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    Two things. Giant dwarves shouldn't dive roll give them a right click 3 second buff to mitigations. if you don't change it I will make a guild of stone borne bards who do nothing but dive roll around the map. and the guild name will be..... The Rolling Stones.....
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    Shoutout to Support

    So I felt the need to post this after experiencing a staggering difference when dealing with another mmo Support and Crowfall Support in the same week Crowfall took my issue, suggested an alternative solution (which was a clever workaround) which helped me out and got me buying, supporting and into the community within the hour. I was super impressed and I loved the fact it felt like they cared. They wanted to help and it made me glow for hours. It's clever because the support I received made me want to give back, get involved and for the first time since Warhammer AOK, I've come back to forums Support Teams, keep being human.
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    So as someone who has spent many many hours modeling and animating in various programs, going back as far as the original command-line based POV-Ray on my trusty Amiga 500 and eventually a 4000 with a Toaster, I pay special attention when Jon speaks. When he talks about the new environments he's worked on or the world building tools he's using, or what Unity or things like Gaia allow him to do, I am more than listening casually. A huge part of the game's heart, more than may be obvious, originates at this level. Recently Jon has shown off the new environments and the graphical enhancements that will be deployed soon, some of the new tech as well as new designs for areas such as the beach-head. In the new beach-head he showed us the great rock archway you see below: This got me thinking about the art/design - gameplay loop, and how terrain or world features such as the above can not only impact but create gameplay, and then how what players do with these features can feed back into the design stage when it comes to world-building. Two examples came to mind. Imagine such a rock archway that spans a canyon, like this one here: Then And if the voxel-based destruction of things is used in this context, it would be possible to destroy the span, changing the possible pathway through the terrain, and how one can get from one part of the map to another. In another variation, it could instead be a hippo-style build site, a Bridge that you can construct or destroy. This is world-design influenced gameplay, and it's something I wonder about - how much of this might we see in Crowfall, has Jon considered these opportunities, and how much a part he has in creating these map features & related gameplay? I can see it now - a mesa with high Rank Resource nodes that can only be accessed once you build a bridge, and the conflict that would result as groups try to build it to gain access or destroy it to deny access. Given how some resources or raw materials will be required to craft some things like runes etc, building such a bridge could be a natural quest-type activity, and content for those players not entirely PvP focused. Some interesting possibilities, I hope ACE takes advantage of them. This is world-design influenced gameplay, and it's something I wonder about - how much of this might we see in Crowfall, has Jon considered these opportunities, and does he realize how much a part he has in creating gameplay opportunities? I don't know how much license he has, but there is definitely opportunity here.
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    Shoutout to Support

    Thank you so much for the shoutout, @Farske! Gordon, Pann, and I work really hard to be on top of support tickets, and it's always awesome to hear you guys appreciate it. This made my day!
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    You're missing some things about the game design. Harvesting makes noise, lots of it, so picking up on where bots are harvesting so you can kill them is going to be easy. Nodes don't respawn quickly, so any bot just standing around waiting for more nodes to show up is not going to be efficient compared to real players. Doobers drop randomly around the node, so in addition to recognizing nodes, they will also have to be taught to pick up. Tools break regularly, requiring a re-equip and bringing several with you. Stamina runs out, and consumes chicken tickers, so they bot will also have to eat, and possibly gather food. Items 4 and 5 mean that gold farmer bots are going to be loaded with extra goodies to loot over and above what they harvest. Death = equipment decay. Any hunting of bots will result in bots cost of operations going up. And finally. To get exports, you have to win the campaigns by participating in the conquest aspect of the game. Bots may be useful in gathering materials, but it will still take real players to get that material into export. Of all the game designs I have seen, adding in this active harvesting has made this one of the harder if not hardest models to build a bot for. Personally I look forward to seeing bots in the world trying to harvest. Nice fat honey ants those things will be.
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    Video "Fear the Undead"

    I hope we will still be able to weaponize the Undead in 5.3 when we start using axes/hammers for sieging.... Remember: The hunger always wins in the end.... Can't wait until we get some of the bigger "Monsters" and see these guys in quantity or roaming...
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    Tyranny 5.2.10 Map

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    We go through the feedback and bug thread several times each week. We investigate every report that comes through that thread, and check it against every bug already in the database, which already has 7000 entries. Several of the other developers, like Todd and Blair, try their best to review it as well. However, they are less consistent than I am, because they have a seemingly endless list of things of work they need to complete in order to move the game forward. We have thousands of bugs, suggested improvements, and tasks reported in our system. Many of these will include video links or screenshots posted here, or even direct links to particular threads. The threads may seem chaotic, but they are actually incredibly helpful. With a large project like an MMO, it is very hard for anyone person to keep up with the status of every bug and virtually impossible to have the "known issue" list include all of the problems we know about. We use the "known issue" list to report the most commonly reported bugs, to cut down the number of repeated posts. it’s not meant to be a list every bug we know about (there are too many!) On top of your reports, we have numerous bugs that our internal team finds and fixes on a daily basis. We have a tremendous amount of issues that go through out system each week and we do our best to prioritize bug fixes vs moving forward with the project. The feedback threads are incredibly important, and we get a ton of mileage out of them. We appreciate each and every bug you guys report, even if we can’t always respond. Please don’t mistake our quiet for lack of appreciation or attention!
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    Great write up, and thank you for appreciating the update that is coming and all the hard work that is going into it. (We're working our tails off) To answer your question. Yes . 100% I thought about having some of(not all ) the big none harvestable rocks or a giant bridge connecting one area to another. Think the giant bridges from Hammerstone (from our kickstarter video) . They would be destructible for just the reasons you described . Todd and I have talked about this a lot. (We always loved the idea of smashing a bridge to prevent crossing or to drop on someone). No promises before launch. Fear not though...I WILL have my destructible troll bridge crossing!!! -Jon
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    I raise.... Above image courtesy of everyone's favorite [Un]Official Community Discord Moderator.... Weebles.
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    Put 5.3 on Test this Friday

    can't. too broken. Todd
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    I dunno guys, as hardcore as some of you are (and some act like), I don't think there is enough of you to keep CF healthy--that is, if you don't have some way to keep people engaged, you'll be playing the game you always wanted to play all by yourself. That's no fun. Destroy some folks a few too many times and they'll be heading to the next game. People need a reason to hang out. I think win conditions have merit, however--especially if campaigns have multiple avenues to victory. This should be explored because the more ways (i.e., legitimately fun, interesting, lore based, throne war based ways) there are to win potentially there will be fewer blowouts (and I know it isn't the only variable and that it is more complicated). I think, however, the idea is worth investigating.
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    I just failed on a final combine, while potted and with a high completion chance, losing all the materials and time spend on both harvesting and crafting. I've said this before and I'll say it again, you show an incredible amount of disrespect for your testers and their time by keeping item destruction on final combine failures in this pre-alpha test, especially given you know there is an RNG issue. I cannot understand why you subject your testers, including those new to Crowfall, to this absurdly painful and off-putting experience. I had event plans this weekend to help promote CF which were derailed by the server issues, but I intended to do my usual in-game helping of new players and trying to stir up activity while testing and submitting bug reports, but this and other recent examples of your lack of sufficient respect for our time has moved me to spend my valuable time elsewhere. And while you load the boiler-plate 'you should consider taking a break etc' line, YOU should consider what you are doing here. I can think of no good reason why these failures are still active during this test. I have never heard you explain why you feel causing us to experience them and the loss of our time is necessary. You are not helping yourselves, and certainly not doing anything for us, by keeping them in. I pray one of these days you will reconsider this absurd mechanic.
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    Shoutout to Support

    Gordon is literally the best...
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    Please add "unsafe" storage as well. Make people decide which stuff to put in the limited available "safe" banks and which to put in a more lootable storage.
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    The issue of doobers from motherloads came up during the stream and @thomasblair noted his concern about increasing the yield from motherloads in light of the fact that they are coded to allow for up to 3x the yield of normal nodes. Of course, we immediately said "3x yield? when have we ever seen 3x yield?!!?" To which TB said... "well...its 1x to 3x yield for motherloads." First, I would go back and double check your code because in all the motherloads I've dropped, I've never seen any yields that made me think we were getting more than normal nodes. Is this 1x-3x for both the treasure table rolls as well as the loot table? Is this happening at 75%, 50%, 25% and 0%? Again, given the time we've spent harvesting minerals for vessels and gems for ring experimentation, the motherloads have always been a significant disappointment in terms of "normal" yield. Second, if it is "working as intended" and the 2x and 3x yields are just so rare we never see them, I'd suggest changing the range from 1x-3x to 2x-4x. If we know the yield will be at least twice a normal node...and up to 4x a normal node...the extra time and wear and tear on our picks could be worth it. Motherloads are currently VERY difficult to drop...and there should be a significant reward for doing so.
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    My Crafting Issues

    There are big changes incoming for both combat and harvesting...but what about Crafting? I'm not just talking about the ever elusive factory concept here but the system in general. I wish to put my thoughts down and get some feedback and discussion if possible. I've tried to break my thoughts down into various subjects but it is lengthy. TL;DR I. A luck based crafting/harvesting system is a little frustrating. Losing your goods to a fail or bad experiment roll is FAR worse than loss of them due to Death IMO. II. There is Feedback/Information provided INGAME which is incorrect/conflicting leading to a skewed perception of how systems work and what they do. III. The current weight of Sheen/Secondary statistics on Crafts is so low as to be almost insignificant. Currently Material Grade matters far more than Type. There's no reason to focus on a Stat as it basically won't matter. Intro All numbers recorded on video which could be uploaded if need be. If one is not willing to take my word one could do their own experiments. I would not consider myself to be a main crafter by any stretch but I do certainly dabble in all aspects of Crowfall (aside from Confessors, Druids and Duelists) I make about 10 weapons per week at a rate of 5-6 in an hour session (time spent gathering materials is of course additional to this). Not that many of them are good, or even made out of good material. In my time Gathering and Crafting I've noticed a few things that cause me concern. Randomness, Incorrect Feedback and Secondary Statistics/Sheen being a footnote if even that. I. RNG nature of Harvesting/Crafting I have seen it in many games, some worse than others, and it certainly exists in Crowfall. A sense that Crafting is less about proper utilization of materials and more about gambling with them. Some of these systems require a great time investment to acquire the materials and then risk losing them all with the actual craft. In Crowfall you have a chance that you may end up with a poor quality craft made out of rare materials as well which is almost as frustrating as complete failure. This element of Luck infuses the Crowfall Crafting experience; high end crafts feel like hitting lotto numbers I would imagine. As I said in a different thread it is luck that yields high end materials, luck that determines success of crafting and luck that determines the end result of said craft. I would consider myself lucky that I do not seem to run into "Strings of Failures" very often. In general the "%Chance of Success" seems to be accurate for me, if I do notice a repetitive set of fails I will usually stop that session and try another day. The Experimentation system is also somewhat frustrating to me. Not because it exists but because it can often mean higher quality materials are effectively wasted by a poor experimentation roll. I would personally like to see the "Initial Result of Craft" increased more by other factors such as Crafting Skill of the Crafter and/or Quality of Materials used. There is currently a slight increase based on Quality but it is so little a Bad Experiment will yield results as "Good" as lower quality materials with Standard Experiment results. This leads me of course to the next subject II. Incorrect Feedback (Experiments) For whatever reason there is a bug that yields incorrect feedback with regards to Crafting Success, sometimes the System gets "Stuck" on one number and fails happen again and again and again. There are many examples of Incorrect Feedback in Crowfall right now such as Tooltips (I'm not too concerned, all good things in good time) but I wish to focus on Experimentation. This is of course Frustrating because as a player of a game IF there is visible Information and Feedback from the game itself I would very much expect and like it to be correct information. With the current experimentation systems in place you get to see the effect of the Experiment roll on your craft...but the problem is that it's usually inaccurate. Using experiment Pips yields consistent numbers depending on success rolled depending on Crafter level. And guess what? It is BETTER to Craft Grey/White/Green with a low trained Crafter because they get better results per pip on Experimentation!!! WHAT? Easier to get that 50% Risk bonus I guess... A Metal Bar made by a Blacksmith Skill 100 with a 2 pip "Good Success" gets +8.10%... Metal Bars made with COMPLETELY untrained Crafter (using Potions) yield the following results on 2 pips. (Blacksmith Skill 50) Success 3.16 Moderate 6.16 Good 9.16 Great 15.16 Amazing 24.16 It's a little sad to me how much getting a Great or Amazing matters, a gap which only continues to widen with more Experimentation Pips as Quality/Color increases. If you're looking for something "Good" you'll basically shelve anything less than a "Great Success" Very nice! However these numbers are not reflected in your actual craft. With PCM for example a White PCM component has a Base PCM of -.105 which is followed by a 2 Pip Success which should yield 3.16% increase...I mean it says it does. But the result is now -.106...so it's actually less than 1%? 3 pips Moderate says 9.24% which is in line with the above...but it's actually 8% from -.105 to -.113 3 pips Success says 4.74%... On a Crossguard it goes -.105 to -.107... only 2%... BUT on a Bow Sight it goes -.105 to -.109? Same Feedback given in Experiment window of 4.74% Durability is similar and infuriating in it's own way. A Metal Bar 1 pip at a time...Great/Great/Good is +13.15% and Durability goes 50 to 57 1 pip at a time... Amz/Great/Great is +18.15% and Durability goes 50 to 59 1 pip at a time... Sux/Sux/Sux is +4.74% and Durability goes 50 to 52 Ok... seems close to right, obviously some rounding going on but how it functions I don't know. Great/Great/Great gets +22.74% and gets 50 to 62? A little odd Mod/Mod/Mod is +9.24% yet gets 50 to 55... I am confused. Single Pip Great is 5.05% yet 50 goes 52 Some numbers are off and there are times the system rounds DOWN and other times UP depending on quality of success... with the same item!? Both Stitched Leather and Wood Planks have a Durability Experiment option but do not actually have any Durability... I don't get it but the fact that I saw a feedback of +x.yz% which is at odds with my actual product bothers me. There are many issues with there being incorrect numbers on display for the playtests. It's frustrating. There is a false perception of transparency into how various in game statistics will actually affect in game items and skills. When these numbers are mistaken it is frustrating. I have no problem with the systems however they function, but providing the play testers numerical data that is incorrect/conflicting is annoying. To me at the very least. III. Sheen/Secondary Statistics Secondary Stats in Crafting are a joke right now. In fact it's so bad that for some of them I'd like to see an increase by a factor of 10-20... making them actually matter. The main thing that matters right now is Color/Quality of Materials used. This allows more Experimentation pips for Damage or Protections... and Sheen but you get so little it's not worth it. I was pretty excited about a Crafting system where the materials used to make items could produce different types of results, allowing one to build their character in a multitude of ways besides just Training and Skills available. Gear would matter in such a way as to promote variety of playstyles and builds! Except it doesn't, secondary statistics add so little to the character sheet that they are a footnote at the very best. Perhaps this is not true for ALL Sheens, maybe some are worth it...but the vast majority of Sheen stats are insignificant. Even with higher end materials and more experimentation pips the end result is extremely minor. I don't think about matching the type of Materials...just the Grade/Color/Quality I WANT to think about matching the type of Materials used A White Two Handed Sword made completely with +Attack Power Materials and a "Good" Sux on Sheen yielded a +5.713 (up from 5.5 after experiment) Attack Power...that's ~1/3 of 1% damage increase for an investment of 8 Metal Bars DEVOTED to +Attack Power. A complete item with +10-20 Hit Points added is a JOKE, that's ONLY 10% of a single basic attack on a good day. Sheen Statistics definitely need some fine tuning and added weight if the TYPE of Material used is going to matter more than just the GRADE. And that's my feedback on the current Crafting system and my perception of current weakness detracting from it being enjoyable/mattering.
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    [-W-] Winterblades

    [You can view the original Winterblades thread HERE. ~ Pann] Recruitment Open with Persistent "Big World" Campaigns* The Winterblades are accepting recruitment applications for Crowfall Pre-Alpha Campaign World testing.. Some video from the Bigworld: 7 Winterblades v. 12 Sugoi 9 Winterblades v 14 Avari/LoD 8 -W- v 17 Sugoi Ride of the Legionaires; Eurocrusade! Playlist Join us in Discord What Does This Mean to you? Building on our recruiting in Alpha 1.1/2.0, If you are interested in joining Winterblades for the Campaign World tests pm Angelmar on the forums. We are only accepting applications from testers with access to the Alpha at this time. During the alpha and for live we will be focused on USTZ servers. We are also taking applications for any Euros that want to play on the US servers Interested players can join us on the field and in our TS3 to run with us in Campaign World tests. . There is a probationary period of 30-60 days currently where both the guild and the applicant have a chance to audition each other. Final decisions on ultimate recruitment will be based on field performance and most importantly how well you mesh with the rest of -W-. Our door of course remains open to former allies and enemies (and especially to individuals that were both!) from Shadowbane and Darkfall. Who Are The Winterblades? The Winterblades is a community of mature gamers whose core membership was forged in the crucible of Shadowbane. The community has been around in various forms since Ultima Online in 1998, but entered into a new era with Shadowbane in 2003. Over the years, through skill, determination, and dedication, the guild developed into one of the most respected communities in Shadowbane. In Darkfall, Winterblades, along with The Shipwrecked Pirates formed the core of the leadership of Shadowbane Alliance based out of the Winterblades capital of Erinthel. Our History is an open book. From the dark days of defeat to the heights of victory and server domination, we've endured and grown. The strength of the Winterblades is the strength of our membership. We have always favored quality over quantity and do not mass recruit. We have a highly veteran membership, including multiple Shadowbane Community and Class Advocates and a deep bench of leadership with long experience at in game politics and the trials of open world pvp gaming. Our community is stable and dedicated and has been gaming together for over 15 years. The respect the Winterblades have enjoyed amongst our former foes is one of our greatest badges of honor. Our success on the battlefield, our stability as a guild, and the quality of our leadership can be measured not only by the members, but by the actions of our former rivals. We have had multiple guilds, that were once amongst our foes, sub or merge into the Winterblades after meeting us on the field. Victory is important, but how that victory is achieved is also crucial. We let our conduct speak for us. Maturity, Class, and Respect have always been important to us. Winterblades in Crowfall The ultimate mechanics of the Crowfall campaign system are still largely unknown. Winterblades will be playing on the Dregs along with most the rest of the greater Shadowbane community. As Crowfall Alpha and eventually Beta continue, Winterblades will be slowly gathering Shadowbane and Darkfall veterans and new members that stand out during the Alpha testing. The testing phase and the probationary period is a great opportunity for both the guild and the applicants to get to know each other and make an informed decision on whether Winterblades is a good fit. What about Eternal Kingdoms? The mechanics of the Eternal Kingdoms (and how they will interact with the Campaign Worlds) are also still essentially open questions. Winterblades will always be focused on PvP and the Campaign Worlds (and maybe PvP in the EK!). The economic interaction between the Dregs and EKs is unknown, however we have a contingent of folks interested and invested in the the Eternal Kingdoms and the economy. As a guild that supported JTodd and Crowfall from the kickstarter, we have significant assets available to our EK folks including Imperial Palaces, Mountain Citadels and hundreds of tax free parcels Pm Angelmar if interested or register on our forums and take look at our History for a sense of the guild.
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    It sounds like you're replacing the embargo for end-of-the-cw exports with the spirit bank (which was originally listed as a stop-gap temporary fill in for the embargo). That is... disappointing. At the very least, you need to make Spirit banks only accessible from inside a stronghold, or withdraw-only outside a stronghold. Also, where are crafters expected to store their materials for factory runs? Local bank is tiny. Guild banks aren't mentioned here - they're going to be absolutely crucial. A detailed log system for deposits and withdrawals, like WoW's guild banks have, is pretty much a necessity.
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    @jtoddcoleman@thomasblair Concern #1: With the size of the local banks shown in the screen shot, and that we are lead to believe in the article that World Banks won't be available on every CW, how do you expect us to collect enough material as a guild and house it for gearing people out? You have SO MANY crafting components and we need DISGUSTING volumes to craft armour with all the additives for a single set. Don't you see a severe storage issue for guilds? Fun Fact: The local bank size shown has enough storage to make two full plate sets will all the bells and whistles.... two... that's it. This does not include failures or attempts to make the perfect sub-component for a factory run. We need more storage... preferably unsafe storage.
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    This was actually why I said all along that it would not be a big deal to allow people to train in multiple general (profession) skills. If you're planning on fighting you will equip a vessel with combat disciplines and combat stats on gear. If you're going to harvest you will equip a vessel with harvesting disciplines and harvesting stats on gear. It's similar to Eve in that if you're going mining you go in a mining ship. If you're going pirating you go in a pirating ship. You can't equip for everything simultaneously BUT you can choose to do different things on the SAME ACCOUNT without being forced to buy ADDITIONAL ACCOUNTS. Working as intended I believe.
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    Put another way: Was it my fault that item turned out badly (or was destroyed) or was it RNG's fault? In CF, the things we build will not survive forever, they get destroyed in the field, or during a siege. They do not need to be destroyed during construction, as well.
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    IMO, in a game with item loot, you need a higher probability of escape than games without item loot. Make it require skill to finish someone off. In a pvp conquest game with objectives to capture being able to escape roaming gank squads doesn't effect the outcome of a campaign much but it may help with player retention and rage quitters.
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    All the Basic Disciplines are gone in 5.3. This is why everyone gets the Energetic Harvesting power. It should let you hit the "okay-ish" level of harvesting. People who are interested in Harvesting as a primary playstyle need a bunch of interesting choices, just like those who are primarily interested in combat need a bunch of interesting choices. I got some better debugging tools for harvesting loot tables this week, so I can check and make sure that the tables are doing what we want them too. You are right it might be a good time to pull out all the testing potions and only leave in those potions that are going to be alchemy crafted.
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    I think it is very important. Before it was effectively 30 seconds per node with a single person working the node.(And a decent pick) With run times between the nodes in tyranny I could do the whole mine and have 2 minutes left. If I had a helper I would finish all the nodes and have 3-4 minutes left depending on how efficient we were on my oh so wonderful 12 minute pots. Remember Right now Tyranny has very very very few nodes. (A major mistake, and it shows in population) TTK in the nodes will also mean you will be in one spot for less time, forcing the window of attackers to be faster to move to catch you while mining. It narrows the hunters window for a clean attack on you. And less hits mean less damage to picks. If I only have to hit the node 6 times rather than 10 I got a 40% increase in my pick duration/durability. Before skills. That is nice. (They still need to quadruple tool durability until they fix the stupid crafting bugs.)
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    I have no idea what you mean. Definitely wasn't me. it was me.
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    Meet the Race/Class Matrix

    With the trickle of the "Meet the Race/Class" notices starting to flow more, I thought it would be good to track these notices with the Race/Class Chart that is planned for release of the game (might change ofcourse)! Note 1: these links are mainly from the "News & Announcements" sections of the Forums. Note 2: I mainly wanted to only link the notices that have the actual Race/Class abilities and not the concepts for that Race or Class. BTW Crowfall Devs these tidbits are great! Really want to see them all (each Race and Class)!! Using the chart below, Here are the Race and Class "Meet the *" notices =) Races (Currently Posted 12 out of 12): Human: https://www.crowfall.com/en/news/meet-the-humans-and-elves/ Half-Elf: https://www.crowfall.com/en/news/meet-the-half-elf/ Nethari: https://www.crowfall.com/en/news/meet-the-humans-and-elves/ Fae: https://www.crowfall.com/en/news/meet-the-fae/ Wood-Elf: https://www.crowfall.com/en/news/meet-the-humans-and-elves/ High-Elf: https://www.crowfall.com/en/news/meet-the-humans-and-elves/ Stoneborn: https://www.crowfall.com/en/news/meet-the-stoneborn/ Half-Giant: https://crowfall.com/en/news/meet-the-half-giant/ Elken: https://www.crowfall.com/en/news/meet-the-elken/ Minotaur: https://www.crowfall.com/en/news/meet-the-monsters/ Centuar: https://www.crowfall.com/en/news/meet-the-monsters/ Guinecean: https://www.crowfall.com/en/news/meet-the-monsters/ Classes (Currently Posted 2 out of 11) Knight: https://crowfall.com/en/news/meet-the-new-knight/ Note: this is dated as of Feb 2017 - this may or may not be updated to reflect any changes since then. Confessor: Templar: https://crowfall.com/en/news/first-look-templar-powers-ui/ Note: this is a first look which shows their abilities Ranger: Assassin: https://crowfall.com/en/news/meet-the-assassin/ Note: this is just a concept post, not a full listing of the classes abilities Druid: Frostweaver: Champion: Myrmidon: Cleric: https://www.crowfall.com/en/news/meet-the-cleric/ Duelist: Color code for the table below: Shaded block =will be available to play in 5.3 White block = will not be able to play in 5.3 Half Shaded/White = only one gender of the race will be playable in 5.3 Note: some races only have one gender.
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    I am glad they put in full crafting failure during testing - so they can see how horrific it is on player experience. IF - and that's a big IF - they allow master crafters to get to a point where they never fully fail, that would be a great mechanic. If they do not, they will see what a crafter shortage looks like. Archeage had major crafting failures and, frankly, it made me absolutely hate the game. I have no problem putting in immense time and energy to crafting things. I hope that happens. I especially expect it to happen with crafting buildings and cities. But to put in that immense time and energy only to be shafted by the RNGods is a massive design flaw.
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    I totally miss read the title of thread.
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    We are both painfully aware it is broken and has been pretty much since we changed to the kinematic controller for players. If it was as simple as turning some knobs in the power we would have done it long ago. However it is not. Specific class powers are always easy to deprioritize for other fixes that affect all players. (good of the many over the few) Sure we could replace the power, however that would depri it even more. I have faith we will get to all the movement bugs along the way. (Including Pursuit) Race / Class split seemed to be a good time to do this. It is active all the time. (It is however temporary as these values reflect long tern training in the skill trees you won't have when 5.3 launches) This is all part of our longer term goal of: reducing the perceived value of the Basic Armor set, lining up classes with their intended durability and or squishiness, and getting people to craft and use the more advanced suits of armor. 15m is the power base, The worst bows (basic) have a fixed 20m on them, I crafted an advanced Bow that had 54m on it. Each Bow discipline has at least 5m on it. (there are 3 of them that stack) There are Racials that have 5m. These are all additive, and we will put a stat cap in there if it gets out of hand.
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    Shoutout to Support

    I completely agree with the OP. We like to complain about this or that issue with the 'game', but I think everyone universally has the same high opinion of ACE's support and the people who are behind the scenes as being excellent. Which now that I write it, is not even accurate as we know who they are, it is personal really - they aren't behind the scenes as much as setting the scene. They have done more to give CF it's good reputation than anyone else perhaps, and it's important we give them their props now and then.
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    Shoutout to Support

    The dude I dealt with was Jack.
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    Time Line

    I'm on record as saying that if they soft launch in 2017 I'll eat my hat....and its a large felt hat...very unsatisfying.
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    The amount of hard CC needs to be toned down in general. I'd rather have a lower TTK than constantly lose control of my character to some fire and forget massive AoE Root/KD/Stun.
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    Community Skirmishes 12th of October

    NEXT EVENT: Hey everyone, we are trying to make it a regular thing that we each wednesday do some community skirmishes. We want to spark some life into the european community, but US people are welcome as well. We will try and host this in every wednesday, in one of our EKs (hosting 24 people max). Our guild, Caldera will host the event, and make sure everyone that shows up, gets to play. It starts at 20:00 CEST/CET till 22:00 CEST/CET. SIGN UP HERE: https://goo.gl/forms/ufwFX9Enxdl7PV453 Simple rules: - Join the Discord here: https://discord.gg/B25r2nr - We will use voice communication for the event, if you can't be on discord you can't participate. - Be on time, preferably 5-10 minutes before, since we only have 24 spots. - Bring your own gear. (Some people use advanced, some basic, whatever you can afford to lose). - Do not loot anyone in this practice, if you loot you get kicked. The event will be streamed by multiple people:Shadiz(Guild Soultribe) - twitch.tv/shadiz_live Mainly a druid playerYumx(Guild Caldera) - twitch.tv/yumx Flex playerDrakonil(Guild Caldera) - twitch.tv/drakosgamezone Flex player Let's have some fun guys! - Yumx, Caldera.
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    Wipes coming with 5.3

    Although we do not yet have a firm date for when 5.3 will be deployed, we wanted to make sure everyone is aware that: 5.3 will be deployed on the TEST environment first. The Pre-Alpha 1 and Pre-Alpha 2 test groups will be given access, then additional test groups rolled in as needed. Everything—skills, inventories, EKs, etc. —will be wiped with the deployment of 5.3. Account-based assets (e.g. buildings, parcels) will be returned to the account. You will need to import them again for use in-game.
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    I think the values of Attributes is the big question mark here. Without this information, its hard to be critical of these race reveals as anything but vague and meaningless. Sure it's nice to see some of the active/passive powers you gain by going a specific way, but without knowing the drip-down from attributes you really aren't giving us a lot to contribute to the discussion. Considering how much time is left before "soft launch 2017", you aren't giving the community a lot of time to provide meaningful and knowledgeable feedback to you. I understand most of the other systems are still being designed, so I've refrained from asking about those. Surely you know what abilities grant on a per-class basis at this point though? Clarifying what you gain from skill trees is the other obvious half of the equation. I don't expect all races to be equal, but it'd again be very useful to know what the max stats are for each race before and after training.
  39. 8 points
    The numbers have a heavy influence coming from the skill trees and what a race can get to. Some races got more attributes than active powers etc. I can look at doing an update on them. In the near future the harvesting and crafting stats will all see some influence from attributes as well. Because of the level of customization in Crowfall we are going to end up with many cases like this. The line we are walking only ends in problems when one of each class/race is the only choice because they are so good. I would rather try and walk the line and have super interesting powers than go super bland and perfectly balanced. For example: that extra passive and tray power is nice, but so is trailmaster. (because I like running around in Survival fast) I could use that extra power slot for bard speed song but now I have eaten a major discipline slot. Or I could take Arcane Archer for trailmaster but again major discipline used. The choices keep piling up. Sooooo many choices. Their Dex is located in the race skill trees!
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    We're still trying to figure out the right answer to cloaks. It touches a lot of areas (and a lot of art assets that we frankly don't want to have to redo) so it's complicated. Todd
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    Best workmanship?

    I have 12 experimentation points. Almost done with master. The numbers on the gear is a joke. But it is pre alpha so hopefully it will change at some point. They have said the basic gear is artificially inflated though. But even more important than the passive training. Player experience, I have made hundreds of pieces of mail gear. I have rolled many many amazings. I have rolled way way more base success gear. I have spent weeks of time banging on the crafting system in the last year. Even the best most amazing rolls I have gotten don't feel as useful as my Old Fungal tunic from EQ. Every piece of gear I have made in Crowfall that has been armor has felt disposable and frankly useless. Weapons feel much the same way. None of it feels like it will truly make a change in how I play the game. Discs do have that feeling. The crappy 12 minute potions have that feeling. The hogwash basic disc for gathering has that feeling. I just wonder if this is by design or not. Gear should matter, the question is by how much. But if it does not matter then why go for the better/best gear. Because it is a very very long and trying path to get to the best tools, weapons, and armor in Crowfall. And at least in the Pre-Alpha it just doesn't make that much of a difference.
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    Whatever happened to the idea of an export point on the map, where people had to go to actually place stuff into the export "bank". This was a unique concept that would be another great pvp flashpoint. The fact you can export from anywhere really takes the fun out of an otherwise interesting pvp conflict.
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    Good debate, everything from "not play2crushy" to "slippery slope" and I can see both sides of the argument. It's my opinion that the proposed three bank system is a rules-set proposition for the easy World Bands and I find it kinda meh as a suggestion that it would be implemented broadly across the entire game as a core mechanic. Praying at a World Bank to get my pixels back from a Local Bank that got capped in the middle of the night seems pointless; just send me my stuff back to the Beach-head bank by Magic-bird and don't make me RP a supplication to the All Father, unless of course RP is the point. After all what I really want is to get back into the fight quickly after logging into the game and finding the faction fort has changed hands. It's really kinda of this way right now when I log into a beach head. If you want to impress me with banking rule-sets in the harder World Bands try a Ransom System for clan banks. When a fort or keep falls the winner gets the losers fort/keep bank chest as an inventory item. This inventory item takes up a bank slot and cannot be opened, and the new owner has no idea what is in the chest. After a short interim of time the bank chest goes into Ransom Mode where the winner can sell it back to the previous owner by setting a negotiable bid. The loser of the keep/fort can accept, renegotiate, or take back the keep/fort to get his stuff back. The ransom phase last 7 days and if an agreement cannot be reached then the inventory item goes into Recycle Mode and can be opened for a small percentage of the stored items based on RNG. Of course I'm thinking about GvG and AvA when I suggest this. The bottom line is with ransom the players are making decisions and interacting with one another to determine outcome. But like the Three Bank System with a built in anti-slippery-slide backup system doesn't really excite players in the harder tiered worlds, the Ransom system wouldn't really work for Faction worlds. I don't think one size fits all is gonna work, I think the banks are going to have to be shaped by the rule-sets of whatever band the player has elected to play.
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    Resource Management

    I enjoy playing a variety of the classes Crowfall has to offer. The only ones I would say I don't play at all are Druid, Confessor and Duelist. While a majority of my playtime is probably on a Templar (Or Centaur if Healing is desired) I try to make sure I still put in time with the other classes I enjoy as well. Over the past 2 weeks I have done so with a Myrmidon and Champion at the Community Skirmishes CAL has kindly been hosting. Some of these were streamed and may get edited to make their way here at some point. Here is a small compilation of 3 fights I found myself in, 2 of them solo and 1 3v3 ambush while I was playing a Myrmidon and Knight. There are many reasons why none of the fights are 'impressive' but they were all enjoyable to me and certainly reflect on the Crowfall experience which I intend on continuing to showcase regardless of performance.
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    Are we still going to have creation points at character creation to tweak some stats and stuff kinda like in shadowbane? There is a screenshot of an early build of the game showing this:
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    It sure explains those...big arms! edit: bonus image @Zybak
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    Dizzy Down

    Just FYI: there was once a time when it was essential and people were arguing in favor of it. Back in the earliest pre-alphas combat was much more static; all abilities required you to stand still while using them, even melee attacks. In that environment it was far too easy to leave combat mode and just run away when you were losing a fight. It was almost impossible to stop a runner while you yourself were moving slower in combat mode and stopping every time you tried to launch an attack. Dizzy down made a lot of sense back then. But now combat is more mobile and fluid, most attacks allow movement while using them. Yet dizzy down didn't change while everything else did - it's become outdated. Even if it was the once perfect solution, everyone seems to agree that it feels excessive now. I think a movement slow and an incoming damage boost would be enough to replace it.
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    Guild field added to forum profile page

    I think it is pretty bizarre that after 3 months of campaigns starting and stopping you picked one at random to call the first real one and declare a winner. That was a missed opportunity to get some attention for a first campaign, and get people to compete for bragging rights.
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    Why Dev

    Accusations against anyone--not only a member of the dev team but even another player--are taken very seriously. The forum is not the place to report such a thing. In the future, if you are concerned that someone may be cheating, please report those concerns to us via support@crowfall.com. Think about it this way: If it was you that someone was reporting for cheating, would you want to be accused publicly? Probably not. I'm locking this thread now, but we are going to investigate. As with any situation like this (i.e. someone reporting another player of rule-breaking - whether it's on the forums or in-game), we will not discuss the actions taken (if any) publicly as our policy is not to discuss disciplinary action against a player with any third parties.