, hit me up with a PM for more info. But if you don’t want to join a guild yet it’s probably time for you to start making yourself an advanced weapon and armor. You’ll want to start by making intermediate rune tools at the general crafting table on the temple. These give you +10 dmg when you harvest something. You’ll want to temporarily slot blacksmithing and find your weapon that you want to make and then look at all the components it will require so that you can get a list of raw materials you’ll need. Likely you’ll need a little bit of leatherworking as well. If you’re not yet high enough to have two major disciplines then you’ll have to make the leather stuff first and then switch to blacksmithing. Might as well do armor at the same time. Thats about the only other thing you could do for yourself on GR besides the last couple of levels that are possible. You could also start saving up 900 gold for a mount. Gold drops are reduced on GR so maybe wait. Next comes an actual campaign. Youll be XPing in zones where you can be killed by the enemy but just don’t carry anything you absolutely can’t afford to lose. Your gear you’ve equipped is safe. At 16 id personally stock up on bandages and find a rank 6 or 7 war tribe camp close to my temple gate (making it far from enemy) and might even look to run towards one that’s way off on a peninsula or something. Work your way around it pulling slowly, picking off mobs you know you can get slowly. This will give you gold and other goodies. If this proves too difficult you can ask in zone chat for a leveling group or find something easier to kill like pack pigs etc. Even if you don’t want to join a guild, myself and many others would be more than willing to help you out, questions or combat. Forum names = IGNs. If you decide to join a guild, life will get much easier, much faster, you’ll learn the game at lightning speed and quickly get yourself ready to participate in siege battles - which is the true brilliance of this game. Welcome to Crowfall!
  11. I agree on this one. My case is that i don't have regulary free time. Several months ago, i got several days to discover Crowfall. Sadly i can't buff my passive training. It would be nice if the passive skill was mixed with real gaming experience. I don't understand why my skinning skill would be worse than an old player. What about an old player never skinned and i would be worse even if i skinned 2500 pigs ? This breaks a natural reward/work balance. And i'm sure that this complaint will come back again and again. Gears fast live rotation is a good thing for eco and crafting. This problem should be fixed when the wipes will stop. With a rich and well-established economy, gears cost will decrease because of the players economy. Anyway, it's just a balance matter and can be fixed easily. Same feelings but i understand the PvE choices. Honestly, do you know a pure PVP MMORPG that had a commercial success? If you take a look at Wow, most players are on PvE servers. Simply you can only be involved in a competitive PvP game if you are a no-life. That's why crafting is important. This gives player side goals to reach.
  12. I mean you can smash it but you will spend the next 100 year's paying for the repairs.
  13. Completely agree since it was made I have argued against one disc countering whole classes. I will say it again, if we have elementalist why dont we just combine mudman/scarecrow/militant mage so that we can counter all physical on another disc. That sounds ridiculous, and elementalist is ridiculous.
  14. Please refrain from smashing anything. These buttons were built by the lowest bidder and our warranty only covers gentle fondling. We are always accepting applications.
  15. I sorta played one night after being disappointed by the ending of GoT and then my imagination was struck by lightning (really it was some assassin in stealth killing my noob lvl 22 ass in our own keep)... I present to you music inspired by grief of both GoT ending and being owned for 731 ethereal dust: This was immediately signed by my friend who happens to own an indie label... nevertheless, because this was sort of inspired by Crowfall, I talked him into making a video before official release to share.
  16. http://foeguild.enjin.com/login/do/register Only one way to find out. Smash that register button, fill out an application under the Recruitment tab and we'll have a look.
  17. Heya, i recently started playing and got few questions, help would be appreciated ! 1: I can go to lvl 16 in about 2-3 hours with farming/sacrificing but from then on i havent found a propper method to keep lvling. Whats best to do there, find mobs that actually give exp and grind them or is harvesting/scrivicing still "fastest" way ? 2: Is it "viable" to do a campaign at non max lvl or should i stay at gods reach till hitting max ? 3: Besides skilling combat stuff wht should i focus on ( or what basic harvest stuff would i need before actually going for crafting skills? ) How would you start if you were brand new ? I checked youtube for beginners guides but those i watched where more like "totally noob never played a game before guide to crowfall" covering really lowest tier of basics like how to move etc (stuff i figured out in like 10mins playing the game my own)
  18. Max stats crafters work is finally over! For all this work a special thank you to the power play group Pfc.Xexeed, Sgt. Atreus, Sgt. Blindreaper, Lt.Surelia and Cpt. Harzoo! We are looking forward for some proper vessel, gear and jewelry now New campaign is around the corner and we hope for lots of action! Let the crows fly! /salute
  19. Great people with a great attitude! Let the crows fly! /salute
  20. I use this account on Test sometimes. Beyond that, I play one of my alt accounts when I do rarely play as Chaos. Also log in to get my participation prizes with the few accounts I have. Have no intention on harvesting/crafting come launch so don't find a need to do so now. As that seems to be a big chunk of gameplay along with PVE which I also have no interest in, can see why the current design isn't for me. Apparently some people like to do these things. Originally crafting and harvesting were to be full time roles, but seems like everyone is expected to do a little or lot of each as well. Every account should have at least harvesting or crafting training, if not both. Factories as described don't seem likely with the current design with the ever growing number of components needed. But as Blair seemed to like the idea and with SWG/EVE being inspiration, I can only assume they are still planned in some form. No clue how it will work come launch. Can we move freely between EK and ongoing Campaigns? Can we transfer items between them? Gear being looted or going poof from durability leaves players in the same position. Will we actually see a thriving economy outside of guilds? If players don't have access to craft, what can they do? If nothing, then I guess they play with what they have until it's gone then give up? Campaigns need to end some how. Maybe there will be a Free City of some sort that allows crafting a certain quality of gear or comes at a tax/cost? I see the obvious issues and why I mentioned that it wouldn't work with the current design, at least not the current math. If it takes weeks/months to gear a team, losing it all in one session is highly unlikely to be by design. Hence, tweaking the numbers where it doesn't take months of grinding to get there or whatever hurdles of which I find less then fun already. Albion Online is a recent game that does full loot fairly well and continues to improve. Most used gear is fairly easy come/go but there is still a tiered system and high end gear to obtain that has risk/reward value in using. It also has systems in place that reward various types of play beyond bring 300 and roll people. This assumes some things. That they'll actually get performance to a level that people can swarm others, that the game will be that popular, that they won't implement any anti-zerg mechanics, pure numbers will win the day, world map will remain some what small, no guild limits, no risk/reward system, etc. Along with copying SB in a few areas that have yet to be seen or discussed that I know of. I don't disagree with your view or prediction. Just saying that they could change things here and there to make alternative campaign rulesets a possibility. Which seemed to be one of the main strengths of their concept. Unfortunately seems they are trending towards only one or two ways to play which will be unfortunate. Seems like Uncle Bob will love Crowfall regardless of what happens. As is, I don't see how 300 showing up against a smaller force won't dominate regardless of full loot or not. If that is standard gameplay, this game is done anyway.
  21. Frostweaver all he way! I hope we can choose body type aswell, need to build a rugged lone wolf frostweaver, with Icey beard. Just cant wait for this game! ❤️
  22. I agree the company needs to make money somehow. Alt spam and grinding seem more like a job then a game. I was just hoping for cosmetics and housing to spend money on.
  23. Store is also a form of RMT if they allow us to trade VIP and other store items for in-game goods. Is what it is, money is going to play into this one way or another. Was hoping the game would be worth dealing with such things when I first backed during KS, now not so much. No way I'm going to play a mediocre game that also has some form of P2W. Not to mention grind to win. Still have a bit of hope left though. Anything can happen, but I prefer Camelot and Ashes more firm and "honest" view on P2W then ACE's "we aren't P2W cause we're like EVE."
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