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    Moin alleman, als Teil der Phoenix Gaming Community bin ich selbstverständlich übermorgen auch dabei und freue mich schon sehr Wir heissen jeden interessierten herzlich Willkommen uns auf dem Stream zu besuchen, es wird sicher interessant werden. Spass soll auch kommen, habe ich gerade gehört. Ich hoffe, der bleibt ein wenig länger Ich hoffe, man liest sich übermorgen Nachmittag onstream, bis dahin... Grüße, Bonkermann
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    Glad to be here! Can't wait for all the good times that will come!
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    Join us for the ACE Q&A for November livestream on Wednesday, November 6, at 11 am CDT. https://www.twitch.tv/crowfallgame UPDATE: The video is now on YouTube and you can read highlights here: https://crowfall.com/en-US/news/articles/aceqna_nov2019
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    No problem! Yes, but making one now could potentially be a waste of time, so I am waiting for the next patch to come on test, so I can make sure I include any new changes 😁
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    Warden or Brigand?

    Mobility is better, Rangers are squishy and being able to get away is import. Wood-Elf is better for that, but I personally live and die by the Minotaur Brigand (mostly die, but that's beside the point). The leather dmg bonus is only 5%, iirc, so it isn't much and definitely doesn't make up for being squishier. I would advise against Human Ranger, mostly because they don't have the mobility of other races/classes. Also, Attributes are dependent on Class, not Race, so DEX does Armor, Crit Chance, and Attack Power for both. The only difference is the Cap for the attributes (which can be raised with crafted vessels)
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    Warstory: Pre-Dregs with the Vanguard

    Cool video and super cool fights.
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    Communication Tools

    hey fellow crows, as i have seen some communication issues between crafters and the persons requesting products from them, namely the clients not giving enough information on the options they want the crafter to pick or not knowing the effects of those choices, i decided to start building calculators for crafting. so i have made first a Vessel Calculator as i am a Necromancer in my guild, that one is very accurate as most of the numbers are big enough so that it is not affected by rounding in the UI. after that, i started making a calculator for weapons but some of the base numbers are so small that trying to get the accurate, non rounded number is very difficult wich then also means that the entire calculation is not 100% accurate and i will need more test crafts to get closer to the numbers or the devs telling us all unrounded base numbers and modifiers. however despite not being able to give a fully accurate calculation, it is still fairly accurate and does fullfill its purpose as a communication tool. i would like to share these as other crows may need them too. you need to make a copy to use them. Vessels: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1RWYKD4DOTFLAcWkbLZqXQW-Nu1O8bMMlQJB1xxo7OU8/edit?usp=sharing Weapons: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/17DHXrBM1Bb1_KmEkSqJesiRy2WuqQjlsScbqDly6AxE/edit?usp=sharing Used, Caldera Necromancer
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    Hello, I just started playing, completely aware that this is not a finished game, so I didn't take much notice to it at first but now after playing for quite a bit I decided to see if I could find other people experiencing it and it doesn't seem like it. Everytime I loot, or everytime I open up the interface really, the game freezes for a second. So looting mobs becomes extremely tedious because of this, if this is common then obviously I don't mind but I'm wondering if there are others that experience this? The FPS is pretty low too, I'd say jumping anywhere from 25-50 fps without anything happening (I've been pretty much just trying different classes etc in the starting zone, done some crafting etc). I'm on the new Razer blade 15" laptop that got released 2 months ago, so there should definitely not be any problems with the hardware.
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    Came here to post on this, just watched the start of episode 2, and saw the Crowfall footage, great plug folks! (I'll be scanning the credits and hope the game is listed!_
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    Unofficial Looking for Guild Thread

    Guild criteria: Region: Central United States Atmosphere: Mature/Focused. ie: Work hard play hard Casual/Hardcore?: Both. Size: Medium Size(15 - 25 active). Play-Style: In DND/Pathfinder/WoW/EVERYTHING ELSE I'm the aggressive soldier/barbarian type. My off specs are usually high power Ranged or Stealth recon Commitment: As long as there is something to do or a schedule I can make 5 out of 7 days of the week post 5 pm CST on Weekdays. Miscellaneous: Married w/ Kids around. I have a very straight forward approach and avoid drama like the plague. Expecting our 3rd child, a newborn boy in December will be a partner at the keyboard for a bit. Experience: Been playing since Mario 3/Double Dragon on NES. Playing FPS's since CS 1.2. Played Halo 3/Reach in the Amateur leagues in the Midwest from 2007 til 2009. Degree in Law Enforcement(USAF), Networking/CyberSec(USAF), and Software Architecture(Civ). I'm an asset that feels the need to contribute to the battlefield. I prefer to form bonds through battle and game play. Have a mean beard. Voice-Chat services: TS3(Admin/Dev experience, Ventrilo, Discord, RaidCall(Prefer not to use), Will not use Skype(Sorry not sorry).
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    Crafting souls.

    So I saw someone selling a blue Necromancy discipline that had 11.5 Assembly/exp, and 2.3 Exp points. My blue Necro disc is only 10/10/2. Are there crafting souls that drop? or is there some way to improve the stats when you upgrade disciplines? Thanks for any responses.
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    Crafting souls.

    The discipline recipe is applying the 15% bonus for rare quality result, so I have a 103.5% essence return for orbs from my dryad discipline. I don't know what you get when you combine crafted disciplines to get higher qualities or if you mix crafted disciplines with upgraded from the vendor ones. I think it's a bug as @Arkade said.
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    Crafting souls.

    Right, and AFAIK, that's a bug.
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    Crafting souls.

    Actually, most crafted discs have better stats based on quality. Runes that are purchased from an NPC and/or combined from lower qualities lack the increased stats. Higher quality discs made from souls dropped from mobs do have better stats.
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    how to rebuild passive tree

    Harvested resources take time as well. In fact, they take time and effort, which is arguably more valuable than "passive" time. I'm not saying I know it will work, but it isn't as clear that it won't work as you say it is.
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    Range Bonus Not Applied?

    What level are you, and what does your stats sheet say for ranged distance bonus? If you haven't increased it by anything other than the bow you have equipped (+10/12m), then a 25-27m range is what's expected. The base range for non-aoe bow powers is only 15m.
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    you referring to this?
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    Unofficial Looking for Guild Thread

    EDIT: Found a home! I appreciate the messages! Guild criteria: Region: US/EST Atmosphere: Prefer a more close, mature group. I don't mind big guilds as long as everyone is included. I enjoy guilds with a relaxed atmosphere. Casual/Hardcore?: Casual Size: No preference Play-Style: I tend to stick to casters in most MMO's that I've played, but I do enjoy the occasional warrior/assassin character. I don't mind playing any race/class if it's needed. Commitment: Just purchased the game today so it's going to depend on how much I enjoy it. Typically at least a few hours a night during the weeks and much longer on the weekends. Miscellaneous: I'm a 31/M with a wife, kid, and full time job. My family comes before games so I may not be on every single night. Experience: I've been playing MMO's since around age 7. Started off with Everquest. Currently playing WoW and FFXIV. I've been playing WoW off and on since its release. This will be day 1 for me in Crowfall. I've been watching videos on it the past few weeks and it looks like it has come a long way. I'm a pretty quick learner so I don't expect to have too many issues, though I may have a question every now and then! Voice-Chat services: Currently only have Discord however I don't mind downloading any of the others (TS, Vent, Skype etc). Much more of a listener than I am talker but I don't mind getting into voice chat when I have to.
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    "Only in Crowfall" contributions wanted

    "Contact NW. Focus on Guinecean cleric"
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    Hallo Community, und auch allen anderem einen wunderschönen Guten Abend. Ich möchte mich einmal kurz vorstellen... ich bin der Xelvar, Gründer und Betreiber der Phoenix Gaming Community, einer Spielgemeinschaft in der Spieler entspannt und in einer angenehmen Atmosphäre Ihrem Hobby Videospielen nachgehen. Unsere Gilde "Phoenix" in CF findet Ihr hier Ich möchte Euch hiermit am 13.11.19 ab 17:30 zu meinem Live Stream auf Twitch einladen, den ich auf dem offiziellen Kanal halten darf. Twitch CrowfallGame Stream Thema : Nekromantie Vorgesehen für unseren gemütlichen Abend ist die Erstellung eines " Vessel " und zusammengefasst die Beschaffung der erforderlichen Rohstoffe um auch den Aufwand etwas abschätzen zu können. Tja was soll ich sagen, das kann ich aktuell selbst noch nicht einschätzen, ich bin also auch ziemlich gespannt. Bis bald im LifeStream ! Gruß Xelvar
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    Prologue Caldera has been an active part of Crowfall since early August 2015. “We are the attackers, causing mayhem and murder. We are the crafters you will spend your funds on. We are laying siege to your castle and crushing your attempts to take ours. We are the refuge and protection from The Hunger that is creeping in on us all. “ We are Caldera - Playing with Fire! Avocation – “What does it mean to be part of Caldera?” “Real Life First – Full Commitment when Available Equality amongst friends, respect towards enemies… Improvement – Team – Success” The only thing you really have to do is take care of your real life. To balance between gaming and the rest of your life is your call. When you do come online and play with us, we want you to be fully committed ~ To Play with Fire. Strive for improvement. we will never be perfect. That doesn't have to keep us from trying. Learn from successes and mistakes, from your allies, your enemies, and yourself. Always ask yourself "what would have been a better way to approach this situation?" Don't be afraid to receive feedback, and don't be afraid to give it. Play for the Team. We are not a pile of solo players. The team is our strength, our motivation, our family. Always try to do what is best for the team, and in the long run the team will do what's best for you. We share our time, knowledge, and ingame goods. Aspire for success. While there is sometimes room to “mess around”, when it matters, we always play to win, no matter the odds. People will depend on you. Always play to the best of your ability, use your best judgement, and trust in your allies to do the same. We are all equal gamers and humans, and we treat each other as such. Being an Officer means taking up a responsibility for the good of the guild, no less and no more. Every voice matters. This even includes our enemies: be respectful, in victory or defeat. No flaming, harassment, bug using or cheating. What do we offer our members – “It’s a package deal!” A fun and friendly environment to achieve common goals in. A flexible hours guild with a hardcore mentality when it comes to the important stuff. (Casually Hardcore). A massive amount of in game knowledge to be shared to empower our guild members. A common progressive attitude towards the game where all guild members are recognized for their contributions. Applying – “Still here? Perfect.” Upon reading this, if you feel that Caldera might be a place for you then all you need to do, is click below: APPLY NOW Still not persuaded? If you wish to learn more about our structure and how we do things, then just click below. Read More! or Link to the original Caldera recruitment thread.
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    Balance takes heads, Chaos kicks tails

    Congratulations to the winners of the Decapathon 2 and the Satayn Campaign! FULL STORY
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    "Only in Crowfall" contributions wanted

    Druid bombs
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    Willkommen im Forum. Das erste Posting ... und gleich mit so einer Aktion - das ist schon eine Hausnummer. Ein paar Streams von Xelvar habe ich im Vorfeld schon sehen können und kann sie nur empfehlen. Gerade Nekromantie ist ja so ein Thema, das als Einzelkämpfer (was meiner Erfahrung nach die allermeisten EU Spieler sind) recht schwierig ist, weil man zum ergattern mancher notwendiger Rohstoffe nunmal eine Gruppe braucht. Ich werde definitiv reinschauen. Zumindest im Chat. Vielleicht sogar ingame im Hintergrund winken, falls ich es schaffe. Das ist übrigens der allererste nicht-englische Stream, der regulär über den offiziellen Twitch Channel von Crowfall gehostet wird! Großen Respekt und hundertmaligesaufdiekniefallundverbeug für diesen einmaligen Meilenstein an Xelvar und die Phoenix Gaming Community. Vielleicht schaffen wir es als Community ja im Gegenzug das "unseren gemütlichen Abend" zu einem "kleinen Auflauf" hochzuwerten. Ich bin jedenfalls dabei. Ihr auch?
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    5.100 LIVE Bug Reports for 9/4/2019

    2 bugs today, the first one, after dying on the infected with my stoneborn, the remains of my corpse following me everywhere ! The second bug is from skill tree on great ranged weapon tree. When i tried to put some points on long bow : damage vs beast talents it always disconnet me. here a little video to show you the problem :
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    Im looking to get the game as i got an email about it having a 15% discount by entering crow15 at checkout but i do not see that option anywhere. Can someone tell me where to find it?
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    PC Requirements

    Hi, I would like to know if I will be able to play (decently == big fights) with my pc specs: i5 7600k RX 580 8gb 8gb RAM 2400mhz
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    PC Requirements

    Thanks, it looks I will be able. All the system requirements I found were "outdated" as it looks.
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    And here is gif depicting animation for the druid earthkeeper. I actually think the spin is very pretty!
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    My first ever siege footage! Super proud of this! I feel like any faction vs faction battle really embodies what Crowfall is meant to be, and I love it! https://youtu.be/RqtuBknvTzI
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    "Only in Crowfall" contributions wanted

    Old but one of my favorite "only in Crowfall" moments.
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    "Only in Crowfall" contributions wanted

    This is also my #WarStory submission
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    Hi, I'm from South Korea.

    Yeah, I played for an hour today, and it was awesome but idk what to do. Need to find somebody with it.
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    "Only in Crowfall" contributions wanted

    https://www.twitch.tv/drakanowow/clip/FairTenderMoonSaltBae?filter=clips&range=7d&sort=time after making Vanguard wait 40 min? for a fort fight, this happened. does this qualify as "only in crowfall" ?
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    Hi, I'm from South Korea.

    Welcome to the game! One of the biggest tips we give new players, is that you need to find a guild to play with, this game is not very solo friendly (only mainly in the start). And the game is just way more enjoyable while playing with others.
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    "Only in Crowfall" contributions wanted

    This game provides entertainment for the entire family.
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    Crowfall curious? Get answers here

    Welcome to the forums. Your current forum level in this forum is "Visitor". Visitors only have limited writing rights. If you bought the game on the official crowfall website crowfall.com or during kickstarter, you should at least have the "Tester" level, and by this extensive access to this forum. If that's the case, but you don't have access, you should contact support@crowfall.com to get the access that's due to your pledge level. If you bought the game on the russian 4G website, you might not be entitled to write on this forum, but should have access to the official 4G Crowfall forums. I don't know if they have any playtest bug-report/feedback sub-forums there, though (but I hope they do). In both cases: If you find and want to share any informations about bugs or exploits or just want to leave some feedback ... but can't, due to restricted writing rights on the forums ... you could just send them directly to support@crowfall.com. Or if you don't want to bother them, you could send them to any other player who has access to this forum and is willing to pass on your feedback/report. Like me for example. Have fun, good luck Kraahk
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    I can’t write to the forum thread about bug reports, I’ll write here. During the game in windowed mode, with the game window active, when the camera rotates, the mouse cursor can move outside the window ... extremely annoying
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    Crowfall is going to be a bit slow while the developers go "heads down" working on the huge update coming next year. Updates are going to be infrequent/nonexistent on the LIVE service of the game while they smash out the next big patch. Lots of exciting stuff on the way though!
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    Start in God's Reach, Joveth server. Level up, get some gear, and don't be afraid to ask questions in chat.
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    Paladin (healing) Templar

    Having a little more experience with sieges I thought I might come back to this and say that I feel as though my paladin can be very useful in large team fights. both on the attack and defense of forts you are often spending major portions of combat within a relative field of battle that is somewhat static. Whether the throne room, walls on the way in, or a skirmish in between. In these situations I feel my healing is at least comparable if not superior to other healers. Meanwhile my damage output is far superior and I am able to contribute as a tank that can front line and chase low HP individuals. Where a druid might be a priority target for the enemy team, I am not, or at least not an easy one. I would love to hear if I am overlooking or oversimplifying things, the class is fairly straightforward and boring to play but it does seem effective.
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    MMO's need high single core speeds, good choice avoiding AMD.
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    AND I AM DIGGING A HOLE! What starts playing when your Stoneborn start to hit the ores.
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    [News]XIV O Canto dos Corvos

    Ora cá estamos para mais um número da nossa newsletter. Q&A, Perguntas e Respostas de Junho FO nosso director Criativo J.Todd Coleman e o nosso director de Desenho Thomas Blais responderam a imensas questões da nossa comunidade, sobre variados temas, inclusive as mudanças. Não deixe de ver todo o vídeo ou breve resumo aqui mesmo. Alterações no Interface do Usuário Em Crowfall®, sempre houve uma diferença entre a interface do usuário e o mundo de fantasia do jogo em si. Embora a interface seja clara, clara e leve, depois de ver como o mundo de Crowfall evoluiu, gostaríamos de revisitar a interface do usuário para melhorar a maneira como ela complementa o ambiente em que você luta e a estética geral do design do jogo. Quando mergulhamos na história do jogo, algo saltou para nós: o Stoneborn, uma das nossas raças jogáveis. Havia uma história enterrada entre as ruínas dos Mundos Morrendo e que a história era a chave. Puxar um pouco do espírito dessa arquitetura, da vida e do folclore que ela representa, do mundo de Crowfall para os menus do jogo, foi o objetivo que nos propusemos alcançar para tornar a experiência mais imersiva. Veja algumas das imagens: Vê todas as imagens e toda a informação aqui! Ganhe sua Caneca de Diamante A caneca de Junho está aqui e é de Diamante. Já sabe como ganhar não é mesmo? Basta jogar Crowfall no TEST por mais de 4 horas até 30 Junho e esta linda caneca será sua! Você merece! The Trial of Maeve está a chegar ao fim Acaba já no próximo dia 12 de Junho, Quarta-Feira, esta campanha chamada The Trial of Maeve, por isso, se ainda não tens o amuleto, ainda estás a tempo de o ganhar. Sondagem em nosso facebook Na sondagem desta semana perguntamos a nossos corvos se durante um cerco preferem ser um guerreiro guardião de sua fortaleza, um defensor, um jogador de ataque, que tenta conquistar as outras fortalezas? 60% dos nossos corvos votaram na defesa. Você se lembra de quando se iniciou em Crowfall? Das suas dificuldades? Queremos saber isso, por essa razão estamos perguntando qual ou quais os tutoriais que acha importantes existir em nossa lingua. Não deixe de participar neste enquete. Participe aqui Continuamos procurando streamers 🎥 Se você faz streaming e videos sobre Crowfall (em português), fale com a gente! Queremos difundir seus videos/streams e promover seu canal na nossa comunidade de lingua portuguesa. Para isso basta falar comigo, Fauno, aqui no forum ou no discord Fauno#9151 Você tem algo interessante para contar? Sabe de algum tutorial interessante? Está planejando um projeto ou qualquer atividade sobre Crowfall? Me escreva, e colocarei sua informação na nossa newsletter. Nossa e não minha Grande abraço Fauno
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    Age of Conan/Warhammer online

    Still playing Warhammer online Return of Reckoning. It's now a private server.
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    The game, since is has not been optimized, is very RAM and CPU heavy. When I upgraded to a brand new computer (32gb RAM and a brand new i7), those freezes disappear. But yes low fps and small freezes are normal if you don't have top end computers. What I can say though, is that you get used to it, I played with that and worse performance for over 2 years of development. But if you come over from a super optimized game, it seems bad at first.
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