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    My Trial for Being Late to Yaga

    I was found guilty:
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    Beneficial harvest power...

    ... is doing exactly what?
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    My Trial for Being Late to Yaga

    The council decided your fate
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    Meaningful Development

    If you have a Kickstarter package, you have the option to sell it to one of the Trusted Traders: https://crowfall.com/en-US/faq/trusted-traders/70nTRagsdGSmWgsSiuYQg0
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    Meaningful Development

    Sorry, but no, they didn't. At kickstarter they shared a delivery estimation for the core module. With the core module being the base the game will be built up on. So, that's an estimation, not a promise. And that's a core modul, not a game. Backing a game development comes with no guarantees at all, just the promise to use the money for the development and to do their best to deliver at some point. That's all. Backing doesn't mean buying, but supporting. If you would have understood this back then, you wouldn't be upset now. Neither if you wouldn't have understood it by now. And this discrepency is what is mainly causing the friction. This being said: Please get me right, I completely understand your frustration. I share it to some point and have shown my frustration about this or that myself often enough (and not always too constructively) throughout the years. In my own field of business I have to deliver result highly punctual. A six months project needs to be finished on day x, no matter what poorly made socks happened in between. However, your example doesn't work out, because, as I said, backing a development is not buying a game, and estimations are not promises. In my personal opinion, what we got up to now is already more than the core module kickstarter was about. Yes, some things are still missing, but then again other things got implemented which have not been part of it (or not to that extent). Whatsoever, the biggest pro in my eyes is the independency from investors. Which was their major reason to give us the opportunity to back the development of this game. It was the number one reason for me to participate back then ... and I believe it's the number one reason why this game is still being developed ... instead of just being cancelled, because it takes to long to give the Investors a nice rate of return. But they are still fighting to get it done. Nobody can say they just took the money, sat back and enjoyed a happy life. Through a long period of time they also listened extremely well to player feedback and changed a lot. Everybody who participated in this feedbackfest can't honestly accuse them of being late. We had our not insignificant part in it. I also agree that the gaming industry has some flaws that should be taken care of. Just like the refund policies. In europe this lead to the law that you can always get a refund for a bought product within 14 days. But, this game is not done yet, right, it is still testing. So actually you "really get" the game only at launch and you should be able to get a refund 14 days after that. But it's not the case, testing it already counts. Be that as it may, that's an issue that can't be solved regarding one single company. And definitely not in a single games forum. tl;dr: I understand your frustration, but I also think it wouldn't hurt if you would include additional sides into your perspectives. If you want to change something, there are ways (with more effort). If you just want to share your frustration and/or blow off steam, that's ok, too. I understand, others understand, I am sure ACE understand, too. Though that doesn't necessarily mean that any of them will publicly agree or put energy into solving this or that issue (or maybe even at all). Anyways, never forget to Have fun, good luck Kraahk
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    Meaningful Development

    I'm not sure what your expectations are for a playable game, but we're leveling vessels, farming loot, gathering mats, crafting gear, and fighting over POIs, all in direct competition with the opposing factions. If you're waiting for the storyline quests, the queued PvP battlegrounds, instanced raids, and 1v1 PvP class balance, this is not the game you were looking for.
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    Meaningful Development

    Yes. Thanks for your feedback. This depends on when you you bought what in which country. Contact support@crowfall.com and they can give you your individual answer.
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    Battlefield tactics when outnumbered

    Battlefield tactics Having participated in a number of big fights I thought about writing down some observations on battlefield tactics that might be useful for everybody to analyse and think about when fighting. This constitutes by no means an exhaustive analysis, it’s just some pointers to help people and give them insights. When your force is outnumbered in a big fight employ cleaver tactics to alleviate this imbalance and turn the tables in your favour: 1- The salami tactic This is the underlaying tactic when facing superior forces: pick off the weakest targets one by one to weaken the opponent. No frontal assaults just one slice of salami at a time, Take all the time you needs to achieve this. 2- Choke points During sieges use the breach in the walls to stop an enemy attacking force or to fight defenders. This choke point will allow you to alleviate the opponents superior forces and to pick off the weakest targets by chain pulling them or simply dps-ing those own. Also use the cc and dps abilities of confessors in these situations. The goal is to kill the enemy force one by one. 3- The roundabout When outnumbered you can in some situations use the terrain features to kite larger groups of enemies around a big rock or a friendly bane tree (in case of a bane tree this will increase the damage done to and slow his enemy). This will again allow you to weaken and pick off one target at a time and kill it. 4- Feint retreat Try to keep the initiative by superior movement speed To reshuffle the cards in your favour during a fight you can sometimes feint a retreat to look for a choke point or a roundabout or just to escape a stalemate. 5- Maneuverability Try to retain superior movement speed and flexibility compared to your enemies. This will grants you the initiative. For example learn to fight on the move. Conclusion – Train, train and train again Please share your thoughts on this!
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