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    This week I RPd a Factory

    Step 1 Get Mats Step 2 Turn Mats into Components Step 3 Turn Components into Armor So Crowfall is a Sandbox game so often the content that is there needs to be created/provided by the players. I decided to give myself a 'Quest' if you will... Make 50 sets of Metal Armor (15 Mail, 35 Plate) This was something for me to do, keep me busy and focused and just for kicks... combined with the fact that Skill Training would be reaching abilities to make Armor Layers and Treated Steel. All the Crafting/Harvesting I did could be done with 2 accounts (I used more for bulk bank space) I was donated Meat and some Dust(For which I am grateful) but these could be farmed with a few extra hours Harvest. I also bought more materials than I needed (I originally planned on making 100 sets and forgot to change some of my math when getting Mats) I used ~105% Materials due to some Flawed Assemblies *Hopefully my math isn't too far gone with getting lost in the process, if it is so be it *Times have been rounded up to the nearest 1/2 hour This was done over 5 days with an average playtime of 4-5hours a day for this project 6hours: Farm Gold ~80,000 1 hour : Purchase and Organize Materials 1/2 hour : Craft 1500 Coal(900 Wood-600 Dust) (300 crafts) 1/2 Craft 500 Carbon (300 Meat and 200 Dust) (100 crafts) 1 hour : Craft 200 Lacing Sinew (120 Meat 80Dust) AND Craft 200 Leather Padding (200 Lacing Sinew 1200 Hide) (400 crafts) 1/2 hour Craft 90 Metal Scales (1620 Ore 270 Coal) (90 crafts with Experiment) 2 hours Craft 210 Metal Plates (3780 Ore 630 Coal) (210 crafts with Experiment) 1 hour Craft 200 Treated Steel (1200 IronOre 400 Carbon) (200crafts with Experiment) 2 hours Craft 450 Armor Layers (2700Ore, 900 Hide, 900 Stone 450 Dust) 2 hour Craft 150 Metal Rings/Sheets (3300 Ore, 450 Coal 450 Armor Layers) (150 crafts with Experiment) 3 hours Craft 150 'Fillers' *Helm, Boots, Gloves* (90 Metal Scales, 210 Metal Plates 150 Treated Steel 150 Leather Padding 900 Dust) (150 Long combines) 2 hour Craft 50 Breastplates (150 Metal Rings/Sheets 50 Treated Steel 50 Leather Padding 600 Dust) (50 Long combines) Total Time Spent 20hours Total Gold used 74,250 Total Ore used 12,600 Total Hide used 2100 Total Stone used 900 Total Wood used 900 Total Meat used 420 Total Dust used 2830 I didn't get too many Flawed Assemblies so that didn't bother me, and it wasn't the time it took crafting that got to me either (though sitting for a minute watching the final cook isn't great) The Failed Experiments were really frustrating, I understand with Higher trained skills this will happen less but still I am really looking forward to BluePrints and Factories when things can hopefully Stack up on top of Clone Copies of themselves and not use so much Bank space! Final Thoughts: This was mainly to show how silly the vendor purchased resources are IMO. HOWEVER it was also a learning experience and I believe that if the prices are adjusted that there is no reason to not keep Vendors in AS LONG as their Prices are high enough so that Harvesters can get more from directly Harvesting a Node rather than Farming Monsters for Gold. Currently at 4.5 per piece it is too cheap (though not too far off) 10 would be Ideal for Whites, I can see the Potential to even allow Greens or Blues for 10/30x more Harvesters must expose themselves in the world for longer, must change RuneTools and Disciplines (which makes them weaker in Combat) and change their location. Gold spenders do not It takes Export slots to get these out of a Campaign to an EK, or risk Crafting in the Campaign itself. Also, buying mats from a vendor will not get you any Ethereal Dust while actual Harvesting will.
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    Community Kudos

    I just wanted to give some public kudos to @Anthrage for answering so many new player questions over and over in game. To @Kraahk as well for always responding to new player questions on the forums and in game with grace and energy and love of the game. To @Scree @Anhrez and anyone involved with Malekai.org. Incredibly useful, but undoubtedly tedious to maintain with no db API hooks in the game yet. To @Jah for the campaign maps and to -W- (Winterblades) for maintaining the crafting combos spreadsheet. I'm sure I'm missing many people, but thank you all for your continuing contributions to the community. These forums can sometimes be toxic and bitter, but I want to recognize the positive contributions out there. We all want this game to succeed.
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    @thomasblairThanks for taking time to answer my question about Tray toggling! I'd like to clarify what I was talking about. Currently the Tray swap keys act as toggles. If you hit U to enter ranged tray, but you are already in ranged tray, you end up in survival tray. This might be fine with perfect performance/latency, but frequently performance issues contribute to players ending up in an unintended tray. For example, you get attacked while out of combat, knocked down, and you desperately want to get into combat tray. So you hit a combat tray key but nothing seems to happen. So you hit it again. Turns out it was just lag, and both go through. You switch into and out of combat, and get hit while out of combat some more. I propose that hitting the U key can only take you to ranged tray, not into and out of ranged tray. If you want to get into survival tray you hit H. I can understand the original logic was that people might want to toggle between two different trays with one key. Not a bad thought, but in practice it creates a frustrating experience when people end up in a tray other than the one they are trying to use. Should be: Hit H, you go to Survival tray. If you are already in Survival, you stay there. Hit U, you go to Ranged tray. If you are already in ranged tray, you stay there. Etc.
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    Crowfall curious? Get answers here

    Big Crowfall caw-out to @Rauthr for this great contribution on the Crowfall Reddit! Thanks for taking the time to create such an in-depth, comprehensive answer resource for some of the most commonly asked questions about the game. We really appreciate the time you spent putting this together! You can view the original post here . Do we have to be the same race to play together since the start? You can be any race, any class. What determines if you can play with your friends, is if you join the same faction for a campaign or not. Is the game full loot? Do you lose your set when you die to another players? Different Campaign types, will have different rules. Some may be full loot, others may have a timer for you to return to your body before others can loot, and yet others may have only a random item or two drop. Campaigns will last for limited times, and is the source of more rare materials/rewards. The winning faction will get to keep more/better rewards from the campaign than other (also depending on how much you contributed), and then the new campaigns might have a new ruleset on the world. Is the game more focused on PvE or PvP? As far as I can tell, there isn't so much a "PvE" in the usual sense. Right now it is PvP focused in terms of your activities. But you will have to kill some animals, either to skin them, or to get to materials they are guarding. In a recent email that crowfall sent out, it talked about how they are still working on the "moment to moment" game loop (the one that keeps you on from one 10-20 minute session, to the next) How does the grind in Crowfall work? Do you have to grind levels, items, etc..? You will get the majority of your stats from the gear you equip. BUT if you do level up, you will get a few (3) extra stat points to spend how you like. You will find that you can more quickly earn exp through crafting, and sacrificing items, than you might notice from going out and just killing mobs. Crafting will require more and more items, the more complex the recipe is. And with experimentation points, you will be getting different results with each craft. The "Ideal" crafting would be that you keep crafting until you get a set of experimentation procs that you would then "blueprint" (allowing you to replicate that EXACT craft again in the future) Is there a competitive scene? Most players that have access to the game, are avoiding the "burnout" since the game is more game-assets than it is a "game." Yes you can play the characters, Yes you can enjoy yourself, but it's not (yet) something that you will want to log in each/all day for. Currently the focus of the campaigns will be holding forts. and the only way to control a fort is to fight off everyone inside. Similarly, if there is a small region with high quality resources, you'll need some bodyguards to help protect you/others while they are collected. Are there factions? Can players from different factions play in the same guild? You can join guilds (see through the Crowfall website), and there are 3 factions to choose from. It would seem that even if you are in a guild, that does not mean that you HAVE to join the same faction as them. I'm not sure how this would work, as I have not fully tested/experienced this aspect. How is the population of the game? The population is currently quite low. You may encounter a group of 5-10 from time to time if you stay on during popular play hours, and near points of interest. Normally however, most people seem to be playing right now, just to get a feel for which classes and professions, etc, that they enjoy the most. How does disciplines work? Is it like Archeage where you can kind of mix multiple classes together? I have not played Archeage, so I can't give you a "yes" or "no" about that. BUT Each character gets 2 "Major" disciplines. These major ones will generally offer 1-2 abilities and a passive. You will then be able to choose a "Weapon Mastery" which will provide you with another 1-2 abilities, and lastly are 3 "Minor" disciplines. These can be used to further alter your character's strengths and weaknesses, either in mobility, combat, or even harvesting. My suggestion: If you think you will be interested in the concept of the game, go ahead and pick it up. Skills train off of Real Time, and are permanent to your "Crow" which then carries these bonuses into ALL characters that you make. By starting sooner than later, you can at least start training some skill trees to see if A, that's a tree you want to focus on come launch, or B just to see what other people may be getting as options in a tree you may never touch once playing for real. I get the impression that this is the main reason a lot of people are playing while it is still in such an "alpha" state. So that when the more polished gameplay elements are live, they will be able to see how strong certain classes/builds can be once fully trained; or, like I mentioned, if they are even worth the time/trouble.
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    Solo Fort Defense 1v4

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    Crowfall Newbie's Guide

    Hi all, As a recent newbie myself, I thought I'd put together my first few hours into a "How to Get Started" doc, with some simple goals and information that I had to learn the hard way into a GDoc. Feel free to comment, critique, etc. Let me know what I missed, or what else would be helpful. Crowfall Newbie's Guide
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    Bard Regen song is considered a heal. Heals can't be slotted into Survival tray. But it is not a heal it is a regen. That heals. Or something. Current usage is to swap into combat tray, realize you don't socket it, and ask the healer for a real heal. The only use right now for normal players is to use it once for getting twisting spun up. Then realise just how clunky it is, and not use twisting anymore since it can be all canceled with a knockdown/stun. Yall really really, need to play the game for a few nights with a non dev account and take a pulse of where the game is. No gear summoning, no instant training. Be a customer for a night or two of 2-3 hour gameplay.
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    State of the Cleric

    Thanks to @PaleOne for giving the idea of posting about how classes are in the current patch.I hope @thomasblair can stop by and see what it feels like as a Cleric Main. I want to stress that I understand any of my suggestions may be A. unworkable or "not worth the squeeze", B. Already in the Works, or C. rendered moot by other forthcoming changes. Even if this is ABC, I would really appreciate that feedback. Also I implore you: IF YOU READ NOTHING ELSE AT LEAST TAKE A LOOK AT THE RED TEXT. Pros + Whats Working with Cleric Great Base Kit Great for Groups and Viable Solo 2 Ults Allowing Offensive / Defensive Builds Relatively Easy to Pick up and Play Con + What Needs a Look At Blackmantle / Heal Blocks Food Issue Charging Heal Ultimate Weapon Changes Auras Non - Scaling Retaliate Single Damage Type / Cleave Blocking Blackmantle / Heal Blocks - I may be wrong, but I think you would be hard pressed to find anyone who likes the current state of blackmantle. It is VERY strong and lacks counterplay against. I REALLY liked the change @moneda suggested about changing Blackmantle to a Personal Heal Modifier(-.5) IE making it so the target received 50% less healing. While I definitely want to see this change not only because I think it would be healthy for the game, but I think % based skills are always a good thing. On top of this change I would love to see a Cleanse for Blackmantle added. This provides some sort of counterplay and strategy. I would suggest putting it in Friar/Pixie/Naid/Dryad(basically anything except Field Surgeon. This would be similar to the Field Surgeon ability that cleanses DoTs. My biggest concern with adding this cleanse is the fact blackmantle can be applied every 5 seconds, so a decently short CD would have to be implemented or perhaps a small immunity after casting the cleanse. As a bonus, it would make combat more interesting if there were other cleanses for other untouchable debuffs. Such as armor breaks or things like warp metal. I want to underline that I am VERY happy we have DoT, expose, and even CC cleanses. I just want everything else covered too. On the offensive side, a buff stripper(purge) would add more utility to assassins or even as a disc to add for duelists to take as well. Food Issue - I believe this has been mentioned before but I want to underline again how detrimental it is that clerics(and confessors) stop regenerating mana after below 3 tickers. I do not want to step into the conversation about rate of ticker loss, only the fact that these two classes are unfairly targeted by the mechanic. No other class stops regenerating their resource at below three chicken tickers. What if no pip classes could generate pips, rangers couldn't use arrows, myrms couldn't generate fury etc etc when below three chicken tickers. The same issue is present for clerics. This almost forces clerics to choose Field Surgeon as a discipline in order to make sure they can keep their mana up during battle due to the noble purpose passive. Is there any easy fix to this? Is there something tricky about the code? I honestly just want to understand if that is the case. Charging Heal Ultimate - As a cleric it can be very difficult to charge heal ultimate during a group battle. The reason for this is multifold. The biggest cause is due to the fact you are either the target or healing a target. If you are the target you are laying down puddles and trying to block or dodge. Druids do not have this issue because their main heal is tied to their LMB. The current code limits LMBs as the only way to charge an ultimate as far as I know. Couple possible changes for this is to make Cleric Heal ultimate a "double" ultimate(ie only cost 50%), have it charge easier, or perhaps make it similar to ultimate champion where your heal ultimate is charged instead by being hit. This fits thematically more with the cleric block as well where you don't mind being the main target. Weapon Changes - I appreciate the added heavy weapons to provide for different play styles. My only concern for this is that healers were left out. I am never going to go for a heavy hammer because more DPS does nothing for my capability to heal other group members. With the addition of weapon weight, I think there is an opportunity to create more crafting decisions and trade offs. My suggestion would be to go back to a single weapon recipe but put weapon weight as a separate final combine experiment option. This would force players to choose between base damage, added stats, and power cost/weapon weight. As a healer, I would then choose stats(for SP) and power cost. Auras - I love the HP aura and so does everyone in my group except assassins(thats a whole other bug to deal with). My only complaint with auras is that it is so easy to fall off due to the amount of CC and being a major target in group fights. This in combination with the HP buff change( buff = going from 7750/7750 to 7750/10000) makes auras feel like they have very little actual effect in a battle. In an ideal world HP buffs would keep your % the same[Example 5000/7500(66%) before buff, buffed by 2500 would then make you 6666/10000(66%)] and instead of an aura it would be a longer buff(2-5minutes) that could hopefully be stripped by an ability I mentioned above. Non - Scaling Retaliate - As far as I know, cleric has the only retaliate that does not scale. Everyone else's retaliate is based off % attack damage etc. Cleric simply gets a 500 flat barrier. As I stated before, I believe % based abilities make the game easiest to balance for. My suggestion would be for the barrier to be based off % Max HP. Single Damage Type / Cleave - I hate mudman, and there is no getting around that. Mudman may not be a big deal as disciplines need to be farmed etc, and I hope that is the case. I do think every class should have access to more than one damage type. Now I don't expect lightning hammers to start popping out, there is one thing I want to ask about. Is there a code reason why cleric couldn't use poisoner? Rangers can use it and their arrows become poison type, so figured cleric could too. On the same auto attack focus for my offensive cleric brethren, is cleave(Master of Hammers) still coming? Is it going to be the same effect that the offensive ult has and how portable is the code for that cleave? I assume it would be similar or weaker? Blocking - Lastly, and the one I expect the least movement on is blocking. I don't know how knights feel, but blocking just feels lackluster. Yes it has damage reducation and CC immunity but at the cost of doing NOTHING while blocking. I know this is vague and honestly don't have a good fix with how block is currently set up. Even though the cleric block makes it so you heal others, the reason you are often being hit as a cleric is because YOU are the focus target and your group mates are fine. The CD and justs low response on block also makes it hard to use reactively in small doses. I usually end up having to lay puddles down and block, but I still melt because of heal blocks and the fact I am now way less mobile and easier to focus by melee/assassins. Block play style just doesn't seem viable but with above changes who knows, that could be different. For anyone who actually read the whole thing, thanks. I am trying to focus away from "nerf" talk and stick to my own class.
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    Druid VS Druid: Life and Death

    Had a really nice fight with @yiannithe other day...I made all kinds of mistakes, not the least of which was not replacing Pin Cushion etc on my bar after leaving the fort. Still had a great fight though, druid fights probably seem boring to some, but when you play a druid you can see all kinds of little decision-making details that makes it a bit more interesting. Check it out here:
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    Guild Presentation

    We are looking to give a guild presentation (Tenacious Gamers) next Thursday at 8:30 PM EST. I have created with much help a slide show to go through to give a general idea what Crowfall is about. I would love to get more input and help fix my errors:) Here is a link that you are able to make comments on - https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1gvoDRAX8UHxKq6mPOEM5VfkdnoPR6geBgyhL3qYcuqE/edit?usp=sharing Also if anyone is interested in joining please send me a PM. I would love for someone extremely knowledgeable to help answer questions. I do want to thank @Scree and @Kraahk for all the help they have already given.
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    Custom Malekai action figure

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    Angry Bees - Official discussion thread

    Say hello to Sound Designer Bobby Moen (aka @BobbyM)! FULL STORY
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    Assassins win Fights

    A video of Order invading and claiming Jingletap's Respite recently. 50% Chaos Assassins! Centaur Champion PoV to keep up the trend!
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    I would like to see the Confessor's Condemnation ( Flame Thrower ) ability have higher damage so it is more widely used in the game. With the low damage that is it now, the Confessor doesn't have enough upside to want to get into melee range with a low defensive player and use condemnation on an enemy group. We need more reward for the severe risk of getting close to the fight and using the ability that also roots you to the ground.
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    PVP Spam

    What can be fun is a reward system based on kills. Imagine a guy, a well know player killer with 78 kills spaming on chat, on a most wanted list hall of fame. Killing him could give a gold reward . Finally the kill count is reset on 0 at death. This can hide some spice in the pvp area with some small mercenaries group can hunt some well-known pkers ^^. So cool
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    Discover the origin of the urgu. FULL STORY
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    Aerynth Traders is open for business

    Hosted by the Winterblades, Aerynth Traders offers a wide range of products and services. Crafting stations, raw materials, components, and gear of all types!
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    Rocksteady and Beebop! T.U.R.T.L.E.P.O.W.E.R.
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    Playable race when?
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    If ACE is doing any logging of the servers checking the logs for Sunday around 5:45 PST would be good for some example of intense lag. If ACE is serious about pushing for a bigger map and bigger population in 5.8, they need to get some serious work done on net code. 36 fighting people more or less broke the server.
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    Crowfall Pre-Alpha PvP - Sugoi VS UDL

    ...And then this happened...
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    Why is it that the "hit F while mousing over me to activate" on gates and ladders is a cylinder that may or may not be right in front of the gate/ladder? Why can't it be a flat sheet occupying the same space as the gate/ladder? It's infuriating to have to try 5 or 6 times to get through a gate because the F to interact prompt won't come up, and to have to sometimes face away from the gate, or up in the air, in order to get the prompt. In terms of seasons, going from +1 to -1 from Summer to Fall feels like too big a gap, especially in CWs after training has been set to 0. This CW, for example, Spring was decent farming (3 pips with no training is nice, 4 with a discipline), Summer was decent farming (4 pips with a discipline and the training we'd gotten at that point). Fall will be 2 pips, and winter will be 1 pip, with the discipline equipped. Your harvest grind already sucks - hitting fall will end harvesting until the next CW starts (except for gold to buy common mats (thank you thank you thank you for that, btw). Please fix notifications when someone attacks a fort wall or guard (not just when a wall is destroyed or someone steps into the capture circle). Please take another pass at CC and area effect powers in combat (there's too much CC - there needs to be an immunity to a CC type after you've been hit with it, for example. And AE spells don't need a 5 person limit - Crowfall has character collision so you can limit the number of targets by varying the size of the AE effect). You've got flaws in your power system where some abilities scale and some have fixed values. Black Mantle is hella strong in early game, for example, because it's fixed at end-game-appropriate values. Harvesting should be considered a combat activity - we shouldn't have to cripple our fighting ability in order to harvest. Please consider rolling harvesting into normal gameplay instead of forcing people to make themselves vulnerable. Please start taking some steps toward gameplay - maybe start putting minor disciplines on mobs instead of making them craftable with the test recipes. Maybe start making weapon disciplines be crafted. Maybe add thrall capture soon. Please don't gate some crafting recipes behind weeks of other training. If you want to force us to choose which to train first, fine, put them all in a line so we can select them instead of forcing us to take one set of recipes before another.
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    What went wrong?

    Blazzen has hit the nail on the head again here. I think friendly fire should be avoided, but on all other points, I agree entirely. I would like to see CC require more thought and planning to work out well. As it stands, CC is incredibly spammable - there's no reason not to spam it. Going with a system whereby you got an immunity to the CC you just got hit with for at least as long after it expires as it lasted would be a start. If you remove the number cap on AE powers, it'd be nice to see something in the skill tree where you've got an OR gate - you can choose to increase the size of your AEs, or you can choose to increase the intensity (dmg) of your AEs, but not both. Put a few OR gates in there and you can specialize in wide area coverage or intense small area damage, or something in the middle.
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    Their used to be a major issue in that people were running around in Plate/Mail chest pieces with Leather/Mail fillers mainly because the bonus they got was 5%(2.5% for Mail) to Damage and Healing per piece. Plate got an HP buff while the Damage and Healing modifiers were reduced by 50% This 'fix' was quite extreme as has often been the case with CF so far and we see a swing the other way now. There should really be a reason to merit using a full suit of light armor. Perhaps adding in the missing Damage/Healing onto the Chestpiece so as each piece contributes in its own way. Or change Matching and Uniform Disciplines could get a significant increase in power to further their use (10% Damage or Healing for example vs the 100 AP/SP it currently provides)
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    What is a ron?

    I was making a chain mail set when I noticed something odd. I needed 12 of ron. At first I didn't panic I just needed to find 12 of ron and kill him. But then I realized the environment lacked enough of ron to get 12. Even if you found a player named ron I am not sure if you can craft with skulls. A solution I thought of is posted below. ps. or just change it to iron.
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    East Europe Is Not Russia

    I have our techs here looking into it. Latvia and Lithuania are indeed Travain territories, so you shouldn't be redirected to purchase the game. My apologies for the inconvenience! This is a bug and we'll fix it. More as it happens!
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    I just addressed this in another thread so I'll just leave the same answer here.
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    PVP Spam

    Any one who played shadowbane misses two things right now. Track and pvp spam, it was like a dinner bell telling you the server was alive. It let you spectate peoples skill like you were reading it in the newspaper. I would love to see a kill spam channel added to crowfall. The test population is often very small and it would encourage people to risk the endless wastes to look for who is fighting. Thus adding content to the server. Please make this happen. I miss seeing ten names fall on the list out of nowhere then forming up my group to go find the fight. Kudos as always to the crowfall staff. In J. Todd we trust.
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    Help Chat Channel

    I'd like to request a permanent Chat Channel be implemented named "Help" or something similar, so that the constant stream of newbie questions don't aggravate our more... veteran players. Presently, when a newbie question is asked, those players with more tribal knowledge often try to help, but are more snarky than useful (as they've already assimilated the games more un-intuitive concepts), and it makes the process more difficult getting accurate information to our players in a manner that is welcoming to the game. Given the New Player Experience on Crowfall is often derided as being rather cliff-like, anything to make this process easier on both the new players and veterans would be most welcome. Ideally the chat channel would be: Auto-Joined by all accounts on creation. Leavable by anyone who does not want to participate. Re-Joinable by any account without invitation Positioned on the far right of all channels. Permanent, like General, and not user channels.
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    100% Assassin free! And no MSG!

    For the health-conscious consumer, it's becoming harder every day to find anything that's Assassin-free. Difficult to digest, hard on the bowels - pretty much dominates the taste of any meal. Here's something that's 100% Assassin free! And no monosodium glutamate either!
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    PVP Spam

    I wouldn't mind seeing the PVP spam. I can already see kill spam from druid bombs hahaha
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    PVP Spam

    While I would like to see something like this, bringing back those Hunger Dome memories, there are certain other issues I see that interfere with PvP more than this. Almost all PvP in CF is currently consensual, people want to fight on their terms, and are allowed to. If they don't want to fight they don't have to. Harvesters can just Spirit Bank their Loot and even farm very close to a Local Bank. Also, Recall is on a pitiful Casting Timer. Common Resources, which make up the vast majority of what farming provides are available at vendors for a tiny 4.5GP per. The world is fairly large with spread out and varied resources, what Adventure Zones there are don't seem to draw people. With Multiple servers this issue only gets worse as people are free to harvest on a different server than others. There is no incentive to crafting in Campaign worlds, which leads to Crafting being done in complete safety of the Eternal Kingdoms. Overall, the world tends to feel dead most of the time, and it's not just due to a lack of Kill Feed in the chat.
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    Recipe Visiblity

    So, I'm a long-ish time player, but not necessarily with a high volume of hours. When I am around, I like to make stuff for people who need a hand and are asking for crafts. However, I always get tripped up by one question in the negotiations. "Sure, I'll provide mats, but what do you need for this?" Then I have to stop whatever I'm doing, go to the most accessible crafting bench before I can answer the question. I understand recipes not being visible if you haven't trained the appropriate skill, but can we please have recipes we have trained be visible (if not craftable) in our personal crafting (j) menu? It would be a boon to me too as I wander around the land and I go for the umpteeth time, "What did I need to get more of again?" Thanks :3
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    State of the Assassin

    I appreciate the detailed response, and this is useful - this is the first response I've seen on the Essence issue and it confirms that you are aware of it so it isn't necessary to report it further. I didn't think it was super easy to fix, I had no information whatsoever on whether devs knew about it, and whether not addressing it was a design decision or a technical challenge. This is a practical concern for we druids and the difference is an important one, especially if as is often the case we can or should be helping in find a solution. I have a few in mind, I will do some testing and see if I can't actually be of some help. I'm sure you can understand how frustration can manifest when we are a bit lost as to why some things get addressed (even just with a comment) and some don't, or why some changes seem to happen at all. Ultimately though helping is the objective, because of people like us find something to be challenging/broken, there is a really good chance your average joe post-release is really going to have a problem. A really do appreciate all that you do - I work nights and I see you up really late working, posting here etc, I'm not oblivious to that and it is clear to me how much you care. We care too, at least some of us do - maybe too much sometimes - and often it's hard to know when we should be jumping up and down about some problem we see or foresee, or if we should just let you all do your thing and hope by doing so we're not doing the thing we're supposed to be doing. Speaking of things we should or should not being doing, my co-workers behind me are at this moment discussing The Last Jedi...and I have to wonder, as we all do, if the kinds of back and forth we have about Crowfall was had between the writers/director and cast of TLJ...
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    State of the Assassin

    Cursed Weapon being a Damage conversion promotes interaction between player skills and discipline choices. Situationally it is a very useful skill. The other day the Assassin I was playing was struck with a Warp Metal debuff from Militant Mage. If I had continued using my Axe each hit would have stacked that debuff increasing my PCM and causing my basic attacks to deal less damage(eventually going to - and HEALING my opponent), my skills to cost more, and my cooldowns to go up by a large amount (45s Dodge CD anyone?)| I immediately applied Cursed Weapon and didn't get a SINGLE stack of that debuff. The slashing weapon I was using was countered, which I then countered using that skill. This brings to mind the issue with Templar being able to Parry ranged attacks, there used to be mind games that went into small scale fights against a Templar where one could bait out a parry by faking a large attack or CC thus denying them of pips. Now a Templar stands absolutely no chance against Ranged enemies on their own. By taking something problematic away, it simplifies the game and makes player interaction and outplaying the opponent that much more difficult. Player interaction is a good thing. (Side note: Cursed Weapon and Poisoner damage conversion actually work to get around Counter Disciplines whereas most Damage conversions do not, Holy Warrior from Templar still is reflected by Slashing reflect, Standard Bearer Banner of Storms still allows reflects of the original damage type, these need adjustment to actually work) Assassin had positional interest back when Backstab was somewhat worth using with NO CD. As it is now, the low back damage in no way justifies the CD it has. If there's a skill that needs some alterations, it is Backstab IMO. Change Backstab to 'In the Zone' if you wish but Cursed Weapon has a role to play for now. Also, the PCM cap being -.25 right now means that with a little training, weapon finesse and other skills that decrease PCM lose effectiveness. Are you planning on changing that to allow for really low PCM builds? The weapon weight change has had quite the effect on certain classes IMO while barely touching others.
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    Welcome to September's ACE Q&A video! FULL STORY
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    Crowfall Pre-Alpha PvP - Sugoi VS UDL

    And THEN, this happened: These 3 events happened in sequence, separated by a minute or two - if you look at Global Chat, you'll see this is the case: here's a link to a playlist of them in order. Cool stuff!
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    Crowfall Pre-Alpha PvP - Sugoi VS UDL

    In Crowfall, you never know how an encounter is going to play out - the PvP is so fast-paced, tactical decisions must be made in an instant. One of the most important decisions a leader will make in the field is the choice between fight or flight... This was some good fun!
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    Knight block reflects the LMB dmg from Ice arrows, and reflects the first tick of the frostbite DoT, but does not reflect later ticks of the DoT, even though they're elemental damage. Edit: Why do ice arrows have a root AND a DoT? That's stronger than any other arrow by a country mile... Just fought a 3v3 that lasted about 5 mins. My food ticker went from full down to 1.5 chicken legs. That is absolutely ridiculous. We've been saying for months now that food consumption is foolishly overtuned in combat - please fix this.
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    State of the Knight 5.7.1

    Note: Editing this post to reflect some PCM stuff and more testing in 5.7.1 Hi, @mhalashace and @thomasblair, me again, back with another episode of "State of the Knight." Overall, the knight is a fun class to play. It has a nice base toolkit. But it's not an especially effective class to play, particularly early on. The knight scales pretty well with training and gear - at the start of training, it's the weakest melee class, but it feels better at end-game (even though I can't really say it's stronger than any other melee class at end game). The defining power of the knight should be its block. But for the most part, block is pretty meh. It cuts damage taken, but not by a lot (especially with end-game armor mitigations), and at the cost of preventing the knight from doing anything else. The resultant damage bonus lasts one attack, and in no way makes up for the loss of dps time while you were blocking. The reflect on elemental damage may mean more when confessors and druids become more popular, and when frostweavers arrive, but for now, it's not as good as advertised. The defining power of the knight is actually chain pull. It's on a 25s cooldown, but it does decent damage, and acts as a nice range closer if you can get close enough to use it. I get about 50% of my kills with chain pull (as opponents tend to try to escape at low health and it's my only ranged attack). Let's take a look at the full power toolkit of the knight: 1 - charge - 25m range charge that stuns a target if you cover the full 25m and end within 5m of the target, facing the target. Back in hunger dome, you would charge as long as you held the key (to a max of 25m) and the stun went off when you released the key. That version was much better than the current version. Recommendation: Charge should last while the key is pressed, with a minimum of 5m and a maximum of 25m, and the charge should end and the stun activate on key-release. 2 - Shield Bash - in theory, this is a good power. It sets the target's dodge pip count to 0. BUT (and this is a big but), it is rarely available when you need it (because it only activates after landing 3 consecutive LMBs or after filling your block meter), and it does jack for damage. Also, the target can regenerate a pip as soon as 1s after the power sets them to 0. Further, while it says it hits critically if used a second time in 5s, it's rarely available again 5s after the first use, and the crit is for about 100 dmg so that part of the power is total BS. Recommendation: Take away the activation requirements, take away the auto-crit on a second hit in 5s (given its crap dmg, that's just a slap in the face). 3 - Shield Swipe / Shield Stun combo - This is a decent combo. Both elements hit for reasonable damage. The stun is telegraphed by the shield swipe (something I like, and that I wish you'd continued with for later classes. The early classes telegraph their CC, later classes do not. This puts the earlier classes at a disadvantage against experienced players). The cooldown on part 2 of the combo is 7 seconds longer than the cooldown on part 1, which feels silly. I would much rather you split the difference (23 and 30) and gave each power a 26s cooldown. 4 - Onslaught Combo - this is a nice combo, and again, I wish it were something that later classes also had to manage. The first power in the chain does two very weak attacks. The second stage powers are strange.. brutal strike is a hard hitting attack. But twin assault has to be the weakest attack in the game from any class. I don't understand why you think it has any value or should be included in the combo chain at all. There is never a situation where a player would prefer twin assault over brutal strike. The third pair in the combo chain (shockwave and obliterate) are both good powers, and which one I choose is a tactical decision rather than one always being better than the other. Recommendation: Fix or remove twin assault, improve the damage on Onslaught. 5 - Noble Blood / Oath of Will combo - early game, this combo is absolutely necessary for the resource regen. The barrier is too small to have any real value - it just invites a shieldbreaker dispel power to knock you down. The combo is used just for the regen, really. At end game, this power drops out of the knight's power bar entirely, once they get a good PCM weapon and good power efficiency training. Given that Blixtev has now said power efficiency nodes in the skill tree are going away, this is going to be necessary throughout a knight's life. Recommendation: Make the barrier a better percentage of maximum health. 6 - Chain Attack - no one calls it that - it's chain pull, and always will be. Great class-defining power. Relatively high cost, long cooldown (especially compared to myrm net), mediocre damage, but the pull effect is wonderful. 7 - Shield Slam - again, a good power in theory. In practice, it's so situational that I only slot it if I'm going to be fighting on the edge of a cliff or wall. It's extremely high cost, does poor damage, and knocks a target away from the knight (and as a melee class, you rarely want that). When used to knock someone off a cliff it's very satisfying, but it cannot justify a regular spot on the power bar. The elken and centaur charges are more effective versions of this power - they are gap closers (instead of gap creators) and their knock-up is just as good as Shield Slam's knock back. Q - Whirling Leap - Again, better in theory than in practice. It pulls characters who are already within 5m of you right to you (it says 8m, but it feels much smaller than that). But the pull doesn't take effect until almost 2s into the animation for the power, so I frequently hit it, only to see one or more of my targets move out of the power's range before the pull takes effect. Recommendation: Increase the range to 10m, and apply the pull at keypress, before the character leaps into the air. Races: Knight is available to Human, Elken, High Elf, Stoneborn, Rat, and Centaur. Until mounts come into the game, Elken and Centaur have an advantage in that out of combat movement feels so much better on trailmaster classes. I prefer human for the extra power bar slot and passive power slot, but rat stealth, high elf humiliate, and stoneborn knockdown response are all decent for knight. Disciplines: Disciplines are pretty unbalanced for all classes at the moment. There are some very strong ones, and some very poor ones. I've noticed that class and/or role specific disciplines (Agent Provocateur and the champion-only majors, for example) tend to be stronger than general purpose ones. And unfortunately the knight gets nothing class- or role-specific in disciplines. Disciplines are a big enough topic for a hundred other posts, so I won't address them here. So that's the objective layout of the class. Now for the subjective bits. The knight doesn't feel tanky enough to be a true tank, and is lacking an identity. It's not the best melee class at anything. I tend to play knight as a harasser because it does have a decent variety of crowd control powers. It has the poorest damage output of all melee classes. Comparing it to the other tanky melee classes: Champion is much tankier than a knight due to all the self-sustain. Myrm is tankier than a knight due to the self-sustain. Templar is tankier than a knight due to the self-sustain. Hmm, maybe the knight could use some on-demand self-sustain. Templar is the undoubted king of area control and area denial. The divine light and parry/AE knockdown (on no cooldown timer, doing a pile of damage on top of the KD) is crazy strong, and the templar can heal himself and others. Myrm has wonderful self-sustain (the half-giant racial is so kind to them for mitigating berserker crash) and much better damage output than the knight. Champion has great damage, great mobility, extra invulnerability powers (UW 1&2), and utterly amazing self-sustain. Knight has plate armor natively, so at end game knight mitigations are very good (they're crap at early game, and the lack of self-sustain really shows the disparity between the knight and the other tanky classes at this point). Block further increases damage mitigation, but at the cost of making the knight do nothing but stand there blocking. Sure, he's taking less damage, but he's doing absolutely nothing to influence the fight. He's not protecting his allies, he's not doing damage, he's not able to move with his group. He's standing there (or inching along) like he's a spectator to the fight. So most knights don't block much these days. It's useful for the reflect on elemental attacks (but confessors are weak, and sickle druids don't come out until they get their sickle 2 months into the game. Frostweavers don't exist yet) - maybe block will have more value at release when those issues relating to energy-casting classes are fixed. Finally, knight is really gimped by power efficiency in early gameplay. It gets much better at end-game, but at the start, a charge followed by a knockdown combo uses the knight's entire energy bar (or the knight may not even have enough energy to complete the combo if he uses a heavy weapon). It'd be nice to see power costs tweaked a little to make this less onerous during the first few months of a knight's life. Edit: With weapon finesse and power efficiency training, it's relatively easy to hit the -25% power efficiency cap. However, with that cap hit, wielding a bastard sword results in a +33% PCM, meaning that the bastard sword is completely unplayable for knights even at end-game. Blixtev or Halash, you really need to do a pass on power costs for knight and drop them significantly. All in all, there's nothing really wrong with the knight - he's just not as good as the other melee classes, and is consequently the scrawny kid picked last for the team at recess. I would like to see you add some self-sustain to the knight to make him feel tankier (maybe put the self-sustain on block to give it more value). Give one or two of his powers more damage (and either remove twin assault entirely or make it worthwhile). Knight doesn't need an overhaul, but it does need a little love to make it a good choice for a group to take along.
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    Vendors Need to Buy

    We need the ability to purchase goods for a set price on vendors. I would like to put a resource request such as 100 green ore and have the vendor pay them for it.
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    We asked about it in one of the live streams and Thomas Blair said good question .. Then talked about druid balls for the next 5 mins...
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    What went wrong?

    I preferred the old Hungerdome immunity system - all the CC added into a single resolve pool and at a certain level you got a 10 sec window of total CC immunity. That was easy to understand, and was impactful in large group fights because it created a real strategic window (immunity = do I flee, or fight, or heal?). It's not a problem so much with 1v1 or 2v2 because there are limited sources of CC. The problem shows up when larger organized groups focus fire targets. You barely notice the diminishing returns and the short immunity for one type, and then get hit with another type of CC, and so on, in a chain until you are dead.
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    I want the vendors at the camps and towers, forts and keeps. But with limited supplies. 5 camps/ towers near the Mine POI With 2 types of resources from that close by camp. But only have like 100 resources an hour at the camps, 250 an hour and the towers. 500 an hour at the forts, then 1000 an hour at the keeps. Not unlimited all the time availability. Also I would love to see the ability to sell the vendors the proper type of resource and then that would restock/resupply them. Have them pay less than what they charge for of course and it would set a baseline value for things. Once they get caravans in then there could be pack animals going on the paths to and fro. Stuff for the killers to ambush/protect.
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    Enjoy a double-helping of Crowfall videos! FULL STORY
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    If you had surplus resources why were you not selling them to players that don't like to harvest? I'm guessing because gold had no value to you. It's all a kind of circular problem.
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    The state of the game

    Well, I have been through it all with Crowfall. I've stuck around for good patches, I've stuck around for bad patches. However, this one really gets me. I can't take it anymore. Specific patches of flowers are missing from the Test Environment's beachhead. Below is a screenshot of where they should be. These patches of flowers are the ones I've always ran around when I'm bored. Please ACE, add them back, for me. @thomasblair
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    Personally I see a great disparity in active numbers as the only thing to do is take the same 3 forts or farm gold. Yes the ability to create the desired gear has something to do with it. I have several uXa that are not playing till they can play the toon they wish to play . Most recipes are gated behind a training wall . Reaching that wall is taking entirely too long. Being able to gather green gear and mats is a slow process. The passive training taking so long to ramp up or even be able to create the things that people WANT to play is slowing the game to a crawl and making it debilitating to the game population. We can all scream its prealpha and they will test different things but, we would like to see more updates. This slow grind up has been tough . 1x will make the game fairly crappy if they keep gating weapons and armor. Hopefully these scroll things will fix some of that.. Enough of my rambling ! ..
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    If they intend to keep Vendors selling Common resources for Gold it needs to be at or below the rate you could get with actual farming. Gold drops are not affected by Hunger Shards Gold drops are not affected by the changing Season Buffs I would suggest at least 10gold per piece if not more in the line of 15-20. As it is now I can farm up enough gold to get materials for over 10 suits of Armor in 1hour all while being in close proximity to a Bank Harvesters still have to slog through Tool use, deal with being out in the world you know...Harvesting... And the vast majority of their product is still going to be Common. Solo Harvesting is practically dead, especially in later Seasons