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    Crusader Cleric Meta in 5.125

    Hey friends. I've been testing a ton of cleric over the past few months and I think this is a good opportunity to post some builds and concepts as we begin to approach beta. The game is close to completion and balance will be coming soon, but the changes in this most recent patch alter some fundamental aspects of buffs and how Cleric is played - so I think this is worth my time. Here are the main changes affecting clerics and healing: Every player, regardless of race and class, has 10 power slots now. The last song or aura channeled cannot be interrupted. Block now costs far less stamina. 20m dodge races now only have 1 dodge charge, and every other race's dodges have been normalized to 10m/11s CD or 20m/22s CD. Healing targeting feels a lot tighter. I can't prove this point, but other healers agree things feel better. If you've got any questions about this, any feedback, or want to chat feel free to comment below or DM me on discord. Guide Changelog: Edited 08/09/2020 - Updated TL;DR to reflect Ble's advice of finding a holy symbol, even if it isn't yours, to cast spells. Good tip! Edited 08/01/2020 - Updated Guineacean Dodge - Added new talent chart, dropping 30 SP for Anticrit and Resists. Posted 07/31/2020 ----------------------- TL;DR Don't want to read this massive rant of a guide? Here's the bare minimum you need to know as a returning cleric or someone new to the class: All of the cleric races are pretty good. Go with Guinea, Centaur, or Stoneborn ideally. Spec into all of your healing stats, grab some defensive stuff, and don't forget the auras. SP > Healing Bonus > CHC = CHA > HP > Stam Run Field Surgeon + 1 Disc. I recommend Pixie, but Bard, Friar, Naiad, and Dryad all have a place. Spam Tend Wounds, cast Holy Symbol and get the buff before you press your other buttons unless it is an emergency. Stand in your friends Holy Symbols if your symbol is down. Use your HP as a resource. You heal yourself almost as well as others. It's not as boring as it once was because plate is sick. Ok with all of that said let’s do this thing. ----------------------- TABLE OF CONTENTS Talent Build Stat Priority Gear Races Disciplines Playstyle Final thoughts ----------------------- 1. Talent Build I'm going to start with what is the least controversial part - the build. Here is my current setup, and I would take this exact layout on every single cleric regardless of disc setup. This setup is cookie cutter and works in all situations. Here are some quick points of discussion for the experienced clerics out there: I take Healing Hand, which buffs Hand of the Gods to also heal your team in the area as we have 10 power bar slots now, and the ability has been fixed to be more responsive. This talent is flexible, and could be exchanged for more survivability if you really wanted to. I take the auras and the block skill. We have bar space for the auras now 100% of the time, and block is very strong if it fits your playstyle (even only some of the time!). If you hate blocking, skip this talent and grab some anti-crit or something at the bottom of the tree. This tree gives you everything you need: it hits all the healing talents and picks up a lot of defensive value. ----------------------- 2. Stat Priority Cleric is very simple for stat priorities. Support Power Healing Bonus Critical Healing Chance Critical Healing Amount HP Stamina SP Support power (SP) is the main driver of your throughput. This can be said for most classes, but cleric in particular needs SP to function well. Cleric struggles to find Healing Bonus outside of lucky wartribe drops or wearing mail in comparison to Earthkeeper or Icecaller, so you need to have a lot of raw SP to back up your good coefficient healing. Healing Bonus I'll talk about healing bonus in more detail in the gear section, but basically increasing this stat will give all of your healing a lot of value. You can find healing bonus on Mail or Leather armor, and by pumping your intelligence. Crit Healing Chance (CHC) vs Crit Healing amount (CHA). These stats are a bit weird for Cleric. Once you get Support Power to a relatively high value (1700~/2000 roughly) these stats start ramping your healing output significantly. Basically their order is dependent on your gear and passive training levels, and you want to balance how much you weight it around this talent: Because of this talent, you'll want to take a look at your stat sheet before crafting healing gear and decide what is more valuable to cap. A general rule is that it is more valuable to crit heal more often than it is to crit heal for a little more, but when you are at roughly 45% crit healing chance and nearing cap, you will likely see more value come from pumping crit healing amount. As a general rule with stat allocation, spirit comes first and INT second. Any points in INT double dip on CHA as well as Healing Bonus, so on our gear I typically value CHC most of the time. HP and Stamina HP and Stam help you live, get more of it but not at the cost of healing. ----------------------- 3. Gear Most of your gear choices are not interesting in Crowfall currently, so this section is mostly for the Mail vs Plate debate. Here's the TL;DR: Get healing stats on your chest piece. Get anti-meta resists on your secondary pieces (likely Slashing Res, Fire Res, or Lightning Res in this meta) Get healing stats on your rings and necklaces. SPR > INT at early - mid passive training until you start nearing SP cap. Mail vs Plate. What's the difference? This choice is all about playstyle, and partially about race selection. The difference is simply 5% healing bonus from mail, or more mits from plate. At wartribe gear levels, you should likely choose mail as the Armor difference as of 5.125 is not significant (only a few percentage points of mits), but as we transition into crafted gear plate will pull away in Armor value. You can still use plate to good effect if you plan on being up front in early gear levels as well, but it's not as good. To make the choice simple, if you are newer to Cleric or like to play upfront pick plate - it will give you the most Armor. If you are more passive in your playstyle and don't soak much damage (a mistake, in my opinion) you should 100% choose mail. Ultimately this is a philosophy question and a group assignment question. If you are healing a frontline group of melee and are likely to get targeted you are going to want to be wearing plate, but if you are assigned to a ranged group and will not be taking the brunt of damage wearing mail is a good idea. Try both playstyles out and see what fits you best. ----------------------- 4. Races There are a lot of good race choices for crusader cleric right now. Here's the breakdown. Centaur Pros: Strength of the Legion Aura - passive 75 AP/SP for the group. Horseshoe slot. High racial CON - more HP. 20m Dodge. Bunny hopping. Cons: No healing base stat increases. Large body. This makes you more likely to be targeted. Really strong crusader race, brings a lot of team buffs and is tanky. Strong frontline cleric choice. Elken Pros: Racial 10% CHA passive. Elken Charge mobility. Gestalt for anti-stealth. Cons: Bad healing stat spread outside of +CHA. Doesn't lean into a particular play style or really provide value to the crusader cleric. You should only pick Elken if you are trying to upset me. Guinecean Pros: Excellent throughput base stats (+DEX and +INT) Burrow Bonus ring slot. Small body. 20m Dodge Cons: Lower HP and Stam Is noisy as custard. Excellent crusader race. This is a good choice if you prefer to play less on the frontline or be more difficult to hit. Half Giant Pros: Makin' Me Mad passive - increased healing bonus when hit. Blood of the Giant power - on demand barriers. High racial CON - more HP. Cons: Large body. No healing base stat increases. This is likely a good crusader cleric race for a frontlining cleric, but it falls short in comparison to the Stoneborn. There is probably a place for this race in some playstyles, but sub-optimal for now. Human Pros: Pain Tolerance passive - increased mits. Extra minor disc slot. Cons: Outside of the minor disc, no significant racial bonuses. Humans used to be the boring but stable crusader cleric choice, but now that everybody gets 10 power bar slots and capes are not in the game they are pretty bad. There are not many minors I would choose this race for, so pass for me. Stoneborn Pros: Excellent healer base stats. Blood of the Mountain passive: +15% PHM I Get Knocked Down passive: +Healing Bonus after knockdown. Cons: No significant boosts to your team. Stoneborn is a great race for front line healing, and a slightly more selfish playstyle. They have a lot of buffs for themselves but not much for the team. Choose this race if you want to be up front and tanking damage. Conclusion on Races Basically every cleric race is playable for crusader. I would put Centaur, Guinea, and Stoneborn as top tier picks but the others are playable at the very least. Pick Centaur if you want to buff the group, Guinea if you want to have high healing throughput, and Stoneborn if you want to tank and play aggressively. ----------------------- 5. Disciplines Crusader Cleric has a lot of options currently for disciplines which will help determine your playstyle. I've linked to each disc if you'd like to dig into it yourself. Let’s talk about the staple disc of this patch first. Field Surgeon (FS) FS is a required disc in the current 5.125 meta, and will likely remain that way. The key benefits of FS are Rescue, Purgative, and Noble Purpose. Rescue is a huge heal that prevents your target from dying. Purgative cleanses DoTs and heals, which is important with how popular aurora emitter is and bleeds in this patch. Noble Purpose gives you infinite mana essentially so long as you are healing. This disc gives too much to pass up. If DoTs fall out of the meta you may not NEED to run this disc, but it is far too useful now in all situations to pass on. Secondary Discs There are a lot of secondary options for crusader cleric discs. I will list them out below in order of most flexible/direct benefit to more niche. Running any of these discs will work and help your team. --- Pixie Pixie is a very stable and impactful healing disc. With 10 bar slots pixie provides you with a ton of active powers that are high value that work in every single fight. Pixie Dust is a great combo enabler, allowing you to save players and groups of people with huge increased on healing. Wee One is one of the best damage debuffs in the game and with the FG nerfs, -Damage Bonus will be valuable again. Soothing Winds is one of the best chain heals in the game and if used properly will be one of your top heals if not the top heal, and Pix Fix is a nice passive that synergizes with Soothing Winds and Holy Symbol. Strongly recommend this disc as the cookie cutter quality healing disc. --- Bard If you've been away from the game for even a week you might be looking at this recommendation like I'm nuts. On the surface, you're probably right, but I think Bard has suddenly become an S tier disc and clerics are a great carrier for it Before reading more about this disc, do NOT choose this disc if you are not interested in juggling spells and spamming your buttons. You need to press buttons CONSTANTLY with a twisting bard. If you run this disc, you AT LEAST need Sustaining Note and Song Twisting as minor discs, and song food is recommended. The base song duration is now 12 seconds, so as long as you have the minor or the food it won’t be terrible, but you really want both. If you are still interested, let me catch you up. Otherwise skip. Channeled songs/auras can no longer be interrupted and have had their cast speed increased, which puts Bard in a very interesting spot. Bard comes with a movement speed buff, a PDM buff, and an AP/SP buff that can all be maintained and spread across your group - providing a lot of damage, healing, and mitigation to the entire team. I've done significant testing on these buffs, and the delta between the mitigation and buffs you are providing with this disc and the healing you would get from another disc is not that large. You will AOE/Group heal worse, but the entire team will benefit. Breaking out the TI-83 is fine, but to put this simply, the more damage sources that are on a target the better PDM performs. Bard provides: 20% move speed 10% PDM 100 AP/SP aura. This is especially valuable on a centaur cleric who provides Strength of the Legion, and can also run Vengeful Aura providing a whopping +250 AP to your team, and a respectable 175 SP to your healers. The PDM is nothing to sniff at either, as the mitigation is always up and helps make your whole group more tanky. Another way to think of this is that these buffs are stronger, unconditional versions of very commonly run minor discs. These songs provide a better overwhelming odds, a better Matching/Uniform disc for your entire group, and the move speed is nice. Maintenance on a blocking cleric is also a lot better. It takes roughly 3 seconds to refresh your buffs - and you can set them up ahead of a fight quickly too using shield clipping. Here's a demo showing you buff speed. Since you can always channel your song without interruption the way you play this disc is to twist out your three buffs, drop the OOC Regen song and replace it with an ability you want to use, then rebuff your songs as needed. Make sure to always end on the song you want to prioritize staying up on the off chance you cannot rebuff properly again in the fight - that way you always provide that buff. Even the untwisted songs are still valuable, but to get the most you want to keep all three songs up and running. This disc can be used while solo healing fairly well, but is better in a 2 healer group. --- Friar Friar is pretty good. Chain heal is strong for group maintenance and has been changed to allow moving while casting.Fortuitous blessing is also a nice buff. Pick this disc if you want straightforward AoE maintenance. --- Naiad Naiad is a strong utility disc for Clerics and other healers, providing you with two more AOE heals and a bonus root. This disc is great if you are dealing with a more stationary group or combat environment. I've never personally run this disc but it seems to have good output now that the bugs are fixed. --- Dryad Dryad is in a similar boat as Naiad, a very stable and good disc. Blast of leaves is the Gradishar special and provides excellent group throughput if you can stand still and spam the leafblower, and the group heal is good too. I don't particularly value this disc as I find it very hard to stand still and get the full benefit from it. Cleric is a reactionary and mobile healer to me - but that is a playstyle choice. This disc is definitely quality. --- All other disc choices are a meme and should be otherwise avoided. Feel free to argue with me about your sick underdog cleric build below. --- Conclusions on Discs Crusader disc selection is pretty varied overall with a lot of choice. I strongly recommend sticking with Pixie as a cookie cutter choice as it fits how clerics ultimately play, but the other choices are great. Personally I will likely be playing FS + Bard and still out heal you all. ----------------------- 6. Playstyle Cleric is a class that is excellent for a beginner, but has a lot of opportunity for optimization in both straight healing and absorbing damage on the field. If you just spam all of your healing on cooldown you will keep your group alive fairly well, but if you use your brain a little and execute some basic concepts you will be a top healer, and in later gear levels I don't think Cleric can be touched. Basically what people miss about Cleric is that it is actually a combo class, without the pips. The TL;DR of this entire section is: Cast holy symbol, step into it, spam your other spells, body block as much as you can, win. Prioritize your group first. If you run Block, you can animation cancel long animation heals like Illuminate by tapping your Block button. The spell effect will still fire while you continue to do other stuff. Alright now let’s nerd out. Cleric Spells Clerics only have a few simple spells, but they work really well together. Tend wounds: Spammable single target HoT with good throughput. Maintenance heal. Holy Symbol: Spammable AoE chain heal with good throughput. Maintenance heal, combo piece, group healing. Illuminate: Large group heal + HoT + resource regen. Save and combo heal. Rescue: Massive single target heal + 10s death prevention. A target can only cheat death from Rescue once every 2m30s, but can still receive the healing. Miracle (Ultimate): Massive group heal + self barrier + resource regen. Your largest save and a combo heal. Your discs will also provide more healing. I will only directly talk about Rescue, but the principles remain the same. Let’s talk about the core spell that brings the clerics kit together. Holy Symbol Usage This spell is what separates the mortals from gods. With the Blessed Symbol talent when we step into our own Holy Symbol we receive the Blessed Symbol buff that increases our Critical Healing Chance and Critical Healing Amount. This not only increases throughput but makes it more predictable. You will always want to cast heals with this buff up, but unless someone is going to die you should never cast a larger heal without having Blessed Symbol on yourself. This spell creates a ton of combos that you need to be rotating through while healing and being mindful of. Comboing your spells At all times on a crusader you should be looking to chain your spells together as efficiently as possible. You should only be spamming Tend Wounds at all times, and otherwise looking to create combos. Here's a basic flow: Is someone in YOUR GROUP in trouble? Cast holy symbol on you and your target. If you can’t do both, just you. Cast Illuminate now that you have the sick crit buff. Are they still in trouble? Cast Rescue if it is a single player that you can target. Cast Miracle if multiple players are in trouble, or you can't target the endangered player. The combos are basically the same when healing outside of your group. Just remember that Illuminate and Miracle only heal inside of your group. Group Coordination Try to coordinate miracle or other healing cooldowns with your partner healer in your group prior to combat. Who should ult first to save someone? Who is purging first? Who are you pocketing in your group, if at all? Working with your healing partner will make both of you more efficient and will keep your team alive a lot longer. Positioning This is where your combos and your personal skill can really shine. Since cleric was buffed to be able to equip plate you can do a lot of really excellent things with your positioning to otherwise mitigate damage. If you are playing a mail wearing cleric you can still apply these principles, but you should be far more conservative with your positioning overall. Clerics benefit from the fact that almost all of their healing applies to them as effectively as it applies to their target. With that in mind, to be optimal in your cleric play you should be taking close to the same damage as you are dishing out in healing. This does not mean you should be making yourself an opportune focus target as you are very susceptible to sustained damage, but you should be trying to take a little heat off your friends. Some practical applications of this concept are doing things like body blocking for your team. The easiest way to do that is to literally stand on top of the focus target of the enemy, making them miss hits on the focus target and instead hit you. The other way to do this is to put yourself in front of the enemy main damage dealer and just be annoying and block them. Any damage you mitigate this way and ultimately heal on yourself is damage you are preventing, while also annoying the enemy and making their job harder. The combination of putting your body on the line while also healing your team is what the crusader was built for, so go get it. Experiment with your positioning and try to fight as much as you can so you can learn your limits and how to best play around the guild. ----------------------- 7. Final Thoughts Cleric is sick.
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    I've recently got a lot of questions why my FPS counter in the game is so high. I've discovered a few decent optimisations that you can make with your hardware and software to help Crowfall (mostly Unity) run faster. Here is a list of tricks that can help you get the better performance in Crowfall. Each trick has a spoiler with a detailed explanation why it works (for technical nerds). 1. Change Unity boot.config in the text editor to the next one: gfx-enable-native-gfx-jobs=1 wait-for-native-debugger=0 scripting-runtime-version=latest vr-enabled=0 hdr-display-enabled=1 gfx-enable-gfx-jobs=1 gfx-disable-mt-rendering=1 gc-max-time-slice=1 The config was provided by @Schnee and worked magic for many players, increasing their fps during sieges by a lot. The file can be found in Crowfall client folder by path "Download\CrowfallClient_Data\boot.config". Restart the game after you change it. 2. Load into your BIOS and turn off Simultaneous multi-threading (AMD) / Hyper-Threading (Intel) for your CPU. 3. Load into your BIOS and check your memory speed (you can also use CPU-Z/HWiFNO software to check it in OS). It should be running at its maximum specification speed. In case it has lower value than maximum, activate XMP profile. 4. Load into BIOS and disable CPU Virtualisation. 5. Update chipset driver to the latest version. 6. Download Razer Cortex and Scan system for optimisations, it will disable all useless Windows background processes when you are gaming. If you have low RAM (less than 16GB), it will also help you to free memory for Crowfall. 7. Unity runs on 6 physical cores. If you have 8 or more physical cores CPU, download Process Lasso and assign CrowfallClient.exe to the 6 fastest cores of your CPU. For AMD CPU you can check it in Ryzen Master (golden/silver cores), for Intel you will have to test if yourself. 8. To improve load times, move Crowfall client folder to the fastest hard drive (SSD), add Crowfall client folder/process to your antivirus exceptions, and if your FPS is usually more than your monitor refresh rate disable V-Sync in the game settings. Bonus. Enjoy
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    74 (mostly) QoL suggestions

    Here is quick list of some QoL items I would like to see. I tried to keep these mostly QoL based but some of these probably bleed into bugs and mechanics. 1 Maces are heavier for no reason 2 allow discs to be swapped in EKs 3 Res timers in EKs / GR / Infected 4 Entering combat when not on any aggro table 5 trade window not enough space, should be the same size as inventory. 6 selling to vendors, make it work like sac 7 unable to purchase stacks of items 8 flawed assembly - make it less demoralizing 9 cant charge ult on dummy. makes testing harder 10 healing dummy is full hp 11 unable to auto log out. should be able to and just keep character in game for 20 seconds 12 cant access vault skills shop purchases settings from main screen 13 cant name vessels 14 cant reorder vessels 15 unlocking and deleting a vessel has the same look 16 all UI windows open on looting 17 cant customize UI 18 map is not oriented north 19 cant see rarity of an item unless you can equip it 20 XP does not roll over into the next level when turning in a quest or sacing items 21 Sac items diminish in XP 22 shields do not show up when filtering for armor or weapons in the vault 23 cant split stacks at the bottom of your inventory 24 unable to mass create non serialized items 25 cannot re-price items on player vendors 26 weak spots on animals can not be hit from some angles 27 Not enough chat window options/customization 28 I don't see the purpose that chicken tickers serve. Remove hunger and just let food gives buffs. 29 unable to cancel some channeled abilities with movement/jump IE: bandage 30 plants/flowers are harder to interact with than in previous patches 31 some items can not be sacrificed or sold. They have to be manually destroyed 32 Unable to see how much soul power you have if your Ult is less than 1000. For example, if you have a 500 SP Ult you can only know if you have Less than or more than 500 soul power. Please add a numeric display. 33 Pre charging Ults because you can and it provides a benefit is tedious. Make Soul Power decay out of combat. 34 When harvesting in a group, Often some of the doobers will not be viable or lootable by everyone in the group. 35 When experimenting, I would like to know what each pip rolled (failure, success, amazing, etc). Maybe color code the pips 36 Allow experimenting with out needing to use all of your pips. Sometimes it is better to use only 10 than it is to use 12. Or, let us choose which line to small re-roll. 37 Not enough variance between damage types and armor. All damage and armor are functionally the same. 38 The penalty of heavy weapons is too great for the benefit it provides 39 Shield Breaker/Elken Charge - The ability to stop a player from blocking/parrying should prevent blocking/parrying for some duration. 40 We need a proper black mantle / heal block. Ideally assassin only. High risk/ High reward 41 Mob Density in Gods Reach / Infected is too low, even for 50 players 42 The difference in armor between leather / mail / plate seems wrong. There is only about a 4% difference in damage mitigation between each set. (might just be an early game issue) 43 All weapons do the same damage. A dagger hits as hard as a 2H mace. 44 All LMB attacks are the same DPS. They are all normalized to ~100+100% weapon damage based on their animation speed. This just seems wrong. If not wrong, then boring. 45 Quivers should be made standard and remove arrows 46 High Elf passive Mental Fortitude should stack with Weapon Finesse and not be over written by it 47 Displaying conquest at the top of the screen is not very useful since it no longer determines who is winning. Should be displaying divine favor 48 N E S W on the compass should have a black outline. They can get lost against some backgrounds 49 Would love to have different symbols or colors on the compass that coordinate with party frames so i can tell which symbol is which group member 50 Skulls should auto pop off on release or you need to provide more time to chop someones ones head 51 Some classes are able to equip a shield (through disciplines) but are unable to block 52 LMB animations are off. When you try to stop on the 3rd attack you actually do 4. Same with harvesting. I think this is due to the hit being registered at the start of an animation and not the end. 53 Should be able to tray swap/cycle with 1 keybind 54 Extend the day and night cycle by a few minutes each 55 Thralls should not de-spwawn while in combat if day breaks 56 Something is off with group harvesting when determining whos harvesting stats are being applied 57 Aiming needs to be tighter 58 Elken charge should end and activate as soon as you come into contact with an enemy 59 Bank and Vault space could be larger 60 Something is wrong when you are mounted and get CCed but not dismounted. You can not retaliate because you are mounted, and you can not dismount because you are CCed 61 Need an auto dismount option 62 Channeling F to release spirit, res, or go through a rune gate is tedious. Please make it a single press 63 Tray swapping should be snappier 64 If I can not cast an ability while in combat, I should not have to slot it on my bar (resurrection) it should have its own key bind like Mount 65 Damage is only calculated by your main hand damage when dual wielding. Seems odd. 66 Tool-tip language is inconsistent 67 Unable to see siege damage done 68 When splitting an item, you have to click in the input field to enter a value 69 Sacrifice brazier interface closes after leveling up. Please leave it open 70 Champion always has the dominance ticker displayed but can only gain dominance if they are the Alpha spec 71 Champion Hurlbat throws in the direction you are facing, not at your reticle 72 some non serialized items that do not stack, should. Like belt items 73 compass pips do not scale in size based on distance anymore 74 Unable to re-bind all shortcuts, like settings
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    I too destroy all the buildings in a keep before I attempt to claim it. They didn't want the keep, as is evidenced by the fact that they don't have one of the unclaimed ones. I don't understand why you guys are claiming this as a victory when clearly you got stomped and most buildings inside got destroyed, which is exactly what the attackers wanted to do. The KGV/TRA propaganda team really need to up their narrative game. Cool video though, not as bad as the POV of that archer who was running Sharpshooter and Arcane archer (lol).
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    IMGUR as this info is neither well presented on the game site, or character creation at this time
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    5.125 LIVE Bug Reports for 8/7/20 v2

    There's a bug with spell effects lingering on player's hands. Although I'd be lying if I said I didn't love it...
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    5.115 LIVE Feedback for 7/2/20

    One other thing worth mentioning - ACE needs to pay special attention to the placement of the respawn statue inside holdings. The current keep layout has the respawn statue situated on one side of the keep near the walls, to the left of the main gate. This means pretty much every attack on a keep comes from that side as that's the most important thing to destroy first. I'd rather see this be placed closer to the center of the keep so it's a bit harder to destroy and may lead to different strategies for keep sieges.
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    Crowfall is Beta!

    Today, at 9AM CT, ArtCraft Entertainment announced the official opening of Beta. Invitations are being sent out right now, to the first wave of beta testers. Successive waves of beta testers will be invited over the coming weeks and months. We set out to make something really different. We are building a universe where the players control the fate of this world. Beta is a critical step in our path to seeing that vision realized and we would not be here without all of you! Thank you, now Call the Banners! Join the battle in Beta, now! For more information, visit: Crowfall.com/Beta
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    Call the Banners! ArtCraft Creative Director, J. Todd Coleman announced today that the Crowfall Beta will officially open August 11! On that date, the first round of Beta invites will be sent out, giving players who registered early at crowfall.com a chance to playtest the game and provide feedback. To get the rest of the exciting details visit: https://Crowfall.com/EN-us/news/articles/beta-is-coming We would not be hitting this milestone without the dedication from our loyal playtesters. So, a huge thank you to our community of testers from all of us at ArtCraft! Thanks for your support!
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    Make sure to grab those buffs at the god outposts you can find in the Worlds of Crowfall. My article tells you everything you need to know about buff mechanics and effects. Here is the full article: https://crowfall.crusaderw.com/crowfall-all-god-shrine-outpost-and-buffs/
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    [EITC] East India Trading Company

    The East India Trading Company [EITC] We are an EU based guild looking for members to grow our community into a tight knit group with Trust, Loyalty and Fun as our main beliefs. What Can We offer you? Extensive knowledge of the game going back to the Trial of the Gods and a commitment to further extending and sharing our knowledge with our members. A communal atmosphere dedicated to progressing the interests of the members and the guild simultaneously. A "give all, Get all" attitude to resource sharing where the guild will always strive to make use of all resources given to it for the betterment of all members. Regular guild meetings where decision making is transparent, informed and community driven. Organised and planned events for all aspects of Crowfall. What We Expect? A Casually-Hardcore attitude to the game where we understand that real life comes first but when you have time to play, you approach it like a pro! Respect for all players - we do not tolerate any kind of custard talking in any forum, chat channel or private message, we are adults and should behave accordingly. 18+ only. Help and support each other. We will generally play to the current meta as we want to stay competitive, but we will also always be striving to break the meta and find the new one. A good understanding of English The ability to take and hold constructive criticism and advice to allow you to improve. Like What you see? Then you can apply to our Guilded server here Why do we use Guilded? We have found that Guilded offers a more centralized place for organisation and sharing of knowledge over applications such as discord, you are fully able to do everything in the web client.
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    DEX STR INT SPR CON Combat- Attack Power 1 1 1 Critical Damage 0.05 Healing Bonus 0.05 Damage Bonus 0.05 Critical Strike 0.05 Resist All 1 Support Power 2 Stamina 0.2 Health 8 Critical Healing Chance 0.05 Critical Healing Amount 0.05 Barrier Bonus 2 Block Bonus 0.1 Bleed Resist 1 Assembly- Alchemy 0.0335 Blacksmithing 0.0335 Jewelcrafting 0.0335 Leatherworking 0.0335 Necromancy 0.0335 Runemaking 0.0335 Stonemasonry 0.0335 Woodworking 0.0335 Experimentation- Alchemy 0.05 Blacksmithing 0.05 Jewelcrafting 0.05 Leatherworking 0.05 Necromancy 0.05 Runemaking 0.05 Stonemasonry 0.05 Woodworking 0.05 Experimentation Points- Alchemy 0.0135 Blacksmithing 0.0135 Jewelcrafting 0.0135 Leatherworking 0.0135 Necromancy 0.0135 Runemaking 0.0135 Stonemasonry 0.0135 Woodworking 0.0135 Harvesting- ML Included Breaking (Hunger Shard) 0.025 Skinning 0.025 Digging 0.025 Mining 0.025 Quarrying 0.025 Logging 0.025 Spot Weakness- Animal 0.08 Grave 0.08 Ore 0.08 Stone 0.08 Wood 0.08 Exploit Weakness- Animal 0.25 Grave 0.25 Ore 0.25 Stone 0.25 Wood 0.25 Critical Harvest Chance- Animal 0.02 Grave 0.02 Ore 0.02 Stone 0.02 Wood 0.02 Criticalical Harvest Amount- Animal 0.0075 Grave 0.0075 Ore 0.0075 Stone 0.0075 Wood 0.0075
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    NPE 3 or we will have Lazy Peon poorly made dergsting on the game again, because noone explained to him how to win the campaign.
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    @Pendan First, thank you for backing the game! I understand your frustration with wipes. Sometimes, significant design changes do require a wipe regardless of database changes. Other times, it is the best course of action and a more expedient process. For context, our priority is moving the game to launch as quickly as possible, at quality, and that can factor into these decisions. Right now, our goal is getting the game to a balanced and quality experience for our players, so from time-to-time we will have wipes. The good news is that we are seeing gains in both gameplay balance and quality as well as in performance with each update. So, we do ask our players who are willing to help us playtest, to understand this will be part of the process. Thanks for your support!
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    5.115 LIVE Feedback for 7/2/20

    LoD showed up about 15 minutes into the siege window. It looks like DiS did hit the respawn statue first before hitting the walls, but that said, the walls still may have too many hitpoints at rank 10 just as the guards are a bit too strong at rank 10 IMO. I'm not sure what the max number of trebs on target would be exactly but I'm guessing somewhere in the ballpark of 6. Treb placement is pretty limited due to the sheer size of them. You could get more siege engines on target by also deploying catapults as well but they're easy to kill because of how close they must be placed to their target. Siege engines should have more hitpoints than they do currently. They fall over really quickly. I really dislike the siege engineer mechanic. I think ACE should completely do away with that discipline as it's an alt bot thing. Just give some of the siege engineer abilities to the higher rank siege engines. It is a lot of action to try to pack into a 1 hour siege window. Maybe with the upcoming patch which changes all home bases to keeps ACE could lengthen the keep siege windows to 90 minutes. Since keeps can end early by destroying the trees a longer window isn't as big of an issue as it is with forts where you have to defend the entire window no matter what. Glad to see the server held up with well north of 100 players in the zone. Client FPS performance needs a lot of work though. Good Fights!
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    5.125 TEST Patch Notes for 7/22/20

    Crowfall The Calling Update Development Build 5.125.0 To report any issues or bugs, please go here: 5.125 TEST Bug Reports To report feedback, please go here: 5.125 TEST Feedback For an up-to-date list of known issues please go here: Known Issues Latest Updates: Campaign: Based on Community feedback, the Dregs and Infected siege schedules have been adjusted to support both NA and EU players on the same server! Different zones have siege schedules set to the primetime of the respective regions. Some Strongholds will be vulnerable for an hour nightly in a range from 7:30PM to 10:30PM CEST (12:30PM to 3:30PM CDT.) Other Strongholds will be vulnerable somewhere from 7:30PM to 10:30PM CDT (2:30AM to 5:30AM CEST.) Players from different regions can participate in sieges in any zone. This change allows a greater number of players to join a siege timed to the period they usually login to play and will increase direct competition between players from both regions. There are now Multiple versions of Keep Bases in Infected and Dregs campaigns, the Mini and Medium Keep. The Mini Keep is the same parcel footprint, and building plot limitations as the now deprecated large Fort. We consider the Keeps to be player “Home Bases” and require siege equipment to siege properly, as they all contain stone walls. (if you see a stone wall, it is some form of Keep!) Outposts now include new versions of Forts. Some Forts can be surrounded by wooden walls. Forts can contain chests that produce materials and other items every hour. Forts with walls should not require siege weapons to break the walls down. Sacrificing higher rank materials should now provide progress towards building walls. Caravan Pig locations will now spawn additional pigs when there is an active siege within the zone. God’s Reach now has been expanded to include the second chapter of introduction quests intended to guide in Crowfall gameplay. The levels of some God’s Reach NPCs have been modified to allow a smoother transition between zones. Vendor slots have been removed from Temples. Wartribes: Wartribes should now be represented in each campaign. Legendary relic items have been added to Wartribe bosses which can be sacrificed and used for specific victory cards. Increased the chance of receiving Uncommon disciplines on Watrtribe Bosses. Several foods have been added as part of Wartribe loot. Crafting: Small Re-rolls now indicate that they re-roll your 3 lowest Point results, with the current result as the minimum value. Large Re-rolls will completely re-roll all Point results for the current experiment, with no minimum value, basically it is as if starting the entire phase over again Recipes that always combine with a minimum rarity can no longer trigger a Flawed Assembly. Updated SFX for trying to use invalid recipe components. Small, Medium, Large Shields require a Bending Form to Craft. Added weapon appearance functionality for Small, Medium and Large Shields, Pistols, Rapiers, Frostcasters, Books. Dodges: Dodges have been normalized to be either 10m and 20m based on the character’s race. Races with 20m dodges: Guinecean, Centaur, Nethari, Wood Elf Races with 10m dodges: Human, Half-Elf, Fae, High-Elf, Stoneborn, Half-Giant, Elken, Minotaur Races who have 10m dodges have a Dodge Power maximum of 2. Races who have 20m dodges have a Dodge Power maximum of 1. Races who have 10m dodges have a Dodge Power Regeneration Base of 11. Races who have 20m dodges have a Dodge Power Regeneration Base of 22. Retaliates: Crowd Control Immunity - We hadn't looked at the numbers associated with Crowd Control in a long time, and now that we have the Retaliate power functioning correctly whenever it is used, we could look at Crowd Control in general, and made a few adjustments. Post using the Retaliate power, the player was also made immune for 3 seconds; this value has been reduced to 1.5 seconds. When the player has had multiple Crowd Controls placed upon them in a short period of time they are made immune to Crowd Control for 8 seconds. We do this via increasing a stat on the player called Resolve. When the Resolve stat hits a certain threshold, Crowd Control immunity kicks in. This immunity has changed from 8 seconds to 3 seconds. Similar crowd control types no longer stack and will no longer generate Resolve. Specifically: Hard Crowd Control (Knockdown/Stun) now blocks all other forms of Crowd Control. Hard Crowd Control (Knockdown/Stun) is prevented when you are afflicted by both a Movement Crowd Control (Root/Push) and Attack Crowd Control (Blind, Suppress, Cooldown Reduction) at the same time. Attack control types (Blind, Suppress, Cooldown Reduction) no longer stack with each other. This means you cannot be Suppressed while Blinded for example. Movement control types (Root/Push) don't stack with each other and won't increase Resolve. Basically in the past all the forms of Crowd Control applying to the player were stacking, and pushing the player into a Crowd Control Immunity state very quickly. Combat: Power Trays - All classes now have 10 base Power Tray slots. Offensive player combat abilities that can hit multiple enemies can now hit a maximum of three targets. Weapons and Power Damage - We have decided to remove the damage range variance from weapons, You will no longer see 105-117 on weapons but instead just see a single damage number 111. We also took out the minimum-maximum roll variance out of the powers, and all powers should always deal the same amount plus the player stats and weapon bonuses. We did this to make things less confusing and easier to see damage values increases when gaining better equipment and buffs in combat. (Ie the player normally sees 235 damage when using an attack against an opponent, when they have a buff placed on them, they see that number jump to 455 on the next attack.) Harvesting: Reworked the Grave Loot tables, they now follow the patterns of the other resource types more in that you can get lower qualities as filler drops for upper end resource nodes. Added roots/mushrooms as potential drops from graves. Seasonal buffs do not increase/decrease grave digging harvesting based on season. Reduced the stat values granted by the seasonal harvesting buffs. Energetic Harvest is no longer classified as an Ultimate power, it is now classified as a standard Tray power. Intermediate Harvesting Tool recipe is now 4 separate recipes, each Recipe should be granted in the skill Trees by the same nodes that allow the player to equip them. General: Several performance optimizations have been included including a new occlusion system which limits rendering objects blocked by other objects. Bugs Fixed: General: The Delete Character warning in the lobby will now tell you the quality level of your vessel before you confirm deletion. Fixed an issue where if you were killed while recalling, you would teleport to your temple in bleed out state. Fixed an issue where hitting any key while the Retaliate prompt is visible would cause it to disappear and become unusable. Fixed an issue where you would be unable to trade items to other players if your inventory was in overflow. Fixed an issue where some assets around Canyon entrances would appear to float in the air. Fixed an issue where in-combat fidget animations would play at incorrect times. Fort Walls will no longer ever be affected by poison DoT. Fixed a number of culling inconsistency issues. Fixed an issue where some areas on Trees of Life would not trigger hit FX. Added SFX for capturing outposts. Updated sacrifice values on a number of consumable items. Fixed an issue where Ballista would snag and get stuck while in placement mode. Catapult and Trebuchet attacks should now always play SFX. Fixed an issue where Guineceans would appear incorrectly if jumping or falling while stealthed. Fae should now display FX while gliding. The Retaliate shader should now remain visible on you for the duration of your Retaliate effects. Updated FX when consuming some food/drink items. Fixed an issue where Auroch NPCs were not displaying hit FX while skinning. The hit FX from Assassin basic attacks should now appear correctly on their targets. Trees of Life and Banewood Trees should now play SFX when they are hit to reflect damage. Fixed an issue where skill tree SFX would go off at the wrong times. Removed extraneous audio feedback and click SFX in the lobby. Fixed an issue where you could become stuck inside of Keep walls if you stood on them during construction. Fixed an issue where you could not hear harvesting SFX of other players. Fixed an issue with broken collision on spider nests. Fixed an issue where resource collision would not update after being damaged or destroyed. Fixed an issue where some players would lose all sound. Player armor debuffs will now also affect NPC's. Fixed an issue where slotting consumables to your minibar would cause power trays to clear after zoning. Improved overall performance by updating terrain textures. Updated environmental assets so that they now always face the correct directions. Fixed object collision issues in the temple marketplace. Items moved between your Inventory, World Bank, and Account Vault should now stack properly (with the exception of items auto-imported into a campaign - this should be reflected by the item UI). Fixed an issue where zoning would cause your all gameplay input to break. Improved the sizes of short swords so that they appear more reasonably sized. Fixed an issue where the client would (very rarely) abruptly shut down at seemingly random times. Campaign: Guards should no longer be invulnerable and damage players after a keep goes neutral. Ranger Guards now only spawn after the walls are fully built. Minion type aracoix assassins who Swoop in on you from Stealth will no longer inflict a stun (boss and lieutenant types will continue to stun though). Elementals no longer detect stealthed players. Ranged NPCs will no longer attempt to maintain range since it looks bad when they do. Fixed teleport/rubberbanding issues in the Gods Reach Moon Temple zone. Fixed an issue where Keep guards would remain hostile even after you had taken the Keep for your guild. Fixed interact issues with scavenging minecarts. Fixed a Wartribe hut that caused teleport/rubberbanding issues. Fixed Hunger nodes that would cause teleport/rubberbanding issues. Crafting Fixed an issue where improved weapon molds (runed/imbued/compendium appearance) would result in the wrong items being crafted. Eternal Kingdom: Fixed parcel rotation issues on the Hamlet Parcel in the EK editor. Fixed an issue where some parcels could not be placed at the edges of your EK map. Improved the collision on the Guild Hall placeable building. Fixed collision issues on a number of placeable castle wall pieces. You will no longer be able to move or loot buildings while logging out of your EK. Fixed an issue where removing a parcel from your EK would cause that parcel’s name to break. Fixed issues with objects disappearing inside of placeable buildings. Fixed an issue where if you removed noble status from a player while they were placing a building, they would get stuck in placement mode. UI: Improved the crafting descriptions on Metal Bar, Metal Section, and Metal Billet recipes. Fixed an issue where zones on the Cluster Map would highlight incorrectly. You will now see an error message if you try to move items into a World Bank that has already reached full capacity. Item Tooltips have been updated to better reflect how they can be used (mainly for crafting recipe items). Fixed an issue where dragging vendor items out of the inventory window would cause them to get stuck on screen. Fixed an issue where dragging vendor items outside of their inventory windows would prompt the “destroy item” UI (even though you cannot destroy items on a vendor). F to Interact prompts should now only appear when they can actually be used. Fixed an issue where opening the Split Stack UI at the bottom of your screen would cause it to remain forever visible. Improved zone maps to better reflect real time capture status. Fixed an issue where unarmed Druids would see incorrect messaging if they tried to use Kinetic Boost without weapons equipped. Updated lobby messaging when the client is down for Maintenance. Fixed an issue where the Combat Basics skill tree information tooltip was not appearing correctly. Fixed an issue where ally health bars would appear in red, as though they were enemies. Improved the tooltip for the Confessor Redeem talent - it improves the Movement Control Intensity stat. Fixed an issue where clicking the “Reset” button during the crafting process would imply that you lose those resources - this is not the case. Banewood Tree combat information will appear as Plague Tree in your combat log. Fixed an issue where the Split Stack UI would appear in the lobby. Fixed an issue where Minotaur players' health bars would appear behind their heads, so they were partially obscured from view. Swift saddles can now be traded. Fixed an issue where moving items into your vendor would always show the sale info UI, even if the item was not successfully moved into the vendor. Improved Quest compass marker functionality. Added missing Russian translations. Fixed a number of Russian translation appearance issues (overlapping or bleeding text). Chat: There is now messaging in the Me channel to reflect when your inventory is in overflow and preventing you from picking up more loot. Powers: Fixed an issue where Recall could occasionally be used multiple times before its cooldown would trigger. Fixed an issue with Recall FX appearing incorrectly. Fixed an issue where Ballista FX would cancel out before the power ended. Urgu wartribe Ranger’s basic attacks should now display the correct FX. The Harvesting ultimate, Energetic Harvesting, should now play the correct SFX. Centaur Wild Charge should now have the correct hit FX. Fixed an issue where traps placed by other players were not visible to you if they were placed before you logged in. Assassin Spirit Dart will now display the correct projectile FX with, or without a valid target. Assassin Spirit Dart cooldown will now be correctly reduced after being used on enemies that have been Exposed. Improved Cleric ultimate, Miracle, power FX so that they always appear at your feet. The Confessor talent Well-Oiled Sandal should now properly increase your dodge pip regeneration rate. Confessor Condemnation should now hit within the correct range. Druid Essence Scram power FX now appear correctly under your hands. The Druid Wicked Winds power tooltip has been updated to reflect that it consumes the Shroud of Darkness buff when used. Duelists should now correctly gain pips after using Flintlock Shot on enemies that have been Exposed. Duelist Rapid Fire should once again fire the correct number of times in keeping with your current number of pips. Fixed an issue where Myrmidon Vengeance and Frenzy power FX would stack. Fixed an issue where Templar Holy Warrior and Resurrection powers were not appearing correctly in your power tray after being unlocked. Frost armor no longer gives double armor when cracked. Frost Armor cracks may now form at a rate of 1 every 0.5 seconds naturally or 1.5 seconds with the Frozen Solid talent. Frostweaver Freezing Blast should now hit within the correct range (up to 30m). Fixed an issue that caused the deploy time from Volatile Ice to be removed leaving it nearly impossible to escape. Fixed an issue that caused the deploy time from Refreshing Ice to be removed. Re-Fridgerate now requires 1000 Supercharge to activate Frostweaver attacks that strike multiple enemies are now limited to three targets. Volatile Ice now assumes the cast time of Ice Weave for damage calculation and is now in the AOE damage category. Frigid Ice now assumes the cast time of Ice Weave for damage calculation. The casting time of Ice Weave is now 1.35 seconds. The ticking effects of Cool Ice and Frigid Ice no longer stack. Removed the "In Combat" component from buff abilities that shouldn't be putting you into combat Disciplines: The NPC Confessor power Flames of Truth should now display the correct FX. The Burning Hatred passive power FX should now appear correctly (granted by the Burning Hatred minor discipline). The Ricochet Shot power (granted by the Sharpshooter major discipline) should now display hit FX when hitting a valid target. Fixed an issue where Male WoodElf Rangers would animate incorrectly when using the Adjudicator power (granted by the Adjudicator major discipline). The Chain Heal power (granted by the Friar major discipline) will no longer root the caster. The Benediction power (granted by the Friar discipline) should now increase your Bleed Resistance cap correctly. The Unstoppable power (granted by the Juggernaut major discipline) now plays SFX. Fixed an issue where the Dispel power would not knock down targets correctly. Added ignore external interrupts component to Bard and Troubadour powers. Frostweavers are no longer eligible to use Blood Pact. The Fieldsurgeon major discipline Purgative power should now purge all pulsing debuffs.
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    Based on feedback from our community, we have extended the playtest period for registered players. For Non- Backers (Registered Players who have not purchased a Backer Pack): Registered players, who are not Backers, can now playtest for 30-days from the date of the beta invite. This extended period will give players more time to play and provide feedback. Additionally, Beta groups will be invited back during later testing phases as we continue to iterate the game. Backers (a Backer is someone who has purchased a Pack from the Store and can play all phases of Beta and the game forever): Backers continue to have unlimited access to play Crowfall through all phases of Beta and the Launch of the game. There is not currently a schedule for when the registered players will be invited back again to playtest but when invited, you will receive an email (if you are opted in to hear about the Beta Test) and you will see a notification appear on the top of Crowfall.com - on the navigation bar - that says, “You’re In! Join the Beta Now.” Thanks for your support. Don't forget to share you feedback with us!
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    Are you happy?

    We tried the "players build everything even your starting gear" for years and it was a terrible experience for new players, and a terrible experience for server economies and low end PvP. We tried "no leveling" and it led to people hot-rolling whatever the current meta was and a server full of nothing but people trying to reroll scissors after fighting paper once. We tried not having a tutorial and it led to leading newbies around by the nose for hours for basic elements of the game. We tried locking people in to stuff like race and class trees and it was a miserable slog that involved more waiting for skills to train than trying new builds. ACE is currently finishing the core system and is gearing up to explode the entire disc and talent system now that designers and engineers are being freed up from core systems. The changes that exist, most of them, exist for a reason, and for the most part that reason is the feedback of backers, many of them kickstarter backers. I'm pretty happy with the progress that has been made, and looking forward to the future patches.
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    We should keep account names unqiue and disable login by account name/password. Use email instead. Those who are concerned with security, enable 2FA.
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    Skill Shot vs Tab Targeting

    It's arguable to even say crowfall has skilled targeting. I actually think the action part of Crowfall is more of a gimmick than anything. The targeting needs to be more stricter with more emphasis on aiming.
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    I actually really like that account names are character names. It means people have to be accountable for their actions and can't hide behind aliases. It allows you to build a reputation...for better or worse. Having 1 name will have people thinking twice about being a complete jerk to someone.
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    [CAL] - Caldera - [EU]

    Beta is here! It' has been announced that Beta will hit the servers on 11th of August, https://crowfall.com/en-US/news/articles/beta-is-coming. Hopefully one of the last skill wipes till launch so this is a perfect time to get into the game. Caldera is an EU guild that has been around since the start of Crowfall, we're still here and intend on being here for a long time. As a guild whom persistantly looking for new players. Give us a look Caldera
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    There are 5 world types: Every player gets an Eternal Kingdom, which is your own personal world that you can build. You can turn PvP on or off there, and they are generally used to practice or as merchant hubs. God's Reach is a PvE only world that serves to introduce new players to the game. It has low level resources, so if you want better stuff, you have to go to the other worlds. There is only 1 faction on this world. The Infected is a 3 faction PvP world. Only the temple areas are safe. Anywhere else, you can be attacked by players of the other factions, though you don't drop your loot. There are no winners or losers in this world type. The world persists indefinitely, with the scoreboard reflecting which faction controls the most stuff at any given time. Factions can fight over keeps, but there isn't really much point to it, unless you just want to practice between campaigns. The Shadow is also a 3 faction world, but it has a definitive start and end. Each faction fights to win the campaign. The scoreboard is similar to the infected world, except that at the end, the faction with the most point wins. Players drop their inventory on death. The temple areas and the free city (vendor zone) are the only safe zones. The Shadow is subject to import and export limitations. The Dregs is guild vs guild, and each guild fights to win the campaign. Players drop their inventory on death. Guilds can own keeps and build them up via the city building mechanics. There is also the divine favor system, which gives guilds various objectives each season that will earn them points toward victory. Like the Shadow, the Dregs is subject to import/export limitations. Different campaigns will have different rules. Right now most people are on the Test server, testing the new patch. A Dregs campaign just ended, so the only world up there is a God's Reach. They usually bring up an infected world between campaigns, but the patch may be moving to Live soon. The live server has God's Reach and Infected up right now. They will run a Dregs on live once the new patch goes there. The Shadow worlds haven't been up since we started testing Dregs, but they shoud make a comeback once beta starts.
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    5.125 TEST Bug Reports for 7/27/20

    Just an FYI, these reports are super-valuable to us. They all get looked at by myself, Todd and QA (at a minimum, often design and development lurk here) and are moved to development if we can repro them. As usual in an MMO we have more bugs than we can do in any near term period, so a lot of issues we'd like to immediately fix have to be deferred to the future. Be patient with us please. You will be seeing a lot of fixes incoming just probably not all your pet peeves near-term. Thanks folks!
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    5.125 TEST Bug Reports for 7/27/20

    Bow damage is still broken. My 6dmg bow and my 48 dmg bow do the same damage, and double shots isn't boosting the dmg. First 3 shots are with the 6dmg starter bow. Next 3 are with my 48 dmg crafted bow. Same quiver used for both sets.
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    Crowfall Memes + MS Paint Rage Thread

    never saw a videos here. here is the example on how I see CC changes as a melee class
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    But time consuming. Do we want the game to be released as soon as possible with devs focusing on the priority tasks or we want the best possible Alpha testing experience? My first wipe was painful too, but this one is probably 10th one and I feel nothing. Just get to the idea that you are playing the game in the testing stage, which wants to get to the release as soon as possible without spending time on the complex migraitons.
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    The ACE Q&A Livestream returns Thursday August 6 at 11AM CDT/6PM CEST. J. Todd Coleman (Creative Director) and Thomas Blair (Design Director) will update players on the status of Crowfall playtesting and answer questions from the stream! Tune in to be one of the first to know what’s next for Crowfall! Twitch.tv/CrowfallGame
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    5.125 LIVE Feedback for 8/6/20

    Having new players hit a motherload solo in the NPE is kinda of misleading and confusing. It might lead a new player to think he can hit them solo.
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    5.125 TEST Patch Notes for 8/5/20

    Crowfall The Calling Update Development Build 5.125.0 If you have a client crash, please contact support@crowfall.com. To report any issues or bugs, please go here: 5.125 TEST Bug Reports To report feedback, please go here: 5.125 TEST Feedback For an up-to-date list of known issues please go here: Known Issues Showstopper: Fixed an issue where audio would sometimes cause crashes. General: Fixed an issue where a client disconnect would cause all F interactions to break. Fixed an issue where game assets would briefly disappear immediately after closing your Skill Tree window. Fixed an issue where guard NPCs would appear without weapons. Fixed an issue where High Elf models would display an incorrect hairstyle stacked with your hair choice. Fixed an issue where melee combat was having difficulty landing a hit with targets in very close proximity. Fixed an issue where sometimes the client could not reconnect correctly after disconnecting. Fixed an issue where tower outpost ladders were difficult to use (especially when trying to go down the ladder). Improved culling performance on light sources. Improved the appearance of floating objects inside of Keeps. Channeled interacts will no longer be interrupted by just looking at another interactable item; however using a primary attack or primary defense will interrupt them. As before, once a held interaction is interrupted, you will have to stop holding the key and press it again to restart the interaction. Updated the amount of Dust given by loot chests at Forts. Plant doobers should now display the correct FX. Fixed an issue where doobers would not always appear in your inventory after picking them up. Boosted the sacrifice values on some sacrifice items, but made them worth a bit less gold. Campaign: The Building Materials provided by Caravans and Forts have been modified. The majority of Building Materials generated by Caravan runs and Forts are now "generic" material types of Ingot, Timber, or Stone, which can not be refined at a refinery. White quality non-generic resources can only spawn in chests where there is a siege active for the Fort. Uncommon or better non-generic resources can spawn at any time with a low probability. These changes are intended to make caravans primarily generate Building Materials used for constructing Buildings or keeps while still being an alternate source of resources without flooding the economy. Increased the spawn rate of high ranking monster NPCs. Fixed an issue where Dregs maps would only have 8 of the 12 god outposts - they should now always have all 12. Fixed an issue where some siege weapons would not despawn at the end of the siege window. Fixed an issue where you could be teleported underneath the runegate platform when being teleported to a safe location. Fixed broken collision on Forts in Training Zones of Gods Reach campaigns that were preventing you from entering the buildings. Improved the balance of resources given at Fort chests. Fort chests should now drop the correct runes. Improved culling on burning debris in Gods Reach temples. Fixed an issue where occasionally, Fort Buildings in Gods Reach campaigns had invisible walls that prevented players from entering. Ranger guards should no longer spawn at the corner towers of Keep walls. Eternal Kingdom: Updated an image on the Learn About Parcel Placement quest dialogue. There is now a 48 character maximum limit on your EK description. UI: Fixed an issue where buff/debuff icons would stack and obscure your screen. Fixed an issue where quest dialogue UI would remain visible after walking away from the quest giver. Fixed an issue where the Wartribe camp icon would appear in place of other types of map icons. NPC vendor names should now always appear correctly. The server HUD should now fully display the campaign and zone name correctly. There are now 90 second breaks between recurring Ward and Tree of Life Under Attack messages. Fixed an issue where an “X” button would appear on crafted vessels in character creation. Fixed an issue where joining a group immediately after leveling up would cause your health UI to incorrectly represent your health. Improved the appearance of verse numbers on quest dialogue. Powers: Guinecean burrow FX should now disappear correctly after leaving stealth. Frostweaver and Duelist ranged weapons should now correctly influence ranged damage stats on your inventory UI. Fixed an issue where Woodelf Druids would T-pose when using any power immediately after dodging. Druid Lightning Burst combo should now correctly hit targets while you or the target are moving. Druid Coalesce Life orbs should once again disappear correctly where appropriate. Druid Gaea’s Wail FX should now appear and disappear correctly. Druid Lightning Burst no longer roots the caster in place while casting it. Fixed an issue where Druid basic attack FX would linger around your torso after casting. Fixed an issue with broken FX on Duelist Recon ability. Frostweaver Crystal Lance and Piercing Lance can now be properly modified by "Execute Damage" bonuses gained from such items as the "Finish Him!" Minor Discipline. Frostweaver Icecaller's Cool Ice will no longer prevent allies from switching trays. Ranger Forest Step now has hit FX when you hit a target. Ranger Suppression Shot arrow now correctly has textures. Fixed an issue where Templar Righteous Parry SFX would loop and play forever. Fixed an issue where players resurrected by the Templar Resurrection ability would continue to see its FX long after the power ended. Disciplines: Smoldering Hatred (Minor discipline) attack buff orb now has VFX associated with it. Your cursor should now correctly show the distance between you and your target when aiming the Rehabilitation ability (granted by the Field Surgeon major discipline).
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    Flawed Assembly

    Flawed Assembly makes me not want to craft. It is the most infuriating thing in the game atm for me and I am not a main crafter. Flawed assembly 100% bricks what ever you were making. I suggest that you take away the part that prevents you from not getting to experiment and the quality downgrade. I suggest you replace it with added difficulty. Did you get a flawed assembly? add 20-60 difficulty based on quality and call it a day. It would still keep lower skilled crafters from going up in quality before they are ready. It still stings when it happens but you no longer feel like rage quitting when it happens as the item is no longer bricked. Flawed assembly when you have a 98% success chance can negate literally dozens of man hours of farming and prep.
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    I don't think anyone ever in the history of CF has upgraded Thornshield minor disc to purple
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    July 30, 2020 The Spirit Crow bugs out if you hit a wall or something while flying away World Bank is alphabetized. Easier to look for items now, just need to get used to not having the most recent items at the bottom of the list On some of the bigger races (Minotaur, for example) there is a dead zone where all your melee attacks will miss the target because you're too close Loot windows are a lot bigger now. Not sure if bug. Can we get some type of mail system? Just some way to send other players messages and items without them having to be online Runic Frostcasters did not appear on the Codex of Mystical Power (most logical place for them to be, IMO). Are they not craftable, or are they on a different recipe book? Reminder that Runic Books are not on the free vendors Also, is it intended that Runic Books are a super rare drop from regular Thralls, or should they be dropping a bit more frequently than once every third blue moon? In-game text looks pixelated and sometimes the "l (L)" character doesn't appear (at least on 1366x768 resolution, medium graphics) It'd be neat if wartribes had unique weapon skins and the bosses had Appearance Compendiums they could drop Items positioned on top of lootable drawers float after the drawer has been looted (because the drawer disappears when looted) Scavenging Bookshelves in campaigns shouldn't drop white disciplines, imho The Secutor Knight talent Board and Board is redundant with the capstone passive Shieldmanship Captains, chiefs, and kings spawn now, but I've not seen many Alphas, Elders, or Ancients (outside Alpha Bears and Elder Muskhogs). We'd want Alpha, Elder, and Ancient versions of all the animal mobs spawning so we can farm Necromancy additives Outpost guards are no longer lootable Aracoix Assassins don't always immediately unstealth when they attack you. This leads to taking damage from invisible foes for several seconds The target HUD has a ~1s delay before it shows buffs and debuffs on a target. Selfish buffs (like Uniform/Matching Armor, Sturdiness, Glamour, etc.) should not show up on the group UI Frostweaver Crystal Lance takes target at the beginning of the cast, rather than at the end. Piercing Lance works correctly. Minor Discipline Finish Him! does not increase the damage of Crystal Lance or Piercing Lance. I suspect it only works on the Templar power Execute, and not all execute powers Wood-Elf and High-Elf axes have the same model and Wood-Elf Axes are always Heavy Axes Elken still like to think they're Minotaurs on character selection In all the Dregs we've had, I haven't seen any crafter-related Divine Favor cards. I've seen "Build the most Class C Buildings" and "Sacrifice Stone to Kane", but no "Highest average crafting score per member" or something Beneficial Harvest Effects is not in the skill trees An X appears on vessels, even though you can't click it (or would want to) Wartribe Coins still don't have icons Also, say no to diminishing returns on sacrifice items! Underhill Clerics can see stealth! Carrot Juice still cannot be crafted (though the recipe flavor text does specifically mention apples. RIP Carrot Juice?) I don't like how Smoldering Hatred, Blade Master Blood Price, and Naiad Fountain of Life all use the Druid Orb VFX. The boundary of Templar Divine Light and Cleric Holy Symbol should be more pronounced.
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    I'd like to start by saying I am mostly a crafter/gatherer style of player. I love the concept of this game and the majority of the crafting system as I come from SWG/DAoC/Darkfall. My main issue with this game currently is the barrier to entry for pretty much any kind of crafting/gathering. Passive skill leveling makes absolutely no sense in video games. Skills do not passively increase with time. Skills increase because you use those particular skills. I started training my passive skills on 6/29/2020 and can barely gather in the game's main mode: campaigns. This is entirely too long to start being able to contribute to the player base. Now I know that ACE wants to introduce "skill tomes" which increase passive skills but this isn't a very good solution. Instead of just bitching, I'm going to offer very simple solutions. I am only going to speak to the campaigns, as God's Reach is.......poorly made dergs. 1. Passive skills need to have an active component. Hitting a node needs to grant some kind of skill gain. Make this be 1 hit of a R5+ node = 1 skill point. Crafting an item needs to grant ~1-10 skill. 2. There needs to be more lower rank nodes. Adventure zones need to have R4-7 nodes and Siege zones need R7+ 3. Currently, It would take about 1.5 years to max every passive skill. This is entirely too short. This game needs to have a robust economy which requires specialization. I propose that entry level skill point costs get reduced by half. You want people to be able to be in the world and harvesting/gathering. Specialization is just that, you want to do one specific thing. That means you will have a hard time doing OTHER specific things. Diminishing returns need to be put in place if one wants to go into more than one types of crafting/gathering. Your first "advanced" crafting or gathering tree should be relatively easy to obtain while the further you specialize it gets harder. As an example: Leatherworking and the proceeding skills require about 2 weeks to be able to reliably craft green gear and ~1-2 months for purple. Skinning should be around the same. However, for every point you put into leatherworking, the cost for....Blacksmithing goes up.. and then it takes 1 month to reliably craft green armor and 3-4 months for purple armor. I hope this made sense. Am I wrong for actually wanting to play the game? Because I feel like not playing until the current necessary requirements are met.
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    A multiple point of view perspective on us holding our keep against Dissentient and Winterblades. We had considerably less people but with the better vantage points, guards, and a little bit of sneakiness we were able to hang on to it.
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    5.115 LIVE Feedback for 7/2/20

    It would also be nice if the treb operators could see numbers of damage to walls. How do you even know if you are hitting the target. Feedback in real time is important.
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    5.115 LIVE Feedback for 7/2/20

    I'd like to second Blazzen's opinions here. I agree with everything said. We maxed out the number of trebs able to be placed on the southern side of the keep. The parcel terrain issue is a massive limiting factor in the number of siege able to be deployed, and with the current disparity between siege damage, siege total health, and wall health pools at higher ranks it makes the siege of these keeps impossible. It would be worthwhile to test if 60 minutes is even enough time to take high ranked walls down with the number of trebs able to be placed within range of a single wall segment. I would like to reiterate that I agree with the argument that these objectives SHOULD be difficult to siege and take. They do require investment, although not as much as some are arguing. They should also not be impossible to siege simply due to rank-up mechanics. If a group is consistently able to keep siege up, wipe opposing forces when they sally, and continue pressure on the keep, they should be able to open it up and attempt an assault on the wards.
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    Siege schedule issues

    Some inspiration @jtoddcoleman @thomasblair: How about ONE campaign. And siege timers based on zones. One temple for EU, one temple for NA, One temple for Russians. The zones could be hosted in different regions. Zones close to NA temple have NA time zones (maybe even one for EST, WST, CDT), Zones close to EU temple have siege timers for western Europe, Central Europe and eastern Europe, and so on. That way NA players could come to EU zones to have some fun, but the invading forces would have the ping handicap (an interesting game mechanic to play with IMO). It would be so nice to have activity move across the zones like the sun naturally turns around the earth (from a Ptolemaic point of view). And if you want cap stuff in distant zones it would be a LONG walk.... This would also follow the high risk, high reward logic... You can go for the points in far away zones, but are far away from home, so your own territory is vulnerable and if you get wiped and have no respawn outpost nearby, port back home... And it also would one and for all break with that paradigm of separating the realms... Break down the walls, let us be free and make us pay the price if we travel far and seek hidden treasures in the holy lands... The rest of the siege time system is great the way it is in my opinion... And PLEASE don't even think about handshake sieges...
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