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    Death Alliance Finally Arrives... and Expands? SPRING: The third campaign for the new dregs worlds opened with a land rush. Winterblades seized three keeps, but was thwarted at a fourth by Dissentient (DIS) and was caught in a bad engagement at a critical fort in Lucadonius. Undeterred, Winterblades rallied to secure other means of acquiring vast quantities of building materials by locking down the Woutan zone and its valuable refinery. However, Dissentient was not idle in Spring and opened negotiations with the old Chaos forces and in particular making overtures to Death Alliance (LOD/UDL/SIN/MHW/TB) SUMMER: In the summer, siege operations were executed and Dissentient's keep was assaulted by 22 Winterblades. Dissentient's 26 stalwart defenders were bolstered by their well organized efforts to acquire a full complement of powerful keep guards. Although "Uncle Jobel's Keep" was breached and some of their buildings destroyed, at a critical moment Dissentient unveiled their trap--a new alliance. A force of Death Alliance (LOD/UDL) arrived providing a distraction and allowing Dissentient an opportunity to sally out of the keep and pincer the smaller Winterblade siege force. Meanwhile, at Winterblades' capital a Kitra Fyve Keep, a lone defender delayed and held the walls with ballista against KGV's siege force long enough for the returning Winterblades assault team to arrive and crush the KGV siege equipment and assault team with no loss of any structures. Winterblades rallied from the coordinated trap and launched a punitive raid at LoD's fort to destroy their assets, but the cooperation between Dissentient and Death Alliance was not some passing fluke of timing. A second coordinated strike by the newly expanded Death Alliance outside LoD's fort overwhelmed the Winterblades siege force for a second time. With the moments ticking down in the Gods' defined single siege hour, a new strategy was required. To secure the Divine Favor of the Gods more forts were needed for Winterblades to gain victory points in the campaign. It was time to test the agility of the Death Alliance leadership. Was the the newly joined Death Alliance mass able to maneuver as well as strike? To test this the Winterblade siege force was split in half. One half was sent to distract Death Alliance's massed force by starting to siege assets at Dissentent's economic heartland in the fort at Kylet Drakenoire. Meanwhile the other half of the Winterblades siege force blitzed through and captured seven additional forts including overcoming the defending forces of KGV and Wolf Haven. The evening was an ultimate success for both the newly expanded Death Alliance and Winterblades--the nascent alliance held their strongholds, but did not prevent Winterblades from securing the lead in victory points. FALL: In Fall the gods decreed that only offerings of tears and blood would win victory points--those that burned the greatest number of buildings (and thus manhours of effort) would gain victory. A lightning campaign was planned by Winterblades Leadership. The officers were briefed and forces assigned for a threefold plan: A diversionary attack with siege equipment at Dissentent home keep, which successfully kept Dissentent's significant forces force tied down defending their home; An offensive strike team pre-positioned in the far south, which razed Caldera's fully developed fort to the ground, and; A defensive force at Winterblades home keep defending our numerous structures from any attempt at destruction. Following the success of the initial plans, the disparate Winterblades forces were united and directed at LoD's home fort a second time--it was time to test if Dissentient's coordination with Death Alliance was the passing association of an evening or the newest chapter in Death Alliance's expansion. In expectation of being driven off by the massed Death Alliance blob, a large store of siege equipment had been prepared and reserved for the initial strike at LoD's fort. A large wave of siege equipment was placed and LOD/UDL's Arcane Armory, Bell Tower, and Hero Statue (respawn) fell rapidly. But as expected, the massed forces of Death Alliance ultimately arrived to save the fort. The Death Alliance pushed the Winterblade siege force off of its siege engines and to the east of the fort where a force of KGV closed off the escape route. Surrounded on three sides by more than double the numbers the siege force fell to the combined Death Alliance forces. While unfortunate, the return of the more numerous Death Alliance forces, and the success of their massed forces was anticipated. It was again time to test the agility of Death Alliance's leadership and ability to maneuver. A swift rally and resupply, brought the Winterblades siege force to Dissentient's main economic hub at Kylet Drakenoire in Lucadonius. Scouts were placed to provide warning of the movements of the LOD/UDL/DIS massed forces. A wave of siege equipment was dropped allowing for the further destruction of three buildings from Dissentent's main caravansary fort. As soon as the Death Alliance horde began streaming into the Lucadonius zone, Winterblades slipped away into the night. After rapid discussion, an executive decision was made by Damebix--a return to LoD's home fort in Woutan. This would be a race against the Death Alliance's ability to retrace their steps. The Winterblades siege force raced back to LoD's home fort dropping siege and further destroying LoD's barracks while the Death Alliance forces lagged in reacting to the new threat. A trickle of Death Alliance defenders arrived, but they failed to unify their numbers and were dispatched as the small clusters arrived. Unfortunately the single hour of the siege contest came to a close before further structures could be razed in LoD's home fort. The Gods' demand for tears and blood was well satisfied following the razing of assets in Caldera, LoD/UDL, and Dissentient homelands, easily securing Winterblades the greatest Divine Favor with their offerings and expanding Winterblades' lead in victory points. Much ink in general chat and discord was spilled discussing the difficulties defenders faced in protecting their assets. WINTER: After the long campaigning season and prior successes, the only path to victory for the remainder of the server was through Winterblade's home keep at Kitra Fyve in Thoreandan. Fortunately, Death Alliance did not disappoint. An outnumbered force of Winterblades manned the walls against massed forces of Death Alliance. The siege work grew hot. Although many of the LoD/DIS siege engines were placed within ballista range, a few were more expertly placed and beyond the reach of the defensive ballista. Between the siege weapons outside ballista range and the overall mass of incoming siege fire, it was clear ballista alone would not hold the line. The siege engines outside of ballista range needed to be brought down or Death Alliance would destroy the Winterblades respawn statue and breach the walls, where their larger numbers could be brought to against the defenders. The Winterblades force thus sallied from the keep on three occasions into the massed Death Alliance force securing the destruction of critical siege engine before falling back to the keep. Despite being significantly outnumbered, the Death Alliance ran out of catapults and trebuchets before the wall was breached or any Winterblade structure was destroyed--though the Hero's Monument (Respawn Statute) was below 25% health. Protecting assets with a smaller defensive force is not easy and requires sallying from the safety of the walls, but it can be done. The call was made to repay in kind the Winterblades' debts to the Death Alliance for their pincer trap in Summer at Dissentient's "Uncle Jobel's Keep". Although Winterblades and HoA had agreed to compete against each other in Dregs, it was time to call in a favor from the Auld Alliance of Balance. A force of Avari struck the rear of Dissentient creating the distraction necessary for the Winterblades force to once again sally out and drive deep into the center of the Death Alliance lines causing a general collapse and rout of the Death Alliance forces. With even the oppressive blue light of Winter fading from the dying world, Winterblades used the final moments of the final divinely sanctioned siege hour to launch an offensive at the home of their old foes from the days of the Chaos Hordelings. UxA's built up fort at Fela Darktide in Mael ibn Bracht was razed to the ground, despite two relief attempts from UxA and Corvus Citadel. To salt the earth, the fort was neutralized and left unclaimed as a final offering to the Divine Favor of the Gods. With the Hunger sweeping in, the dying world was doomed and it was time to prepare for the next dregs campaign, but not before claiming victory by both Right of Conquest and the Divine Favor of the Gods. The Aftermath: Will a new tide rise? Will Dissentent join LoD/UDL/SIN/MWH/TB in the grand DEATH Alliance? Is DEATH arriving (or still merely coming)? Is Dissentient's alliance with Death a marriage of convenience or is Dissentent the latest initiate into the Death Cult? Only time will tell. What is known, is a guild with less than 60 days in Crowfall (although greatly assisted by the former Clam mercenaries) has shown a greater capacity for cooperation, diplomacy, organization, and coordinated action than has been seen outside of the forces of Balance since the beginning of the Trials of the Gods.
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    Dregs War Story: A New Tide Rises?

    That's not death alliance haha
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    Crow time!!

    let's talk about the time we are in crow form (death...) I think the system need a rework, and it needs to separate different case. I know it's really not the big issue currently but i think the player experience need to be cooler and less punitive or at least give players a choice... and to have something to do, when the beta will arrive they will be many players so even in infected many ppl will die multiple time in a session so if they have to wait each time 2 or 3 min without can do nothing after a couple of day they will left the game... cause it's boring. We need to have an interesting or funny activity even when we are in crow cause fly through the world is funny but one or 2 times not more. When you died you get 2 choices, flying to a respawn statue or tp to the temple. If we choose the temple, we should not have to wait in crow form, maybe they can lock us in the temple for the same time but players need to have something to do, if we retrieve our body faster we can go to a vendor to our bank or something else but we are not waiting uselessly... player experience is really important to keep player in game and if after a long day at work you wait 30 or 45 min in crow form at temple you will not stay a long time on crowfall. For the other choice you have to go to a respawn, so i can understand to wait to not return instantly in the fight, it's fair, but why dont let us look the stat or crafting windows... anything BUT have something to do! Many options are possible for this case so i will not tell this one is better or something like that, but we really need to think about the player experience and how to find a way for they wanna stay . At last, plz remove death timer in EK, it's so boring, i know it's an universal timer but maybe u could add a command or something to reduce that ! @Pann i know it's a bit late for Q&A and that this problem is far away in the list but i insist i really think it's an important thing for future players
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    Hi there i first and foremost i want to say that this game could be the best RvR experience since shadow bane and daoc and so much more but currently i see some serious issues ahead. A lot of work has gone into underlying systems/customisation and complexity (seasons, ever changing world, vessels system, siege system, crafting and so much more) However i have to point out some serious concerns i have regarding the graphic engine performance. Lets all be honest the graphic style chosen for crow fall should help extremely with optimisation and fps but it seems that this is not the case. My current systems is a 2060 rtx card , a ryzen 2700 cpu and ddr 4 ram at 3400mhz and the fps im getting with medium settings and everything else turned off(like hbao) is around 30-55 with no one around. I get that this is alpha and more optimisations are to be done but then i read the alpha beta and beyond post and i quote this "Beta is what we are all focused on right now. We have some solid momentum going now on fps improvements (huge strides in the most recent build, as you can all attest!) and we're rapidly narrowing in on final elements that we need for launch'' Now in the last large scale pvp i was which was 30 vs 30 ppl i got down to like 10-15 fps most of the time so i want to know how exactly is this going to be sorted out with (Narrowing in on final elements that we need for launch) The minimum expectation is that this game should run in very high quality settings with 200ppl on screen and a bare minimum of 30-40 fps and currently we are not even close to that and i just cant see how we get there soon if ever, so i would like to know if there is a plan or what is the plan regarding optimisation and which is the goal the developers would be satisfied with, regarding number of elements on screen/graphic settings and performance. Thank you for your time Best regards TheMadEmperor
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    Their new performance improvements hasnt really worked. It seems alot better when you first log into the temple but the problems of 20v20+ fights are still there. Massive fps drops for no reason just walking through a forest or getting close to a keep with no one else around, it's a certainly challenging task they have to get it right but I think the major issue is that if they think that the current world maps they use for dregs will be fit enough for the proposed 2000 players they hope to get in I think they are living in dream land. The last dregs world only had 7 zones (minus the temples) 3 of which were siege zones where they are pretty pointless until a siege which means all of 2k players will be crammed into 4 adventure zones, sorry to say I think that alone would be a slide show even with the best gaming rigs. They need more adventure zones, even if they are smaller and less crammed full of guff, if I would to design the world I'd have 12 smaller adventure zones as an outer circle, 6 fort zones (adventure zones as we have right now) inside the outer circle, 3 siege zones inside the 2nd circle then 1 citadel zone ( the throne) in the middle. Basically think of an archery target. Some of the small adventure zones could have a fort in it for the smaller guilds to fight over but mainly these smaller zones would be themed zones like forest zone, mountainous zone for stone and canyon zone for ore. I would also have less world banks as one of the main reasons to pvp is hoping your target has something worth stealing in their inventory.
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    5.110 LIVE Feedback for 5/29/20

    Players being able to enter The Infected at level 15 is a huge noob trap and makes no sense. There was a new low level player in general chat very confused as to why he couldn't find any mobs his level. The lowest I've seen an NPC is level 27 in The Infected. Minimum level should be 25 not 15.
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    Crow time!!

    I seem to recall Tyrant mentioning at some point that there were internal talks about changing this depending on what kind of world you were in (Gods' Reach vs Shadows vs Dregs). 🤔 Edit: Yeah, end of this thread~
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    Non-generic player progression

    This is a solid good idea.
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    A sinking ship, the beginning!

    This game needs PVE, Not a focus on it, but it needs it.
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    Crow time!!

    It's a built in bio break and get a snack timer. If the goal is to keep us from respawning and running back to a fight quickly, spread respawn points out far enough that it isn't an issue unless fighting on top of them. Make controlling a respawn point a VERY high value POI. Add a run speed debuff, 50% health/0% resource debuff/no regen for X sec, suppress all powers but LMB/RMB, or anything that will make it risky but optional to respawn before timer is up. I play games for fun and to actually play them, not to be put in a penalty box if I happen to die while playing the game. Fly/Port back to respawn, wait for timer, run back is penalty x 3. Dying should have meaning but not overshadow actually playing.
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    Non-generic player progression

    I appreciate meaningful choices and specialization.
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    Left Mouse Button Attack

    ...I feel personally attacked
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    Crow time!!

    I agree with @royo. The duration in death/crow form is too long, uninteresting, and kills the gaming experience. With a lot of players coming for the beta, a lot of them will die over and over. Do you want them to spend most of their time in death form without the ability to do anything but wait ? Here some suggestions: -> Re-spawning instantly in the temple (or another location) and being locked in there for a specific amount of time (X seconds or X minutes) will enable the player to do something right after being killed and will prevent him to quickly come back to fight (if that's a problem). -> Re-spawning instantly anywhere but with a debuff that lasts X seconds/minutes. Each time a player dies, the debuff adds/removes something (like a stat or X percent of max health. It will enable the player come back immediately but with some restriction. -> Re-spawning to any safe location (fort/keep/castle) / respawn statue (without ownership) by travelling in crow form without death time. Bonus : Remove or give the EK owner the ability to config the death time. @Pann @jtoddcoleman @thomasblair Thx for your time
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    How to join or quit a guild

    To join a guild: Log into your crowfall.com account. Go to your profile. Scroll to the bottom of the menu on the left. You'll see "Guild Invites" and "Guild Applications". Click as applicable. To leave a guild: Log into your crowfall.com account. Go to https://crowfall.com/en-US/guild/settings Select "Leave guild" on the bottom right side.
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    Bard discipline

    That would be incredibly OP. Bard is a lot better than people are giving it credit for. I use it on some of my builds atm. It's certainly not a discipline you can drop into any role/promotion though.
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