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    Long fight against the forces of chaos outside their keep. ________________________________________________ Do you want to join Vanguard? Apply here!: https://forms.gle/FF4WBSoWjzTMMu5r5 Want to talk to us? Join our Discord!: https://discord.gg/YT8fE64 Do you want to see our recruitment thread?: https://community.crowfall.com/topic/25251-v-vanguard-eu/
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    Blog and affiliate

    cool ill have my piece of article ready and once all set ill have it posted and than share the link with you
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    [-V-] Vanguard | [EU]

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    All in good time. The 5.110 update is slated to be huge so I'd fully expect some fixes to your concerns to come with it or soon after. It'll effectively bring the game into Alpha status and then they can focus hardcore on bug fixes, QoL, optimization, and balance.
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