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    Dev Diary: All the Things

    Filling the gaps in Racial Disciplines FULL STORY
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    Dev Diary: All the Things

    Thanks for the update. Sounds like quality changes have been added. That said I'm not a huge fan of descriptions like "has a chance to instantly remove". It's just so vague. There's an enormous difference in value if it's a 5%, 25%, 75%... chance. Put in the description the real of it.
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    Don't fall for the bogus "email"

    It's come to our attention that someone is sharing a fake TEST email that was modified from one we sent 18 months ago. IT IS FAKE! No emails have been sent from us regarding 5.110 testing. As we have in the past, we will make an announcement when 5.110 is ready to receive visitors.
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    We are looking for dedicated merchants and crafters for the next Update. Crafts for you and your stands. In a cozy community without pressure and stress. PvP players are welcome, especially if you need your euqipment and just dont want to craft it yourself then join us. You can chop as many opponents as you want. But our goal is not being the top guild in the pvp section since it is a merchants guild(keep that in mind). Mainfocus remains trading and crafting. A merchants guild with organization and system, where your needs will be fullfilled. Specialize in certain professions and get access to a network of crafters/traders who all support each other. Craft your stuff and trade your way to fame and fortune. Become a Questmaker and be in a friendly and warmhearted atmosphere where people help each other. The main server is US. However, trading takes place on both EU and US servers. There will be a guild kingdom. It also depends on what the next update brings with changes, so we will adjust accordingly. For more information on this or if you are interested, send me a private message or poke me on Discord. You like to trade and be a merchant? JOIN NOW! What we expect from you: A good cooperation between all guild members and other guilds is a basic requirement that we expect from everyone. Take care of your stands and stay professional in what you do. Dont flame other Players, dont troll, no racism. Like any good dealer, you should always be able to respond to your customers. He thinks your prices are bad? Then go up to him and offer him something he can use, make him a better offer, haggle! Be a good trader, be a Questmaker! What you should know: This guild is mostly for trading, ''crafting orders'' are reserved for guilds that have specialized but not with us. ^^ PVP mainly takes place in small groups. Or even solo, because the focus is on crafting and trading. In cooperation with other guilds, the PVP aspect will take place to the extent necessary to complete a deal. For organized alliances, for example, or a ceasefire, all questmakers will be part of it till its fullfilled. Sidenote: This Guild is still under construction so dont expect something big, for the upcoming Patch we will test and prepare for dreggs and see what we can make better if cooperation is even possible. Also I am looking always for newer Players cuz most of the veterans that are playing right now got their guild, but if you are also playing fo a while then feel free to join me^^. Something about myself, I am baking the Game since 2018 and started as pvp Player, but Crowfall makes crafting and trading so much fun so I decided to specialize in that. I was also Part of a couple of Guilds with veterans that are playing since the very beginning and I had the maincrater position. Right now I got 7 Accounts and alredy maxed out every Profession on Live Servers. I am testing a lot and will start playing once the Patch hits. Questmakers Promo Video Discord or poke me Crowmight#8352
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    [GERMAN] -NM- Nordic Marauders

    The chaos forces came back out to take vengeance for the previous defeat. Surrender was not an option. Bravely they attacked to break the siege of the two enemy factions and were able to come out victoriously. But not without paying a huge toll of blood. It was a hard fought battle, to secure the keep once more. This is meant to be a tribute to our russian friends, who won this campaign very well deserved! We had lots of fun playing against you guys. It was a good challenge. Let´s have an even better campaign coming up!
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    Dodge should cost stam

    With the upcoming changes to survival tray combined with CC not being very good in the current build,I believe there is a very simple solution, make dodge cost stam. the removal of survival tray means choosing between dodge and block for some classes. Dodge and retaliate both cost stam, dodge does not. So someone who chooses block is double dipping into their stam pool while someone who chooses dodge is not. The latter allows dodge toons to retaliate far more often with little to no concern if they over use it. Which is why the current state of CC is almost useless. Moving dodge to stam based makes CC vastly more effective and also puts both block/dodge toons on the same footing of making that choice between retaliate or not. To me this is the simplest solution to the CC issue and makes the loss of survival tray less impactful to the blocking classes. It does mean however some powers need a change. - Knight shield bash would have to remove stam not dodge pips. - High Elf dodge passive would essentially be the same. Just an instant stam refund. - Escape artist would need stam regen instead of decrease pip regen. - Nethari and wood elf dodges would probably need to cost more stam than the regular dodges.
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    Malekai.org | The Crowfall Database

    Hey ya'll, admittedly been a bit silent on this front. Wanted to see where the direction of Crowfall was headed before putting more work into this project. I felt I should just keep the updates centralized to the already existing Malekai thread, versus spinning up a new one. A few important updates are worth covering today: Project Malekai, the open source project powering Malekai.org is no more. You'll see references to this phrase removed from everywhere as I find and track them down. What does this mean exactly? Most of our source code was public and intended for other Crowfall fans to hop in and help out. Going forward, only our "data" and "image" repositories will be public. This should allow most community projects to get off the ground. All of our data gathering micro-services have been moved into private repositories. No impact to our users is expected. Work on the 2nd version of Malekai.org continues, albeit very little was done in the last 6 months. This will accelerate with 5.110 around the corner. You can see the current direction of the new version over here: https://beta.malekai.org A new team is currently working to accelerate the time it takes to patch content updates to Malekai.org. Expect new stuff to be posted in hours, not days (or weeks). Finally, MalekaiBot, is now officially out of beta and is available to be invited to your own Discord communities for convenience. We plan on integrating a lot of new features on Malekai and the Discord bot will grant you access to nearly all of them. Special thanks to @Rufio and @Keaggan for letting us test it out on their respective servers. MalekaiBot currently offers the following core functionality: Subscriptions to the latest Crowfall news in your Discord. Be notified when new patches are released, Crowfall news posted to the Crowfall.com front page, and also when Developers respond to posts on this forum. Search results from Malekai.org directly in your Browser. While this feature is still rudimentary, it will allow you to theorycraft in the comfort of your Discord without needing to constantly go look up what stuff does. You can currently invite MalekaiBot to your servers, if you are a Discord server owner, by visiting https://malekai.org/invite Thanks all for your continued support, we eagerly look forward to seeing you all in 5.110!
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    Dev Diary: All the Things

    Can we get the cooldowns on the tool tip for these racial procs? For example the stoneborn bleed removal. Does this have a chance to proc any time regardless of the last proc or can it only proc once every “x” seconds?
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    KDS in Crowfall [EU]

    While waiting for 5.110 I've decided to add the The Integrated Combat Log Parser v.2.0 to the GMS. I've increased performance by a very good margin - that's the best news So now we are ready for some decent combat analysis. Here are a few screenshots for those interested: 1. Teams: http://prntscr.com/r44gyj 2. Top 10 players: http://prntscr.com/r44k0a 3. Top 10 skills: http://prntscr.com/r44kvx 4. Player Stats 4.1. Skills [To the Player] and [By the Player]: http://prntscr.com/r44lqz 4.2. Players [Damage and Heals By the Player] and [To the Player]: http://prntscr.com/r44mg2 I look forward to check some results in 5.110! /salute
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    ACE Q&A for March

    March 5, at 11 5, at 11 5,11 5.11 CONFIRMED
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    The coming Thursday at noon is gonna be the last one from February guys ,start the hype machines.
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    Dev Diary: All the Things

    I want in game balance for races and classes. I’ve never advocated for healers (I’m a support player) to be stronger; I’ve advocated for more diverse healers and a reassessment of the high TTK in small scale and the short TTK in large scale. This is a good post by ace and I hope the repeat this style of successful posting.
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    Dev Diary: All the Things

    Right now we are in a bit of a hold period. If you have the game Log in, Create a Toon, go to God's Reach, and mess around. You can level the toon, and check out the game fairly well, pvp will be lacking though. We are expecting a full wipe in the next couple of weeks, so you will lose any progress. Once the wipe happens I expect alot of activity. I have been here 5 years now, I really have not played since last November, I am waiting on the patch/wipe, alot of people I know are doing the same, and we expect a large influx of new players when this happens. If you buy the game, download the "Test Server" also, the patch will hit there first, and you will have some sort of idea when this will "all happen" The game is great well worth the 100 bucks I spent years ago, a bit dead at the moment do to the above topics, but if you are new, I think it would be easier to check it out now, before the onslaught of players fighting for the same resource nodes..
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    Released Date?

    Soon is very very close to Noon. On a Thursday.
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    [-V-] Vanguard | [EU]

    Recruitment is closed for now until further notice! We've gotten a big rise in applications over the last month (dat 5.110 hype), and have now reached the amount of recruits we were looking for. If you are looking for a german guild, check out our friends and allies over at Nordic Marauders: https://community.crowfall.com/topic/25681-german-nm-nordic-marauders/
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    ACE Q&A for March

    Please join us for the ACE Q&A for March on Thursday, March 5, at 11 am CST. https://www.twitch.tv/crowfallgame
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    ACE Q&A for March

    That's Thursday at noon in my timezone.
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    Knights of the Golden Vessel (KGV) Preface/History: Knights of the Golden Vessel is a PvP focussed guild that looks to be effective as a small/medium sized unit in the coming War of the Gods guild versus guild ruleset. The Knights of the Golden Vessel have been testing Crowfall as an official guild since early 2017 and have members that have consistently been playing Crowfall since the Hungerdome. We have weathered the Trials of the Gods in the Factions ruleset and eagerly await the next challenges the Guild versus Guild ruleset will bring. We are seeking active and dedicated PvPers with a willingness to fight in Crowfall throughout testing and launch. What you can expect before becoming a member: An initial interview with me to see how you might fit in with the group. 4-6 week trial/training period where we see if you are fit to be a Knight of the Golden Vessel and you can see if you want to make the commitment. Training and assistance with gearing up during your trial period. Insight to the Meta of Crowfall and years of in-game knowledge gleaned from testing What you can expect as a member: Personalized training and support from some of the most veteran Crowfall testers. PvP attendance requirements (why join if you aren’t going to play). Fighting within a small/medium force of dedicated PvPers and alongside their allies. Specialized Group compositions to remain effective and impactful in large combats consisting of much larger forces. Playing with guild mates dedicated to the core values of the Golden Vessel. Which are as follows- 1. Fight with honor in the field and on the boards. 2. Strive for betterment of self. 3. Support your brothers and sisters in arms in battle and economic pursuits. 4. Be a comrade and respect fellow Knights of the Golden Vessel. 5. Remain loyal to your peers and to the organization. We choose to do these things because from our experience in Crowfall that has lead to the most fun and engaging experiences! Contact Cremdalacrem directly on discord to set up an interview or ask questions @[KGV]Cremdalacrem#6848
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    The UnDeAd Legion

    We are going to crawl from our graves.. Crypts. . Sarcophagus .. We shall come out in droves... The UnDeAd will be here for then Dregs..
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    I wouldn't. I'd rather they just put it on TEST as soon as it is ready. I don't see much point in delaying it. I'd like warning for when it will go to LIVE though.
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    Thursday at noon so we already have a prewarning 😅
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    Movable UI Elements

    TLDR: Having to look away from the action in the center of the screen to see crucial information lessens the experience. The larger my monitors get, the farther away the cooldowns, pip counters, myrmidon crash meter, ect get from what I want to be looking at. Its a big reason why many people hate subtitled movies, because they have to continually keep looking down to see whats going on instead of being able to focus on the movie. Im not even asking for resizing elements, but being able to move things like health meters and class ability counters to areas that the player find more visible would help greatly. The main reason Ive stayed with World of Warcraft for so many years is that its one of the few games that allows me to place elements I consider crucial in areas my brain can recognize them. Edit> Yes, Ive seen the new UI design. Its nice, but in no way addresses having all of the info at the edges of the screen when the action is in the middle.
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    skill gains?

    The passive skill system is an alternative to the grind for skills. Would it really be better if you needed to spend 50+ hours grinding to max out your skills? That seems like it would be counterproductive in a game that is supposed to be focused on PvP. Instead of worrying about raising your skills, you can spend more time working toward PvP related objectives. Yes, they could make the progression much faster, but then what's the point of even having a progression? They might as well make it a MOBA at that point. There's more to progression in Crowfall than just passive skill training. If you do nothing but train your skills, while someone else is training their skills AND playing the game, you are going to absolutely be behind. While you aren't playing, you aren't helping your faction/guild win the campaign. You aren't harvesting resources, crafting gear or obtaining the various recipes and tools used by crafters. You aren't leveling any vessels, gaining experience with your chosen class or accumulating wealth. You've already bought the game, so you'll get to start your training on day 1 with everyone else. It will be a completely level playing field. For the people who come after, there will be catchup mechanics. We don't know exactly how that will work, but they have mentioned a couple ideas in the past, one of which includes the ability to gain some skill training by doing in-game activities.
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    What this guy said... but to add... Browse the recruitment forums, try to find some guild that is active, look for a "fit".. believe me it will help you immensly. This game is heavily skewed toward group play. If this game "seems" like it is your cup of tea, spend the fifty. There is a lot to get your head around if you are looking at the entirety of the game and not just PvP. That being said, it depends on your disposable income. I never minded spending the money on games if you look at it as a sheer calculation of entertainment hours derived per dollar spent. For example, I've spent 60 bucks to take the wife and kid to a poorly made socksty I-Max movie that lasts an hour and a half. I guarantee you more value here if you wish to explore the entirety of the game, though it is quite dead at the moment. That may not be a bad thing if you are trying to learn though. The Devs have said a ton will change with the new patch, but not so much that you will not have a firm grasp on basics once the next iteration launches in the next few weeks or so.. Basically it's up to you.
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    Dev Diary : Toutes les choses

    Salut à tous ! Thomas "Blixtev" Blair ici présent, et je vais avoir une rapide discussion avec vous aujourd'hui à propos de certaines améliorations et de nouveaux contenus à venir dans la mise à jour de la Guerre des Dieux (également connue sous le nom de 5.110). À l'approche de la fin d'une étape importante, j'aime toujours regarder ce qui était prévu pour cette mise à jour, ce qui a été poussé ou coupé et où nous avons atterri. Je ne peux pas penser à une époque où je n'étais pas super excité et étonné par tout ce qui a été construit. (Il y a toujours tant de nouveaux jouets brillants avec lesquels on peut jouer !) En général, nos étapes ont duré quelques mois, et l'équipe a dû partager son temps entre le développement de nouvelles fonctionnalités et la correction des problèmes qui sont apparus sur la version Live du jeu. JUSQU'À LA GUERRE DES DIEUX... Todd et Gordon ont fixé les ordres de marche pour un calendrier de développement plus long. Ils ont donné des instructions spécifiques pour se concentrer uniquement sur les nouvelles fonctionnalités et le contenu de ce livrable - à l'exclusion de notre cycle de développement normal, où nous partageons notre attention entre les nouvelles fonctionnalités et les mises à jour (et les corrections de bogues) pour l'environnement de test LIVE. Ainsi, l'équipe a pu se concentrer exclusivement sur l'achèvement de la Guerre des Dieux, ce qui nous a donné un élan de productivité que vous pouvez voir dans la taille de cette mise à jour. (Honnêtement, je n'arrive pas à croire à quel point le jeu a changé par rapport à ce que vous jouez actuellement en LIVE). Cette mise à jour est l'une de ces étapes où absolument tout semble brillant, nouveau et excitant. Pendant que les nouvelles fonctionnalités étaient mises en place par les ingénieurs, cette même période a également donné à notre équipe de conception l'occasion d'examiner le contenu existant et d'apporter quelques changements d'équilibre bien nécessaires. RACES DE PERSONNAGES Dans ce billet, je veux me concentrer sur les races de personnages dans Crowfall. Nous avons choisi d'élargir notre offre initiale de races et de ne pas limiter le choix possible du joueur à une série d'humains ressemblants, ce qui est devenu en quelque sorte la norme pour les MMO au cours des cinq à dix dernières années. Pour la prochaine version, nous avons examiné attentivement toutes les races. Cela inclut leurs "lignées" raciales passives (c'est-à-dire les avantages passifs que vous obtenez juste en étant de cette race), les augmentations de statistiques et les plafonds d'attributs. Au cours des dernières mises à jour, j'ai eu l'impression que nous nous dirigeons vers une homogénéité croissante entre les races. (Par exemple, tout le monde obtient deux augmentations basées sur l'artisanat, deux augmentations basées sur le combat et une augmentation basée sur la récolte). Cela va à l'encontre de notre objectif de conception, qui est de faire en sorte que chaque race se sente très différente des autres, car cela rend le choix de la race à jouer beaucoup plus intéressant. Après avoir disposé et examiné une matrice géante de tableur de "toutes les choses" données à chaque race, nous avons pu voir les lacunes (*tousse* demi-Elfe*tousse*) et identifier où nous devrions combler ces lacunes. Nous avons également eu la possibilité de créer de nouvelles tendances (c'est-à-dire que cette race a un avantage sur les Assassins, de sorte que les Assassins doivent jouer différemment lorsqu'ils combattent cette race). Dans certains cas, cela conduit inévitablement à des synergies entre certaines combinaisons race/classe. (Par exemple, les Brigand Rangers n'obtiennent pas le trait de carquois ; cependant, les Elken obtiennent le trait de carquois dans le cadre de leur ensemble de race, donc un Brigand Elken pourrait être une bonne option). Nous devons tenir compte du fait que certaines synergies sont bonnes, mais qu'il y a trop de synergies et nous avons effectivement retiré cette décision comme étant valable pour le joueur. Comme toujours, c'est un exercice d'équilibre que de faire en sorte que cela se passe bien. LES DISCIPLINES RACIALES C'est ici que j'ai atterri... Chaque race a abouti à une discipline raciale qui ressemble à ça : La première chose que vous remarquerez sans doute est que le "coolitude" d'une race est maintenant présenté dans un format d'info-bulle bien meilleur. Nous le faisions auparavant, bien que de façon médiocre, car beaucoup d'avantages et de plafonds d'attributs étaient enfouis dans la lignée passive. Comme ces éléments n'étaient pas visibles d'un niveau supérieur, il fallait en fait créer un personnage de cette race avant de voir l'ensemble. Maintenant, vous pouvez tout voir facilement, à un seul endroit, ce qui devrait rendre le choix plus clair, mais pas moins difficile car vous vous débattez avec toutes les options. Lorsque nous avons créé la plupart de ces races, notre kit d'outils pour la construction de pouvoirs était beaucoup (beaucoup !) plus simple. Au cours des dernières années, nous avons élargi notre liste de fonctionnalités disponibles pour accueillir un vaste éventail de pouvoirs intéressants. Maintenant que nous avons plus de pouvoirs à portée de main, nous avons pu rendre les passifs plus thématiques et intéressants, en ajoutant des choses comme "Stoneborn devrait avoir un mécanisme antisaignement". (Puisqu'ils sont faits de pierre !) Voici un exemple de la façon dont nous avons géré cela avec un passif. Coagulation a la possibilité d'éliminer instantanément tous les effets de saignement sur vous chaque fois qu'un effet de saignement vous est appliqué. Voici quelques autres bons exemples : L'un des mécanismes de démontage d'un joueur monté consiste à l'endommager. Il y a de plus en plus de chances, à chaque coup successif qu'un joueur prend, qu'il soit démonté. Cependant, le Centaure ne peut pas vraiment être "démonté", alors créons un passif qui reflète cela pendant le combat. Sure Footed empêche les dégâts de vous faire sortir d'un état monté. Dans le récit, les Fées sont décrits comme étant des créatures du Bois de Fée. Quel serait le bénéfice que nous pourrions leur apporter en nous appuyant sur cet héritage ? Peut-être une résistance inhérente aux poisons et toxines naturels ? Improbable Antidote a une chance d'éliminer instantanément tous les effets des toxines sur vous dès qu'un effet toxique vous est appliqué. Nous avons décidé que les Guinéens sont notre culture la plus industrieuse. Et si nous reflétions cela avec un passif qui s'intègre dans le nouveau système de Caravane ? (Ne vous inquiétez pas, il existe d'autres méthodes pour améliorer les résultats de votre caravane). Caravan Master augmente de 1 votre statistique sur le nombre de trajets effectués. Et, encore une fois, l'essentiel est de faire des choix intéressants, et non de réduire un style de jeu donné à un seul choix. Si les Fées ont peut-être été les premiers Assassins que nous avons conçus (à l'époque où nous avions des archétypes), les Nethari sont également destinés à être un choix solide pour jouer les Assassins. Nous pouvons renforcer ce choix en leur donnant un léger avantage de vitesse lorsqu'ils se déplacent en mode furtif. Le but est de vous offrir de multiples possibilités qui sont toutes vraiment convaincantes, afin de vous permettre de choisir difficilement quel ensemble d'avantages particuliers vous souhaitez optimiser pour votre style de jeu personnel. Walk Without Rhythm augmente votre vitesse de déplacement : statistique de furtivité de 20%. QUESTIONS DE CHOIX Le choix de la race du personnage devrait être une étape dans la chaîne de la construction d'un personnage, et ce choix n'est intéressant que s'il offre des avantages et des compromis distincts entre des avenues uniques qui s'excluent mutuellement et sont extrêmement attrayantes. L'une des (nombreuses) choses à venir dans cette prochaine mise à jour est une nouvelle transmission des compétences passives attribuées à chaque race, qui (nous l'espérons) leur donnera à chacune des synergies uniques et, en fin de compte, créera des choix difficiles pour chaque joueur. Comme toujours, n'hésitez pas à laisser des commentaires sur les forums, et... Rendez-vous dans le jeu ! Thomas "Blixtev" Blair Article d'origine
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    KDS in Crowfall [EU]

    Getting ready for 5.110, stronger and more active than ever!
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    If you have something like SB style city building, every city will just try to maximize the number of walls/defenses they can cram into the build area. Once someone comes up with the "optimal" city design, they'll all be cookie cutter.
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    KDS in Crowfall [EU]

    Sharpening the blades, polishing the armor. Join us for frequent PvP training getting ready to kick ass in 5.110. Long live the keepers.
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    We were told February And it’s clear to most that’s unlikely to happen but this idea that you can tell us nothing isn’t going to work forever. It’s been a bad few months for CF fans and any question seems to be shut down, hard. If you’re launching another CW then that prob means no patch this month. Everybody understands if you’re running behind or late but this keep us in the dark and feed us hogwash is how you alienate your community (even your biggest fans expect so little of you at this point). Please stop snarling and gnashing your teeth when we criticize the lack of community this community has. Community is about communication, something we have we don’t have. Crowfall doesn’t have to be laughed at like NW, AoC or CU but you seem determined to be disliked by your players.
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    Crowfall Memes + MS Paint Rage Thread

    This past weekend's Twitch Take-Over @Rektluse @thomasblair @Pann
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    Scarlett Trading Company Scarlett Trading Company going into Dregs will be a neutral mercenary guild. Guild neutrality provides us with a more unique experience than can be found within a standard guild-versus-guild group: paid allies today, may be paid enemies tomorrow. Like many guilds returning and preparing for the upcoming Dregs patch, we are looking to build up and expand our core group. If providing neutral and currency-based services, while being beholden to only ourselves appeals to you, STC may be of interest. If the idea of tactics and outside-the-box planning, along with a comprehension of the OODA loop and maneuver warfare intrigue you as to combat preparedness; STC may be a good fit. We are always looking at combat compositions; where classes and combinations shine, and where they might falter--or compositions that might be overlooked and undervalued. Due to this, we are always asking, “What if…”, which we think helps provide a fresh perspective in the game’s combat system, and helps prevent it from growing stale. We aren’t afraid of trying out new compositions, and putting them through their paces, even if it fails: in this is knowledge, and knowledge only makes us better. We understand how morale plays such an important and impactful part of a group’s cohesion. It’s what helps keep a tight knit group together in tough times, where others fall apart. Morale is just as important in a battlefield and strategic operations, as it is in ensuring a healthy guild. STC’s primary purpose in Crowfall, is to have fun. We think the fun aspect, comes in two parts: the first being highly proficient in what we do in the game; and the second, in providing a social place where you look forward to spending your free and available time. Having excitement for the game and what we can accomplish within it--by our on goals--is what helps keep that fire alight; all with the understanding that sometimes, you don’t feel like logging in. Burning yourself out isn’t fun, nor is playing to another’s demanded schedule; we only want you to play, when you actually possess that desire. If we’ve done it right, hopefully you’ll always feel that little push, to log in. If any of this appeals to you, you have any manner of follow-up questions, or you would like to contract STC we invite you to drop by our Discord https://discord.gg/v2Zb6TZ. From there, please seek out ZombieGandhi, or Sophia Scarlett, as we’d be glad to answer any questions you have.
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    Dev Diary: The Winged Knight

    All this nonsense aside, at least they provided a situation for a great meme to be born... Never let this die:
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    I do think that that was their intent...to build the EK system so that free building within the CW would be possible. However, I suspect that in building that system, they also discovered the inherent problems and challenges with free form walls and buildings. We saw various issues with buildings and walls not being placeable due to changes in elevation. EKs are notoriously laggy. When -W- built Aerynth Traders (still the best EK open market server built to date) we used a ton of legos and the stress on server performance (with only 12 people online at a time) was noticeable. The Token and vassal systems weren’t exactly streamlined or bug free. The polished interface for those systems was never added. I suspect that the lessons learned from the Open Build EK development has led them to where they are now. How much customization we get remains to be seen. To me, the first iteration needs to have “some” customization...but the mechanisms for claiming, choosing assets to build, ranking of assets and ultimately destroying or conquering those assets will be much more important than the shape of the walls or the number of turrets I can put down. At the end of the day, I want all the customization we saw in EKs. Waiting until after commercial release to get that will be acceptable if the the rest of the system is fun, challenging, competitive and compelling to play.
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    I suspect that the first iteration we’ll see will be generally similar Keep/Fort system that we are already familiar with. The building of the walls will require more effort (ie, boulders, ingots and timber will be too heavy or large to fit in our inventory and thus we’ll need the caravans to get those resources from the PoI to the Keeps/Forts). There will be options for what to place (Barracks, Church, Bank, etc) but not where inside. Then we’ll have a ranking system for improving the buildings and probably the walls as well. Now...is that the free form system we’ve enjoyed in the EKs? No...it isn’t. However, we have to remember that “winning” and “points” aren’t a part of EKs and have to be a part of the CWs. So, as a first iteration, that kind of a static and limited system may be necessary to provide an even playing field and an efficient means of calculating victory points as the seasons progress to the end of the Campaign. Obviously, the more customization in terms of wall and building placement...the better. I’m ok with a static system to start as they get the bugs worked out in building, ranking, claiming and destroying each other’s assets.
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    Crow Appreciation Rewards

    We’re pleased to announce the launch of our Crow Appreciation Rewards program! FULL STORY
  44. 2 points

    Duelist class race options

    Duelist should only be Guinecean, Master race!!!
  45. 2 points
  46. 2 points

    Dev Diary: All the Things

    Sorry you are right - the text is different on arrows, but I retested and it is every third shot just like a quiver You can make Fire and Ice quivers also - but you do need to slot Arcane Archer Major Disc to use them.
  47. 2 points

    Dev Diary: All the Things

    You can make fire and ice arrows
  48. 2 points

    Dev Diary: All the Things

    Quivers are more than QoL (currently!) Increased damage 'Fully Charged 3rd Basic attack' mechanic adds effects per quiver type (e.g. Slashing adds Execute, Piercing adds Bleed, Cold adds Root etc etc)
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    I think it should send me an email notification every time the buff is active.
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    Please consider

    That is also because we haven't reset the passive skills in 2 years and most of us are still maxed and haven't played for ages waiting on this coming patch. You are playing the last version with no catch up mechanics... when we reset, vessels beyond white will not come for a month, everyone will only have white vessels and dropped weapons for the first few campaigns that will be heavily focused on competitive harvesting and caravan escort to build a guild city. Player driven markets that will support players who do not want to gather or craft will take awhile to mature, that is why we expect the "soft" launch bringing in the early "era" of the metagame where the markets and EK markets create a working economic loop.
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