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    @New Players - No Vessel vs Vessel

    I see a lot of new players making comments along the lines that they can not compete or even play until they get a crafted vessel. For information's sake here is a side by side view of a level 30 Centaur Champion with no vessel vs a level 30 Centaur Champion with a blue vessel. Same training, same talents selected. No gear. Higher quality vessels are possible ATM but almost all with a vessel will be at this level or lower of quality. This works out to a difference of- 38.5 Attack Power 3.9% Final Damage Modifier 1.2% Crit Chance 0.3% Armor Bonus 1.5% Crit Hit Damage 15.7 Support power 1 Stamina 351 Health I have heard people saying that their group of 3 got wiped out by 1 guy because he had a vessel and they didn't. I've heard a lot of people saying they can really feel the difference in combat now that "everyone has vessels and they do not." I have never heard anyone say that their group of 3 got wiped out by 1 guy because he did 4% more damage than them. I will concede that there are other places to gain advantage. Longer training time, better gear. These will all definitely add up, but it is not just vessels. You can gather all the mats you need in the safety of the temple to craft advanced armor and weapon and you can craft them in an EK right now. Vessels are awesome but don't feel that you shouldn't be playing if you don't have one yet. The biggest advantage vets have over new players is information. The best thing you can do is ask questions and ask for help. Most here with the information are willing to share it. Not sure how/where to craft or what the best way/location to harvest is? Ask Not sure what disciplines or build you should run? Ask Ask on the forums, in game. Hop into guild's public discord and ask questions. We want you to enjoy the game almost as much as you want to.
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    Giving Outposts Area Wide Buffs

    Right now taking and holding outposts is very lackluster. It's boring and usually something people dread doing primarily because there's no reason to grab them other than "points". - If you're a PvPer and you're not in the race to win then there's no point in even bothering with them. - For harvesters they don't get any benefit whatsoever. If you guys gave something like a 5% damage buff for having a nearby Outpost and an extra plentiful harvesting point and extra harvesting critical chance it would really incentivize people to want to grab them for reasons outside of points. - It would add some tactics to taking points on the map. Maybe you want to grab the 2 nearby outposts for a 10% damage buff before trying to take a fort. If you're planning on doing a motherload run you'd want to grab nearby objectives first for the buffs and a fallback point. Overlapping buffs might be too much but maybe there could be a limit to how many stacks you could have. @jtoddcoleman@Tyrant@thomasblair
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    top required change: make forts at the start hostile. rushing out at lvl 1 to cap no fightin is silly
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    Due to the expansive nature of the Undead Alliance structure, Pest UDL has starting to hire contractors to help with his admin. For those looking for the primary guild experience theres the core of the 10 year old alliance: Undead Lords (70+)--the Knights of Myrkul, a death cult RP! Lords of Death (70+)--Another death cult. and Sinister (50+)--vaguely brooding folks that missed the memo on the naming scheme. For those seeking a more unique experience, UDL offers a full range of subguild options: TheBalance (not to be confused with the faction) for the discerning roaming killer. Obsidian for the stealth obsessed Screeling Mostly Harmless, for the un-ironically named. Mithril Warhammers for the dwarvishly inclined For the more independently minded Chaos member there is always Lords of the Dead (30+)(LotD, not to be confused with LoD)--another death cult not quite ready to make the jump to Undead Alliance. Any Elves, Former Elves, and Wannabe-Legolases wishing to join the Undead Alliance may contact @nerion and @MarsJust, UDL Chief Ministers for Elven Re-education and Immigration. @Ginko's door is always open for any new guilds that have yet to hear about a Death Cult near you! Preferred communication is through multiple PMs and spammed discord messages. Join the Undead Alliance Today! This-Message-Paid-For-Jointly-By-Ministry-of-Elven-Re-education and Zerglings-for-Chaos-a-limited-liability-advocacy-group.
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    Solo Outpost Game Play Video

    Here is some solo outpost game play footage I just took. My video recording software messed up and it cut out the first 10 minutes of video.
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    I don't care one way or the other if skills, vessels, and items are wiped. But I can see it being a bit lame starting at 0 skill and just doing a noob campaign. Can you allocate everyone some amount of training to start with or up the training speed. Make us deal with the logistics of harvest/craft vs capturing the map. Really digging the changes to capture point value amounts. Here is my biggest gripe with the current system. It is terribly un-fun. The way it is set up currently, the most efficient route to victory is not to fight the other side but to just have the 3 factions running in a circle behind each other recapping the fort that they just took. It's like a dog chasing its tail. Outposts - Take way to long to capture solo. I would suggest something like 2-3 minutes to full cap it regardless of number of people there. Have outposts send out a call for help in the zone they are in. A toggle we can turn on that shows all outposts under attack on our compass. With a 2-3 minute cap time this give people the chance to actually fight at these nodes, or at least get closer to the people capping them. Forts - This is where the dog chasing it's tail really shines. I want forts to be more like mines were in Shadowbane but with a faster turn around time. I would make it so that a fort can not be recapped for either 1, 2 or 3 hours, chosen randomly. This would be plainly listed on the map. Give the fort a 15-30 minute period where the throne can be claimed by the other sides. Get rid of having people stand in the center to cap and bring back the long channel to claim like we had on dragon statues. If the opposing factions do not claim the fort with-in that 30-60 minute period the defenders keep it for the next 1, 2 or 3 hours. These changes to outposts and forts would make me actually want to do them and organize for them with my guild. I know I would get PvP if I was doing outposts. I'm guaranteed to find someone looking for PvP or have someone find me when I'm looking for PvP. Yay! PvP. The changes to the forts would make it so that there was almost always going to be organized GvG PvP on the hour and adds a layer of strategy to the game. Do we defend our fort(s) or claim another? Right now claiming forts is just 3 factions each running up to a different fort, standing in the center uncontested while alt-tabbed, rotate clockwise. Make this style of play not the most effective of getting points. Make the entire playerbase's option only to either defend or attack a combination of only about 5 forts each hour, instead of attack or defend a combination of 20 forts 24/7. Funnel us towards each other, not spread us out. Keeps - I'd Say these are mostly fine the way they are. 3 that all are active at the same time once per day. Only thing I would do is rotate the times each day so that PST and EST all get a shot at prime time keeps throughout the week. I'd engage in all of these activities even if my side was losing horribly. PvP is still PvP.
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    Zybak Discussion

    It is our firm policy not to discuss a player with a third party. As stated before, if you have concerns about a member of the community, please contact support@crowfall.com.
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    Path to Alpha - Official discussion thread

    Ice is a form of water and JTC hates water.
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    You forgot Frostweaver! That’s very important to the success of Alpha!
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    Improvement to the camp/capture system

    Current Problem There a problem with the fundamental with the camp/capture system that simply put you can flip anything at anytime with basically no warning take the fort for example they get flipped so quickly you cant even defend against it most times because by the time u get over there it been taken. I feel i have a solution to this that will keep campaigns a little less chaotic bit and strategic Changes to the Territory system Key Points - To Take keeps during a seige your faction must have a presence in the area lets says own 25% of the Control points. - All Camps/Forts/Keeps are connected together (Refer to Fig 1 Below) - The capture points must always connect up with a Beachhead or a Fort to be able to progress this way you can cut off the supply lines so to speak and hault the push (See fig 2) - You can capture through runegates if you own points connect to it to the otherside that connects to your beachead Edit: - Free cities runegates shouldnt count for territoy These changes you should see more PvP happening fighting over control points instead of just flipping points where no one happens to be at/defending, you can also see on the map wether or not someone making a push towards your forts and able to muster a defence agaist it without it being flipped uncontested. Ive spend alot of time capturing control points these last 2 campaigns and its rare you actually get a fight cause no one knows your doing it which is kinda boring. There not a whole lot of incentive for people especially unguided people to cap them either adding a small reward loot table may help that like a hand full of resources doesnt have to be much like even 10-20 or a small chance for a gem or mineral would go along way that or boose guard drop a little to be inline with mobs. References https://imgur.com/a/8oPtWj9 Fig 1: (Red lines represent Connections that works both ways, Orange are one way connections these are connected from Beachhead runegates and Keeps, You can attack from castles but dont need surrounding points to assult keeps at siege times. Fig 2: Shows the supply lines have been cut and order can nolonger capture points using these locations so balance can take back this territory unless order can reestablish the supply line to the runegates
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    Wiping : From my point of view i would say wipe spirit banks/characters but keep the training. Why? So you can test how a new player experience will be in joining a new campaign, i'm not that sure the points in skills training (health, crit chance etc...) are so huge between a veteran and a new player, the only huge gap for me is in the harvesting/crafting stuff. If you are not wiping the skills system, new players coming will be able to have access to vendors/stuff veteran players will put in the Free city. If you wipe them, then the free city is useless since nobody will have the training required to make decent stuff before weeks/month. A lot of new players are calling on the general how to get stuff, so it's a good thing, again from my point of view, to let the skill train go on the sanctioned campaign to have a good overview of the economy ingame. But if needed then wipe everything. Points/Capture mechanics : It seems that you have the right ideas to avoid the "Uncle bob" thingies, i'm not a game designer so i'll let that to the specialist. My only concerns actually about the points/capture things are : Forts are too easily capturable : A player alone with scarecrow can take a fort, even more if he's one of the FOTM promotion class (pitfighter, plate confessor, paladin) Some powers/glitches are abused to bypass the walls (blinks, teleport etc..) who add a sense of useless in building those walls. I'll suggest to put debuffs in the zone of the fort/keep, kinda the same way Towers worked in Shadowbane, it should be dangerous to go into a fort/keep, not just a walk in the park like it's actually Buffs/variance guards : as actually they are all ranger = scarecrow. Ever make them immune to this discipline or get some variances in guards, we had some of those variance in previous builds, make guards great again! (but not too much like OS guards we experienced before) Make it more easy to build defense when you own a fort, for example actually it's quite hard to find ressources to build those walls, it end with forts being abandonned with no walls because people don't care about it (add even more to the feel of cycle capture) Night caping : maybe make opening window to forts capture to avoid the night caping teams? Not sure about this one because it's not really fair for those who haven't the same hours of everyone else. More alerts we don't know what happen until it's too late as @Soulreaver stated, we need to be advertised more faster when a fort is being under attack, because actually we are only alerted when they are already caping it. Make it when walls are damaged, guards hits or such Some Faction wide chat tab would add some more dimensions in planning attack/defenses and could eventually help bring a sentiment in wanting to participate (instead of only some groups of organized players yet) i've seen for examples some dudes asking for group in pvp in the zone chat of the temple. After all, i enjoyed those 2 weeks of campaigns testing, i personnaly like when the time for defending the keep is coming and everyone gather to the zone to be part of it, it's great time and it's nice to see those big fights talking place (despite the issues around it but hey ! It's pre-alpha) We have a full month of January to test your tweakings so let's go !
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    I would very much prefer a spirit bank/character wipe for when the sanctioned campaign comes. As others have previous stated, there are just some guilds who do not know yet how to make vessel, where others already have Blue/Epic vessels running around, that is a huge difference in stats, and would suck for a big part of the new players. Also, I know passive training has come quite far now, but I know we have a decent amount in the guild(and outside of the guild) , who are behind due to vacation time (going home to families in christmas, traveling for new years etc.), and these people currently do not have a way to catch up to those who trained from minute one. Which is why I would say wipe everything. This would also make it so, people have no excuses when the campaign ends, and they lose Edit: What you could do, is have everyone start with full trained basic trees in the skills, just to move it a bit further along.
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    Welcome to Crowfall Pre-Alpha Build 5.8 Welcome to The March to the First Campaign To report any issues, bugs, or feedback you have for this playtest session, please go here: 5.8 Feedback and Bug Reports For an up-to-date list of known issues please go here: 5.8 Known Issues Please note: Group aura has been toned down, but still may persist. Groups: Group Aura has been removed. Eternal Kingdom: Players should no longer lose inventory when moving between Eternal Kingdoms. Campaigns: Players in the EU Campaign should no longer be returned to the Lobby when using a runegate.
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    5.8 - Things that are awesome

    In game development the things people like are usually drowned out by the gripes and complaints - but both are valuable; a team also needs to know what the good stuff is so that they can make more of it. So this is a 'good stuff' thread. For me, who hasn't really played any pre-alpha content since HungerDome, it looks a bit like this: The sacrifice system is fantastic. There needs to be voluntary economy sinks, and this is a good one. It handily turns crafting failures into some sort of return on the materials, which is a nice 'feel good' for the 'feel bad' of a failure. Which ties into crafting... I've not really delved the nuts and bolts specifics of it like some other folks, but what I've seen so far is really fun. I especially enjoy how much input I can have on the process - from materials to choices in experimentation. It's infinitely better than the fare you get in some other MMOs where crafting is that button you press ten thousand times to get to that one thing you really want to make. Gathering is nicely varied and I can go for an hour or two without triggering my allergy to repetition. I especially like the fireflies and lighting on harvestables as it makes them easier to find in the massive world... It also makes gatherers easier to find, which adds complications when I'm gathering, but that's part of the game. The world is gorgeous, and the procedural assembly is really great. I can recognize the individual land 'module' once I'm in it, but the random assembly of modules adds a ton of replay value as it feels like a new place to explore with each world. The scale of the game world is amazing. By this I'm referring to the structures like the faction temples, keeps, forts, etc. But the landmass versus travel speed is really nice too... I was worried that the mounts would break the massive feel, but I'm happy to report that even at epic mount speed the worlds are still adequately huge - without being so big you never see anyone else. The character model customizations are coming along nicely. I'm really grateful for the inclusion of some non-standard races as it really sets the IP apart from the hordes of MMOs where character choice is short, tall, thin, fat, or oddly colored human. The combat, for me, has been really great - in my limited exposure. The pacing is good as it lends toward a tactical feel versus pounce and gib where the victim has no real say in the process. And it's easy enough to figure out how to do it, but I can see that mastering a class / sub-class will take some work and this is a good thing... It really reminds me of Shadowbane (natch) in that the 'meta' was always whatever a really good player did with whatever crazy thing they came up with, then everyone would do whatever that player did - poorly - until the next great player with a crazy idea... The secret sauce was always the player more than the specific race, point, or discipline allocations.
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    Several months back, I posted a quick review of my thoughts on the direction of Crowfall. I got ALOT of feedback both good and bad. Surprisingly, most people seemed to actually AGREE with me on my post(s)/topic and so I thought I would do a second update. As many of you know, alot of players/backers have either quit or have lost interest in this games direction. Not surprising as alot of players purchased this with HIGH HOPES OF THE NEXT SHADOWBANE. I fully respect and understand this is not shadowbane 2, (or it would be called that) but marketing a game with some very very similar catch phrases and ideas can get you into hot water with gamers as its misleading. (aka look at Shroud of the Avatar..(cough cough) UO fail anyone???) Changes NEEDING rework/revamp. 1. While you did take the time to "speed up" harvesting and make it more "mario-esque", The game and amount of work is still just WAY to farming/survival dependent. If you want you actual core playerbase (and yes I do mean the Shadowbane/pvp diehards), stop catering and turning this into the next "zombie (fill in the blanks here) survial game 2016/2017/2018. If I wanted to play RUST/Conan Exiles/and the whole rest of these fad games I would be. 2. The game is about COMBAT/THRONE RULE. Once again, less time in these janky simple-safe talent trees/skills. UO/Shadowbane/(ORIGINAL VANILLA WOW!!) all let us make massive screwed up toons that were just trash! But we had FUN doing it!!! It was about experimentation and LEARNING/individuality. This hand holding playing "safe" is boring and insulting. If I want to make a mino/dual-wield/busted-stealth/healer...then let me do it. Ya he sucks, but you know what??? I'm UNIQUE!!! 3. Some players...DO-NOT-WANT-TO-HARVEST-FARM. PERIOD. As in PERIOD. Give us starter weapons and give us mob camps and let us do what we do best. Again, WAY WAY to much time into this crafting/harvest scenario. You are FORCING us to an extent to do it. I have NO..NO desire along with my friends to smash trees and rocks. We want WEAPONS/KILLING. 4. The stances really really need to be looked into. 1 Key should cycle between ranged/melee. To be honest, even making it possible to just not leave your combat stance to go BANG ON MORE TREES AND ROCKS (as that's what seems once again to be the focal point of this game so far) should be possible. It's not smooth, its not fluid, and its unnecessary. There are 3 Major MMO's pouring out in 2019/2020 (besides this game). The truth is one or two of these games will take the market of core pvpers. I actually FEEL the devs are listening/correcting/responding to our concerns but i'm begging the team to really REALLY look into reddit posts/old forum comparison posts/etc and take a good long hard look at what "core" base you are aiming for. (My girl walked in and stared at this game while I was playing..her response??? "It looks like a kid's game...") I want this game to flourish, but when friends quit because the game feels like a "farm simulator" there's a MAJOR issue. Mark the maps on next update with "mob locations", prime harvest area's etc. If you want players to "stick" and actually STAY in testing...give us what we signed up for...WAR.
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    I hope you guys enjoy this. My intentions were to have this be an interview by the players and for the players. I asked them some pretty tough questions and I think it turned out pretty well!
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    Make camps connect to forts, meaning in order to take a fort u need to fill in the missing camps from your beachhead and onwards. https://community.crowfall.com/topic/23373-improvement-to-the-campcapture-system/
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    If you feel the need to wipe skills to make a campaign fair, that suggests there is something wrong with the whole passive skills system. Everyone starting out with wiped skills is only going to happen once after the game launches. I feel like you should be designing the game so that wipes aren't needed to keep it fair. Or you should stand behind the decision that passive training means things are not entirely fair in this sandbox pvp game.
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    My grievances with 5.8

    I'm rarely writing forum posts about things I don't like in game. But this patch there are so many that I feel I have to say a few of them. First of all, the levelling and talent trees. I enjoy playing different classes/roles in games and therefore like that we don't have the racial and class training any more which in theory gives us more freedom which classes we can play. But really it's just in theory because in reality, who has the time and patience to level them all up? Even worse, how can a beginner know which class/promo-class he should play with which discs? He has no way or trying out different things without having to put hours of work into levelling a vessel and then might end up not liking the class or not finding it sutable for his playstyle. Even with doing a proper research before and asking other players, it's nothing compared to personal experience. The game is already grindy enough in terms of crafting and harvesting. I don't really see why also to include levelling into this. And I know it's possible to level a basic vessel quite fast but still, I do not want to spend days with just levelling vessels until I find the right class/discipline combination. No matter which way you do it, it's very dull. And we should not forget, we also will have to buy/make the gear for the class we chose to try out. Not everyone had access to TEST long enough to try out everything they would like to and in the future new players will come into the game without ever having the chance to test. Once we make a better version of ourselves by crafting a vessel (or buying one), it's levelling all over again to just be able to play the thing. I liked it a lot more when levelling was a choice and not a must to be able to play the class. Starting with absolutely no skills is really dull and unneccesary, not to mention very repetitive. Crowfall was supposed to be not as dull as games where you level up by doing stupid quests like: "kill 20 spiders" or "help the farmer milk his cows" and other such crap. But seriously I'd take that a hundred times over the levelling we have now. In my opinion, gathering mats and then crafting a vessel should already be enough work. There is no need to also add a mandatory levelling process. If Crowfall really is going to stick to this talent levelling, I suggest to at least create a place (outside the campaigns) where we can pick up level 30 vessels with all skillpoints unspent so we can test to our hearts desire. So once we do go into the campaign, we know exactly what we want. Of course those vessels would have to remain to outside the campaigns in a designated EK or something. Call it training ground. Oh and bring the practice dummies back! Second grievance my characters all having a seperate inventory is an organisational nightmare. I need a toon or a friend I trust every time I want to move something from one char to another. Spirit bank is not an option with the amount of things most people gather. I do not like it at all and see no reason for it. Maybe someone does. If so, please enlighten me. Third grievance I have with 5.8 is the crafting. There was a lot people disliked about the crafting in previous patches and I think most irritating was for everyone the randomness. Even with a fully trained blacksmith on a vessel as good as we could make them with jewellry and crafting gear on, it was possible to fail the rolls on a metal bar. I think everyone disliked the fact that no matter if your skills were higher than the difficulty, you could put in a bunch of coloured ressources and get total crap in the end. Especially frustrating for things like chestpieces and two hand weapons that cost a lot of mats. The crafting process per se wasn't bad. I think it just needed a bit of tweaking. There was a lot of joy and disappointment and overall it was kind of exiting. As it is now it feels flat and dull with no spark to it. The results are more or less all the same (if you reroll the final roll). Rolling one point after another is dull to watch (I think no one does that, they just click the next button). I miss having the thrill of seeing a good roll. Setting the risk... well I find it very.. meh. The crafting is just mindless clicking now with just a lot higher dust costs. I'd take the old system back over the new one anytime even if it means I will have to live with the frustration of failing common metal bars and other things occasionally. The worst of it all are still the crafts that need so many components that it could put me to sleep while doing it (chain and plate armor layers for chestpieces!) I also don't like the crafting discs. When at some point we are so skilled that we can have 2 crafts maxed and combat maxed too, I still can only play one on the same char or I'd have no combat discs at all. Fourth grievance are the maps. Making new maps is good and cool if you feel the old ones weren't what you wanted. But not giving us the ability to map the zones yet is really bad. There are many zones and no way of finding anything on the map itself like it used to be. For testing this is really terrible since we spend way too much time finding ressources or mapping them on our won (kind of pointless seeing how fast the campaigns end and we get new maps). Also the decision to lower the ranks of the nodes in the current campaign comes at the wrong time - one week too late. Now that we finally have a bit skills do do higher rank nodes, in the PoI's we can only find rank 4-6 and low rank mobs so also less gold to farm. All in all this doesn't encourage me to play as much in this test as I planned to. I feel like I'm workign my ass off for very little fun (crafting dull, levelling dull, gathering a pain because nodes hard to find etc). The actual combat is still fun but with all the other things to do plus capping outposts, I rarely get to fight.
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    The Role of Negativity in Crowfall

    The bitter Shadowbane vets in this thread need to realize one thing: Shadowbane is a dead game. Sure it was entertaining at the time. Yes it made some memorable moments. Is it still a commercial success? No. The game is dead. It's not even on life support like Eve or Albion Online. It's done. If you've come here looking for an exact replica of Shadowbane with better graphics and some minor QoL changes you are simply dreaming. The developers are here to make money. Shadowbane has been proven to not be successful 10 years ago, and without learning the lessons from all of the failed games that have come after it will result in it dying again, we will have all wasted our money, and it will join Shadowbane in the trash heap of dead games. That's not to say that you can't take some positives from Shadowbane. Most of us bought into Crowfall for the PvP aspects of it which use a similar framework to Shadowbane. I think posters like OP acknowledge that certain mechanics need to be tweaked which is a perfectly valid opinion pre-alpha. The bitter Shadowbane vets need to understand that some elements in their game resulted in a terrible death, and instead of rejecting change, embrace it. Find areas of common ground. We have to work with the framework of Shadowbane and make it better. Put the nostalgia away and lets get to work.
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    Crowfall is not ready for "Sanctioned" campaigns with permanent rewards. Here's why. Campaigns are cool. Its awesome to see it coming together. However there are MASSIVE blind spots on the project's status at the moment. In no particular order, here are the ones that I feel break the campaign model. Why does this feel like ACE is barreling headlong in to hype when they've been so careful to give features time to cook up to this point? What's the rush? 1: Teleporting through walls. This is supposed to be a thing duelists and only duelists can do on a long cooldown. Currently any character with a teleport can violate walls, which means violating the early warning system for forts and sneaking unintended classes and roles in to keeps. This issue is over a year old. And continues to largely invalidate massive portions of the fort/keep gameplay loop and the importance players place on maintaining walls and other structures. 2: Population Balance Limits This is just a necessary step for faction campaigns. Because faction campaigns are largely built around random people looking for a leg up by bandwagoning on to the largest blob, the most efficient method of winning is... joining the winning team. Without systems in play to somehow restrict the population, and with the heightened incentive of actual rewards for campaigns you're not only going to see the same blowouts we already have. You're going to see the severity of that pop imbalance multiplies by greed. 3: Talent Balance/disciplines You literally just increased the overall complexity of balancing your combat by a factor of 3. Clear problems have already emerged, and most players don't even have "midgame" gear and vessels to gauge how broken or not broken various permutations of stats+vessels+talents even are. You simply can not start offering permanent rewards in a system where the inherent class balance is so volatile. ESPECIALLY when you're literally changing the entire system again so you have no clear motivation to even balance it because that balance work will be null and void with talents 2.0 restricting the node and power choices further. 4. The Scoring and Scoreboard The scoring encourages avoiding PvP and nightcapping.. The scoreboard literally does not work to track the few things it is supposed to track. Campaigns are currently decided by who has the most patience rather than who has the best soldiers. Lots of people have suggested ways to modify this and I'm certain the ACE team is also on the ball with fixes. Making a "sanctioned" campaign the first test of these fixes is, quite frankly, a bad idea. 5. The Siege vuln window Having all vuln windows start simultaneously doesn't work. Defending owned assets is obviously higher priority for a faction than attacking enemy assets. It takes the same amount of time for each faction to successfully defend its assets by killing the bane trees. The current state of siege is that they don't happen because you're placing players in a situation where they are required to simultaneously defend and attack. Players aren't going to do that. Vuln windows need to be stepped so each faction has an opportunity to both attack and defend on separate schedules or you'll see a whole "official" campaign of... empty sieges. 6. Import/export metagaming The ability to export from anywhere in the world is ridiculous. The ability to import 200 items is ridiculous. Tying these values to a vessel to allow players to effectively access infinite imports and exports undoes the entire system. Anyone with an extra account or one trusted friend literally invalidates the entire system even if the import/export count was 1. If ytou want people to craft in campaigns, stop making it so easy for them to craft an infinite amount of stuff in EKs and import/export an infinite amount of items. 7. Objectives that matter/uncle bob Score only matters for wins. While I'm sure people in a sanctioned campaign will care about wins, keep in mind that your reward model for the final game is wins=exports. This means people with nothing to export have zero incentive to win. This leads to a slipperly slope of early capping resulting in HUGE point returns and an ultimately unassailable point advantage. Your "uncle bob" analogy is alive and well in the current campaign model, even in campaigns as short as 4 days. Your campaigns are not doing the one thing they were designed to do: create a competitive, engaging thronw war where victory seems worth trying for up until the end. I hope this doesn't come off as overly negative. I honestly just see a game that is much improved but not ready for competitive prime time, and a dev team that is increasingly concerned with putting forth hype to oversell an underdeveloped product. Crowfall IS gfetting there, but you're putting the cart before the horse.
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    I agree it would be interesting to have the seasons have more strategic differences for resources and loot tables. Definitely makes sense from a lore standpoint.
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    If you have to survey the testing group for reasons to test then you’re probably not a good tester. We are here to break the game. Find exploits. Cheat and have it fixed. Report back what works and what doesn’t. You’re not playing an alpha, you’re testing it.
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    I'm going to do a bit of cleanup and close the thread. I'd like to remind everyone that accusations of trolling, cheating and other improprieties should be communicated via support@crowfall.com where it can then be routed to the necessary folks at ACE. The forum itself is not a place for such accusations since it always leads to off-topic derailment that snowballs into forum warnings that can lead to forum bans.
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    Hybrid Druid (Archdruid) Feedback

    Vanilla Druid has always been my favorite CF class since it was first introduced in HD, mostly because of the essence management yin yang mechanic. So I finally gave Hybrid Druid a try this campaign. I love the concept of a bomber spec for niche siege situations, but there's definitely a couple things holding it back at the moment. Atm, Hybrid Druid does two things in a fairly mediocre way: bombing and healing. 1) Bombing is the theme for Hybrid druid, so I'll address it first. I don't mind that it's a niche class and a niche ability for siege/choke point situations only. I dig that. But the bombs have approx 4m range and that's less than melee range. It's just too short and inconsistent, specially considering ppl can just ult through it. Also once you activate Blight and the bombs trigger they become invisible to you and you cannot see them anymore. Bug? So Hybrid only really becomes viable when he can hit someone with 3 bombs and get the buff (it's actually 4, because the 3rd orb is not counting for the buff atm, is that a bug?). Hitting someone with 4+ bombs requires a lot of setup, I feel like the bombs should have at least around 7m range. It's still less range than a dodge. The damage values of the bombs and the buff you get from hitting someone with 4+ are all perfectly fine, it just needs more explosion range to be more consistent. I mean, c'mon, melee has better range. And it takes a lot of setup and time to make it happen. Realistically you need to hit someone with at least 6+ bombs to have a meaningful impact that can change the course of a fight, and I'm talking intermediate armor here, not even the high end stuff. Extra range is needed to make the class more viable and less of a fun gimmick. 2) Healing: I get it, this is the earthkeeper's job. But I feel like archdruid should at least be given the option to use the Surging Spirit disc (or something similar) in order to become more competent at healing. Earthkeeper has his passive, you can just keep on healing all day long. Hybrid will still need to swap trays, do bombing, etc. Plus the hybrid needs to make a choice, use his orbs for healing or his bread and butter bombs. And he has less healing powers available too. With surging spirit it could still feel like your heals actually mean something, while not being nearly as good at it as the earthkeeper and needing to swap trays more often. Like the vanilla druid of old ^^ 3) Just as a final note, I'd love to see the Lightning Burst/Aurora Emitter combo returned to the Archdruid as well. It would fit his "siege bomber" niche much better than Stormcaller. I think those two powers should be swapped. And aurora emitter AoE dmg ticks should be buffed (been saying this for years lol). @thomasblair @jtoddcoleman Make hybrid druid great again! <3
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    That isn't what I am talking about. I am well aware of the longstanding plan to wipe before soft launch and never again after. What I am talking about is how commonly people ask for wipes in the name of fairness. That is something that has happened for every major patch of Crowfall, and will continue to happen after this "first sanctioned campaign." Either there is something wrong with the system, or people just need to accept that the system does give an advantage to veterans over beginners-- by design.
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    I can't understate how huge all of these are to addressing Faction warfare scoring in the genre as a whole. Guild Wars 2 was plagued with scoring issues (too many to list here), but at its core, you've fundamentally solved nearly all of my concerns. The busiest time in GW2 WvWvW was the opening day of each weeks campaign. It's because everyone understood that the scores start at 0 for everyone, and it was anyone's game. The reality was that off-peak capturing by EU/AS forces effectively screwed over some servers by allowing those teams to seize points when the majority of players couldn't respond. Complicating matters is that once the scores ran away too far between each team, players would stop logging in. It was possible to know who was going to win almost immediately at the start/middle of a week. These scoring systems allow players to join 50% of the way through a campaign and still pull an underdog victory out. At the same time, none of this is achieved by using artificial deflationary point awards, or other unclear methods at keeping point values "close". Players will know quickly that its possible to win in the 4th quarter because every touchdown is worth 21 points. I really like this and I can guarantee that Guild Wars 2 WvW veterans will love it too. Couple this with siege windows for forts/keeps and you've got yourself a real ballgame here.
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    Loving the seasonal adjustments to the point system. It makes winter count. IMO. Don't wipe skills unless there's a development reason for it. Most of us started about the same time, and starting over from zero after just starting to taste real skills isn't fun.
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    Caldera [EU] - Playing with Fire

    After ~7 hours of constant action on the European server. Chaos finally got back, from the 2000 point lead Balance had. Thank you to @DravoiX , Horizon, and the balance faction for creating all this action, it was a lot of fun! And thank you for the great effort from the chaos guys! Especially Northlanders @Roccah @Battlex @BamBamBarny etc., thank you! 800 captures .. Good job guild!
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    So far in 5.8 I have leveled, geared and tested the following: Knight -> swordsman, knight -> sentinel, knight -> secutor, cleric -> radical, cleric -> crusader, duelist -> dirge, ranger -> archer, ranger -> warden, confessor -> sanctifier, templar -> paladin, druid -> earthkeeper, and champion -> pitfighter. There are some clear winners and losers in that batch. Pitfighter is absurdly overpowered. It has amazing self sustain, high health, high mitigation, good mobility, and good damage. No weaknesses. Self-sustain is the most powerful ability in the game, and the champion has it in spades. The druid leveling process is terrible if you actually try to play through the levels. Of the knights, the swordsman remains the one that feels best to me, although the nerf to the bonus dmg on the swordsmanship passive's buff (mighty surge) combined with the nerf that resulted in only one knight power having a chance to activate it left it far behind the dps specs of other melee dps promotion classes. Swordsman (and knight in general) gets low attack power totals compared to other classes. Sentinel is in a weird place because retaliate is almost always available now, so CC has little effect. The extra PCM lets the sentinel use heavy weapons to try to make up damage on powers, with meh results. Secutor feels bad to me, although I know a couple of other knights who enjoy it. The dmg on Secutor is based around bash crits, and it appears that the bash crit hit dmg is significantly higher than the tooltip math suggests it should be. If that is a bug and it gets fixed, secutor will suck hard, since its mitigation doesn't help at all in terms of survivability compared to the self-sustain classes. That's an overall problem with knights in general. Mitigation scales well with gear, so knight survivability is poor in early game, and improves with end game gear. But the self sustain classes (champion in particular) start out strong, and also have their mitigation scale with gear, so they're still far ahead of mitigation-only classes at end game. Clerics.. cleric base dmg shouldn't be fire. With confessors, templars and clerics all doing fire dmg, firewalker becomes a mainstream discipline, and counter-disciplines should be for specialist builds. If you don't want clerics doing crushing, give them cold dmg or electrical dmg so that the elemental dmg types are spread out. Cleric healing in large fights becomes problematic because it's really hard to land a targeted heal on your intended target. Crowfall targeting feels too imprecise for that, and you often end up wasting a heal on someone adjacent to your target, or passing through your line of sight. Radical DPS feels like it'll be better in mass combat, where the ultimate and the LMB (eventually) hitting two targets with the MoH passive (assuming that gets moved to something now that weapon mastery disciplines are going away) can help. Ranger - I really wanted to like the Archer gimmick. But in an actual pvp fight, you simply don't get to stand still long enough to take advantage of the signature power. Even in a siege. Also, the screen shake on rapid fire gives me motion sickness. That needs to be toned down dramatically, or we need a setting that lets us turn that poorly made socks off. The rest of the promotion classes I tested felt pretty decent. confessor sanctifier, templar paladin, and duelist dirge are all quite good at what they do, but have areas of weakness to compensate. CC-based classes don't feel right at the moment. I don't think we should lose control of our characters, so in a game with as much CC as we have now, the extra retaliates feel necessary. But on the other hand, they reduce CC to momentary inconveniences, rendering cc classes ineffective. The coming combination of DR pools will only exacerbate this. We've seen some good performance increases in 5.8 - small group combat feels pretty good, although the artificial segregation of the campaign map into siege zones and adventure zones feels like a crappy gimmick necessitated by a poor server architecture. And it doesn't help large group combat. Sieges still often degenerate into slideshows. It feels like you're going to have to further instance sieges and limit the number of attackers and defenders, and that will be a death knell for your game of thrones concept. I would absolutely love to be proven wrong on this. One last balance point: I feel every class should have access to some self-sustain. Right now you have some classes with none and some with oodles, and the disparity is jarring.
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    Welcome, Saga Correspondents!

    On December 6, 2018, we put out a call for front-line reporters, and we'd like to thank each of you who answered that call: Saga Correspondents may post here, but this forum is read-only for anyone outside the group. This should make it easier for conversations to stay on-topic. You may use this forum to share links to your Campaign-related videos and streams, social media channels and even your reports. You may also contact us via community@crowfall.com if you wish to share your submissions privately. Please note that any content submitted in the "line of duty" as a Saga Correspondent becomes the property of ArtCraft Entertainment.
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    State of the Knight 5.8

    I'm not going to delve too heavily into the promotion classes. The issues regarding CC specs are known, and it's pretty much acknowledged at this point by anyone who plays a knight that the Swordsman spec is the best of the three while Secutor is the worst. This post is going to focus more on the core knight design and its role as a tank. There are 3 tank classes in Crowfall: Knight, Templar and Myrmidon. Tanks are supposed to be able to soak up damage, and each of these classes does it in different ways. How the tanks tank: Myrmidons can wear mail armor and have two different abilities which can provide healing: Berserk and Vengeance. Their final mitigation is capped at 50% by default. Strangely, the Battle Rager promotion increases their final mitigation cap by 25%, but doesn't enable them to wear plate armor. Templars can wear plate armor and have a 65% final mitigation cap by default. The Paladin promotion can raise that cap by another 25%. Templars also have Righteous Stand, which gives them immunity to CC and damage mitigation for a single attack, and triggers Righteous Parry if successful, which does good damage and knocks the target down. They also have healing via Devotion and Divine Light. Both of these abilities heal the entire group if they are within range. Knights can wear plate armor and have a 65% final mitigation cap by default. They can increase that cap by 10% via the Secutor promotion. Knight's also have Block, which mitigates incoming damage by 50% (after all other mitigation and damage is calculated, I think), but that can be increased to 70% via talents. Block also prevents CC and can be maintained as long as the knight has stamina. There are talents/disciplines which improve the stamina usage. Knights also have a barrier via Noble Blood. The tooltip doesn't say how much it's for, but last I heard it was 500 HP. Healing vs Armor Basically, we have 2 types of mitigation, healing and armor, and healing is vastly superior for several reasons. First, healing isn't specific to any damage type. It doesn't matter what type of damage you get hit by, whether it's bleed, poison, piercing or even holy damage. Armor, on the other hand, it very dependent on damage type. Every class can get 18% armor bonus for physical, elemental and organic via the skill trees. AFAIK, Rangers are the only class that has a talent for bleed armor bonus. Knights have talents that give them up to 11% physical armor bonus. Plate armor can be crafted to give a balance across all 3 major types, or it can be crafted to give a larger boost in 1 major type and lower amounts in the other 2. Armor will never be as good as healing for all 3 major damage groups, and it will never be able to mitigate bleed or holy damage. Constitution provides some bleed mitigation, but the numbers are so small that it's irrelevant. Second, healing can be used to replenish lost HP, whether the target is getting hit or not, at least for the Templar. The Myrms heals don't allow him to go past what he started with. Armor mitigation can only reduce the amount of HP lost when hit. It can't give you HP back. And third, healing is less dependent on gear. Yes, good gear will improve the heals in many cases, but a naked Myrmidon using Berserk will heal the same regardless (assuming they don't miss their crash). A naked Knight has no defense other than Noble Blood and Block. A large part of armor mitigation is designed to come from armor rather than buffs/bonuses, which I will talk about more in a later section. The only heal knights have is the Resolve passive. This passive can only activate once every 90 seconds and it only activates when the knight's HP drops below 20%. If you drop below 20% and it's on cooldown, you're out of luck. Even if it comes off cooldown, if you are already below 20%, you are out of luck. It only activates when you drop below 20%. As such, it isn't reliable. It will save you for a few seconds, but that's about it. It doesn't come close to the kind of sustain that other classes have. Counters Healing can be countered to a degree with certain abilities. These abilities either reduce healing effectiveness by a percentage, or they require the target to heal a certain amount before seeing any benefit from their heals. CC prevents healing for the most part (DoTs will still run), but it's not possible to keep someone locked down with the way Retaliate and CC immunity works. Armor can be bypassed in many ways. First, there are abilities that reduce armor mitigation by a percentage. Brutal Slam, for example, from the Shield Fighter discipline, or Centaur's Wild Charge. Both say they reduce physical armor, not that they increase armor penetration, which is an important distinction due to "Blair math". Armor can be bypassed by Templars via Holy Warrior, or by anyone using Standard Bearer to change the entire group's damage to Electric. Not so good for the knight who stacked physical armor. Block and Noble Blood can both be countered via Shield Breaker. Our best defense is easily turned into a liability by one discipline. Even if we don't use Block, we have to use Noble Blood to get to Oath of Will. Yes, Shield Breaker affects Righteous Stand too, but Templars have heals in addition to their armor. Block and Noble Blood Speaking of Block, it's of concern how it works against DoTs. AFAIK, it doesn't. I know in the past that Rend DoTs have been applied in full through Block. I assume that poison and disease DoTs work the same way. Block only affects direct damage. If this is inaccurate and Block reduces the effectiveness of DoTs, please let me know. Block also makes the Knight immobile. Yes, we can move while blocking, but it's very slow. We also can't do anything else while we are blocking. Meanwhile, the Myrmidon is free to run around and do damage while under the effects of Berserk or Vengeance, and the Templar does damage and healing with Divine Light, can move within its radius, and also has complete freedom of movement while under the effects of Devotion. Noble Blood does not scale, nor does, I assume, the barrier that Secutors get on Pursuit. What good is the 500 HP barrier from Noble Blood when people are hitting me for that much or more with basic attacks? The changes to advanced weapons will help, but it doesn't change the fact that most barriers don't scale. Armor Caps There are two different caps on armor. The first is the Armor Bonus Cap, which is set to 35% for all classes, for all mitigation types (except for Holy which can never be mitigated by armor). Armor Bonus comes from a variety of sources, including dexterity, skills, talents, gear, abilities and passives. The second cap is the Final Mitigation Cap, as I noted in the first section above. All 3 tanks have the potential to increase these caps to 75%, or higher in the case of Templar. Both the Knight and Templar start with 65% by default, and the Myrmidon starts with 50%. The Final Mitigation Caps include your chest armor values and whatever you get from Armor Bonuses, which is capped at 35%. In order to reach the final cap, a knight will need to get 30% from his chestplate (or 40% for a Secutor). It is ridiculously easy for a knight to cap Physical Armor Bonus. 18% from skills plus 11% from talents gives 29% total. That only leaves 6% beneath the cap. If you decide to make a guinecean knight and run a dex build with 300 dex, that's another 3% used up. Let's say you also decide to take the Rune Caster Discipline. The Sanctuary ability gives 20% armor bonus to the group, but you're only getting 3% physical armor from it because of the cap. It isn't as easy to cap elemental or organic armor bonuses, but it's still very easy to do via abilities and passives. In the same scenario listed above, you'd only be getting 14% elemental and organic instead of the full 20%. Even Bleed mitigation is affected. The Benediction ability from the Friar discipline gives 50% bleed mitigation, but you max out at 35% because of the cap. Blair Math Unfortunately, we don't know exactly how the math works. In a Q&A video quite a while ago, Blair mentioned a change to armor to account for armor penetration. Previously, armor was capped at a certain number and certain classes were able to get a lot of penetration, which would effectively drop armor by a lot. If I was capped at 65% and someone had 30% penetration, I effectively had 35% mitigation. Blair changed it so that we could in theory go over the cap, but only when calculating total mitigation vs penetration. So if I had 75% mitigation total with a 65% cap and you hit me with 5% penetration, I would mitigate 65% of the damage. If you hit me with 15% penetration, I'd mitigate 60% of the damage. The problem is, we don't know if this only applies to the final mitigation cap. If I'm at 35% physical armor bonus and I get another 20% from my armor, that puts me at 55% final physical mitigation. If I then use the Rune Sanctuary ability, my physical mitigation values will not change. Does the math behind the scenes take that into account? Is it giving me a total of 75% and subtracting penetration from that, or is the armor bonus always a 35% contribution and the math only applies to the final mitigation number? If the enemy has 5% penetration, am I getting 50% mitigation or 65% mitigation in that case? Regardless of how the math is actually working, it's very non-intuitive. I don't understand why certain promotions raise the final caps but don't raise the armor bonus caps. I don't really understand why we need 2 different caps to begin with. Maybe the armor bonus caps are a means of limiting the mitigation of other classes so they can't match what plate wearers can achieve, but it hurts plate wearers just as much. If that's the case, then the armor bonus caps need to be raised for the tank classes. Disciplines There are several disciplines which grant healing abilities, and when combined with the Surging Spirit minor disc, they can do a significant amount of healing. None of these abilities provide a significant source of self-healing, though. Most heal only your target(s) and the ones that provide any self healing at all are low amounts and unreliable, such as Blood Orbs and the cleanse from Field Surgeon. A knight with Field Surgeon could certainly help with healing the group, but I still don't know that it compares to Templar healing. Final Thoughts If anything I have written is wrong, please correct me, but I think this illustrates why knights fail as tanks in Crowfall. I know someone will say that this is a group game, not 1 vs 1, so let me diffuse that argument right now. Which of the 3 tanks are you going to bring to your group? The one with good damage that doesn't need much healing when played well? The one that can do some damage and provide healing for the entire group? Or the one that has chain attack and needs a pocket healer to keep them up? When you look outside the tank classes, the knight's effectiveness is even more suspect. We have Champs with plate armor and ridiculous sustain, Confessors with plate armor and mana shield. Both classes are better at taking damage than a knight. The knight is intended to be a tank and it is failing in that role. I don't really care that we can't do a lot of damage. I play a knight because I want to be hard to kill, and there are many classes, tanks and non-tanks alike, who manage that far better than knights do.
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    State of the Knight 5.8

    I'd been meaning to post a state of the knight 5.8 post, but it was too depressing. Still, since you've started it, I may as well chip in. I have played all three knight promotion classes pretty extensively in 5.8. Swordsman - had good damage at the start of 5.8, but it got triple nerfed (Mercy reduced from 9% to 3%, mighty surge bonus reduced from 125% to 50%, and uptime on swordsmanship buff crippled so that only one native knight power can trigger it, and then only some of the time) early and is back to doing less damage than other melee dps classes. The reduced cooldown on charge is nice for battlefield mobility. Lack of self-sustain makes it weaker than the melee classes with self-sustain. As Arkade pointed out, self-healing is much stronger than armor as actual damage mitigation. And the barriers a knight gets are utterly pathetic. They should be a percentage of maximum health, not a little 500-pt invitation for shieldbreaker. Sentinel - CC-focused promotions feel weak in an environment where everyone's running around with two retaliates available. Sentinel has all the problems the other knight promotion classes have - they can't take damage or dish it out well. The additional PCM in the tree helps with using heavy weapons, but as long as the PCM cap is at 25%, heavy weapons don't feel good. Final PCM has a cap of 100% but the only thing that contributes to it is capped at 25%. Secutor - different playstyle than the other two promotion classes. Everything revolves around shield bash. Feels like the math on shield bash is wrong - if we were doing tooltip dmg (including all the multipliers from the talent tree) with it, it'd be utterly useless. But there's an extra multiplier in there somewhere that makes shield bash crits very strong, and that makes the class viable (as far as knights go, that is). Strangely, you can squeeze out more dps on Secutor than on Swordsman if you get your bashes in all the time. We all know that champion (especially pitfighter) is overpowered. Pitfighter is so strong because it has good mobility, a ranged attack that slows on a low cooldown, the most health of any class in the game, the best self-sustain of any class in the game by a large margin, good damage, and decent cc. It's hard to get away from them, it's hard to stop them getting away from you, it's hard to do enough damage to make them sweat given their self-healing. I don't understand how the same devs who made secutor knight could make pitfighter champion and think "these are both tanky melee promotions that are roughly equivalent." Knight is essentially a one-trick pony. Chain pull is a very cool trick, but it's all the knight has, and it's not enough. Knights are weak 1v1. Knights are weak in small group play. Knights are weak guarding the ToL or attacking the ToL. There's nowhere the knight shines. Chainpulling targets into your zerg in large fights isn't a role to be proud of. We're still playing knights. They're not so crappy that they're unplayable. A good knight is an asset to a group. But an equally skilled pitfighter or tank confessor or myrmidon brings more.
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    @Darguth @ArkadeThis is the the screenshot we got: Click for the full article explaining it.
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    If you want to play solo in this game, you have to be smart about it. You can't just go out into the world and expect that you won't get attacked. There are many things you can do to mitigate your risk: 1) As has been mentioned, you can level your vessel to 30 within the safety of the starter zone/temple if you want to. There are places for vendors in the temples and as we get longer campaigns and the economy gets going more, you will start to see weapons and armor for sale, so you'll even be able to gear up without leaving the safe zones, if you want. It won't be easy--rank 1 pack pigs don't drop much gold--but you can do it. That's the tradeoff. You can hide behind the walls and take longer to level/gear up, or you can risk going out into the world for quicker gains. 2) Harvest using a class that has stealth. While harvesting you will be vulnerable, but you can remain hidden while moving about the world. 3) Scout out the area you want to harvest before you begin. Know which nodes you want to hit and in what order you want to hit them. See if there is anyone else in the area before you begin. If there are outposts in the area that your faction doesn't own, consider taking them before you begin so you have a fallback position. Having the guards at your back might not save you in most cases, but they can't hurt. 4) Harvest close to a fort or keep that your faction owns and make use of the local bank often. Getting killed isn't a big deal if you just banked all your stuff. Alternately, you can look for locations where no one is likely to find you. Look at the campaign map and see if there are any outposts that haven't been captured. You can tell because the circle around the zone won't be fully filled in. If an outpost hasn't been taken, that means that people don't go there much, if at all. The area might only have low rank stuff, but you'll be at less risk. 5) Make sure your tools are good enough for the nodes you are harvesting. If it takes you 2 stamina bars to destroy a node, that's twice the amount of time you are exposed. 6) Improve your harvesting skills and/or use potions and food so that you can afford to take combat disciplines instead of harvesting disciplines. Equip yourself with advanced gear. Give yourself a chance to fight back if you do get attacked. 7) Pay attention to chat. There may be reports of someone in the area. Maybe someone just got attacked nearby. Ask in zone chat if anyone has seen anything and you if you see something, report it to your fellow harvesters. Maybe you got lucky. You just finished off a node and dropped into stealth before a group of 3 enemies came running through. Let other people know about it. 8) If your play time is flexible, try to harvest when there are less people playing, or switch to a less populated campaign, if that's an option for you. None of this is a guarantee that you will be safe while harvesting in the PvP areas, but they will certainly help your chances. If all else fails, look for other people who want to harvest and work with them. You still won't be 100% safe, but a solo player looking for kills is more likely to pass you by if there are 3 or 4 of you rather than just 1. I have done a lot of solo harvesting in this game. Yes, I have gotten attacked and killed, but not that often, and I have managed to escape or even kill the attacker on occasion. Don't expect the game to protect you. Learn to protect yourself.
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    Caldera [EU] - Playing with Fire

    Yet another win for chaos! Great job with all the capping/defending Northlanders @Roccah @Battlex & co. And great job once again Caldera! Balance had a lot more numbers this time, and we did lose some battles, but we won the war.
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    When Order was steamrolling because Winterblades didn't wanna play Ring Around the Outposts, a slew of the smaller guilds (Spectre Legion, CSC, etc.) went Balance in order to get themselves a good fight and provide some competition, which is counter to the popular narrative people wanna spin about players always choosing the winning side or whatever but it's true. When UDL decides they wanna compete over here again instead of Legends of Aria things'll be smoother for Chaos, but I'd just like for people to take this pre-alpha state a little less seriously. The game is not done, the sky is not falling, and the population doesn't actually need a guiding hand right now.
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    Hey guys. I'm going to be doing an interview with J Todd Coleman and Thomas Blair on Thursday January 10 from 11am - 12pm CST. This will be streamed live to Twitch at: https://www.twitch.tv/zybak It will also be available later on my YouTube channel at: https://www.youtube.com/ZybakTV This is not going to be a marketing interview and I plan on asking many of the tough questions the community has been wanting answers to. Please leave your questions however make sure they're not disrespectful.
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    When are they going to concentrate on the lag issues once you get 30+ people? When are they going to address the broken devtracker? Do they even know its been broken? Are they inclined to shallow out the gear power curve between common gear and legendary? Is there any plans to allow EK's to stay open without having account holder stay online?
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    Soooooooo Deeevvvs question cause its kinda ludicrous. Why does it takes around 400 resources to craft full leather set (300 Leather + 80 Ore) and full plate set costs a mere 250 or so resources (210 Ore +25 Leather roughly). Not to mention leather is a hell of alot slower to gather than metal........
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    I don't see any server spikes, your highest msg time was 168 and most of the time it was in the 90-125ms range. There is plenty of client lag though. We're definitely working on all of it!
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    Ranger : Archer Slight adjustment

    I have been playing Archer for about two weeks now, I love the class, it feels great however the passive of standing still landing 2 shots to gain a buff seems very useless. Yes standing still in certain areas ( I.E Keeps/Forts ) doesn't seem like a bad idea. However as squishy as the archer is standing still almost always means death in a very quick time. I'm always finding myself blinking ( wood elf movement ability I think also needs a very slight CD reduction... very slight ). Which means I can almost never get my passive to start kicking in considering once your standing still and fire 2 arrows then the passive turns on, however once you move the passive is lost. There lies the problem, if we cannot stand still then whats the point of that particular passive? I would suggest possibly changing that passive to something slightly more helpful to the Archer without absolutely breaking the Archer. I was thinking instead of standing still why not make the passive give a slight buff to draw time on your auto's and slight attack power. Now I'm not saying give Archers 100 attack power added per shot because I know there will be some people who take that to a new height lol. However what i'm talking about is simple. With every landed auto the Archer will get a stack of Precision Aiming. Precision aiming ( or name it to whatever you'd like lol ) would give 3% less draw time and 1.5% attack power stacking up to three times lasting 15secs. If you do not land an auto within 15secs the passive is lost, and yes which means the archer can move and shoot and gain this buff. Now stacking this buff 3 times means that at the 3rd stack the Archer would get 9% less draw time on the auto's and only 4.5% added attack power, which isn't a lot but I feel this would help the Archer more than the current passive. Please let me know what you think about this!
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    The primary argument in favor of a wipe seems to be the notion that a wipe puts all players in an equal starting position. The argument takes the form as something like this: X player has played longer/is better/etc.; X player has thereby accumulated more gear, passive skills, etc.; X player's accumulated wealth will create an unfair advantage when the next campaign starts. I believe this argument to be folly for a myriad of reasons. First, wealth is purely a relative measure and this applies to wealth inside a video game. Second, each player's inherent ability to build in-game wealth (regardless of the form it takes, e.g. gear, resources, etc.) is not equal. The respective skills of each player will persist from campaign to campaign (and Crowfall has a pretty darn high learning curve). Those players who know how to play will immediately have a significant advantage as soon as a freshly wiped campaign starts. Further, Crowfall is a GROUP game. Not only will individuals be better at the game than others, but the best players will cooperate with one another in guilds and other associations to increase the wealth gap. Practically speaking, this means that certain players are inherently going to level faster, harvest more and better resources, craft more and better gear, and all of this will happen immediately following a wipe. What this looks like day 1 is that, among other things, every single person in a 50 man guild will have advanced weapons, mounts, and level 30 vessels, at the very least (the top pvp players will be in advanced armor, have food and other buffs, etc). As an individual player, you are going to lose, day 1; as a crappy guild, you are going to lose, day 1; as a great guild, you are still going to lose to other guilds, day 1. Hierarchies are inherent... It's the speed at which certain players can build wealth relative to others that creates the largest portion of any wealth disparity in Crowfall, not the wealth they start with. In a word, you might call this skill or merit. Simply put, large guilds are better organized and will band together in a way that has an immediate (and as best as I can tell an insurmountable) impact on the scoreboard. By demanding wipes, all you're doing is giving the players who build wealth more quickly than you do the advantage. I don't believe the skill of building in-game wealth quickly should be something that Crowfall supremely rewards and, presently, I don't think it's something that Crowfall really does reward [I have gear I personally crafted without any passive training and I can hang in 60+ person sieges with a starter vessel]. As a general observation, if Crowfall isn't any fun with huge disparities of in-game wealth, then everyone need not begin playing. Large disparities of in-game wealth are certain to happen with Crowfall's present mechanics (and pretty much every other MMORPG - this is the whole point of an RPG, building wealth/advancement/creating disparities). Third, the game does not need to be balanced around the present campaign type. Given that there are many campaign types expected, e.g. campaigns with zero imports, it makes no sense to wipe this type of campaign, at this precise moment. The people who are demanding wipes might as well demand a different campaign type to test. Fourth, the more wealth that is built in the game, the more wealth will be passed down via hand-me-downs, discards, loot, or sales vendors. These items will still be not as good as what is available, but they will be sufficient to compete against "wealthier" opponents in the present game mechanics. Because the game economy is broken (due to among other things constant wipes), there is not a huge refuge for new/poor players, thus widening the wealth gap. Again, it's the speed of wealth generation, not the total amount of other player's wealth, that is keeping certain players inactive or disgruntled. Frequently wiping the game wipes the fruits of the labor of all players, but some are hurt by this more than others. Fifth, there are major guilds in every faction that are competing at the top of the food chain. If you're getting your lunch eaten, then join one. You might just find access to all of the things you complain you don't have or can't get. They're all recruiting. If everyone really wants to "even the playing field," then my suggestion is to get back to some of the kickstarter promises. The concepts to correct these problems were already identified and planned, but attempting to cater to whiners on the forums has created additional (what should have been easily foreseen) problems. Specifically, if you want losing to be fun, then make losing less burdensome. This means players being able to compete for the throne on "day 1," e.g. no leveling, no grind, no huge disparity of equipment (although this is presently pretty mitigated), etc. This would have the negative consequence of making winning less meaningful, but not everyone is certain to win... everyone is going to lose though, at some point or another. And I don't think there are huge changes that need to be made to any core mechanics to achieve this. I would like to write more, but I just don't have the time at the moment and need to fire this off... PS, I wouldn't have a sanctioned campaign until the performance is better during larger scale battles. It's really the #1, #2, and #3 most important issue.
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    Realistically, though, the whole wiping thing to protect the new players from quitting does not accomplish that at all. Veteran players naturally form up into organized guilds, and those guilds accumulate gear and train their vessels at a right much faster than new solo players. This whole preoccupation with wiping is supposedly to keep new players from getting trashed, but it will do nothing of the sort, and further, it will exacerbate their feelings of inadequacy because they might perceive they were trashed while on even footing. At least if they got trashed by veteran players with good vessels they can save their ego by blaming it on that. You would probably do more to keep noobs from quitting by banning the assassin class or some specific Twitch streamers. I joke, but am half serious.
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    Cloak Slots

    If you remember back when we had archetypes the Knight had a cloak baked into the model. So any race based off that model should be able to wear a cloak once art does some fancy artwork to bring back cloaks for those races. Design will add some stats to cloaks that in some way equivalent to what an extra ring/necklace is worth.
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    @jtoddcoleman Yes, lets get some performance upgrades before your try and launch this boat. I suggest pushing back your sanctioned campaign until this is done. Not worth it until this is taken care of. Nobody wants to fight in a slide show.
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    Guild Functionality

    While I deeply appreciate the push of @jtoddcoleman and @thomasblair and others to add some guild functionality into 5.8, the prospects of import/export-less campaigns gives me heartburn. Not because I am worried about losing gear from campaign to campaign, but more because I am worried about Guild Inventory Management. Right now the major guilds survive by using multiple accounts with multiple different resources that all are coming from different gatherers. This is frankly a mess and requires a ton of time to just organize and get materials together. What we really need, and soon, is for guild functionality to be further expanded ASAP. You may already have ideas of this and may have already publicly spoke about it, but I cannot go through all the videos etc to find what has been. What I would want: GUILD UI UI would have: 1. Guild Announcement (Big Plus if this would be a toast message or system announcement that also came up when a guild member logged in) 2. List of All players in the guild and their "Rank", also be nice if this where you assign their rank through a drop down. (Plus would be last time logged in) 3. Tab that controls guild access(IE set what ranks can do what): Promote / Demote Change Rank Access Levels Invite Members to Guild Kick Members from Guild Set Guild Announcement Export Guild Resources (Remove from Guild Bank) Import Guild Resources (Add to Guild Bank) Guild Bank As stated before, for a game that is centered around guilds, resource management is KEY and the lack of a guild bank is going to start crippling the larger guilds and sapping time from what the game is really about. No wants to sit around waiting for players to log in and passing resources 3-4 times just to get to a guild's crafter(s). I believe guild banks should be in the temple at least, and possibly in keeps or the free city. While guild banks don't have to start huge(I would say the size of a vendor or normal inventory size), they should be able to be expanded. Either through gold, dust, or chaos embers, or even a combination of each. Hopefully creating different "tabs" to be used.
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    I would love to see minimal points given for capturing or holding the lands. But, and it is a great big but!! I would want to see points given for working the land. Harvesting on it gives you points. Crafting on it gives you points. Killing/defending on it gives you points. Having people active in the area is what gets you the score, not just capturing vast swaths of land and leaving it fallow. Gathering and killing in enemy lands should get some bonus points as well, but should slowly tick the capture bar down. Have a cap of some sort to prevent too much exploitation, but larger parcels or highly contested/valuable ones could have a higher cap of points for the various types of use. Of course I also want the ability to upgrade the camps and towers with building mats to make them more valuable, adding crafting, vendors and such, where it would make sense.
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    Atlas MMORPG