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    We have decided to quit Crowfall for now. We will most likely first be back when beta hits in hopes of it can cure our frustrations. But lately it's been feeling like a chore to log in and play the game - and when a game starts to feel like a chore, it's time to do something else. First off, for those who don't know me and our guild, I am Yumx, leader of Vanguard, I've been playing Crowfall almost non-stop since Jan. 2017, so 3,5 years by now. Our guild Vanguard is one of the top EU guilds, we won the first 2 dregs on test, both the NA one and the EU one. We also recently won the first EU live dregs campaign. You might also know us from our videos from the past, Go Broke or Go Home and The European Clowncar. We've been playing Crowfall for with passion for years, providing the community with several guides, such as The Promo Class Breakdown, Minor Discipline Guide, and of course our Tier List. Enough about us - Why do we quit Crowfall? To put it into a sentence; It is the built up frustrations with many different aspects of the game. But to put some words on it, and to spark some discussions with the community, maybe the developers can use this to further develop the game in the future. *DISCLAIMER - Yes we know the game is in alpha, but it's far into development and you can get a pretty good idea of what the final game will look like* Game Loop The game loop is not where we wanted it to be. Currently it's 1 hour of action per day, and 23 hours of grinding - in a PvP focused game, for people that focus on PvP, that really kills the motivation when you spend most of your time doing PvE. Caravans We hoped with the implementation of caravans that it would drive more regular PvP, but in reality it does not do a great job at that. Mainly people just run those caravans in off hours to build up their buildings. This hopefully does change with a bigger population of course. Our hopes of Caravans were timed/announced events, fixed destination of the caravans, where you had to control/protect the caravans to the end, to get the huge amount of resources a caravan can give. Take us through the beautiful landscape and environments you've made, let enemies that don't make it to the caravans first set up ambushes, let's have some amazing PvP - this would be a type of circle standing I could like, because the circle would be moving :D Victory Cards The victory cards most often promotes PvE farming or sitting in your base and hope the enemy doesn't come to try and take it, so even in the siege windows, most often you will find guilds sitting in their strongholds, because that is most beneficial towards winning the campaign. This is obviously something they said they can change and do balance passes on - so this is just feedback on what we've tried so far. But currently with how expensive buildings are, with how short campaigns are and the time it takes to gather those resources - victory cards that promote having "most rank 3 buildings" is just pure slavery. If you were to have Victory Cards that focuses that hard on PvE, such as Hellcat paws, or sacrificial shards to a certain god, make the points gained from those cards way lower than actual hard cards like most kills in sieges, most stuff capped etc. War Tribes The war tribes was a fun addition to the game initially, having those random drops is always a good time waster for MMOs, but in it's current state with Chiefs, Kings etc. in the early game, where crafting almost doesn't matter, being forced to farm those on cooldown to be competitive is not very fun. This is because the drops from these bosses is just too good not to go for, it's also the main way to get crafting additives. We really lack alternative ways to get crafting additives, hopefully through PvP (destroy an enemy crafting building - get crafting additives?) Loot boxes in war tribe camps It's a cool idea to have boxes with strong weapons and armor in. But they are too easily accessible currently. Let us fight over them, make it an event in the campaign (15:00 Urgu camp boxes will open) Animals Why do we have to farm special versions of animals to acquire necro additives and crafting tools? Why are there not a PvP way to get these, a trained necromancer chopping up an enemy vessel etc. Again more alternative ways to acquire additives would be appreciated. Outposts With how little they actually matter to the scoreboard, and how long they take to capture, it feels like they need a rehaul. Yes, it makes sense that it's an activity for smaller scale, but you almost gain nothing from taking the time to kill the guards, then proceed to stand in the circle for X amount of time, just to gain very few points. Maybe they can have a bigger purpose outside of when the victory cards about outposts are there? Like if you own the outpost in the parcel you gain resource advantages on that parcel? Forts Fort fights have always been some of my favourite fights, the only problem with them, is how they are captured in the end. If one force has more people than the other, they just need to stand in the circle to turn it to their side, there's not much strategy or tactical decisions outside of when your enemy make mistakes. Could be awesome to see some multi objectives like in the new keeps, because right now Forts are just as valuable as Keeps, if that's where you decide to make your homebase, it's just much easier to lose. Keeps The current iteration of keeps are in a pretty cool spot, the only thing we're lacking is players being able to decide their own layout, where to place the wards, buildings, walls etc. Not necessarily free building, but just give players several different layouts to choose from, so we have some decisions to make depending on the surrounding area. Siege Windows As mentioned, the downside of sieges being scheduled to 1 hour per day is that, then people think that's when to PvP. So they almost only log in to PvP, at that time of the day. This is very much a mental thing, that people see "okay X is open from X to X, that's when I need to prepare my self for PvP". That's why we suggest timed events more regularly, like Caravans, so people have a visual indicator of PvP is about to happen. Campaign layout Often when you want to go attack forts or keeps, having a respawn point nearby is pretty nice to have, especially if you expect you take some losses, then you don't want people to have to run 5-10 minutes to get back to the fights. But most often respawn outposts are very far off forts, so an idea could be that you give players a way to transform regular outposts to respawn points for X amount of time? Maybe a stonemason craft or something like that. It would also help with huge advantages defenders already have in this game. Crafting My officer and I were the ones crafting for our entire guild (20+ people), and the current crafting iteration could use some optimizing for sure. The biggest problem is how inconvenient it is to craft items that require items from other professions, and it's not so much that you have to be on different accounts/characters, it's more that we lack a nice way to keep an overview. An idea could be: Guild crafting requests, so when you step to a crafting table, a request tab pops up, shows what kind of items guild members have requested, and then you just click on it, and it shows you what item you need to craft at this crafting table, for that item. So let's say a guild member requests a 1 handed axe, with Crit damage and attack power. Then on my woodworker account, I go to the woodworking table, click on requests, on the 1 handed axe that is requested, and it says "Craft a Wooden Plank: Birch/Birch/Birch". Then when you craft it, it says "Part complete by WoodWorkerCharacter" in the request tab, so you can see your progression towards the item, and who crafted the parts. A part from this, going back to asking for alternative ways of getting things, have crafting be able to compete with War Tribe loot early game too, that way people can choose to either go farm war tribes, or the crafting route - we need more choices. PvP This is obviously the most important one for us. The reason I kept playing Crowfall for 3,5 years, is because the PvP was addicting. The thrill of beating your enemies with great coordination, and well timed anti healing, tracking enemy ulties etc. was just an overall great experience. This has sadly turned for the worse in the current patch, with the implementation of Frostweaver and huge amounts of AoE damage. Currently fights go like this: - Everyone has frost guards, because the frost armor is so strong that you can't play without it. - Everyone has Stormcallers, Frost guards and Archmages, because the AoE damage is so strong, you would be gimping yourself if you didn't use it. - With the amount of damage these classes put out in AoE, you don't really need anything else, because you also get a buttload of CC from the frostguards Volatile Ice mechanics. - So the rest you just fill up with healers. - So you see an enemy group, tell everyone to get their AoE ready, then fire it all at once while running into the enemy, and they get AoE'd down, while everyone is clapping in excitement and playing their face and feet. The PvP has been dumbed down to a level that is not fun anymore, for us at least. Crowd Control and Retaliate That every class has access to multiple CC powers on low cooldown, makes the overall CC experience in a fight very spammy. But to counter this, everyone has retaliate ready all the time, and become CC immune most of the fight. This leads to that everyone that PvPs almost always have 1 finger on their retaliate button, because you just have to react to the Retaliate Pop up to keep playing like nothing happend. It feels trivial to the fights, it's just annoying but doesn't have that much of an impact. What would help the overall combat experience in our opinion, is to limit the amount of CCs, make them longer cooldown, but make them have a bigger impact - so retaliate on a cooldown - that way it also means that you need to use stuff like juggernaut and escape artist to outplay/counter stuff - and you can set up burst windows. We want to go back to tracking enemy cooldowns, so we know when we can go for the kill with set ups. Class mechanics With the implementation of the Frostweaver ACE showcased that they are able to actually make unique and interesting powers, so an overhaul for the other classes towards this direction is very much needed. Most of the current classes/builds are not mechanically challenging, even a 6 year old can play champion in PvP. There's no real depth in the skill variety, combos etc., the promotion classes adds very little to the playstyle. An example here could be that you put almost all CC into the actual CC promotions. Disciplines With the limited amount of viable majors and minors, everyone is running the same builds. You're playing Icecaller? Earthkeeper? Crusader? Use Field Surgeon and Naiad. Minors? Sturdy, overwhelming odds, matching X. There are no other choices that can beat that. We desperately need more viable choices so we can specialize our builds more towards our preferred playstyles - but it's impossible currently with how the fights play out. Balancing This is one of the next steps they announced they will be working on. And it's definitely needed. Here are some suggestions to changes: - Reduce Volatile Ice Damage. - Reduce Volatile Ice Proc chance. - Reduce Aura Emitter Damage. - Increase Barrage damage to whatever you reduce the other AoEs to. (Single target dmg should always be higher than AoE, which is not the case currently) - Reduce Frost Armor (from Frost Guard) to take 5 seconds to break, instead of 10. - Move Crowd Control to CC promotions for the different classes. - Make hybrids more viable. (Arbiter/Archdruid some more base support power forexample) - Give melees more CC immunity than Ranged Classes. In big fights, melees have to run through hell to get to targets, where ranged can just pew pew from range, meaning all the CC affects melee way more than ranged. To make up for this, give them more CC immunity so they also have a chance to do anything. We need melee to be viable again, and this is one of the main reasons they are not playable in big fights. - Early game the offensive stats from war tribe gear is way higher than what you can gain for healers, meaning damage is way higher than healing. Could use some fine-tuning, see Crafting feedback. - Generally we think with longer cooldowns on powers, ultimates, retaliate etc., the fights won't be as spammy, but more about setting up combos together, which is what we would prefer. Classes There are so many promotion classes that are unplayable in the current iteration of combat - because they don't feel specialized enough in what they are advertised as. Champion (Only Pit Fighter is played): Alpha Warrior lots of damage? Well with how the Pit Fighter capstone works, Pit Fighter actually have enough damage but way more survivability. Barbarian lots of crowd control? Well all the other champions have almost the same amount of CC, just more dmg or survivability. Cleric (Only Crusader is played): Arbiter lots of crowd control? Well with how retaliate works, and since you can have 2 roots on Crusader from naiad + native root, the Crusader have enough crowd control and way more healing. Radical ranged dps? Compare it to ANY other ranged dps and it will fall short in output over time. Knight (Secutor and Swordsman are played): Sentinel lots of crowd control? The other knights have exactly the same amount of CC, and the Secutor even has better CC through spammable dodge pip removal. Templar (Paladin and Fury are played): Vindicator melee dps? The main damage from a vindicator is execute, their divine light is not worth it, because only 5 targets and slow tick rate. Compare it's output to forexample Titan (if the melees even can have uptime) then it falls short. Ranger (lol): Archer is somewhat viable, because of their single target sniping from long range, but the damage output versus the other ranged dps (confessor, stormcaller, archmage), it's so slow. Their barrage is also very low dmg compared to other AoE. Warden tanky ranger? Well if people just ignore the warden, what can it actually do? Brigand stealth traps? Traps being that huge and clearly visible makes it very bad for combat where you fight enemies that have eyes in their head. Their slow stealth movement also makes it hard to use Brigand for group fights, where they would shine if they quickly could get into the backline and surprise with traps. Assassin (even more lol): Sadly the only thing assassin is useful for is PvE, and that's the blackguard. Assassin needs a serious overhaul, make it have some kind of impact through lockdown (see retaliate changes) or AoE antiheal or something useful. Frostweaver (Everything is played): You make a well designed class, and suddenly every promotion is used and feels unique. Confessor (Inquisitor and Fanatic is played): Why change the names btw? Fanatic (CC promotion) is not used for their CC abilities though, because all confessors have the same CC. They are mainly just used for their passive elemental break debuff. Sanctifier is sadly still a joke, has no impact on fights, condemnation being locked in animation, their low range on CC, sanctifiers are ignoreable in fights. Myrmidon (Titan is played once every full moon): Titan went from one of the best DPS' if played well, to unplayable with the implementation of ranged AoE and huge amount of CC. Battlerager is ignoreable, it can soak dmg, but has no CC that makes an impact nor any utility or damage. Conqueror was also a great pick before to have 1 of in your lineup - now it's useless, frostweaver does it better. Duelist (Slayer is played): Slayer is played because it has lots of control combined with good ranged damage, you actually feel like a DPS promotion playing this. Vanguard Scout is a promotion people forget exist. Dirge is used for harvesting characters, because it's easier to craft mail/plate harvesting gear. Druid (Earthkeeper and Stormcaller is used): Archdruid used to be THE AoE damage. You would work together to set up the big one shots - it has now been overtaken by the quick AoE dmg Frostweavers and Stormcallers has, why take 20 seconds to set up a one shot, when you can spam AoE dmg every second on a Frostweaver with almost no ramp-up time? Hitboxes Hitboxes really have to get fine tuned, if anyone has ever tried to play a ranged character, trying to hit enemies on objects, fort/keep walls etc. most often even though your reticle is straight on the enemy character, you will not hit your enemy. Very frustrating. Leveling I understand that leveling was implemented to slowly introduce players to the class and their powers/mechanics. But if that's the reason, why do you then still have to level advanced vessels? Did you think we forgot how to play our class after we upgraded our vessel? We should just have short class introductions when you create a basic vessel, and that should be it. Leveling feels misplaced in a PvP game like this, which brings me to the next part, New Player Experience. New Player Experience Now I know the current New Player Experience is not done. But here's what a new player needs to know (I have explained, trained and taught A LOT of new players over the last 3 years): - They need to understand that fights are mainly played in groups. - They need to learn how to use siege equipment. - They need to learn how objectives work. - They need to learn how to craft advanced stuff. Learning this means they get to learn how crafting items are dependent on multi professions/crafters and requires time. Which hopefully teaches them to appreciate when they get well crafted stuff. "I would like an epic Runic Sword" "Yeah but do you understand the effort it takes to make a sword like that happen?" - They need to learn the basics of their class (later all classes, but that shouldn't be in the intro) - They need to learn how harvesting works, where resources come from, what Plentiful harvest is etc. - What victory cards are etc. If they learn all this stuff in the introduction, they will be well suited to out into a campaign and actually contribute for a guild. It's a huge amount of work, but this is what guilds are forced to teach new players when they take them into their guild. __________________ Now this sounds like a lot of negative stuff, but it's just how we have experienced the game the last 3 years. Here's some positive stuff though: - Dregs, Guild vs Guild worked out great, the forced friendly fire between allied guilds adds a fun factor to fights. - Thralls at night is a cool mechanic, and forces people out into the world (will work great with a big population) - The game have been great enough to play it non-stop for 3+ years, you have done a lot of stuff right. - All the different stats in the game makes it an awesome experience for min/max'ers, that you can really dive into your stats and exactly hit your caps in late game etc. is great. (Only problem is what is actually viable vs obtainable) - Harvesting was chill and useful (till Caravans) - The feeling of being dependant on eachother in a guild is still there, you can't fight without your crafters, you can't craft without your harvesters, you can't harvest without your crafters. (I know wartribe = non crafted gear, caravans = non harvested resources, but still :D ) We hope the devs can use some of this feedback. Hopefully a bigger population will fix a lot of these frustrations, only time will tell. Now, this was a long post, and if you've reached the end, thank you for reading, this post was made to spark discussions about the game, so fire away, but keep it constructive!
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    @jtoddcoleman@thomasblair@Tyrant Please please please highly consider activating some of the Fort's siege's at EU friendly times for this campaign. I can understand if you don't want to activate Keeps but currently no EU/Russian player can reliably participate in any type of siege for NA hosted campaigns.
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    Hey folks, We are putting a new version up on our TEST environment this morning! This version has 3000+ bug fixes and miscellaneous polish updates since we posted the last version on 5/28 (I know, crazy, right?!) and we would love your help in putting it through the wringer. As I mentioned in the last ACE Developer Q&A Livestream, now that we have LIVE running again, we will return to our original approach for managing the TEST and LIVE environments: the purpose of our TEST environment is functionality testing; i.e. verifying new features and content, bug fixes and performance improvements in preparation to move a build to LIVE. The purpose of the LIVE environment is to get a feeling for playability. To that end, once we launch this version on the TEST server, we’re going to set up a few things that make it easier on you (our brave and stalwart testers) to push against the edges of the build and help us find the cracks, including: - Turning up the speed of passive training to 10x, to run you get through the skill trees faster, - Adding in free resource and materials vendors in the Temples and Strongholds to let you build all the buildings, - …and because we have a sacrifice system to quickly turn items into XP, these same vendors should give you a quick path to level up new characters so you can test out combat. On that last point in particular, we would love some help with combat testing, as significant fixes or improvements were made to Retaliate, Frostweaver targeting, Trap deployment mechanics, collision, overall client performance (and a ton of other stuff that I’m forgetting but you can read about in the patch notes). Given that it’s the TEST server, we’ll bring it up and take it down as necessary, and generally without warning. We don’t know yet whether or not we’ll keep it running over the weekend; that depends on how the initial testing goes… if we think it’s helpful, we’ll do it. If not, then we won’t waste your time. First round of testing will be God’s Reach and Infected; we have a few lingering issues with Dregs and New Player Experience, but we should be able to start testing those early next week. The goal is to get this version out to LIVE as quickly as possible, so we can get you guys playing a Dregs campaign and finding the “highest nails” that we need to address next. As always, thanks for your assistance! Todd p.s. if you want to take a look at the TEST version, it requires a separate installer, which you can download here: https://crowfall.com/en-US/account/download-client
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    5.110 TEST Feedback for 6/15/20

    Character Creation: Show Race Discipline when hovering over each. Class: More info from creation screen. Be it hover over or optional 2nd window with details. Stats do what for the class to help with race choice. Ex: Dex = Crit%, AP View entire Talent Tree. Powers & Passive available with ability to look at each. Promo description with additional armor/weapons unlocked. Vendors: Buying/Selling: Shift+RMB to quick buy/sell instead of having to Confirm each action. Or allow Enter to Confirm and ESC to Cancel. Player Vendors: Option to assign vendor type (armor, weapons, plate armor) that can be seen when aiming reticle at them or close enough to F interact. Might not be perfect solution but at least give some clue what a vendor has. Move F interact to above character head or somewhere not blocked by windows. Bank: Add more Sort By options and Categories Add Categories: Consumables: Sort by Food, Bandages, Potions Harvesting Items: Sort by Tools, Wood, Stone, Leather, Body Parts... (Rarity for each) Crafting Components: Sort by Leatherworking, Necromancy, Blacksmith... For Bow String, Weapon Grip, Empty Flask, Ambrosia... More Sort Options for Current Categories: Armor: Type, Slot, Class, Rarity Weapons: Type, Class, Rarity Inventory Separate into own window from gear and character stats and or when looting/crafting. Increase space. Add scrolling to keep viewed space and screen use the same. Gained with Exploration Discipline, Exploration Passive Training, and or by Default Optional setting for Shift+RMB to quick delete without confirm. Splitting Stacks: Increase window with larger numbers possible. Sorting: Drop down or tabs to only view Gear, Harvested Goods, Consumables, Crafting Components, etc. Passive Training Add "Time Remaining" to Rank Up along with the current points. Remove VIP Active logo if it no longer influences training. Some still get confused by this. Talents Add text "Requires X Training Points" to Rank Up to make it slightly clearer. Add text "No Cost" to Rank Up for Exploration and Initial Promo Nodes as well. Support Nodes: Shouldn't be required to progress when promos might not make any use of them. Similar to Passive Training has Support on its own branch. Ex: Swap Inviolable with Mission of Mercy for Cleric. In and Out of Combat Health Regen: Remove or Improve. PHM, Improved Bandaging or anything be more useful. Stats Cut out non applicable stats for classes. Duelist has 0 Fury and 0% Bow Charge Speed but clutters up the already extensive stat list. Show current out of max without hovering over, with hovering still giving the explanation. Player Interaction: Friendly collision: Increases strategic play and use of environment, less stacking in a ball, less clown car Main UI All windows and UI elements should have option to resize, change transparency, move, hide. Larger max chat window size. Move power bar to bottom of screen when reaching level 30. Optional customizing for individual UI elements: Hide power bar keybinds. Chicken ticker separate element to adjust Hide player name, level, faction/guild crest Item Window: Option to remove sacrifice wasted space at 30 and flavor text for condensed item viewing. Current Pre 30 -------------------------> Move Sell Value Current wasted sacrifice space at 30 -----------------> New at 30 space removed while retaining Sell Value Combat UI: Targeting Reticle: Option to resize and change color. Optional types of damage/heal/status text styles. Size, placement, flow style, duration. Group: Option condensed version without group member faction/guild crest, buffs and even debuffs. Add group member resource bar (mana/energy/fury). Buffs/Debuffs: Separate element for Debuffs, Short and Longterm Buffs to move, resize, hide independently. Remove permanent buffs like "Uniform Leather Buff" if they are always active. Remove "In Combat" status as there is the Red Swords indicator. Both of which could be replaced by making a full red highlight around player info. Crafting UI Decrease steps necessary to make items: Put in resources, move naming option here & item skins Assemble Abort or Next - Remove Name & Make Item - Remove Destroy or Take - Remove Experimenting: Option to turn off casino rolling time sink unless the server actually needs that much time to calculate??? Have to stare at it not once, not twice, but potentially three times. Gambling fans keep it on. Option to check box for small & large rolls to auto roll all three steps as long as player has enough dust/embers. Hidden Crafting: Crafting system is great but so much is hidden away. Leave it all hidden and hope players figure it out and don't get annoyed or can make it more accessible and drive players to seek out requirements. Keep players in-game playing and interacting instead of alt+tab searching google as eventually all this info gets disseminated regardless of hiding it or not. Show hidden additive/component slots grayed out without proper items equipped. Indicate what item is needed when hovering over. Show all recipes on left sidebar with different colored text indicating if they are Basic or unlocked with Disciplines, Passive Training, Items, etc. Indicate what is required to unlock them. Alchemy Discipline, 50% Blacksmith Passive Training, Rare NPC Dropped Item You'll Pay A Lot For... Recipe Components: If a recipe requires something made from the same craft/table, double clicking the slot could take player directly to that component's recipe window. Hover over slot and get basic or specific info on what is required: Ex: Bows have Bow Riser Slot and when highlighted gives details that it requires Bow Sight --> Blacksmithing --> Metal Bars --> 27 Non-Basic Ore Keep it simpler and have it show Advanced Blacksmith Component or Store Bought or Drops from a particular tribe/mob or "Found in the World." Where did this go? Would be great as an in-game crafting blueprint guide or could actually function if one had the necessary items but only able to do one craft type at a time. Materials Cheat Sheet: Same as recipes, this info is already available (Thanks WB) but wouldn't hurt to have in-game unless only excel masters are supposed to have easy access to such things. Maybe not a highly detailed breakdown of every combo but some indication of what is possible.
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    Dissentient is beginning a weekly, community-wide Wednesday Night Fights event. We welcome all players from across Crowfall to join as we seek to have weekly, even-numbered fights with mixed rosters. The goal of this event is to provide an arena-style scrim system where players can exchange strategy, tactics, builds, and other combat knowledge while being able to request constructive feedback from the broader community. We hope the combined use of scrims + Discord video streaming can provide players with the ability to assist one another in improving their individual play and increasing their knowledge of the game as a whole. We will be hosting this event each week in the Dissentient discord for voice comms and a 40-slot Eternal Kingdom named “ConstantineX." Due to the current limitations of EKs, the format for these scrims will be 5 v 5 (unless we run in Infected and we can organize larger groups) and people will be free to organize groups as they see fit. The first Wednesday Night Fight event will take place on Wednesday, July 8, 2020 beginning at 8:00p EDT and will end when people are tired of fighting. If you have questions please reach out to me in this thread, on discord at Ruq#6343 or via DM on the forums. I look forward to seeing everyone each week as we get some fights, mess around, and learn from each other. TLDR: Show up. Hop in Discord Grab a drink. Mess around with new builds. Shoot the breeze with people in comms. Challenge that group of smack-talkers to a duel. Show you're the best slayer in the game. Have fun. Learn something new. Edit: Back-up plan if EKs are still busted tomorrow night is to utilize the Infected campaign for the scrims. We will make the final decision in DIS-cord (link above) at 8:00p EST when we start.
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    Vanguard quitting Crowfall .. For now

    There was nothing in yumxs post that suggested it was a lack of competition on EU that proved to be the final straw for them. His feedback is felt by a vast majority of the community, as others have echoed, please dont turn this thread into a big guild/dominant guild issue, its most of the things in the initial post as a culmination that has caused this.
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    My personal expierience in the first LIVE Dregs-Campaign (EU)... What I liked... there was always something todo even 4 am I was not safe, yes most unlikely to get ganked while doing a Pigrun, but it happened (7 Players online ^^) after getting stomped alot having a good fight really boosted moral, emotional rollercoaster is nice if there are not only downs not ideal decisions in city building costed a lot of more work/time, lesson learned, choices matter building connections with other Guilds setting and achieving goals together theorycrafting about divine favor and executing plans with results having a lot fun and laughing besides some salty tastes What I did not like... having a too strong, well trained and executing enemy / not a gameissue still too low playerbase on EU / not a gameissue fotm frostweaver doing so much dmg and screwing performance not retaliateable status bug in some situations strange portings in the keep too clear information in EVENTS-Channel, I think spawnannouncements & guards under attack should be enough information too much too good geardrops out of chests no uncommon minordiscdrops no detailed information about how divine favor points are generated Overall it was a great expierience and I have to thank ACE once again for bringing up an EU-Campaign. Looking forward to the next one, hopefully soon! Special thanks to Caldera for having us as Guests for this Campaign, Vanguard and Nordic Marauders for beeing strong and sometimes fearcausing enemies that are not unbeatable, 4g_Guys for the cooperation that worked pretty good, all my Guildmates for the good time, @jtoddcoleman for giving us an EU-Campaign, the ACE-Team for the relentless work! Now lets get prepared for the last fights tonight...
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    Kingdom of Jah is now available!!! Aerynth Traders has come to life again, and rebooted as Kingdom of Jah. This is a community run vendor town, where crafters and harvesters from across the player community come together to sell their wares. Kingdom of Jah is a one-stop-shop and will continue to expand to meet the needs of the community. We already have 15+ vendors, and members from 4 guilds participating! Check out this quick instructional video about how to shop in Kingdom of Jah: Want to be a part of Kingdom of Jah? The process is simple: Reach out to either myself or @jah for availability. Let us know what you're interested in selling on your vendor. We want to make sure we're providing a variety of products! We provide the building and vendor stall, you just need to provide the vendor (15k gold and can be purchased in God's Reach). There is no charge to set up a vendor with us, all we ask is that you keep it active and stocked! There is a 5 gold/15 minute tax that the game collects from you, so don't forget to keep a little gold in your vendor's vault! A little history: Aerynth Traders has been a staple resource to the Crowfall Community. First launched in 2018, it's sleek design and organization has made it the premier trading hub for Crowfall players and communities. At it's height, Aerynth Traders had over 30 vendors, with over 15 unique entities involved in the marketplace. Multiple vendors experienced great financial wealth, by generating millions of gold through transactions. The focus of Aerynth Traders has always been about community, and bringing friends and foes together for the financial gain of all. Winterblades has also made it our mission to provide low cost gear for new players. (Kingdom of Jah is born as the new Aerynth Traders because of the current bugs associated with EKs, but hopefully we'll be back to our namesake shortly.)
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    Well its been roughly another year and decided to post another review on the games shortcomings and direction. This is of course my opinion and I want to thank the Dev's for ALLOWING feedback vs just erasing posts they disagree with. I'm gonna keep this one short and to the point. As usual, this game is a BUSINESS and its primary goal is to make INCOME. As I stated on my previous reviews in the past year(s), without money, you have NO game. Where to start. This game is still a mess. I'll say it again and again. This game should have NEVER left its Shadowbane roots. And before all the naysayers jump in with the typical "ITS NOT SHADOWBANE". Feel free to type in kickstarter crowfall. Take a look at the ORIGINAL vision of this game and layout. Hell, even the STARTING rune selection WAS SHADOWBANE. We have classes that are bland, boring, and to be quite honest some of the skills are just copy/paste from other game(s) mmo's. (even some of the skill NAMES!) 1. Why do ALL the classes feel mundane. No flashy "wow!" skills, no real sense of growth...just "+ att power this, +con this, reduction on this..I feel no "joy" at reaching 30 because honestly..its the same "feeling" I had at lvl 10. There's nothing in the tree's that make me really THINK about where to go with my build. 2. Disciplines runes....BORING. Bland, lifeless. They are SOOOO minor...and the "few" that actually are good are just OP to the point where people HAVE to have it on their toon. There is NOTHING wrong with having some "class breaking" mechanics/runes in a game. Shadowbane did great at this!!! I remember my buddy going full Barbarian and if he ran into a flying class...he RAN..He couldn't do an thing! (but man did he tear it up melee/sieges) 3. Most of the class choices are flat...Why is a champion unable to use a 2h sword??? Why not give that to a "barbarian" tree to "specialize" and make him unique..Why is the templar no matter what tree he goes down..still feels like a PALADIN!!! Wheres the burning dots! Where the FIRE effects...why is he a PALADIN!!! Fixes: 1. Lets us BREAK our characters!!! That was 90% of the fun in Shadowbane was FAST leveling allowing us to make hybrid builds, pure builds, groups of us all speccing into just WEIRD crap and pulling off nutty stuff....This game feels like a bland World of Warcraft with NO lore...:( REMOVE STAT CAPS!!! Why do you feel the need to prevent us from doing what WE want too??? 2. Continue the NO MORE FOCUS on crafting...We have ENOUGH! Get the UI straightened out, get the game "smooth" and go back to crafting 2 years or so...I have ZERO friends now interested in this game and they all played Shadowbane...They are done, they wont even touch this. 3. Give the trees some serious flexibility...put in a "CD" Game-changer ULT at the end of EACH tree line that really REALLY makes that choice ground-breaking...I just feel like i'm running around playing a bland bland action combat mmo......for instance..try some new stuff thinking way outside the box...If thats too much work right now...then please just make GOOD STRONG INTERESTING DISCIPLINES!!! All the crazy stuff that used to go on in Shadowbane...this is just a "shell" of what once was...I still have my big strategy guide of Shadowbane just listing sooo many runes..builds..stats..lore...it was ahead of its time...its just such a shame the publisher forced their hand into pushing it out too soon...(sb.exe error anyone???) J. Todd Coleman will always be in my top 3 of designers...the work he did with his team and the memories he gave me are for life. I'm just saddened that this "project" is so far off what once was. I know this will "never" be Shadowbane...but the groundwork" IS there...it just needs to be really opened up. I've gone ahead and listed some things below...ideas..thoughts, changes. I hope with all my heart this game comes to fruition. For us its a game, for the developers its their "career". I want this game to flourish...but simply logging into a game with these #'s...its saddening. I see old shadowbane guilds running around...But when you have a "alpha/beta" game about to be opening up..and the reviews are nothing great throughout youtube and gaming sites..its really bothers me. I believe in the team...I just hope its not too late. Wrain 1. Revamp Disciplines...if the classes are going to be just "base-line"..MAKE the disciplines create the "players choice" class. 2. You are allowing the lil "rat" to wear plate and knight it up..but a human cannot be a champion??? no 2h swords on a champion?? huh??? cmon...this is just weird. Race/class changes moved around a bit. 3. Have DEDICATED timers with discipline drops like you did in SB. Announce in world chat and have us go "fight" and camp for them again..THATS PVP with reason!!! 4. Marketplace, marketplace, marketplace....You really gotta open this up for people and make it EZ for shopping/selling. Alot of players dont pvp..they are into economy/crafting. 5. Better END-game ults/passives/class defining abilities... For instance..Champion: Barbarian tree...allow him to use a 2h sword...Racials? Allow FLYING for a limited time for our flyer(s) now/future. Have other classes have to disclpine for grounding/rangers for grounding..FORCE BUILDS AND ROCK/PAPER/SCISSORS. This balancing for 1v1 is what causes NO-GROUPING AND NO TEAMWORK! ;( That's my rant...I'll do another in the next 3-6 months. I'll continue trying to get players to take a look at this games direction and end game goals.. I wish nothing but the best for Crowfall...but Its needs some MAJOR changes and I "still" believe in this project/art. (I don't have a single class yet that feels "unique" or good to me yet...they just feel like "so-so"s from all the other mmo's i've played since 1990. P.S...And the compass...MOVE IT!!! You have a GREAT seasonal UI in the bottom right corner...move the compass OVER it in a curved/arc fashion..will fit beautifully!!!
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    Hey folks, So I'm trying to distill this thread down to some basic points that I can turn into action plans to address. From a high level, it sounds like the two biggest concerns for the ex-SB folks are: 1. Character customization is extremely linear, especially compared to SB, and 2. The SB=style siege handshake mechanic would be much preferred over predetermined time windows. Is this an accurate summary? Thanks, Todd
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    Hey JTodd! A Quest!

    I got a shiny green Nethari Vessel here. I want to give it to you and have you do a war story on your leveling to 30 and outfitting of whatever class you decide to play. No GM tools. No fancy Owner leveling tricks. Stay awhile and play the game with us. Come see what we are seeing. Leveling is now a chore. Not enough mobs. Small starting areas that can not support almost any population. A brick wall of advancement stoppage where you cannot advance in many cases due to the needed/required items are just not available in game. (Minor discs) Merchant areas dominated by a singular guild that is not interested in commerce or fun. Come play your game for a couple weeks. See how it is. 2 hours a night. Come on. I double dog dare you.
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    5.115 LIVE Feedback for 6/22/20

    First: How about not closing the TEST server bug-report/feedback thread until a while after the TEST server gets a new version or it got closed (or a new bug-report/feedback thread has been opened)? Just a suggestion. This is feedback for the 6/19 TEST version 5.115 . NPE Quests & Campaign Cards Both systems are very well done for a first version. Meaning, they are showing well what could be possible with those system and where the road is leading ... but they still have basic flaws and need intense work to reach the necessary end of the road. What I noticed most is that the provided informations/wordings in quests and cards are sometimes unclear or misleading or simply wrong. Also the distribution of scorepoints is not as comprehensible as it needs to be. Since there are too many of those issues, I believe that both systems needs an overall revision, and I will only point out some examples. Campaign Cards First: A possible general solution for the following could be to make the current progression of scorepoints (or their objectives) visible to the players - so they can see wether what they did worked or not. And to split the score result in the scoreboard according to the seperate cards instead of showing the sum total per pillar. In that case the following two points would mostly be obsolete. Wordings in Campaign Cards need (always) to be absolutely(!) precise - and sometimes it is not. It should also provide additional informations, where otherwise player may misunderstand the meaning. Examples: Card 1: What is an enemy god? And which god braziers are really legit? Since guilds choose a patron god, one could say that any other god is an enemy god in the throne war. This may be different in faction based campaigns, but Dregs are guild campaigns. And "any" brazier clearly implies those in the temples. Turns out "enemy gods" are "gods of another faction" and "any brazier" is "any outpost brazier". So any sacrifices enemy gods of the same faction or in temples didnt provide any deed progression. Card 2: Are Bog Bear teeth and Bog Bear canine teeth the same? When looting Bog Bears, those creatures can drop a white quality "Bog Bear tooth". Now is that the wanted tooth or not? Sacrificing them to Zaleena outpost braziers didn't provide deed progression, so obviously they are not. Maybe the ancient Bog Bears drop canine teeth? Who knows. Anyways, either the card wording needs to be more precise (like "from Ancient Bog Bears") or the loot items per beast should be very unique, so they can't be mixed up in a simple players mind like mine. Score Point Distribution Is not always clear which results were finally achieved - and sometimes it just doesnt make sense. Example: Snaptest 6/17, Fall, Power For everybody who likes brain twisters: Which guild got which points for which card? (The number in the right Fall column (moon) is the sum of the points for both cards) Scoreboard shortly after end of Fall (with no significant changes in between): (You can research more informations by accessing the campaign details ingame (lobby -> campaigns -> completed -> dregs snaptest 6/17 -> map -> details) Solution: Now please tell me: How are those ties possible? 🤡 We are talking about "Capture Points earned", with up to six-diget figures. It doesn't make sense, and it seems to be completely impossible. Second, obviously the campaign card goals doesn't base on the "campaign result up to now" but on "results within the current season". That makes this card incomprehensible. First because it is called a campaign card and not a season card and second because the players have no way to see how many capture points they or others scored within a season. So players would be right to expect it bases on "overall campaign results up to now" and not season results. Due to that, for the player the Power Campaign Card card in it's current state is like gambling: you do something and hope you will get something - but you never know what and why. The same, or similar issues, are true for other cards. tl;dr: The cards wordings and their score point distribution really need to be checked on a basic level. People need to understand what they need to do to get what result, and to be able to check their progress while they do. NPE Quests Boring. Confusing. Wrong. Incomplete. Boring. Sorry. Well, OK, not that bad. I actually like it. Or to be more precise: I like what it may become. Because - there are some quite basic flaws. That's OK for a first version. But too many though to mention them all, though. So i am back to examples. A tutorial should be very clear and consistently leading the player from one step to the next, explaining the things the player otherwise may not understand. Thats partially done, but not completely, there are gaps. For example, the compass is not explained, which should happen right at the beginning. The initial quest from Guiseppe (you find him at the center of the temple) is good enough to solve it, but saying something "you can find him at the center of the temple. Look at the compass above you, he's right to the north of here." would make the new player both aware of the compass and the leading quest icon on it. Already the second quest at the sentinel relies on seeing this quest icon, in order to find Brak Lionshield. It get's worse with Brak "A pack of wolves is harassing these refugees looking for an easy meal... if you are looking for a fight, that's a good place to start." Uh ... what refugees, what wolves? Either explain the compass first - or at least say "outside the temples gates". Also a quite competent trainer, not telling to open inventory [ i ] and equipping the given weapons first [rightclick or drag&drop] .... ~cough~ Next step, coming back from the wolves he says: But There is no bandage where the tutorial shows them to be. If he would have explained to open inventory and equip weapons before fighting the wolves, the player may find them easily. Still then the player wouldnt know how to open the Spell Book where he can equip the Bandage like shown in the picture. He could say something like "I put them into your rucksack, if you want to access them faster, i would suggest you put them where you can reach them easily. [press k] " In such a case showing the picture he does would make sense and be helpful. Instead of confusing, like now. I noticed that there are several quests, like this, in which the player gets something from the quest giver. But it's not comprehensible. Either the quest giver should tell the player that he put the stuff in the players inventory. Or, what I think would be much better: a loot window should open, so the player can take it (learns about loot windows this way and participates more actively in the story). Otherwise, if the new player doesn't see it ... it never happened! Also often (nearly always) there is no explanation how to do things. How to attack or how to open a certain window for example. Upon request, Brak tells the player next to use personal crafting if the players looses the bandages. Uh ... what personal crafting? Where? What if players forgot where they stopped? Nothing leads to the Quest log, it should be hinted where to find it right from the start. Because if not, the player may be fooled by some veeeery misleading quest directions on the compass. Like this, when not using a bandage after talking to Brak. Which is kind of inconvinient, because the world ends in about 360 meters in this direction. So this should be fixed too anyways. And that's only for the first three quest givers. It goes this way the whole bumpy road. Things not explained or wrong explained (there are not 11 gods, like one of the NPC's tell. D'Orion also died, by the hand of Kane - and the Allfather is missing, but surely dead, whyelse fight for the throne). In general NPC texts feel like being written very hastily. Which is of course OK for now. But the whole thing needs a thorough overhaul to be interesting, consistent and engaging. Besides that, the environment for the new players looks awesome and i think the quest system really has the potential for a great NPE. Well done so far.
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    You come from the point of a large guild that lacks content, because you can easily faceroll a small guild or an unorganized attempt of a few small guilds in a single fight. You think that small guilds need to get organised by "game mechanic", so it becomes more challenging content for you to have more fun. I will tell you the point of view of a small group. If I am against the zerg, I am not going to assault their keep. I am not going to call other small groups to do the same. It is pointless. [All numbers below are subjective]. Small guilds have another way of countering a zerg. We hit your objectives in the different parts of the world at the same time. You can sit in your keep and lose all other territories or you split your zerg into small groups and try to defend each of objectives. Instead of having 50 vs 5*10 fight in the keep, we are going to have 10 5vs5 fights in your forts (and you still have to commit resources to scouting all objectives including your main keep). Now my small guild is going to have fun 5 vs 5, depending on our strategy we may encounter defenders, when walls are down and guards are already killed. If we win the fight we will take your fort. If game rewards small guilds for killing defenders/taking objectives with glory points per member, while the large guild loses fights everywhere and only generates points from holding big objectives, everyone will end up not to far away on the leaderboard, the large guild won't be a winner either. The difference in mechanics is that organized 50 vs unorganized 5*10 is no fun (espesially if 50 defend a keep with guards/siege weapons/choke advantage since the beginning of the siege), while 10 "organized 5 vs organized 5" fights will be fun for everyone. The more meaningful objectives that generate points for taking them/wining fights over them we have, the less we need to zerg in the game. I am strongly against the mechanics that provoke zerg fests. Smart objectives play should be a key of winning throne war. It generates more fun playing the game. The citadel siege (or anything else) where everyone throws their bodies on one objective in the world can be the end of the season activity, but it should not be our daily gameplay. Sudden small/medium size encounters balance themselves and bring fun, the zerg fests will kill the fun in the game once one side accumulates the most efficient players, and there is no way for game mechanics to balance that out. The goal of the game design points system should be acknowledging the fact that sides and fights can't be balanced, and reward players who do well under any circumstances, while punishing players who do bad (especially if they had advantage) or do not do anything. We can go into a massive discussion from here with the million of the examples, however I believe that Todd and Gordon already have deep undestanding of everything I've written above, based on their Divine Glory design, and their direction for alliances will be a separate from Dregs ruleset. I believe that direction should not be changed by community.
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    Zybak 2: Dark Horse is my second PvP montage mainly consisting of footage from the "Amersyn" campaign. Amersyn was the first campaign to hit the LIVE servers with the new Divine Favor system and it'll be one to remember! If you enjoyed the video I'd really appreciate it if you left a LIKE and shared it with your friends. I put a lot of time and effort into these montage videos so I'd love to hear about what you thought in the comments below!
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    Vanguard quitting Crowfall .. For now

    Us pushing for the win has nothing to do with all this feedback, all this feedback would still be valid even if you guys could compete.
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    Asymmetric PvP is the point I'll hammer on for this genre. Keep it in mind when you think about the game and the role of PvE in generating PvP, and things may clarify. My favorite aspect of the Divine Favor system is that it gives guild-level sub-goals. I sign-on, and depending on who is on and how many, I join or start a group to try to make progress on a sub-goal. I do those things in the world, and am therefore subjected to potential PvP. I am always skeptical when I read pro-PvP perspectives that give no harbor to the idea PvE (aka indirect PvP) goals sustain different PvP opportunities than PvP goals. This game is not a lobby PvP game. You don't get to schedule your killing for dinner and have that be the end-all. I am not criticizing the desire for that, but there are other genres for it (MOBAs, shooters, arena MMOs). Sometimes I think the criticism is coming from a misunderstanding because so many like games partition their PvE and PvP. WoW is the primary example of this kind of thing. PvP fans can get immediate fun from WoW arenas. It's controlled, predictable, you literally sign-up for it. Crowfall is of a different ilk. You very rarely sign-up for PvP. It comes to you at different times during the game. Sometimes you are alone and get rolled, sometimes you roll a loner. Sometimes you get an even numbers fight, and sometimes you get a four-way fight. Sometimes you run around and there is nobody to fight, so you need other things to do (Divine Favor helps immensely) other times you really want to do some Divine Favor things or build your keep and you just keep getting rolled. Asymmetric PvP is harder to support in a game because some players find the stretches of no PvP to be too boring and other players find the omnipresent threat of PvP too daunting.
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    This campaign really showed off the magic the of Divine Favor system. KGV was not the most dominant guild when it came to pure conquest and siege power. However we played the game with efficiency and didn't try to compete with the dominant force head on. We didn't own the most conquest objectives but we owned a lot for the amount of people we have. We had an easier time with the "per player" cards because we have less people in our guild. Crem made some really good calls. We also were on a razor's edge for this thing so it felt REALLY good having literally EVERYONE's contributions matter in a campaign this close. - If Grivyn didn't find the Hellcat and get paws...we lose - If I didn't get as many skulls...we lose - If the guys didn't run as many pigs and build...we lose - If we didn't have mining trained guys for Hunger Shards...we lose - If we had more players in our guild and played slightly less efficiently...we lose - If we hadn't wasted more of the enemy guild's time...we lose - If the enemy guild successfully sieged our keep...we lose It was a Cinderella Story victory and I honestly don't expect it to happen again anytime soon. But the Divine Favor system is cool because THIS KIND OF THING CAN ACTUALLY HAPPEN! Winning in Crowfall is not purely about who can bring the most people to sieges.
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    [GERMAN] -NM- Nordic Marauders

    Check out our new dps overlay with free server function and in deep after combat archived statistics +++++++ much more features. Its even testet for a while now and should be stable. Download/Wiki/Howto and screens >>>> https://github.com/Crowtails/meter/wiki Download/Wiki/Howto and screens >>>> https://github.com/Crowtails/meter/wiki
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    Crowtails - dps meter

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    Vanguard quitting Crowfall .. For now

    Great post Yumx! I have several accounts and log in and play nearly every day. I have weathered the previous patch storms / wipes and continue to play... despite many of my friends & family members ditching this game (for the most part). I've generally always embraced the grind. Since patch 5.0, there has always been more than enough trivial tasks needing to be done towards addressing many more various meaningful tasks, which are then needed to address even more various essential tasks and/or combined group tasks towards probable successes... G wizz, lots of tedious tasks in this game. Well now, I am no longer embracing the grind. On any given day, there are many tasks that can not even be done or accomplished at all. I do what can be done, but the ones that can't be done end up irritating blockers to my progress. Lately I grind, and my guild-mates grind (even more so), and our results end up a myriad of new frustrations. I used to enjoy harvesting for long stints. Now I do it for a while and feel myself slipping into a coma. It doesn't help that the harvesting nodes are further spaced out in most zones, and often lack certain material types as well? Also, I've always sought out various forms of pvp regularly. I have had so many fond pvp memories yet they are rapidly fading away and becoming lost in these new patch transitions. For me personally, group pvp (like 12+ vs. 12+) has become almost zero fun... as I pretty much fall victim to volatile ice / aoe / knockdown spam over and over in nearly every group engagement. I certainly have more fun going out solo and getting ganked, or running into 2 or 3 random enemies. At least it is generally more fun and/or competitive than the more recent guild fights. In closing; It is so strange to now finally see and experience All The Exciting New Visuals, New Content, and New Crowfall / Dregs Campaign Concepts... yet inevitably be having less and less fun just playing?!? I thought that I had grown fairly accustomed to the 'Grind' and all the nasty 'Inventory issues'... But now I fear they are reaching intolerable levels as the game direction blatantly becomes chore after chore after chore, and we wait so impatiently to become 'remotely special' within our chosen specialization?
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    5.115 LIVE Feedback for 7/2/20

    Please make the map a normal North, East, South, West instead of this tilted weird poorly made map which makes saying directions all kinds of wack cause it's simply not the norm in any game or real life lol.
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    Based on your feedback, we're adding an EU Dregs campaign! Amersyn (EU) will begin Wednesday June 24 at 4PM CEST and will end Tuesday June 30 at 10PM CEST. Thank you for support!
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    I think some more diversity in the glory cards would be awesome for the PvE guys. The thing that I hate about the glory cards is that all of them require mindless farming just to turn around and sacrifice everything you just farmed. This sort of system just doesn't feel rewarding and I would rather be doing a dozen other things in Crowfall than farm things that I'm just going to throw away. The Wealth cards are also rough because it forces you to run pigs. I want my bases to feel like they are customized for me and my guild, not for the score cards. I dont want to be forced to run 200 pig spawns to get a level 3 building whose buff I am simply not going to use all because I feel like thats what I need to do to be competitive. If ACE added cards for "most wood/ore/stone/leather" farmed per member most gatherers would be much happier. It would even be cool to have cards like "The guild with the member who farmed the most Heartwood/Dust/Whatever gets x/y/z points" would also be another fun one. My biggest take away is that PvE needs to feel rewarding and any PvE activity that leads into more PvP or better future PvP (crafting, harvesting, etc.) would make Glory/Wealth feel less like a chore, and more of an incentive to get the war machine turning and lead to future PvP clashes. In terms of helping out the little guys on PvP centric cards, there needs to be quality over quantity cards. Something like "The guild with the highest average KDA gets x/y/z points." Or something along the lines of "Whichever guild has the player who gets the highest amount of kills in X days gets x/y/z points." It doesnt all have to be about conquest points and land ownership. TLDR; The Divine Favor needs some tuning and cards that reward individual player skill/effort would be a great addition as well as adding actual harvesting cards in the future.
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    Honestly the only thing I felt like I had to do was run pigs because the building costs for stuff was so high for a 7 day campaign which I understand is just to get more iterations in but this pace of testing with the amount of running it needs to build anything is going to burn out groups if the campaigns remain competitive.
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    God's Reach PvP Video

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    You tried to be a knightly and was always search for fair fights? You bored to die from bigger numbers with normal classes? You want to create fire in enemies fifth point sometimes but again they are ride you tractor? Here is the panacea. Become a slayer. Who cares about tanks, supports, heals? We don't. This is my mini tutorial about how to survive in crowfall as a small group. K/D/S is about 10/1/30 vs 10/10/50 as normal character. what to expect? 1) squishy slayers gameplay 2) dirty zerging and do not care about it 3) new brand hamsters coalition 4) missing buttons 5) forgetting about buffs 6) wall crash on dodge 7) chips everywhere 😎 newbie godlike video editing 9) familiar all faces All footage is from weekend. Alot of fights are missing but some are here: Enjoy or hate. Single and unique successfull EU hamsters squad in action.
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    Crowfall War of the Gods Update Development Build 5.110.0 To report any issues or bugs, please go here: 5.110 TEST Bug Reports To report feedback, please go here: 5.110 TEST Feedback For an up-to-date list of known issues please go here: Known Issues Check out some notes from Todd about this patch here. Show Stoppers: Fixed a number of locations where missing assets were causing players to Teleport. Please report any locations you are able to still find where this occurs. General: Fixed an issue where guard NPCs would get stuck in an invulnerable state while retreating, preventing you from being able to capture siege locations. Fixed an issue where healing abilities could not target friendly players if enemies were nearby. Fixed an issue where when a campaign went down, you may have seen another player’s username in the lobby instead of your own. Siege weapon projectiles will now disappear correctly when they hit their target. Fixed a culling issue with Cairns so they no longer disappear at close distances. Fixed an issue where the ladders on Keep wall towers were not teleporting you up the ladder correctly. Excavation Skill Tree shape has been updated to have a less linear flow. Removed Energetic Harvest from Exploration Basics Skill Tree. Added Energetic Harvest to the Excavation and Reaping Skill Trees. The Survival skill (in the Exploration Basics tree) should now correctly grant Runestone Knife and Axe proficiencies as well as Survivalist cooking recipes. Improved the Tree of Life area of effect circle decal to better reflect its actual radius. Fixed issues with Keep Walls causing rubberbanding problems. Improved combat AI on monster NPCs so that they maintain appropriate distances while attacking players. NPCs can now follow players into buildings while in combat. Fixed an issue where healing buffs ending would remove you from stealth. Survivalist campfires should now disappear correctly once their buffs end. Fixed item movement issues between your World Bank and your Account Vault. Fixed an issue where you were unable to change the vertical aim of siege weapons. Improved campaign reward badges so that they always appear on top of your equipped armor. Fixed an issue where Ballista Mk II Ice Bolt FX would never disappear. Fixed issues with NPCs moving right through you when they used root motion abilities. Fixed an issue where harvesting hit FX would appear on your hands instead of on the resource itself. Fixed an issue where harvesting doober FX would stack and cause FPS drops. When a Sentinel is destroyed, its model and collider will now disappear correctly until it is rebuilt by the owning guild. The Malekai sentinel debuff Malekai's Mad Whispers now prevents all stealth, including Wood Elf Camouflage. The Well of Eternity buff will now only ever apply to members of the defending guild. Bell Tower stronghold buildings should spawn Cleric guards when they reach Rank 3. Wartribe NPCs should now drop cloth again. Fixed issues where background music would abruptly stop upon entering a new parcel. Fixed issues with the appearance of the Tree of Life AoE decal. Improved the appearance of point lighting (from lanterns and light posts). You should now be able to loot Hunger Hellcats properly again. Fixed an issue where Hunger Spiders would move around and pursue you while in their cocoon. Fixed an issue where logging out then immediately back into a campaign would cause animations to break. The Motion Blur setting is now OFF by default and must be actively turned on if desired. You should now be able to put consumable campfires into your minibar slots. Campfires will now damage you again, and put you in combat. Improved Fae hair gradient colors. Fixed an issue where Minotaur and Elken vessel Horns appear incorrectly in the lobby while they load. Restructured the shape of the entire Reaping Tree. Added a Plant section to the Reaping Tree. Improved the Harvest Critical Plant stat so that it works with all plants. Updated plant loot tables to account for special Fibrous Root Stat and Bonus Dust stat. Updated plant data for Beneficial Harvest, since the tables were flipped. (you got worse odds as your stats got better). Added data for Beneficial Harvest to work with Plants (however it seems broken for all harvesting types currently). Heals should now appear in your combat log. Fixed interact issues with Trebuchets. Fixed an issue where toggling the “Write Combat Log to File” setting caused your client to freeze. Fixed an issue where Resurrect FX would appear on all players within a certain range, instead of only on resurrected players. Updated Fae death animations. Fixed issues with Fae Stealth movement animations. Adjusted Centaur dodge to move up to 20m. Improved Centaur dodge animation. Fixed a weapon animation issue on Nethari dodge, Zealot Rush. Fixed an issue where the Human 9th tray slot would clear after zoning. Fixed torso twisting animation issues on Guinecean Knights and Clerics. Fixed an issue with Trees clipping through Keep walls. Fixed an issue with Caravan pig corpses sinking through the ground after looting. Human Female headwear should now reflect your hair color choice correctly. Improved eating and drinking animations. Added SFX for drink consumables. Added flytext to Tree of Life and Banewood tree combat interactions. Added more torches and lights to Keeps. Fixed an issue where the Hungry debuff would not appear correctly if you logged in hungry. Fixed an issue where your chicken food meter would appear incorrectly after zoning. Fixed an issue where you could log in with a new vessel for the first time at less than full health. The Mobile Banking buff should now persist through zoning. Fixed an issue where being hit by Chain Pull or Charge powers caused semi-permanent movement issues. Campaign: Caravan pigs should now spawn properly in Dregs campaigns. Improved collision in GR temple zones. You should now be able to teleport through GR campaign Keep gates using their F to Interact. Fixed an issue where you were unable to destroy Hunger in Infected Temple Zones. If you have a personal vendor placed in a Fort/Keep, and it is taken by an enemy guild, your vendor will be ejected and placed into your World Bank for that campaign. Fixed an issue where Wartribe Kings or Raid Bosses weren’t dropping Statue heads. Fixed an issue with percentage victory cards not scoring as intended. Adjusted the number of Respawn Outposts and Outpost Towers in Infected campaigns. Fixed LOD issues on the Barracks stronghold building. Slaughterhouse stronghold buildings now have cooking crafting stations when they reach rank 1. When a Barracks stronghold building reaches rank 3, the Barracks guards will gain a passive buff that gives them a 35% proc chance to spawn a Suppression Trap at your location when you attack them. Added more Elemental spawn locations to the Stoneborn Ruins in Gods Reach campaigns. If you attack a neutral outpost guard, the other guards at the outpost will now attack you in response. You should now be able to loot all classes of guards after you kill them. Improved environment collision in all worlds. Crafting: Added several “combine” recipes to Refinery stations. Altered Blacksmithing/Leatherworking recipes to remove outcomes that produced Thorns Bonus, Retribution Bonus, Lifesteal Bonus, Anti-Crit, and Personal Healing Modifier to better balance their stats. These bonuses will be moved to disciplines/talents in the future. Eternal Kingdom: Fixed an issue where the EK editor was not updating to reflect your current parcel setup. UI: Fixed an issue where the Campaign End Results banner would never appear to you if you were logged in to a campaign when it ended. Stronghold building timers will now appear over the building signposts instead of over the buildings themselves. Fixed an issue where opening your map while using a siege weapon would cause blue FX to appear on your power tray slots. Fixed several instances of broken strings in the Account Vault UI. Fixed an issue where the Harvesting widget did not properly reflect your current harvesting pips. Neutral World Bank and Refinery Outpost pins on a zone map will no longer have hover tooltips or banners until they have been captured. Fixed an issue where Fort/Keep zone map pins were not updating to show owning guild crests. Fixed an issue where guild crests were not appearing correctly on the campaign scoreboard. Fixed an issue with the day/night/season widget appearing incorrectly (missing icons). Implemented many new Russian translations. Fixed an issue where Keep siege UI would not correctly reflect its locked "cannot capture" status during its first siege. Fixed an issue where guilds would occasionally appear on campaign scoreboards for campaigns that they did not participate in. Fixed an issue where the Victory Card Campaign Scorecard on the Scoreboard would show inconsistent information. Updated Great Axe mold component icons. Updated Basic harvesting tool icons. Updated the inventory window to make it more clear when it enters Overflow. Fixed an issue with map tooltips blinking. Fixed some broken UI text that appeared as code strings. Siege UI should now respond to user input and close properly. Fixed scaling issues and animations that were broken in the front end lobby. Updated tool tip for the campfire items to reflect it only works while not in combat or stealth. Improved campfire interact UI so that they all say “Use Campfire.” Fixed an issue with siege UI appearing in the lobby and your map if you log out or open/close your map while it is up. Fixed issues with sacrifice values on food appearing as -1. Chat: Fixed an issue where username changes would not register correctly with chat commands. Fixed issues with the /ignore command not persisting correctly. The Group chat tab should now only appear when another player actually accepts a group invite. Fixed an issue with Whisper chat messages appearing incorrectly to the sender in chat. Powers: Fixed an issue where players were unable to use combo powers while the Retaliate prompt was available and the Retaliate prompt is removed when the player is no longer under the effect of a CC. Improved the attack range on Elk NPC power Rampage. Woodelf Camouflage FX should now appear correctly from all perspectives (caster, friendly, and enemy players). The Camouflage (Wood Elf power) and Invisibility (Illusionist major discipline) power cooldowns will now begin once you toggle the powers off, rather than when you toggle them on. Half Elf power Wildkin’s Retort should now heal you correctly for 6% of your max health over 4 seconds. Fixed an issue where some powers would appear to be ready to cast before their prerequisites were fulfilled (not enough pips). All basic attacks should now occasionally play exertion SFX. Assassin: Fixed an issue where Assassin toxins could incorrectly cause a permanent poison debuff on targets. Disengage should now play SFX. Fixed a broken string on the Dagger Storm tooltip. The Blackguard passive should no longer heal you when you hit resource nodes. Updated Spirit Dart DoT to use the same hit FX as toxins. Improved Engage to hit more frequently. Champion: Fixed the cooldown on Leap - there is a 23 second cooldown on both Leap combo powers. Improved the Leap animation so that it appears correctly on uneven terrain. Cleric: Illuminate will now restore Frostweaver mana. Confessor: Hellfire Blast should now knockdown and/or stun guards where appropriate. Fixed an issue where Fire Tornadoes would not knock down Elken properly. Meteor Purge should no longer push targets around when it hits. Druid: The Pack Avatar buff and Avatar Fatigue debuff will now persist through zoning. Updated retaliate animations. The Pixie Dust and Pix Fix powers (granted by the Pixie major discipline) will now slot into the Life tray instead of the Death tray. Duelist: The Feeling Lucky buff (granted by the Slayer passive) should no longer proc when hitting harvesting weak spots. The Slayer passive should now be available while in Stealth. Frostweaver: Cool Ice will now restore Pips, Energy, and Essence for friendly players correctly. There is a cap to the total Ice you can have active, and you no longer restore mana when picking up a piece of Stable Ice while your Ice Stores are full. Fixed an issue where the Frost Armory power spawns 2 VFX models (visual only) instead of 1. Frost Armor no longer adds twice the armor buff when cracked. It will maintain the proper buff when hit by an attack. Fixed an issue with Slush Fund Retaliate not regenerating the stamina correctly. Improved Fae basic attack animations. Cold Ice Weave now has SFX. Refreshing and Cooling Focus Gems will now spawn their payloads at the caster's location, rather than at the target. Knight: Block should no longer completely negate Elken Headbutt. Myrmidon: Cast Net FX should always disappear correctly after the power ends, both with and without a valid target. Templar: You will no longer be able to activate other powers while Righteous Stand (block) is active in order to prevent power breakage. Fixed an issue where Templar can repeatedly use Righteous Parry without a cooldown. Ranger: Trap power animations should now all play correctly. You should no longer regenerate energy while in melee combat mode (unless otherwise dictated by a skill or talent). Ricochet Shot should now have hit FX on targets. Improved the SFX on Explosive and Concussive Trap powers. Disciplines: The Illusionist major discipline has been updated and now grants the following abilities: Glamour, Invisibility, Petrification Illusion, and the Phantom Armor passive. Fixed an issue where the Water Spirits power cast animation would never end (granted by the Naiad major discipline). The Water Spirits power should now heal properly and play the correct FX and SFX. Fixed an issue where the Tenderize combo power of 'Knife Grinder' major disc was damaging the enemy twice. The Bard major discipline power Hymn of Restoration can now be used on the Druid life tray. Updated the SFX on Bard discipline powers. The Illusionist major discipline power Invisibility can no longer be used while you have a stealth blocking debuff. The Villein exploration discipline power Put Your back into It now receives 5 pips per through the duration of the buff, or 2 hits. Fixed an issue with Keen Eye power FX (granted by Lookout Exploration discipline) persisting after the power has ended. Fixed an issue with Burst of Strength power FX (granted by Survivalist Exploration discipline) persisting after the power has ended. The Escapology passive (granted by the Escape Artist major discipline) should now work properly. Agent Provocateur major discipline power Caltrops FX should now end properly when the power ends. Fixed an issue where Agent Provocateur powers displayed Guinecean burrow FX.
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    Yumx: First, let me say that this saddens me. The Crowfall community is richer with -V- in it. With that being said, I understand your frustrations and in a lot of areas, share them. There are certainly areas which need improvement and assistance. Crafting is too complex, cumbersome and interdependent IMHO. WarTribe gear, at least early on, is too strong in comparison to crafted weapons and armor. AoEs are too powerful and there are numerous promotion classes that are ineffectual. With that being said, I also see the Devs listening to our concerns and making adjustments. The pig claiming alerts are certainly a step in the right direction and I truly believe that the Divine Favor cards are becoming more and more pvp focused. The framework that ACE has created provides a foundation for a game that I still believe will live up to the promise and excitement we felt back in Kickstarter. Taking a break until Beta sounds like a solid plan. I look forward to your spirited return.
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    I don't think that this is a system of "we must be entertained right now". There are fundamental flaws that the majority of this community agrees on. There are some amazing things in CF, it's why we are all here and why we bother to post at all. My friend put it best when he said "I feel about crowfall how I imagine parents would with their 32 year old child that showed such potential at a young age who is still living at home, cant hold a job and spends all day talking about 5G, chem trails and how covid is a hoax. I'm not mad. Im just disappointed and defeated."
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    Most of this post mirrors my own concerns and reservations about the game. I want this to be a game I love to play and want to get on each night but right now it isn't that. On the side of the AoE meta, I think if the only huge AoE was stormcallers, it wouldn't be a big issue since they have a long cooldown and are fairly squishy. The frostweavers just don't have many downsides to them making the rock, rock, rock gameplay that @Yoink mentioned. It could be that population and duration of the campaign being longer may alleviate some of these issues but I've been becoming more and more concerned that we'll never actually end up with a larger population. The peak populations on servers still patch 5.8 from December 2018 where it hit something like 540-600 people across the different servers. Even with the push to live, I don't think the servers even pushed over 400 concurrent since the push to Live and it has just gone down rapidly since. Outside of the siege window, the game is pretty dead. You'll find some roaming groups of 5 people ganking but that is all that is really there. Even that is pretty rare so actually running with people to protect farmers generally ends up being a waste of man power where we would end up with people just sitting around not doing much. This ends up being a waste of man hours as well since there is so much to farm/grind if you actually want to win a campaign which most guilds are not trying to do at this point. Hell, I think 2 of the keeps on the NA campaign are still unclaimed. Most guilds have moved to just doing minimal builds on forts to accomplish goals that are actually outside of actually competing on the Divine Favor cards. That alone should be a fairly big indicator that something is wrong. Hopefully ACE takes a good look at this thread because there are some good thoughts and concerns mentioned here.
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    5.115 LIVE Feedback for 6/30/20

    talking about time gates and grind: First off, the players were complaining about the time gate: passive training, and that it takes too long for crafters to become viable. ACE reworked the Majors, which helps reducing the time gate somewhat. That helped, but now we have other time gates generated within the last couple patches. Exploration discs: the drop rate has been reduced, it takes more effort/time/grind to get these now. But it feels okay. They do drop from time to time. Still the grind increased. Next step on useful crafting is getting crafting gear/vessel/minors. Minors became the new bottleneck. First off we got a dreg without any wartribe bosses at all. Now we get a dreg with mainly enbarri bosses, who can be farmed within infected. Besides that we got a very small map with only a few different wartribe bosses. The droprate is discusting. I´ve been killing a lot of chiefs now and got ~5-8 green minors and only 3 are useful. This has become a huge grind. And i killed these without any competition! As soon as we get more player and more serious guilds, they will just put a lock down on the 2-4 wartribe camps with bosses and no one else will be able to touch these. The terrible droprate plus only few possibilities to get them plus upcoming competition combined will make it impossible for casual or even hardcore small guilds to craft useful high quality vessel! The difference between guilds, who are strong enoguh (i mean numbers) to control wartribe bosses and therefore get useful vessel and the rest will be enormous. No one will be able to challenge a fight from there on against these, doesn´t matter what kind of gamer god you are. You told us, that Crowfall will not become another grindy game. It should have been possible to get into competitive gear/equipment etc.. within a reasonable time. Its a different story for the top notch gear, I totally understand that it should take a lot of effort to get these last %. At the moment there are a couple steps within the progress of the game, which can only be obtained by grinding and being part of a dominant party. Even then...100 people farming for 2-5 being equipped? Suggestions: Maybe bring back the uprgade from white disciplin on foreward. There are a couple gold sinks within the game now, so decisions have to be made anyways. Maybe only for crafting disciplins at least? Or remove white discipline drops from the loottable in dregs and make it green and better (I have literally killed 3 chiefs in a row now and have become 0 green minors...). Elite should drop them too, so smaller guilds have a chance to obtain quality minors. At the moment the better crafting majors become obsolete, because we cant use them to their full potentiall without minors. So we would have had the time for proper passive training anyways, if we take on the grind for coloured minors -.- Sometimes it feels, the view of ACE is kinda narrowed/focussed down on some goals, which needs to be tested (understandable), but the complexity of the game (harvesting + crafting + pvp + winning conditions) doesn´t allow this. As a player i am experiencing the game in many ways, not only during siege time. And if only ~20% of my game time is getting attention the rest might become a pain in the ass and i loose the motivation/fun. Maybe take your time between dregs, and put in some things for everyone (at least each wartribe a camp e.g.) even though you only want to test sieges. kind regards one of your game loving testers. (and yes the game is awesome and has become better and better, so I am confident you guys will make good decisions)
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    I think that just leads to a situation where everyone hoards till the end of the season to not give away info to their enemies. We'll just end up where we are now where no one knows who's in the lead, because no one will start scoring till the last second
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    -W- is our friend - edited

    Whaaaaat, a betrayal by whoooom? Whaaaaat?
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    Hi Crows! I updated parser for 5.115 Alpha! (⬇Download 4MB) New combat log format is supported with some new cool features: Damage graph and sorting. Installer. Send bug report in settings. Parser starts in tray to avoid weird interactions with CF client. Added screenshot of logs setting location. Added the biggest incoming hit and heal and their target/opponent. Added incoming critical rate. Added opponents count. Added Topmost setting (experimental). Added tooltips. Added stat percent on tooltip. Windows can't be maximized anymore. Increased space for stats. Settings are saved between different versions. Sorting directions are saved between sessions. Fixed stats overflow. Limited windows height. Essence Burn damage will display correctly. Fixed some stability issues. If you want to receive updates about new versions, please click "Follow" button on top of the page. I will post new versions changelog here. I moved unstable versions to alpha and beta branches, If you want to get access to early iterations of new features, please follow me on Patreon.
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    5.115 LIVE Feedback for 6/22/20

    Courtesy of @Chillmate EDIT: OMG WOW! I accidentally posted this to the feedback thread instead of the "Crowfall Memes" thread....I mean it's sort of accurate and people got a laugh so I guess I'll leave it...
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    Please give us an option to rotate the map where "North" is pointing to 12 o'clock and it is top down view. Keep the current view for those who likes it. Center on the character and remember the zoom level from last time map was open. While I enjoyed isometric and 90° tilt on games like X-Plane, Populus, City Skylines, and many RTS, I find it a complete torture to switch between Crowfall and other MMO I play that uses standard map. Somethings should be left alone and revolution is not needed. I am afraid map orientation is one of them.
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    5.115 LIVE Feedback for 6/22/20

    Hope to see these options soon.
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    __Sacrificing__ Can we please get it so you can use the "overflow" for the NEXT level?
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    ACE Q&A Livestream for July!

    Don't call it a Mini Keep, Base, or Smaller Footprint, instead classify it as a Garrison. So now we have Keeps, Garrisons, Forts, and Outpost. At 18:17 JTodd talks about the Garrison ward room with 5 different access points and a staircase to the objective, if you really want to create different 'combat spaces' from one model, give us 2 or 3 destructible armor clad doors or barricade and allow the defender to choose their location prior to siege going live, so the egress/ingress for that Garrison ward room can have different permutations. Every Total War game has something like this.
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    Bring back old God's Reach maps

    Honestly, I had issues leveling there, which is prolly because of the missing followup questline of the NPE. You end up on lvl 7-8 after the current questline which gives you little options to grind from there on but you have to cover the gap to be able to kill the aurochs in the second zone, which are 12+. On those aurochs you got to grind until you are able to kill the urok-wartribe-mobs arround the mountain, which are ~18. If you are solo and got competition on those few spots, it takes way longer than before to level in the current state. On top of that, I was running arround without a single piece of armor and still had my basicweapons on level 15. I could have bought some stuff at the Vendor, but I tried to do it as "Newplayerlike" as possible and it was just a bad experience. Just let the hamsters or the satyrs in the first zone drop some clotharmor on a high droprate or even add some pieces to the questrewards without goldvalue and ppl would be much happier. I guess the upcoming NPE-quests will cover those gaps but there are other issues if it comes to that system, since its made for basicvessels. Blue Vessels will have a hard time after lvl 10 to make much progress if the quests dont scale with their quality. Xp still dont carry over and this is also true for the quests. In the worst scenarios, you can end up getting 5 xp from a quest, while it would have granted you 500 if you are not close to level up before turning in. How can this xp-thing still be an issue?! Ofcourse we all know that xp dont carry over, but no new player would ever expect that, because I know not a single game beside from cf, which isnt able to do so. We are so used to these flaws by now, it feels almost weird. I also dont want to go with this queststuff on every char I create. You could give guiseppe an option to either let you do the tutorialchain or give you a straight XP-Buff until level 15-20. With this tutorial Island, I dont believe that GR is or can be procedual generated anymore, so this is handmade and should be fleshed out as possible in this case. Give us more Mobcamps. Let them drop a bare minimum of items and gold, nobody should use GR for grinding valuable stuff.
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    Transcendence is Recruiting! [NA]

    TRA pulls out a 3rd place finish on our first NA Live Campaign as a guild!
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    Wake up to a new Crowfall patch! FULL STORY
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    5.115 LIVE Feedback for 6/22/20

    I'm sure ACE is aware of this, they have better profiling tools built into Unity, but at least a coarse explanation for others The FPS drop is a CPU bound problem Eliminating GPU bound by Set "Antialiasing - Transparency Supersampling" to "AA_MODE_REPLAY_MODE_ALL" Set "Texture filtering - LOD Bias (DX) to: 0x00000078 Run perfmon to see what the CF threads are doing. This was observed in God's Reach just prior to Dregs launching, where there were 50 or so players crowding vendor alley. Standing near the center of the temple and facing the alley, the CPU bottlenecks processing all the players and getting the next frame out. Facing away from the players relieves the CPU of that stress.
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    Hm, i didn't want to participate in a public discussion about this topic, but, yeah, can't help it. I'll try to make it short. Call me stupid, but I don't understand how having siege times for EU players is something that is unlikely to be used in the Live game. Or how it could be anything that would cause "additional" development time. For if so, why should any EU player put any bit of energy in this game anymore, if there is no way for us to participate in the basic function of this game ... unless between 3-4am? I've heard it would need time and energy, got it. I just don't understand why. Maybe it would be good to explain it. If I don't understand it, surely others won't either, and thats a cause of unnecessary friction. However, if it is not possible for the game to provide siege windows at different times ... I have no clue how it could be successful in the end. The Dregs campaigns put players without a guild automatically into the group of their gods faction. So if you choose Arkon/Sun, you would play for Sun (order). Those factions can conquer Strongholds as far as I understood. I've seen factions conquering Outposts successfully, so keeps should work, too. That's kind of a workaround - but it's at least something. I don't like the idea of only providing siege windows for EU. Main focus is and has to be the NA market. If the needs of a market are not met, it causes friction. Causing friction in the US market would be a bad idea. But EU/4g is also a not insignificant market. And obviously those communities are reaching a certain threshold of frustration - otherwise the topic wouldn't escalate increasingly. What do you think happens when this game comes to Beta, 300k players get invited, and 1/3 of them are only able to test the main pillar of this game, the throne-war, at 3-4am? Now, that would create a fine game reputation ... not. This being said, the issue is not about having it this or that way. Nobody wants to cause trouble. But people want to participate. Any(!) way that would allow EU/RU players to participate in Sieges and City-Building would be great. That's all. Still, at the current time, I wouldn't expect too many EU players join the battle, in case the aforementioned would happen. Because there are not a lot of people watching closely anymore (because: this is not a new issue, but just one effect of another larger issue). So IF it is a large hassle to provide EU siege times, and IF the company would nevertheless make it happen because there seems to be demand ... it most likely wouldn't lead to masses of additional players suddenly contributing to test and feedback. The usual guilds may join - until they get bored. That's all. An where would that lead us? To the company dismissing EU/RU needs even more in the future, because it turned out those community factions may cry, but if they get what they want, it won't help. And that's definitely not something our sub-communities can afford. Still, at some time there needs to be EU siege times anyways. Like I said, I personally don't understand why they are not there. Like many other community folks, I would explain it to others and pour oil on the troubled water ... but I can't, because I just don't know. But thats another issue and doesn't belong to this topic. Anyways Have fun, good luck Kraahk
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    5.110 TEST Feedback for 6/12/20

    I don't understand a lot of what is going on with Crowfall right now in the character customization / build department. I can only hope that all of this is a game of wackamole for problems now that can be better handled with proper time and care later in beta during the balance and polish phase. Removing all semblance of interesting customization on armor is a really bad move. Armor is boring now. Regardless of any gameplay implications this is the most damning thing for a game that considers crafting an equally valid pillar of play to combat. It's not exciting to make armor, and it's not exciting to receive stronger armor. Yes, it isn't technically any worse than the old options -- however that is a very low bar to pass. It was easier to forgive that so many crafted armor options were bad before because the game was pre-alpha. If armor crafting looks like this at launch I don't expect it to be looked upon kindly. Illusionist's damage increase was a problem I 100% agree; however Illusionist fills a very wonky role now than it used to. Which is fine I suppose, but with the current state of the game the number of powerful, interesting, and build-defining options are continuing to be reduced with nothing to bring it up. Frequently, when ACE makes changes to build customization, the discussion isn't "wow a brave new world, what do we do?" You cross off an item on the list and say "Well I guess the 2nd and 3rd best thing are now the 1st and 2nd best thing." Again, this could be changed in a balance and polish pass where things can be considered more holistically, but I am losing confidence that this game is ever going to be able to fulfill the build customization I was hoping to see from a game that invoked Shadowbane. We want MORE meaningful customization and choice, not less. All the options that are getting added are just boring or bad or worse, both. I hate to be so negative but this update has several changes (Centaur 20 meter dodge is silly as well) that make me feel like what I want and what the designers are creating is inherently incongruous.
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