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    Dev Diary: The Winged Knight

    ACE, your marketing strategy appears self-contradictory to us. On one hand, you say you're marketing this to the non-tester masses. You release garbage news tidbits and withhold anything useful about the coming 5.110 build on the theory that you'll get more attention with an information overload when the patch hits. On the other hand, you persist with cultivating your pet streamers and you continue to push "war stories" when there's no war going on because 99.95% of your paid tester base isn't playing. You could release racial skills one race every few days if you wanted a little tease to build hype. "Aracroix knight" is a waste of your time and ours. Your absolute best marketing was when you were releasing "patch notes from the future" - your player base was engaged, and the mmo game sites whose attention you covet were writing articles about the coming changes. You have so much you could write dev diaries about: Caravan mechanics Refineries New racial attributes Discipline Changes Thralls Crafting Changes Harvesting Changes Guild interaction (subguilds, alliances) Stronghold buildings How strongholds will work in dregs (who can build where, will some sites be restricted to fort level or will all ruins be buildable to full castle / cities) How sieges will work in dregs (cost of sieging, schedules of sieging, how to initiate a siege) God-specific outposts Power changes to each class and promotion (that could get you 20 dev diaries alone) New passive skill trees and progression rates Frostweaver (again you could get 4 articles out of that, one for the base class, one for each promotion) The list goes on and on. You will get a better response from the gaming sites by releasing a long string of meaningful information drops leading up to 5.110. The gaming sites want views - they'll publish every release. They'd prefer 1000 eyes on each of 50 releases than 2500 eyes on a single news dump article. And the unwashed masses who aren't backing Crowfall are perhaps not as stupid as you think they are - they'll appreciate more actual content in their news, too.
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    We are not blindly unaware of the Crowfaithful's desire for information about War of the Gods, but I would ask you to bear some things in mind - and I'm being candid because you are the Crowfaithful. I've known so many of you from my very first day at ArtCraft. We are a small yet determined start-up that looks for every possible way to get the most out of the limited funds we have. While the dollar figure in this press release sounds like a king's ransom, every cent of it has to be measured out and used carefully. We're not spending any Marketing money at this point; that's being reserved for a big push at launch. This means that in order to spread the word about Crowfall, we have to leverage what we can to get press coverage. In addition to my background as a journalist, I was the Sr. Director of Public Relations and Community at CCP before I came here, so I have a solid understanding of what it takes to get the media's attention and I understand the plans that DebySue and Todd have in place for us. The bottom line is that we need that coverage to draw attention to the game now, ahead of our big Marketing push. In order to get that coverage, we need to give the press information that hasn't already been released. You're going to start seeing more juicy morsels being parceled out over time, but we aren't quite there yet. In the meanwhile, we have been trying to communicate more with the new Founders Blogs and Dev Diaries. Granted, some of that may be mostly old news to those of you who follow us super-closely. I see the comments, and I promise I never lightly dismiss them. I never lightly dismiss anything said by members of our community. It all matters. All I can say is this: You've been with us this long. Please don't give up on us now. We are soooo freaking close to getting 5.110 into your hands. It's our passionate obsession, no one wants that more than this team does. I appreciate you. Thanks for reading this.
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    EU Jolmander Campaign Review

    This tuesday was the ending day of the JOLMANDAR CAMPAIGN for the brave warriors doing themselves the honor of fighting on the european server. After many eventful battles the BALANCE faction led by the NORDIC MARAUDERS chalked up the victory. Until the last siege day the outcome of the battle for campaign victory was undecided and the CHAOS faction, composed of a large and better and better organized group of russian warriors, fought hard against their imminent defeat. The ORDER faction led by VANGUARD did not care much for the a victory by points, but chased every fight they could get and contributed a lot to the fighting activities. Troups of the other big EU Guilds, which avoided the battle for several month, were still not sighted. The NORDIC MARAUDERS look back on a interesting campaign and wait eagerly on the next big event in CROWFALL (patch 5.110). Until then we will continue to fight on the european server and will not let our blades rust away. Thanks for a campaign full of fights VANGUARD and Alekzak with his russian allies. ------------------------------------------------------------ Am vergangenen Dienstag endete die JOLMANDAR KAMPAGNE für alle tapferen Recken, die sich auf dem EU-Server die Ehre gaben. Nach vielen ereignisreichen Schlachten konnte die BALANCE-Fraktion unter Führung der NORDIC MARAUDERS am Ende den Sieg für sich verbuchen. Bis zum letzten Belagerungstag war der Ausgang der Schlacht nicht sicher und die CHAOS-Fraktion, bestehend aus einer großen, immer besser organisierten, Gruppe russischer Kämpfer, hatten sich mit aller Kraft gegen die bevorstehende Niederlage gewehrt. Die ORDER-Fraktion unter Führung von VANGUARD machte sich wenig aus dem Sieg nach Punkten, suchte aber jeden möglichen Kampf und steuerte so viel zu den Kampfaktivitäten dieser Kampagne bei. Nicht gesichtet wurden weiterhin die Truppen der anderen großen EU-Gilden, die nun schon seit einigen Monaten den Kampf meiden. Danke an VANGUARD und Alekzak mit seinen russischen Mitstreitern für eine Kampagne mit vielen Kämpfen. Die Nordic Marauders blicken auf eine interessante Kampagne zurück und warten gespannt auf das nächste große Ereignis in Crowfall (Patch 5.110). Bis dahin werden wir weiter die Kämpfe auf dem europäischen Server suchen und unsere Klingen nicht rosten lassen. ------------------------------------------------------------ Balance Leaderboard: Chaos Leaderboard: Order Leaderboard:
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    Crow Appreciation Rewards

    We’re pleased to announce the launch of our Crow Appreciation Rewards program! FULL STORY
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    Intense Open Field Fight vs Chaos

    Good fight everyone! ________________________________________________ Do you want to join Vanguard? Apply here!: https://vanguardcrowfall.com/howtoapply Want to talk to us? Join our Discord!: https://discord.gg/YT8fE64 Do you want to see our recruitment thread?: https://community.crowfall.com/topic/25251-v-vanguard-eu/
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    ACE Q&A for February

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    Dev Diary: Powers Load-out

    The long list of permanent buffs we currently have on the combat hud was part of my hitlist for 5.110. We mainly were showing passives as permanent buffs for ease of testing. (very easy to see when something was applied because it would put the buff text up). Now that we have other ways to see what is applied to the player and we are communicating this to the player via the spellbook, there is no reason to keep them up on the combat hud. (I do admit it's kinda weird logging in to a character and not seeing any buffs on the combat hud after having them there for many years.) If you look at the screenshots the Passives section you will even see that is where the Seasonal passive is now. (Also you can hover over it to see what it is doing!)
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    Please consider

    When I read these type of messages I always wonder why people try to play an MMORPG when it seems they want to play a MOBA.
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    "Towel-snapping" War Stories

    [NOTE: This was originally posted in the Saga forum. After thinking about it further, I thought moving it here was a better idea. So, here we are. ~P~] I received this question in a private message and thought it would be better to answer it publicly. The Rules of Conduct are clear about what's allowed on the forum, and how those rules differ from the in-game rules. War Stories sort of bridge the two in that they are based on in-game action - where rules are far more flexible - and the forum rules where the stories (or links to videos) are posted. I get where this could lead to confusion. It is okay to call out a player or group in a War Story video so long as: It is a reference to the character, not the actual person behind the character (e.g. no personal attacks). There is no hate speech*. We have a zero tolerance for any manner of hate speech whether it's on the forums, in-game or in a War Stories video. There are no real-world threats. Those threats are another bullet point on our "zero tolerance" list. No private communications are shared. Clipping something said in an open chat channel is fine. Blasting something said in a private message isn't. Do not accuse others of cheating/exploiting. If you suspect someone is cheating, contact support@crowfall.com. Don't post about it on the forum or spout off about it in-game. Crowfall is all about conflict and conquest. Not all rivalries are going to be friendly, and there's going to be some smacktalk. And that's okay, so long as people don't take it too far and keep it in the proper place. HMU with questions. * From the Rules of Conduct: Hate speech, including the degrading or vilifying of a particular race, religion, ethnic group, gender, sexual preference or sexual identity, as well as any members of these groups.
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    House Avari - An Elven Spring

    With the 5.110 patch approaching, we decided to create an all elf group meme team for the fun of it. House Avari came out of the loreplay scene in Shadowbane and was a leading proponent for the creation of a "Lore Server". The idea being that guilds would pick from a number of lore themed guild types which restricted their access to certain races and classes. Each guild type would have its strengths and weaknesses, forcing players and guilds to work around them. I think this would be a great campaign type to add to Crowfall after launch.
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    With the New World PvP announcement I couldn't help myself.
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    Just your typical day on balance.
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    "Ambush" Ye Olde Crowfall PVP

    Lately I've been getting into silent films, their history, cinematography, etc and so on--and I happened to have some footage from the other day. I also enjoy writing campy-fun flowery words, so I put the two together, and hopefully, came out with something people might enjoy. As per my usual, this was made in all good fun. If nothing else, I'm rather pleased with just how well the music synced up with the action and the intertitles. Hope ya folks enjoy.
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    Dev Diary: All the Things

    Filling the gaps in Racial Disciplines FULL STORY
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    Dev Diary: The Winged Knight

    Pann: Blair, can I see that blog for a sec? Huh. That's odd. I thought that would be big news. Blair: What would be big news? Pann: Well, there seems to be an absence of a certain ornithological piece. A headline regarding mass awareness of a certain avian variety. Blair: What are you talking about? Pann: Oh, have you not heard? It was my understanding that everyone had heard. Blair: Heard what? Todd: Don't! Pann: A- well-a bird, bird, bird B- Bird is the word A- well-a bird, bird, bird B- Bird is the word A- well-a bird, bird, bird B- Bird is the word A- well-a bird, bird, bird B- Bird is the word Blair, don't you know about the bird?
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    Dev Diary: The Winged Knight

    We are not ACE's marketing department. They have trained professionals for that that have assured us they're very good at their jobs and know how to engage the media. We are not obliged to be positive, nor are we obliged to sell more copies of Crowfall. We are not highly trained marketing professionals, we do not work for ACE, and it is not our responsibility to sell the game. This is the actual community, honestly reacting to the actions of a developer whom we have already paid for a product. It is not now, nor has it ever been our responsibility to make crowfall or ACE look good. They pay people for that like we paid them to make a video game. If their trained professionals can not manage our expectations that isn't our problem and until I get a check in the mail I have no intention of making it my problem. I'm not out to be negative for the sake of being negative and neither is anyone else. We are simply being honest. If 5.11 comes out and its the best thing since sliced bread we'll be honest about that too.
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    Dev Diary: The Winged Knight

    This made me laugh really hard - First the News and after this thread - Thank you ❤️ I can feel the frustration in the active community, but these kind of responses will generate equal amounts of frustration to ACE as well and the result is just an increasing gap between the two - that will help nobody in the end. IMO Problem is not with ACE - Problem is with the active community. Let me try to explain my pov. ACE is not making/marketing this game to the 500-1000 people bothering to keep a close eye on this game. If they would do that then I would wholeheartedly agree with every post in this thread. ACE is releasing an information flow for the masses - and the fact that there are Wartribes in the game is old news for very few people. If you are part of the active community then you obliviously care about Crowfall. Then for a moment put your self in ACE's shoes and try to understand their perspective. I get equally frustrated by the 'funny' marketing news and even more frustrated that I need to pacify my own guild, but every time I do the above exercise then I see the value in the current approach. Patience is a virtue! Yours,
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    Dev Diary: The Winged Knight

    really? this is all we get this week? aracoix knight announcement. please just dont do dev diaries if marketing is strangling so much info you have to try and hype up aracoix knight
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    ACE Q&A for February

    #WarStories ..it’s what all the cool kids are doing. Tray auto-swapping works great. It’ll know if you are chopping wood limbs or wood elf limbs. Mounts still not in. If KS Mounts take durability hits on death...still TBD. 5.11 does have some optimization...but not much. Don’t expect that till all major systems are online. Big influx of 5.11 players should be prepared to stress the servers. 5.11 is much prettier than 5.10. Cavalier Discs Confirmed. ACE doesn’t reveal math. Math is ever changing and best kept behind closed doors. Making fun of BlairMath not appreciated. “harsh burn!” 11 of 33 promotions get plate proficiency ....but not all classes get a plate option (Knights get 2 plate promotions for example). Rangers, being 2 leather and one chain...do not get a plate option. Harvesting powers will have to be slotted in combat trays to be used (since survival tray has been removed). 10% Crow referrals are 24/7. HalfElves completely OP until we see how the other races are more OP. Still no definitive time table for 5.11 to TEST. ACE is just as eager to get it in our hand as we are to see it. JTC had important lunch plans and is traveling this weekend.
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    ACE Q&A for February

    Will this be the day that the trifecta of unholy evil goes carebear? First new world, then Camelot, and next Crowfall.. Pve raids announced? A pivot towards a more robust and safe environment where you can frolic through the fields of godsreach and gather to your heart's desire? A second game for phones that has a wonderful transparent development cycle? And most definitely is not going to ever ever be on kickstarter. Cats and dogs living together? No releases on some random Thursday at noon? Future Todd and Future Blair, drunk in a corner going why did we talk so damn much on stream? While Present Blair, and Present Todd, shake them and tell them to get to work? They still have a 724 foot mountain made of pebbles to move and only 1 spoooooon between them! (That only has 14 durability left) Obi wan Halash is our only hope.
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    [-V-] Vanguard | [EU]

    We have just finished our new guild promotion video! Enjoy!
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    Fights aren't intended to be fair. You know who complains about it not being fair? The loser. This is war. If you come to CF expecting good fights, chill bros and even numbers you are going to be disappointed. I aim to win by any means necessary because that's the kind of game this is. I can't beat you on the field? Can I harass your bros? Can I cause dissent among the ranks? Who are your allies? Who are your enemies? Do I have a warchest to pay to inflate my ranks if needed? When does your guild farm? Who are your harvesters/crafters and where do they hide? Personal 1v1 skill is the least important factor to winning a war and if CF has gotten anything right they have replicated that.
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    Dev Diary: The Winged Knight

    i just want some news i can show my friends that are looking at the game that wont turn them off, i want them to come to this game and i want people to be interested but i cant do it all on my own i need some dev support here
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    Dev Diary: The Winged Knight

    Disappointed ...
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    [Deutsch] -NM- Nordic Marauders

    Herzlich Willkommen an unseren neuen Rekruten @0Exon! Wir sind weiterhin auf der Suche nach aktiven, deutschsprachigen Spielern, die sich uns, in Vorbereitung auf das kommende Update (Gilden-vs-Gilden), anschließen wollen.
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    At some point in time, everyone will have whatever quality vessels they want, and a necromancer's training will be not as useful--especially compared to a blacksmith's or some other durability based crafter. Now I know this will be a VERY far away thing, but, I have a ponderous solution: the Skinwalker. What IS the Skinwalker, you might be asking? Imagine this, if you will: You have a consumable-like item that allows you to wear the skin of another, for the purposes of infiltration and spy-work. Say I, a Minotaur, wishes to prowl about in Elven lands. I would have a necromancer--after giving Elven parts--craft me said skin suit in the form of the elf I'd choose: a Wood Elf, for example. My necromancer would name it, "Tyrannicall", and upon activation, I would appear as a Woof Elf named Tyrannicall. In this, I could not activate things or take hostile actions; the dark magics of the guise cannot withstand such heated emotions! A Ranger, or other scouting class, would also have their Perception score matched against the skin suit. The higher quality the parts used, the higher the stealth score. So there'd still be some use and want for those legendary bits well after everyone was shiny and gold. This would also help give those who build/went for a higher Perception a helpful purpose in rooting out such devious deceivers.
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    New Documentary About Jtodd?

    JTodd is the model for the Fae race. However; I always thought the Hero statue should be in Gordon's likeness. And there should be a Blair 'hair and beard' option for the female half giant at character creation, and I want a danged Hippogriff in the game too. There is nothing like kicking your feet up after a hard afternoon of posting on the Crowfall forums, sipping two fingers of Srathors Tears, while staring out over Coolwaters lake listening to Angelmars sing. You Madishar? Yeah you madishar, this Apple Docudrama ain't got nothing on the RL characters inhabiting the Crowfall world... Oh shyte there went a Blazzen Minotaur scampering across my lawn scorching the turf. I hope somebody puts him out before the zone catches fire. Sock Puppet pour me another two fingers, Death is coming!
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    [Deutsch] -NM- Nordic Marauders

    Nachdem die Balance-Fraktion unter Führung der Nordic Marauders den Sieg in der vergangenen Jolmander-Kampagne davongetragen hat, haben wir dies zum Anlass genommen ein kleines Review zu schreiben: Jolmander-Kampagne - Rückblick Willkommen auch an unsere neuen Rekruten @Snibril, @CoicA und @FearMe. Wir sind weiterhin auf der Suche nach aktiven, deutschsprachigen Spielern, die sich uns, in Vorbereitung auf das kommende Update (Gilden-vs-Gilden), anschließen wollen.
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    Serious question: If you've closed your final round of funding, and you have the resources needed to push through to launch, of what value is media attention before launch? Isn't the entire point of media attention to drive sales which you are no longer relying on to get the game to launch where you're going to do a big marketing push? I mean call me a cynic here but isn't the top priority at this point cutting the fat and pushing to launch? Isn't the games media mostly irrelevant given the current financial picture and current goals of development? What's the purpose served by icing out your Crowfaithful(tm) who literally paid you for the privilege of helping you design a better game? This isn't a new EVE update aimed at bringing in new players or recapturing lapsed ones, and its not a project that's attempting to balance the books to bankroll new features or staff. From an outside perspective, it seems like an exercise in marketing for no purpose other than the act of marketing at the expense of the product itself. You aren't marketing to secure more money or more players. We know you have the money now, and we know that building a sizable testing pop isn't a goal as you've got a switch to flip that just opens the floodgates to a free testing base of emails. I don't do your job. I develop software for a soulless corporation by day and develop more software for myself by night. I can't possibly conceive of any reason be as hostile to transparency with your community as you are being right now, especially when you marketed transparency as a mission goal of the company, and especially when you marketed greater access as a perk for a subset of that community that invested quite frankly ridiculous sums of money during your launch phase. Why does getting media attention matter more than transparency at a stage of development where you're not ready to market the game and you don't need any more money to get to the point where you are?
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    I don't expect the game to be done at an unreasonable pace (6 years is reasonable). I do expect regular and meaningful interaction with the community. I do expect Q/A's to have more content than fluff. I do expect a timeline with an * because things happen and schedules/production changes come first. I don't expect fully working content the first iteration. I've been here since the beginning (I'm talking count down ticker on play2crush). I've given them a lot of money (a few accounts, a mountain citadel, like 9 years of VIP if that's a thing still). There are decisions that have been made that I don't support and I am still here (I'm not a game tourist). This style of dev'ing where you treat us like mushrooms (keeping us in the dark and feeding us poorly made socks) is dated and honestly disappointing. I will defend the devs when they need to be defended and I feel like I can criticize them when they need it.
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    We crave blood and skulls, and anyone´s will make it How many do I get for the Decapathon for these two? #Warstories #crowfall
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    [QM] Questmakers | Recruitment

    We are looking for dedicated crafters for the next Update. Crafts for you and your stands. In a cozy community without pressure and stress. PvP players are welcome, especially as a resource collector. You can chop as many opponents as you want. Mainfocus is and remains crafting and trading. A crafting guild with organization and system, where your needs will be fullfilled. Specialize in certain professions and get access to a network of crafters who all support each other. Craft your stuff craft your way to fame and fortune. The main server is US. However, trading takes place on both EU and US servers. There will be a guild kingdom. It also depends on what the next update brings with changes, so we will adjust accordingly. For more information on this or if you are interested, log on to the Discordserver. What we expect from you: A good cooperation between all guild members and other guilds is a basic requirement that we expect from everyone. Take care of your stands and stay professional in what you do. Dont flame other Players, dont troll, no racism. Like any good dealer, you should always be able to respond to your customers. He thinks your prices are bad? Then go up to him and offer him something he can use, make him a better offer, haggle! Be a good trader, be a Questmaker! Questmakers Promo Video Discord (is under construction :))
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    Dev Diary: The Winged Knight

    Sure then lets all leave the game and wait for it to fully launch. Cause if they only want feedback 6 months into making systems then there is no point in having any open development. Just close the curtain tell us "we will get you the game in one year and don't ask anything".But they are trying to please both, they want to be like "we have an open development that you are part of" but also "yea but we also don't want to keep you happy".
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    Dev Diary: The Winged Knight

    You guys you want us to spread good stuff about crowfall to our friends, then do this if anyone asks me how the game is i will tell them "no clue, they haven't talked to us in 6 months they might make a new game in the mean time or pull a pvp toggle so take your guess cause its as good as mine"
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    KDS in Crowfall [EU]

    By Lt. Surelia, The KDS Prophet speaks once more:
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    [-V-] Vanguard | [EU]

    When @Gastro finds a golden apple to claim a keep!
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    Blair version
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    Everybody knows that JTC is a Fae.
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    Every time they don't wipe passive training, or speed it up is a time they aren't getting feedback about the impact of passive training rates, unlock order, and a derth of other features. Remember when we had to skill up in to learning new recipies? That model was abandoned in direct response to a passive skill wipe revealing a critical weakness in the early leg of the skill system. They've revamped the system and we are nearing a base feature complete alpha. The time to kick the can down the road in terms of skill training evaluation is over. We need a full reset with release scale training in order to determine if having no skills and training them at release rates is actually fun or if it needs to be modified. I don't like getting skill reset either but we've been mentally blocking out balancing these issues for a long time and we can't do it forever. if 1x is too slow for we bittervets, its also too slow for a new player and it needs to be adjusted. Setting that training rate and assigning the order of those trains to make that curve something that doesn't feel like a huge barrier to play is important and essential to the NPE.
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    [-V-] Vanguard | [EU]

    We have a guild website! We have just finished making our new guild website: https://vanguardcrowfall.com/ The website includes: - Information about our guild and how to apply. - A video library of all our videos. - A guides & tutorials page (which will be filled up when 5.110 hits) - Streams page, with link to all the vanguard players that stream. - A tool page, which includes all the tools we develop. - A services page, which displays the services we provide to the community. - A resources page which includes game info, good to know stuff about Crowfall, such as an updated discipline library, and a list of all the obtainable trial badges. If you encounter any errors please message me And enjoy!
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