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    There is no significant difference between most classes, most of them except a few well-designed classes all have CC, DPS abilities, mobility, or healing available to them. The end result is a lack of meaningful choices and thereby you just select the combo which has the highest dps and mobility or lockdown. That is why Myrmidon was so frequently used months ago, then it was nerfed, and then confessor was everywhere then it was nerfed, and now wood elf ranger is the current flavor. Myrmidom did great damage and had high survivability. Confessor did great damage and had high mobility and CC. Wood Elf Ranger does great damage, has high mobility and escape from root, has melee capability with lifesteal and invuln, baby-stealth, ranged root, cheap and easy damage type swap, etc. * * * This phenomenon will continue until ACE takes a hard look at how they design classes/races and what disciplines they have available to them. The Duelist is a great example of a well-designed class that has a clear purpose and can do it well in the right circumstances, and yet is still not considered OP and played by everyone all the time. Some examples of how to change things would be to take away all CC and self-heals from DPS-centric classes and allow them to add back those capabilities with disciplines. Make it a meaningful choice. Give up something to gain something else - rather than just getting to be able to do literally everything. The Destroyer and Runecarved Gladiator disciplines for Champion are good implementations of options for speccing out your Champion character. I often am forced to choose between the two because I want to have Juggernaut as well. Meaningful choice, I love it. And also take away the melee tray from Ranger by default and allow them to add it back with a weapon or major discipline - similar to how Druid and Duelist work. Want to have melee on a ranged DPS class? Give up some ranged DPS in return. * * * Damage Dealing Crowd Control Damage Mitigation Mobility Healing Stealth Ideally, the more options of the above list you add on to your character, the less impactful each of those should be. Pick 3 out of 6.
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    No one wants the boring patch notes readings. Q&A is what we want. Honest feedback and answers on ALL the questions we have. Not Blair cherry picking questions he is not willing to answers. It feels like you are hiding some things. Try to answer them all. Give us Suze. We loved her grilling Blair and making him sweat. Why? We finally got the answers we were looking for. Loved seeing Gordon last stream as well. He is brutal and honest. His down to earth, non-marketing answers is what I like and want to see.
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    An update on Crowfall's timeline, and a reminder of what our victory conditions are. FULL STORY
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    Thanks for the clarification. We have definitely had requests to run and manage menus at the same time, so its an easy confusion to make on my part. I can see if maybe we can have an option in settings called TOGGLE MOVE which, when enabled, will act as you have described. Tap and hold will operate as it already does. Tap once and release will set run on indefinitely, tap again to turn it off and stop moving. And any interruption to movement such as combat, tray swapping and mode shifting will automatically set the toggle off again. Does that sound like what we want?
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    I'm glad you guys finally got around to making this post. It was becoming pretty clear that the Race/Class split decision would force this game back into 2018. No ones faulting you on this. It makes the game more interesting in almost every conceivable way. This type of dialog with the player base is whats been missing from you guys lately. I get the feeling you received some backlash this year in a couple areas (the Tomes incident), and it made you gunshy about talking straight with us. You should never try to hide bad news from us, just like you never hesitate to share good news with us. When a developer uses the term "Transparency" to describe themselves or their development process, I tend to hold them to a higher standard. It feels to me lately you've shied away from embracing that concept. The only thing you could possibly do to truly anger your backers at this point is to fail to deliver Crowfall's Vision to us at some unspecified point in the future. The rest is the noise that most of us recognize as a swarm of entitled gamers who feel pre-purchasing something entitles them to something. That white noise will always be present in any gaming community. You can't avoid it. Much like you can't avoid "Pay to Win" criticisms. Keep on making Crowfall in the Vision™ you sold us on 3 years ago. The real community will have your backs.
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    Or we could go with I have had 5 weeks in 5.3 and action harvesting. I still do not like how gathering in Crowfall makes me feel. It is an unfun grind. A chore. With ACTION HARVESTING!. Bang.! Pow! Weak points let you break the node slightly faster. Yay!. You still get poorly made socks returns. 100+ nodes to get the mats to make something harder to make. At least 15-20 seconds per node. In a war zone. While going through 4-5 tools. All which require their own mats. To gather up 480+ pieces to make a poorly made socks statted peice of gear. That takes an hour to make, and 10 deaths no matter how much durability you roll amazing on will still destroy that poorly made socks piece of gear. If the doing of all these things are not fun you end up with an unfun game. The base that you have built for your game, the foundation that it all rest on, is unfun. A chore. Poorly tuned. A time waster. Great idea, poor implementation. a logistical nightmare. Bad. I am sure I can come up with some more ways to describe it. But I tihnk you get the idea. Listen to the people who play your game.
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    Don't be fooled. Doggett will make solid and unwavering eye contact while he steals your fries.
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    Tomes P2W Model

    When/if we add tomes after launch (and I suspect that we will, because we do need a catch-up mechanic for late arrivals) we'll put a gate in place to keep people from abusing it. My current plan is to add a global max # of minutes since launch that players can't exceed; in effect, a new player won't be able to use Tomes to gain more total minutes than a standard VIP player who started on launch day. Todd ACE
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    one of the most informative live-streams we have had in a while. It addressed many of my questions and some concerns and then added some a few new concerns, but any good update does that I suspect. My selfish list Intermediate recipes - Only weapons and using billets so limited impact overall on crafting. We heard Alchemy, Jewelcrafting and Runecrafting will not have these tween-step recipe options so not impact-full to many of the crafters Toxins are crafted and slotted - So as long as not a melee attack should see application. Bow Assassin is a real thing Armor has had another sweeping change- Resist plate > mail > leather DPS leather > mail > plate Health plate > mail > leather and a D Stone can now allow you to equip an armor beyond your default but only allows one movement up or down the path. Mail to Plate Leather to Mail, etc Adding more sub-components to Armor-Smithing (why is this still under blacksmithing? Why not split weapons and armor) - if we did not already have a ridiculous amount of complexity and material management to address now we have one more sub-component in Armor. How is this going to impact blueprinting and factories? how may blueprints will I need to make my finished piece of Armor? More Quiver types in - So the team addressed the complexity of arrow types and those should be able to have matching quivers made A shift in the trees for Hides -simplification of sorts. hides will be of a type not based on an animal type. Flexible, hard versus Bear, Cat
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    The Battle of Black Mire

    Chaos defends a fortress against the forces of Order. Great job Order for making an attempt to push the fort. Good testing of the mechanics.
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    Now you're just interjecting facts, business acumen, and common sense into the conversation. And we can't let that discompose the rampant speculation and endless victimization narrative. I will make my decision about Crowfall 30 days after launch. Whenever that may be. Right now I have a couple hundred bucks invested into this particular game, I have made some good friends, and I have some excellent rivals. I estimate that I have easily spent over 500 hours playing Pre-Alpha at less than a dollar per hour entertainment value, and somehow I have the 'feelz' like I could sit down and share a meal and conversation with the Dev Team. Compared to some other pre-released games I have paid for... Crowfall has already been a return on investment.
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    Looks pretty good so far. We have to see the implementation though. Is there any thought of players improving the workbenches over Time with mats, and or having crafting amounts advancing a counter by completed works to improve upon the workbenches. Like over time with completed works the bench gets a plus to it. Making it more valuable over time so that people do not just burn and replace. It could add history to certain places. Like Black Mire was steeped in so much necromancy that the workbench grew into it's awesome and terrible reputation. What would happen once a craft is started? If I start a craft, then during the "cooking" timer I get killed. Can anyone remove the crafted item? Is it lost? Is it treated like a local chest and I lose access till I can pick it up? Can it be recovered by the magic tow truck? Is it placed into local storage once complete or any kind of variation on this idea. Will you have to have the mats for the craft on your body or will it be able to access the mats from local storage? (More secure) Will crafting in the forts add to the "win" counters? More so than crafting at a beachhead would do. Let the crafters contribute in the small ways as well as the big. Risk vrs reward.
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    You are fast! We will cover the ins and outs of the project view as well as other menus in stations that we did not include in today's update, in the near future. It will be good.....sooooo soooo good:)
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    State of Melee In Crowfall

    The problem is real, but the proposed fixes are band-aids. The designers have to go through their classes and give them a budget to split between: overall dps/healing burst dps/healing range escapes movement speed melee CC ranged CC Area effect CC dmg mitigation etc. As long as they're willing to have highly mobile ranged DPS with ranged AE CC in a single class, the melee classes are screwed.
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    I think the "roles" perspective is something they launched with; "Tank", "Ranged", "Melee", "Specialist" and "Support". It's clear this distinction was narrowed to something more palatable and easier to recognize; Warrior, Mage, Thief. It's a pretty easy triangle of concepts to follow. The problem is the diversity of those parents immediately confuses players. For example; The Ranger would fall under the "Thief" tree but seems to be designed to counter Thieves. Huh? Mages typically don't cast heals in any game I've played, but Druids and Clerics fall under this parent. In essence, this games role design seems to be floundering without clearly defined roles for each of the parents. I believe they went this route to sort of give the Shadowbane feel to the game, you start with a base class, and then work your way into something more complicated. As the OP pointed out, none of the classes really feel distinct at this point; just different food coloring additives tossed in. My biggest fear right now is that this game's interesting combat perspective rests solely on the backs of disciplines. This has sort of necessitated that Crowfall constantly design and introduce new Disciplines or else the entire pool will simply be boiled down by the theorycrafting types into a specific set of viable choices. I don't see any reason to experiment once they've been found. Making matters worse is the customization we were supposed to find in the skill trees is now entirely absent. We are left with a vanilla set of ability scores we can pick up, with almost zero impact on how we'd play our characters. I was originally impressed and now have serious consternation over the number of choices that Crowfall has extended the player. It's highly daunting once a new player enters the game, and once I as a new player have mastered the various customization aspects, I'll become disappointed by how little they actually impact the way I intend to play the game. All of the choices we've been given aren't really choices at all. Most of the disciplines boil down to a handful of even remotely viable/useful choices for each class (and some disciplines are locked to a specific class which makes me wonder why they aren't part of the base kit in the first place). This isn't really a choice, and further complicating matters is that ultimately it won't even be a question of choice, but later a question of availability (can players even craft these in some campaign bands in the first place!?). I've become very jaded and realistic as to what we are seeing these myriad choices turn into. The choices presented by the crafting system are even less interesting (do I want +10 atk power or +0.10% crit chance... /yawn). A more interesting system would be creating set bonuses that impact how we play our characters, not a rush to min-max the crap out of some statistic. I haven't seen any steps to make this better, just more homogenization and vanilla-ing of every system I used to think was going to add breadth and depth to character creation. Now I'm just plain apathetic to everything they've done a "pass" over recently.
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    5.3 skill tree screenshots

    All the 5.3 skill trees currently on the test client with the new race/class split (don't forget you can look up powers/disciplines etc on the malekai database too!)
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    The answer to your "how the hell" questions can be found here: https://www.raphkoster.com/2017/09/28/ultima-onlines-influence/#more-31116 Also episode 90, 91 here: http://spamspamspamhumbug.com/ You'll probably be waiting quite a bit longer for UO2 (and UO2 was a subset of UO feature-wise btw). While I didn't kill UO2 personally, I did get to oversee the burial, as I was Exec Producer for the last 6-8 weeks. EA decided that Earth and Beyond, Sims Online and Motor City Online were better bets to continue funding at that time, even though UO2 had more experienced MMO developers than all the other games combined. They didn't want to wait for the time it needed to be completed. And frankly the EA/Origin Systems relationship was always chronically strained by the massive cultural differences, which didn't help anything. People from the UO2 team have worked on a lot of other MMO's since then though!
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    It's been a great year, but the next will be even better! FULL STORY
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    We will get into the nitty gritty soon, but I wouldn't read too much into the terminology. INTERMEDIATE recipes are only slightly better than basic ones, where ADVANCED ones are much much better. The balance to strike is to give every player some general crafting capabilities so they have options for tools, armor and weapons, while also giving them reasons to craft better gear or find someone who can. If a non-crafter walks up to a station and can't do anything because all recipes are advanced, then we are not giving them enough of a taste to want to come back, or try the crafting track. For dedicated crafters, the advanced crafting game will continue to be deep and necessary. The best weapons, gear, tools, potions, etc will only come from the best crafters, giving these folks a lot of power.
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    Please tell me that second picture with the flowchart will act as a screen where you can put all the materials and craft from raw mats. That'd be a lot better than jumping from recipe to recipe.
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    I think a lot of those stats previously were blank or simply unused. The new stats are the REAL DEAL! We are already fine tuning them to be more understandable and helpful to players. As far as modifier keys, we are laying the foundation for that type of custom input combination. Starting with L+R Mouse to run so you can move and steer with mouse only. Beyond that, our system should be able to handle arbitrary combinations. So then it will be up to us to add UI support to allow players to set those combos. Thanks for passing this one along. I think a lot of players will be really happy once they can take full control <pun intended> of their input mappings.
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    Much better than the the normal QA actually - instead of dodging our questions or answering them only tangentially, you gave us info about something we're interested in, in a bit more depth. Hope this becomes a trend.
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    State of Melee In Crowfall

    We had Cow Wars...we had Templar Wars...we had Confessor Wars...and now we have WoodElf Wars. Such is the nature of the ebb and flow of new classes, races, powers and passives. Next we'll have Assassin Wars...and then FrostWeaver Wars...and someday...we'll get back to the task at balance. Until then...we're just moving around the deck chairs on the Titanic. No matter what...Jack Dawson's gonna drown.
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    Can we get BEARS next...

    Lets get another spawner prototype in game soon, and let it be bears... every crafter droolz over bear hide. We want it but cannot get it and the chest thing is wearing thin.... A BEAR spawner is: A rocky outcropping with the spawn cave that can be up higher on a mountain peak or tucked in a canyon... The Bear is vicious and mean, it charges with crushing force, knocks down, has a slashing bleed and can grab you and rag doll you for a big ouch chunk of piercing damage... nothing to scoff at solo. The Bear spawns solo, one by one from the cave and has a 40 m tether back to the cave where it heals fast... no kiting these big boys, they charge you... and come at you and if you run they reset. A new Bear spawns quickly after the previous corpse disappears... still one at a time. Bear spawners are rare... to camp one solo is inviting a gank because fighting a bear is tough enough solo let alone being jumped. These are not mini-bosses but if set up so that they are sketch to kill solo and unkiteable, you are going to take damage and be weakened by the task... this encourages group harvesting not only for protection but to mitigate the damage a bear can do. Bears are the motherlode of skinning skill since they produce the most desirable pelt... attack damage stitched, harvest crit amount leather, and craft experimentation leather. It looks like the boars and cats are now under control on the map and not causing pesky issues... Bears! be next and the toughest of the hide producers to harvest. Make bears great again... Get Dave to draw us a weary adventurer venturing towards that cave bear den... Eyes and a large shape hidden within.
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    State of the knight 5.3.0

    I think that the crowfall knight has a real identity crisis. It's not a tank - it's pretty squishy really (no self heals, and block has been nerfed so that it's weak (other than elemental reflect, which only works against people who don't know better). Cleric block is knight block + group heals. Templar parry is knight block + knockdown (no cooldown, great dmg)). A knight survives no longer than anyone else when focused. And it can't protect anyone else from harm. And it can't force enemies to focus on itself. It's not a dps - it doesn't hit hard. It could be a harasser - except that its gap-closers are on way longer cooldowns than enemy escapes, and all its CC is point blank range. There are dps classes with very effective ranged CC that make better harassers (as a secondary role to their excellent ranged dps). So what is it that a knight is supposed to excel at? I would REALLY like to hear the thoughts of @thomasblair @mhalashace and @vkromas on this. There's only one tank class in Crowfall - templar. Templar is utterly dominant in that role. The combination of divine light, parry-knockdown with no cooldown (WTF?) and massive dmg, execute, and holy warrior - that combination of powers is ridiculously strong when compared to knight, or even myrmidon. The rest of the templar powers are just icing on the cake. It hits harder, has excellent defense and self-heals, and has a plethora of knockdown options. So what is a knight supposed to do, ACE devs? The knight can't catch ranged opponents, can't hurt melee opponents, and can't take a beating. 1v1 in an arena environment, a knight can do ok against some classes. But that's not what the game is about. In mid and large scale group combat, the knight feels lost. What does a knight do well enough that a group should want to have one over another class? The only reason I get included in groups right now is that there's no one else available. I've been playing and advocating for knights for two years now - since the very start of hunger dome. And honestly, I don't think I've ever been so depressed about the state of the class. Thomas Blair already gave it one re-work, and it still feels pretty useless.
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    Worth the wait IMO. Keep up the good work and make something awesome, ok? Deal? Alright, we on the same page.
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    Target Dummies

    We have 3 Target dummies on the test, but can we please have them do the following : 1 : Auto heals to stay above what is considered "High Health". 2 : One that auto heals around 50% health .. 3 : One that stays on low health... That way we can test skills like : Pound of Flesh, Banshee and so on...
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    Tyranny 5.3 Map on LIVE

    If anyone spots any errors, let me know.
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    New Website Design - Issues & Feedback

    Going to start a list of issues I found on the website with some help from the Crowfall Discord community; Issues (Bugs): Slide 6 of the Creation/Destruction uses the word "Fields" where Slide 5 uses "Field" (all other slides match wording exactly) The Logo at the top of the forums is the link to the Marketing website its URL changed won the new look it currently is https://crowfall.com/en/index.html/ needs to be https://crowfall.com/en/ SSO between the forums and the parent site is still broken and requires a refresh of the community child domain. [NOTE FROM PANN: We are aware of and addressing the single sign on (SSO) issues.] The Button in the Gameclient download is every time blue without accepting the right Image: https://imgur.com/a/hF0oU [NOTE FROM PANN: Working as designed.] The "More About Alpha" button is leading to Murder of Crows (Gordon) button image https://imgur.com/a/HRnEd The Minotaur is missing as a race on the ranger page The Bestiary images have to be adjusted for the mobile version Menu item "dev track" used to be phrased as "dev tracker". Mistake? Transaction history doesn't show the year of the transaction [NOTE FROM PANN: Fix is incoming.] Transaction history doesn't list the transactions in order of the purchase date. [NOTE FROM PANN: Fix is incoming.] Transaction history receipt links lead to a 404. [NOTE FROM PANN: This is working properly from our view. Please let us know if you're still getting the 404.] On the Backer Rewards Page, when using the redeem button it leads to a pop-up that says "consume gift". It's not a gift, it's reward. The last sentence is a mistake: "conce" instead of "once". Forum Badges are no longer in any order. It is possible to log into one account simultaneously on separate browsers. Security? You have a filter for articles/blogs on the "News" page - but no 'blog' entries. If I go to the 'News & Announcements' forum and attempt to view a news article from one of the threads - even one from yesterday - when I click FULL STORY link - I get a 404 page not found (all the links are pointing to news/x/ and should be /news/*articles*/x/ Dev Tracker lost it's 'text filter' and only goes back a limited amount of time (as before). Dev Tracker does not display all characters in a title anymore e.g. - : and others can be missed. The "Watch Trailer" button leads to an embedded youtube video displaying the title of 'GFXoverhaulNoTitle' (needs to be public-facing title updated) Fair use page references a link to press kit - not an active hyperlink. Some weird pixelation/scaling issues with images on portions of the site; https://www.crowfall.com/en/news/articles/meet-the-monsters/ Playtest menu unavailable from main navigation menu: https://www.crowfall.com/en/playtest-schedule/ Gryphon missing from Bestiary White out flash of the old home page background before the video on home page loads - example 'horse flash'... : https://imgur.com/a/qOphg 'WAR FOR THE THRONE' and 'GALLERY' + '© 2017 ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc.and published by Travian Games GmbH.' do not translate on language swap. didn't check language elsewhere. You have a filter for articles / blog - but no 'blog' entries. Is it intentional that the JOIN THE CROWS CHOOSE YOUR FATE image is a link to massive reveal news article? 'Articles' as page url/menu but 'Article' at top. It is now no longer possible to 'LOAD MORE' articles beyond October 10, 2016 [could previously go back much further] [NOTE FROM CEOLLACH: This is no bug, we did not move all articles from the old page.] The new article viewing that overlays the image against the text title can have layout/colour contrast readability issues https://imgur.com/a/YNkdX Some examples end up pixelated e.g. https://www.crowfall.com/en/news/articles/meet-the-monsters/ - and that image isn't even one of the below ones? if you try to access the guild page it flashes it then redirects to login if you are logged out Wiki section missing Feedback (Conceptual): seems more clicking/out of the way [or leaping 'past' things] compared to that previous presentation that was on the front page...or no easy 'gallery' swiping of the images etc for both videos and images etc: no consistent or understandable sort order / limited selection. especially videos. Suggestion: a 'search' / filter bar for FAQ might be helpful or a tree of sections/subsections/questions Seems redundant / not obvious that there is a top level 'News' page as well as the 'Articles' page. e.g. if i am viewing from articles an entry has the 'back to news' link instead of going back to 'articles'. It is frankly not consistent or clear that we can click on 'NEWS' or 'MEDIA' or 'COMMUNITY' [which just goes to forum anyway] top level buttons. Crowfall Merchandise Store is currently separate from the Crowfall Store? These should be consolidated so it doesn't feel like you are exiting the main store to go to someone else store for merchandise. Backer rewards not listed in any understandable order. Please sort it alphabetically. The forums pop out to a new window when clicking on the index page. Set it to target the current window or remove the new window target altogether. A diamond shows up between Creation and Destruction and is not centered. Center or delete it, it looks awful. A blurb explaining what you mean "Creation" And "Destruction" feels necessary, Missing an opportunity to talk about your game. Your character section seems to indicate only 5 possible race/class combinations. The use of "Spotlight" somewhat minimizes this, but you really should have a link to the remaining race/classes right from this slider. Additionally adding an image of the race/class matrix chart used in the live stream would be ideal here. I don't think a gallery is appropriate for the front page, you can use elements of these as backgrounds for individual sections and overlay text over them. Replace the gallery with a recent media section; focus heavily on sharing all of the Crowfall videos you guys have done. These communicate more than any image or section of oft-maintained text faq's ever could. The location of "Create an Account" is buried at the bottom of your front page, you need to describe what Crowfall is in your creation/destruction section and THEN allow people to sign up. The two sections above "create an account" aren't helping sell people on the game in my opinion. When launching Need Help (nice feature) it's common for companies to add a little text at the bottom to set an expectation. If the expectation is set in the auto-response email then nevermind The Call-To-Action button "Join Early Access" is vertically too big. It looks ridiculous next to normally sized menu options. The Menu items should be capitalized. Most of your headers throughout the page are all capitalized, including the menu parent options. Sub-menu's should match. They look weird. Influencers page no longer includes a description of what an Influencer is. Probably confusing for people who think they hold an influence on anyone. The one image you guys have with all the multi-colored crests that usually precedes your footer has too many colors and shapes going on in it. From a visual perspective, it makes your website feel messy and chaotic. This should just be replaced with random concept art. The What is Crowfall section (https://crowfall.com/en/what-is-crowfall/) looks gorgeous and is totally functional at doing what your front-page should have done. It communicates to a better degree What Crowfall Is. I don't see why people need to click on this page to find out what Crowfall is. You should be telling them on page ONE! The "Create an Account" formula is too large on the mobile version The Social media feels miss placed at the top the The Green button would look way better only with "Play Now" (the Download symbol is saying that u can download it ) The use of the term "Alpha" in "Get Ready For Alpha" suggests it's saying, "Pre-Alpha is about to end, get ready for Alpha etc.", with the expectation that what it is hyperlinked to would provide additional information on Alpha (but doesn't). It's a bit confusing. Consider moving the pages when a user clicks on 'NEWS' or 'MEDIA' or 'COMMUNITY' to their own sub-menu items, instead of making those top-level items clickable. You have some menu items which are, and some that are not clickable. Very confusing behavior and not outwardly apparent unless you pay close attention to the cursor changes on a desktop (mobile users would be clueless). Did you intentionally drop the WIKI section? [You should have added Malekai.org and VidyaWiki] Seems more clicking/out of the way [or leaping 'past' things] compared to that previous presentation that was on the front page...or no easy 'gallery' swiping of the images, etc. Suggestion: a 'search' / filter bar for "FAQ" page might be helpful For both videos and images etc: no consistent or understandable sort order / limited selection. especially videos. Need to set up filters and sorting options for end-users. If you try to access the guild page it flashes it then redirects to login if you are logged out, should just go to that page before flashing.
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    Increased the Coefficient to .25 so you will get a full 1 in all children skills. This post was helpful, succinct, and helped to resolve an issue. This post on the other hand was not helpful and had some barbed jabs in it. Make more of your posts like the previous one please. We definitely have a task to go through and link attributes to gathering and crafting stats. We might even get some fun new mechanics out of it. We just haven't gotten to it yet. I can very much see Str, Dex and Int increasing assembly, experimentation and experimentation points for certain professions where it makes sense. (ie Blacksmithing is Str based, Leatherworking is Dex based, and Alchemy is Int based)
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    misc notes: https://pastebin.com/qkkVrrHC
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    A first look at the changes coming to Crafting! FULL STORY
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    Horizon | [EU]

    ~#~#~#~ Look past your borders, Beyond your expectations, Towards the unreachable, Grasp the Horizon. ~#~#~#~ Horizon has been created by a group of dedicated early backers, who PLAY Crowfall in its early state, to create a fundament for a quick start in Crowfall. Our main goal is providing a competitive & social environment, where you are encouraged to raise your voice and we will listen to you. Even if our goal is to win the maximum amount of campaigns, we are not an elite guild with just numbers and orders, which is feeling more like work instead of playing a game and having fun. Our Ideals We built Horizon on the basis of the following three aspects: Active (jump in voice chat to hang out while doing your daily routines and tasks in game) Social (we can disagree with each other but in the end we have each others backs) Practice (you can't improve by just talking about the game) Structure: Primary Task Every member of Horizon picks one primary task. The task you pick will determine what type of tasks you will mainly do during your playtime. Most of the primary tasks align with the skill trees in game and all of them represent the main playstyles practiced and needed by the guild. The list of primary tasks will expand over time. Secondary Task Additionally every member of Horizon can pick another secondary task. The secondary task determines which activities you want to specialise in while not actively following your primary task. As a secondary task you can first pick between all of the primary tasks and additional new ones which focus around social or out-of-game activities. For example you can be a Soldier and a Harvester Ranks: Recruit All stories start somewhere and yours starts here. As a recruit you are still in a trial state, once we have seen that you are the right fit for our guild you’ll be promoted to member status. As a recruit you are able to test and learn all tasks. You count as full member, but the only difference is that we are going to focus more on giving you all the information you need and giving you a special traineeship so you can execute your tasks perfectly. Member When you finish your trial you’ll be a normal member of the guild and choose your tasks. As a member you are expected to participate at events and fulfill the objectives of your chosen tasks. Officer This rank is aligned to a task, an officer is the team leader of all members of that task. The main responsibility of an officer is creating projects, organizing them and document the standardized workflow to improve the productivity of the task group. Voice The voice rank is a side rank, which can be combined with every other rank. It gives you access to the council of the guild. The council decides about all guild related main topics and leads the guild together with the guild leader. How to become a member Apply via a PM on Discord: In this message you should include your nickname, forum-name, your test-status (access level), and some general information on who you are and what your gaming journey looks like. Talk with us in an interview: After we’ve received and briefly discuss your application internally,you will be invited for a quick chat. We will talk about your application briefly, clear up some of the basics and get to know each other . Test our guild: After finishing part 1 & 2 of the recruitment process you’ll be an actual recruit in the guild. During this phase we expect the same of you as our regular members. In return you will have pretty much the same access to information as regular members. This phase is just for us to see how you interact with our other guild members once the work begins. This is the perfect time to ask all the questions you want to ask and find your place in our guild. Our Expectations: Regular participation at events Regular activity on voice chat, be there while you are in the campaigns Eagerness to learn and improve - ability to handle feedback both positive and negative Access to crowfall A fitting personality to the guild Connections PM DravoiX in the Crowfall Forum or in Discord DravoiX#6445
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    The new crafting menu looks fantastic. I absolutely HATED having to scroll through menus looking for sub-components.
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    Todd and Billy reveal new and upcoming UX/UI changes and improvements FULL STORY
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    I mean, it was obvious this was going to need to happen. Good to hear you no longer need to rush to release. I just hope this means a second and possible third pass on some choices you've made thus far. Some seemed rushed and contrary to your original "choices have consequences" vision you laid out at kickstarter. I haven't heard that phrase in awhile and it seems as if you've been making all sorts of concessions to reach a larger casual audience lately.
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    State of Melee In Crowfall

    I am wondering how melee is going to become reasonable in Crowfall. Currently I see the problem as arising from three primary sources: Ranged classes can hit easily, without sacrificing their mobility. Many ranged classes can build out to be both CC and DPS, at the same time. Most classes have the ability to scatter incredibly easily and frequently. All of this coalesces into an environment where melee have to blow basically all of their skills (Gap-closers and CC cleanses), and get pretty lucky, just to get into melee range. And unfortunately, everyone gets out of that range almost as quick, but now melee has no way to re-close the gap. Suggestions: Melee tray have faster (maybe 20%) in-combat movement speed than Ranged tray. So we do not have to fully rely on gap-closer abilities to get into melee range. More proactive melee abilities to counter CC. These can include: improved run speed when hit by CC, more active CC immunities, and CC reflections, more self-cleanses. Minor disciplines with passives for full CC-type immunity: one passive for root immunity, one passive for knockdown immunity, etc. This creates a whole new subset of character builds: the CC shruggers. Honestly, this feels like something that could define a "tank" role. Melee LMB suppress RMB dash. This power would be a welcome addition to melee's repertoire: a solid hard counter to kiting. If you do not want to die to melee, do not let them get up to you. Currently, there is no fear, as most ranged can easily re-establish the gap (Wood elves can do so in 360 degrees, too)! Currently I would literally never use my LMB on a Champion. Never. Good ranged will need to proactively use their RMB dash, before getting hit. More abilities that apply long-duration slows. Soft CC, where art thou? Speaking of soft-CC... Roots break on any damage. This is an overall comment that I think would help the game a lot. Many classes have roots, including most bow users, that are ranged roots. That in itself is okay, so long as roots break on any damage. This raises the group-coordination skill-level substantially. Ranged CC spells with no damage attached: suppresses, roots, knock-ups, etc. This will help differentiate the types of builds people might make. Ranged CCer is now not overpowered because people are not both ranged CCer and ranged DPS. These are just some suggestions that could go a long way to improving how melee feels. Some, I think, are really good additions. Others are probably terrible. Thoughts?
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    We are going to give players an entirely dedicated mode for moving and customizing their combat HUDs. This will be coming as soon as we clean up our preferences manager to properly track and save the locations of your customization. Not sure when that will go live, but its a clear priority now that we have such a prominent character panel.
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    Billy created a new set of wallpapers in honor of the Pre-Alpha 5.3 milestone. Which is your favorite? FULL STORY
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    It is much much better than hold F to harvest. I still think that the buffs need to apply to your group for each person doing it. And there needs to be multiple buckets on the node for the highest stats of those doing 20% to it. Otherwise you get some VERY problematic issues with crits from weak points and helpers with PH1 and you with PH 3/4/5. Especially with 25% variable drops from those two interactions. If I have a helper on a normal gold node. rank 5. It has 50 armor and 1000 hit points. So 250 damage breaks each part. And you get a roll on the PH table. I hit the node with a +25 pick. Helper hits the node with a basic pick so +0 I hit with no energetic harvesting for 75 Helper hits for 50. I hit the node for 75. Helper hits the node for 50. Break point. So far so good. I did 150, helper did 100. I have 2 hits so does he. Node is at 750. I hit the node for 75 Helper hits the weak point for a bonus 75. Node is at 600 I hit the node for 75. Helper hits the weak point for 75. Breaks node 25% Nodes at 450hps. But who did the most damage? Does it carry over from 100% I did. If it recalculates from the break point who gets the stat roll for the break point. . Remember this is 4 hits. Now we have a choice for the harvesting. Node is at 450. I hit my 1 key and get Heightened Harvest Now we are cooking with gas. This delays my swing slightly but still hit faster than helper. (This time) I hit the node for 75. Gain pip1. Helper hits the node for 50. Node is at 325. I hit my 1key spending 1 pip. Gaining Ultra Energetic Harvest! (Which I assume gives 10% because tooltips don't work over buffs so we have no way of knowing)Sadly this delays me again. Letting helper hit first. Remember node is at 325. Helper now hits. Does a weak point. 75 damage. Node is at 250 and breaks. Helper has done more damage than me. We get nothing for the break point. I hit the node, Boosted by 10%. so I hit for 88. (Rounded up) Node is at 162 Helper hits the node gets a weak point (Because he is a lucky bastard who never listens to directions.) Helper hits for 75 damage. Node is at 87 hps. I hit it for 88 hit points and node destruction happens. I have the skills trained so have not bothered with the disc since it is a combat zone and I want to keep my combat discs. But drank a flask. So I am at ph3. Helper is at ph1. and ruined 1 of the break points. If helper at 5 pips hit Ruinous harvest he would blow my damage out the water and have ruined the node destruction roll as well. You need to set it up so helpers are not a detriment. So that they are more than just helping the node go down faster. When it can screw things up. I have already had to tell helpers do not help. And it makes me feel bad. They just want to do the neat thing that folks are doing. And with the current system explaining why it is not helping takes me 30 minutes typing. Give us multiple buckets for the breakpoints and node destruction. Give us the energetic harvesting as group buffs so helpers can use the system. And give us some base 10% chance to crit. and the weak points adding 1% to crit chance and crit amount per weak point hit up to a max of 5 per node destruction. Please?
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    I must admit I was disappointed with the response to the knight questions too. Saying that knights will eventually have 6-8x effective health with gear and training is misleading on three levels: knights gain the same amount of value from scaling armor values that the rest of the classes do. Everyone with 75% mitigations will have 4x the effective life of someone with 0% mitigations, no matter their class. you cap mitigations at 75% so a knight with 75% mitigations who's blocking will still have 4x effective life.. block doesn't double effective life. There is absolutely nothing to indicate a knight can get 6-8 times effective life. making knights harder to kill without making them threatening means they will continue to be ignored and avoided until all the high threat targets are dead, and then will be finished off at leisure. As to reasons to attack a knight: 1 - there's nobody else around to attack. 2 - you're melee and there's nobody else around to attack other than a templar. We've gone over it before. There is a fundamental design flaw in Crowfall - your most mobile classes are ranged dps. Your best CC'ers are ranged DPS. There is no overall balance between dps/healer, tank, harasser, ranged, melee. You undervalue range in your calculations dramatically. You put far too much value on rate of attack and not enough on burst dmg. It doesn't matter that an attack has a slow animation if it hits like a truck. Burst dmg is dmg royalty in group combat. Burst dmg from range is king. Little pitter patter dmg has far less value in a fight with healers. Pitter patter damage from melee characters is the least valuable of all, because it is both the most easily avoided, and the easiest to heal through. I was also disappointed in the response to the "how do you respond to us flocking to OP race/class combos?" Looking at the logs to see what's most played is useless. Solo players and casuals skew the numbers too much. What matters is which classes the big successful guilds are bringing to fights. If a big guild brings 6 wood elf rangers and 4 wood elf druids to a 10-man fight, you can be pretty confident that the wood elf teleport is too good.
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    This sounds reasonable. The problem is that crafting values are totally broken right now. There are basic weapon that end better than the advanced ones. So please fix that AND multiply given stats by 10 so that they matter and i think this can work.
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    Wood elf anything. It can't be beat by anything ever. It is the best thing since sliced bread, and I have heard that one beat up Chuck Norris.
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    What We Want

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    Let me give you my best Blair response. "Crafting speed will be much more useful once factories are in place and making 50 hilts takes you 16 hrs instead of 32" But you got to imagine his voice and a card being held up.
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    Join Thomas Blair and Gordon Walton for this special Crowfall Q&A Live! FULL STORY
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    Much faith restored. I have a man crush on Gordon and his answers about delivering a game that was finished were very reassuring. Blaire, stop filtering Gordon. Everything he says is correct, they are dumb and that effer needs to get back to work. I know Gordon wasn't the one who put this stupid filter in this forum. This transparency and dedication to this project is why I follow this game. I have never interacted with a game forum pre or post launch to this extent. Take as long as you want, just produce a game that is fun and that you are happy with. I may often be critical and that is because I care about this project, it is how I show it. Only negative - You dodged the Friendly Fire question. Friendly Fire is essential to curb Zergs. Please give it to us in Dregs.
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    My suggestions as of November.

    It's funny, I do usability testing a lot as part of the web dev consulting I do, and I can't tell you how often people say they want something only to never use it once they get it.