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    Hey folks, just a quick note, apparently some people took my statement on yesterday’s livestream that “I will never do crowdfunding again” as frustration with community feedback. Nothing could be further from the truth; this game wouldn’t be here without you and frankly won’t be successful without you. That said, I was being earnest about my feelings on crowdfunding; I think it’s a particularly challenging way to develop a game for a few reasons: 1. You have to build excitement/hype at the beginning of the project, and it’s impossible to keep that excitement up for the duration of the project. That means your fighting an uphill battle of fatigue in the press and the audience going into launch. Not good. 2. Supporting a “live” service for the duration of development, with the accompanying build process, deployment pipeline and operational environment is very expensive and time consuming. 3. The process exposes all of our missteps to the world, and that sucks. No one would prefer to make their mistakes in front of a live studio audience. 4. The nature of the beast is that you're putting undercooked systems and unbalanced tables in front of players. As you know, this can often lead to experiences that are not fun. Managing expectations and keeping players happy is especially difficult under these conditions. All of that said, I apologize if it came across in any way as a swipe at you guys. It absolutely wasn’t intended that way. It can be hard to get feedback some times, but I want to make this game great for you and I fully recognize that we can’t do it without you. Next time, I’ll go get the funding lined up first and ask you for your feedback —without also asking for your money. That’s all. Thanks, Todd
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    A few points, since there seems to be a lot of confusion and trepidation about this system. Part of our game vision has always been -- and remains -- fostering interconnection between players of different types. That hasn't changed. However, we can't pursue that goal to the exclusion of everything else. In our current design, we haven't just encouraged interconnectivity, we have enforced it in dozens of ways. Players aren't just more efficient or effective when working with others, they are completely dependent on others. And by "completely dependent", I mean that. If a player doesn't have access to a variety of crafters with a spread of disciplines, they can find themselves in a position where they simply cannot participate in the game. And this happens early; you hit your first gate within a few hours of gameplay. If a player cannot find equipment of the appropriate type, their game play loop is broken. This is not theoretical, or conjecture, we can see it happening now. We can debate the reasons WHY it they might not be able to find that equipment -- I can name a dozen reasons, and I'm sure you can too -- but what cannot be debated is what happens, if a player finds themselves in this situation. They quit. Of course, our team will attempt to identify and fix every root cause that leads to this situation. But that's not enough. We need to have a design in place to correct for that situation, if and when it arises. In an open world, there will be scenarios (Durenthal noted one, above) where players may simply choose not to do something. Whenever a system is 100% dependent on the actions of other players, which we of course can't control, we are in danger of that system failing. and if that system is critical to the game, that's a problem. Randomized, disposable items is a solution to a very real problem. This system is almost identical to the system that we used on Shadowbane. I know that it works. So why don't people like it? Let's look at the main concerns, as voiced in this thread. Some of them I agree with, some of them I don't. Concern #1: "it creates more grind" I don't agree. Players can ignore this system completely and use the previous method to harvest and craft items. Adding an optional way to get something in the game that can be ignored isn't forcing an additional "grind". Further, since these items can be sacrificed for XP, this system shortcuts the PvE loop (less grind) and since they can be salvaged, it shortcuts the harvesting loop (less grind). For the last year, we have heard complaints from our PvP-focused backers that the balance of time I get to spend in PvP was being far out-weighed by things I have to do, in order to PvP. This should dramatically help to address that problem. Concern #2: "what happens right after a wipe?" I agree with this concern. This is a valid issue. That said, I believe this is an issue that we already had, resurfacing: all of the top-tier items in the game are gated behind months of passive training. This is definitely a problem with the current design, and once that I've been thinking about for some time (long before loot). I have ideas for how I think we should address it, and of course I'm open to other ideas. I absolutely agree that it needs to be resolved before launch. Concern #3: "this will cause even more strain on the banking system" This is also valid, and unfortunately I don't have a great answer... yet. This isn't a design issue; I want more storage. The reason for the limited bank space / guild storage options is purely technical; the engineering team has been working on a solution for some time I'll be delighted to launch it the moment it is ready. I get that there is a lot of frustration in this area, and I look forward to the day when this problem is behind us, more than you can imagine. Concern #4 (which I imagine is the most critical): "this means that crafters won't be important" I absolutely understand that crafters are nervous that this will undercut their role in the game. But there is a difference between being something being "important" to me, and forcing me to be 100% dependency on it. Food is important. Oxygen is critical. We recognize this concern, and we're taking great pains to underscore the importance of crafting. We aren't going to drop any legendary quality items. Every attribute that can be found on a loot item can be created via crafting, but not vice versa. Loot items are disposable; they are made to be used (and used up) very quickly. They can be salvaged for resources and components. We are putting these safeguards in place because our intention is still to keep dedicated crafters at the top of the economic food chain. We want crafting to be a full game experience and parallel advancement path. However, we cannot go so far in this pursuit that we risk making a game that is literally broken for everyone else. Todd
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    Crowfall is not a PvP game.

    It is a Crafting and farming game, that happens to have a splash of pvp with no benefit/payout... the gear gap is huge and can not be closed via earning benefits from pvp. the game rewards Farmers with good materials in their spirit banks and vendors. the game rewards you for logging in and spending points longer then someone else. this also makes you a top tier crafter??!?!?. (yes you need some pve drops too) there is no incentive or alt progression for pvp. its just a thing you can do if you want to.. and if you want to take a fort or keep you must wait for the predesignated time so all the people that have been logging in and spending points longer then you can be prepared and waiting. in its current state this game will be dead to hard core pvpers with in a few months of launch.. the only time pvp will be fun and balanced is after full passive wipes
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    Showed Crowfall for 5k viewers

    So this streamer Reckful, which I have been following for years, were watching viewer streams. I thought why not try and show Crowfall this way, because we had created an arena from World of Warcraft, which Reckful have played a lot. So he clicked my message, and I showed him a quick and dirty version of Crowfall, and the viewers seemed to love it. Here's the VOD (I recommend watching on Twitch in your browser, so you can see chat/viewer responses) Starts at 1h 44m 33s Was fun!
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    Player Suggestions? Ok here it is.

    Suggestions --------- I played just over a year ago for about a month and then stopped, I am getting too old to spend a lot of time play testing a game. Ok here is my suggestion. JTodd, I have been a fan of the games you've been apart of in the past. I was addicted to Shadowbane and I liked some parts of Faxion. I signed up to Crowfall because of your past games and the original vision YOU had for Crowfall. STOP LETTING THOMAS BLAIR MAKE DECISIONS....he is turning your game idea into a grind fest...a chore. The crafting system is WAY TOO interdependent. The passive skill training takes WAY TOO long. Gear breaks WAY TOO often and soon. Disciplines seem WAY TOO hard to come by. The fact that I need 3 guild members to do anything really makes an independent person feel like a leach /a dependent child / a hanger-on; it's kinda degrading. If I get a week where I have the luxury of being able to play a game....it doesn't matter how much I grind, I still will have a lowbe. Much of character development is locked behind a time gate (I felt that in Faxion as well, though not nearly to the degree I feel it in Crowfall). I was exited for a Throne warfare game like Shadowbane that had a fast paced, combat system like Faxion. But what this game in it's current iteration has me wondering if I will keep playing. Even with a guild, this game (the past 3 weeks I have been back playing) is way to much grind for me. Just as I farm enough blue mats for weapons and armour, my white gear breaks (again) leaving me to finish trying to level a blue vessel with the had earned blue gear I JUST GOT. After about 10, R10 cats, the durability on my brand new gear is already close to 1/3 lower and I haven't died in that gear yet. So as other threads have said...it a grind for the sake of grinding; NOT for GvG throne warfare. To my understanding, T Blair is the person behind crafting and passive skill training. He has some good ideas as far as powers go, and even though I feel the crafting system is way too interdependent, some crafting depth is required. T Blair has taken it over-board. Rein him in. By all means, keep listening to his suggestions, I believe he does have some good ones BUT STOP LETTING THOMAS BLAIR MAKE DECISIONS
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    Crowfall is not a PvP game.

    PVP in crowfall happens in special doses at the moment. A) You get steamrolled by a pug, while farming the stuff you need, to replace the armor you loose, while getting steamrolled by a pug. B ) You join the steamrollers that have more members then any other guild and just faceroll the keyboard because nothing matters if you happen to have 3 backup healers and have more crafters then 5 normal guilds combined have players. C ) You join a siege and end up with A or B D ) The rare case that an even number of players meet each other and you have the enjoyment of loosing or winning after a hard fought battle. E ) Two steamrollers meet each other on a siege, faceroll the keyboard at the lightspeed of 10FPS When i bought into crowfall i was deluded and thought that D was the target audience and E (with better FPS) would be the sieging that happens every 3 days in a keep and be a special massiv battle. Now we got that unintresting siege windows even on forts and the usual pvp we had during 5.8.6 in forts was replaced and further caters to steamroller grps to show up. Crowfall has no regular pvp at the moment, it's nullsec at it's finest. Sitting ducks that flex their manpower muscles every now and then. Since 5.9 my guild members tell me this: "I have no intention in playing Crowfall at this state." "I am sick of farming and grinding 90% of the time." "Why should we even try to compete with the current power gap?" I find the last one pretty amusing because even a reset won't change the fact that crowfall caters to massiv guilds over skilled small grps at it's current state. I know we have warstories of the week from certain players that happen to have one video of a great pvp battle but overall CF is not enjoyable since 5.9 hit, at least not to everyone that doesn't want to be just another gear in a steamroller engine.
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    I actually don't like disciplines being gated behind random drops, either. I feel like they are too critical to creating builds. I'll talk to the design team about this one. Todd
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    It would take a pretty dramatic turnabout on some design decisions to bring most of my guild back. The vast majority of us have written Crowfall off and moved on completely. However, here's a list off the top of my head of what I think it'd take to get us back: Reduce the grinds to a level where a guild can focus primarily on PvP. Replace the godawful RNG-gated discipline-finding system (it's terrible in 5.92 still) with a proper crafting system for them Improve performance in large fights Remove the target cap on area-effect damage to let us bust stacks of players. The blob vs blob fights are custard terrible. Reduce out-of-party area-effect healing and shift the healing focus to self-sustain and party-only / targeted heals (more stack busting). Give better telegraphs so that we can get some player-skill based combat going with counterplays. Improve the combat UI or give us hooks so we can write our own (WoW was so good at this)
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    Why training is important

    Ahh Maeve, war goddess, watery tart, dispenser of bloody scimitars that can decide political systems. You have no hold on me. I am a learned elf. A scholar. A man of risks. I am a trained miner. I dig in the dirt for ore. Sometimes for stone, but that is still a bit puzzling. After all these years of teaching myself the art of soil and steel I find myself having issues in the era of Maeve. All of my years of training are but for nought when the War goddess rages. My beneficial harvests are weak, mewling things. I used to be secure in my ways, now I am left with doubt. The armor i had a friend make me, from ore brought from the earth by my own two hands has forsaken me. I can no longer wear mail. The new body I inhabit has not become comfortable with the weight. So clothed in leather, that aids me in my beneficial harvests of metal I come to a puzzling conclusion. The armor is much much much more powerful than my hard earned skills. I used to gain a rush in stamina and knowledge when destroying nodes of metal, eager to address the next area, hands sure, breath steady. Now without my armor, my stamina is spent, my eyes clouded. Is this finally age catching up to me? Or perhaps a trick from the war worshippers? I know not, but with the changes I can no longer trust in my knowledge alone. I have to gird myself in unfamiliar leather, whose properties allow me to see the weakness in the ore in a new light, no longer trusting to the previous node to help me power through the next, I once again venture out to hit metal in the earth. A new cadence to an old song, but I need to take more breaks now, and all the metal seems not as fine. In this age of war, something has been lost. The gleam of ore no longer holds as much promise, it no longer holds as much allure. It is more work to extract it, for less gain and less quality. Perhaps mining is a young man's game, in this new age, I may have lost a step, and that step might be my last.
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    ACE reacquires publishing rights

    Thanks Kraahk Really was a pleasure work with this game. This game have a huge future, at least i believe, and don't forget CM aren't important, the most important is the community, players because without them.... no CM I hope see you all, in field, killing spyders, monsters, doing some big wars...:) I will be there Thanks by your words, and have fun. Enjoy this great game with a great team. Best Regards Fauno
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    LogIn and Active Players Rewards

    No thank you. Save the login reward garbage for games that need to trick you in to logging in every day to shove microtransactions in your face. You already get a reward for doing activities ingame. Its called loot. If that isn't enough, then that's the problem we need to fix. If the game is not compelling enough as a holistic design to get people to log in, the correct response is to make it compelling enough. Pasting over a game that isn't enough fun to get people to log in with a wide brush full of bribes and chores doesn't make the game better, nor does it make the user experience better. People should be able to take breaks from MMOs without feeling like they're gimping themselves. Login rewards are not fun. They're not a game play system. They do not make any game that uses them better. They're just an annoying chore with the sole purpose of psychologically manipulating the player's fear of missing out as a substitute for having something interesting enough to do they'd log in anyway.
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    ACE reacquires publishing rights

    I am not particularly sad to hear that Travian left. Through a long period of time I had a lot of sleepless nights due to them. And not those of the pleasant type. In my personal opinion things should have been handled very differently back in 2016. Whatever, that's cold zombie guts. This years new team was good, though. It's sad to see them go, they had a lot of potential. So, a shoutout to @Menja, @Ikas, @Fauno, @TheUnknown and @Cerus: Thanks for your work and the way you did it. And for what you tried to do, they way you did, even if it didn't always work out in the end. You would have deserved better. Alas, fate decided differently. I hope you had some fun with us. To all of you i wish only the best for your future. And maybe we'll meet again. In another story, another world, or even just in another campaign. Fare well.
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    Item Rewards - Official discussion thread

    You have a tester base screaming it’s sick of grinding for randomized loot...so you add more randomized loot.... And on top of that I see nothing about the horrendous state of bank/inventory management. Something there’s a weekly new thread complaint about. But now we are getting more junk to have to hold on to/deal with... crafters are begging for an economy, but you’re effectively removing the need for the crafters to produce items for it.... It seems like there is a major disconnect between the devs and testers. Different visions of what this game is supposed to be. One wants a game with meaningful PvP and a crafting economy. And the other wants you to grind grind grind and maybe get some lame PvP in the process.
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    This is great! Nice writeup @thomasblair! I really like the system for having prefixes, core attribute and suffix. Reminds me of rolling gear in Shadowbane. I like the stat choices for the armor too as they just make it so much more interesting than what we currently have. I also REALLY like that we will get armor/weapon drops from monsters. Aside from the more obvious pro's like allowing players to gear up quicker this also gives me hope that we may see equipped item loot in the Dregs after all. I could see people wearing "dropped gear" as an "everyday" type of armor and save the high end crafted stuff for sieges. That risk/reward component of not always wearing your best armor in fear that you might lose it is missing from the current faction campaigns in Crowfall and I certainly hope it appears in the Dregs.
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    Hey to the crowfall team, Before making some suggestions, I like some recent changes made to the game especially : - Faster swing animations on switching between combat, harvesting, range, sneak mode. Ty for that ! - The ability to sell items at shops. - The Talent tree system. - The cooking system adds some fun. - The graphics work of crowfall, i think that the graphic team found the nice balance between a cartoonish / realistic mood. - The Armor mod that went to a resist based instead of a health bonus system. These are some suggestions about : The talent tree : It would be fun to have a more cohesive design in the talent tree. At this time, we need to put a lot of points where we don't want, because of a very linear talent tree. But why? If you remember the sb system, you were increasing your main skill (for example, the beastcraft skill on a ranger) and that triggered the unlock of powers. So you could train the power you wanted https://morloch.shadowbaneemulator.com/index.php?title=Ranger_Powers) (https://morloch.shadowbaneemulator.com/index.php?title=Ranger). You didn't need to spend points where you didn't want. This was a strong & solid design system. The sb system allowed a lot of flexibility and customization deepness. The actual crowfall system gives the impression of an inferior design. Of course, some choices break some parts of the tree (the subclass choice), and its a good thing. So how can we improve the talent tree ? simply instead of a linear talent tree with long branches, just unlock powers you can train on leveling, not by clicking on a linear branch path. Keep the branches only where it makes sense (subclass choice for example). The skill tree Same complaint can be made for the skill tree. There are some repetitive paths and trains (for example 3 weapons decay rate randomly put on the tree). And we need to train a lot of powers we simply don't need or want to focus. Branches simply don't give an impression of cohesion. So how can we improve the skill tree? simply cut the branches, because they bring no logical only side effects. Keep the branches only where it makes sense. Unlock all powers of a node (ex : Melee node) at the same time, so we can train only the one we want. You can make some branch dependencies but it would have sense. I think that these design issues are serious and recurrent. All main ideas are here, but they need to be more polished. You would understand that is important for a player to have a nice amount of control on his character building. A player should feel a sense of liberty of testing and promote a build. The character building is the main game core. I would not play a game if i have the feel of following some rigid paths. Games that have success (GTA series, Red dead redemp. league of legends, Dota...) gives a great feel of liberty and customization options. I don't want to overwhelm but some complaints can be made too about the very limited choice of weapon types for each class (see my previous suggestion post). I'm happy that the game is still on Pre-alpha and i would keep some good hope for the next versions.
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    Crowfall is not a PvP game.

    I don't remember what this thread is about, so this likely isn't relevant info, but here is why I don't play. Winning is more fun than losing. Sometimes losing can also be fun. Crowfall needs this to be true. Right now in Crowfall, winning is too often not fun, losing is rarely fun. And my biggest issue, it's often to much work to even get to a point where you are in a situation to win or lose. The large majority of PvP I've experienced in CF are sieges, and they are just not fun. I think it was hit dead on earlier that it's only fun for the Battle commander's and shot callers. Once multiple groups get involved on both sides all the classes meld together and any sort of individual interaction or play is lost. The classes are all to similar. Disciplines do not fix this in their current state because they all do roughly the same things. There are effectively only 3 classes. You can choose to swing a sword, shoot a fireball or heal. Race, class, promotion class, and discipline choice only change the cosmetics and effectiveness of these 3 roles. The thousands of possibilities of character building don't matter in anything more than 10v10.
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    Campaign status for 5/20/19

    Upon review of the great feedback from testers that we’ve seen over the course of the last few days (THANK YOU!), we have decided to take additional time to address some gameplay and technical issues before resuming the Trials of the Gods. Here’s the plan: We will kick off another mini-campaign, Cimazen, this afternoon. (At the time of this writing, I’m not able to give an exact time; I’ll update this post when I have one.) This will be a two-day campaign. We’ll be watching carefully, so your bug reports and feedback and ultra-important so we can quickly identify anything else that needs tweaking before a new trial begins. Although the campaign that’s kicking off today will begin too late for an EU siege, EU will still have the opportunity to complete two sieges before this mini-campaign ends on Wednesday.
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    Prologue Caldera has been an active part of Crowfall since early August 2015. “We are the attackers, causing mayhem and murder. We are the crafters you will spend your funds on. We are laying siege to your castle and crushing your attempts to take ours. We are the refuge and protection from The Hunger that is creeping in on us all. “ We are Caldera - Playing with Fire! Avocation – “What does it mean to be part of Caldera?” “Real Life First – Full Commitment when Available Improvement – Team – Success Equality amongst friends, respect towards enemies…” The only thing you really have to do is take care of your real life. To balance between gaming and the rest of your life is your call. When you do come online and play with us, we want you to be fully committed ~ To Play with Fire. Strive for improvement. we will never be perfect. That doesn't have to keep us from trying. Learn from successes and mistakes, from your allies, your enemies, and yourself. Always ask yourself "what would have been a better way to approach this situation?" Don't be afraid to receive feedback, and don't be afraid to give it. Play for the Team. We are not a pile of solo players. The team is our strength, our motivation, our family. Always try to do what is best for the team, and in the long run the team will do what's best for you. We share our time, knowledge, and ingame goods. Aspire for success. While there is sometimes room to “mess around”, when it matters, we always play to win, no matter the odds. People will depend on you. Always play to the best of your ability, use your best judgement, and trust in your allies to do the same. We are all equal gamers and humans, and we treat each other as such. Being an Officer means taking up a responsibility for the good of the guild, no less and no more. Every voice matters. This even includes our enemies: be respectful, in victory or defeat. No flaming, harassment, bug using or cheating. What do we offer our members – “It’s a package deal!” A fun and friendly environment to achieve common goals in. A flexible hours guild with a hardcore mentality when it comes to the important stuff. (Casually Hardcore). A massive amount of in game knowledge to be shared to empower our guild members. A common progressive attitude towards the game where all guild members are recognized for their contributions. Applying – “Still here? Perfect.” Upon reading this, if you feel that Caldera might be a place for you then all you need to do, is click below: APPLY NOW Still not persuaded? If you wish to learn more about our structure and how we do things, then just click below. Read More! or Join our Discord and ask questions Link to the original Caldera recruitment thread.
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    Item Rewards - Official discussion thread

    Count me in the nervous group. Rather than improving the economy, I see this as competing with the economy before it's born. Master craftsmen will be competing with loot for market share on anything but their best work. Entry level craftsmen will be left out entirely. The harvesters that feed them will see lower demand for their goods, particularly after salvaging and refining is implemented. IMO, give us the tools for a real economy (a valued common currency, manufacturing & storage inventory), and we will fill the need for gear. Then change loot from finished goods to components that are better, or just different, than a craftsmen can produce but still require crafting to become useable gear. SWG's Acklay bones, Night Sister vibro motors, Krayt tissues, Geonosian power cubes and all the other loot only components made for incredible gear and were all well worth chasing and fighting over, while adding to the economy by demanding the best craftsmen and the best materials for assembly,
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    #Warstory - As fall draws close.

    Fall is near, soon the chilling grasp “of the Hunger” will take a hold of us all – again. I’m abruptly interrupted in my trail of thoughts, by the ill-omened sound of catapults crashing against the castle walls. Shouts cut through the chilling air of enemies’ position, of “Balance” approach. I ruffle my wings and take position on the North West tower bridge where yet again forced to fight within the confinements of the Keep walls. Yet again in the outskirts of the fight my services will be needed. From the shadows I watch “Balance” make haste up the ramps of the inner walls, cursing the eager builders of the guild – esthetics over practicality – “Why do they persist to rebuild those inner walkways”. My Caltrops are placed to slow as many of them as possible in their push for the “Tree of Life”. The first Ballista goes up – my first target appears. A mere breath later they charge, fortunately we had anticipated this action. I stop them in their tracks so their push can be met with fire and might. Wreaking havoc in their attempt to cross the bridge. An unfortunate soul is tossed down from the bridge, separated from the group it’s a chance I can’t let pass by. As my blades come crushing down on his armor, he’s fortunate enough to retreat to the ramp of his allies – comforted once more by the shadows. Shadows providing the safety till I can once more strike. “Balance” pushes once more, as they cross the bridge I advance on the ballista, knowing for the defense to last it must be removed. I hear the sound of metal behind me, as unleash a flurry of attacks on the siege weapon – its demise is immediate, and its operator is not soon to escape. Knowing others will follow, I make my way to the “Tree of Life” The random fights of a siege occur, right until I see yet another ballista placed. Making my way through the walkways I quickly move to my allies’ aid. The rain of fire from the Ballistas must stop, just as I get there our rangers are able to take it down, yet it’s operator – she’s still alive.... for now. She drop down from the wall being completely cut off from her allies, something that also spelled her ultimate doom. The call is made for the Tree of Life, and with her blood on my blades, I make my way to my allies’ side. As I enter the room, the aura from the Tree of Life lingers, I swiftly give chase to two that have been cut off from their group. I know that fire of one of our Confessors will aid me in this fight, so I leave the comforts of stealth and let the fury of my blades rain down on the unaware champion. He tries to recover, but as others before him – the death of toxins gets the better of him in the end. Voices call through the air of “Balance” doing a final retreat, a call I answer. All that have survived engage to drive them out of the keep, fights that persistently push them on the retreat. Knowing that we had downed enough of their forces, leaving them in the “shroud of death”, time was on our side now. The push was made complete as we cut them off from their ability to kill our tree.. In the end, the “Banetree” fell, as did the further attempts from “Balance”. They will be back... and we will be waiting.
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    The Great Ambush

    This was my first war story ,so sorry if its not that good or if i made grammar mistakes.
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    Crowfall is not a PvP game.

    I too have the most fun in this game right after a full wipe. When there's no real gear gap to speak of. When player ability matters more than passive skill training or gear. When I can quickly gear up and then PVP. The deeper we get into the passive training trees, the better the gear becomes, the larger the gear/training gap becomes between noobs and vets, the larger the grind becomes to stay competitive, the more the PVE to PVP ratio swings towards PVE, the less I want to continue to play. Many players just aren't willing to put in that kind of work in a pre-alpha but the ones that do have an enormous advantage. The real question is whether or not players are willing to do the grind to stay competitive post launch. Grind is content in many MMORPG's so I get ACE's reluctance to reduce it too much to suit a pre-alpha environment but gamers are very fickle these days and will move on quickly if the game doesn't meet expectations upon launch.
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    War Story of the Week: Yumx

    Congratulations to Yumx whose video was selected as our War Story of the Week! FULL STORY
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    Salut à tous, je vous propose une petite présentation rapide du jeu en 5.9, ça va vite (trop vite) mais avant la 6.0 qui est censé être l'alpha je voulais pas passer trop de temps à ça! N'hésitez pas à me faire des retours et poser vos questions. Bonne vidéo!
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    5.9. Disciplines by Sgt. Atreus

    Greetings Crows, Sgt. Atreus has done some nice work putting together all the latest on disciplines in 5.9. and we've decided to share his work with the rest of the community. https://1drv.ms/x/s!Ai_itbqfeWeDgoBUH8CShE66IT-Yvw @AtreusThank you very much for the hard work sir! Enjoy everyone! /salute
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    Whew, ok. Let me reply to this thread again in stages because this is one of those subjects that's probably going to require more than one stream to cover all the things. Talking with our team we initially wanted this stream to be an "intro" course into vessel creation, leveling, and how a new player can get a new vessel. I'm pretty sure we touched on a lot of those entry level points today, but for the current set of players or those who are more hardcore, we didn't really bring anything new or address a lot of your questions. So, with that being said let me touch on a few things we're going to work toward iterating. This is going to be a collaborative experience with all of you! 1. I completely forgot to mention this point, but I'm sure most of you already knew about this. We have a plan to now broaden XP gain into other aspects of game play, such as harvesting, crafting, and taking outposts. 2. We're going to go back and re-examine the amount of XP given on a mob kill. 50XP for a rank 1 and 50XP for an elite mob just doesn't feel right, and we're going to start establishing a better baseline for mob XP. This is one of those "Le duh" game developers, moment but this specific issue fell under our radar and now that I'm aware of it, I want to fix it ASAP. 3. New player experience and God's Reach fine tuning. We're at a point where we have a general idea of how we want this to feel and want to work on iterating on this experience, including XP gain, overall flow, and feel. 4. Sacrifice amounts: This is a big one and this one is probably going to take the most time to adjust and polish, but I agree with you. Some of the values on our loot items are not at the best rate for level gaining. Let's re-evaluate these values! I have a lot of other ideas and possible solutions, but they all depend on how receptive the powers that be are to those ideas. I won't go into detail on them since it's always a possibility those ideas will get shot down, but I just want you to know that my current intent is to facilitate a solid playable experience. OK, I see some other posts here asking specific questions and I'll do my best to answer those, now!
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    A first look at how we will facilitate the item reward cycle FULL STORY
  28. 6 points

    ACE reacquires publishing rights

    PLS FIX it i want to read it !!
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    You'll be able to craft better gear across the entire progression of the game and, on top of that, still have exclusivity over the best gear in the game. Your gear will be far more durable, have better stats, and the item effects will be bespoke. Todd
  30. 6 points

    Members and Information drought

    How are we supposed to have a healthy community? I got pretty good guild members that have played with me since we opened our guild on the start of the trials of illara, with dayli uptimes of everyone and everyone was very enthusiastic. The month started out with news from the devs about 5.9 being tested on testservers and we followed, gave the feedback that it's riddled with bugs and nobody ever thought this mess would be released to live servers. We were promised a mug for using the testservers and helping in ironing out the rough corners of the build and everyone thought "I can live with 5.8.6 until 5.9 is really ready and give my constructive feedback from the testservers". We were all ready to run on live and test on the testservers at the same time. Now we feel let down, we feel disappointed and now i will as the last online member in my guild shut down the lights because only the "inner test circle" gets news and we peasents have to endure a month of silence. Some sparse info about the embargo system does not change how left alone we feel. I am seeing games in alpha like fractured, seeing their detailed news on every patch, active community managers and i am thinking: "ACE you can do that to, your team is way bigger then 8 men?" This is not a rent anymore, this is just a sad story about players left in the dark cold night without any real direction or info on how things are going. As every last member of my guild said before they slowly one after another went into the Crowfall Break: "There is 0 fun left!"
  31. 6 points

    Bring Back Hunger Dome

    Gathering for the little amount of pvp currently available has burnt out a lot of players. Give us something to do that satisfies our pvp needs. Temporary hunger dome until this loop is sorted out. Leave the campaign up for those who want to continue in it
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    On the flip side, I think the net positive here is the amount of player-driven iteration you've been able to do. You chose to be extremely transparent and really integrate the community at a very early stage, and being a guy that has made several MMOs at this point you're also really cognizant of the over/under on MMO communities complaining about hogwash versus common threads that expose questionable decisions, and the perils of the armchair developer. TBH the way you're developing the game is absolutely terrifying to me, too and I wouldn't want to do it that way either. However I think the net benefit of having so many people poking holes in the design at such formative points seems a net positive that you guys have harnessed for real good, and I think that care and attentiveness to balancing 'what does our audience want' versus 'what does our audience say it wants' will most certainly show in the final product. You can say "It's pre-alpha' and 'come back later when its finished' all you want to, but the fact remains that you're taking people's money in exchange for access to the thing, so you've made the decision to respect that interaction and treat it like the product people paid for. That's admirable. A lot of "early access" titles don't bother. The moment you've started accepting money and gating access to a live environment, in every practical sense of the word your game is released. You have an obligation to the people you sold it to to attempt to deliver the best experience possible. A lot of early access teams simply don't try, take the money and then hide behind the excuse of "well its just a beta" and continue to use that statement as some kind of magical shield while engaging in commerce with customers as if that were not the case. The fact is, when you're offering access to servers in exchange for money, you're now selling a live service. Its not really a pre-release order any more. You gated server access behind that purchase deliberately to create a transaction because the value of that access is more compelling than the promise of future access. You have taken on the decision to monetize the game as a game, not as a pre-order. The "Its early access" excuse, in my opinion, carries very little weight once you start making the transaction of money for access. I think ACE seems genuinely concerned with treating their customers well. Not "backers" or "funders" or whatever PR bull buzzword is usually used to deflect from the reality of that relationship but customers who have paid to use a product and expect it to function well NOW because they're paying to play it NOW. You decided to treat your customers, even at this pre-alpha stage like customers. Is it harder? I bet. Does it speak volumes about the character of the team that has been assembled? Also yes. Does it make the development of your game less agile? I bet. Does it result in a better game when its all said and done? I'd like to think so. So yeah, its hard to do right by customers in this situation, which is why a lot of crowfunded projects don't try and just use the cloak of "we're working on it" to justify that lack of engagement and respect for those customers. I get why you wouldn't want to do it again, but I also think your decision to keep doing the hard thing even though its hard for the good of your customers says a lot.
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    UI Design Lead Nick Blottie shares a preview of the significant UI changes that are underway FULL STORY
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    Upcoming Discipline Changes

    Viable in what context? Because the only context where this viable is vs. some spiders or other pve. It's also viable in PvP vs other white/whites. But white/white is not viable vs blue/blue and blue/blue is really the only combat-worthy set-up now since the way you've done discs. White/white is also not viable vs ballistas, but blue/blue starts to have a chance if you maneuver correctly. Have you actually tried to farm specific discs in your game? Or have you just gone out and saw that a_disc_00 dropped and turned the page? Because if you think watching 3 people get 3 random discs, half of which are always worthless crafting techniques, is a good and valuable thing, then you missed the issue completely. There's no way to target the discs you want. I have to compete between a full loot table on every disc-dropping mob I kill, all of which are on timers. And btw, those rare good minors, yeah I need 9 each of those were I to go legendary. And as bad as that is, it doesn't hold a candle to how horrible getting majors is. Not even talking legendary vessel. We got us a 3 hour spider to kill. And the "us" is EVERYONE IN THE CW. Oh, and it spawns every 3 hours. You've no way to hunt the ones you need/want or even the type (healing, defense, caster, melee). Lets say you're going for two majors on your legendary vessel. Every time you kill that r6 spider you get 2 out of a possible 40 major discs. Now lets say that all drop equally, meaning that you will get 1 each of the majors you need every 40 that drop. So you get 1 major that you need per every 60 hours (40 majors will drop in 20 spawns of 3 hours) or 60 hours if you play 24/7 and kill the spawn every time it spawns. I need 9 of each type, so 9x60 hours or 540 hours or nearly 23 days of logging in every 3 hours without fail. Lets say you can only play 12 hours a day. Now you need 46 days to complete your majors. What if you can only play 6 hours per day, you need over 3 months to farm your majors. Normal people prob average 1-3 hours a day, so lets say 3 hours. You'll be able to complete your major discs in only 6 months. This accomplishment nets you a legendary disc that has the same stats as a white disc... No, this is not an accomplishment. Accomplishment carries the connotation of a euphoric end, a sense of pride to go along with the completion of a journey or quest, a feeling that the time spent, although long, was worth the end result. None of that here.
  35. 6 points

    Upcoming Discipline Changes

    The community defined viability for us as a "max white level vessel with discs". So... We are working towards making that a reality for players to hit in a weekend. (you should continue to see tweaks to hit this goal in the 5.92.X cycle) If you want to go to the next stage of progression and use a green or blue vessel, then the default quality that the mobs drop for both minors/majors (blue) are in the world. (If something is eating the spawns then that sounds like a bug, but in stream I saw today players are easily getting 3 blue minors from a r7s, and an ancient spider that dropped a bunch of souls.) If you want to go beyond that stage in quality levels and use purple or orange vessels, then you are committing to a much lengthier process. (Shouldn't it feel like an accomplishment to max/disc out an orange vessel?) Basically pick how high you want to go into vessel quality. For some people, the extra attribute points won't be worth it and they don't have the time, so they stop progression at white quality and login for sieges or PoI timers. For others who want to invest the time they have the prestige of the higher qualities.
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    It was nice to hear Todd acknowledge the problems we're seeing, but without fixes, fewer and fewer of us are willing to test. The fact that we can't get disciplines for green or rarer vessels at all any more is pretty harsh. Having all the rare drops gated behind RNG rolls with very low chances is miserable. It's not like I have 90 (or even 5) guildmates helping get stuff for my crafters - so my chances are pretty tiny. Crowfall's kickstarter funded in March 2015. I've tested every build, every patch since then. There have been patches where 26s lag spikes (bigworld 3.0) made it almost impossible to play, but we persevered. With 5.9, even the hardcore testers don't want to persevere any more. If you manage to fix the problems that make us think the game is too grindy, and implement the dregs ruleset, you should get a decent bump in testers - how we react to the dregs is going to make or break crowfall. I hope you get it right, and that it comes soon.
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    In the end of the siege window all 3 factions ended up in the same map. It lead to a long mobile 3 way fight. Good fights everyone! ______________________________We are still recruiting, looking for 1 full support player, and 4x flex players!Check us out: Our recruitment thread
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    I think Faction Campaigns were a mistake. Almost everyone in the MMO-verse has played a Realm vs. Realm or Faction vs. Faction PvP game. This game mode isn't novel or interesting to anyone, it's just a half-way point to the features we're all really attracted to: Guild vs. Guild, city building/sieging and player politics.
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    Oh we've been following "the plan". The problem is is that the game is that much of a chore to play right now that people cannot even be bothered to log in. I know it's testing, and I know that there are things coming down the pipe. However, right now people would rather watch paint dry than play this. There's only so much broken you can put up with before you tap out. I still log in, see if there's anything on the go and nothing. I've yet to find a PUG as there is hardly anyone around! I want to play and test, but just about everyone I know that used to enjoy testing this game would rather play literally anything else than log in. So it stands to say, what can the devs do to at least make this game enjoyable enough so that people start logging in. I do know that the current crafting trend (needing items to make better gear and those items are rare drops with durability) is a big, BIG turn off. There's enough to do with crafting as is. Our crafters were already burning out before these items were introduced. Then having to camp for these items, only to do it again and again? If they want realism, show me in reality where someone learns a specialized skill from something in their pocket, only to lose that skill when said item breaks? It's another time sink. They (the devs) think they are adding value when all they're doing is adding unnecessary grind. Then there's the mobs. What in the hell were they thinking? The mobs my character needs to level are unsoloable, period. Normally I would get a group, but no one is logging on! I can't get better gear because our crafters are not logging on. I'm lucky enough to have a blue vessel, because our necromancers are not logging on. And on the rare occasion that one of them does log on, they can't make the gear I need because they don't have these rare drops. Look, I get needing maybe a special drop to be able to make legendary/runic gear. Totally understand. But all qualities? Really?! And the added kick to the guts of the item having durability? Just make it a specialized skill, just like all other MMO's. Crafting in this game is a pain in the ass enough as it is. I've yet to see a dev respond to any of these posts so who knows if anyone is listening. I've certainly not received a single message regarding my concerns. It's all one way conversations, them talking and us taking it on the chin. At this stage of the game, the company should be more hands on, working with players in game to test their software. Instead, all I hear is crickets.
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    Hi! I'm going to be skewing your results because I just chose a poll value at random so I could see the results. Sorry about throwing off your poll position! Bookmarking this thread though. Seems like this is an ongoing conversation that's a pretty big topic lately and maybe we can use some of the feedback and ideas that come from these threads in the future.
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    These are all the action parts of the siege (it was all livestreamed with no delay). I tried to keep the video to only action parts, but still ended up being a long video 😅 We had captured Chaos' favourite keep the day before, and they wanted it back. The fight dragged out for a long time, long enough for Order to also show up and join in. Props to the other balance guys (especially BSF and Scarlett), most of them with little to no gear they still made a big difference! Nerf guards? ______________________________We are still recruiting, looking for 1 full support player, and 4x flex players!Check us out: Our recruitment thread
  42. 6 points
    The first evening in the Trial of Maeve. We decided to leave our keeps undefended, and instead chose the overwhelming odds of sieging the Order factions main keep as only 5 people. Enjoy the 4 different point of view video! ______________________________ We are still recruiting, looking for 1 full support player, and 4x flex players! Check us out: Our recruitment thread
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    Jah's Reports on the Trial of Maeve

    It's very John Bender breakfast club to brag about how little effort you've put in and how little you care. We get it. You're a cool loner/rake/libertine who won't conform to society's standards and will mock those who try. Jah's gona take his 12 gold badges and voltron those bitches into a supreme trial of jtodd badge that's allows him to ignore blair math on a 12 hour cd (10 sec use).
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    Here is an old picture of the Rank 9 treasure Table for ore. From Blair. If it is still current I do not know for sure but it still feels relevant. If you get a crit you get a roll on the last bottom table. Then you get more rolls per whole number critical amount you have. (I have 5 with gear and skills) so if I get a crit then I get 6 rolls on the bottom table when the node is destroyed. The nerf to the broken bene harvest gear impacts the amount of crits you are getting nowadays. Also the nerf to Beneficial Harvest Power is massive as well. My guess is you are not seeing much in the way of drops is due to not understanding the weight and importance of the bene harvest procs. It is the single most important stat and it was GUTTED recently with the fix to gear. Followed up by the crit amount stat. But having 5 in that means nothing if you don't crit. For ore run Miner and Lookout. Get bene harvest gear, use a bene harvest tool. Weigh everything towards getting and keeping the proc up.
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    KIERLAN INFORMATION BY REGION EU - Begins 4pm CEST on Friday, May 17 | Ends at 8pm CEST on Sunday, May 19 NA – Begins 4 pm CDT on Thursday, May 17 | Ends 10 pm CDT on Sunday, May 17 FULL STORY
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    Yes there is.... Standing in the ashes of another guild's city after a four hour siege.
  47. 5 points

    Embrace The Sandbox.

    The points system, as an indicator of victory, runs contrary to the sandbox nature of MMO's. The more that you try to create a perfect system the more you go down a path of infinite balancing. Simplicity works and avoiding specific metrics for victory allow people people to play the game the way they want, like a sandbox. ---In a sandbox game, I can run a crafting guild that focuses on controlling trade and creating exclusive items. With a points system, I just need to chain craft what gives me the most effective/efficient points while supplying the grind. ---In a sandbox game, I could play as a small kingdom that wants to control a specific area for fun. I create my victory by controlling my small claim in the world. With a points system, the game tells me I am not winning. To win big you need to be big to get the most points. We see this playing out right now and this escalation will continue into dregs. Mark my words. ---In a sandbox game, We could have an empire that wants to just attack their enemies and protect their allies. In a throne game, do we need an objective other than combat and politics? Look at our damn boards and you will see plenty of motivation. With a points system, we must get to the top of a list and play the game in a very specific way to gain points. When you have that many minds put together, people will always find a way to game the points system. **This system leads, inevitably, to escalation, efficient/effective grinding of points that ignores all other gameplay, and "creative" use of the mechanics to farm points. ** Instead of points, create special objectives/quests for each campaign that can be completed at a player, guild, or empire level. In one campaign it could be a special recipe unique to that specific campaign must be crafted. If it was a lore rules campaign, it could be capture an altar of the opposing deity. These would be set objectives to add flavor for a campaign but not purpose. Changing up campaigns with special rules, unique designs, and special objectives is perfect for shuffling the cards. That is the grand promise of Crowfall. Players will find plenty of reasons to kill each other. This is not an over sized WoW battleground with one objective, is it?
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    This. Because I value my time too much to spend "only" a couple of days hitting the same uninteresting mobs with the same couple of uninspired abilities over and over and over and over and over (x10^9) again. Where's the problem with having an alternative to that?
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    5.9 Feedback und Diskussion

    Servus! Da einige der Northlanders Member ungerne in Englisch diskutieren wollte ich mal eine kleine Diskussion im deutschen Forum ins Rollen bringen damit niemand glaubt wir wären mit dem aktuellen Stand der entwicklungen glücklich. Meine Eindrücke: (Chaotisch wie mein ganzes Leben) Harvesting: Erzfarmen (ausser die Jagt auf Legendär) ist Obsolet dank Wartribes Steinfarmen (ausser die Jagt auf Legendär) ist Obsolet dank Wartribes Gräber braucht man nur noch für die Körperteile, Knochen, Lungen, Herzen, Augen? Obsolet dank Wartribes Hungerkristalle: sehr entäuschend, Gujte drops sind selten und Sacrafice Shards mittlerweile Wertlos dank den Änderungen beim Leveln Lederfarmen: Undankbar, abhängig von Tageszeit,es droppt kein Gold mehr und ob man überhaupt das richtig Leder Farmen kann hängt auch von den Maps auf der Kampagne ab. Oh und wo ist die Milch??? Gräber: Zu wenig Loot, zu wenig Gräber pro Friedhof um Bufffood effektiv zu nutzen und es hängt auch von den Maps auf der Kampagne ab ob das gewünschte überhaupt farmbar ist. PVE: Wartribes: man wird gezwungen diese Stundenlang zu grinden, nicht nur um zu leveln, auch später. Das ist nicht was wir gebacked haben! Was die Bosse an Gold droppen im vergleich zu den Normalen Mobs ist lächerlich. Stammgruppen farmen 60k-100k Gold pro Tag. Man beachte die Inflation der Preise von Disziplinen alleine in der letzten Woche, neue Spieler werden es schwer haben "ihre" Minor Disziplinen zu bekommen oder mal was auszuprobieren. Expansive Mind und Daemons Packt sollten kaufbar sein oder so häufig droppen wie die Matching und Uniform Diszis.(IMHO) Die 10er Bosse droppen epische Steine und Erze in Mengen die ein schlag ins Gesicht für jeden Farmer sind!!! Auch die optionalen Körperteile farmt man jetzt bei Bossen anstatt bei Gräber??? Aber keine Sorge man kann nicht Stundenlang stuipde PVE Mobs grinden, dafür hält die Rüstung zu kurz. Crafting: (Ich bin nur Koch) Die Ausrüstung ist auch mit allen Zusätzen schlechter als früher und hält auch nicht so lange, unsere Crafter kommen 1-2 mal pro Woche aus dem EK weil ständig jemand neue Rüstung braucht. Nochdazu gibt es afaik einen großen Qualitätsunterschied zwischen neu hergestelltem Equip und dem das gleich nach dem Wipe gebastelt wurde. Schön dass jeder Spieler individuelle Boni auf der Rüstung/Waffen braucht. Leider macht es das unmöglich auf Vorrat zu craften. Vorallem ohne Gildenlagersystem. Unsere Alchies haben sich extra Vessels für ihren Beruf gemacht um die Attributspunkte optimal für den Beruf zu verteilen, leider können nur noch Assas Gift herstellen. Die neuen Seelenernte Werkzeuge droppen pro Werkzeug mMn viel zu wenig Seelen. Vorallem ist das noch ein schritt in der Herstellung der Wasser und Zeit verbraucht. Es wäre schön gewesen, zu den neuen Matreialkombinationen für Heiler bei der Rüstung auch bei den andern Berufen ein bisschen aufmerksamkeit den Heilern zu schenken.Runensiegel mit +Heal, Schmuckstücke mit +Heal oder +HealCritAmmount) Generell mangelt es an Kommunikation mit der Community und ich habe das Gefühl auch innerhalb des Entwicklerteams. Leider sinkt auch die aktivität der Spieler wenn die Kampagne so kurz ist, dass man bei einer Zigarette einen ganze Jahreszeit versäumt. Der Testserver macht leider auch wenig Sinn wenn die passive Skillung Monate hinter dem LiveBuild ist. Wie soll man da vergleichen??? Achja und bitte gebt wieder allen Rangern einen Köcher damit @Darksilver aufhört zu whinen! So jetzt muss ich aber wirklich ins RL auch wenn ich noch was zu sagen hätte. Ich hoffe auf rege Beteiligung an der Diskussion!
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    We found out that multiple people can use a catapult to shoot it very frequent
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