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    Everybody knows that JTC is a Fae.
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    [-V-] Vanguard | [EU]

    We have a guild website! We have just finished making our new guild website: https://vanguardcrowfall.com/ The website includes: - Information about our guild and how to apply. - A video library of all our videos. - A guides & tutorials page (which will be filled up when 5.110 hits) - Streams page, with link to all the vanguard players that stream. - A tool page, which includes all the tools we develop. - A services page, which displays the services we provide to the community. - A resources page which includes game info, good to know stuff about Crowfall, such as an updated discipline library, and a list of all the obtainable trial badges. If you encounter any errors please message me And enjoy!
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    The stats on the badges are small and there will be other badges to earn. Most of my guild hasn't played the pre-alpha and thus doesn't have any badges and I still don't feel like it will be enough disadvantage to worry about. Lets not forget that you can also play "no import" campaigns to eliminate the badges or any other items from entering a campaign.
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    So, tell me about sieges ...

    Sir, this is a Crowfall forum.
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    Dev Diary: Powers Load-out

    I applaud any attempt to reduce the information vacuum, but skills and power trays go hand in hand and don't really warrant 2 separate communications, and it is all old information to boot. New info would be better. The UI looks great and I'm glad to see that, but if Dev Diaries are going to to be a regurgitation of older information in a new format and with just a few more of the finer details then I'd prefer to see that information presented as concisely as possible; we know there won't be any documentation for 5.110 but this could be an opportunity for ACE to get some details down in writing for everyone to reference without actually generating official documentation at this point.
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    Dev Diary: The Power Bar

    In the current live patch there are passives that can be slotted exclusively to the survival tray (for example passives sourcing from exploration disciplines). After removal of the survival tray and simultaneous removal of passive slots/passive cap, how will those passives work? Will passive abilities be activated or deactivated based on being IC/OOC? Relevant Example: Slotting the exploration discipline Connoisseur grants the passive Glycolysis, which only goes into the survival tray passive slots. On current live patch, this is already a useful discipline/passive in combat, since it allows players to regain stamina by weaving into survival tray and consuming apples. In a scenario where all passives are active independent of IC/OOC in addition to a neat Consumables slot, it would be possible to spam apples to regain stamina in combat (tray) and potentially even during Block/Parry, given that Connoisseur remains unchanged.
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    Dev Diary: The Power Bar

    The consumable slots (Alt 1 - Alt 3) do not accept powers at all, only Potions, Bandages, Food, Campfires. (Our slots are not combo slots that accept both powers/consumables, you get one or the other!) Good question, the situation you provide isn't an apples to apples comparison though. In order for the Assassin to be in a state of "DoT ticking + still in stealth"; a) they would first have to break stealth to apply the DoT and then wait the combat timer out (at which point the DoT may have already worn off) , b) or use a Vanish to get back into stealth while they have DoTs on someone, c) or the case where the power auto removes stealth, applies an effect or damage, then puts them back in stealth. (Spirit Dart/Gopher Broke) Meanwhile over on the Brigand, they placed traps while in stealth that subsequently exploded when triggered, and the explosion damage activated the remove player from stealth because "they did damage and are stealthed." The pattern doesn't match any of the 3 Assassin/Duelist versions I listed above. If we wanted to make them all the same, we probably would have followed model C) and make the Brigand appear every time they place a trap and then put them back into stealth.
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    NPC Ranks and us

    Rank x3 = approximate level. If you're level 8, a good match would be rank 3 (level 9) or rank 4 (level 12). Just keep an eye on your xp earned per kill. If it's less than 50, the enemies are too weak and you need to find something stronger.
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    What I gathered from the stream: Marketing to the general public that is known to be unforgiving that doesn't care and actually laughs at updates of unfinished games is more valuable then rewarding loyal fans with news as they tread water for months. Ignoring that the general public wouldn't know or care if alpha details were dropped to fans weeks/months/years earlier. Q&A doesn't mean what we think it does. Update might not make it by end of Feb. If it does, will there be a massive news update overload or will there be multiple articles over weeks going over individual systems? Classes for example used to get a few each. The "need to finish milestone, then test/polish, then get to test" sounded like we have a ways to go still. Caravans sound like escort quests/events found in other games. They spawn, we activate/control them, deliver to a destination. Was expecting more of horse+wagon that we can create and use freely like several other games. JTC tweet about Crowfall being more strategic then EVE made news. Just have to scratch my head at that one. Not sure how you can even measure such a thing, but again, I'm sure the general nice public ate that hype up... Dregs aka GvG is a big deal yet still lacking very basic (player perspective) guild systems that should be part of Dregs day 1. Things like this will be yet another item for the general public to laugh about and people to try once and uninstall. Beyond stronghold building and guilds owning them, wonder what else in this update is Dregs specific. Seems like it should of waited for a full Dregs update when GvG systems are ready for prime time. Assuming everything else announced will make it to Factions as well. War Stories: Someone make one about waging "war" (loosest use of the term) without guild tools. Wouldn't want to be in dev shoes, but hopefully all the new found millions will go to hiring more talent, tech, time machine, or whatever it is going to take. Good luck.
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    Will Dregs City Building requirements be toned down during testing to allow small guilds to participate? Will Alliances and sub-guilding be active? Is Shade warlock available yet?
  11. 2 points

    Thursday at noon?

    I don't understand the question. Where did this "Thursday ETA" come from? There's nothing planned for Thursday. I will publish a new Dev Diary tomorrow (Wednesday) about changes to the leveling (XP) system. Beyond that, there's no big something happening this week. I honestly hate to burst anyone's bubble, but it truly breaks my heart when folks get themselves hyped up about something without any basis and wind up disappointed. P.S.EDIT: Ahh, now I see where this is coming from - the current campaign ends today and we haven't announced the next one yet. That is being announce later today; we're putting the finishing touches on the webpage. I'm sorry for the cornfusion.
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    Schau einfach mal auf unserem Discord vorbei und schreib mich an @Alandor69 . Ich hab noch diverse Brillen für den Necro rumliegen.
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    Dev Diary: The Power Bar

    Which pretty much every game with automatic combat switching has dealt with, which is why I preferred the manual switching.
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    KDS in Crowfall [EU]

    Looking very Promising General @KDSProm 😎
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    Make them all craftable but give no cosmetic change.
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    I just saw a YouTube video on New World and it sounds like they changed the game a lot very recently. Forced PVP and survival elements have been removed. You can now turn on and off pvp in the open world function. You can now totally avoid pvp. There are now quest givers, 3 different factions, AI mobs that you can join others to kill. This sounds like it was all confirmed by Scott Lane who is the executive producer. Below is the link to the YouTube video. There are still a lot of PVP elements. It's no longer a full sandbox-it is primarily housing that is sandbox, supposedly. I haven't followed New World very closely so I will others that follow it more closely comment on this.
  17. 2 points
    It's just a performance issue that will hopefully be cleaned up as they move toward polishing and launch. As far as I know, everyone experiences it to some degree.
  18. 2 points
    They had x1 skills years ago. The skill tree's have drastically changed since then. Sadly, even the dev's have forgotten what speeds have been tried in the past, 2 streams ago the dev's insisted that there was never a speed multiplier above 3x since its not possible. Good times....
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    Did you manage to sneak the Thief discipline in yet?
  20. 2 points
    Just got the game this morning! Long time mmo player, and im very excited for some war stories of my own. Been watching this game for years now and with word of the beta coming soon i decided to jump in. Going to cut some people in half with my Stoneborn Champion!
  21. 1 point
    I don't expect the game to be done at an unreasonable pace (6 years is reasonable). I do expect regular and meaningful interaction with the community. I do expect Q/A's to have more content than fluff. I do expect a timeline with an * because things happen and schedules/production changes come first. I don't expect fully working content the first iteration. I've been here since the beginning (I'm talking count down ticker on play2crush). I've given them a lot of money (a few accounts, a mountain citadel, like 9 years of VIP if that's a thing still). There are decisions that have been made that I don't support and I am still here (I'm not a game tourist). This style of dev'ing where you treat us like mushrooms (keeping us in the dark and feeding us poorly made socks) is dated and honestly disappointing. I will defend the devs when they need to be defended and I feel like I can criticize them when they need it.
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    guess we are already again on the HYPETRAIN 😎
  23. 1 point

    Dev Diary: Powers Load-out

    doesn´t that open pandoras box for some fancy nerdguys to make a macro that switches those gathering powers for the fighting powers on one button within milisecs?
  24. 1 point

    Dev Diary: Powers Load-out

    From the lore side, I agree that a centaur should be the fastest thing out there; it doesn't need to ride a horse, it *is* a horse. From the gameplay side, making it the fastest thing out there, in and out of combat, means it would need to take a big hit elsewhere. Centaur can already run down anything but a mounted knight while OOC, and stick it with a hurl bat, chain pull, or a root. Don't run from a centaur, you'll just die tired. As for making it viable for classes other than champ, it's already a good choice for every class available to it. Centaur is the top choice for cleric, and horse knights are not at all uncommon.
  25. 1 point

    Stealth for Every Class

    Using a brigand allowed them to show a class that has multiple trays. Using a cleric, champ, or any other class with only one bar would have left even less to show us.
  26. 1 point

    Présentation de Cerbere

    Bienvenue sur le jeu @CerbereStyxx ! Un vétéran du mmo 😏 Au plaisir de se croiser pour se bastonner 😜 Si tu ne l'as pas encore fait, il y a un discord français avec des joueurs actifs dessus si tu ne veux pas jouer solo ou même échanger entre français sur le jeu 😁
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    KDS in Crowfall [EU]

    Have to say great job people of KDS!👏 Im impressed, and I look forward to playing 5.110 Let the Crows fly
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    I reaaaallly hope so.
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    Skill ceiling compared to other games?

    100% they would do a lot for the game to change that. I don’t necessarily think all aoe powers should get the treatment but a lot of them should.
  30. 1 point

    Dev Diary: The Power Bar

    Bye survival tray, it was good the time it lasted 🙋‍♂️ All those changes open to a lot of questions, specially around powers (passives, actives, specific to survival tray etc...) and i hope we will have a good bunch of responses in the next Dev Diaries (still thanks to @thomasblair to have given us some responses there yet) Can't wait to test it on February, this seems to have a large impact on a lot of things even if it's not one of those poletent thingy Oh and i can dump all those tutorials videos about those trays, damn !
  31. 1 point

    Dev Diary: The Power Bar

    Or use Stink Bomb... at least as it is today.
  32. 1 point

    Dev Diary: The Power Bar

    and the choice of combat/not combat. that comes with it .terrible since u no longer have a choice.
  33. 1 point

    Hello Crowfallers

    Hello I recently joined Crowfall and after afew hours I found that the graphics have kept me hooked to level up and be all powerful! I also like to adventure out for PK..If you like PvP then be sure to read my other posts and support potential changes coming forward in future updates! Enjoy your stay and contribute to Crowfall 🐧
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    I think it is interesting that a required sub, where you literally cannot win without paying, is considered less 'pay to win' than an optional sub, where you can win without paying.
  35. 1 point
    I am not itching to play at this point, and here is some of the whys...in 3 key areas (do not want to make a long post). Crafting: I did enjoy Gathering but I dislike the way the Resources pop out in the world the you have to run around gather them and the worse is that they disappear after some time. That is completely ludicrous. It got old really fast, but before that the actual exploring to find nodes the variety of nodes and materials is nice. The durability of starting items being so low is annoying too, I like that we can just gather wood and make new gathering tools on the go, but their durability should last longer. As a Star Wars Galaxies vet (and Ultima Online), I can see the depth of the Crafting and the principles underlying it. The crafting Stations system, is great the variety of items that can be crafted is great and the general approach to it is great. The Skill system is annoyingly long...I do not even read the steps I train any more repetition just for the sake f repetition, efficiency, more efficiency and yet more efficiency plus some efficiency...not fleshed out, too many steps to train in to. And I think there should be a part that is completed via actually practicing the skill crafting items and gaining xp from doing so rather than untended skill training. RPG Elements: It bothers me that all the characters are named the same by the account and that we cannot create unique characters with own names. It is like if I am playing Planetside2 or something and not an MMORPG..is this an MMORPG to begin with? Is this a MOBA? Or at least do you want us to play this game like a MOBA on for a few minutes do some Siege PvP/Gathering and Crafting and Off when we get our fill? It lacks the stuff which encourages Social behavior which give meaning to our characters to the world our goals in the world. Why should I bother investing in creating something in the Eternal Kingdoms if these are empty all the time with no one interested in the social aspect as everyone is busy having a session of specific fun and then log off? Why should I even bother going to Campaigns even to gather/win stuff for the Eternal Kingdoms? Status? Show off? Greed/wealth?...these are all temporary goals... What contributes to the longevity of an in game community is the social bonds that players develop. At this point I come back periodically pout points in skills and log out... Combat System : This one I do not like at all in the current form. the Trays, especially for a ranged class, the slowdown in combat the manual in combat out combat mechanics are really unintuitive and clanky, do not flow well and are frustrating. Here is a Taste of my experience. Example: Sees a target, wants to engage, opps cannot attack because in non combat mode, press button to enter combat, attack with ranged, Has to manually aim and fire, target (PvE) jumps over very fast, what to do next? Point blank shooting arrows, very unintuitive, wants to place a trap, oops gotta switch tray lay the trap, oops cannot run away, out of combat run a bit faster in combat opps accidental switched to melee tray change tray to range shoot oops the target is upon me. BAghhh screw that! Lets go fight in WoW Classic. The flow is horrendous. And for a Combat oriented game such as this where the core activity will be mostly Combat (and since, if no one fights the economy collapses as people can go so far with basic resources)...this is a very important core system to get right. It has to be fluid and intuitive and to cater to the average player not the niche Min-Maxer who stacks everything on one specific way of fighting, to show off on Youtube and Twitch. I do not play games because of Twitch and Youtube. I know allot of people may disagree with me, please do. Disagreements and discussion in disagreement is a good thing as long as it is constructive. What I like to throw you way though, is, if everything is fine, then where are the masses of people in this game enjoying Core mechanisms? I understand it is early and Alpha, I am asking that question within that Context. I played other game in Alpha that were much more crowded, it shows when the systems of the game have good synergy and there is interest to play. Crowfall illicits interest to Test, but at this point not much interest to Play, yet there is much potential in the core idea. It is just not expressed in a way that meets that target at this time. And that becomes my answer, the most Addicitive/Defining thing about CF is the potential of its Ideas...It sounds really good on paper...
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    Reserving Character names

    Thank you for your fast and great answer.
  37. 1 point

    Changes to Jolmandar Campaign

    well that's a lot better! ty
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    Any information not related to dregs is a complete waste of time.
  39. 1 point
    another question, will u increase the max population per map for dregs? I hope and think it's yes (i maybe missed this information), but if it is, have you an idea of the next pop max ?
  40. 1 point
    No, there is no scaling based on population, at least not for static nodes and mobs. In the next patch, we'll be able to get large amount of materials from POIs that can be transported to a refinery via a caravan and broken down into crafting resources. I guess it's possible that they could have the POIs spawn more or less based on the population, but I doubt it.
  41. 1 point
    Will you test the X1 to skill training ? and any info about the catch up system for new player after launch ? Any info about the vip (as usual ...) ?maybe it's a time to discuss about that with the community ? for which functionality we are ready to pay a subscription? because curently multi account is so powerfull. what about human passive if all passive are active? what change for the different racial bonuses? like the others, more info about settings for alliances in dregs !
  42. 1 point

    So, tell me about sieges ...

    Bring it back around to the original topic, y'all.
  43. 1 point
    I love the relaxing part of the game which is solo gathering. Hauling resources and giving it to the guild feeling that it makes an impact on guild's progression is really rewarding to me and the way the gathering works now with it's mini-game aiming for circles and then running through all the resources on the floor to pick it is a great stress realiever to me. On the other side the big-scale pvp with fighting for forts and keeps is awesome when you're fighting with your guild members to achieve something. I also feel like that and hope it's going to change in future.
  44. 1 point

    All I want for Christmas is...

    There will be a wipe with the big patch. Don't worry about training until then.
  45. 1 point

    Hey there

    Welcome on the Forums have fun catching up
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    Hey guys, Just started playing again. My first tour was a few months ago and the game is much better now. 35 Married with a new baby, Learning all aspects of the game and looking forward to meeting some of you.
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    A Reason to Fight

    I don't work for ACE, I'm just parroting what Todd said about EKs being critical. Will that happen before softlaunch? Doubtful. Would EK context be a good candidate for the first post-softlaunch feature? Yeah, if they want to retain people for more than two campaigns. Fact of the matter is that you've already seen the consequence of wipe based burnout in testing. The way campaigns are supposed to work, you're effectively wiping most of the player's work every three months. If there's not some really meaty connective tissue with really compelling reasons to want to win those campaigns this is going to be a huge problem for retention in CF. I think thusfar they've been approaching it as if it were DOTA or Counterstrike or something. The idea being people will keep playing because they just like playing, even though you get (mostly) zeroed out every match. I don't think this is applicable to CF because of the length of the match. I can easily "one more game" a game I can play 4-10 sessions of in a day between work and sleep. That ability to "one more game" will also keep me coming back tomorrow because I know I can sit down and go from zero to 100 and back to zero tomorrow several times as well. This isn't the case in a crowfall campaign that lasts three months. When I sign up for a CF campaign, I'm effectively signing up for repeating a significant amount of grind I've already moved past. If I'm in dregs I'm signing up for the difficult task of building, defending, and maintaining structures I don't get to keep. I'm signing up for a lot of tedious, boring drudge work that I already know how to do and in fact have already done once, or possibly even twice. I already did this beta testing Starborne, which has month long campaigns that zero you out. I really like the game, and I like the campaign model it uses, but at a certain point it doesn't feel worth my time to put in all that time and effort for nothing but a chance at a cosmetic title or profile picture. I'd put in that work in a game that lasted an hour. I'd probably keep putting in that work one hour at a time, maybe for years. The fact is that when your game is designed around something so long form, the distance between your endgame and beginning is VAST, and that gulf instantly causes players to question if its worth climbing that ladder again just to get somewhere they've already been. Lots of people want to climb Everest. Far fewer people want to climb Everest more than one time. The only people that consistently climb Everest for years on end are sherpas, and its literally their job. "One more game" is not going to motivate me to keep showing up in this situation. What's going to motivate me to keep showing up is the assurance that its all going to a higher purpose. Some kind of superior game loop that I always have, and that I care about enough to endure this. EKs are not just optional fluff, and ACE would do well to remember this. If you can't get people to be excited about EKs, you're going to have a hard time getting people to be excited about crowfall after their second or third campaign.
  48. 1 point

    Crowfall Memes + MS Paint Rage Thread

    @Zybak https://tenor.com/view/deer-scream-funny-gif-4408151
  49. 1 point

    Crowfall Memes + MS Paint Rage Thread

    Hold my beer...
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    Showcase your guild!

    Just got into Crowfall, our guild is a couple years old. I'll see what we can do. (: Not a lot of content in game right now but, I've enjoyed streaming 5.5 for guildies to get them hyped for launch this year. We'll do a promo video leading up to CF though Pann and link our website and other good stuff that is required. Edit: Also as a group that just got into the game a week or two ago, I fully agree with Pope. I do feel like I blew 200$ on this, there is no guild system and things aren't clearly explained at all. A lot of the content you really, really have to dig for just to see the current state of the game. In-fact, the "What is Crowfall," really doesn't even explain what the game is to be honest.
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