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    UPDATE 12/11: The news article is up! Read me ----------- original post ----- I've had an apostrophe and I need your help! We want to do a "12 Days of Crowmas" celebration for the upcoming holidays. beginning Dec. 12 and ending Dec. 24. Instead of eight maids of milking and all that jazz, I am looking for volunteers who would be willing to donate in-game items for a daily giveaway. It could be anything as humble as a stack of coal or as luxurious as a legendary vessel, and I need to collect items on both the EU and NA servers. (Props to @CrusaderW for inspiring this idea. For a time, he was putting together "new Crow packs" that he would give away during his live streams. These bundles had lots of goodies such as armor and weapons that would be useful to new players.) If you are willing to pony up something, please drop me an email (community@crowfall.com) and let me know your account name, what item(s) you'll donate and if it's for EU or NA. Feel free to include a plug for your vendor or guild if you'd like to promote them.
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    Fix broken class.

    Sounds like the problem with the charge is more of too many things attached to it making it a great ability. The only potential bug item from that list I’m not sure about is going through CC immunity, I don’t recall if chain pull/push effects ignores blocks or not but if some of the other physics effects do then I would assume the charge does for some reason or all physics effects have something a little buggy in them. As for it’s “range” that’s hard to accurately tell as what we see and where the server thinks we are can be slightly off enough just due to regular pings to feel weird. This has been particularly noticeable to me in general with the change to the 3m melee range. As for the general argument going on, idk I think it’s all silly to be pointing fingers either way. If someone is beating you with something cause it’s imbalanced you should probably switch to it or look for a counter. Them’s the breaks of competitive games. Now if it’s truly buggy/exploit then yea test it, get others to verify it, and of course report it without abusing it. But there’s also a lot more leniency in this testing phase then their would be once the game is live regarding those latter buggy/exploity issues. Now is the time to share info and work together to verify bugs vs balance problems without bringing name calling into it. The post shouldn’t be “hey these guys beat us with broken mechanics their douches” it should be “hey is this working right we saw this do X, Y, Z can anyone confirm?” Cause remember this is not a complete game, this is still messy alpha testing phase.
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    I say this with the caveat that y'all have overwhelmingly been a phenomenal group to provide support for and I'm insanely excited for when beta rolls around.
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    This is beautiful! 😍
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    Vanguards 5.100 Class Tier Lists!

    Thanks for putting this together! Lots of folks will find it very helpful, and we'll learn a lot from the comments and feedback it generates.
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    Vanguards 5.100 Class Tier Lists!

    This is all wrong. JK, I luh u
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    Fix broken class.

    There is no issue with the Centaur racial. It does exactly what it says it does. Some folks are just too full of salt and need something to blame for their losses.
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    Fury class

    While there is room for more creativity in the disciplines available, the "meta" has been shifting around quite a bit in the last several campaigns. Debuff and buff and CC roles meant to enable specific angles of attack are starting to appear. It's becoming fairly diverse and interesting, imo. People just have to be unafraid to break the mold and have a group of people willing to assist your idea. There's been interesting uses of class combos for fire damage trains, "fire bomb" groups, piercing damage trains, anti-Frontline comps with shieldbreaker+troubadour, full ranged fallback/kite comps, pull-into-bomb comps, and more. There are for sure some core abilities discs you'll see everywhere, like pixie and elementalist, but there's still plenty of room for different builds right now and people are starting to get quite creative. Most of these builds surround a group strategy of how to get kills, rather then a single player with a specific build enabling an entire style of play.
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    What'd I miss?

    Let me guess---they got rid of the vessels system and dragons are now a playable archetype. Nailed it.
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    For the past year I've played almost exclusively solo, so while it may not matter to active guilds, there's a significant portion of the player base that still tries to solo, and so I'm glad some thought was given to solo viability in your charts. My warden is anti-stealth. It's a specialty role and I saw that specialty roles aren't included in your charts, which is fine. I'd argue that it's at about the same level as brigand in group play, which is why I was surprised to see Brigand there but not Warden. Thanks for taking the time to come up with the lists - hopefully the devs will take it into account when rebalancing for 5.110 and beyond.
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    Hey guys, Just started playing again. My first tour was a few months ago and the game is much better now. 35 Married with a new baby, Learning all aspects of the game and looking forward to meeting some of you.
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    Hey, I'm Lumenation. I'm older. I'm married. I have kids. I still find time to play video games. My Likes: Being Strategically Aggressive in Large Battles Feeling like I am contributing Pretty Colors(pinks with floral notes) Good conversation My beard My Dislikes: Open Mics and eating Drama Religion Politics What I'm Looking For: People to play with. I've figured out the game from guides my 25+ years of playing games and guides. I've assisted a few players in their learning and made friends. Looking to just get deeper in a game I feel has potential for a long amount of play time. Synopsis: If you feel your group or guild fits this style please reach out to me. Let me know how I can assist you if you are a new player. Let me know if you would like to talk more about the game or assist in anyway.
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    No problem! Yes, but making one now could potentially be a waste of time, so I am waiting for the next patch to come on test, so I can make sure I include any new changes 😁
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    [Deutsch] -NM- Nordic Marauders

    Wir suchen weiterhin aktive Mitspieler! Wenn du Interesse hast einer starken Gemeinschaft beizutreten, schau einfach in unserem Discord vorbei.
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    Fix broken class.

    The irony on this is that -W- has probably ran the most templars(and overall diversity of classes/races) out of any guild consistently since 5.8 was released. Not only that, it is visually documented in many videos from over the past 12 months. Ultimately you'll see what you want to see if you actually believe the things you say. Maybe it is all a "troll". I am finding this weeks excuse for being bad pretty good though. It is almost as good as when 65 people is apparently less people than 35. It really makes me confident that we will continue to be successful when you look at every issue as something that surely must be broken and can't possibly be how a mechanic works. Therefore you aren't going to try to find a solution but rather keep doing what we're doing and cry when other groups adapt to counter the play style that you are running. I honestly feel a little bad for your guild mates because you demoralize yourselves and your allies by throwing your hands up in the air like something is an impossible situation when the only thing that is holding you back is yourselves. I hope at some point you realize this and then we can get some exciting fights out and about.
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    Fix broken class.

    Class balance is coming near future. All this stuff will be addressed when the forstweaver carrot finally is eaten. Alphas do a lot of damage but are very squishy. You should consider them a high priority target. Be aware of where they are and keep yourself positioned appropriately.
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    He isn’t real, just a Bronze Age Human myth told to control the masses with guilt and intolerance.
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    Gotta salt my meats somehow.
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    Mr Devs, Listen Up!

    *Spams hurlbat*
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    Mr Devs, Listen Up!

    Just some short toughts i had when i read your text. -I think when you play a game and you are on top and get rewarded is nice. But when you are able to craft (significant) better items or hit harder, just because you won before, the one guild will stay on top and nobody wants to fight them. For factions it will be that everybody will just join the strongest faction. I have seen this before and this is not really working.(The "honor" systems is something they already announced and are working on) -The risk of loosing items that i wear...... You are not a crafter i assume, but just imagine you are the guildcrafter, and you are in a good guild, and i mean your guys are running around in topnotch EQ. thats nice, but everybody can die when the opponents are just more. So you have to recraft all the items all the time or to be really lucky to kill this guys while he has your EQ. When you have bluegear, thats easy and fast to recraft, but epic or even Legendary, the time and effort you invest to get such items would be a too hugh loss. -No really important thoughts on the other points mentioned
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    Why do resources go flying?

    The sound effect when you get an epic or legendary nugget of something gets me all "BANGERANG!!!!" Thanks, @BobbyM!
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    Well since you're done with them, would you be willing to contract out your cutting grit gatherers? Can offer much polishing paste.
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    Crowfall December Developer Q&A Edit

    My edited down version of the Crowfall December Q&A. Lots of good stuff here so there wasn't a ton to cut out. 2020 is looking awesome for Crowfall.
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    Unofficial Looking for Guild Thread

    EDIT: Thanks everyone! I think I've found a home. Guild criteria: Region: US/Central Atmosphere: Prefer a close knit & mature group. Casual/Hardcore?: Casual, but can be Hardcore when needed. Size: Small/Medium (15-25 players) Play-Style: I want to be a crafter/gatherer. I'm willing to specialize in whatever. Just give me a direction. Commitment: If people are online I'll usually hop on as well provided I'm available. I, like many these days, work 40 hours a week. Miscellaneous: I'm 23 but have been told I sound like an old man. Experience: I'm pretty confident I can pick up anything game related pretty quick but I'll admit I'm pretty new to this game and still have a lot of questions. Voice-Chat services: Have Discord but can download anything else as needed.
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    Crowfall curious? Get answers here

    Big Crowfall caw-out to @Rauthr for this great contribution on the Crowfall Reddit! Thanks for taking the time to create such an in-depth, comprehensive answer resource for some of the most commonly asked questions about the game. We really appreciate the time you spent putting this together! You can view the original post here . Do we have to be the same race to play together since the start? You can be any race, any class. What determines if you can play with your friends, is if you join the same faction for a campaign or not. Is the game full loot? Do you lose your set when you die to another players? Different Campaign types, will have different rules. Some may be full loot, others may have a timer for you to return to your body before others can loot, and yet others may have only a random item or two drop. Campaigns will last for limited times, and is the source of more rare materials/rewards. The winning faction will get to keep more/better rewards from the campaign than other (also depending on how much you contributed), and then the new campaigns might have a new ruleset on the world. Is the game more focused on PvE or PvP? As far as I can tell, there isn't so much a "PvE" in the usual sense. Right now it is PvP focused in terms of your activities. But you will have to kill some animals, either to skin them, or to get to materials they are guarding. In a recent email that crowfall sent out, it talked about how they are still working on the "moment to moment" game loop (the one that keeps you on from one 10-20 minute session, to the next) How does the grind in Crowfall work? Do you have to grind levels, items, etc..? You will get the majority of your stats from the gear you equip. BUT if you do level up, you will get a few (3) extra stat points to spend how you like. You will find that you can more quickly earn exp through crafting, and sacrificing items, than you might notice from going out and just killing mobs. Crafting will require more and more items, the more complex the recipe is. And with experimentation points, you will be getting different results with each craft. The "Ideal" crafting would be that you keep crafting until you get a set of experimentation procs that you would then "blueprint" (allowing you to replicate that EXACT craft again in the future) Is there a competitive scene? Most players that have access to the game, are avoiding the "burnout" since the game is more game-assets than it is a "game." Yes you can play the characters, Yes you can enjoy yourself, but it's not (yet) something that you will want to log in each/all day for. Currently the focus of the campaigns will be holding forts. and the only way to control a fort is to fight off everyone inside. Similarly, if there is a small region with high quality resources, you'll need some bodyguards to help protect you/others while they are collected. Are there factions? Can players from different factions play in the same guild? You can join guilds (see through the Crowfall website), and there are 3 factions to choose from. It would seem that even if you are in a guild, that does not mean that you HAVE to join the same faction as them. I'm not sure how this would work, as I have not fully tested/experienced this aspect. How is the population of the game? The population is currently quite low. You may encounter a group of 5-10 from time to time if you stay on during popular play hours, and near points of interest. Normally however, most people seem to be playing right now, just to get a feel for which classes and professions, etc, that they enjoy the most. How does disciplines work? Is it like Archeage where you can kind of mix multiple classes together? I have not played Archeage, so I can't give you a "yes" or "no" about that. BUT Each character gets 2 "Major" disciplines. These major ones will generally offer 1-2 abilities and a passive. You will then be able to choose a "Weapon Mastery" which will provide you with another 1-2 abilities, and lastly are 3 "Minor" disciplines. These can be used to further alter your character's strengths and weaknesses, either in mobility, combat, or even harvesting. My suggestion: If you think you will be interested in the concept of the game, go ahead and pick it up. Skills train off of Real Time, and are permanent to your "Crow" which then carries these bonuses into ALL characters that you make. By starting sooner than later, you can at least start training some skill trees to see if A, that's a tree you want to focus on come launch, or B just to see what other people may be getting as options in a tree you may never touch once playing for real. I get the impression that this is the main reason a lot of people are playing while it is still in such an "alpha" state. So that when the more polished gameplay elements are live, they will be able to see how strong certain classes/builds can be once fully trained; or, like I mentioned, if they are even worth the time/trouble.
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    Here here! Knights should never be considered dps as things are now :(. Also brigands are melee dps not ranged (which is why any viability they had took a complete nose dive with the melee range change) but other than that seems about right
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    Vanguards 5.100 Class Tier Lists!

    Support: Disagree with Arbiter being rated higher than Archdruid. Depending on the latters disc/stat points it is a better healer and more useful in every situation. Im a cleric fan (all 3 specs) and I wouldn’t bring an Arbiter over an Archdruid. Earthkeeper has probably the best hps and high survivability. And it’s buffs/debuffs make it really strong. It’s difficulty rating should be higher as well. It takes a higher skill to play the class at its most effectiveness. And the group needs to be more aware to take full advantage of its abilities. Melee: Dirge is super strong. Think your rating is too low. High survivability. Great at keeping pressure. It’s base tool kit make it so you can build it a variety of ways. On keep defense a single Dirge/duelist can take a bane tree down to 50% solo with a single hit. Dirge outperforms conquerer, brigand, blackguard, and cutthroat imo. Ranged: Stormcaller rated higher than Archer? That’s nutty. Archer applies a lot more pressure on an enemy than a stormcaller does. Having more than double the effective range should bump its rating too. And stormcaller is brain dead easy to play, should be a 1 star. Brigand rated as the lowest seems odd too. They hit really hard and it’s difficult to apply pressure to them as a melee (traps). Really only an archer or inquisitor is more threatening at ranged.
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    MMORPG.com: Maturing Malleability

    "Another major system soon to be implemented in Crowfall is the city building mechanic. Not quite what I thought it was when I first heard it, this is a mechanic that will have teams electing to build different types of structures in their captured keeps. These structures will range from cosmetic to some that provide bonuses of various types." So does this mean we have free-building on the city parcel (like eks)or will it be pre designed and we get to choose what features we want?
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    New MMORPG Article

    ho humm... wake me up when there's something to see.
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    Welcome to the community, Saivar. Glad to have you here.
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    Hi Saivar, Indeed, we ASSIMILATE players of ALL skill-sets (new or experienced to Crowfall) into ROME. If you're willing to learn and eager to become a comrade, we'll help forge you into a proper player. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to send me a private message. Good luck mate.
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    Hello, I just started playing, completely aware that this is not a finished game, so I didn't take much notice to it at first but now after playing for quite a bit I decided to see if I could find other people experiencing it and it doesn't seem like it. Everytime I loot, or everytime I open up the interface really, the game freezes for a second. So looting mobs becomes extremely tedious because of this, if this is common then obviously I don't mind but I'm wondering if there are others that experience this? The FPS is pretty low too, I'd say jumping anywhere from 25-50 fps without anything happening (I've been pretty much just trying different classes etc in the starting zone, done some crafting etc). I'm on the new Razer blade 15" laptop that got released 2 months ago, so there should definitely not be any problems with the hardware.
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    Unofficial Looking for Guild Thread

    Guild criteria: Region: Central United States Atmosphere: Mature/Focused. ie: Work hard play hard Casual/Hardcore?: Both. Size: Medium Size(15 - 25 active). Play-Style: In DND/Pathfinder/WoW/EVERYTHING ELSE I'm the aggressive soldier/barbarian type. My off specs are usually high power Ranged or Stealth recon Commitment: As long as there is something to do or a schedule I can make 5 out of 7 days of the week post 5 pm CST on Weekdays. Miscellaneous: Married w/ Kids around. I have a very straight forward approach and avoid drama like the plague. Expecting our 3rd child, a newborn boy in December will be a partner at the keyboard for a bit. Experience: Been playing since Mario 3/Double Dragon on NES. Playing FPS's since CS 1.2. Played Halo 3/Reach in the Amateur leagues in the Midwest from 2007 til 2009. Degree in Law Enforcement(USAF), Networking/CyberSec(USAF), and Software Architecture(Civ). I'm an asset that feels the need to contribute to the battlefield. I prefer to form bonds through battle and game play. Have a mean beard. Voice-Chat services: TS3(Admin/Dev experience, Ventrilo, Discord, RaidCall(Prefer not to use), Will not use Skype(Sorry not sorry).
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    Crafting souls.

    Actually, most crafted discs have better stats based on quality. Runes that are purchased from an NPC and/or combined from lower qualities lack the increased stats. Higher quality discs made from souls dropped from mobs do have better stats.
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    On the newest stream he did say 5.12
  39. 1 point

    Warstory: Pre-Dregs with the Vanguard

    Cool video and super cool fights.
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    Vidéo tutoriel.

    Salut, je vous présente un tutoriel pour faire découvrir Crowfall au nouveaux joueurs ou aux curieux, celui-ci s'articule par une série de vidéo entre 10 et 15 min comme ça vous pourrez à terme choisir des choses plus précises si vous connaissez déjà un peu le jeu. N'hésitez pas à partager et à me dire ce que vous en pensez ou si vous voulez que j'aborde un sujet en particulier dans de future vidéos. Je vous donne le lien de la première vidéo. A bientôt en jeu !!
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    5.100 LIVE Bug Reports for 9/4/2019

    2 bugs today, the first one, after dying on the infected with my stoneborn, the remains of my corpse following me everywhere ! The second bug is from skill tree on great ranged weapon tree. When i tried to put some points on long bow : damage vs beast talents it always disconnet me. here a little video to show you the problem :
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    My first ever siege footage! Super proud of this! I feel like any faction vs faction battle really embodies what Crowfall is meant to be, and I love it! https://youtu.be/RqtuBknvTzI
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    Population spread

    Any number.
  44. 1 point

    Population spread

    That was certainly one of the selling points of the game. Open world pvp competition over scarce resources.
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    "Only in Crowfall" contributions wanted

    This is also my #WarStory submission
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    Crowfall curious? Get answers here

    Welcome to the forums. Your current forum level in this forum is "Visitor". Visitors only have limited writing rights. If you bought the game on the official crowfall website crowfall.com or during kickstarter, you should at least have the "Tester" level, and by this extensive access to this forum. If that's the case, but you don't have access, you should contact support@crowfall.com to get the access that's due to your pledge level. If you bought the game on the russian 4G website, you might not be entitled to write on this forum, but should have access to the official 4G Crowfall forums. I don't know if they have any playtest bug-report/feedback sub-forums there, though (but I hope they do). In both cases: If you find and want to share any informations about bugs or exploits or just want to leave some feedback ... but can't, due to restricted writing rights on the forums ... you could just send them directly to support@crowfall.com. Or if you don't want to bother them, you could send them to any other player who has access to this forum and is willing to pass on your feedback/report. Like me for example. Have fun, good luck Kraahk
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    AND I AM DIGGING A HOLE! What starts playing when your Stoneborn start to hit the ores.
  48. 1 point

    Best pvp spec for duelists

    Right now, Slayer seems to be in the best spot. It has a really tight kit -- and it's fun. I'm trying to make Vanguard Scout work, but it's a build that is severely compromised when hit with Faerie Fire or other DOTs that keep it from stealthing. Edit: so many typos.
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    Age of Conan/Warhammer online

    Still playing Warhammer online Return of Reckoning. It's now a private server.
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    Mr Devs, Listen Up!

    True. Still wish vessels decayed. For a game built around the idea of worlds ending, everything else should too. Did I miss the lore article on how ghosts magically transport their frankenstein bodies and tons of rocks to different planets? Between that and some God tier scoreboard in the sky with them caring how long someone stands in a circle, I just have to Vessels must have the same magic of the Walking Dead zombies. 10+ years in and they still walking around.
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