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    Casual Saturday Siege... not!

    Chaos owns 1 keep. Order owns 2. There is no Balance! (pun intended) KDS and CAL split defensive duties and when the siege goes live CAL informs us of Chaos laying siege to the keep they are defending. We leave a group behind to defend that keep and we move 7 people to reinforce CAL. Once we arrive we figure out that Winterblades have finally dropped their Balance mantle and have joined EU Chaos. Now we are talking 15 to 20 of the strongest PvP players Crowfall community has to offer. What followed was over one hour of PvP with a lot of back and fourth and ultimately loads of fun! I hope you will enjoy this short #warstory /salute
  2. 3 points

    5.100 LIVE Feedback for 8/16/19

    Please fix retaliate bug. Getting really annoying. And idk how confessors do it but seems to happen a lot against them. thanks.
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    Pricing difference for EU/US

    Costs more to translate the game from US English to English English. Like “butter” for example, becomes “buh uh”
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    Map Idea to Promote PvP

  5. 2 points

    Casual Saturday Siege... not!

    Good fights! Prom for some reason you included a Mandrake root, and projectiles in your enemy list .. 😂
  6. 2 points
    Here are a couple of memories of when those fighting for the favor of Maeve were repelled by the forces of Balance that Maeve hates most: Apologies about them being a bit late(only ~3 months and a few trials) but the timing of the Trial of Gaea turned out to be ideal!
  7. 1 point

    Casual Saturday Siege... not!

    sssh or todd will make it a new race/wartribe
  8. 1 point

    Casual Saturday Siege... not!

    LOL, those bastards were MvP though 😂
  9. 1 point
    Die Gilde "Dingoes Ate My Baby" [DNGO] sucht nach Mitstreitern im deutschsprachigem Raum, die Interesse an einer Söldner-Gilde mit familiären Flair haben.Wir kommen ursprünglich aus dem Spiel Guild Wars 2, indem Unser Hauptfokus auf dem WvW liegt. Unser Ziel wird es sein, eine kleine Truppe zu bilden, deren Zusammenspiel das Wichtigste ist. Mit diesem eingespielten Team wollen wir dann Festungen, Türme usw. einnehmen & halten bzw auszubauen.Wir rekrutieren dennoch Leuten, die kein Interesse am PvP haben.Sich dafür um das Sammeln von Materialien und das Craften von Vessels, Waffen, Rüstungen etc. kümmern. wollen.Bis zum Release werden wir Jeden mit Interesse aufnehmen.Nach Release werden wir eine Casual-Gilde bleiben, in der das RL im Vordergrund steht.Jedoch werden wir trotzdem auf eine gewisse Anwesenheit & ein spielerisches Interesse achten.Für weiter Informationen, könnt ihr BruderBrom oder Mich gerne anschreiben.https://discord.gg/ZaXrqN6
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    Crowfall Memes + MS Paint Rage Thread

    when you return and pretend you still know what is going on mfw watching videos
  11. 1 point
    Yeah, it is something that needs to be fixed either way since that method does not always work either. Roots are a huge issue with it as well.
  12. 1 point
    I've found the easiest way to be able to retaliate from a confessor is spamming your retaliate key when you are in air. If you hit the ground and you are hitting something else to cast, you're going to lose your ability to retaliate.
  13. 1 point

    KDS in Crowfall [EU]

    1h of bloodshed of KDS and CAL vs Vanguard, Winterblades and Norden Marauders
  14. 1 point

    5.100 LIVE Feedback for 8/16/19

    Archer Rangers are absurd and absolutely need to get nerfed ASAP. Their damage, range, and slipperiness is unmatched. And on top of that they're braindead easy to play. Incredibly unfun to play against.
  15. 1 point

    5.100 LIVE Feedback for 8/16/19

    Just hit some of the new addditions after taking a few months break. Here are a couple things I noticed. First, not letting players into the campaign until level 20 means players can't join their friends; don't like this move. Updated graphics are nice and character controller feels a lot smoother. Not able to name your character felt hollow after being able to name them in previous versions. Not sure I like the removal of the altar/XP trade in at the Pre-Earth starter area. New players should get a chance to level up higher before even going to "Earth". Changing the "F" to interact with the gate to a hold and press didn't feel right. I liked the simple press "F" from before. Love the "Throwing Hammer of the Irekei" great to see more nods to SB. Pulling items out of the Account Vault should be a right click anywhere on the bar, not just the little 1/2" x 1/2" icon. I was trying to take items out and it wouldn't work until I accidentally hovered over the image icon and it worked. The Account vault is one of the biggest negatives currently in my opinion. I'm not sure if I missed it, but when entering into God's Reach I didn't get the option to choose which faction I wanted to belong to. Previously you could be seperate of your guild. I'm not sure if I'm part of one big faction in this round of testing, or it was auto selected for me.
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    [GERMAN] Dingoes Ate My Baby

    Glückwunsch zum Start eures eigenen Projektes und viel Spaß und Erfolg im Test. Und im späteren Spiel natürlich.
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    5.100 LIVE Bug Reports for 8/16/2019

    The Duelist Inconceivable power is still randomly breaking and doing the animation without the ability firing properly.
  18. 1 point

    5.100 LIVE Bug Reports for 8/16/2019

    Having the Duelist Saltpeter Rounds buff makes it to where your Pepperbox Shot doesn't stun. Pretty easy to reproduce. Put Saltpeter Rounds up, try to stun, does nothing.
  19. 1 point
    Has to do with the animation rig/skeleton I believe. Certain races share certain animation rigs. Then they animated certain rigs for certain class abilities. So I'm guessing they never did druid animations for whichever rig the Elken has and it would be a lot of work to do so. This goes for the war tribes also. You'll notice the Embarri are obviously centaurs and get all the same classes that centaurs do. Satyrs are Elken. That's why you have knights, templars, clerics, confessors and rangers. Uguru are Minotaurs so there's myrm's, champions, and rangers. Arachoix are Fae which are assassins and druids. The Fae Knight was recently added so maybe we will see some Arachoix knights soon? Whenever the frostweaver comes out I imagine we will get an Arachoix frostweaver also.
  20. 1 point
    Agreed. And the option for a consolidated chat window.
  21. 0 points
    I also think ACE has let a subset of players pull them from the initial core vision of the game. As you say, not much can be done. 😥
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