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    Crowfall Memes + MS Paint Rage Thread

    With the New World PvP announcement I couldn't help myself.
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    Crowfall Memes + MS Paint Rage Thread

    More from @Tinnis
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    Removing the Badge stats when entering BETA.

    Guys we are focusing on the wrong things here. #maxpassivetraining.
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    Soirée Royaume éternel (entrainement pvp)

    Salutà tous! Dans le but d'organiser une soirée d'entrainement pvp sur mon royaume éternel (ek) je vous mets le lien d'un doodle afin qu'on soit le plus nombreux possible! https://cally.com/pbxhdsq467fphtte Cette soirée est destinée à la communauté francophone que vous soyez débutant ou initié n'hésitez pas à venir pour découvrir le pvp de crowfall ou vous entraînez pour devenir le roi du champ de bataille! Petit règlement afin de rendre les choses équilibrées, venir avec un corps de base (vessel blanc) pas de bijou et/ou collier et au niveau du stuff celui que l'on recolte en war tribes ou équivalent.(de toute façon dans la commu fr peu de joueurs ont mieux !) Venez nombreux pour une bonne partie de fun!
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    Zatch - I am sorry.

    I want that apple back, you scumdog!
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    ^This. There are 13 trials. After launch, there's no reason the trials can't be on a permanent loop in 1 or 2 week faction campaigns, allowing anyone to potentially get all of their badges after 3 or 6 months. No P2W, No Alpha perk, all they have to do is play the game. Just like us.
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    If people only read thru threads before posting... Also badges are not p2w. Don’t make up definitions for established terms please and thank you.
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    Crowfall certainly has a higher skill-cap than people are giving it credit for. Sure it's not as high as some other games but there's absolutely a huge divide between a skilled veteran player and your average player. Quite frankly many of the videos you see of Crowfall combat are pretty low end gameplay. Funnily enough even the videos from the best players are going to be considered low end gameplay in the future. A perfect example of this is old WoW PvP videos that people looked to as "peak skill" are hilariously awful nowadays. We haven't even scratched the surface yet. Particularly when it comes to group coordination and synergy.
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    My opinion is that CF is not a twitch-based combat with precise aiming like shooters (or Darkfall for mmos), it does have raycast or cone style aiming and blocking/dodging so that is a different feeling than tab target. GW2 is the closest thing to me, but CF has more of a group focus than GW2. This explains some of what is going on that you don't notice from videos if you aren't experienced with the CF group combat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qqkySy8FMu0
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    The skill ceiling in this game isn't very high, I'd rank it similar to Guild Wars 2 or ESO. There's typically a rotation you'll need to learn, depending on your class, which maximizes your character's contribution to the group. Twitchyness - You have to aim your attacks, many of which will be raycasts. There are plenty of other abilities that are cones or spheres and hit everything within the target area. The game isn't very twitchy and is really more about group battles and cohesion. Timing - When you use your abilities/cooldowns can matter a lot, especially in group fights. Positioning/Awareness - Both melee and ranged characters have to worry about positioning, even though melee fights tend to turn into giant rugby scrums. There are several mechanics that punish stacking up on a target (I'm looking at you druid). Melee need to be able to track their target through the chaos (focus fire wins the day), but also need to think about how they're going to retreat to their healers if they get in trouble. Group Coordination - This is where Crowfall shines. Many guilds take time to design and build cohesive group compositions which best allow them to implement their strategy. The guild/group which is the most cohesive will win, assuming all other factors are equal.
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    I enjoy roleplaying as a lawncare service provider, taking care of the unkempt greenery surrounding the forts and keeps. When you log in and see that grass the same height each day you are witnessing the passion and effort put forth by yours truly (and my trusty John Elkene riding mower). It ain't much but it's honest work.
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    [-V-] Vanguard | [EU]

    2019 was a great year for Vanguard, and we have grown fast! But it's important to look back on where you came from, and where you are now. So we have compiled this timeline, to show how we've grown together. Enjoy the long read! 😂 *And remember to click to zooooooom! Maybe this link is easier readable? https://imgur.com/a/f2fgRqi On this note, we are still preparing for the next big patch, 5.110, and we are still looking for a few more players to fill in the ranks! Specifically 2 support players!
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    Runic Weapons. How to make?

    The runemaker Needs to make the "esoteric runestone" he Needs the "168 steps" book and the leather scroll to use it.
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    Ideas for RP (- guilds)

    (Oh, yeah, and there was this as well....addendum to the Kronos centered idea. It's a bit like "CF lore reimagined - from the point of view of a fanatic Kronos follower". Derp.) ------------------- “When you join our ranks, we will not ask you 'Can you read? Can you add numbers and write a hundred words in mere minutes?' - we will only ask you 'Are you willing to learn? Are you willing to see and to listen, and will you remember?'. For no matter where your story began and your journey started, this is the first step that you must take with us: to learn the traits and knowledge of our work, not only to wield a sword and draw a bow, to forge a dagger and carve a staff – but also to notice the moments when history unfolds, to preserve them through written word and retelling and songs of the bards. But above all, we will tell you about the past, that which began and ended, that which echos can be heard even now, and that which has not yet shown it's true effects. For those who know the past, may know the future, and grow ever nearer to His side.” - Mentor Izahja Lea'nin, Head of the historical Faculty The Creation Different Races may speak of different beginnings, for each have opened their eyes at a different time – but all of us know of The Creation, as the gods tell the story of how our universe was made. Thus is the story of Valkyn, the Allfather, and The Beginning of all life, as written in the chronic of the gods. Before Time began it's journey and Kronos stepped into this realm, Valkyn was the first of the gods who encountered the great Wyrm Etemal. Some sources say Valkyn ambushed the beast without mercy, or maybe there had been a great battle fought valiantly. No one remembers why those two great beings fought, but we know of the outcome – for this is the moment our Universe began. Valkyn won over the beast, and he ripped it in two – forming Yaemir and Lyssa, King & Queen of Wyrms. This first act of murder was, at the same time, the very first act of creation – and many argue that by thus linking those two inseparable, Valkyn doomed this universe on it's very first breath. Or, maybe, it was a curse laid upon him and his kin by Etemal in his dying moment. Fact is, and here all historians agree, that almost all acts of creation from that day on were overshadowed by darker events or laid upon the creator a dreadful price to pay. Nevertheless, ignorant or simply uncaring, Valkyn proceeded to form the two beasts as he willed. And they say he formed them to be the base and backbone of our universe, as he twisted Lyssa to encompass and guide, her breath the eastern wind and the light on her scales the stars to which we look at night. And we know that at this moment He stepped into this realm, Kronos, god of time and brother to Valkyn. And he saw what had been done, and he advised his brother – for Valkyn had created the five heavens and room beneath for hundreds of worlds to spring into existence, but how could he be there and start every single creation, be the point of every beginning for time eternal? And so they consulted, and Yaga, their sister, stepped up to them and counseled them – for every beginning needs an end, and every end will be a new beginning. And Valkyn took Lyssas Unborn and hung it in the sky to be the Moon, and he took Yaemir's fire and hung it in the sky to be the Sun, and then he divided both to form Night and Day, and thus the endlessly flowing river of time was formed – and on clear and cold days, you can see it's waves mirrored in all colors on Lyssas scales, high in the sky. This is the legend, as the gods tell it, of how our universe was created and time began to flow between and around and in everyone and everything. ------------------- PS: The totally meaningless name of that Head of Faculty was totally Kraahks fault. I'm innocent. Really.
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    Ideas for RP (- guilds)

    So, after rummaging through some old stuff on my PC last night, I found a folder of stuff I wrote for the CF guild I was part of. Back then, they were searching for a concept. A lore upon which a guild structure & possible guild RP could be build. So I wrote a few possible ideas, focused on the gods. Of course - I mean, there's not much else you can focus on in Crowfall Lore. Now, seeing as that guild didn't make it, and wont get back to being a Crowfall Guild either, I was thinking....what a shame. That stuff shouldn't just catch dust here, no? So, here you go. If anyone wants to use it, for their guild, or their RP concept, or a story or really whatever - you are very welcome. I'd love to see it living on in some form PS: I know that there's some new info with that lore centered Livestream. I have not updated these concepts since then. So don't come to me throwing owls if something doesn't fit anymore Guardians of Time, Keepers of Memory “The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.” - Leo Tolstoy When given an eternal life, one tends to disregard the passing of time. The coming & going of seasons becomes the never ending circle of life itself, one battle follows another in this great war of the gods. But there are signs, markers, and if you can read them, understand the meaning, then the ever repeating murmur of flowing time will be like a language to you, the voice of our god whispering secrets into your ear. We follow his calling, we witness and record, we stand beside the river that is time – for one day he will speak to us plainly, and we will know the secrets of the broken moon and the steps we must take towards a brighter future. For we are [...] – blessed with immortality, to stand guard eternal until time itself ceases to exist – until we ourselves can see time clearly. This idea focuses heavily on the God of Time, all seeing Kronos. Following the idea that he knows past, present & future and witnessed Geas death, it is highly likely that he also knows the outcome of the war against the other gods and, above all, against the hunger. Combining this with the idea that by studying the past we learn more about what might happen in the future, this concept opens up ways for a religious, scientific & historical/bardic approach – or a mix of all three. Travelers, searching for Home “Not all those who wander are lost.” - J.R.R. Tolkien In a time were gods walk between us, worlds shatter and countless lives are lost each moment, isn't it only reasonable to search for peace, for that place and feeling we call home? For the gods created us, but not in their likeness – we are only pawns in their game of war, doomed to forever fight in battles not of our making. Tell me, why should we labor for beings that never reached us a helping hand, work for a cause determined by someone else? They cursed us with immortality, then gifted us with worlds to call our own like you would throw a bone to your dog. But we are not mindless beasts to do their bidding for eternity. We are proud warriors, architects, artisans & bards, and we follow a dream to one day be free. Until then, let us build a refuge, a place that is truly ours, a place to return to that is home and hearth and peace of mind. For we are [...], not by grace of gods or decree of man, but by choice – and we shall follow our own creed and create our own myths. This idea can either be about rebellion & the search for a true purpose, following Halup as the first Crow or renouncing ties to all gods; or depict indifference, following Illaras example. Depending on the choice of gods, details & thoughts may change, but both concepts focus on the idea of crows building their own community, being independent & a force upon themselves. This opens up ways for a social, EK centered approach while at the same time offering explanations for heavy PvP under every flag – while fighting only for our own. Priests of the holy Trinity “Dance like the Maiden, Laugh like the Mother, Think like the Crone. “- Wiccan Wisdom All worlds must die, all life will end, but were one story finishes, another will begin – for all endings are beginnings, and all beginnings lead to an end. But the hunger halts life before it's time, destroys worlds before the seed for a new on can be laid. So we look to the guidance of the three goddesses that are one, the three faces of life – and we believe that there are still three of them, for the concept of life itself can't be killed, and we can find it in every world, clinging to existence. This is our calling, our creed, to build and nurture, to save and protect, to grant the gift of passing where death is the kinder end. For we have been given the gift of eternal life, and a holy purpose to defend all those who look up to the three goddesses. We are [...], we are the eyes and ears of the three faced goddess, and we are their hands to help up the fallen & keep away evil. This idea focuses on the three goddesses Cybelle – Gea – Yaga, embodiments of the three faced goddess found in many cultures and religions. Believing in all three of them as the combined circle of life enables us to fight in every faction, as each of the three stands for one aspect of life & swore allegiance to one faction. The core idea would be life, in itself, as something to be protected and revered, while at the same time accepting that death & destruction are on part of it. This concept relies on a heavily religious approach, combined with PvP and/ or EK building, this can be measured differently or even change over time. Followers of the All Father “War is what happens when language fails.”- Margaret Artwood When the hunger came, he who we call the All Father, the first God, raised up from the Dragon Throne that is his heirloom and his alone, to battle the Hunger that threatened to destroy all he had created. And he vanished into the heart of the universe, but the Hunger kept growing, and no mortal, god nor immortal crow has ever heard from him since. But he was the first God, the mightiest of them, and still the Dragon Throne stands and the great Wyrms keep our universe centered – so he must still be out there, battling the Hunger whilst his siblings, his children and their creations fight each other in mindless battle to decide who might inherit the Dragon Throne. But he is not gone, for he cannot cease to exist, and the Dragon Throne is only his to sit upon. In his absence the gods should seek consent between themselves and work together to protect his creation – instead they turned to petty squabble like children when the father turns a blind eye. So it falls upon us to counsel wisdom and cohesion, to form alliances and defend the Dragon Throne in the All Fathers absence. For we are his last loyal subjects, the guards tasked with the holy duty to defend what he brought into being and to unite all of creation to await his return. We are [...], the first and the last of the holy Crows under his command. This idea centers around Valkyn, the All Father, Oldest of the Gods and the one who created the whole universe. In his absence the great war started, instead of alliance the gods worked against each other. It is unlikely that this outcome would please the Creator, and one would suspect that seeking to protect his creation would be his highest goal – after all he vanished battling the hunger. We know that even before Valkyn vanished there had been crows, Halup is revered as the very first crow, fighting in Valkyns army. It's not to far fetched to think that some other, very old crows might still hold to Valkyn instead of fighting for one of the other gods. This highly religious concept focuses on social aspects & diplomacy, while providing a good reason to fight – without restriction to one faction.
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    leather armor cost

  17. 1 point

    leather armor cost

    I want fat animals that give more leather/meat.
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    Showcase your guild!

    Actually cashed out so no point in discussing anything anymore. This is basically COE or Wildstar online.
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    Showcase your guild!

    Just got into Crowfall, our guild is a couple years old. I'll see what we can do. (: Not a lot of content in game right now but, I've enjoyed streaming 5.5 for guildies to get them hyped for launch this year. We'll do a promo video leading up to CF though Pann and link our website and other good stuff that is required. Edit: Also as a group that just got into the game a week or two ago, I fully agree with Pope. I do feel like I blew 200$ on this, there is no guild system and things aren't clearly explained at all. A lot of the content you really, really have to dig for just to see the current state of the game. In-fact, the "What is Crowfall," really doesn't even explain what the game is to be honest.
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    The Folly of Chaos

    The Minotaur looked down into the ravine from above watching a small chaos hunting party killing and desecrating the undead for gold. They did not look well geared, like most chaos since the cataclysm which rendered all previously gathered resources and crafted gear cursed and unusable by a crow, they had elected to make quick land grabs during the bountiful spring season, and now they would pay. They had strutted around with their tales of domination against passive harvesters and unmanned forts, but it was time for vengeance, time to shut their little bards up through strength and skill. The Minotaur's faction had spent the spring gathering so far, preparing for winter and fall, and as such was well geared, and well prepared to make unprepared chaos beg for mercy. He would not grant it no matter how they cried, they had chosen to serve the worst of the gods and would have to beg for their forgiveness when he turned their vessels into food for the beasts of hunger that left their holes at night. He circled the ravine until the chaos hunters were busy with the undead and began his descent down the ravine, moving quickly along unsteady slopes until he slipped and fell a short distance, slightly bruising his legs, the chaos hunters had not heard him fall and so he quickly moved down the rest until he was hidden behind a small building, he rested until his innate crow magic had repaired his vessel, and started moving out from behind the house. The Minotaur pushed his vessels legs to their maximum almost tearing the neatly repaired muscles in them lunging at the lightly armored centaur gouging deep marks in his side and stunning him, it soon turned into a brawl with the minotaur relying on his berserk state to keep him alive against the attacks of a guinecean duelist and centaur pitfighter with a druid supporting them in the back. The minotaur could feel his power growing with every hit as he entered his titan state and kept growing it until his arms were at their physical limit hitting as hard as they could. He scored several powerful hits on the centaur and caused him to flee around a metal node but he could not escape. After bringing down the pitfighter he turned his attention to the little elf in the back. The elf blinked away but could not escape from the raging minotaurs axes and fell to him too. In the midst of the chase the guinecean has escaped presumably with any loot they had managed to gather. The minotaur had shown the chaos the error of their ways, the error of ignoring gear and resources until their enemies were prepared, and with this he was satisfied and went on his way, patrolling enemy territory more to spread the word of the holy cow to the ignorant servants of chaos and balance.
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