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    I must confess, i nearly missed it. I only recognized it because just a few minutes ago i said in a discord channel, that today it's the first time ever that i have a strange feeling of being bored about Crowfall, though i would have never dreamed that i would say so (yeah i know, shame on me ... but hey, i went through a lot, so maybe you can forgive me xD ). Then someone asked me how long i am here. I didn't know, so i looked it up. And yes, kickstarter just started ... exactely today three years ago, on february 24th 2015. Which was the same day i first was introduced to the new Crowfall project. So, hail to subconscious informations. I got it and understand the source of this strange inner turmoil now. (which also means that it is gone now ) So, how long have you been here? What is your story with Crowfall. What changend in your eyes during the years? Which of those changes did you like most and which least? How much are you still into Crowfall. What is the thing you liked or hated most since you followed Crowfall? What did you expect and what are you still waiting for? I am really curious about your stories. It would be great to hear some. Let's see how much energy the community can provide at the 3-years mark to get them. Have fun, good luck - and happy anniversary Crowfall! Kraahk
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    State of Crafting

    State of Crafting in my humble opinion. @thomasblair Loving the crafting system so far. There has been such an impact with stats that matter now! Never was a crafter before this game and now I'm hooked! Here some things I consider worth... considering. Crafting Options Currently, when crafting, we can use one to as many pips as we want. If you go 50% or more you get a 50% bump in the result of experimentation. As a crafter that has crafted thousands of items I can tell you that this leaves only 2 options. 1 Pip at a time or 50% at a time. Nothing else really makes any sense. This has nothing to do with factories. I get that using more, even all the pips, will result in much, much faster runs. This has to do with options for a crafter. Why not allow the crafter to gauge their own risk/reward? Why not allow them to use 2/8 pips, 3/8 pips or so on and gain some sort of bonus? Currently I have 14 pips. I can do 1 at a time or 7 at a time. If that is as intended you should just give us 2 or 3 buttons and avoid the pips altogether. · Button 1: [Low risk] gives results using 1 pip at a time with 0 risk · Button 2: [50% risk] gives results based on 50% of your pips And maybe · Button 3: [100% risk] gives results based on 100% of your pips (btw, wtf is 100% risk? Shouldn’t I fail every time if that’s the case?) What I’m trying to get at is that the current system gives you no reason to EVER use anything but 1 pip or 50% of your pips. Please see this. Degrees of Success Currently, this is where it stands Crit fail – throw away Fail – throw away Moderate success – throw away Success – throw away Good Success – Inventory never to be used Great Success – OMG epic Amazing Success – I am the God of Crafting!! I feel there should be more of a gradual slope between success and good success. Final combine. Currently, the stats on parts of a crafted item have little to do with the final results. The final result is too heavily influenced by the final experimental rolls. I could have complete crap going into the final combine but if I get an amazing roll then that weapon is my new top of the line. The reverse is also true. If I have pieces that are all amazing rolls, all the way through but end up with success then it goes in the discard pile. Prior mats and their stats should matter more to the final combine. Thanks, BD
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    Take a look at the new systems surrounding death! FULL STORY
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    Age limit

    40+ shadowbane retirement gamers only ;p j/k no idea
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    In UO, I had an alchemy shop with 8 stocked vendors and I spent many hours inside my shop, as customers stopped by. Had many regular clients that came by daily or weekly. I advertised my shop location, and put alot of effort into keeping my vendors fully stocked with a large variety of items. People came by regularly because they knew it would be a good shopping experience. I also took special orders, and requests for what to stock on vendors from customers. In SWG, on the server I played on there was a famous weaponsmith whose shop was known as the place to go if you want to find top quality blasters. EVE has a different style of economy, where it's more about competitive pricing and commodity transactions.
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    Hi all! I'm here to (hopefully) answer a few of the questions raised in this thread about vendors! Please keep in mind this is only phase one of a few planned iterations on the vendor system, which means more features will come online in the future. First, the stalls are purely cosmetic and do not affect the inventory of your vendor sales list. We wanted to give some kind of visual indicator to visitors and patrons what kind of wares you'd be selling per stall. The current vendor NPC is only the first initial vendor we plan on using; eventually we'd like to expand to using different races and themed vendors for more customization and visuals. Stay tuned, hopefully we'll roll out even more items soon. I also noticed a question from a crafter who wondered if it was possible to buy the actual vendor thrall from another vendor; yes, this is absolutely possible! We understand that not all crafters are created equal - some people prefer focusing on mat gathering while others prefer experimenting and focusing on more advanced recipes. We had this in the forefront of our thought processes when initially tossing around the idea of a vendor! We want to give you all the tools to drive the game economy and we're hoping this first step will help get things moving. Let's see, what are some other key points I should mention... Oh, one of the biggest hurdles we're probably going to see immediately is communicating which EKs have vendors available. This is currently being investigated and we're hoping to come up with something soon. Please also remember that when a first phase of a new feature comes online the intention is to see how the players acclimate, stress, and utilize these systems and that usually helps us expand on the feature in the future. It's a double-edged sword we often find in MMO development and there are always growing pains, but we can always expand or tweak things if necessary. Anyway, hope this helps a bit with some of the confusion!
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    The game got a lot more gear dependent once the stats on weapons/armor were buffed. Seeing what type of armor/weapons max still training can produce vs. basics/intermediates has created a laughable gear gap between new players and veterans. Gear dependent game with a long time to gear plus PVP item loot does not sound like a recipe for success. The stats on gear need to be toned back down. Weapon crafting isn't too bad but armor crafting is quite painful. The overall cost/time to gear needs to come down some. If you really want the game to be 33% passive training, 33% gear, 33% skill then the benefit players get from gear needs to come down. The passive skill training may need to be toned down slightly too to be less vertical. And then we desperately need to do something to give the game a higher skill cap (tighter aiming, less CC, etc.). The goal should be 50% player skill, 25% training, 25% gear otherwise 2/3 of a fight is decided before the fight even starts.
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    Some numbers for the Min/Max folks.

    Could not find much information, perhaps its already out these on some site all added up but I added up what training gets you for each race (not including vessel bonus add that on yourself, example hamster add +60dex +30int to final underfoot total). Just wanted to help people understand where they will be at with raw stats down the road depending on training. Just a starting point helper, all seems fairly balanced once you take the boosts other then raw stats into account and what race/class combos are possible. I don't see any glaring issues but there are combos that might fit someones long term goals better. Mankind Human Half Blood Str 20 Str 20 (=40) Str 50 (=70) Dex 20 Dex 50 (=70) Dex 20 (=40) Int 25 Int 50 (=75) Int 20 (=45) Spi 20 Spi 50 (=70) Spi 20 (=40) Con 20 Con 50 (=70) Con 20 (=40) Crit Cha +3% Hard Control +5% Hard Control +5% Crit Dam +3% Phy Armor +3% Heal Mod +5% Sup Pwr 15 Ele Armor +3% Crit Def -3% Atk Con Def -5% Nat Armor +3% Atk Con Def -5% (=10%) Mov Con Def -5% Sylvan Elf Faerie Str 15 Str 20 (=35) Str 20 (=35) Dex 60 Dex 45 (=105) Dex 45 (=105) Int 20 Int 50 (=70) Int 20 (=40) Spi 40 Spi 30 (=70) Spi 30 (=70) Con 20 Con 20 (=40) Con 20 (=40) Crit Cha +3% Crit Cha +3% (=6%) Crit Cha +3% (=6%) Crit Dam +3% Sup Pwr 15 (=30) Crit Dam +3% (=6%) Sup Pwr 15 Mov Con Def -5% (=10%) Sup Pwr 25 (=40) Mov Con Def -5% Mov Control +5% (=10%) Mov Control +5% (=10%) Mov Control +5% Atk Control +5% Atk Control +5% Hard Control +5% Monster Hybrid Underfoot Str 40 Str 60 (=100) Str 30 (=70) Dex 20 Dex 20 (=40) Dex 20 (=40) Int 20 Int 20 (=40) Int 20 (=40) Spi 20 Spi 20 (=40) Spi 20 (=40) Con 40 Con 60 (=100) Con 30 (=70) Sup Pwr 25 Heal Mod +5% Sup Pwr 15 (=40) Hard Con Def -5% Hard Control +5% Heal Mod +3% Per Dam Mod +.03% Move Control +5% Hard Control +5% Pys Armor +3% Move Control +5% Per Crit Mod -3% Atk Control +5%
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    I still lurk. It has been fun getting to know the new people.
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    State of Crafting

    I would say this is fairly accurate. I too was not much of a crafter until this latest skill wipe and I've been going pretty hard. Here's some of my additional thoughts. Gambling: The current experimentation system punishes highly trained workers using lower quality materials. They have less chance to go for the 50% risk gamble (which I'm not a fan of) It seems pretty silly to seek out a lesser crafter to better craft the lower end materials. A method I've heard discussed regarding this is a scaling risk/reward system where the reward is directly based off the risk involved, up to a point, but even that I disagree with. I don't like feeling like I am gambling with my time invested (because that's what the materials in a game truly represent-time investment to gather and craft) Personally when I am crafting 'safely' I use 2 pips at a time. It shaves a bit of time off the craft time and gives less chance for a critical failure due to less rolls being placed IMO. I suppose I shall have to test 1pip vs 2pip vs 3pip 'safe' sometime. When I see a Success or a 'Moderate Success' I don't FEEL SUCCESSFUL! I have gotten to a point where I can produce 'decent' quality product by SafePipping. It feels to me like it wastes much less materials and gives consistent results. I do not get to see the best of the best this way of course, but until blueprints are brought in I can't get reliable repeats on any of that. The total value is better as well imo. Say I make 5 weapons. A moderate success is 100top, good is 110, and amazing is 120. If I run the risk and get 4 moderates and 1 amazing the total for those 5 is 520. If I safepip I can get 5 110s for a 550 total. Sure it's not a huge total difference but it provides a consistent yield and I don't feel like 80% of my material use resulted in trash. Because of this it is my preferred method. Perhaps in time when I am overrun with materials, or if it was requested of me ("your mats your risk") I might gamble but I would not enjoy it. When Blueprints are brought in there will be more reason to do so. Weapons vs Armor Choice Weapons are still pretty one dimensional in terms of Crafting. You basically have 3 Lines for a Final Combine-Sheen, Damage and Durability. Durability is pretty much ignored because of the FLAWED mechanics of Durability loss currently in game. Tools are the only thing Durability truly matters on right now! Armor (well Chest Pieces since that's all the Mitigation is on...not great IMO) however has 5 lines. Sheen-Physical Armor-Elemental Armor-Organic Armor-Durability This makes choices when Crafting Armor Chests all the more important. You don't get any more Pips for Crafting Armor so your choices matter more. Do you maximize Resists at the Expense of Sheen? It's still quite shallow at the end of the day though and Durability has the exact same issue as with Weapons. Assembly and Experimentation Chance: With the implementation of scaling difficulty things changed up a bit, some for the better and others for the worse IMO. I don't think there's much reason to see Critical Failures on an Assembly or Experiment when the difficulty listed is 5 and you have 80-100 Skill! It's frustrating and random. Even with 100 Assembly/Experiment Chance I am seeing consistent low rolls in regards to Purple and Orange quality materials. 100 is CAP This is effectively punishing those who try to utilize the rarest materials with the best potential creating an even higher scarcity of worthwhile weapons made out of those materials. While I can understand this as being proper for the undertrained, it should not be so for a character who has reached the heights of success. The Cap for Experimentation points is 20. With no Crafting gear being implemented pushing past 15 is impossible. And there's no Crafting Armor combo in game right now afaik... However Assembly/Experiment chance CAPs are reached and not providing enough benefit. Perhaps the Assembly/Experiment chance could be adjusted so that the CAP is higher, requiring that beautiful crafting set and table to actually get there and actually making it feel like you're a Master Crafter. I believe a complete Master Craftsman should see Good results most of the time, with a decent amount of Greats and the difference in Amazing rolls should be Night/Day with someone who is their lesser. Using Epic and Orange quality material could downgrade that some, but not to the current amount it does. Crafting Speed: Currently Crafting feels in a really good spot as far as Speed goes in my opinion. It still takes me 20 minutes to create a set of armor with having all the required crafting training and stations and materials on one character. That's a pretty big chunk of time to be looking at a pretty boring UI element! I understand Crafting is going to be slowed down, which automated may not be a problem. But the time of a player is the most valuable, if a player feels their time is wasted or draining doing something then they won't enjoy it. Gaming is about having fun, enjoying the activity, and if a person is not having fun in a game they will stop playing. Also, if Crafting is slowed down resources are going to pool in an even worse way than they do. Currently harvesting can gather materials as fast as, if not faster than, they can be crafted by a single crafter. If this is slowed down this will only get worse, but if automated systems are in it might allow excess material to bleed away into product while the player plays different aspects of the game. Crafting Stations: I saw something similar mentioned in a Keep feedback thread regarding having better looking Crafting Stations at Keeps and Castles. Some of those I run with have been discussing how SWG had quality to its Crafting Stations. They were effectively items that gave you bonuses for using them. I hope Crowfall can integrate a similar system, perhaps allowing Experimentation on the Crafting Station crafts to increase Experimentation/Assembly/Speed etc. In this way you'd want to use a good crafting station to get those bonuses. Overall, I am excited about Crafting in Crowfall but strongly dislike the weight of RNG elements involved.
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    Hey @everyone! This week on Hungercast we have the special guest of Ace Co-Founder, Mr @Tyrant himself, Gordon Walton! Since it is rare that he steps into the spot light we wanted to involve the community as much as possible. So as part of the show we are going to be fielding questions from Discord, Twitter the forums and especially from the live chat during the Hungercast! Post your questions here and we will feature the best ones live. So come on by say hi and talk with other crows. Show is THIS Saturday 3/10/18 @ 2pm CST https://www.twitch.tv/crowfallcommunity
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    EVE economy is massive and awesome, however, it doesn't have the same community and personalized feel that the economies in SWG and UO had. I played crafter/merchant characters in both those games and really enjoyed running a shop and directly interacting with customers. Don't forget that aspect of the gameplay, it's important to alot of us!
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    Welcome to 5.5!

    Yup, we were all set for a snap test of 5.5 tonight, unfortunately we had to throw on the brakes as we had a blocking bug popup as we were doing our internal smoke test. Hopefully we can get it ironed out for tomorrow. (and all the rez stuff is in the build, check for the new powers in the appropriate classes power books)
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    It is my understanding that the ranks of the nodes on a campaign map can be changed relatively easily. I've seen the nodes bumped up +2 and +4 globally across the same campaign before with no patch required. My perception was that Tyrant was able to bump up the ranks by simply adjusting some "knobs" without much effort. I suggest there should be one campaign with the nodes lowered in rank across the board with a campaign name that directs new players to start there. Reducing the rank of all the nodes on Tyranny by 2 or 3 would probably do the trick. This would allow new players with little or no training to find lower ranked nodes that they can actually farm. As a vet with plenty of training, I personally love the West server's increased node ranks. But a new player who starts on West will have no idea that he is joining a server that will require weeks of training (even at accelerated training speeds) to even touch the majority of the resources on the map. Since the more advanced players and guilds will naturally want to play on the campaign with the higher ranked resources, this will also give the newer players some breathing room, and reduce the likelihood that they will be steamrolled by fully trained characters in elite gear when they go out into the world to explore and farm. I'm not asking for any design changes-- just a global bump downard on the ranks of the resources for one campaign. This would help in the short term while we wait for a new campaign map in 5.5.
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    I played quite a bit this weekend after spending several months away from the game just logging in occasionally to check out big new content. I remember the original design philosophy for combat was something around 1/3 players skill 1/3 gear and 1/3 skill training. Right now things feel _really_ skewed towards gear and skill training. It almost feels like one of those MMOs where you get 1-shot by and can't even scratch the "higher level" players. I had zero training this weekend but had some pretty decent gear my guildies provided me. I was as good as naked in group fights, the only thing keeping me alive when focused were iframes, that's about it. And things will only get worse from here on out, because atm discs are practically free, at some point discs and vessels will also be another huge gap in CWs. Extremely generous hitboxes, slow as snail in combat movement speed, lack of precision dodges, headshots or other type of skill shots, all of that makes combat pretty much boil down to: gear, training and knowledge of the mechanics. Even a good part of resource management can be bypassed with the right build. Crowfall is very knowledge based atm. That 1/3 player skill their original design docs mentioned feels more like 5-10% atm. I feel like things have just been getting more and more like this since the introduction of discs, with each new system implemented (with a notable exception being the new retaliate mechanic, that was a really good change for the better!). Hardcounter "shut you down" discs like mudman and firewalker are just so silly and only aggravate the issue. I mean, before you come out and say this is not a MOBA or arena game, yea I get that. It's an MMO. Gear and training should matter. But just look at games like ESO where gear and levels matter a lot, but there's still a lot more agency in the player's hands regardless.
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    Meet the second set of new ArtCraft team members! FULL STORY
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    Is crowfall fundamentally boring?

    I think the movement of top end harvesting nodes to adventure zones will make harvesting more fun. Certainly more interactive, as you have to fight NPCs and other groups who want the same resources. The first month of gameplay in Crowfall sucks. You enter the game unable to do anything remotely well, and it takes a month before you reach the point that should be the starting point. After that, I think the game will be a great deal of fun, if anyone sticks around that long. The combat is probably too simplistic, but a team of good players can still do some neat stuff together. Given good win conditions, and a good score-tracking system, we could get enough people in game to actually test the fun factor of a campaign world. My original concern about Crowfall was "will people stick around after they get their asses kicked in a CW?" But in the past few months, my concern has become "will people stick around through the terrible starting experience to get to the part of the game we want Crowfall to be judged on?" Harvesting is tedious. It's terribly tedious in the early game, less so at end game. As I said, putting it in adventure zones will help. Having thralls to hunt down for runes will help. A lot, probably. Guild support is something they should have added in 3.0 at the latest. They are shooting themselves in the foot leaving it out this long. Having mounts will help. Having a reason to take and hold forts and keeps will help. Having proper siege mechanics will help. Having more testers will help. We have so few people actually testing the game at any given time that we can't tell if the gameplay systems are going to work. For me, this goes back to "the first 30 days suck" - people simply aren't willing to stick around through a month of tedium to get to the meat of the game. I'm ok with the differentiation between classes. I have issues with some of the designers' ideas about balance (range not being a factor in determining an attack's power budget for example), but balance can be changed pretty readily given designers who listen to competent testers. I think crafting is in a decent place, though the addition of thralls and factories will make a big difference. The skill system could use some OR gates... you can go down this path OR down this path... not "you'll eventually go down every path." The skill system is pretty bland to start with.. Blair has said it represents the same sort of thing you get from levelling up in other games... just stat increases essentially. Other games give you skills as you level - Crowfall dumps them all on you at the start, except for disciplines.
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    Reason to play with passive Skillsystem?!

    Not from my perspective. As a member of a guild I could play less than some people, or take breaks, without falling behind on training. In a traditional level-grind game I would have to spend as much time as my friends to keep up with them. All the active progression stuff can be distributed to me by my guild. So I can be on completely even footing with the people who actively play 5 times as much as me. There is a big difference there compared to traditional level-grind game.
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    LIVE Error #1 Information

    We're aware that the LIVE launcher is spitting out the following error: Error #1 Invalid content No error Failed to contact the alias service Read operation We're working on it as we speak. I'll update here as soon as I know more information. Sorry for the inconvenience!
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    Frostweaver - First Picture

    One of the three classes for the future frostweaver is the high-elf (besides wood-elf and fae). With the new Pre-Apha 5.5 version, currently running on the test server for pre-alpha1 to alpha1 players, we got the first glimpse on the high-elf. And ... here it is, the female high-elf (next to a vendor): Don't be harsh. Remember, it's a high-elf. They dont care if you like them. They naturally expect you to do so.
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    That axe animation with the crow effect is very satisfying!
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    I dont know where else to leave this but I liked my girl char. She didnt run funny like LOTR and she wasnt boyish like WoW. Her crafted armor was way cool! Usually I have to wait forever to get armor I like. She was pretty and I liked her long hair.( Although I always want super long hair and for some reason that is impossible). I am only playing this game because I stopped playing the other games a long time ago but I had surgery and needed something. If you can keep the girl chars pretty and sexy without being slutty and made for boys to play, I would def come back and play! I was wishing for autoloot. It was lame that my tools kept breaking easy but then it reminded me of the old time rpg's where everything wasnt handed to you on a plate (prior to Wow!!) and you had to actually work for your loot and choose where to put your resources. I really didnt know WHAT to do not having utilized the videos beforehand so the hint to harvest trees was super helpful!! Slag was a mystery and I assumed it was in a mine somewhere. I have only played the game once and I know you are probably looking for better suggestions but there are some people like me who really dont care how to fight in the game but just want to make armor and harvest and talk to people, haha.
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    5.5 Snap Test Today (Fri, Mar. 9)

    We've made a small update to the 5.5 version on TEST. I'll leave it up a while and see what we discover. Should I start a GoFundMe for Alpha2 access? Seriously I'll add Alpha 2 now to see what kind of load we can put on this new version. It's got plenty of bugs (report them in the forum thread please!), but lots of new stuff. Thanks!
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    5.5 Snap Test Today (Fri, Mar. 9)

    It's not quite ready yet. I'm camping Bill and MrMike's office, waiting for word. Will update when the server's up. Thanks for your patience!
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    Will there be vendors that have the option to purchase from players? So I am a crafter and I want to set up a vendor to purchase ore from players. I could set the amount I am willing to pay and players can sell their goods to my vendor.
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    Check out March's ACE Q&A video! FULL STORY
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    Why do people play Overwatch or Starcraft? I mean, you can play and play and play, and your stats never get higher, you never have a better DPS and you don't advance at all! The only thing you get after hundreds of hours of playing is a vanity skin that does nothing to help with your gameplay!! What a stupid system!!!! /s
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    Get a behind-the-scenes look at a discussion surrounding Kingdoms and the vassal system. FULL STORY
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    If they are going to keep it, needs a looooong cast time with that big blue Hungerdome beam to the sky that you can see for miles.
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    One of the strongest melees in the game. Fairly noob friendly to get started on with enough depth to have room for the truly adept to master. Flexible, provides off healing, execution/spike dmg, CC, high HP..... Incredibly strong in groups, even small groups.... This isn't a dueling game. Folks need to get over that. Want to talk about buffing a melee? Lets talk about the poor Myrm, nerfed into oblivion before his time. RIP.
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    The Reaper Ridge Run

    Winterblades has a policy against PvP exploits. Beyond the apparent irony in the video, for those of us in -W-, the whole situation is even more ironic in that Scorn is one of the most dedicated testers and reporters of bugs. It appears this effects any passives that can be placed in the harvest tray. We certainly aware of the log-in/log-out hijinks that can get you passives from 3+ major disciplines, but were not aware that simply having stuff in harvest tray is carrying over into combat trays. Apparently UDL was not aware of this bug either: Venark: https://youtu.be/AVxjxqeVGI4?t=71 5 Combat Passives + 1 Harvest (Mental Fortitude, Forest Whispers, Fortuitous Blessing, Sturdy, Overwhelming Odds + Spotting) https://youtu.be/n9U1ZsVRbNs?t=104 5 Combat Passives + 1 Harvest (Fortuitous Blessings, Overwhelming Odds, Noble Purpose, Sturdy, Slow Growth + Spotting) Paindotcom: https://youtu.be/8UrzdVXbs7U 5 Combat Passives + 1 Harvest (Second Wind, Furious, Sturdy, Relentless, Spite + Spotting) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5f60TuS1B-s&t=157s 6 Combat Passives (Second Wind, Uniform Leather, Spite, Sturdy, Relentless, Axemaster Berserker ) ---------------- Caldera apparently likewise unaware: Yumx: https://youtu.be/TM1MnCFFO7c?t=22 5 Combat Passives +1 Harvest (Taste for Blood, Leadership, Punch Drunk, Glass Cannon, Sword Ward + Spotting) ----------------- You can also find spotting (harvest passive) in lots of folks videos as active while in combat: Tinnis: https://youtu.be/st1u96AlPHU (assumes demon pact) Wildone: https://youtu.be/-f9_DI_suzI Blazzen: https://youtu.be/fBx4BF25Va0?t=80 (assumes demon pact) Phylor: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pN6Vf2JRTRQ
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    Happy Anniversary!!
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    Some numbers for the Min/Max folks.

    For all you stat freaks out there, the full race trees in stat form. Hope it makes sense. I'd be very surprised if there are no errors... Before any training + racial bonus When racial basics tree complete dex str int spi cons dex str int spi cons Res cost Armour class Max Stamina Inventory slots Harvest crit amount Leader ship Combat leader Harvest leader Craft leader Cooldown reduction: long Human 30 60 30 30 30 50 80 50 50 50 -0.04% 1% 5 5 1 10 25 25 25 -0.30% Nethari 30 20 70 30 30 50 40 90 50 50 -0.04% 1% 5 5 1 10 25 25 25 -0.30% Half elf 100 30 60 60 20 120 50 80 80 40 -0.04% 1% 5 5 1 10 25 25 25 -0.30% Half giant 10 110 20 30 100 30 130 40 50 120 -0.04% 1% 5 5 1 10 25 25 25 -0.30% Fae 50 20 30 30 20 70 40 50 50 40 -0.04% 1% 5 5 1 10 25 25 25 -0.30% Elken 40 60 20 30 60 60 80 40 50 80 -0.04% 1% 5 5 1 10 25 25 25 -0.30% Wood elf 40 20 20 70 30 60 40 40 90 50 -0.04% 1% 5 5 1 10 25 25 25 -0.30% High elf 40 20 40 30 20 60 40 60 50 40 -0.04% 1% 5 5 1 10 25 25 25 -0.30% Minotaur 60 40 10 20 50 80 60 30 40 70 -0.04% 1% 5 5 1 10 25 25 25 -0.30% Centaur 20 40 20 20 80 40 60 40 40 100 -0.04% 1% 5 5 1 10 25 25 25 -0.30% Guinecean 110 20 60 30 20 130 40 80 50 40 -0.04% 1% 5 5 1 10 25 25 25 -0.30% Stoneborn 10 40 30 30 40 30 60 50 50 60 -0.04% 1% 5 5 1 10 25 25 25 -0.30% When Racial group tree complete - i.e. Man, Sylvan, Monster (also remember to include yellow section above) dex str int spi cons Support power Attack control defence Hard control intensity Move control defence Move control intensity Hard control defence Personal damage modifier Crit hit chance Crit hit damage Craft speed Craft success Craft experim'nt Craft thralls Tool decay reduction Beneficial harvest chance Beneficial harvest lifetime Beneficial harvest power Harvest crit chance Human 70 100 75 70 70 15 -5% 5% - - - - 3% 3% 5% 10 5 1 5% 0.05% 5% 5% 5% Mining & blacksmith Nethari 70 60 115 70 70 15 -5% 5% - - - - 3% 3% 5% 10 5 1 5% 0.05% 5% 5% 5% Half elf 140 70 105 100 60 15 -5% 5% - - - - 3% 3% 5% 10 5 1 5% 0.05% 5% 5% 5% Half giant 50 150 65 70 140 15 -5% 5% - - - - 3% 3% 5% 10 5 1 5% 0.05% 5% 5% 5% Fae 130 55 70 90 60 15 - - -5% 5% - - 6% - 5% 10 5 5 5% 0.05% 5% 5% 5% Skinning & leather Elken 120 95 60 90 100 15 - - -5% 5% - - 6% - 5% 10 5 5 5% 0.05% 5% 5% 5% Wood elf 120 55 60 130 70 15 - - -5% 5% - - 6% - 5% 10 5 5 5% 0.05% 5% 5% 5% High elf 120 55 80 90 60 15 - - -5% 5% - - 6% - 5% 10 5 5 5% 0.05% 5% 5% 5% Minotaur 100 100 50 60 110 25 - - - 5% -5% -0.03% - 3% 5% 10 5 error 5% 0.05% 5% 5% 5% Quarry & stone Centaur 60 100 60 60 140 25 - - - 5% -5% -0.03% - 3% 5% 10 5 error 5% 0.05% 5% 5% 5% Guinecean 150 80 100 70 80 25 - - - 5% -5% -0.03% - 3% 5% 10 5 error 5% 0.05% 5% 5% 5% Stoneborn 50 100 70 70 100 25 - - - 5% -5% -0.03% - 3% 5% 10 5 error 5% 0.05% 5% 5% 5% When specific race tree complete - the white section above has been INCLUDED in this table (also remember to include the yellow AND green sections above) dex str int spi cons Support power Attack control defence Attack control intensity Hard control intensity Move control defence Move control intensity Hard control defence Personal damage modifier Crit hit chance Crit hit damage Physical armour Elemental armour Organic armour Healing modifier Personal crit hit modifier Craft speed Craft success Craft experim'nt Craft thralls Tool decay reduction Beneficial harvest chance Beneficial harvest lifetime Beneficial harvest power Harvest crit chance Human 120 120 125 120 120 30 -5% - 10% - - - - 3% 3% 3% 3% 3% - - 5% 5 10 error 5% 0.05% 5% 5% 5% Quarrying & stonemasonry Nethari 120 80 165 120 120 30 -5% - 10% - - - - 3% 3% 3% 3% 3% - - 5% 5 10 error 5% 0.05% 5% 5% 5% Half elf 160 120 125 120 80 15 -10% - 10% - 5% - - 3% 3% - - - 5% -3% 5% 10 10 - 5% 0.05% 5% 5% 5% Graves & Necromancy Half giant 70 200 85 90 160 15 -10% - 10% - 5% - - 3% 3% - - - 5% -3% 5% 10 10 - 5% 0.05% 5% 5% 5% Fae 175 75 90 120 80 40 - 5% 5% -5% 10% - - 6% 3% - - - - - 5% 5 10 error 5% 0.05% 5% 5% 5% Tree cutting & woodwork Elken 165 115 80 120 120 40 - 5% 5% -5% 10% - - 6% 3% - - - - - 5% 5 10 error 5% 0.05% 5% 5% 5% Wood elf 160 75 110 160 90 30 - 5% - -10% 10% - - 9% - - - - - - 5% 10 5 error 5% 0.05% 5% 5% 5% Tree cutting & woodwork High elf 160 75 130 120 80 30 - 5% - -10% 10% - - 9% - - - - - - 5% 10 5 error 5% 0.05% 5% 5% 5% Minotaur 120 160 70 80 170 25 - - 5% - 10% -5% -0.03% - 3% 3% - - 5% -3% 5% 5 5 error 5% 0.05% 5% 5% 5% Skinning & leatherwork Centaur 80 160 80 80 200 25 - - 5% - 10% -5% -0.03% - 3% 3% - - 5% -3% 5% 5 5 error 5% 0.05% 5% 5% 5% Guinecean 170 110 120 90 105 40 - 5% 5% - 10% -5% -0.03% - 3% - - - 3% - 5% 5 10 error 5% 0.05% 5% 5% 5% Mining & jewelcraft Stoneborn 70 130 90 90 125 40 - 5% 5% - 10% -5% -0.03% - 3% - - - 3% - 5% 5 10 error 5% 0.05% 5% 5% 5% Plethora of dust Additional racial bonus stats will apply when these races are brought into the game. and also on the top table - but I forgot to highlight. It looks like the crafting thrall nodes are goofed.
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    We had a series of fun fights versus these guys yesterday, the last one ended up being a 6 vs 10, good fun @XpCjU, @Drakonil, @Shadiz, @Cleaver & Co.
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    New Player Experience

    Brutal 10 minutes of harvesting to acquire all basic gear killed the tester? I'm sorry but its very difficult to take posts like this seriously. How would you ever make it to any pvp if 5 minutes of no action already kills your entire interest on the game?
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    Website Changes and Fixes

    FIXED Dev Tracker “View All” on the forum now points to the correct page Dev Tracker now tracks all Crowfall devs 5.5 threads now showing in Dev Tracker Help button on website has been reactivated Fixed access to Crowfall Merchandise Store ONGOING Updating numerous FAQs Update How to Play guide text to reflect changes in the game Add older news articles that were lost during the transition to the new site IN DEVELOPMENT Change gray text on gray background to black on gray Increase web session to one week before logging out (unless user logs out manually) Update Store page for new users with reminder that the game is still in testing Add tutorial videos to How to Play guide Remove 2FA reminder pop-up when logging in UPCOMING Some descriptions of items in the store need to be updated Guild-related and VIP images in the store are missing RSS feed for website Update Media Kit to Spring edition, include recently added icons and artwork Web form for Guild Spotlight submissions Web form for Resources submissions (i.e. game guides, streamers, etc.) Enable linking directly to a store item
  39. 4 points

    The Raycast Cone

    Ever wonder what its like to play ranger with the current raycast cone? There are so many things that just work on the ranger. The melee is just just awesome. Your abilities make sense and give a versatile and fun play style. The ranged though is lacking. My wish is that the raycast cone would get a review. Make it more challenging... I would gladly give time to help out narrow down how easy/hard would make it workable.....
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    No Thursday Update?

    workin' on it!
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    I haven't been able to make one yet, as it requires both leatherworking and woodworking, and I have neither trained. However, I was able to make Metal Sections and Shield Coverings. They do give mitigation, depending on the ore combination. In 5.4, we could only get a single mitigation type. Now we can get a single mitigation group (Physical, Elemental or Organic). I tried all of the combinations (I think) and this is what I got: Iron/Iron/Iron - Support Power and Max Stamina Silver/Silver/Silver - Elemental Armor Bonus and Max Stamina Copper/Copper/Copper - Attack Power and Max Stamina Gold/Gold/Gold - Organic Armor Bonus and Max Stamina Tin/Tin/Tin - Physical Armor Bonus and Max Stamina Copper/Copper/Iron - Organic Armor Bonus and Attack Power Gold/Gold/Iron - Physical Armor Bonus and Attack Power Silver/Silver/Iron - Elemental Armor Bonus and Attack Power Iron/Iron/Copper - Physical Armor Bonus and Support Power Tin/Tin/Gold - Elemental Armor Bonus and Support Power Silver/Silver/Tin - Organic Armor Bonus and Support Power For any other combination, the crafting window just bugs out and nothing happens. Shield Coverings require 2 Metal Sections, so you can split the mitigation between 2 groups or load up on 1.
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    Positive Feedback

    After watching the last live stream I realized ( thanks Blair ) that we should have a thread where we post things that we really enjoy about the game. That way if you like it and want to keep it in the game we should all put that information here. Also that way they might even enhance those parts of the game as well. Last thing would be please leave only positive comments, because there are many places to put negative comments. Thanks ACE for this great game!
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    Video - Belantis flops

    Assorted failures and deceptions while playing the assassin
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    You can currently cap forts as a spirit crow.
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    Positive Feedback

    woah, hey can i start us out? i super love that we have this passionate, active community who's willing and able to help us hammer on this game and shake out something really cool. testing isn't always easy and it isn't always fun, but y'all consistently knock it out of the park. sometimes too well. also the spiders. i really like the spiders.
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    [LoD] Lords of Death

    Our "Mouthy Brit" position is currently filled by a gentleman named Will LoD but if the position opens up I will be sure to let you know
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    going to be quite the balancing act! its all over at the moment in terms of damage inflation - especially compare to how healing can or can not keep pace [or mitigations or issues with that]
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    @thomasblair Can we please get the limiters taken off the leather drops. Instead of cat only dropping flexible, can we get a chance for the others. Across the back it could be tougher, or more durable. The belly could be soft. Yes most of the drops, (like 50%) could be flexible but we should have a chance to get all of the types. More flexible and soft from the cats but a chance for the others. More tough and durable for the boars, but a chance at the others. Keep with the theme from old but free up the hides man. And if you do decide to give it a look, can you compare the tables of the boar to the cat. The cat has something wrong with it. We do not get nearly the same amounts as boars. (I think you changed the boar tables way back in big world when they were stuck at rank 1.) Cat was never changed and is much less overall yield with the same skill.
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    Another possible change is to make Armor Breaks/Pen be adaptive(percentage based). Current System - 60% Mits - 20% Pen = 40% Mit Suggestions - 60% Mits - (60x.20) = 48% Mit This allows leather users to not always be at 0% Mit and still allows pen to be useful for tankier targets. I know this conversation is mainly geared at Mit/Pen, but additional concerns I have are that Crit Dmg + AP do not have corresponding defensive Stats.
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