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    Features: Topmost half-transparent overlay with combat summary and details, which you can put on top of the game client or on your 2nd monitor. Extensive settings for parse mechanics and UI. High performance: 15000 records per second. Automatically finds combat log files (make sure you enable combat log writing to file in game settings and hit a dummy) Fights history: you can return back in time to previous fights from the current game session. Supports multiple running clients: if you are levelling your alt with a main character, parser will understand who is main and show correct parse. Opponents list for a fight. If you set long enough idle between fights, you can get opponents list for biggest siege fights separately or for the siege overall. You can copy parse details and opponents list to spreadsheet with mouse right-click. Bonus feature - AFK notifier: When turned on, if Crowfall client was inactive for 9 minutes, parser will play crow sound to notify that your character is about to get logged out for inactivity. If there are several inactive clients, parser will play several crow sounds. You can also change 9 minutes to lower value in settings. System requirements: Windows 8 and above. (You can run parser on Windows XP, Vista or 7 by installing .NET Framework 4) You can download all versions here. (Firefox users may experience issues with Google Drive. If download link shows you an error, please try another browser) Repository. Known issues: Requested features: Bar graph based on specific power percentage damage. Raid group functionality, so you can see raid members stats. Installer and auto-patcher. Thanks to Sugoi, Red Reapers, Hard Charge and Datum members for early testing and feedback!
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    Vanguard Minor Discipline Guide!

    We in the Vanguard want everyone to improve, and have easily accessible information about the game. With the death of Expansive Mind, Demon's Pact, Fashion Statement and Hand of Glory - we often get asked "Which minors should I go with?". So to help the new players, and refresh the memory of experienced players, we have created a short guide, with the currently available minor disciplines in the game. *Note that we have left out minors such as those who improve songs, and thorns - as we would not recommend them to anyone currently. Enjoy. Remember to click to zoom! _______________________________We are recruiting! Looking for 2x flex players and 1 support player! Check us out here: GUILD THREAD
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    Wipe coming with new trial

    The next Trial of the Gods will be announced soon, so we want to give everyone a heads up about the wipe that's coming with it. Characters, inventory, Eternal Kingdoms will be impacted by the wipe. Skills will not. Backer rewards and purchased items will be removed but returned via the Lobby.
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    Wipe coming with new trial

    Bleh! Should have the skill wipe as well. You need to test and retest the early game for pacing and fun. Right now you have zero tests for the leveling up process with all of the changes over the last year. The people with the training will be back to end game power in hours and days, and the ones just learning will be left, once again, so far behind to not even bother.
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    The Trial of Arkon has begun

    Sadly I hadn't seen what formula was going to be used until it went up. In the future Design will provide a series of vetted formulas that may be used for a variety of campaign types. *Crawls back into the Dregs work*
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    Regarding God's Reach graveyards

    @Ble @Jah We all know what really turned the tide in the last NA campaign ..
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    Map Idea to Promote PvP

    Not a fan of high level GR. I think that mobs could give the same-ish XP no mater what level the mob or vessel quality is, and higher rank mobs could just drop more/better stuff and that would be the PvE progression. That way you can make GR low level, but still be a place to get decent xp to meet CW level requirements. Secondly, @monchiezz had a great idea that I thought merits posting. We need a map that promotes PvP. Is it possible for you to generate a slightly larger adventure zone and flood it with resources? A map like this would force everyone to fight during non siege hours in a single zone, would be fantastic.
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    @thomasblair @jtoddcoleman Recent changes to your targeting system have been great for offensive ability targeting, but they have also largely eroded the integrity behind landing heal spells. Please help: Used to, in Scenario 1, you could land that heal with a left shoulder target easy peasy. You could even land the rescue when the enemy between healer and friendly was almost FULLY eclipsing the healer. Now, with the new targeting, that heal will not miss, but will auto target one of the nearest enemies even though you are clearly targeting a friendly. You'll see whatever target-side animation your heal does happen on an enemy. They do not gain health or benefit from any buffs or hots given by the heal. It gets worse. You'd think Scenario 2 is certain to land. Actually, even at greater Friendly to Enemy distances, that heal will go through the friendly and auto-target the enemy directly behind him with the new targeting system. As shown in Scenario 3a, in order to land that rescue, the friendly must find a path out of the enemies so that 1) there are no enemy within 3 meters and 2) there is no enemy directly behind them. The healer still needs to make a left shoulder heal. If the healer tried to heal the inside shoulder, shown in Scenario 3b, it would instead auto-target to the enemy accordingly. The enemy "snap-to" of heals is quite expansive. It feels to me that every enemy is running around with a 3-4 meter wide hitbox and the spells are auto-targeting to the enemy to whose center your target is closest. This is fine for pew pew. But you need to give your healer spells that same level of intended-target snap-to. They cannot be expected to try and navigate a system like whats currently out there and still be dependably effective. I know that @Hungry has already put up videos showing this, but if necessary, I can make videos to go along with each of these scenarios.
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    The Trial of Arkon has begun

    The Great Slayer in the Melee, the Victor on the Field, the Conqueror hoisting his Banner over the Ruins of a Stronghold, these are not the souls dear to Arkon. Arkon values not the great deeds of many, but the small doings of the arrogant few. Arkon is the Patron God of the Noob Ganker (and Zybak is his prophet).
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    Give us a Roadmap

    Some leaked information you might be interested in:
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    Going ahead and creating a thread for this here since I apparently never did. I'm actively updating the somewhat original crafting combinations sheet. I have now updated the whole sheet for 5.100. A quick note on the values. They have been updated to what exists on live at this time and the numbers show the range from common quality(white) to legendary quality(orange). These are always changing so if they mess with some balancing pieces on the values, don't be super surprised if the numbers don't line up here in the near future. Check out our sheet here: http://winterblades.net/crafting-combinations While I've now updated the whole sheet for 5.100, that does not mean I didn't make a mistake or miss something. Shoot me a PM on the forums or on Discord if you run across something that appears to be wrong.
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    Regarding God's Reach graveyards

    We've heard concerns from testers about the removal of graveyards from God's Reach a short time after The Fortunes of War was deployed to LIVE. Here's an explanation of what happened and the aftermath. It's not an intended gameplay design for graveyards to be available in God's Reach (GR). There are many factors for that decision, the chief among them being that the purpose of God's Reach is to be a new player/character area where young Crows enter the world, get their beaks wet and then fly off to bigger and better things in campaign worlds and trials. We don't want those young Crows getting too comfortable and settling into GR forever so we limit what's available there, such as the intentional absence of graveyards. It was an innocent mistake that caused graveyards to be included in GR when Fortunes came up on Monday. When we became aware of it, the decision was made to remove them in the patch that was about to be released. Our investigation showed that the number of body parts that were farmed and, consequently, vessels created did not warrant a wipe as there's not enough to turn the tide in the upcoming trail. Developing and testing a game is as much about processes as it is about game design and programming. To that end, we've identified how this happened and what we need to do to prevent it (or something similar) from happening again. This isn't the first time something went sideways, and it won't be the last. It's part of making games (one of the painful parts). Our continued pledge to our community is to always do our best to continually review and refine our processes, to carefully take all angles into consideration when addressing issues as they arise and to keep you informed about what happened, how we fixed it and what we learned from it.
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    Warstory: 8 v 20 Fight outside of keep

    The first siege in the Trial of Arkon, Order showed up with 20 people to start with, and we had not built our walls up. We met them at one of the walls. Later in the evening Order had even more people, and it ended out in a long stand off inside the keep. _______________________________ We are recruiting! Looking for 2x flex players and 1 support player! Check us out here: GUILD THREAD
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    5.100 LIVE Feedback for 8/16/19

    We need Guild Banks badly. Both in-campaign Guild Banks and out-of-campaign Guild Banks.
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    The Trial of Arkon has begun

    Win Conditions have been revised: (Total Kills + (Assists/5)) divided by Deaths
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    The Trial of Arkon has begun

    ❤️ @thomasblair. Just having fun.
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    Max passive skills for all

    It is all about where and what we want tested. On the Test server, post a system making it through its initial implementation paces, there really is no reason to not artificially boost player acceleration. (this is why even with the new leveling process and flow in 5.100, we let everyone bypass all of it it in favor of testing out fully tricked out characters with all powers in the 5.100 cycle) The powers bugs were far more important to shake out than leveling. We might have not even known about the ranger traps/druid orb problems until live as no one would have been using them since they would have been leveling instead. On the Live server, we always want a playable game, with as much content (rough edges and all) as we have, because it tells us what edges are razor sharp and need to be fixed as soon as we can. This means we really don't want artificial boosting in unless we really need it, because it hides those super rough edges, and we end up all fooling ourselves what we need to do with a particular system.
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    5.100 LIVE Bug Reports for 8/1/19

    1. Targeted heals and abilities direct cast on friendlies are prioritizing enemy units. Cleric: Tend Wounds Druid: Nature's Avatar, Soothing Winds Field Surgeon Discipline: Rescue, Rehabilitation Friar Discipline: Chain Heal Pixie Discipline: Soothing Winds These abilities will lock onto enemy units if they are anywhere even remotely near the intended target and are almost impossible to land in PVP. I reported this previously with regards to the druid abilities and it was fixed promptly, however it was broken again a patch or two later. 2. There is no feedback sound / animation or flytext when hitting ToL or Bane trees during siege, also missing the feedback on fort walls. We used to get flytext on the trees, but that has been gone for a while and the loss of the feedback animations and sounds is new with 5.100.
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    new siege schedule

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    Dizzy Distortion needs to go.

    The dizzy distortion really needs to go. I get the idea behind the effect, but it really triggers bad motion sickness for me and I've never been bothered by visual effects before, and I'm sure it bothers other people too, considering the feedback on it during testing. I think it needs to either go, have a toggle setting, or be replaced with something like stars floating around your head or something like that. If you guys choose not to change it, then there needs to be some sort of heads up for players to understand this game has visual effects that might bother people.
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    Don't miss the live stream on Tuesday, July 23, at 4 pm CDT! FULL STORY
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    Give us a Roadmap

    ACE would do a lot for themselves if they would publish a roadmap. News/Progress updates would not be as necessary cause we could play the game and see the progress related to the road map. It gives a clear path for the devs, investors, and players to follow.
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    Wipe coming with new trial

    They need to iterate, to test and retest. If the game is not fun for the first day/3days/week/3 weeks/Month/6months then noone is going to stick around to get to the end game numbers. It has to be tested before the soft launch. poorly made socks like the power progression for starting druids needs to be rejiggered. (first talent power is faerie fire a physical resistance debuff for a ranged electrical attack using class.) If you use the ability you are making leveling harder for yourself due to mana and time wastage for an unhelpful zero damage debuff. They need to start making harder choices and stop kicking the can and hoping it will work out. 30 people on at primetime is not going to put food on the table.
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    Casual Saturday Siege... not!

    Chaos owns 1 keep. Order owns 2. There is no Balance! (pun intended) KDS and CAL split defensive duties and when the siege goes live CAL informs us of Chaos laying siege to the keep they are defending. We leave a group behind to defend that keep and we move 7 people to reinforce CAL. Once we arrive we figure out that Winterblades have finally dropped their Balance mantle and have joined EU Chaos. Now we are talking 15 to 20 of the strongest PvP players Crowfall community has to offer. What followed was over one hour of PvP with a lot of back and fourth and ultimately loads of fun! I hope you will enjoy this short #warstory /salute
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    War Story of the Week: Kunter84

    Congratulations to Kunter84 whose "Fun Friday - Cleric POV" video has been selected as the #CrowfallGame #WarStory of the Week! In the battle for Impius Keep during the Trial of Arkon, the underdogs of the Chaos faction bravely attempt to turn the tide in their favor. There are some helpful bits of strategy advice to found in the video, including these nuggets of wisdom: Don't let the enemy get behind you Fill the breech with fire Go for the squishy targets first What tactical advice do you find most helpful during a siege?
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    War Story of the Week: Galvia

    When I began my work day this morning, one of the first things I saw was a message that Marth had sent last night. It read, "There was a massive fight tonight. Hopefully someone sends you footage, was easily 70v70." I asked around and it was Galvia to the rescue. He was still in the process of getting the video prepped for YouTube, but hurried that along and shared the link. My favorite part of the video is when he admits that he was getting so salty that he switched off the audio. That's not to say that I enjoy Galvia being unhappy, but rather that it's a great sign that the game, even in pre-alpha, can evoke that much emotion. Not all War Stories are success stories, but boy howdy, can those feels be real. What’s been your favorite Crowfall moment so far?
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    Hi ya'll, We are aware of the issue and it's awaiting a fix. I've shared the submitted video's from @Hungry with the team and the issue is known. Thanks!
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    Does this count as the news?
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    Trial of Arkon = Trial of Gods Reach

    If you want more PvP roll Order. Complaining there’s a lack of PvP when you’re on the highest population faction is asinine. Split the powerhouses up, what is it that you’re so afraid of? We all get the same reward. Is it not being able to “crush”? Play to crush mindset destroys these games. We’ve seen the repercussions in past games and were seeing it now. If someone in Order complains there is no PvP then there’s an issue.
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    K/(D+A) is a terrible scoring mechanic. The only players that will benefit are the solo gankers preying on undergeared players while they farm for gear, and 1v1 dualist in a game that (by Todd's & Blair's words) is not balanced around 1v1 combat.
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    Regarding God's Reach graveyards

    Crafted vessels should be immune to the level requirement for Campaigns. Or the level requirement should be account-based. So long as you have a level 20 vessel already, you can enter a campaign with a new level 1 vessel.
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    Whiskey Sipping random Ideas

    Sooo... this happened. Get those off the wall requests ready because someone over at ACE is listening.
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    Druids use earth magic from the gods, Elken are men cursed to be deer for violating nature’s sacred groves. Makes sense to me.
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    Yes and he is a fine guild member, human being, friend, and promising artist. (Please note that Koregen's opinions on stairs are his own and do not necessarily reflect the position of Flames of Exile or the Factional Monarchy) (Our official position on Koregen is that we like him despite his rants about these things.)
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    visual noise: health bar options?

    @nblottie mass fights still result in a large degree of 'visual noise'. a large part of this is the excessively large health bars, but there are obviously many other elements going on as well. any possibility of a client setting option that would allow you to automatically hide a health bar when it is full? bonus if you can set: - separately for enemies, allies and group. - to only display when lower than a defined % - to only display when either damaged/healed/shielded within last ~5 (X) seconds - controls over the maximum size/width of the bar (probably 2-3 times as wide as it should be atm...) or alternative shapes such as a minimalist globe [e.g. tyranny minimal 'traffic globe' example]
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    5.100 LIVE Feedback for 8/9/2019

    Did some 1v1's with some of the Winterblades guys to see how bad the 3m melee is. It's pretty bad. With lag and any amount of desync it makes hitting someone running away very difficult. I've got video footage of my crosshair saying 3m yet still whiffing attacks on players running away from me. In any sort of kiting situation it's just frustrating and I've got fairly decent ping living in Virginia.
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    Additional observations: Spells now all have collision based on their line of targeting. Druid balls will stop if they hit an enemy or friendly non-group member and appear at that location. Druid balls (and other spells such as Fountain of Life) will not land (anchor and fall to the ground) and instead stay anywhere in the air that you target. If a friendly is directly behind you, yes BEHIND YOU, and they are in your field of vision, an AOE healing circle can actually go behind you instead of 30 meters away where you're targeting. As though the line of targeting is the FoV of the window instead of the line of site of the character models first person trajectory. You're targeting an area 30 meters away and an enemy runs through your field of vision at the 15 meter mark? That's where the healing circle lands. Some heals, such as Soothing Winds, seem to work as they used to, or close to it. It might have to do with multi-targeting/chain-targeting, not sure. Archdruids, after putting down a bunch of balls for a bomb, cannot Blight an area because the Blight collides with enemies/friendlies in front of the area and lands out of place. (placing the balls is also a problem, for the same collision-based and z-axis issues described above). If people have more observations I'll add them to this list so the front of the thread stays current and can be used as a summary.
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    10 things to do in a Campaign

    Sounds scary. I'd rather farm high quality materials in God's Reach and only log in for zerg fights.
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    Paladin (healing) Templar

    That first pip not doing its thing was a bug, while looking for the answer to this question, saw the problem and fixed it.
  40. 5 points

    5.100 LIVE Bug Reports for 8/1/19

    Please fix this landscape collision in Keeps, occurs at most of these similar areas
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    You know it's bad when those 3 people all agree on a subject...
  42. 5 points

    Scuffed Moments 3

    I require no justification to subject this community to my terrible, terrible art. Enjoy!
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    The Trial of Arkon has begun

  44. 5 points

    5.100 Snap Test Feedback for 7/29/19

    Issue on live, have not tried it on test recently but it has been around for months. The stats on Gathering training for Beneficial Harvest power were adjusted wrong. Once you get all the nodes is should read 24%/100% It has been adjusted to .24/100% and it is throwing off the whole line. That affects the amount of crit you get once you get the proc buff, and the amount of stamina you get back from the proc itself. I have the training If you get gear you see that it is not adding up right at all. Or this Spec seal would not be worth 6 times the training in multiple nodes across like 6 months of passive training. Or practically 18x better with a single gathering chest? That number needs to be fixed.
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    5.100 LIVE Bug Reports for 7/23/19

    Someone is fired.
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    Crowfall Parser with in-game overlay

    Before I answer that, I need to say: CAVEAT EMPTOR ("let the buyer beware"). Downloading, installing and using any application is done so at your own risk, particularly when it's not officially sanctioned by us. Now, about the TOS question. I wondered the same thing, so I ran it by some of the crew. Response 1: He is reading the combat log. (So if we change the combat logs that we output it might break his overlay.) But from his description it doesn't sound like it is giving the players tactical advantages or anything. Response 2: We definitely need more mods like that. Response 3: Hire him.
  47. 5 points

    Music in PvP Videos?

    What do YOU want to hear when you're watching a PvP video? If you have any suggestions for music types/genres I might've missed then add one per comment down below; that way, if I can't edit the poll in time, then people can vote with the Like button instead! Similarly, if you want to veto certain genres or sources (e.g. "anime music"), then comment that thought down below and people can also use Like to veto. Hopefully this will be a good reference for all content creators out there, both streamers and YouTubers, for what kind of music people who watch this game like to hear... At the end of the day these things are for you, the audience, to enjoy, so it's important that the audio choices align with your interests! P.S. If you're not sure what I mean by any of the poll questions then let me know and I'll send you some examples of what I was trying to convey
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    Is this worth buying?

    There are lots of streamers in the "Crow Circle", including https://www.twitch.tv/xrufio801x https://www.twitch.tv/galvia https://www.twitch.tv/crusaderw https://www.twitch.tv/drakanowow https://www.twitch.tv/realblankspace (Apologies to the streamers I didn't mention. Feel free to add your link to this thread.)
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    Give us a Roadmap

    That's if they gave specific dates or time frames. Despite some stating that ACE is the most transparent company ever , they could do little more to show a lot. There could be a generic list like: Dregs: Internal testing. Mounts: Animations in progress. Art for 1/5 models complete. Frostweaver: Animations Complete, Powers internal testing. Advantages & Disadvantages: On hold until 6.0 is launched. Class Promo Balance Pass: Planned for Beta 1 Could give rough estimates like Q3, 2021, post-launch or whatever but that's asking for trouble. However, if they actually had a list and updated it relatively often, it shouldn't be surprising to see delays or faster then expected progress. Heck they might even tell us why XYZ happened as if they were transparent... I'd much prefer something like this then the fluff news they put out or have to listen/watch hour long streams in hopes to gain some new or useful factoid. I don't watch most of Camelot Unchained's streams because they just talk at the screen and usually read off a paper, BUT they do put out https://camelotunchained.com/v3/category/news/ which gives a fairly straightforward and easy to read update on some things happening. Some of which is fluff of course, but at least it gives some insight into development and not random fight "War Stories" as news updates...
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    War Story of the Week: Xarrayne

    This thread reminds me of a great warstory https://youtu.be/aKNRspY8FrU
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