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    I'm a Spy in Crowfall

    >Be me >20 >talking to dad about cool upcoming games >find Crowfall and it looks dope >buys the game and downloads >wanders around for hours playing a Cleric Half-Giant making snoo snoo jokes with some people I meet >reads online that the best way to get started is to find a guild >decides to start fresh on Half-Elf Ranger, read they have good racial stats and bonuses >really starting to like the game and hanging with a cool crowd >2 days go by and I'm still a noob >new campaign starts and some people I met earlier tell me to go Chaos >goes Chaos and finds a spot on my own with level 7 zombies to farm >30 minutes until siege begins >wtf.jpg is siege >figures out it has something to do with the keeps >gets bored and decides to find out what the siege is in person >sudden big group of people run by naruto style >follows them thinking they're doing the siege >running around for a long time before the group stops and a couple of toons start jumping on my head >comes to the conclusion this is a friend group and I am an outcast >thinking of leaving but really want to see what the siege is >decides to crack joke in chat instead "shhh I am one of you" >mistake.exe >one of them whispers me "are you a spy?" >start sweating profusely having a general idea on what he's talking about >respond with "A spy XD?" >code XD doesn't work and he doesn't believe me >nobody believes me >try to explain situation but makes it worse >they start complaining about spies in faction/zone chat >they let me tag along anyway and even give my toon food >didn't get to see the siege >mfw I realized this is a small community and everyone thinks I'm a spy
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    Zone Caps

    I'd absolutely love too -- but the charts still show a few (not many, but a few) hitches on the server that need to be addressed before we will feel comfortable increasing it. We have a (fingers crossed) MAJOR performance update that we're been working on for a few months now, but it touches so many different systems that it is highly likely to break everything the moment that we launch it. so we're putting it through a lot more testing cycles, in the hopes of minimizing that pain. We know that the zones work reasonably well right now at 100. The problem is: if you jump it up, even a little, then you aren't just risking a bad experience for those 10 players, you're jeopardizing that play experience for everyone on that server. So while queueing absolutely sucks (and yeah, I know it does) it's actually the lesser of the two evils right now. We're working on the real fix, and I think we have a handle on it. It's working its way through the process and hopefully you guys will see it soon, and your patience will be well rewarded. Todd
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    I highlighted certain parts of this FAQ for discussion. Just wondering if the above is still a design goal for the game or if it's just an outdated FAQ at this point. This is clearly not where we're at, or have been for a very long time (since big world I guess). There are vessel levels now, with a pretty big power curve in them, which means anything below lvl 30 can hardly even compete properly (and you'll see lots of new players around below lvl 30). The grind for lvl 30 isn't extremely long (despite being super boring), but it's mostly vets who speedrun the process in the most efficient way. I get it that it's supposed to be some sort of tutorial to get you acquainted with your powers, but just throwing this out there. And I won't even mention vessel quality here. This "flat" power curve for both skills and gear is pretty far from where the game is at, but it's specially true for gear. Basically instead of grinding to get to lvl 100 and own lower levels, you grind to have all purple+ and own everyone else. Jewelry atm is particularly disgusting in how much power it gives, but armor is also horrible. Mitigation and pen is a huge power gap. Honestly combat stats are far too complicated and bloated, whole system should be streamlined and toned down a lot. I know the Shadowbane vets love their deep customization and builds, but I still hold firm to my belief that the game's combat started going downhill with discs. They addded very little in the way of interesting new mechanics and gameplay options, and just added more stat stacking, power creep, hard counters and cheese combos/builds. It's much easier to balance around a kit. I like promotion classes, I think the whole game could revolve around that and weapon selection and having plenty of powers to choose from within each class/weapon, instead of discs and so many gear stats. Right now Crowfall isn't so much a territory control PVP game, but more like a farming simulator spreadsheet game with some pvp sprinkled in to close the loop. Kinda like EVE I guess, which isn't surprising given how ACE modeled their game after EVE, but still disappointing for those of us who bought in based on their original design pitch. The only part of the game I feel is working perfectly well with the original pitch is the tactical/coordination side. Comms and good coordination/shot calling is one of the major deciding factors in fights atm, probably the most fun aspect of the game right now IMO. Other than that it's mostly spread sheet combat, stacking stats and winning that fight cause you have the right disc/build not so much because you made the right plays. So yea, might want to rethink certain elements of the game if the question "HOW DO YOU PREVENT SEASONED CHARACTERS FROM SMASHING NEW PLAYERS?" is still something meaningful to the game's design.
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    Zone Caps

    we're pushing as hard as we can to get the new server performance improvements out to you guys, because the higher the cap, the less this issue will matter. we could put in a temporary faction cap (something like 33/33/33) but my fear is that people would just abuse this with alts and it wouldn't actually help the situation -- in fact, it would make it worse, as everyone would be forced to queue pretty much all of the time. we're aware of the issue, and absolutely understand that it's incredibly frustrating. if there was more that we could do, we would. server and client performance is our #1 priority for the next milestone. once we're on the other side of that improvement, I'm more than happy to look at separate queues for different factions (or maybe just enforcing that during siege windows), but I want to stay focused right now 100% on improving performance. Todd
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    Game not what it should be

    Crowfall was promised as a play to crush throne war simulator, and while its certainly play to crush (with pure numbers and extreme gear difference) and it is a simulator (circle simulator) it needs to be much better on a lot of fronts. Farming in this game sucks, you need a ton of mats, strong tools, a lot of time, and complete dependence on others for higher tier mats from other professions unless youve bought several accounts, and even then unless you have several farmer crafters behind you you'll still be behind, farming dust is a pain, farming embers is even more of a pain, and little things like skinning getting reduced drops at night, and lack of much needed mob types, all add up to an extremely unpleasurable experience for the entirety of the gearing session. Even after getting all the mats, rounding up various crafters to craft it, you will still have a chance to have it all wasted with a chance to fail on assembly regardless of skill, for my most recent set of gear 2 of my gauntlets were flawed from blue to green with a 98% to not fail. Even after working overtime to farm mats, beating your way through rng crafting, you can finally pvp, oh wait no you cant, not alone at least, youve now gotta get a couple of geared friends to stand a chance, congrats! back to farming for you buddy boy. Ok now that you are geared, your friends are geared, and you got your discs set up you can go finally pvp. Or not.... you can now stand in circles for several hours. After awhile of circle standing you finally meet someone, oh wait oh god he isnt alone, he has 12 other dudes with him, you and your 4 buddies never stood a chance, you cant run because your mount moves about as slow as your thought process before your morning coffee, you cant fight them because there's just too many, you cant focus them because this combat system is complete trash you accidentally hit the templar once and he knocked down your entire team, and with a movement and combat system like this you cant kite them and spread them out without malekai himself descending from the heavens and personally blinding half of them. Ok so you died now you get to respawn super far away because you didnt own a fort and now have to fly for 5 minutes or break your armor, then you get to sit around for 3 minutes on shroud and hope no one comes by. Now that you've ressed you can go look for an even fight, your teammates logged for the night because the crow flying made them die inside, after finding 1 person you get into a fight with them, turns out the gear you crafted wasnt enough, youre fighting a champion, you get him down to 1% health 40 times but he just heals right back up and kills you because you didnt decide to run plague lord that day. Ok after respawning, flying, and waiting, you meet someone else of the same class, another myrmidon! finally a fair fight, or so you thought, you manage your crashes perfectly and even manage to break his, but unlike you his gear is a tier higher, he has more health because health is related to armor for some ungodly reason, and his 2 axes named noob slayer and carried by my guild do more damage because he exploited with wooden boards, and now youre dead again, back to flying, back to waiting, back to hating the cycle. Before this game is ready it needs a lot of changes, allow me to list a few below REDUCE THE PVE GRIND FOR THIS PRIMARILY PVP GAME, increase drop rates on leather, wood, and higher colored items, along with dust and embers. MAKE THE GAME ACTUALLY SKILLFUL WITH BUILDS AND OVERALL COMBAT, introduce armor and weapon sets like eso's, it allows for a lot of customization and unique builds allowing your min max to be more then just a good hunger shard (which needs some serious rng buffs) REPLACE THE KEEPS AND FORTS WITH SOMETHING BETTER, AND MORE DEFENDABLE, keep sieges are only passably acceptable atm because its the only time you will be 100% assured you wont have to just circle stand, the keeps are small, and undefendable with its layout allowing for holes everywhere. forts themselves are too easily capped, went with my druid and hacked my way into several forts earlier, chopping through the stone foundation and thick wooden walls, we didnt cap it super quick because theres just 2 of us, but more would have capped that fort with 0 warning in under 3 minutes, make forts stronger, harder to take, and have more warning. THE NERF SLEDGEHAMMER, for the love of the all father, stop nerfing classes with just the sledge hammer of doom, tweak the classes dont destroy them like fessor, when the pitfighter nerf comes please dont make it worthless TLDR: farming sucks, crafting sucks, pvp sucks, combat and movement system sucks, still better then wizard101
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    No arguments there. Standing in circles is bad game play, and constant fort flipping is also bad game play. I just happen to think the proposed "immediate fixes" favor a very specific type of game play, and totally cuts out casual players from the greater war game, (solo's could not effectively contribute without camps) and are slanted towards "what will help us win" more than than better game play. I would rather ACE implement real fixes, than spend time tweaking an incomplete system. This last campaign has at least been competitive, and these changes would pretty much guarantee the next one wouldn't be. I can bear up with great fortitude to the complaints about certain guilds feeling burnt out by the pace, considering how deaf to other players complaints those same guilds have been when it comes to "doing what it takes to win", even at the expense of those players game experiences. Shoes on the other foot, and suddenly it's a "simple fix you can do today".
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    [RP] Thimble's Promise

    The forges within the Corvus Citadel had been a bustle of activity since the Trials had begun. Though Thimble was but a crow, he had mastered the use of hammer and anvil while inhabiting the reanimated corpse of a long dead knight. Long had he toiled in that vessel, sweating from the heat of the flames, his arms covered in soot. The body had required food and drink while working, but the Citadel had provided. Zerst, Master Chef of the Citadel, had been hard at work himself, creating endless amounts of his signature dishes: gerbil cream pies and gerbil juice. He claimed that there was a secret ingredient, but that he would never tell what it was. No matter; the products of his genius had helped Thimble and the other Crafters of the Citadel outfit nearly all of their combatants in armor made from rare ores gathered near the contested Goldenhorn ore fields. All of that was about to change. The Trial of Valkyn, the All-Father, had begun. The forge still needed tending from time to time, but Thimble had several very eager apprentices who were now skilled enough to take on most of the work. Now Thimble would be able to spend more time in the Trial, to compete to earn tribute with He Who Sits Upon The Dragon Throne, Valkyn the Ancient. He would burn, tear apart, and shred the reanimated bodies inhabited by the crows of Balance, and he would help lead the forces of Corvus Citadel and the rest of Chaos to victory. That was his promise, to himself and to his Brothers and Sisters of the Citadel.
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    Transcendence is Recruiting! [NA]

    Who is Transcendence, and what are our goals for Crowfall? Transcendence (hereafter known as TRA), is a guild of adults (at least in age)who in our free time, enjoy playing this game of Crowfall, while learning and trying to improve in its many aspects. We are a guild who seeks to grow through quality of player--this is more about ones personality than their game-play skill. Though Crowfall is still in a pre-alpha state, we are striving to leave our mark on the community in a positive manner, through our decorum and guild personality. We also seek to leave our positive mark in the in game sense as well, by being active on the fighting front, and having friendly competition on the leader-boards. Our overall goal in Crowfall is to have fun. There is a fine line between taking the game overly serious, and overly casual, and we're trying to ensure we find our balance somewhere in the middle. Who should apply to Transcendence? TRA has little patience for drama, and in a game of this nature, that's bound to happen. So if you thrive on drama, and seek to spurn it on, you're not going to find a lot of support here. If drama tires you out, and you just want to go crack some heads on the digital battlefield, or harvest the shiny things, or make the shiny things, then you may be in luck. TRA is of adult age ranges, which means people have jobs, families they care for, and real life troubles of their own. To this, we know that people don't always want to play Crowfall. Even when they do, real life may not simply allow it. We don't have any manner of required play time, or an expectation that you'll be all night every night. Do you have to play X class, or participate in Y activity? The answer to this is 'No'. If your only real desire to to mine ore, and that's the kind of thing that makes you happy, then mine to your heart's content. If you have the blood-lust that roils in your veins, and you'll find only satisfaction in crushing your enemies, and making their women weep in lamentations, then crush away. If you want to be armorer and quartermaster, taking pride as guild members harvest those tasty shiny things, or crush said enemies, by the gear you've provided--then put on that blacksmith's apron. Whatever your focus or interest, it's welcomed. If PVP is not at all your thing, you are not required to indulge in it--though we think it's a lot of fun, and we do invite you to join us. If combat is your sole goal, you are not required to arm yourself with a pickaxe, instead of combat axe--though any harvested material you bring in does help. When it comes to PVP, there are situations where some classes are more necessary and preferable than others. Does this mean we will force you to switch to said class? No. If you find the class that you love, and it's all you want to play and improve and master--than continue to do so. Though being flexible in class and build does allow the guild to be more impactful on the battlefield. I've read all this and I want to join. What's next? If you've read through our brief post, and the style of our guild seems to resonate with what you'd want, then we invite you to drop by our Discord: https://discord.gg/3PSmZtj Once there, find Nueby (our guild boss) and message her, and she'll conduct an interview. Why is the interview important? It ensures that your personality, and our guild personality, sync up well. The last thing you'll want to do, is be here a month, and not feel like you fit in well. It also helps you to know going into things, what as a guild we expect of our guild members, so there's no surprises along the way. If after the interview, you decide we're not the guild for you, then no worries. TRA tries to keep in good contact with our factional guilds (and some cross-faction), so that if you don't find what you're looking with us, chances are, we'll know where to send you. We hope to see you on the battlefield, whether as friend or foe.
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    @ACE There are SIMPLE fixes you can do today to improve your player experience and still get all of the testing data you need. Please reply here with a +1 to sign the petition! 1) Put any kind of TIMER on the capture of forts (6 hrs, 12 hrs, anything!) 2) Increase siege timers to every 3 days (72 hours) 3) Make outposts useless again. Remove the points attained from them (for now). We know all of the stuff above works, so let's put it on hold until other systems are in that improve the points mechanics. THANK YOU!
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    Even now, Minotaurs trapped on the Balance faction, still must bend their backs at the elven tyrant's whip. Have not we had enough? How long will the community at large cast a blind eye to HoA's blatant enslavement and abusive practices against the gentle bovine creation? Not even Winterblades has stooped the to depths un-burrowed by Guinecean kind, to show such hostile cruelty to creatures who were given life, not by the spark of the divine, but by the ravages of the elven ego. I ask you to stand with me. Whether you be Balance, Order, or Chaos, friend, frienemy, or foe--let us all stand united against HoA's abusive practices, and tell them, "No".
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    Crows of the Worlds - Order Beckons

    Join us here! - https://discord.gg/XD2Asja
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    In regards to the power curve it would help a great deal if White Gear started at 6 PIPS of Experimentation like it USED to. So gear would be 6/7/8/9/10 instead of 4/7/8/9/10 which is a HUGE jump from White to Green. This would also ensure that White Gear would not phase out into obsolete territory for crafters as quickly if it still had a use and more potential Experimentation Points. I like the Talent trees, that's where you can create differing Class builds. But forcing players to level to even be able to play their Class is atrocious and grindy (even if it is a fairly small grind) Perhaps new Vessels could start with a significant pool of Talent points to unlock their Class Basics as Talent trees expand and grow OR get rid of the Class Basic Talents that unlock Skills at least and allow new Vessels to have the Skills applicable to their Class from the start.
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    Hallo vom neuen CM

    Hallo zusammen! Als neuer CM für Crowfall bin ich ab heute für die deutsche Community zuständig und möchte mich daher kurz vorstellen. 😊 Zu meiner Person: Ich komme gebürtig aus Österreich, spreche Deutsch und Englisch, und bin seit 2014 als Community Manager tätig. Privat spiele ich schon seit vielen Jahren leidenschaftlich die verschiedensten (Online-)Spiele, wobei der Fokus auf MMOs liegt. Wenn ich nicht spiele, verbringe ich meine Freizeit gerne mit lesen, malen, Klavier spielen und dem Besuch von Konzerten rund um das Thema Film-, Game- und Trailermusik. Da ich in Crowfall noch recht neu bin, freue ich mich natürlich über jede Art der Unterstützung von den alten Hasen unter euch. Wenn ihr das Spiel wie eure Westentasche kennt, wäre es toll, euch für die Anfangszeit als Ansprechpartner zu haben! Schickt mir auch gerne aktuelle Links zu euren Fanprojekten, Wikis, Let’s Plays und was es sonst noch so alles gibt. Wer an seinen freien Abenden nichts Besseres zu tun hat, kann mich ja vielleicht auch ingame ein bisschen herumführen. Freiwillige vor! Zögert nicht mich anzuschreiben, wenn ihr Fragen, Probleme, Anregungen und Ideen habt, bei deren Umsetzung ihr Hilfe benötigt. Auch euer Feedback und eure Kritik könnt ihr mir gerne per Direktnachricht hier im Forum oder auf Facebook (@CrowfallDE) zukommen lassen. Ich freue mich auf die gemeinsame Zeit!
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    It's not who, it's what. There are all sorts of other things that could have been suggested and have been in the past, (shorter cycle times for camps or, different capture mechanics based on killing/destruction) that won't cut out a significant portion of the games population. The above suggestions favor one type of group, one type of play style, that frankly belongs in the dregs, not in faction play that is supposed to be by design more inclusive. Dregs not having camp points, great. Dregs having longer period windows on keeps and forts so large guilds can rally the troops, also great. That is not what the factions are for, so I would prefer it if the people pining for the dregs don't try to convert the faction world into them. Factions by nature are not as much play to win as dregs, so it's not factions fault or rules that a play to win team is burning themselves out trying to cram a square peg into a round hole.
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    Playing to win getting a bit too rough on you?
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    On behalf of some of the harvesters in Caldera : The rank of the animals is extremely RNG. Something that never happens with ore. Ore and trees will always spawn around the keeps, you have guaranteed R9-10 single nodes and motherloads every campaign. While you might be missing one certain type of ore, the chances are a lot lower than for hide. Soft hide is impossible to get. Finding a high rank Auroch is almost near impossible and if you find it, the spawn will have between 1-3 Aurochs. Not only do you have to spend around 60% of the time you spend waiting for them to respawn but you also get less hide during the nighttime when the animals change into their Hunger forms. The same thing goes for elks. They are impossible to farm due to their long respawn times/low number of animals at spawn. I wouldn't complain about the respawn time of the pigs and the respawn time of the wolves. When killing and skinning alone, you are not limited by the pig respawn time, when skinning wolves, even if someone's is helping you, even if there are only three wolves, you will perma skin. But the guarantee that there will be high rank wolves and pigs is so low. We can ignore the fact that without wolves, aurochs (crafting armor), elks and pigs, I can't make most of the gear. But pig skin is needed for treated leather which is the part that boosts HP on armor. I think it's unfair that a harvesting profession that has to travel 3 maps to get to rare high rank animals has to spend so much time killing them and bothering with bugs such as animal corpses teleporting, has to farm dust separately/rely on people to bring it to them, is more vulnerable to ganks because they are sitting in one place and losing health, is losing durability on armor and weapons while harvesting, can't make use of Beneficial gear if farming alone. The least we could get is the hunger forms of the animals removed, more mobs per spawn and a guarantee of a high rank spawn of each animal every campaign. As for the "corpses disappearing", he just has to loot them before the day-night cycle changes and they will stay on the ground.
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    Allow Leveled Vessels to be Sacrificed

    It would be nice to be able to sacrifice a vessel that has already been leveled up for all or a portion of the xp that was put in to level it.
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    Wow, you all have lots of good ideas! Keep them coming! I also wanted to pop in and comment on this. I know it sounds like alchemy is a lost art we haven't given any consideration to, but it's on my radar! I don't have solid dates or much other info that pertains specifically to alchemy just yet, but please know it's on my list of tasks to take on. Food items were a lot easier to create and come up with since there aren't any skill dependencies; Alchemy is a whole other beast entirely and I want to give it the proper amount of time necessary to create useful recipes that tie into our crafting flow properly.
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    [NEWS] L'Appel du Corbeau

    Bonjour, Comme annoncé il y a quelques jours sur ce post (au passage, merci a tous pour votre participation), voici la première édition de notre Newsletter hebdomadaire intitulée "l'Appel du Corbeau". J’espère que le contenu vous plaira et sera utile a la communauté, et je compte sur vos retours pour l’améliorer! Aussi, n’hésitez pas a me contacter si vous avez des idées que vous souhaitez partager ou divulguer , des projets en cours, besoin d'aide, etc. pour notre Newsletter! "The Trial of Valkyn, le Père de Tout" a commencé! Oserez vous tenter le destin et prendre part aux nombreux défis en hommage à Valkyn? Cette nouvelle campagne se termina le 26 Mars, voici les récompenses prévues: les joueurs TOP 30% de la faction gagnante recevront le seau de Valkyn doré. les joueurs TOP 20% de la 2e faction recevront le seau de Valkyn doré. les joueurs TOP 10% de la 3e faction recevront le seau de Valkyn doré. les autres joueurs recevront le seau de Valkyn argenté Le sceau de Valkyn octroie un bonus de +2% de dégâts. Prenez garde à la Faim! En Juin dernier, les Cristaux de la Faim ont été ajoutées. Les sites d'infection apparaissent comme des grappes de cristaux noirs et vivants qui drainent la chaleur et la vie de tout ce qui les entoure. Plusieurs améliorations ont été apportées aux cristaux de la Faim cette semaine dans nos mondes #Crowfall. Plus de chances d'en obtenir mais également de meilleure qualité! L'article suivant vous expliquera tout ce que vous devez savoir, en détails: article Objet très recherché, les cristaux de la Faim peuvent être utilisés en artisanat pendant le processus de fabrication pour améliorer une arme. Récompenses pour les Testeurs: Tous les Corbeaux qui se seront connectes 4h ou plus sur le serveur TEST entre le 1er et 31 Mars, recevront un Mug Envy. Ce Mug pourra être équipé sur votre personnage. Crowfall - ce qui vous plait dans le jeu et pourquoi !? Cette semaine, j'ai fait appel aux membres de la communauté francophone pour avoir et collecter des avis sur les points positifs du jeu. L'idée est d’échanger, discuter et également proposer aux nouveaux arrivants des informations qui les aide a avoir un aperçu et se faire une idée générale. Conseils pour joueurs débutants Marre de se faire tuer par un groupe de sangliers ? Un peu perdu dans le jeu ? Quelle classe choisir, comment trouver une guilde, etc. Sur ce post, plusieurs membres et joueurs experts ont apporté leur analyse et donné des conseils pour aider les nouveaux arrivants, comme moi, a appréhender et débuter sur le jeu. Je remercie au passage ceux qui ont participé La communauté francophone Cette semaine également, j'ai demandé aux membres du forum de m'aider a travailler sur la visibilité de la communauté francophone. L’objectif est de faire en sorte que les nouveaux membres francophones trouvent immédiatement du contenu et des guides de qualité, et également des informations concernant les guildes, dans leur langue, dès leur arrivée sur le jeu. Beaucoup ont participé, et j'ai eu l'occasion de passer sur le serveur Discord FR pour me présenter, et aussi discuter avec les joueurs. Merci pour l'accueil Grace a vos commentaires et en premier action, une nouvelle structure du forum est en préparation et sera mise en place dans les prochaines jours. Votes - Newsletter hebdomadaire Comme promis, vos votes ont été considérés, et le nom choisi pour notre Newsletter est "l'Appel du Corbeau". Un grand merci a tous les votants! Partagez votre histoire sur Facebook! Vous avez battu votre pire ennemi aux échecs, vous vous êtes vengé d'un(e) ancien(ne) petit(e) ami(e ) ? Battu le record de litres de bières bues en une soirée ? Ou tout autre grande victoire, sérieuse ou moins sérieuse? Partagez et commentez avec nous votre bataille la plus épique sur Facebook! Sur Crowfall, quel type de jour êtes vous? Si on en croit le résultat du sondage Facebook, il y aurait plus de "loups solitaires" que de membres passionnés et dédiés a leur guilde sur Crowfall Qu'en pensez vous? Avez vous déjà vote pour ce sondage? Plus que 2 jours pour inverser la tendance !
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    You guessed it. I'm back already with more than a half-way meme video. As per usual, these were fights that I felt were a lot of fun, and this one has more of an overall story focus. There's drama, emotion, plot! As always, this is by no means a diss, or a rustling of jimmies--just good heart-felt memes that I hope people might enjoy as much as I do. Watch as @@DocHollidaze answers the call!
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    Siege Mechanics & Bug Fixes

    Let me start by saying: I got to limited sieges because of my play times, and some of these issues I have heard about but not seen. DO NOT refer to other players in this thread. If you ACTUALLY want changes, refer to the issue, not a person/group. ( @Pann doesn't need more work) Zone caps - Already been discussed in other threads, will hopefully see relief in 5.9 Alt Spies - I don't see this ever changing. Best change could argue for is to get rid of /who in zone. In person number/movement watching will stay as part of the game and any of the "fixes" for this will not be worth it IMO. Siege Equipment Placement - When there are more people at sieges, and often ones that you cannot communicate with, this will become more and more difficult. Is it possible to remove the restrictions on placing if a player is present? Yes a player may get stuck, but usually a "fake logout" will get you out of those, or perhaps it will push a player and that won't even be needed. Siege Equipment in use by incorrect players - There are some complaints of players getting into equipment and either purposely or unknowingly using it incorrectly. Would it be possible for siege equipment to be "owned" by a group instead of a faction? This would require more planning but also could help reduce this issue. Only concern would be a bad actor placing it himself(as a defender where spots are limited) and getting in it. Maybe the placer could "kick" or "ban" a player from using" as another option. Siege Equipment Hitting into ToL room - It is possible to use siege equipment to fire into the ToL room. This seems unintended. The whole power of siege equipment against infantry seems off and is one of the reasons elementalist is so often used(besides the fact half the classes do elemental damage they can't change). Perhaps balistas could only fire outwardly or reassess friendly fire with siege equipment(i think this would be far more interesting if hit ALL players and require more planning, although once again could be griefers who abuse it). Attackers Placing on Defenders Walls - As far as I know this hasn't been fixed, attackers can currently get right next to the wall and place siege equipment in defenders spots. I do not see this as a major issue(since defenders should be able to kill it pretty quickly), but it does seem like something that needs to be fixed. Also, sorry to bother you @vkromas, but do you know if the devs are looking into any of these issues? Are there any other issues with sieges currently? Any other fixes people can come up with? (Once again, talk about issues, not players/groups)
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    Ahrethil monkakhrun, Balance?

    Keeping in the spirit of spreading a little good-natured memes and some fun gameplay that was had the past two days of this particular Trial, I thought I'd share some of the more interesting highlights. I did not show every kill, or death, as not every were interesting enough for a video, or could be turned into clever enough of a meme. Through these first couple days, and I wager we'll see that pan out even at the end, Order is just too strong. ACE has tried everything, even shadow-moving larger guilds into other factions, and it still clearly isn't enough. Please enjoy the video for the good-natured fun that it's meant to be, and do not let any jimmies be rustled. Thank you all for the fun fights, and I look forward to more. Kur'mae'il!
  24. 7 points

    I'm a Spy in Crowfall

    How did you even manage to take that as a "salty" post?
  25. 7 points


    At the very core of this is competition and strife. We are intended to go to war with each other. We are intended to smash the hard work other people have put into the game. That creates a certain atmosphere that is then directly contradicted by the policies of the forums. You want us to talk about the game but we aren’t actually allowed to talk about what’s happening in the game. When the dregs comes along and people have to build their own keeps from their own farmed resources and they feel somebody has wrongly taken their assets what happens? They can’t come to the boards. You want a game of thrones game but deny us the mediums to be able to do it. We need a forum subsection to talk about what’s going on. It needs less rules but still reasonable. I shouldn’t be able to make personal attacks or call somebody racial slurs or threaten them but I should be able to call their guild out on behavior the community finds less than savory. We also need a general chat so we can talk to each other in game. I understand the nuances of whats happened and a repeat offender getting in trouble is one thing. If I get banned tomorrow because I call somebody an idiot then I deserve it because well it’s not my first time. All of that is irrelevant to the fact that the community still has no medium to actually talk about what’s happening in the game with out fear of getting in trouble for it. When I talk to my friends about CF two things always come up. 1. That’s the game with poorly made socks performance you keep talking about right? (This improves with every patch and is visibly noticeable.) 2. That’s Shadowbane with out the forums right? (As a dev you might hate it but a lot of your community loved it and it made the game feel alive.) I rather like the interactions I’ve had with the mod team. I’ve never dealt with a team as responsive and reasonable. You obviously have a rough job. You obviously care about the community. Give us what we need to make the game better for us.
  26. 7 points

    Présentation - Nouveau Community Manager

    Chers corbeaux! Je m'appelle Ikas et je suis très heureux de rejoindre cette communauté incroyable aujourd’hui en tant que Community Manager. Je travaille pour Travian Games, j'ai une certaine expérience en tant que CM, j'ai travaillé pendant 5 ans sur Travian Legends et plus récemment sur Shroud of the Avatar. Je vis actuellement aux Pays-Bas mais je suis français et j'ai passé la majeure partie de ma vie en France. J'aime jouer a tout type de jeux, et je suis passionné par les MMORPGs (pour ne pas dire accro) Dans mes loisirs, j'aime écouter de la musique et regarder des séries, principalement de science-fiction et comédie, et je passe l'essentiel de mon temps libre à gérer mes deux (terreurs) garçons. Je pourrais bientôt les initier au gaming! N'hésitez pas à me contacter si vous me voyez connecté, et a très bientôt sur le forum et sur le jeu. Ikas
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    The season has changed, and from a quiet spring it has become a rough winter. Here is my view of how Balance attempted to Siege Orders Keep. https://youtu.be/ykA5XIHszpc
  28. 7 points

    Hunger Shards 5.8.4

    the game just keeps getting grindier and grindier, this is not the direction ACE should go at all for a PVP FOCUSED GAME, this isnt a pve focused game like eso where 95% of the game is dedicated to pve and the traditional grind, here 95% of the game is dedicated to pvp and forcing pvp players to grind like a second job with rng as bad as this is not the way to go
  29. 7 points

    Guild Bank

    Guild banks are an immediate need. The interdependence of the professions coupled with the guild-centric nature of the game is why. Having to face to face trade with individual guildmates for resources and then for the different components to finally craft something in your profession is ridiculous. The only thing binding guildmates together is guild chat, and most don't even look at it because they communicate in discord. With the following adjustments, the guild crafting and management of resources would be much more effective and that would benefit everyone. Also, the following should be implemented to compliment or offset the addition of the guild bank. - Reduce player inventory space. a slight reduction in bag space would offset any extra load to the system caused by guild banks. - Increase spirit bank size (slightly), maybe one full row or column. - Reduce access to spirit banks to controlled keeps, forts, and temples. It's been said before, but having a different chest or NPC would be the obvious choice for this. Ideally, a guild should have a guild EK, with some sort of guild hall that has guild storage. Once again, the game is already extremely guild-centric, why not push even further in that direction and make the EK's a guild only thing? This would greatly reduce strain on the system and improve many aspects of the game.
  30. 7 points

    Skinning and Scarcity

    Last campaign, players complained about high level Iron scarcity and that seems to have been addressed this campaign. I would like to bring attention to Skinning Mob scarcity, especially Aurochs. Auroch skinning gives Soft leather. Soft leather is used in all leather crafting sets and in -crit hit chance combat armor. Both are high demand builds. Aurochs do not spawn in any named parcel like cats and spiders. Cats and Spiders are in abundance because they spawn in high level forests, chasms, etc.. Auroch, Wolves and Elk only spawn in random parcels out in the wild. These are generally lower levels than the named parcels. Last campaign had a spot with 3 R7 Auroch which was good, but again it was only one spot of three Aurochs in the whole map that reached that level. This campaign has a single R10, 2 R7s, and some R5s. This makes skinning a very needed resource tedious. Please increase the availability of high level Aurochs, wolves and elk. Another possible assistance is change the leatherworking recipes for crafting sets to use Flexible(cats) or Durable(spiders). Thank You! PS. Also this campaign seems to have pushed Pigs, that used to have some spawns in fort parcels, out of those fort parcels. Which also lowered the availablity of higher level Pig skinning.
  31. 7 points
    I disagree with this. Some of you here are now saying the game is about PvP. Then why did you all nutcup together. You just want to log on for the siege, out # everyone and win. That's all you will push this game to if you have set timers on the forts, keeps and remove points for camps and towers. Everyone will disappear in-between. Stop acting like you are here from the health of this game. Half of you already said. "I will do anything to win" I guess that includes killing the game. This is a bad idea that just front loads your play style. It's boring capping camps and towers, but it's fun when you run into another small group doing the same. This game needs more small scale fights. We should be looking for ways to increase small scale. Now you are trying to kill that. Save all this log on twice a day to fight sieges and forts for your Dreggs. You will just have a similar issue as Darkfall. Leave factions alone! I am not saying the current system is prefect. @Ace please don't do this.
  32. 7 points
    Capturing and holding an objective is worth too much. Doing something on the land you own should be worth more. Take a parcel. It is worth 30 points every 15 minutes. But it should only be potential points. You should only get 10 points for holding it. The other 20 points should be from things done on that parcel. Gathering, crafting, killing players or mobs. Land being held and not used should be worth very little. Land being used should be worth more. Get people playing the game. Capping a location should not be a 20 minute affair for any number of people. Have 5 interactable things on each cap. Take 5 seconds to interact with each one. Getting hit stops your interaction and they can only be fiddled with out of combat. Each one adds a players worth of ooomph to the flip mechanic. So a single player can move around and flip a fort like 5 people once the guards are dead. 5 players can flip it faster. as if they were 10 players. Each interactable is the same as killing a mob xp wise. Guards are of course also worth xp. Make peoples time valuable playing the game. Camps should be flipping all the time and people who can read the map can tell where people are. Also the camps are flipped then people work the land around the camps and get points for gathering and harvesting and killing and creating things.
  33. 7 points

    Unofficial Player Review

    Stop respawing at the runegate or temple, do the corpse run. Choosing not to do the corpse run trashes your gear. Don't loiter in combat stance, that's where random durability loss comes from. After the last wipe back in... Early January(?) I was one of the 1st players the guild put into greens. I'm still wearing it. I have more than 50% durability on all my gear. I'm a skinner. I spend a large part of my game time in combat stance fighting. I get ganked frequently. My gear is not falling apart because I take care of it.
  34. 7 points

    Unofficial Player Review

    i think you could've made a review and kept unnecessary bad mouthing of other people out of it so thats a little in bad taste
  35. 7 points
    #1 - Guinecean are not Hamsters. #2 - Hamster is actually an offensive way of referring to a Guinecean, Guinecean's can call other Guinecean's Hamster, but other races cannot. #3 - The ball in question is an ancient enslavement device used to hold the Guinecean race for many years. When we finally broke free from those balls as a race we swore we would never go back. #4 - The Guinecean Overlords currently ride into battle on the backs of Minotaurs, this has being working well for us ever since The Great Guinecean-Minotaur War, in which Guinecean's won obviously!!
  36. 7 points
    @jtoddcoleman @thomasblair giving rewards that crafters, healers and harvesters can’t earn as easily as DPS players is a huge let down. Why are we doing tiered rewards if not everybody has an equal chance to earn them? Healing doesn’t not reward assist, this is a problem. Im down for tiers of rewards and scarcity but the system has to also support the entire spectrum of play; not just the dps. This is disappointing.
  37. 7 points

    Please mercy kill this campaign

  38. 7 points
    I was reading the dumpster fire thread for entertainment when I came upon this extremely interesting post by @makkon that mirrors my thoughts on the matter exactly: I've been saying this since discs were first introduced and it's just been getting worse over time. There's layer upon layer of complex stats that interact in weird ways with each other and all of it is almost esoteric and almost none of it is explained anywhere. CF has very little mechanical skill involved and almost all of it is knowledge and build based. In build I include gear as well. The devs said they want a more shallow power curve and I'm really happy for that, the first steps they've taken to lower the gear power curve was a very good start. At some point the game will need a monumental wiki effort in order to lay it all down, and considering this is a PVP game (unlike other complex knowledge based PVE games like Warframe), a lot of it will be kept as a secret and people will be unwilling to share it, including bugs and exploits (this already happens in the test). And even when/if this monumental wiki effort to explain everything to new players and guilds coming into the game occurs, and a good chunk of the knowledge is available somewhere, it'll still scare away a large part of the people that don't like to read dozens or hundreds of pages on the wiki to learn about the game and be competitive.
  39. 7 points

    Clam Stacking Casuals (NA) BALANCE!

    The Clam stack will be rolling ORDER in the next campaign to see if we can generate more PVP content for our members, and shake up the faction population a bit! Will be a fun time fighting on the opposite side of the battlefield from our previous allies in W and HOA.
  40. 7 points

    Ruining campaigns

    How quickly Chaos and Creme's Militia forget last weekend when we carried EU/NA Chaos and got Chaos two keeps. That would be when Chaos went from being far behind to pulling ahead of CAL/KDS Order. Now that Chaos is far in the lead, we worked to bring Balance to the Force. Unfortunately we could only get Order 1 keep this round. But it was an epic stand. The 14 Horsemen(+2 leggers) of the Apocalypse. The Harbingers of Balance: The Balance Travel Guide to Europe will be coming to stores near you. Pre-Order Now.
  41. 6 points

    Commander visibility

    Could we please get some kind of obvious visual to easily find your own (or an enemies) commander in the heat of battle? An idea of mine was to add the ability to wield an actual battle standard like a weapon. Maybe even with your guilds crest on it. Could be implemented as a major discipline or whatever. Am I already asking too much?
  42. 6 points
    that has nothing to do with it im being serious here, quit tryin to get ur post count up
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    [Newsletter] Der Ruf der Krähe – KW11

    Hallo zusammen, ab heute werden wir euch wöchentlich in Form dieses Newsletters über die wichtigsten Meldungen und Ereignisse informieren. Insbesondere möchten wir dabei auch auf Neuigkeiten innerhalb unserer Sprach-Community eingehen. Wenn ihr also selbst Projekte wie Events, Wettbewerbe, Spiele oder ähnliches für die deutschsprachige Community plant, und gerne in diesem Newsletter erwähnt werden möchtet, schickt mir einfach eine Nachricht. Hinterlasst auch gerne Feedback und Anregungen, falls euch irgendetwas fehlt oder ihr weitere Vorschläge zu interessanten Inhalten für den Newsletter habt. Neue Features In unserem neuen Video verschafft unser Creative Director J. Todd Coleman euch einen Überblick über die Veränderungen und Neuerungen im PvP-Bereich. Das erste Kampagnen-Update umfasst Echtzeit-Scoring-Mechaniken, Ranglisten, eine neue Starterzone und eine signifikant größere Kampagnenwelt. Valkyns Prüfung Die Prüfung des Allvaters hat diesen Dienstag begonnen und läuft noch bis zum 26. März um 22 Uhr. Um Valkyns Wappen zu gewinnen, müsst ihr euch für einen Platz auf der Rangliste eurer Fraktion qualifizieren. Das heißt, ihr müsst während der Belagerung mindestens einen anderen Spieler töten oder selbst getötet werden. Das besondere goldene Wappen erhaltet ihr, wenn ihr euch in der erstplatzierten Fraktion unter den besten 30%, in der zweitplatzierten Fraktion unter den besten 20%, oder in der drittplatzierten Fraktion unter den besten 10% der Spieler auf der Rangliste befindet. Alle Wappen von Valkyn – unabhängig davon, ob sie silbern oder golden sind – gewähren eurem Charakter einen Schadensbonus von 2%. Eine inoffizielle deutsche Übersetzung der vollständigen Ankündigung findet ihr auf der CFC-Webseite. Update der Hungerkristalle Die Hungerkristalle wurden bereits im Juni letzten Jahres ins Spiel eingefügt. In der Zwischenzeit hat sich aber herausgestellt, dass die anfänglichen Belohnungen für ihre Zerstörung nicht lukrativ genug waren, um Spieler dazu zu motivieren, sie aus der Welt zu entfernen. Darüber hinaus gab es auch ein paar Bugs, die dazu führten, dass die Hungerkristalle in der Herbst- und Wintersaison nichts Wertvolles produzieren konnten. Indem wir das System nun dahingehend verändert haben, dass es sich eher wie die anderen Sammelberufe verhält, konnten wir viele der Probleme und Ungereimtheiten ausmerzen. Hungerkristalle verfügen jetzt über ihren eigenen Reiche Ernte Sammel-Stat, den ihr über das Skill-System erhöhen könnt. Dieser erhöht nicht nur die Chance auf eine größere Anzahl, sondern auch die Chance auf eine höhere Qualität der Kristalle. Das ist vor allem für die Opferung relevant, da die besseren Kristalle benötigt werden, um qualitativ bessere Hüllen herzustellen. Hungerkristalle werden außerdem bei jeder Zerstörungsstufe der jeweiligen Abbaustelle, basierend auf eurem Stat Staub im Überfluss: Hunger, Ätherischen Staub generieren. Ein ebenfalls begehrtes Produkt der Hungerkristalle sind Handwerkszusatzstoffe für Waffen. Diese können bei der Herstellung genutzt werden, um die gefertigten Waffen zu verbessern. Die Chance, diese Items abzubauen, existiert nur dann, wenn ihr die passenden Fertigkeiten im Abbau-Skillbaum trainiert habt. Beachtet, dass die Hungerkristall-Stats nicht mit den Buffs und Debuffs der verschiedenen Jahreszeiten in Verbindung stehen. Auch im Frühling oder im Winter werden eure Erfolge beim Abbauen der Hungerkristalle also ausschließlich von den jeweiligen Stats abhängen. Die Hungerkristalle locken nun also mit vielen neuen Besonderheiten. Seid euch aber darüber bewusst, dass auch diese ihren Tribut fordern: Ihr werdet nicht nur eine ganze Menge an Spitzhacken und Hämmern benötigen, sondern in der Nähe der Kristalle auch deutlich schneller hungrig werden. Stellt also sicher, dass ihr genügend Werkzeuge und Nahrung bei euch habt! Deutschsprachige Streams Im Zuge der Streamerwoche hat @CrusaderW am Mittwoch für drei Stunden unseren offiziellen Twitch-Kanal übernommen. Während innerhalb der ersten Stunde das Spiel vorgestellt und mithilfe von @Surelia viele wichtige Features erklärt und diskutiert wurden, konnten wir in der zweiten Hälfte des Streams eine Verteidigung während der Belagerung mitverfolgen und einiges über die Handwerksberufe in Crowfall erfahren. Ihr habt es verpasst? Dann könnt ihr euch die Aufzeichnung hier ansehen. Wenn es euch gefallen hat, solltet ihr CrusaderW auf jeden Fall auch auf seinem eigenen Twitch-Kanal folgen und euch seine zukünftigen Streams nicht entgehen lassen! Streamt auch ihr regelmäßig Crowfall in deutscher Sprache? Schickt gerne den Link zu eurem Kanal, wenn ihr im kommenden Newsletter erwähnt werden möchtet! Eure Vorschläge fürs Forum Das deutschsprachige Forum ist euch zu unübersichtlich? Hinterlasst eure Vorschläge und Ideen in diesem Thread und helft dabei, den Bereich umzugestalten! Gildenmitglied oder einsamer Wolf? Auf unserem offiziellen Facebook-Kanal wurde eine Umfrage gestartet, bei der ihr uns mitteilen konntet, ob ihr eure Fraktion bereits in einer Gilde unterstützt, oder derzeit noch als Einzelspieler die Welt von Crowfall erkundet. Überraschenderweise scheinen ganze zwei Drittel der Teilnehmer noch zu den Alleingängern zu gehören. Für unsere Gildenleiter heißt das, dass es noch eine ganze Menge potenzieller neuer Mitglieder anzuwerben gibt. Die TEST-Belohnung dieses Monats ist der ansehnliche Krug des Neides. Ganz eure Farbe? Dann nichts wie los! Verdient ihn euch, indem ihr im März mindestens vier Stunden auf unserem TEST-Server verbringt.
  44. 6 points

    Zone Caps

    @jtoddcoleman Please get rid of the /who command. That would instantly remove a major incentive to run alts in enemy factions in the campaigns. I am sure it is a useful command for devs, but can't you make it a dev-only command?
  45. 6 points
    Level a white vessel / class to thirty get an achievement that locks to that account. Something like: Knight Basics Mastery. Any knight vessels created start with these base stats. If you make a green vessel you get the talent points to spend at the start, and the 90 stat points. Any extras you get for having better stats or more points is unlocked through the next set of 30 levels with the new body. But you keep what you learned already. Rinse repeat Either with a green+ achievable or just keep the different tween the white and the purple or something. Every new vessel losing so much power and being forced to restart with zero skills is an abomination.
  46. 6 points
    I've seen at least one person make the argument there needs to be meaningful progression for people to be interested in logging in. For PvPers this isn't true. At all. I played a game 5 years that character progression could be maximized in the first 5 hours because the combat system was engaging/fun. A lot of other people loved that game too. It was called Freelancer and it's success kind of helped launch another prominent crowdfunded game developed by the same guy (Chris Roberts). What PvPers do want is some way to measure their success. Which is provided by the fact campaigns have win conditions. Real PvPers (Not bottom feeders who need their egos propped up by the fact their gear/level will enable them to make SOME kills) will have no issue getting into this game whether or not there is any stat disparity at all between white and purple gear so long as they have a way to measure whether they are winners or losers. This does have some truth when it comes to economic aspects like crafting. A thriving economy requires and endless supply of work you can do to help advance your guild/faction. Anything that gives people an advantage PvPers are going to want though. Whether that be a 500% power gap or a 5% power gap. Items that provide minor advantages that are cycled through the economy via destruction very quickly are just as good or better than items with a huge power gap that stay in the economy a long time. I don't know the current state of the game well enough at this point to comment on how well it's doing in these regards. Just throwing out some general thoughts from my experience with PvP and Open World PvP sandboxes in particular.
  47. 6 points
    We definitely need some diverse weapon styles. There’s not much reason to use a short sword vs a long sword vs an axe vs a mace except for the damage type. I would very much like to see short sword Knights having a different playstyle than long sword Knights and long sword Knights having a different playstyle than axe knights, rather than it just being a personal preference. You kinda get that with mace vs sword (crushing dmg vs slashing dmg), but if mace lmbs had different anims (and maybe a different lmb altogether), it’d probably feel more distinct. No idea if this is just a symptom of pre-alpha and that’s going to be an alpha/beta feature, or if it’s something that’s nice, but not necessary and will be pushed post-soft launch. Maybe the next time Blair/Dogget/Todd are on a combat stream, I’ll ask.
  48. 6 points
    This. This. This. I am probably a dirty casual because I have a job and a child. I'm OK with admitting that. What I don't like seeing is WBs leading a petition and skewing the votes (at least, that's how it looks on the surface) to push for a change that would potentially alter the rules to better benefit their inherent organization. On top of it, my small group and I (and others like it) would have literally nothing to do but lag during siege fights and then go craft on week nights. And maybe get into a fort fight that would end up being just a laggy siege fight all over again. Either standing in circles or standing by the fire waiting for your guild to lead something is still standing around. As casuals, we at least don't have that problem lol.
  49. 6 points
    You really need to add ways for healers, harvesters, and crafters to get on the board. I literally craft all day and will end up dead last even though my efforts directly correlate to helping my team win.
  50. 6 points
    Please stop relinking Test and Live. All the work I did before yesterday's patch is gone 😩
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