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    Eldritch has come into 5.100 in a very unique position. All of us are effectively brand new players (despite some having dabbled in previous versions, our passive trees still had very little in them). This gives us a perspective the veteran players and guilds simply don't have and that, we believe, ACE lacks serious data on. As fun as it has been, despite all the trouble and issues (and pushing Order because come at us bro get rekt), we've been privvy to an experience that absolutely MUST be addressed and quickly (i.e., before Beta at latest). It's certainly one thing that we're new. We have a lot to learn. We don't know the best way to build specs or the best disciplines, but we're learning. We don't have the best comps, but that's just how it goes being this new and small. We don't know every in and out of crafting and harvesting, but we're learning. There are a lot of balance issues in general and since we lack any possibility of useful crafted gear any time soon it's also quite telling how all of this together can reveal just how lopsided fights are against well geared guilds and well built players. All of this is something we expected and something we are content to tolerate. What we did not expect and cannot tolerate is what the passive training tree and crafting system generally has resulted in. Granted, in pre-alpha we can't expect an economy (especially on a faction where we've become half the population of as a guild of, what, not even 12 active players?), and maybe on release it won't be quite so bad. However, that does not change the fact that our experience as a new guild has revealed some serious flaws with Crowfall's current design. There are some real problems with how the crafting system currently works in general. There's a pointlessness to crafting anything but blue and better gear. There's also a pointlessness to crafting anything without being near or at max crafting skill and experimentation points. This means we can't feasibly create any kind of intermediate gear to help us compare to those already kitted out in blues and better. But, that isn't the worst of it. The worst of it is the passive training tree itself. This tree alone has already pushed away three or four recruits from even bothering playing the game. One in particular dove in expecting to be able to become a great crafter, right up until she discovered the passive tree and how it works. She hasn't logged in since, neither Crowfall or our guild Discord. Another, realizing just how long it would take to catch up in any meaningful way with gear, has likewise stopped playing after about three days. All of this, if the systems remain in place as they stand today upon release, will guaranteed push away many players and risk killing this game before it even begins. A catch-up mechanic will not fix this. The problem is inherent in the current design of the crafting system in general requiring the crafting equippables, all the additives, and thousands of Dust to kit out a single person (therefor you screw yourself by crafting without crafting maxed and at least blue mats/additives), as well as the time gating of the passive training itself. I'm sure we all know and understand the purpose and intent of the passive training system, but in its current iteration it simply does not work whatsoever. There is also the issue of veteran players simply being able to fill out everything given enough time, thus killing any real hope of specialization in roles (combat/harvest/craft). After some discussion, we've come up with a few ideas for changes that we feel need to happen. Simply Add Active Training. This will help, but only to a point. This game's very nature doesn't lend itself well to the “craft 1,000 daggers” approach like WoW or Skyrim et al. Still, an active training aspect is absolutely crucial to ensure players don't feel entirely locked behind a time gate, allowing those that play consistently to build up their crow skills. The basic idea is, so long as you're engaged in an activity related to the tree you're training in, you'll gain points faster. Add Skill Levels and Limit How Many Can Be “Mastered” This will help with the specialization, but one issue will be that if new players think they want to go one way and decide they do not like it we'll need some kind of respec mechanic. This would certainly give gold a good sink. You would have so many levels you can train, maybe you can train everything up to “Journeyman” which might be, say, level 3 of 10, which means you'd only be so far into each main tree. Meanwhile, the 10th level of “Master” maybe you can only pick two, and only pick 4 for the maybe 6th level. And yet, a lot of players may like having lots of characters for lots of builds and situations, or like harvesting and crafting a lot and what to engage with all of it. If someone wants to give it the time, they certainly shouldn't feel like they're being pigeonholed. That brings us to idea #3. Give Vessels Their Own Passive Skill Tree Nobody should feel pigeonholed. Plenty of players like having alts. Certainly, no one should be able to master everything, but mixing in the vessel itself into the equation will allow people to stretch out in a few ways, such that only those that truly focus on specializing will completely fill out certain trees. So, you might hold out on Journeyman level--to use the above example--on your Crow, but each Vessel might still be able to choose one Master of their own so long as your Crow hits a certain level of that skill. But, to truly specialize, you would need to Crow and Vessel Master on the same skill tree, or some equivalent. With these ideas together, we think we have a solid recommendation to try testing with: First, determine a maximum pool of Skill Training Points. Players will still have their passive training, but now every single action generates a usable active point. PVP, point capture, harvesting, crafting, war tribes, all of these activities provide a certain amount of actively generated points. Players then allocate as they see fit on the Crow tree or the Vessel tree. Eventually, a player will hit the maximum points on their Crow, at which point a certain amount can still be actively trained on a per vessel basis. So, lets say (for sake of example) you can gain a total of 6 million points on your crow, while a vessel can train up an additional 2 million. This will do a few things: Players can actively play and get better/stronger at whatever they want to simply by playing, players can specialize without being able to get everything, and players will have some wiggle room to split off and enjoy alts without severely pigeonholing themselves (so even a crafter heavy crow, for example, can still have a good combat character, they just won't Master any Combat skills). This could work where you can only Vessel train from however far the Crow has, and adding points to the Crow for the same nodes would free up those points from the Vessel. Players won't be able to pace through a single tree any faster than anyone else, either, with this because you would pull from a single point pool; you'd merely be choosing Crow or Vessel to allocate to. With this introduced, and having an extra however many points that can be Vessel-specific, we could see the re-introduction of the Race tree allowing players to fill out minor buffs for each race like increased stat caps and minor general craft and harvest buffs (or, at least each race group, so Human, Elf, Monster, Stoneborn, Guinecean) Second, greatly expand and refine the skill trees as they exist now. Harvesting as it exists currently feels pretty good with respect to specialization so it doesn't feel like there's much to do to enhance this. The parts that could use some expanding is Combat with a near total overhaul applied to Crafting. Combat should be split up a bit and restructured a bit, having the Weaponry and Armor branches as they stand now, but making some changes as specified further below. Crafting needs to be restructured almost entirely and have new branches added in as detailed below. For Combat, simply tweaking and fleshing out more options will be sufficient, but overall it's adequate as is. Consider introducing three new trees that require Armor and Weapons maxed to reach. These would be named along the lines something like Warrior, Specialist, and Medic. These would provide passives dedicated to benefiting DPS specs, tank/CC utility specs, and healing specs respectfully. For Weapons, consider swapping things around, you choose One Handed Combat, Two Handed Combat, Melee Mastery, or Ranged Mastery along with an additional three Mastery trees: Organic Mastery, Physical Mastery, and Elemental Mastery. I feel like this might split things a bit better but that's just a whatever. This isn't anywhere necessary we don't think, but it would be nice to see this expanded, especially if the point cap and vessel points are introduced so players can better specialize. Now, the part that needs the absolute most work of all: Crafting. The overhaul here isn't just going to be the passive tree, either. This also will need to include some real tweaks on material requirements and other costs based on the rarity tier being worked, if additives are being used or not, and to also ensure that every level of commonality (except maybe white?) is valuable to craft with for gear. First, you should need to unlock access to make items of a certain grade, requiring a certain amount of the tree unlocked to reach each level (e.g. you can't craft with Blue materials/components until you unlock that node). This will give players good milestones to reach and make sure newer crafters know their limits. Second, crafter gear (like necromancer goggles) should also require hitting a certain crafting level in that crafting tree. This will help make master crafters stand out, but with things balanced out so non-masters can still contribute useful stuff. Third, dust and ember costs need to be offloaded more towards utilizing those items so that players can make good use of lesser quality ingredients without using up nearly as much dust/ember resource so they can still make decent gear. As it is now, even if you didn't need to be a master to make great gear, you're only hurting yourself crafting greens/whites because of the amount of dust needed, or without additives because the benefits are too good. Green grade non-additive gear should still have value to make and not be too expensive for mat/dust requirements since as things stand now there is no “stepping stone” intermediate gear anywhere comparable to even master crafted blue and that makes gear disparity problems even worse. Fourth, experimentation points should be frontloaded on the tree so you get more experimentation early to help with crafting decent lower grade gear, while further mastering crafts improve your risky experimentation to max out high grade gear. Fifth, requiring hitting the final Mastery node of any appropriate craft should unlock additional specialist crafting trees: Component Mastery, Weapon Mastery, Armor Mastery, Tinkerer (experimentation and crafter gear focus), and Taskmaster (Thrall focus for when Thralls are ready to go). Hopefully, this assessment will be taken to heart, and a serious overhaul of these systems will be worked on. No one should feel pigeonholed, no one should require master crafting or days of dust/ember grinding to get reasonably competitive gear, and no one should be time gated from feeling useful or doing what they want to do.
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    Map improvements.

    Id be happy with a map that faces North
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    I agree with this 100%, when the crafting system was recently tweaked so that common quality was more difficult to experiment on and legendary easier it skewed the lower tier materials into worthlessness. Add onto that change that a new crafter or harvester is going to have little to no training and the end product of your labor is going to feel like a lot of wasted time. I reported this in the feedback thread before it even hit the live server but since most of the people involved in the conversation had their training maxed already it barely even got a second glance. There are three main issues working together to make this situation bad: 1. While I do appreciate the addition of item drops such as armor and weapons for lessening the stress of crafting, it also completely negates the value of anything crafted at lesser quality levels or training. Common quality crafted gear should be at least as good as the vast majority of item drops. 2. The experimentation difficulty on the lower tiers ends up giving less than competitive results. The quoted "30% difference between lowest and highest tier crafted gear" was made using a fully trained and probably geared crafter. Anyone less than fully kitted out for their chosen crafting specialization is going to have depressing results trying to work with low tier mats. And if new crafters can't use the piles of common and uncommon materials then who is that mass of resources intended for? 3. The passive training system is a huge turn off for anyone that wants to primarily be craft or harvest focused. For a guild like Eldritch that doesn't even have any members max passive trained the two problems above contribute to crafting results that are enough to make people give up the game. This isn't posturing from someone threatening to take their ball and leave this is something that actually happened, and it isn't the first time. I think the best solution is to either rework or remove the passive training requirements from craft focused play, there is already a huge grind getting the crafting vessels and gear online without the need to time gate a new guilds ability to even participate.
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    I have to say, I really agree with this. First stage focus on development was the sandbox aspects and basic combat in a battle royal style, with piles of time spent developing ore whacking for stuff, and crafting stuff into other stuff next. All the conquest strategy and what I would consider "real" aspects of a game that bills itself as a "Throne War Simulator" are now being added in after those, and in many ways being forced to fit square pegs into round holes. In every RTS game I have ever played, (another type the game is compared to), the less you think about the mechanics of harvesting and instead focus on territory control, the more you can make strategic choices about what harvesting areas to fight over. From Age of Empires and that third gold pile close to your enemy, to Company of Hero's where simply holding territory was enough to gain resource income. The less you worry about the details of harvesting, (one unit type, "peasant" for ALL harvesting in AoE at a fixed rate, to simply gaining resources from holding territory), the more fun the game seem to be. CF is largely the opposite of that. It's gotten better with PvE places to "farm", but the fact the word "farm", which really isn't fun for most, and is used as a common game play activity seems problematic. Personally I think it was done backwards, but crafting and old harvesting models are what developers were the most familiar with, so that's where they started. Cart before the horse if you ask me. I only hope they can find enough corners to shave off the edges of square pegs to fit them into the round holes they are aiming for.
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    I hope there is a lot of strategy involved but so far seems to be get the most stats, bring more players, and typical organized play wins over disorganized. I don't see a lot of room for complex strategy play or even politics. Will have to see what the Dregs brings, but with win conditions, it might limit creative strategy vs just gaming the system to victory. Like path of least resistance vs planning out 20 steps a head of enemies.
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    It’s very complicated and deserves more nuance than they are incompetent. I think at its core CF is trying to be too many games, appeal to too many genres and doesn’t clearly identify itself. Is it a moba heavy mmo? No. Is it a PvP mmo? No. Is it a PvP survival game? No. Is it a group PvP siege game? Sometimes but then part of the pop doesn’t want that. Is it a solo gank/harvest simulator? Some of the time yea but that’s not what it was marketed as, what it claims to be and where it comes from so it’s confusing. I want to trust the dev team but I struggle with seeing some of the influences of the game devs that directly clashes with what I expected (a spiritual successor to Shadowbane with deep character creation, player driven politics and player driven conflict being the major driver for the game) and what I am getting isn’t that. I’m getting a game with overwhelmingly complicated crafting and harvesting systems that detract from the PvP (and they’ve toned it down as the community almost universally agrees it’s too much). I’m getting a game with next to zero customization as there are very clear choices as to what’s best. When I do have choices they are normally illusions of choice: letting me take disciplines to give me powers that I can’t slot because each there’s a finite amount of bar space and some classes have some 100% have to take abilities. The other illusion of choice is the vastly unbalanced discipline choices but I understand that should go away with balance passes but after years of many remaining the same I’m not exactly expecting it tomorrow. The passive training is meaningless for combat chars and then literally the most important thing on a harvesting/crafting char. I’ll make another post tomorrow, I’m getting my thoughts more together. I’ll tag you. These long winded, ivory tower rants are what the dev boards typically are. There’s a few legitimate conversations that have actually benefited the community but mostly it’s the same 10 people showing off our lexicons.
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    5.100 LIVE Bug Reports for 9/4/2019

    You have to drag it completely off the character sheet/inventory frame. As I recall, you can't drag it to a bank/vault frame either, it must go to the world view window.
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    @vkromas We sincerely hope our experiences and this post help you guys bring things better into line. This game has a ton of potential. We're having a lot of fun, at least, and we're nearly there for crafting skill trees (assuming there's not a wipe as soon as we get there LOL) so everyone will get to find out just how much difference there is. We look forward to seeing how things work out and thanks for keeping tabs on us all outside the dev partners forum hah!
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    I've basically stopped including that stuff on purpose because it's realistically not going in the game. Just like UDL.
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    All true, but this does not compensate for not being near maxed crafting. These also do nothing for the other inherent problems I detailed. The passive tree has actively pushed new players away from the game. An active system, even a mild one (that would be balanced to be only somewhat faster than passive training alone), would go a long way there. If on retail it would take, say, 6 months to 100% Crafting Basics and one entire crafting tree, the active training would reduce it to maybe 5 months with dedicated play (a few hours per day average), meaning all active generated points are going into that craft's skill tree. Your list also does nothing with regards to the issue of material costs themselves. Perhaps part of that is a result of the pre alpha training speeds because to make anything now is a bad idea given material costs (we'd only effectively double and more on dust costs and the few blue vessels we have now were well over 700 dust each and weapons/armor are similarly expensive; that is a lot of mat grinding). But, keeping in mind the pre alpha training speed is also the sole reason we're able to harvest at any adequate rate in the first place! I should be max Necromancy sans thralls by the beginning of October so that's about two months total. That isn't terrible given the game's current state, but the passive training time gate itself is still a turn off. No brand new player could ever hope to catch up to veterans on EVE, and if they are a craft minded player then they effectively have no reason to play the game for months at a time (it's a real problem for EVE with new player retention). Crowfall is at great risk of experiencing this exact same problem and catch up mechanics simply won't be enough. Eldritch, as a new guild, is a prime example of this problem happening right now. Again, there is no economy right now of any meaningful sort. This certainly causes an issue and much of that is the prealpha state and the low player pop which makes it hard to accurately critique the whole experience. However, you seem to be taking this entire post as one guy ranting about having a bad time soloing. This has been a guild experience. This post reflects our concerns, problems, frustrations, and feedback as a guild. You also seem to be misrepresenting the suggestions given flat out. We're not asking for no-life grinding. We're asking that the time gated passive tree be supplemented so players, especially those only really interested in crafting, have something to actively work towards. As things stand currently, there really isn't. You already have to grind your head off for mats and for chief/king craft books and craft equipment drops. An active training to supplement the passive tree would be a huge boon to player retention. And then, beyond that, we strongly believe there needs to be tweaking done to mat costs and how the crafting trees line up so that green and intermediate levels of gear can be crafted that is better than camp drops without needing additives, craft equipment, (near) maxed crafting, and mountains of dust. The lack of any meaningful, feasible, and accessible way to kit out our guild in some stop-gap gear (especially when considering import/export restrictions and durability loss) to help us be some level of competitive against established players and guilds has further contributed to our reasoning behind this post and our feedback.
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    It is not entirely time-gated. Attribute stats comprise an enormous amount of the source for crafting and experimentation points. Disciplines add more. Food, like Bon tippers, helps more. Crafting gear add more. Crafted vessel with the right racial bonus and enhanced stat pools allocated to the specific crafting line add tons more. Potion of sapho, adds more. Crafting inside a keep adds more. Using a group with one player/character running Leadership with crafting, adds more. This poorly made socks is literally for sale by people, you just need gold, which can be acquired so easily now because of the wartribe camps. I'm literally doing all of this poorly made socks with white vessels. I'd be the first to admit the economy and crafting system continues to be flawed in many ways, but you are totally misrepresenting the status quo because I suspect you just want to be able to actively grind no-life neckbeard your way to max skills. This game was suppose to have zero grinding for levels and poorly made socks in the first place, you should be happy ACE decided to abandon what they promised in kickstarter to compromise for people that like to do active grinding (boggles the mind).
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    Myrmidon Titan Indestructible Frenzy talent doesn't work.
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    Some good points, but many of these are negated by the 90s respawn mechanic. Death for a defender in a siege is pretty meaningless, unless there are sudden mass casualties (bombs, Ballistas). Trickle casualties just get negated by the extemely fast respawn.
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    [Deutsch] -NM- Nordic Marauders

    Ich bin Neu in dieser Gilde und wurde bereits herzlich aufgenommen (see you on siege)
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    At this point I see little about Crowfall that is very ambitious or steps too far away from the mold. More of it is a bare minimum MMO design with some nice twists on traditional features, but lack of content and features doesn't make something special. To me it seems like it has a ways to go but between what is in and what they've said is planned, I don't see the game design as a whole really changing or improving greatly to the point is blows enough people away. I've backed other projects and while they too have a long way till release, I have more faith in them breaking away from the norm. Camelot Unchained being one of them has some great ideas that Crowfall isn't going to match.
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    Will there be more races/Classes?

    I am still all in for the Hamstaur: Since the two other suggestions I made in this old thread (bard and pigmen) already came true, I will allow myself to be quite optimistic. I have no doubt that we will see several new races and classes and combinations in the time after launch. I believe to remember them mentioning (in the dark ages) that one idea to make VIP more interesting may be to unlock new classes a months earlier than for the plebs.
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    This can't be said enough. I know it's just pre-alpha (4+ years later) but this needs to happen at some point. Right now it doesn't serve much purpose with ~2 campaigns going and a handful of people, but I've played games/genres with one game having concede and another without and it makes a huge difference. Accepting defeat and be more healthy and morale boosting then hanging on pointlessly until the sad end. It's trickier when it isn't a 1v1 or small team setup, but guilds/factions need a way to end things. One huge concern I have is victory conditions. So far we've only seen point accumulation and timed ends. There hasn't been anything (that I remember) that is actually player controlled and determined that would allow us to win/lose at our speed. Really hope they come up with win conditions that when met are where it ends. They aren't going to find enough masochists to stick it out through weeks/months of Winter. This is one of several areas that the overall theme and lore of Crowfall make zero sense to me. Why bother with such things if the game play has little to do with it and it's just highly gamey dev controlled mechanics?
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    No, most of the backers only login briefly to check out major patches or are waiting on beta/launch - the majority don't even care who is trying to win prealpha All of these issues of hardcore vs casual are 20 years old though and happen in all open-world pvp games. ACE obviously recognizes the potential problem (hi Uncle Bob from KS video!) and is at least being proactive about designing tools and rulesets they can use to help solve the problem.
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    Interview with Soulreaver When did you become a Caldera recruit? Aug 2016 Why did you choose to join Caldera? Caldera was at the time the most active guild in EU, we were playing hunger-dome and often either allied or opposed each other. Tinnis then recruited me. What activities do you take part in as a member/recruit of Caldera? Ouch.. Recruitment, Interview, Making sure there are activities for members to take part in, Siege leadership, Guild management in general, Farming dust and gear for all ranks, Roaming, Relations with other guilds, Classroom training of certain classes (Ranger and Assassin), theory-crafting, assisting where needed in general so there is no one task. Just a long list and if you ask me tomorrow it'll most likely look different than today. Jack of all trades... If someone asked you about joining Caldera, what would you say to encourage them to apply? If you're looking for a guild which shares everything, in-game goods, knowledge. Whom do their utmost to help each other. Whom are a bit rough around the edges, but where there is room for all kinds of players... young and old, inexperienced and pro. Then this is the place. We don't have a huge online time presence, cause we also take care of our RL, and as such when on - we're on cause we choose to be and cause we choose to aid and assist each other. Any advice for new recruits during their trial to become members? Be active, be open, be informative and listen. Most of all, don't be disrespectful. What would you consider to be your main passive tree(s)? Combat What is your best memory while being in Caldera? Ouch there are many… Memory 1 - Dash to the Fort Memory 2 - Vs Champions Why do you like Crowfall? The seasons change how the game is played, meaning there will be time for each aspect of the game, and how you manage those aspects is what either makes you successful or brings with it failure. Any advice you would give to testers looking at Crowfall? This is a test version of a potential game... Join cause you think the potential it has is good, but don't expect it to deliver yet. There is no such thing as class balance, there are many yet to be implemented features, a lot of the time you will be encountering bugs which are game-stopping and annoying. Despite all that though.. it's a fun "game".
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    BaronRamsay! I think it would be a great move to put in a cooking track as well as tiers for food potency... Just think, if the food was tiered and the potency was RNG determined partially by the chef (skill, gear, buffs, etc) We could literally have Iron Chef cook-offs... would be a great way to spend an afternoon between campaigns, imo.
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    Crafting help required

    1. You can harvest very well with a full combat character, depending on training and gear. Skill training is account based, so all of your characters will benefit from it, and you can train in both combat and harvesting. Disciplines are divided into majors (combat and crafting), exploration (harvesting) and minors (combat and crafting). There's 1 harvesting minor, but you don't need it depending on the exploration discs you have. Harvesting is also affected by the seasons. In spring and summer, players get a buff that helps to get more/better resources. In fall and winter, it's a debuff, so without some combination of skills, disciplines, potions and food buffs, you will have a hard time. The God's Reach worlds are eternal spring, so you get the max buff in those worlds all the time. The campaign worlds are currently in summer and have about 10 days left. You can also improve your harvesting via armor and jewelry. Harvesting stats can be added to combat stats on armor, so you don't lose any combat effectiveness there. With jewelry, you have to choose between combat and harvesting (and crafting) stats, but that's something you can swap as needed. 2. You can go that way. It's up to you. All characters have the base combat ability for their class. It mostly comes down to your discipline and gear choices. I run around solo all the time on characters that have little to no combat training and I do okay. Often avoiding a fight is just a matter of playing a stealth class and keeping your eyes open. Again, it's important to remember that skill training is account wide, so if you want to do crafting, harvesting and combat all on the same account, you won't be able to train them all at the same time. You can do them all, but you won't have the training to make you better at all of them. You also can't double up on your training. By that I mean, you can't train both blacksmithing and leatherworking at the same time, for example. You have to choose 2 out of combat, crafting and exploration. Many people play multiple accounts and have one for combat/harvesting and others for crafting/harvesting. 3. As I said, you have to choose 2 of combat, crafting and exploration. You can only train one harvesting tree at a time, but there is some overlap in the earlier trees. For example, if you train the first skill in the Excavation tree, it increases your stats in mining, quarrying and gravedigging. As you get further into the skill trees, they get more specialized. The Ore Specialization tree, for example, only improves your mining. 4. Most stuff in the game can be harvested solo. The only harvested items that require more than 1 person are minerals and gems, which come from stone and ore motherlodes, respectively. They require at least 2 people to harvest. There are other things you will want/need that are drops rather than harvested, but you can usually find someone selling them, or you can kill mobs to try to get them yourself. The tougher mobs have a higher chance of dropping good stuff, as you would expect. 5. Anything with stealth is generally good if you are harvesting alone. You won't escape all the time, but against a single ganker, you'll have success if you are smart about it. 6. You (your account) is an immortal crow. You inhabit bodies (vessels) and play as them. When you create a character, you are given a common quality vessel of whichever race you choose, and you select which class you want to play. Better vessels can be crafted by necromancers. When you get/craft a vessel, you use it to create a new, better character. 7. It's an npc. You have to give them gold to keep them running, but they stay up as long as the server is up. Finding open spots to place a vendor can sometimes be a challenge, though. The best spots tend to get filled quickly. 8. Check out the guild recruiting forums. 9. The game has a pretty steep learning curve, and the new player experience still needs some work. Feel free to ask questions in General chat. General is all servers and factions. Faction is only the people in your faction, on the specific server you are currently on. Zone chat is just the specific zone you are in. Open your character sheet (press I) and click on the details button. Familiarize yourself with the various stats used for combat, crafting and harvesting. Understanding how the stats work and how you can raise them will go a long way toward understanding the game.
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    Battlefield tactics when outnumbered

    Personally I would prefer it if a res statue was unusable while a poi is in its siege window. From a lore perspective, say the presence of a Bane Tree is suppressing the statue. Not only would that allow the attacker to wear down the defender's forces through attrition, but it would add value to controlling other points on the map, and the time slots when those locations are vunerable. Regarding the OP, I would add the fighting withdrawal. Less than a retreat, the goal is to prevent the larger force force from flanking or enveloping your forces, while forcing them to maintain their grouping relative to your force. Against a less skilled enemy force, you may find opportunities where a melee player over extends (especially if they think you are in retreat) or a key healer or ranged DPS drops back.
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    I cannot remove a minor discipline from my Minor I slot. I tried relogging, dying and even selling said discipline but it still will not budge from the slot. Every time I drag it out, it just pops right back up. Send help. The discipline is "Prickly Skin" if that matters.
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    Any chance of paysafe being implemented for purchasing access?
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    Got moved from my previous location, ontop of the order temple portal and im balance, yep i died....
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    You can, but as is evident by your posts your guild has not accepted help from others and you don't seem interested in doing all the things in game that are designed to boost your crafting ability apart from passive training. What's funny is I don't think you realize that it use to be the case that recipes were actually gated by passive training. lmao But anyway, the core thing here is you at least stated what your time frame expectations are which is what you should have said more concisely from the very beginning. You want your small guild that is brand new to be equally competitive as people in bigger groups that have been here since the last wipe, and some having been here for 3+ years - in a couple weeks. Amazingly, you can be, or close to it, you just have to do a lot of work like A LOT of work- which you can actually do - but I sense that you don't want to do that stuff but would rather just grind out mobs or grind out crafting poorly made socks nobody will ever use to gain crafting points you can allocate. I respect your guys attempt to be hard chargers, and most of us recognize the crafting system needs to be improved, but you aren't gong to get much sympathy from people who have been neckbearding this game for more than a year if you aren't doing all the stuff we have to do to be competitive.
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    5.100 LIVE Bug Reports for 9/4/2019

    Outpost cap zones need love. You have to stand in very specific locations (in some environments) to count towards the cap. If you move around it will change from contested to captured while still standing in the circle. Also, you can avoid all archer damage by standing behind the pole.
  28. 1 point
    One of the oddities of backing a product not yet created is that it is all generic ideas. I imagine many different people imagined different things when they saw the kick starter. In just my friend group we would have all described nearly an entirely different game from what we saw. I didn't invest in kick-starter for any of the more specific mentions because I am not naive as to the fact that during the development process choices have to be made. Things have to be given priority over other things and some things are so in conflict with others they need to be cut entirely. I invested in a very generalized dream for a game and a group of people I thought might bring something even close to that grand dream into being. EK's were one of the things that most interested me in this game. In fact the EK is what I am most excited about. Yet I would think only the most ignorant Dev team would prioritize your personal happy place to build things over the functioning game world. If you think EK's are where they want them you are mistaken. If you think they should have focused on EK's over the stability of the game and the campaigns at large, you are mistaken. It is one thing to post strong arguments for why you believe things should be given more focus than they already are. Or to advocate for features to be included that you have any real evidence to suggest won't be, other than they simply aren''t here in the incomplete game yet. You might even advocate to ensure something does not fall to the chopping block that is important to you. Ascribing perceptual motivations and whether or not "betraying the backers" is something the dev team even cares about is just sad. You could not possibly be sure of that. You make a deductive argument claim while supporting it with inductive reasoning at best. Gotta break a few eggs to make an omelet, not everyone is going to be happy:)
  29. 1 point
    No, it shouldn't now, though it use to more than a year ago when melee weapons were stat sticks for rangers. You can test and look at details when in melee vs ranged tray, and check your penetration ratings for the different damage types.
  30. 1 point
    It should be slashing damage. The only benefit you'd get from elemental penetration would be if you had an elemental quiver or had some other type of magic damage spells.
  31. 1 point

    Smaller maps for campaigns

    it has been said long time ago and i cannot understand why they dont do smaller map but we can try to hope .
  32. 1 point
    For other classes it's the main hand that determines the weapon damage type outside of special exceptions like Divine Light.
  33. 1 point
    When my Cutthroat Assassin loses the holy aura from a cleric he is booted from stealth as if he took damage. I do a lot of stealth scouting for our roams so this has forced us to switch to Vengeful Aura much to my clerics dislike =).
  34. 1 point
    Defenders have an advantage in most situations. I am not sure letting the entire server teleport to a location as soon as an enemy shows up would serve any kind of purpose.
  35. 1 point

    Unofficial Looking for Guild Thread

    hi guys i am looking for an english spanish or and dutch speaking eu guild thanks
  36. 1 point
  37. 1 point

    Will there be more races/Classes?

    I am now all in for hamstaurs as well. It's the perfect amount of crazy.
  38. 1 point
    I suppose for me it isn't that they are breaking away and doing something new, it is that they are combining some of the best elements of MMOs and introducing a level of strategy play that I personally haven't seen in an MMO. Granted that strategy is all but not there currently. But it has to function like the top of the skyscraper metaphorically. Every shift at the bottom drastically changed the top. The elements of strategy we are seeing should be looked at as placeholders. Just taping up the holes to give it the absolute bare minimum functionality while they iron out the core.
  39. 1 point
    There is a stark difference in the acknowledgment that there is indeed the possibility of Uncle Bob and the implementation of meaningful counters to Uncle Bob.
  40. 1 point

    Will there be more races/Classes?

    This would be a cool idea for a progression reward in the future. Something like you have to accumulate enough Campaign points or meet certain in-game goals and then you are able to make an Aracroix character.
  41. 1 point

    There is no payment selection button

    Russian players have to go through 4game. This post explains the reasons:
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    5.100 LIVE Feedback for 9/4/2019

    The thing is they're not competing with that paradigm. They're attempting to emulate a slightly more casual version of the the EVE paradigm, where industry is crucial to the success of individuals as well as large alliances of players. That's a very different kind of game. They made a deliberate choice as far back as the kickstarter to say "we're making a game where wealth matters, pvp matters, organization matters" They're not competing with the instant gratification style of PvP you get in a game like ESO or GW2. They're building a game in which players are *required* to interact to succeed on an economic as well as a field combat basis. They've said multiple times they know they're going to lose some eyeballs with the more work intensive and gear focused design but in their eyes it is crucial to the game they want to build, and that game is a PvP game where harvesting, crafting, and loot are not simply nice to have but necessary to victory. At this point I believe they've pared back the grind as much as they feel like they can without essentially throwing away that design. They've equipped new players with excellent drops to limit the necessity for people to engage with harvesting and crafting when brand new. New players have a powerful incentive to do a thing older players don't want to: farm mobs. Older players don't want to farm mobs. They want to hit nodes, build things, and sell them to you, who farmed gold off of mobs. That's the intended model. It is hampered right now because they've built a crafting system for scale and cooperation but we're still missing two elements crucial to enabling scale and cooperation: Factories and guild banks. it isn't that people don't have the resources to sell you stuff most of the time. Its that they can't be bothered to click through that many menus to craft enough items to fill a vendor because the system isn't really supposed to require them to do that. Its supposed to ask them to do that once, and then make a blueprint that makes 20 of that item so they can just feed materials to a factory while they go do something else. It does have some growing pains as a result of its rapid tweaking, and like most of the game its in a pretty unpolished proof of concept state and hasn't completely been redesigned around the newbie focused changes of recipies not being unlocked by training, or dropped gear existing. Could there be a bit moregraduated progression in crafting trains? Absolutely. Dropped gear really sandbagged low level crafters and they need some of that back. You could do stuff like lower the base values of certain crafts so that they're easier to output at lower levels. For instance what if assembling a helmet was significantly easier than assembling a chestpiece, or what if assembling a recurve bow was significantly easier than assembling the more esoteric options etc. We've never really had a balance pass for that stuff because until recently it was simply a function of training to unlock the ability to craft the items at all. Could we use some kind of super - intermediate tool? I honestly don't think we need to. Tools are one of the few things in the economy that actually have a good combination of market velocity and competition. Runemakers make pretty much all of their money selling tools. We don't need to give people an easier way to opt out of that market than they already have. In stead I'd be all for increasing the damage coefficients on intermediate tools based on rarity. This would allow you, if you so choose, to make a poor value crafting decision by sinking higher tier materials in to a higher damage intermediate for another +5 damage per rank. That might be good in a pinch, but you're not going to want to constantly be eating your blue resources to make +20 tools for long and you're going to want those crafted rune tools. Like dropped gear this would remove the barrier to play, but it would retain your desire to seek out a skilled crafter to provide you things. In a larger sense it would also help the market for raw materials since tools use so few per craft. It would be much easier to sell someone a handful of blues that nobody wants to buy right now because they need a large stack to make anything. Newbie harvesters might happily buy that handful of blues if it means getting another pick they can use to help them afford some real tools from a local vendor.
  43. 1 point
    Not like they will fix/balance anything from what they gather MMO's aren't where I go looking for actual competitive gameplay. Cowardliness er 200 IQ Strategy is why we play these right? Not like most guilds take a risk and leave the winning faction to challenge themselves.
  44. 1 point
    Sorry, me again. The power curve in this game is at least geometric or exponential. There are a lot of synergies and late-game acquisitions that are in some cases quantitative (such as weapon damage) and some are qualitative (such as powers which change play options). Ranking up weapons doubles or triples damage output. Late game abilities add high critical rates and mitigation. I humbly propose that this is a questionable basis for design of a pvp game. I get the need for a long tail for power acquisition but as it is right now (granted i am a newb, just observing what I see), the late game is less about healthy advancement and more about being untouchable by people until they've played for months or are in a guild that has crafters who have been playing for months. Long story short, a design like that will alienate newcomers and could bore old timers since you'll have a months long barrier of real-time points accrual for people being viable. I am here to remind you that I think you want your power curve to be logarithmic. Long term massive investment to giant numbers is a PVE thing. It doesn't translate well.
  45. 1 point
    Not sure where this feedback goes. There's a crafting ability gap that's pretty wide between using intermediate tools and rune tools. The problem arises I think because rune tools starts something like 50k points in and the first rank is 10k a pip for the novice rank. If those are your only r3+ tools, and they are required for the secondary drops then that needs to be made more accessible. Granted I know you can jump the shark a little with buffs that make handmade and intermediate tools somewhat viable for up to rank 6 to get a leg up. There doesn't seem to be a way to improve intermediate tools, or not that I have seen yet. Basically this leads crafting to be very heavily back-loaded which means that people will either get twinked and geared up by established crafters, or they will be unable to compete until much later. This is just an example of how many of the crafting systems are set up. Buried a little deep in real time advancement. Pardon my arrogance but my suggestion would be to make a 'low tier' version of most crafting lines, and make things like tools much more obvious. The categorization of crafting is strange and arbitrary. Instead of having armorsmithing be at the end of unrelated crafting, I would suggest a 'general crafting' tree which has lines for things like armorsmithing and specific improvements that unlock armorsmithing that is viable until some rank. Let these be low-point-investment things that let people play with the systems early and advance into the advanced crafting that is specifically related to that pursuit. I don't feel like I'm being completely clear here, so please ask if this doesn't make sense.
  46. 1 point
    Some Node, Python, the usual suspects. +1 for a dockerfile.
  47. 1 point
    Awesome. Check the repository: Crowfall Combat Log Here is the current version running. https://crowfall.crusaderw.com/combat_log/#/ What languages are you working with?
  48. 1 point

    Unofficial Looking for Guild Thread

    Guild criteria: Region: EU, UK Atmosphere: Looking for a guild eu preferred with friendly ppl and a nice atmosphere, that is happy to take a noob under their wing and show me the ropes. Casual/Hardcore?: Either Size: Looking for a small to medium sized guide, I want to get to know everyone and don't want to be lost in the croud of the larger guilds. Play-Style: I tend to adapt to the play style of who I play with. Commitment: If I'm enjoying the game/guild I'll be on most evenings. Experience: Non, I'm a complete noob to this game. Voice-Chat services: I can install any of the usual suspects if I haven't already, however I tend not to chat too much as I prefer to listen, but I may pipe up now and again. Thanks
  49. 1 point

    Templar - FURY (good or bad?)

    CC mechanics need a real look at for classes that are CC build such a fury, Sentinels and so on. These classes need an something in there talent tree to prevent the use of retaliate or atleast make it much less spamable such as stamina dmg, debuff that prevent use of retailiate for x duration (Your CC control vs there CC defence) and so on.
  50. 0 points
    I agree they need many of the things on that list, I am just realistic in saying they wont be able to add them all. As for anything crafting related, I am sure Blair wants crafting front and center, but past changes don't reflect that(looking at you RNG drops, EK changes and no economy now). As for betraying old backers, I am sure they don't care much about that in the grand scheme of things. As evidence to that, I assert that the game today is nothing like what was promoted years ago. In addition, as you said above, they promoted relics and EK's for most of their fundraising and yet EK's are on life support and we cannot even talk about relics since they are MIA. On an Odd note, statistically around 500 backers would have died since 2016, so that would be less people to upset.
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