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    Our approach on building the procedural world generation is to go "bottoms-up"; instead of starting with the world cluster and working down, we're starting with the most atomic unit and working our way up. This will make the game more playable as we go, and it will give us the maximum amount of time / iterations on the randomization of how-we-place-stuff-in-the-world, which is most important for the moment-to-moment experience. That means the order is roughly: - spawners randomized wiithin dioramas - dioramas randomized within parcels (from a parcel deck), - parcels randomized within the zone/continent (from a zone deck), - cliff parcels automatically placed to wrap the parcels at the world edge (from a tile set), - "themes" that can be applied on top of parcels (canyons + spiders, canyons + zombies, canyons + lizardmen, etc). - randomized parcel networks (dungeons, canyons, etc) - continents randomized within a world/cluster (from a world deck) ...while the rank information flows top down (from cluster to parcel to diorama to spawner). To your question (where are we in the process), the 5.6 map has parcels placed by hand, with all of the elements inside them drawn from various appropriate decks, the rank information being passed down the chain as expected, cliff edges being applied automatically and the "theme" system to be able to use a base parcel (like canyons) with different prop and monster sets (spiders, zombies). Next up is parcels-in-the-world, which is what this meeting was about. After that we'll tackle zones-in-the-world-cluster. (and after THAT we'll look at the history generator... eventually.) Todd
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    40 mins for the length of a day sounds awfully fast to me, but I'll reserve judgement until I see it implemented. Vampires and Werewolves - meh. If they're strong at night and weak during the day, then the fast day/night cycle will likely be necessary for balance issues. The hunger shards on the ground and new skills in excavation sound alright. Modifying weapons with DoTs and drains etc sounds good. But you'll need more DoT removal discipline powers spread out among more disciplines (that's an ongoing concern with a lot of the discipline powers - there should be alternative means to get them, and counters to a discipline power shouldn't be in the same discipline as the power they counter). The day/night variation on monsters is interesting, but doesn't fit well with the lore, frankly. The hunger-version of mobs disappearing at dawn feels meh. "Winter is coming" feels better than "night is coming for 15 mins soon"
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    I think this feature for Crowfall is probably one of the least talked about from you guys but seriously is a huge deal for MMO players. How many of us have played in a game, where no matter what server you played on, the geography was just cloned? This is the really cool stuff that will only serve to reinforce the exploration roles within Crowfall. You aren't exploring a world once, and then calling it a day. Every campaign will need those explorers. Repeated over and over and over. Add in the potential for you guys to craft biome-specific game worlds (aka "a Desert World") and you've got some really special stuff for players to digest visually without becoming bored. I hope this system is everything it sounds like and more. Really great stuff.
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    Murder of Crows AMA

    As long as it goes to a good use, well that's more than fair! Mostly server side stuff -- architected the Central Service, which handles login and skills and all the stuff that has to work for everyone all the time (Tim has taken over server side of skills for this latest iteration). In game I did Secure Trading, and now I'm doing the NPC stuff. So that first 5.5 build where the server fell over under the load of the NPCs -- that you can blame me for... Funny story about that. Designers were complaining we couldn't get more than about 50 NPCs in the game, so Chris redid the whole thing to make it like 4x more efficient (and easier for Mark to work with too boot). Then he left and turned it over to me. I was still just figuring out the basics of how to keep them from bumping into walls and drooling on themselves when suddenly the designers decided to put to put 1,200 NPCs into wrath. Since I'm sure they know that 50 x 4 is only 200, not 1200, I think a stray line got misread as a 1 on a whiteboard somewhere. Either that or Blair hates me. :-)
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    The day/night cycle is just around the corner! Get a first look here. FULL STORY
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    Re: Bridges Mortal online had a lot of problems but bridges was one thing it did right. Every bridge in the entire game was a hippo with drop points on both sides of the bridge. At the time of a server coming online you walked up to a bridge and it was unbuilt. You would have to supply it with wood in order to build it, and if it served you you had the ability to destroy the bridge again as well (to return it to hippo status) This was used in multiple levels of severity. Some bridges just went over little rivers you could swim across, so they were only truly inconvenient for people riding horses (as you had to dismount and lead the horses across) so if you're hanging about in the forest for a day or setting up an ambush it was in your best interests to take out the bridge. If you were running a bunch of stuff between two towns and needed to cross the river, it was a good idea to check if the bridge was up first, and build it again if it wasn't. Other bridges were multiple hippo things that spanned huge fall-to-your-death chasms that literally locked off areas of the world. Bridges, walls, rockslides, moongates, collapsed tunnels, and other neutral choke point control mechanisms as destructable unowned hippos can help pace and direct exploration as well as serve as interesting tactical wrinkles. When building these systems, please consider the tactical utility of destructable and rebuildable hippo POIs for these kinds of terrain features.
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    Nouveau CM Français

    Bonjour ou bonsoir à tous ! J'ai le plaisir de vous annoncer que je suis votre nouveau CM, Regerem. J'ai une longue expérience en tant que CM et nous sommes peut être déjà croisé sur des jeux tel que Neverwinter, PWI ou bien Firefall, voir même Lord of the Ring Online, mais ça remonte. Côté personnel je suis basé au Canada (non, pas au Québec), et je serais donc certainement plus actif en soirée (heure française). Crowfall est un jeu avec beaucoup de potentiel et je suis ravi que nous puissions le faire évoluer ensemble. Si vous avez des questions n'hésitez pas, je suis là pour ça !
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    Mostly what durenthal said. 40 minutes cycle with monster metamorphosis might be ok for test. Can't really imagine this in the campaigns,though. Playing several months in the same campaign and the monsters all the time changing their bodies every x minutes - strange. It think for me it would feel better if the spawners change by a certain chance per each season. So may be in spring 5% of them would become winter spawners, 15% in summer, 50% in fall, 95% in winter. Changing both the optic of the diorama and the hunger-type of the monsters (or their chance to be this or that variation). It would also provide some variation, because it's only by a certain chance. It could also be used to link the spawn types to the current campaign result. Let's say if order is on top (who fight the hunger), it would lower the possibility for winter spawners, while if chaos rules the chance gets higher. However, day/night/moon cycle being meaningful is a great thing. How about moonstone and moonsilver, glowing only at night, usable as components for weapons/armor/buildings? See my banner glow at night. And ... welcome to the Moonshine-Citadel! xD
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    Lycanthropy and vampirism tied to day/night cycles sound cool!
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    Exploration skills aren't just about harvesting, I have been calling it the gameplay track for a long time. It just so happened that harvesting was the first gameplay we built outside of combat. Expect when we add more gameplayesque skill trees for features like like Animal Husbandry (pets/mounts/pack animals) they will end up in Exploration. Now that I have removed Leadership skill nodes from the Profession Basics skill trees, the trees are roughly balanced around 30 days of training time if you want to 5 pip every skill node.
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    We usually wait until a release settles out a bit -- while "generally available" works for most projects, we're stressing Unity in a lot of unique ways. More stable version = more seamless integration for us. We will jump to 2018 at some point in the next few months, I imagine. Todd
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    Still trying to figure out how to make roads worthwhile. Ideally I want some kind of a travelling or caravan benefits (reduced stamina, increased speed, increased caravan or mount speed, etc) so that using a road is a risk/reward mechanic. I hate water in games. It looks cool, but mechanically it's a huge (read: expensive) pain in the ass that rarely gives you enough "fun" for the effort. Boats, on the other hand, are awesome -- but having done an entire game about piracy (Pirate101) they are an even more expensive and bigger pain in the ass. so: yes, we have to do something with water, but don't expect a lot before release. I'd rather spend that time and energy on something more impactful. Todd
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    I agree -- I actually think this may be one of our biggest, most unique features! It's been a huge investment of our time and resources, getting here -- but it hasn't surfaced yet... the worlds are built out reuseable parts, but we haven't had a way to put together those parts in a streamlined fashion so the payoff is still coming. Hopefully we'll start to see the fruits of this effort soon! Todd
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    Our general philosophy going forward is, if it uses a key, we will let the player bind it to what they want, and notification hotkeys are no exception. We have a lot in store for the upcoming social system, and we're working hard to ensure that the features MMO players have come to expect will be a part of that. One of those things is giving the player full control over what appears in their chat. Additionally, we have a goal in giving much greater flexibility to the players in how they interact with others, as well as providing better feedback for when a player wants to interact with you. We'll be announcing more as it comes online, but I'm pretty excited to be working on these features, and hopefully you folks are excited too!
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    I think this covers most of what we are doing and why we're doing it. https://crowfall.com/en/news/articles/founders-update-more-on-crowns-and-guilds/ We simply can't have a currency bank in the EU and that drove us to an actual MTX currency, but we had this in our plans at some level from the beginning. https://imgur.com/a/KfS5TEl We simply aren't going to sell high dollar items for the EK's moving forward and we aren't going to sell power in the campaigns (period). We're certainly aiming to be a "good guy" given we want our competitive PvP game to have as level a playing field as possible.
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    ITS ONLY GETTING WORSE! Crowfall: The Fight for Apples.
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    I share the opinion that Hunger-infected npc's should only spawn in and around areas with Hunger Shards present. The players would then have to actively choose between farming the Infected for unique resources, or destroying the Shard to reclaim pre-existing nodes. Depending on how fast these things spread, the cull vs. preserve game could be an interesting one. On a larger scale, the Hunger Shards spreading across the map could create a sort of timing mechanism for the campaign. If too much of the world is Infected with Shards, it could trigger a significant increase to the passing of the seasons and cause a premature end to the campaign. A low population world may not have enough of a critical mass of players to prevent this, providing an organic mechanism to speed up the end of "dead" campaigns.
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    Crowfall is great

    Hi wanna speak my mind about something...So far ive seen ppl cry about every aspect of the game i mean if you dont like it then make your own or dont play play something else devs are doing great job and for listening to everything you guys say.. is i think major+ Just keep an open mind about this game and enjoy it on what it is and will be I almost didnt even spend the giant amount of money you need to spend in order to be apart of this community becouse of some rants in youtube but im glad i did Anyways have fun ppl and we shall see in the battlefield <3
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    Dave Greco treats us to another time-lapse painting. FULL STORY
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    Part one of our world-building strike team's Fly on the Wall videos! FULL STORY
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    5-18 snap test begins at 5 pm CDT

    Please join us for a snap test of Pre-Alpha 5.6 on TEST today at 5 pm CDT! We plan to load test until it breaks (per Gordon), but we will add extra capacity and plan to run the TEST environment campaigns all weekend beyond the spot test. The Pre-Alpha 1 through Beta 2 test groups have been activated for this test. We’ve implemented some new infrastructure to address performance issues, but the true test will come when we load it up with Crows and see how it holds up.
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    I don't like the idea of inventory items like discs being tied to the active leveling in the sacrifice system... it would put an emphasis on the leveling grind that upsets the entire balance between hardcore and casual. The whole reason for the passive skill system. That said.. there are other things besides stats that can be a choice or an unlock from active vessel leveling and not also destroy the livelihood of the Runecrafter. Selling tools is minor compared to selling discs. What would make more sense is the disc slots being unlocked on a vessel as you level it... all of the disc slots are locked initially and unlock in progression from 1-30 every 5 levels. you get a minor at 5, then a major at 10, your weapon mastery at 15, another minor at 20, second major at 25, and your final minor at 30... This would essentially make disc powers a progression that you have to plan for and work on actively. This doesn't give you the discs like some crappy PvE raid prize... I want to see how discs are crafted and what experimentation does to a discs stats, powers, etc... including the recipe unlocks and the rarity of mats needed before we start giving them away as PvE loot... imo only the thrall and additives should come from PvE, the material goods from harvesting. Minor discs and Harvesting Major discs should come from fairly common thralls and basic premium materials, the more valuable and sought after discs should require pretty rare thralls and need better materials to get all of the active powers and stats as we know them now to be on the disc at all. This kind of balance between active play and crafting to obtain high end build needs makes good development sense. Having discs vary from experimentation would be a big deal...
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    Show available (skilled) recipes

    Currently we don't see wether we can craft a specific item, unless we use the appropriate crafting table. Which is quite a bit unconvinient. Do I have this recipe? Where do I have to be to use it? Do I have to train more skills? I would like to suggest that when opening the crafting windo [J], all trained recipes are shown ... though those that require an intermediate crafting station or dedicated crafting stations get, for example, a different color, to indicate that you have to use such a station in order to use them. Maybe add a note somewhere in the menu (yellow: needs intermediate crafting station / red: needs dedicated crafting station), or something like that. I think this could make things much more understandable.
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    In my opinion, the sleeping elemental principle (consisting of and dropping it's material) has a lot of potential and could be one of the mindblowing things about Crowfall. Harvesting for fighters, fighting for harvesters, fighting off bots, the surprise element(al) during scouting, ... and so on. They whole adding to the general thing stuff. I like the idea of different elementals having different behaviour. Like the rock elemental wants silence and no movement. If you stand still, it calms down and stop attacking. But if you move again... (and it's faster than you, so...) xD
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    It would be very cool if the standby position of elementals would look like what they are made of. Like a stone elemental that looks like any other medium sized cobblestone. And then, when you get near ... it suddenly unfolds. Or a fire elemental looking like a campfire. And so on.
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    more elf hogwash
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    Alpha 2 test group added to TEST

    In preparation for our next snap test (which hasn't been scheduled yet), the Alpha 2 test group has been given access to the TEST environment.
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    5.6 Snap Test Today (Fri, Apr. 27)

    We're calling the banners! The Pre-Alpha 1 through Alpha 1 test groups are invited to log into TEST today (April 27) at 2 pm CDT, when we kick off the first snap test for Pre-Alpha 5.6. Major highlights for this update include: A complete redesign of the Skills training system, it's faster and easier! A new playable race, the Fae, whose glorious wings give them a glide ability! The Vassals system lets you assign roles to others as you lord over your EK! Note that there is a complete wipe of skills, Spirit Bank and EKs due to the new systems being implemented.
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    Eternal Kingdom Filter

    In the short term just automatically filtering out EKs that are not online would be a big help. That wouldn't require any new UI and would presumably be a very easy fix.
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    Name Stamp on crafted items.

    Crafter name on items is back in 5.6, saw it on TEST today!
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    Welcome to Crowfall Pre-Alpha Build 5.6 Welcome to Vassals and Skills Update PLEASE VIEW THE KNOWN ISSUES LIST TO AVOID SHOWSTOPPERS AND DUPE REPORTS: 5.6 Known Issues List To report any issues, bugs, or feedback you have for this playtest session, please go here: Playtest Feedback and Bug Reports New Items for 5.6 Wood Elf Male has been added as a playable race. Please note that the visuals for the armor are not present just yet but should equip and update stats properly. High Elf Male has been added as a playable race. Please note that the visuals for the armor are not present just yet but should equip and update stats properly. Female and Male Fae has been added as a playable race which has the capability to glide.Fae female armor should be visible, but fae male armor is not. New campaign map Mourning has been added. New doober pickup visual FX have been added. Skills: Please Note: Skills overhaul is still currently in development including new nodes and tree adjustments. New skill menu and interface has been added. Time bank has been removed and a new pip training system has been added for better ease of use. This is now a time based skill advancement system. Training will now accumulate at 1 point per every ten seconds. Tri-panel skill windows have been added to the main Skills Menu with training videos. Added VIP Status to skill viewer header bar. Added a Pathfinding node to Exploration tree. Trees now unlock correctly based on % trained in previous trees. “Can now train” pip symbol now disappears when you can't train. Class Basics and Race Basics trees may no longer be accessed. Fighter, Mage and Rogue trees and Man, Sylvan and Monster trees are now always available without pre-reqs. These are now the root trees in their respective spheres. Wrapped a portion of basic stats into the Man and Sylvan trees, added the first part of the old basic attributes to the Monster tree, added the remainder of the basic attributes to the Human, Half-Blood, Elf and Faeries trees, and added the remainder of the basic tree attributes to the Hybrid and Underfoot trees. Better notification has been added when trying to train a new nodel when a skill within the same track is currently being trained. New Vassals System: The new Vassals system will allow EK owners to grant permissions to nobles and vassals to build within the EK. You can find the specific Vassals Command List by clicking on the Cog in upper right corner of the Chat Window and selecting “Command List”. The world owner, which is referred to as the Monarch, has the ability to grant any player on the Allowed Players List the right to place parcels in the world. Noble List management commands The World Owner can use the following commands to manage the Noble List: /addnoble <playername> - add <player> to the Noble List. /removenoble <playername> - remove <player> from the Noble list. /listnobles - view the Noble List. Ownership and Rights When a player drops a parcel in a world, track them as the Parcel Owner. Nobles can only move and remove parcels that they own. World Owners can move and remove any parcels placed on the world. World Owners will be able to Eject a parcel they do not own back to the owning player. Implemented the /eklisttokens chat command which displays all granted tokens for the parcel you are standing on. Stats: Stats will now track their mods, parent modifications, and base values separately. Parent modifications will happen in one pass through all modified objects instead of possible multiple times. Stats can now check the unclamped value, and then apply a clamp to a modified amount. Stats were getting removed when they were empty. There was a bug in the empty check, and everywhere that used stats assumed the player always has all stats. Instead of fixing everything, empty stats will no longer be removed if empty. Added Pathfinding stat which reduces the amount of time it takes to pathfind when starting a trailblazing buff. EK: Added more token types to building mode HUD. There is now a difference between building structures and defense structures. Updated house annex slot number for placeable Manor building. Updated all socket visuals to be socket-type unique. Changing placeable crafting interactions so that anyone can interact with it. Fixing vendor interactions to better fit with the new system. Implemented new movement mode for placeables. Updated EK grid size from 1->4, changed grid color to white, and updated placement grid to have both large and small subdivisions. Adjusted the placement of crafting sockets in the keep. Added a local bank to the crypt parcel. Crafting: Removed intermediate Helmets from the crafting list for now. All intermediate weapon and armor recipes are now located at the general crafting stations as well as their respective crafting table. Moved intermediate armor recipes to Leatherworking stations. They can still be crafted at the General crafting station. Fixed a bug with ice and fire arrowheads which did not allow experimentation. Crafted necklaces should now result in the proper gem outcome. Lowering the amount of dust needed for armor and weapon recipes. Added Basic Crafting recipe for Meat Tartare, good quick way to turn animal meats into low end food. Updated the name of the “Long Daggers” Ranger weapons to now be “Short Swords”. Updated the name of the “Scimitar” Druid weapon to “Sickle”. Fire Arrows should result in Fire Arrows. Hooked up error message when a recipe can't be crafted. Crafting UI will now listen for inventory changed so that it will update correctly when all ingredients are added. Fixed UI to show correct number of items crafted. Recipes will now refresh correctly when switching stations. Recipes will select correctly when switching stations. Updated display name for recipe component arrowhead bundles. Serial number and “Created By” display information on items has been re-enabled. Changed Sheen line on Final Vessel experimentation to individual lines per each attribute. A first pass at more granular skill requirements on crafting recipes has been implemented. Several basic crafting items (such as basic weapons) can still be crafted without a station, and the intermediate sets will require their respective stations or the General Crafting station to create. More info in training skills text and recipe unlocks are currently in the works. Harvesting: Added Holy Armor to all Harvest Nodes to fix an exploit which allowed players to solo harvest Mega Nodes. Updated the interact type on the water well to now function more like a chest which means water flask availability is now set to a respawn time. Set sacrifice value on water flask to be a lot lower and lowering the max stack size of water flasks. Firefly FX have been added to all harvesting nodes so they stand out as a way to notify the player that the object is “harvestable”. Non-named resources (Knotwood, Slag, Cobblestone) should now be quicker to harvest and will be destroyed within 3 or 4 hits with a basic harvesting tool. Player Movement: Fix for veering when moving on steep slopes. Fix rubberbanding when using power that sets the Pushed flag for a short time. Synch fly text with movement and combat. Added a few more movement controller adjustments to fix jump direction anomalies. Created a fix so Disengage works properly. Mobs and AI: Make NPCs honor stealth for aggro. More logging and debugging tools added. Fix exception that caused NPCs to get lost when going home. Fix to make AI target enemy players more reliably. General Powers: Added Seasonal Buffs. Currently locked to Season of Plenty. All Seasons will cause increases or decreases to; Harvest Chance: Apples, Plethora of Dust: All, Plentiful Resources: All. Increased Retaliate combo duration to 8 seconds to match the duration of the longest CC. Trailblazer and Trailmaster Buffs now have a 10 second passive timer before they activate at any point that they are eligible to activate. (You will see the Pathfinding buff applied to you while this countdown is activating). Login invulnerability power is not cast on the player when they resurrect (at corpse or tow truck), they use the crypt to change vessels, or when another player casts a resurrect power on them. Resurrection Powers cast times are now 15 seconds. AoE Resurrection Powers range is now 15m. Assassins Toxins will no longer apply to yourself when you take falling damage. Disciplines: Plaguelord: Festering wounds will now apply separate debuff icons to indicate the Minor Disease, the Festering Wounds debuff (reduced Healing Modifier, Expose on healing) and the Exposed state. Updated description to note the healing reduction. Decay will now properly refresh Expose durations when a successful Expose punish is executed. Master of Pistols: Updated description for Rapid Fire to explicitly call out the guaranteed crit versus an Exposed target. Fixed icon for Tear Reality. Class Powers: Champion: Growth from unrelated sources will no longer block Hate generation or the application of certain effects from Champion Ultimate Warrior. Added cooldown back to Guinecean Saltpeter Rounds and updated description. Go for Broke is now flagged as a Pistol Attack and can trigger Saltpeter Rounds. Corrected an issue that could cause your character to briefly stop running when activating Guinecean Saltpeter Rounds. Duelist: Fixed Vanish sparks hanging around too long. Flintlock Shot will now properly refresh Expose durations when a successful Expose punish is executed. Knight: Created a 4th proc to Knight block which reacts to all hits which triggers a self DM linking to a game effect to play a "blocked" SFX. Races: Guineceans: All guineceans have the ability to double-jump. Guinecean Saltpeter Rounds can now be loaded into and used in both the Harvesting and Stealth tray. Mobs and NPCS: Created two web shields that damage the spider when broken, one which heals the spider if it expires and the other causes AOE damage and stun when it expires. Fixed spider knockdown and stuns. Loitering NPCs no longer attempt to move when loitering in place. Reduce movement cost of NPCs by having them take bigger "steps". Should result in 2x improvement in number of AIs that can be pathing before it starts to hurt server performance. Sound: Adding new common whoosh sounds, which are first being used for Knight unarmed attacks. Adding/implementing sound for bandage. Adding /implementing sound for death blow. Adding stop commands for resurrects if they are interrupted. Removing whispering from assassin stealth loop sounds. Making sure the stealth FX (filter/delay) stop when you leave the assassin stealth tray. Added first big batch of UI click sounds. Mostly Alt-Mode related sounds. Adding/implementing batch of UI sounds, including vender UI, login click, alt mode main tabs, and alt mode logout and cancel. Polishing other UI sounds. Adding sound for building mode item placement, although it needs a trigger still before it is heard. Campaigns: Abattoir fixes: Players should no longer respawn on top of banners; Parcels should not display the working name when moving between them. Added system vendors to Abattoir campaign map. Updating diorama marker and diorama for muskhogs so they're in a neutral state - yellow health bar. Updated variation of crafting tables in fort parcels, and removed extra alchemy station from the keep. General Bug Fixes: Eating a Golden Apple should now fully restore your hunger meter. Adjusted weapon scale and normalizing scale of the daggers. Updating doober shader to match environment shader, adding new collection fx. Added intermediate armor to weapons system vendors. Fixed bug that would keep VIP status indicator if VIP user logged out then back in with non-vip account. Adding chaos ember doober, polish to dust and wood doobers. Fixed shadow quality to be driven by the Quality settings exclusively, Fixed an issue with weapon trails appearing incorrectly. Several collision and visual updates made to rocks, buildings, and props. Added harvesting tool shaders to stealth and wood elf camo game effect shading. Fixed animations for harvest wood hip turns, tuned assassin unarmed basics. Cleaned up healing and damage tray fx on druid. Animation polish pass has been done on the Templar basic attacks. Changed Vendor upkeep cost to be 5 gold instead of 10 per 30 minutes. Fixing offsets for items in inventory grids. Hate should now be tracked immediately before (rather than after) the stat value changes for damage, to prevent an error happening with the new 3-hit harvesting nodes. Adjusted the interact radius on crypt cairn and adjusted its placement within the crypt parcel.
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    Great idea. I'll bring it up to the guys. Todd
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    Is crowfall fundamentally boring?

    There's something you're missing about the design of a game like crowfall specifically. In any given RTS or MOBA there are purposely very few players in a given matchup. Most RTS games top out at 8 players total, but in a competitive space they are generally head to head 1v1 affairs. The typical MOBA, as inherited from DOTA is a 5v5. The same is present in CCG games like magic. These are designs primarily built to serve a very large number of players at different levels of skill by segregating them in to extremely small ranking bubbles. This design is present in fighting games and many other types of competitive games where you can see clear design intent and balance to design elements of the game for various skill sectors. There are some great blog posts by designers of MTG and LoL on this kind of thing specifically. Stuff like why they don't nerf pubstoming champions or why they deliberately design cards or champions that are objectively bad in high level play. What it comes down to is that the concerns of high level players in a system like that are irrelevent to the vast majority of their player base, and that their first responsibility is to create a game that is as enjoyable to the low ranked newbie as it is to the super diamond whatever tier pro. That's why you only ever see the same 15 of so heroes in high rank LoL or DOTA matches despite the game having, maintining, and continually balancing three times or more heroes. A game like Crowfall is built specifically to avoid segregating players in to extremely small skill brackets. The entire function of the design is to throw as many people as possible in to extremely large servers with extremely large numbers of adversaries and allies. The "skill brackets" are so broad and the number of players required to perform at a sufficient level of competancy necessitates a somewhat different design approach. In general, systems that reward too high of a skill ceiling don't work for mass combat because on average the number of players that can reach and benefit from that ceiling is so small that it becomes an unfun scenario for both the highly skilled player and the average player. The highly skilled player is so unlikely to encounter anything that constitutes a threat that they get bored and eventually quit. The average skilled player, when faced with the reality that players exist (and often these players seek one another out and roam in groups) that are virtually unassailable due to pure mechanical skill become frustrated because they're heavily outclassed and a small group of players is winning what seems like an disproportionate amount of victories compared to what they "should be" Because the required player numbers are so large, the distance between the skill floor and ceiling has to be much smaller than in a MOBA or fighting game or CCG to actually make a competitive experience that is fun for everyone involved. Your BEST players still need your AVERAGE players to present some sort of challenge because by and large they will be fighting average players, not players at their own skill level. Your AVERAGE players need to be not completely blown out of the water by your BEST players because your entire game design isn't about being the best player, but the best massed army of players. A system that allows someone with exceptional skill to cut down 20 average players as they could in a perfectly good FPS design creates a pretty frustrating dynamic for open PvP. While there's merit to a "by pros for pros" design in more structured games with less players in a given match that sort of design ethos doesn't serve the core goals of a competitive MMO in the same manner. I'd also argue that a game designed in such a manner may be a hard sell to the general public, who may be enthusiastic about the genre of game and enjoy playing it but are by definition mostly average players who are going to have the most fun in systems where average players have systems with which they can achieve a largely even win/loss record against the hundreds or thousands of potential opponents of wildly different skill levels on their servers.
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    Lizardmen confirmed.
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    high elf assassin right click dash/flip onto chest i think? and this was able to walk but at a speed of regular sized character and another flip returned me back to original size.
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    What happened to promotion classes?

    I do hope we get the Advantages/Disadvantages system, we saw a preview of it: The avatar and vessel system has changed since then so I'm not sure what the current plan is. The starting runes were a really fun aspect of character building in Shadowbane, examples: https://morloch.shadowbaneemulator.com/index.php?title=Starting_Traits Promotion classes could still be added post-launch - they were always shown as choices after full mastery in an archetype, so that would be a year (?) not something to choose immediately.
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    Questions for Todd

    What I think what Jah was saying - and I agree with - is that when it's ready for launch, it will feel like it's ready. People should stop worrying about a specific date, and instead ask "Does it feel ready to launch?" If the playtesters answer no (as they would right now), the developers will keep working on it.
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    Maybe I was unclear. Its not about offering the items for sale directly (as you've illustrated that causes problems and makes the guild token bank and token trading unfeasible in the EU) but rather allowing players to actually buy just what they want rather than expecting them to essentially overpay for a lowe price item if that price falls below the minimum token package. In general shops that implement token models avoid this pitfall by ensuring that token prices (in actual currency) align with the token cost of items (for instance, if you can only buy in packages of 100, there aren't any shop items that cost, for instance, 150, or 275, etc. etc.) and most have an option when viewing a store item to "buy tokens" in the amount of the cost. I'd have to hunt for token based shops that implement this as my go-to example for ethical customer-first microtransactions in Path of Exile, but that's a real currency system rather than a token system so its not 1:1 I'll use the merchant pack pig and current packages as an example of the problem here. The merchant pack pig costs 1500 crowns. In theory, that means this is a 15 dollar item. However I can not buy 1500 crowns and pay 15 dollars for the item I want. I can at minimum buy 2 1000 crown packages (a waste) or buy the next tier package of 2300 crowns for 20 dollars. However, This leaves me with 700 crowns. That's fine if I actually want to buy more crowns in the future, but considering the goal here is that these are completely optional cosmetic items... You're asking me to pay 20 dollars for a 15 dollar item and leaving me with 700 crows that aren't useful unless I spend another 10 dollars... With which I end up with 1700 crowns, and buying the closes amount would be another 1500 crown item... which leaves me with 200, which is again an unspendable amount and so on. This is a common model that is pretty anti-consumer because I don't actually have the option to simply pay you the actual cash value for an item I want. I only have the option to effectively overpay for more than its value, only to earn an unusable amount of currency, which even if I buy another item, leaves me with an unusable amount of currency, and so on to create a spending loop that is not entirely based on you selling me items. It is a loop that is in stead based upon you selling me unusable equity that only has value if I buy more stuff. You're using my unspent balance as a psychological trigger to convince me to buy more crowns in stead of simply allowing me to buy the thing I want for what its worth or choose to create my own "bundles" by bulk buying crowns. If all I want is a 1500 crown item, I'm overpaying for it by five bucks, and there's nothing else i can buy with that five bucks. If there were something I could buy for 500, it would be slightly better, but currently all of your items have costs in multiples of 500, but your $20 and $50 "bonus" packages grant me "funny money" I can't actually use for anything. In the case of the $20 package, I'm not actually gaining purchasing power by spending on the bundle. Unless I buy another bundle. This is an inherently manipulative system that isn't granting value for bulk purchases and only serves to use common psychological tricks to encourage spending by hijacking some of my purchased currency in an unspendable bubble. With your current shop prices this could be easily remedied by offering a 500 crown package for $5, and ensuring the "bonus" crowns from the $20 and $50 packages actually equated to a usable amount of currency so that I can pay you the list cost value of items or CHOOSE rather than be FORCED to buy currency amounts I can't use with larger bulk packs in anticipation of future purchases. It is a "standard" for the same reason blind loot boxes are a standard, it deliberately obfuscates the actual cost of items, hijacks equity, and employs psychological triggers to encourage further purchases rather than the ethical approach of allowing the user to purchase exactly enough shop equity to buy the thing they want, and asking them only to purchase items at the list value.
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    Not a fan of mobs becoming hunger versions at night and then vanishing during the day. I much prefer the older idea of all mobs gradually becoming hunger versions over season progression. Alternately, controlling the mob version based on the spread of hunger shards would be good, all the way to indestructable humger shards when the world is near the end, which would necessarily make all the mobs in the world hunger mobs. Swapping them in and out of hunger mode every day just by existing makes the entire concept of the hunger feel less important and way more gamey.
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    I posted this in the devs forum, but it more chatty out here so. So with this comment. Your sort of start running back into crafting, with just a different mode of exchange. Getting items as a result of sacrifice is a not a lot different than getting items as a result of giving other items (raw materials), to players. I naturally start to think about "sacrifice X to get Y" ,and it becomes simply a different material combination issue. There are really only two things that advance independent of gear. Sacrifice leveling stats, and passive training. An obvious third would be a simple vessel level active training/sacrifice analog. Training skills tied specifically to the vessel. Another possible is to go down the enchantment line with this. You carry around and equip a soul stone, that charges/upgrades with the essence of your experience, which can then be added to already crafted things to give them a further enhancement based on how much experience they have accumulated. You could make a race, class or profession slot or stone type for each vessel, with each race, class or profession having a role specific bonus. So maybe after fully charging a Fae stone, you could enchant an item or discipline with the glide ability. With a class, maybe one of the class specific attack powers. This could be a potential alternate source to high quality thrall soul gems. The partial souls of the crows themselves. It might also influence trade. A Fae would not need a Fae stone, but a Stoneborn might. It would give every player, even new ones, something of value to trade besides just gold. It would also help the PvP /PvE combat guys have something they could harvest, in the form of XP that became transferable soul gems.
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    Femtaur Gaiawyn Gets a Makeover

    I'm really glad to see there's no gender lock on the Centaur race. However, with the addition of the new female I still find the appearance a bit manly. I've discovered a great salon on the outskirts of town and here's the results! Before: After:
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    @jtoddcoleman @Tyrant I read today that Unity released their 2018.1 update today. I don't know much about what the engine is already capable of, but they made it sound like a lot of new ease of use features are added, that allow developers to better optimize game performance in a much more time efficient manner. I was most excited to read about how easily you can make the engine utilize all of a CPU's cores. Would this also make SLI configurations useful too? How much of these new features are you folks at ACE excited about making use of, if not already? Liking how the game is shaping up. Keep up the good work, folks!
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    Eternal Kingdom Filter

    I'm about a week new to the game. I learned there were public Eternal Kingdoms where players are selling their crafted items. Even in testing there are quite a few to scroll through. I'd like to suggest some improvements to the Eternal Kingdom listings. Filter and Sort Offline / Online Alphabetical Guild Vendor types Items Offered Parcels and Buildings - for viewing purposes. Could be later we get furniture, decorations, or other buildings. Would be a nice way for stonemason's or other related crafting to display what they have on offer. ----- These are just a few I thought of while browsing the huge list, please feel free to suggest more.
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    Take a look at the inspiration behind the designs for the High-Elf armor! FULL STORY
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    New skills UI looks nicer than the old one. The new skill trees look remarkably like the old skill trees. Having secondary train at 50% of primary means I'll be using alt accounts to separate roles, not VIP, if you keep the reduced training rate for secondary path. That's about all I can provide feedback on for now. I have 0 interest in EKs so I won't bother testing the vassal stuff. In the CW itself: New Player Experience is SO MUCH better. Having new CWs start with the Season of Plenty fixes the biggest attrition problem. Resources of low various ranks right outside the beachheads are good, glad to see those. Also glad to see you can vary the rank of the resources from the rank of the parcel... seeing R1 ore and R2 ore within a few meters of each other is great. Performance felt really good - there were only 11 people on, but I saw 0 msg lag spikes, and my framerate never dropped below 60, even when I took the keep. Bugs: When harvesting, stam regens during the harvesting of slag cobblestone and knotwood. It doesn't regen during the harvesting of real resources, though, so this may be working as intended. Humans still start with white hair and the palest skin tone, no matter what options you choose during character creation.
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    Map Edges

    Yea, they will have edge parcels rather than the sudden cut-off you see now. In a recent stream it sounded like they were planning cliffs with either water or mist at the base.
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    Soft Launch

    There is a very large gap between being a sycophant and agreeing with everything they do, calling them to task on bad calls, or even just calls you happen to disagree with, and questioning their motives and moral character, and calling him an "Evil Cheney Clone". What a horrible, insulting and dismissive statement of someone you allegedly want to succeed. Did you think you were being clever by being so insulting? Are you proud of yourself? (You want to know something, Gordon personally answered and thanked me for a crash report support ticket on SUNDAY. He was picking up support tickets on the freaking weekend. How's that for "Evil".) Yea, and I heard what Gordon said too, which you and apparently many other people missed the real intent of because the FUD spreading streamer pre-loaded your subconscious with a specific bias, and cut out exactly what he wanted you to hear to support his argument, so you would actually miss the intent of the words. An intent that is easy to find in all the other videos and quotes ACE has put out over the years. (See multiple examples earlier in this thread). Notice the word Gordon used, "should", not "can". Should is a moral word, a word very similar to "aught", That word indicates they won't start soft launch until it's better than a beta. The way I see it, it roughly translates into, "you should not charge for an incomplete game". and that the feeling is that players should not be charged for participating in a beta. If anything it's less cash grab than any game that does charge for beta. In fact, they are having an open, free to play, beta before the "soft launch", because they don't feel justified in charging for a beta. Soft launch is basically, "we think is complete enough to pay for because we pushed it through beta, so let's take it for a spin with real players and early adopters before committing to marketing". That is all. It's all in the spin, setting up a straw man, and then ripping two sentences out of context. It's sort of like finding Jesus in a grilled cheese sandwich. If nobody tells you that's what it is supposed to be, you probably wouldn't even see the face.