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    ACE's August QA communication failure

    Ordinarily, when I see a thread that has a title and first post this one does, I won't dignify the nastiness with a response. Being rude and accusatory simply isn't polite and doesn't inspire me to engage; however, since it has been some time since I posted, I'll overlook that silliness and reply. ACE Q&A live streams and video: We have been looking for a new video producer/media content creator since the last one departed a couple of months ago. Susi, one of our software engineers, has experience doing occasional Twitch streams on her own channel (https://www.twitch.tv/susifaye), so she was kind enough to help with the last stream. Emely, our social media manager, has been doing video capture sessions for us, and also helps with live streams. DebySue (aka "CC", VP of Marketing) wants to wait until the new media content creator is on board so that the video of the August live stream will be top-notch. (We have the file saved, just waiting for that perfect someone to join the team.) We have a tentative date penciled in for the next live stream and will announce when we can fully commit to the date and time. War Stories: These are on hold while the War Stories page redesign is underway. I'm hoping that will be completed in a few weeks. News: When we have had something newsworthy, it's shared with a media outlet in order to raise awareness about the game. The team is cranking out design documents that are undergoing internal review and the roadmap is getting tightened up; neither of these are in a place where we are ready to share them publicly. All of that said, we are finalizing a schedule for news articles and blogs that you'll begin seeing soon.
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    feedbacks and opinions

    A few days ago the infected was set up on crowfall and I wanted to share with you my feelings since this launch and on the game currently. It's sure that I will push open doors and repeat things already said, but sting of wakeup call is always good! I know that the game is in development and that things will evolve but I give my player's opinion because crowfall looks more and more like a real game and lots of new players arrive and give up too quickly sometimes. In my opinion the first thing to do for the game got meaning, is to balance access to resources. Currently too many high-level resources are reachable. Indeed the god's reach should not have ranks as high, for the war tribes and for harvesting resources. A player who starts crowfall must start with the god's reach to learn the mechanics of the game but very soon he should be confronted with the infected. Indeed have a zone without pvp with as much benefits that the current god's reach is totally the opposite of the basic idea of the game (or at least what I understood). We could imagine that the god's reach offers resources up to rank 4 for example to access the lvl 15 and then, we would naturally go into the infected to continue the progression, but finally having the pvp aspect. Infected it could go to the 7th rank for example and the higher ranks would be reserved for campaigns. Restore meaning to the risk / reward choice is for me an important thing for the future. Then, after several years of testing and several reset we notice the same thing every time the passive skills have not been reset since a long time, new players have the impression of being faced with an impassable wall (which is not entirely true or totally false). The passive progression should be much more horizontal than it's now. The latest levels of harvest are a good example of what should be made for passive skils, a star-shaped tree. Like that a new players can "quickly" be good in ONE branch of the tree but will time to be good in ALL. This would allow new players to feel quickly useful (within a guild or not) and thus to have fun and the desire to play. So I think a restructuring of the "form" of progression would be important and really beneficial to CF. By doing this kind of progression, we can imagine a new player choose runemaker job and be an axe specialist then pick specialist etc... This would also allow the dev to "add" branches easily when the game will have several years operating. For the economy, I think we should remove the vendors from the temple and leave them only in freecity to give life to this area that could allow rp for those who likes and boost the trade of more players. Even if I admit that the top would have been an access to EK directly since the GR in order to give meaning to the ek but it may be difficult technically. Moreover vendor's location can become reward from campaign like that war will have sense and alliance between guild in a faction can be a negotiation for bigger guild which give 1 or 2 location to smaller guild for their help. For new players also a recurring problem is felt, a feeling of being lost when you start the game. I think a "tutorial quest" would be welcome to guide the players in their first steps and teach them the different aspects of the game. An example that marked me is a player who discovered that you could sacrifice after 3 days of play! The starting area of the god's reach would be perfect for that. We could even start the game in crows to understand a little better the lore of the game (I dream a little there). I think it should be the only quest in this game to understand who you are (ig) and how to play. You can tell me we already have the little bubble info but they are so fast that new player forget and dont take time to read it . Finally I will finish there because it is already long all that poorly made socks, in terms of fighting, the possibilities of having an impact when you're outnumbered are too low, indeed the lack of aoe (or their effectiveness) doesn't allow a small group to worry or kill a larger group unless it makes big errors. Even if @Belantis made a great post of the different strategies u can use, when u see big fights on the videos or stream u see ppl turning around and some fights become boring cause of that. (it's just an opinion and i can understand ppl dont feel like me on this point) thank you if u have read everything!
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    ACE's August QA communication failure

    @Pann the reason you are seeing more and more desperate posts from some of Crowfall’s Biggest Supporters is when you don’t respond- Our minds begin to wonder if there is a future at all for the game. I could care less about videos and news with high production values — just forum posts about the state of the game are enough to help us keep the faith.
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    Personally I would say a big no to building it out in the "training required" direction. There is more than enough for the dedicated crafter types to do already, with more still to come in the form of stone masonry etc when EK buildings are worth putting in the effort to build. Ya'll just had to cut swaths out of the early crafting loop to get new players to "minimally viable", so I would hate to see things added that make it harder to achieve that in the form of essentially required food buffs. If they are not interesting, important or essential enough to be expected or required, then they are not going to interesting or important enough to put valuable passive training time into except as a dump value a few years into training. I also think food and the skill-less to gather collectibles are a great way to introduce players to the crafting system, without gating yet another thing behind passive training. But that's just my opinion
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    Congratulations. Two bad ideas in one post.
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    Oh and btw did you forget that the qna live is in the 2nd week of the month?
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    ACE's August QA communication failure

    @Tinnis giving constructive criticism that most of the community agrees with shouldn’t be viewed as silly or nasty. I don’t know how he could have said that in a more professional manner and still managed to capture the passion and outrage that most of the community feels.
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    Geography and history

    I have some questions, it would be cool if someone from the staff could answer as well. Unfortunately the only StaffMember I know the name of is @Pann, may the Gods watch over her. We currently have a few hints from the lore on what is the name people use to refer to the world, you see: In The Elder Scrolls the Mortal Plane is called Mundus, the planet is called Nirn, The Planets surrounding Nirn also have names, Nirn has continents, provinces, cities, regions, history. In Crowfall all I saw was that the serpents are now the moon and sun with their respective names and that the ´´Islands`` of land sometimes will have names as well, but the whole world is broken into pieces? Could someone clarify that please? What is the world's name? Do different races call them by different names, as Sons of Arkon call Stoneborn ´´Dwarves`` and elder races call them ´´Stoneborn``, that also goes to countries, regions, languages... what is the name of the common language? That concept will appear someday in the lore? How is the current status of the old countries before the hunger took over? Any information is welcome, even if it is ´´We have no idea what we will do about this right now``. The Lore Dwarf is waiting:
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    ACE's August QA communication failure

    The really sad part is there has been multiple threads pointing this out, the community is shrinking, the servers are relatively empty and I haven't seen actual dev interaction on even one of them. Which means they either aren't even reading the forums anymore or just don't care. I would like to believe they are so busy building the Dregs that they don't have time for updates or the forums.. Because the dregs is the game the community wanted and the faction war has pretty much failed. It would be awesome if it were true....
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    Long term, after more pressing things are behind you, I'd love to see cooking become its own profession. Now that the recipes are tied to the stations rather than passive skills, the concern that everyone should be able to cook is behind us. That doesn't necessarily mean that some can't cook better than others. Better ingredients, better preparation, better food :Yum:
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    All out WAR

    The story of the 3 way fight through the eyes of our beloved Sgt. Aurellius. /enjoy
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    opinion et feedback

    voilà je viens de faire un post sur des suggestions et mon ressenti actuel ici : si jamais vous êtes anglophobes ou si ma traduction anglaise est à chier (c possible), voilà une version fr. N'hésitez pas à commenter dessus en fr ou en ! Voilà quelques jours que the infected a été mis en place sur crowfall et je voulais partagar avec vous mon ressenti après ce lancement. Il est sur que je vais enfoncer quelques portes ouvertes et rappeler des choses deja dites, mais des piqures de rappel ca fait toujours du bien ! Je sais que le jeu est en développement et que les choses vont évoluer mais je donne là un avis de joueur car crowfall ressemble de plus en plus à un vrai jeu et bcp de nouveaux joueurs arrivent en abandonnant trop vite desfois. Pour moi la première chose à faire pour que le jeu est du sens c'est d'équilibré l'accès aux ressources. Actuellement trop de ressources à haut niveau sont accessibles. En effet le god's reach ne devrait pas avoir des ranks aussi haut, autant pour les war tribes que pour les ressources de collectes. Un joueur qui débute crowfall doit commencer par le god's reach pour apprendre les mécaniques du jeu mais tres vite il devrait être confronté à l'infected en effet avoir une zone sans pvp avec autant d'avantages que le god's reach actuel c'est totalement à l'opposé de l'idée de base du jeu.(ou du moins ce que j'en avais compris) On pourrait imaginer que le god's reach offre des ressources jusqu'au rang 4 par exemple permettant d'accéder au lvl 15 et ensuite on irait naturellement dans l'infected pour continuer à progresser, mais en ayant enfin l'aspect pvp. L'infected lui pourrait aller jusqu'au rang 7 par exemple et les rangs supérieurs seraient réservés aux campagnes. Redonner du sens au choix risque/récompense est je pense une chose importante pour l'avenir. Ensuite, après plusieurs années de test et plusieurs reset on remarque la même chose à chaque fois que les passifs n'ont pas été reset depuis longtemps, les nouveaux joueurs ont l'impression d'être face à un mur infranchissable (ce qui n'est pas tout à fait vrai ni tout à fait faux). La progression passive devrait être bcp plus horizontal qu'elle ne l'est maintenant. Les derniers paliers de récoltes sont un bon exemple de ce qui devrait à mon avis être fait pour les passifs, un arbre en forme d'étoile comme ca un nouveaux joueurs peut "rapidement" être bon dans UN domaine mais mettra du temps à être bon dans TOUS . Cela permettrait je pense au nouveaux joueurs de se sentir rapidement utile (au sein d'une guilde ou non ) et donc d'avoir du fun et l'envie de jouer et de persévérer dans le jeu . Je pense donc qu'une restructuration de la "forme" de progression serait importante et vraiment bénéfique pour CF. En faisant ce genre de progression, on peut imaginer un nouveau joueur qui choisis de faire des outils en commencant par être expert en hache puis en pioche etc... Cela permettrait aussi aux dev de "rajouter" des branches facilement lorsque le jeu aura plusieurs années d'exploitation. Pour l'économie, je pense qu'il faudrait retirer les vendeurs du temple pour ne les laisser que dans la freecity afin de donner de la vie à cette zone qui pourrait permettre du rp pour ceux qui aime et de dynamiser le commerce de plus de joueurs. Même si j'avoue que le top aurait été un accès au EK directement depuis le GR afin de redonner un sens au ek mais c peut-être difficile techniquement. De plus les emplacements de vendeurs pourraient être des récompenses de campagne redonnant du sens à la guerre entre les factions et aux alliances à l'intérieur d'une faction.Une grosse guilde pourrait vendre/donner un emplacement à une plus petite guilde contre leur aide. Pour les nouveaux joueurs également un problème récurent se fait sentir, une sensation d'être perdu quand on commence le jeu. Je pense qu'une "quête tuto" serait bienvenue afin de guider les joueurs dans leurs premiers pas et leur apprendre les differents aspect du jeu. Un exemple qui m'a marqué c'est un joueur qui a découvert qu'on pouvait sacrifier après 3 jours de jeu ! La zone de départ du god's reach serait parfaite pour cela. On pourrait même débuter le jeu en corbeaux pour comprendre un peu mieux le lore du jeu (je rêves un peu là ). Je pense que cela devrait être la seule quête du jeu pour comprendre qui est notre personnage et comment on joue. Je sais qu'il y a les "info-bulle" mais celles-ci sont trop petites et disparaissent trop vite du coup bcp de gens les zappent ou les oublient. Enfin je finirais là dessus pour pas trop m'éparpiller, au niveau des combats, les possibilités d'avoir un impact lors de sous nombre sont trop faible, en effet le manque d'aoe (ou de leur efficacité) ne permet pas à un petit groupe d'inquiéter ou de tuer un groupe plus grand à moins que celui ci ne fasse de grosses erreurs.Même si @Belantis a publié un excellent post des différentes stratégies que vous pouvez utiliser, lorsque vous voyez de gros combats sur les vidéos ou que vous regardez en streaming, vous voyez des gens se tourner autour et certains combats en deviennent ennuyeux. (c'est juste un avis et je peux comprendre que les gens ne se sentent pas comme moi sur ce point).
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    ACE's August QA communication failure

    To busy playing wow classic like everyone else? game has lost a lot of players recently, EU servers are mainly a ghost town atm and it will probably get worse at the end of the month when Archeage Unchained releases which might attract some CF players, i'm certainly gonna give it a bash.
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    5.100 LIVE Bug Reports for 9/4/2019

    The Trial of Gaea gold badge has in its tooltip +500% harvesting efficiency, i do get 50% as it is the cap yet i am not sure either of those two numbers is intended.
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    Interested in Business

    Hello all, can call me Peaky or Old Boy Joe. Friend got me interested into the game more for the economy and gathering side. Kind of a mercenary player I guess one would call me so I am here looking for what work I can get and sell to all what I can. Anyone can hit me up at the PeakyMurders Discord discord.gg/st8fQPc for talks anytime as well as business inquiries. Have some harvesters that can grab more loot for anyone who pays them in some fashion or for fodder in a fight if you please. They find fights, no matter the outcome, enjoyable so one can do with them as they wish. Catch ya on the other side.
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    Winter draws close… And the fort fights are becoming a lot more frequent. Nordic Marauders and Caldera, small randoms from the Europe Region make up the bulk of the fights and engagements. At Blacksilks Fort and The Salty Maid, the most numerous fights took place, so as a day in fall comes to a close… The Salty Maid Blacksilks Fort Personally I changed to a Ranger for these fights, just to something different. So it's a different view from the Assassin I usually play. Caldera is still recruiting and looking for members, so take a look at who we are, and if joining our ranks could be something which could seem of interest. Read More! or Join our Discord and ask questions #WarStories #CrowfallGame #Caldera #Ranger
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    well played. nice fights
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    Trial of Yaga - 3 Faction Fort Fight

    yea. none of the 'killers' in KDS has touched Crowfall for more then a day or two, except Byro. The game is not there yet. With actual bank access changes and skill passive wipe I'm pretty sure many 'killers' will start to show up.
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    [NA][ORDER] - ELDRITCH | is now recruiting!

    Welcome to our new members. Player 3 is about to enter the campaign. Go Order.
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    Geography and history

    I can expand a bit on what Jackalbark said. When I first came to ArtCraft, I asked Todd what the world should be called. As you mentioned, most MMOs do have a name for the game universe. (For EVE, it's New Eden, UO was Sosaria, WoW is Azeroth, etc.) Todd gave me an answer, but that name hasn't stuck so we never use it. Since then, there have been a couple of others that haven't stuck. I had a quick chat with him this morning to ask for an update. He said he thinks about it from time to time, but is still coming up blank. I imagine this is one of those things where he'll suddenly have a Eureka! moment that will hit him out of the blue, as often happens with creative geniuses. Wouldn't hurt to bring this up again in a few months to see if he's had an epiphany.
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    Force Mages Reactive Barrier Passive has a weird interaction with duelist Redirect pain. Whenever i activate redirect pain and i already have the small barrier from reactive barrier it consumes all my pips but doesnt give me the extra barrier OR the retribution from redirect pain. If i activate Redirect Pain first it works fine and the Reactive barrier will add onto it, but if i dont activate redirect pain first i just lose it. This kinda sucks because it literally stops me from useing redirect pain in tense combat situations cause ill most likely have the 100 barrier from reactive Barrier (Especially when using rapid fire), so i either have to make do without a primary skill of mine (Of which my slayer capstone does have interactions with) or i have to stop attacking untill i lose the barrier or it wears out. Cause losing 5 Pips and 10 stacks of Lucky on a redirect pain that does nothing is hella painful.
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    Battle royo! le retour

    Merci Prom et merci d'avoir fait l'effort d'écrire en français! 👍
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    Battle royo! le retour

    Bone chance! Avoir la communite france activ, encore un fois, c'era un plus tres important pour toute la communite european en Crowfall! Si vous voulez organise eveniments ensemble avec KDS, dans le future, nous seron honoree. /salute P.S. Ma francais c'est pas la meiulleure parce q'il me manque l'exercise
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    Great cosmetic way to monetize?

    Not that I think the VIP model was ever Pay to Win, but if it was P2W at all it was only P2W sooner. In any case, Ace dropped the second training track from VIP back in Nov of 18.
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    5.100 LIVE Feedback for 9/4/2019

    Heart and Lung drop rates for Necromancy still feels low. It would be sweet if they could be added to guards loot table or the dial be turned up from current sources. Thanks!
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    I played 15min, one dash spells send me below the city (in Assassin) and FPS drop down.
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    ACE's August QA communication failure

    Hell I can't even think of a snide remark. No wait I got a couple. but damn took me much longer than normal. I am more excited to hear about and pay and play a release of a 15 year old rehash than Crowfall. I am even more excited to pay and play a rehash of a 5 year old game as well, that I had to quit originally because it turned into a pay to win nightmare, than to listen to more crickets about Crowfall. They are not dropping the ball, the ball got dropped about 21ish months ago. They dribbled it a bit, and now it sits in a forgotten corner, as they try and think up something to explain why they have turned into just another Meh MMO company. They have burned through any hope, hype, or faith I had, and I was a skeptical/grumpy bastard from the beginning. Now I am just waiting for the bad news, and the rest of the disappointment to come home to roost, so to speak, in the crows nest.
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    ACE's August QA communication failure

    I can't imagine what sort of "lot of marketing" they will do. They would still be promoting a pre-alpha (maybe alpha) with unknown development still to come and many issues that will keep players away just as they are now. Maybe it was you but I read someone else mention that ACE is saving up for the next update. I don't get who they are saving it up for? The people that care are asking for them to communicate and those checking in once a while and maybe not ignoring email updates aren't likely to care if it is a big update or not. Faction based PVP or any feature working in another game has no value here. DAoC faction play which basically started RvR doesn't work the same for example. I can't foresee any reward making the current experience worth it for me (ignoring future development). To get a higher population the experience needs to be something that more people want. Even within this small community I see many say they are waiting for the Dregs to even log in. ACE's version of faction gameplay is a watered down version of Shadowbane with neither bringing anything new/better that others haven't already done and likely more successfully. Not sure I've ever been part of an EA/Alpha/Beta or launched product that suffered from too large a community.
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    Hello All so this is my first impression feedback on some things t hat stuck out for me. Context: I backed the game some weeks ago, and only played a couple of days...lost interest after 2-3 days. 1 - Overall graphics music and feel. It is good I like it. I am not sure how these graphics will handle hundreds of people fighting out as it looks quite high poly to me but I am assuming it is way too early and that there is really not much polish and performance optimizations in at this time this being alpha and all. Overall character graphics look good lanscapes feel nice too. I like the Eternal Kingdom Graphics as well. 2- Combat system and UI, not fond of it at all. I find it not fluid not intuitive enough with the need to switch to combat which slows you down get out of combat to run faster, get in combat to use one tool/item get out of combat to use another tool/item. The tray changing drives me crasy too. At first I thought it would be a bit like SWG, where we could free the mouse and interact with environment but it is not like that either. The inventory opening up and changing the mechanics of the UI all of the sudden pausing everything is very immersion breaking and become tiresome over time. Needs allot of work.. 3 - Timed Skills. I am very conflicted here. Initial Impression: In the beginning only. it kinda felt nice and fun because things went relatively fast. And I did not feel the need to be in game in order to advance skills or have to specifically spend much time crafting in front of a station to raise skills repeating the same over and over. I could just do whatever and the skill would raise. After a while: As skills progressed beyond the first level, things got very very very slow... then I found myself playing some other game and waiting on these skills to raise logging on every 3-5 days to assign points skills and logging out. Conclusion: I do not like it and it is not appealing approach at this time and as is.Maybe if it was faster it could work better. Like first level should take 2-3 days max to complete, second level a week, third level a couple of weeks and any level beyond another couple of weeks max to get the points. I did not like that we can only train 2 skills and there are 3 areas either. It is the reason why I stay loged out. Raising Crafting and exploration first then will raise combat..and then log in to play...when these are completed...by that time if interest to play this game even exists even. It feels very very unnatural to me to be wanting to do something and not being able to do it because some arbitrary timer says not enough time has passed for me to be able to do it. At least in a game where the player raises their skills manually can do something towards getting where they want..here you are powerless. And do not expect me to start paying cash to buy stuff to make points go faster or being able to train more skills etc either. That to me stinks money grab and p2w schemes. I would rather pay a stable monthly subscription that gives me access to all of the game and all its features at will no hassle no headache just fun. More to come later, I am waiting to complete some skills first...and I will play more later...just hope there won;t be a wipe till then..*sigh* Lets see what we shall see..but I did hate this type of skill system in EVE...
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    5.100 LIVE Feedback for 9/4/2019

    I have a bunch of random feedback from a solid chunk of recent play. I don't doubt you've heard some of this before. ------------------------- Minor disciplines seem like a big weak area in making a build. I have a few suggestions on potential options to improve the system (which may or may not be mutually exclusive): 1) Make combat-oriented minor disciplines less dependent on passive/active skill slots, which are also used by major disciplines. 2) If the intention is to encourage non-combat-oriented minor disciplines such as The Reaper, there should be a greater variety of such options. 3) Many of the minor disciplines themselves seem strange. There are an awful lot of thorn-related and song-related minor disciplines, but nothing for some very universal things like movement speed, or stamina, or dodging. It's like a mix of really ultra-specific stuff alongside really generic combat stuff, but neither is a complete set. Pick one (preferably the generic/universal disciplines), and then give us the rest of the pieces so that we can really build with them. I think ultimately my suggestion boils down to a) more better minor discipline options, and b) untying them from Major Disciplines (via the passive and/or active slots) ------------------ Additional account vault sorting/filtering categories would be useful - ex. by components, runes, building type, etc. When in a non-embargoed situation, I found it mildly annoying to open my bank, scroll down to my stack of gold, withdraw it, close the bank, complete my purchase, reopen the bank, and re-deposit my money. Same with essence. Many games use a virtual wallet for such currencies, and I'd be in favor of this convenience. Ability to view and/or rummage around in my inventory while running would be nice. Rifling through a bag while walking is not hard. If I want to apply a bandage or something, yeah, I should have to be still, but simply moving shouldn't close my inventory. There's inevitably a decent amount of walking in open world pvp games, so the more we can get done while in transit, the better. The music is nice, and the ambient sounds are great in peaceful times (+10 for the whipporwill). The intense music seems to come on at the wrong or random times occasionally though. I was putzing around in town doing merch and crafting stuff to some very intense fight music for what seemed like an hour (probably actually 5-10 minutes). It was strange. I think it had somehow followed me from a previous encounter without resetting properly. It's otherwise been really good. Getting shot by lots of arrows is really cool to hear. ------------------------ EK stuff: I was able to place some walls (especially 3x1) at the limit of their height above the surface. However, applying attachables like stalls or even windows failed. If I can build the wall there, I should be able to apply any facade I'd like, as well. The ability to make right-angling staircases/ramps without using extra towers/walls would be very useful. Standing banners? I couldn't find anywhere to place these. Castle ladder seems bugged - I want to get to that platform very high up that one tower, and it seems like the ladder would be the way to get there. I suspect you can get incredible views from up there. A nice-to-have addition would be the ability to designate individual parcels as PvP or non-pvp. I want my kingdom to be a place my friends can use for fighting, but maybe not exclusively for that.
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    This is a problem resulting from ACE changing core design and adding RNG gear drops better then low/mid level crafting at a late stage to address issues with folks unable to gear up decently in order to be viable in pvp. Vicious circle of ACE changing core design then reacting to negative results with more changes this past year or so now. Wild ride, but the ending is disappointing.
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    I'm also going to drop a few links here for you if you want a bit more in-depth info on Cooking and Alchemy. https://crowfall.com/en-US/news/articles/cooking-with-valkro/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_xzOjCslFrU
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    Their feedback is still valuable even if you dont agree with it. Yes Order has a population issue but if it wasnt for my clan also going at it alone in Order they wouldn't have upgraded gear period. The biggest thing I've seen so far is that there is no reason to craft white , green or blue quality gear that isnt from a maxed vessel. You're better off going mob drop at that point. Front loading the passive skill training a bit more could help in that area . So this was from the first campaign since the inventory wipe & vessel wipe. The top 2 swords are mob dropped . The bottom sword is a player crafted max blacksmith white vessel with no bonus from the keep , crafting armor or jewelry . We rolled that one as all stats to see if we could get the crit healing up and to see where we could get the support power up to in comparison to the mob drops. So when rolling these as a max white you'll get 1 stat to max if you're lucky. Why bother with whites or greens when crafting? Blues wouldn't be much better just a little bit easier due to the higher quality. Player crafted green & whites need a boost over mob drop. The extra durability is meaningless when this stuff drops like mad. Currently there is no place for a new blacksmith & a max blacksmith is just going to gear himself up properly & not waste time in this tier.
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    Reading over this thread, though If certainly missed some I'd like to approach a point made by @APE in a slightly different fashion. You are experiencing not simply a problem but problems, which are the effects, not the causes. So what Ace needs as far as information is causes, because they cannot control effects directly, only causes. Take your example where you are dieing super fast and someone else is living for quite a long time. Saying this is simply gear, stats, and passive training is a unidimensional analysis. I find it doubtful you were playing mirrored setups just different qualities, I'm talking same race/class/promo/disc. Some of the setups you can get in the game will give you enough invulnerable/barrier/heal up time that you in 10 seconds may have only had in effect that 3 second window to do damage. Then you have classes like rangers that are just broken currently and they scale very improperly with their gear. My point being that breaking down all the minutia in an experience you have offers the best chance for ACE to identify what small pieces they need to tweak for the top end of the system to function. Generalized top down solutions to problems are hard work, a gamble; most of the time if you didn't formulate your problems correctly, which is not a simple thing, you won't even solve your problem this way. You can also be sure you created a myriad of new ones. I don't believe we are at the point of testing where balancing all these things should take priority. It makes it significantly less rewarding to play the game right now, adding in frostweaver wont make my experience better than a good round of balance changes. However if you get the game balanced now, then start adding many more core or even periphery elements you are forced to double back and rebalance again. In an MMO balance is forever a challenge, a limit if you will, that is never achieved but approached. In regards to passive training, I agree it is problematic in that it incentivizes a player to leave for a week or month and come back when they can "do more". It has the virtue though of equally rewarding people who no life the game to those who more casually play. I can't be alone in playing an MMO and stressing every moment I'm not on working on my progression I am falling behind. When we get proper balance and catch up mechanics, I do think the system will function beautifully .
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    ACE's August QA communication failure

    When u say nothing, it's sometimes cause u had noting to say... And currently if they have nothing to say we can be worried... I hope news and discussions with community will come back fast !
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    Paladin (healing) Templar

    Paladins are the a class that can deal twice as much Points/Minute - HPS+DPS then any other AoE contender that are limited to mostly DPS or mostly healing. In the combat log parser a paladin can deal 160.000-180.000 Total Damage+Total Healing in a fight while the next is probably a Cleric, Confessor and Myrmidon but they stop at about 80.000-100.000 Total Damage+Total Healing. It's not a solo play class - that's for sure - but in a proper group is the foundation. Feel free to explore and build it but don't complain about it
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    Bride Of Valkyn

    REALMS BEYOND Hansa opened the shutters. Not because he expected to see anything different. He just had to do something to keep from going mad. The young man peered through the enormous window that covered the entire wall. Vast fields of numberless stars, bright and cold, passed in procession. What time was it? Morning? Night? He rubbed his forehead. It was all still a blank. The last thing he remembered was following the pale woman past the Obelisk and up the hill. Then a strange weariness came over him. He awoke here. Wherever here was. Hansa closed the shutters. He looked about his surroundings for the thousandth time, hoping he’d spot something different. A clue. His room was spare but comfortable. A bed, a table and chairs, a fireplace. It had an eerie unnatural feel though. Everything was made of black glass. And it was very quiet - except for a distant, thrumming sound. At least he wasn’t alone. The first time he met Them, he’d almost fallen over from shock. He’d heard a scratching at the door. When he opened it, an enormous cat stood there on its hind legs, as tall as a man and with emerald eyes. The creature was holding a tray of food and drink. The cat padded silently into the room and laid the tray on the table. He’d tried speaking to it, but the cat ignored him and left. The cat came and went many times after that, bringing food and cleaning up. He dared once to touch its shoulder but retreated when the cat laid its ears back and hissed. He’d peered outside the door before it closed. Two other cats were standing in the hallway, one on either side, as if they were guards. Was he in a prison? And what was happening back at The Arch? Had Lady Olenya missed him? Were they searching for him? Hansa had never felt so helpless. Suddenly the door creaked open. A visitor! He shook himself and rushed over. A bearded man, reddish hair flecked with grey, stood there. Older and taller than Hansa, he wore antique-looking armor, battered but finely made. The style seemed familiar, but Hansa could not quite place it. The bearded man strode past him into the room. Befuddled, after a moment Hansa followed. The man reached the center of the room and stood there silently, his eyes squinting as he searched his surroundings. “Who are you?" asked Hansa, striving to be polite. “A foolish question,” the bearded man grunted. "I am a traveler, as you are." “What does that mean? Where are we traveling?” The man peered at him. “Ah! I see it in your eyes. It is as I feared.” “I don’t understand. See what?" “The favor of Our Lady. A treasure men would kill to possess. Pure, but fickle as the wind.” Hansa felt a chill of recognition. Now he knew where he’d seen that armor before. In an ancient, faded tapestry that hung above the main hall of The Pinnacle. “By the Gods – you’re Almuir.” The bearded man straightened. “Why do call me that?” “I’ve seen you on a tapestry at your family castle in The Arch. At least it was your castle back then.” The bearded man passed a hand over his eyes. “I was caretaker for the Obelisk,” continued Hansa. “The one they put up where you’d disappeared - after you’d spoken with the Goddess Illara.” At the mention of the name, the bearded man's face turned purple with anger. “You dare speak of my beloved?” he shouted. “You have sealed your fate!” The man drew a dagger from his belt. “Huh? Wait…no!” cried Hansa. Hansa yelped as the bearded man drove the blade deep into his chest. He fell, vision blurring…and then suddenly he was somewhere else. He floated weightless amidst endless fields of stars. A circle of light beckoned in the distance, hanging like an ornament in the void. The circle grew larger. Whether it was coming towards him or he towards it, he could not tell. As he drew nearer, the circle resolved into a great hall hung with gold and silver lamps. The hall was filled with a multitude of fantastical beings. Men with the heads of goats. Winged horses. Many-legged serpents. Seated before them on a great throne was the pale woman he had seen at the Obelisk. Although her eyes were covered, she rose and turned towards him in that moment. She gestured to the beast creatures as if to bid them wait. Hansa felt a tingling, like fingers probing inside his head. It was terrifying but didn’t hurt. A vision appeared in his mind. A beautiful dark-haired young woman, very short, with blue eyes, stood at the edge of a cliff. A great shadow loomed over her. As darkness engulfed the girl, she transformed into a being of pure flame. But the darkness was stronger, and the girl’s light went out. The image vanished. The pale woman made another gesture. A swirling portal appeared. Hansa was launched at great speed. Before he could register a thought, he felt his body slam into what felt like wet grass. He rolled over. Taking a deep breath, he waited for his eyes to focus. Above him was grey sky. Beneath him, mud. From the corner of his eye he could see the Obelisk, rising through the mist. The Arch. He was back. He felt his chest. No wound. No pain. Hansa struggled to his feet. Suddenly, he shivered as a cold wind struck him. He looked to the east. His jaw dropped. Rising above the Grimward, where once had been pure blue sky, were now piled banks of greenish-black clouds, rising as high as the eye could see. It was all too much for Hansa. He ran. In a few moments, he was at his nearby cabin. Fighting back panic, he slammed the door behind him and stood panting until his mind cleared. He had to find Lady Olenya.
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    Just 9 … The EU campaign has been going for nearly a week and the factions and new alliances. Balance and Chaos, have setup fights on the road between the Magga's Fort and the Chaos keep. Order decides to in their confusion, backdoor and steal the fort. Knowing full well that both faction will respond to this. The setup The aftermath #CrowfallGame #Warstories #Caldera
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    Crafting help required

    1. You can harvest very well with a full combat character, depending on training and gear. Skill training is account based, so all of your characters will benefit from it, and you can train in both combat and harvesting. Disciplines are divided into majors (combat and crafting), exploration (harvesting) and minors (combat and crafting). There's 1 harvesting minor, but you don't need it depending on the exploration discs you have. Harvesting is also affected by the seasons. In spring and summer, players get a buff that helps to get more/better resources. In fall and winter, it's a debuff, so without some combination of skills, disciplines, potions and food buffs, you will have a hard time. The God's Reach worlds are eternal spring, so you get the max buff in those worlds all the time. The campaign worlds are currently in summer and have about 10 days left. You can also improve your harvesting via armor and jewelry. Harvesting stats can be added to combat stats on armor, so you don't lose any combat effectiveness there. With jewelry, you have to choose between combat and harvesting (and crafting) stats, but that's something you can swap as needed. 2. You can go that way. It's up to you. All characters have the base combat ability for their class. It mostly comes down to your discipline and gear choices. I run around solo all the time on characters that have little to no combat training and I do okay. Often avoiding a fight is just a matter of playing a stealth class and keeping your eyes open. Again, it's important to remember that skill training is account wide, so if you want to do crafting, harvesting and combat all on the same account, you won't be able to train them all at the same time. You can do them all, but you won't have the training to make you better at all of them. You also can't double up on your training. By that I mean, you can't train both blacksmithing and leatherworking at the same time, for example. You have to choose 2 out of combat, crafting and exploration. Many people play multiple accounts and have one for combat/harvesting and others for crafting/harvesting. 3. As I said, you have to choose 2 of combat, crafting and exploration. You can only train one harvesting tree at a time, but there is some overlap in the earlier trees. For example, if you train the first skill in the Excavation tree, it increases your stats in mining, quarrying and gravedigging. As you get further into the skill trees, they get more specialized. The Ore Specialization tree, for example, only improves your mining. 4. Most stuff in the game can be harvested solo. The only harvested items that require more than 1 person are minerals and gems, which come from stone and ore motherlodes, respectively. They require at least 2 people to harvest. There are other things you will want/need that are drops rather than harvested, but you can usually find someone selling them, or you can kill mobs to try to get them yourself. The tougher mobs have a higher chance of dropping good stuff, as you would expect. 5. Anything with stealth is generally good if you are harvesting alone. You won't escape all the time, but against a single ganker, you'll have success if you are smart about it. 6. You (your account) is an immortal crow. You inhabit bodies (vessels) and play as them. When you create a character, you are given a common quality vessel of whichever race you choose, and you select which class you want to play. Better vessels can be crafted by necromancers. When you get/craft a vessel, you use it to create a new, better character. 7. It's an npc. You have to give them gold to keep them running, but they stay up as long as the server is up. Finding open spots to place a vendor can sometimes be a challenge, though. The best spots tend to get filled quickly. 8. Check out the guild recruiting forums. 9. The game has a pretty steep learning curve, and the new player experience still needs some work. Feel free to ask questions in General chat. General is all servers and factions. Faction is only the people in your faction, on the specific server you are currently on. Zone chat is just the specific zone you are in. Open your character sheet (press I) and click on the details button. Familiarize yourself with the various stats used for combat, crafting and harvesting. Understanding how the stats work and how you can raise them will go a long way toward understanding the game.
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    I won't mince words here. Everything you described above is exactly why Crowfall's combat sucks ass right now. The combat went from being something that ranged between average to mediocre pre-disc to what is now something sitting between mediocre and garbage tier. I know major and more comprehensive balance passes will only happen closer to launch, but there's no skill, mechanical input or nuance to CF's combat, only builds and comps and counters and hard counters. The ceiling is just so low, provided both sides have equally decent shot calls and ppl who knows which skills to use and can listen, more often than not the fight is decided before it even starts, by just looking at the comps/builds. I've been saying this for years, but it just falls on deaf ears. And I won't even go into the problematic mess that healing has always been. Unless they completely revamp the balance and purpose of discs, classes and other mechanics CF will just be a spread sheet meta game.
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    While that does work, it also deletes the discipline. I was okay with that, but I'm just letting anyone else who is having this issue know. Also, thank you for the help! = )
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    5.100 LIVE Feedback for 9/4/2019

    Loading screens have been really slow this patch. Server performance greatly reduces whenever a handful if people are putting into the zone. People loading in/out definitely seems to be the worst offender. Fires cause lag spikes when more than 20 people in the same area.
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    No, it shouldn't now, though it use to more than a year ago when melee weapons were stat sticks for rangers. You can test and look at details when in melee vs ranged tray, and check your penetration ratings for the different damage types.
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    The End of Nightcapping--Congrats ACE

    For me it more like the radio is stuck on one station, A/C doesn't work, my seat is stuck too close to the wheel, and I'm missing a few gears when trying to shift. Sure it gets me from A to B, but it isn't my idea of a great experience most the time. Can't see myself playing this come launch unless they deliver all the missing pieces and they actually function properly. Those looking for a bare minimum experience might settle, but I'd rather not try to fool myself.
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    @KatzeWeiss I guess staying constructive was out of the question after a couple hours lol. At no point was I, or am I "salty'. I listed all my concerns with factual backing not emotional accusations. You also fail to realize that at 2 am the fort changed to a different zone......you stayed in Marq with your roaming 7 man capping towers instead of being funneled to the active fort at 2 am, bc I'm sure you all realized as does everyone else no one is going to fight for a fort at the start of a 15 hr window lol Thus FURTHER proving MY point that fort locks aren't funneling people to the forts, and also as an example of how people just hit the current based schedule in the last 10 mins. (Marq was 1-2am est) Thank you again for your in game factual support of my points being addressed. I thank you and welcome your opinions, though would again say, staying away from pointless mudslinging or disregarding someones opinion as "Salt" does not help the game of Crowfall become better.
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    I personally dislike this fort/siege schedule as it only fixed a few minor things like back capping, and created a slew of new headaches. 1 - yes night capping forts is dead.....bc no pvp allowed at 98% of forts lol, theres only one objective fort to fight over for 17 out of 24 hrs of the day.... in 6 zones......really, really, boring and anti sandbox feel going on. This also removes any strategy for map movement or control as you are literally forced and pointed to what you have to fight over or care about. This directly helps the faction with the more active player base as now they know exactly where to stack their troops and what they have to defend. (as admitted by most balance they are having an easier time keeping stuff capped)(reference scoreboard) The 5 man fort group now cant use geography and movement as a weapon to get around numbers, they are forced into non winning fights or, to not pvp and farm n craft to try to eliminate any numbers advantages with gear n vessel upgrades. Also now the “night capping” is just towers and gy’s, it definately still exists, as shown by wb roaming group doing towers last night at 2 am in marq with 7 dudes (not funneled to active fort bc forts are pointless still) This directly ties to why the campaign map is dead, pvp has no purpose for character progression or reward and you can make epics in gods reach and campaign temple and eks, why would any one trying to get geared up risk getting slaughtered when you have designed the game to have more safe havens than pvp locations? No one is on campaign because of this, it is by design advantageous to not pvp or be in pvp locations. 2 - i agree on back capping being dead and this being a good thing, shorter fort timers might make the last ten minute strat be less viable if fort windows were only 30 mins? more people might d up for 25 mins over 55 mins etc. 3 - reduced pvp siege burnout is now replaced with pvp boredom. fort locks and less towers have removed almost all campaign map participation, with a main reason being they are all still absolutely pointless for account/character progression. Why would me and a buddy go try capping towers when we could be farming up gear or vessels for guildmates or factionmates, there is no reward to pvp only risk and detrimental gear hits. The game in current format is minecraft with a 5 hr pvp window. 4 - circle standing time is much improved, good job 5 - Respawn cap points have all the same problems forts n towers do, usually they have no strategic purpose bc, capping alerts enemies to the zone, usually not near a valuable objective, and also again they do nothing for a characters development. gy’s are pointless, besides in siege zones during 10-11 if you dont have a fort. All in all im really surprised how vocal some are in support of these mechanics because it sure seems like its killing the pvp and world persistence. There are far to many hideouts for people to progress outside of pvp, and far to little pvp objectives with meaningful purpose that people care and want to fight for. Fights for just points on the scoreboard hasn’ t worked for 6 months. Make pvp have a purpose towards something and people will pvp, until then, this is what crowfall campaigns will look like.
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    The End of Nightcapping--Congrats ACE

    The question I have is how will this translate to the Dregs? Will "forts" have a specific designation in game and what will that be/how does it work, etc.
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    Nice spin as always Dolmar. Good that you omitted Blazzen is a GL of a Chaos guild. For all the folks concerned re: overnight content. I suggest you run the numbers and put in some time thinking through the changes. All Outposts are now worth the same as all the keeps (due to nerfs to keep values and buffs to outposts). The 3 ppl online at 5am EST can now full cap the 48 Outposts (down from 150) in 30s each (instead of 10 minutes) and have equal influence over the CW as the 100+ ppl that show up for sieges. These values may be too favorable to Outposts, but folks saying they cannot effect the CW result as a 1-2 man crew at any hour of the day are just ignorant of how the scoring works.
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    Btw in case you forgot, you also didn't give us even a war story last week.So you even failed on giving us the fluff news.
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