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    03/20/15 - Eternal Kingdoms!

    Several Kingdoms is probably what is going to happen naturally. I would guess everyone won't have the materials to unlock the cells, or the materials to buy the parcels. It's much more likely that people will band together to make 1 big world and build on it, but we aren't forcing it to happen. We are just creating the tools for the players to make it happen.
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    03/20/15 - Eternal Kingdoms!

    So much potential for loss though. What happens if the single owner of a 1000-cell EK, that a hundred people have been building on and improving, suddenly quits? Everyone get's their parcel/buildings back, right?, but the resources used to unlock the cells is wasted. We really really really really need to have EK that are "owned" by a guild. This way, no matter what human beings are playing the game, the EK carries through. And it also opens up political drama revolving around elections to be the "Monarch" of that EK.
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    03/20/15 - Eternal Kingdoms!

    Annnnd your recourse to try and disrupt that via PvP would make having the trading hub a nonstop PvP risk. If you want more folks to play the nonstop risk game in the EK then you'll need to rustle them up and create that PvP monster chain of EK's. If you want to disrupt a huge trading hub without PvP then mess with its supply lines on the campaign worlds. Co-opt the vendors, put a mole in the management company, buy out one of the products completely and then resell them yourself back on your EK at inflated prices and make a killing. Rent a stall from them and sell horrible quality products while loudly announcing the backing of the hub management. Lure away their main crafters. Bring a few buddies and play chase on horses through the main market for hours. Start a boycott. Outthink them. Ruin their rep. Steal their best people. Plant your own people in their upper circles. Squeeze their incoming resources dry. I will say though I don't understand why I have to compete on the campaign worlds and play by PvP rules and win in that world but you're not willing to compete on the EK worlds with crafters - and you think it's unfair that you should have to do the work to build up a trading hub fair and square on your own.
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    My goal is to bring beauty and art to the dregs.
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    This is a good point to bring up, as I am sure many potential backers may wonder the same. As others said, simply back at any time during the KS campaign, and you are eligible for all stretch goal incentives! Boom...
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    03/20/15 - Eternal Kingdoms!

    Meh. It is still somewhat disheartening that carebears will get 'more' out of PvP success than PvPers. Perhaps they could add things like special armor (visual only), or battle standards, or something as rewards for winning campaigns. It's one thing to know you're better, it's another to be able to rub it in their faces
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    That right there is what I was looking for. Complex enough to offer some game play and be integral to the overall Crowfall 'experience', but not PvP game-breaking. Okay, time to go all-in.
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    What ... what about Forgemaster Dreadnoughts?
  9. 2 points
    So here is the issue. People want to play with their friends and they don't want to be stuck in campaigns with rulesets they don't like. You need to give people some choice in what kind of campaign they end up in and who they end up there with for the game to succeed. But if you do that I foree a big problem with major alliances forming and always joining the same campaigns together. For instance if the general campaign is 2000 people I could see a few larger groups getting together and saying "Let's all join this campaign, work together, and split the loot back in the EK when we're done." Or even creating deals where they alternate who wins if there are substantial untraceable rewards. The issue being if they get say 75% of the active population already agreed to work together before the game starts then that won't be very fun for the 25% left out of this deal, or even anyone in the 75% that cares to challenge themselves. I've heard through the grapevine there are even some major groups active on these forums discussing doing this very thing, and while a single alliance can't do this to all servers many alliances copying the original can. So if this does become a major problem how could it be solved?
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    I'm honestly surprised there is so much support for these carebear features based on the niche this game has been marketed towards. Whatever, you kids win. I'm done trying to convince you all why risk in EK is a good idea.
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    Outstanding point sir, well done
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    03/20/15 - Eternal Kingdoms!

    Back pedaling on your own example? Permission granted. Low pop servers? People will naturally gravitate toward EKs that are public. That's one filter. Then they will gravitate toward EKs that aren't full (population limit). Then they will gravitate toward EKs that look better or have more utility. Then they will gravitate toward EKs with a reputation for being the place they want to go for the desires they need: better crafters, more socialization, everyone walks around with no armor coz they're weird, more maturity, less maturity, etc etc. And then the number one killer of pop in EKs? CAMPAIGNS! EK isn't the game. If you don't like the campaigns, then you don't like Crowfall. That's how I see it. The EK is just a way to add some permanence, some persistence to your existence.
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    I agree. I've never seen before, in a large community like Crowfall, so many sympathetic, helpful and enthusiast members. I'm happy to be here with all of you!
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    Hand Of Fate: The Three Aspects

    (OOC I think she thought Age was barring the door to the tavern. No worries though, I'll get her back safe in the morning) (@ Bandersaur black jack) As you move through the city not a thing catches your eye. Your travels do bring you safely to the church through the odd, red, moonlight and you're greeted by the three statues placed before the magnificent structure, un-humbled by the fact that it's been mostly ravaged by flames. The front doors are completely burnt off their hinges, laying on the ground in ashes. the floor boards groan ominously under your hooves and the floor in the very middle of the church has collapsed into it's basement. There are two small rooms to either side of the door that you entered, one still has a door of it's own, though if you're anything but gentle with it it will collapse off of it's hinges. The room is only just large enough for you to turn around in, but has no windows, and there's a small tapestry hanging off a single hinge that somehow survived the flames. It is only large enough to cover your upper OR lower body, it's thick and stiff, but ought to make a okay-enough if sooty blanket. Those who would dream this night would have a similar dream the faces are familiar, but you know these figures to be long gone, either to hunger or age. These dream-borne ghosts carry the moons across the sky, the first, red, moon is the shield of a warrior you once knew, one who had gone to battle to protect with his sword to never return. The smallest, white, moon is cradled in the arms of a motherly figure, her body hunched to shield it as she fled across the sky to protect it. The largest and brightest of the moons was held upwards in the hand of a magical figure radiating light as though a cast spell, maybe one that had taught you at one point, and had gone to battle against the hunger to protect the world the loved so much from it. As you stand below in awe, looking up at these memories moving slowly up across the sky, they very suddenly look right at you and you realize that you're looking at the three aspects that had trapped you here. They had protected this planet before there was a means of keeping time, granting their blessings upon the mighty and the meek alike, answering their prayers through even in the ages before they were realized. And then, very suddenly, when their defenses had failed they were abandoned, after all they had given none would stay in their last moments to give comfort to them, as they had done since the creation. They were hurt, not hateful, but wounded in a way even they couldn't comprehend, and all they asked for were those material comforts that man had begged for in their days of need before they were left to watch the planet die, and succumb to the hunger with it. The number 50 seems to present it's self very clearly in your mind. The night passes to the day, but there are no chirping birds nor sounds of business to herald the coming of the sun. The earth is still as the light chases away the darkness once again. The champions in the tavern awaken to see that the female survivor will not join them in awakening, having passed in the night. Her counterpart is sitting besides her, staring at her face lost in memory, his eyes glossy with tears that he refuses to let fall, and he is lovingly caressing her hair out of her cold, pail face. Something will have to be done with the corpse eventually, it can not be left in the tavern, and it can not be left to change. It has flurried in the night, and a high-thin wall of clouds makes the sun look hazy and foreign. It is colder than the day before, and once in a while a single snowflake will float to the ground here and there, but the clouds can't seem to put forth enough effort to flurry steadily, never mind snow. There's a stiff and frigged breeze from the north, and you expect that in the next few days it's not out of the question to see a snow storm.
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    03/20/15 - Eternal Kingdoms!

  16. 2 points
    This update has done nothing to quell my displeasure with the direction of the EK. In fact, it just reinforces what a missed opportunity the entire thing is.
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    03/20/15 - Eternal Kingdoms!

    Thanks for the info drop! Here is my first round of questions! So the Grid (aka cells) is the foundation, and Parcels can be (and usually are) sized to cover multiple cells. The Mountain Citadel is 7 cells, but only 1 parcel? The minimum grant to all players is 9 parcels..... is this going to be changed to say we get 9 "Cells" per EK to start? I'm confused.... How is the edge of the 'owned' EK parcels delineated? Is it an invisible wall? Or an impassable terrain feature? Or are we able to run out past the owned parcels into a huge world full of mountains and caves and rivers and lakes? Similarly, will 'unclaimed' parcels around the area we are building up be traversable? In the "World Management" image, there are several dark 'unclaimed' cells in and around the claimed ones. Can we still run through those areas, even though they are "wild"? Will each players EK have it's own unique procedural "seed"? Or all they all the same? Do KickStarter perks upgrade EK 'realsm' automatically beyond "single player"? Will the "Mountain Citadel" in every EK be the same look? Ditto the "Scholar's Building, Small Graveyard, etc...? Looking at the "Parcel Management" image, a "Villa Style A" seems to take up 9 parcels. Is that correct? So, we have Cell's, which is what you drop Parcels onto, which are then subdivided somehow into Lots. Static division, or can we control how it's divided? The Monarch can grant players a Province, which is what... parcels, or cells? Do they have to be contiguous? I like the reversal of a tidbit we saw before where building improvements were permanent. I figured that wouldn't fly, heh. In all, I am...... encouraged. More later as I digest and reflect on this!
  18. 2 points

    Race Changes, Archetypes Stay

    Also, one of the primary reasons archetypes are race-locked is because races have different hitbox sizes and physics impulse tolerances. It's for balance reasons. if they were unlocked, you couldn't really have a game in which you had races with variant hitboxes and physics proprties that actually matter in combat as such, or you'd end up with the same baked in and usually worst thematic combinations. You'd still have every archetype have a "best" race, but most of them wouldn't be used. A dwarf or centaur duelist would be overpowered because part of the duelist design is that they're really succepitble to physics impulses. If you hit a duelist with a knockback, he's gonna fly pretty far, and that makes knockbacks better counters against that archetype than they are against the big meaty champion, who might take a step back and them beat your face in. On the flip side, it's a lot easier to hit the champion with ranged attacks, while the duelist's small hitbox makes him a much better pick against ranged users.
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    Good for you. Stand up for your extreme view on VR in MMOs. Now, tell me about your hatred towards remote controlled tvs
  20. 2 points
    Shortest post Ever by Kamp!
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    Tell Me More Of These...caravans.

    Caravans haul things worth $$$, bandits come to steal it, mercs get hired to protect it, port cities get built to ship the resources and get rich doing so, hordes come to raid cities, armies come to protect cities, (in a perfect world) ships haul good accross seas, pirates come to steal the cargo, rinse and repeat. I love it. I'm surprised more MMOs havent figured out the power of a proper hauling/trade route system. I suppose scale is the main issue. You have to have a big game, big enough for regional markets and goods for it to work.
  22. 2 points
    Exactly. It's about development resources and all the other technological advances they're working on. Based on earlier conversations by some of the devs, I (being a dev, myself) know they are competent, that's not the issue (for me at least). But like you also said, it's about timing and resource management over the next 2 years. And we all know that VR support done well will take some time. Assume 2-3 months, minimum, based on the team size. Now think about rulesets and campaign possibilities. If they build the game properly, additional rulesets could very much be done properly in that timeframe. I say "build the game properly" because I'm imagining them building a campaign engine with all kinds of options setup from the get go. They want to build the campaigns, make sure everything works, and add rulesets on top of that. All campaigns have core, underlying mechanics. Things like dropping players in, player combat, fog of war, dynamic map generation, building creation, building destruction, harvesting, transporting, mobs, Hunger, etc. These are not unique but do take a lot of time to build. Once that is taken care of, the engine focus should go to the rulesets. Dregs means everyone can attack everyone else, God's Reach means you check the vFaction variable on the Player object before determining if the takesDamage() event fires when a nearby attack is in range of you, The Shadow means you check to vGuild variable on the Player object before determining if the takesDamage() event fires when a nearby attack is in range of you, etc, etc. The rulesets are more tedious than difficult to implement compared to everything else. Tedious and time consuming. So when we think about VR support over the next ~2 years, we have to think about that compared to other rulesets we haven't been promised for launch. I would be much surprised if the majority of the community wanted VR before additional rulesets. Even from a RP/lore perspective, the other rulesets can and should play a role in the progression of story, of the universe, etc. Wouldn't you rather see that than time spent towards VR? That's what I think people are confused/upset about. Folks want the full game, all rulesets, everything they saw in ACE's amazing vision for a game. Then add in some VR. But this is my opinion. If VR is added, I want it done right and know that such development work isn't as simple as changing the compiler target
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    A fun idea for how to use different resource types with crafting would be to change the effects of a certain ore on a piece of gear depending on the material type, item slot type and location of a craft. An example would be, something like. I craft a helm with x, y and z metals in the EK and it gives the helm +5 armor, +5 life on hit and +5 durability. I could craft the very same helmet with the exact same metals in the Dregs and get +10 armor, +10 life on hit, +5 durability and +5% hunger resistance. Since it was crafted in a more difficult zone, the base stats are higher due to the chances you will lose it or have it decay. It would also give crafters a reason to brave harder campaign worlds other than having more materials. Another system that you could implement would be a secret combo system. Similar to the rune system in diablo...each rune would have a specific stat but, if you combine the runes in the right way, you can get a sort of "set bonus" to the item. This may have other specifications to it as well such as crafting in the right locations or during the right time of day or any number of random things you could come up with. Keep all of this information server side and let people discover it on their own. You will have plenty of the recipes discovered by crafters who are experimenting with the system but, some will be so specific that they may only be stumbled upon months or years down the road. This would a fun way to implement Easter Eggs in the game and also provide a way for crafters to have their own secret items that only they or a handful of other players know about. I would be okay with dropping resource quality if we had a system that was very very deep in that respect.
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    I agree with removing the "disclaimer". If people are fool enough to believe it... this is exactly the site for them.
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    Pvp - Kill On Site?

    *tiptoes in wearing the unicorn hat from the thought experiment thread* OK - so there are a range of players here. Over here on this very far side of the spectrum are the hardcore PvP'ers that have KoS permadialed in. They'll kill you on sight and I don't think that CF will ever have a mechanic in place for you to avoid that completely. On the other side of the spectrum are folks that are going to PvP but might not KoS because they're not into PvP in the same way as the hardcore folks are. These folks understand that the game is PvP centric but their fun may be found in other parts of the game like exploring, building etc. They may not go all KoS on you but they might. Your best option is to prepare yourself. Understand that if you go onto a FFA PvP planet you'll get more of the KoS crowd and the faction PvP planets will have less. I strongly doubt that CF will ever implement a mechanic that will impact KoS. I'm training up in PvP in other games right now for this very reason. I suggest guilding up as soon as you can and going out in groups on the more hardcore planets.
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    You've successfully stalked...I mean introduced her
  27. 2 points
    AAAAND... there is again someone with no prior experience how PvP-focused gamers actually think. Your scenario is highly unlikely as those "big guilds/alliances" that might dominate the campaign naturally alienate people who do not consent with their approach. This will spark animosities that will lead into internal struggle/offshooting and most likely contrahents joining this campaign just to harass the dominator. Besides: If a campaign would ever end up being so clearly dominated it can be ended prematurely via speeding up the timeline resulting in an potential loss of ressources gathered (less time to do so) and won't otherwise help the dominator to have any actual gain from this scenario. The big ones WANT to be pitted against each other. That's what they actually are looking for. Not carebearing. The big blue donut in eve is a consequence of stagnation. Stagnation is the one thing time-limited campaigns are meant to solve in the first place.
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    What if...what if we are allowed to gamble. The gamble I make is if I declare war on your EK and you accept 1. we can now invade and fight one another in eachothers EK sand 2. If one of us takes over the others EK they can gain...something? I'm not sure what. Its still very foggy in my head, I'm just trying to find a way to make EK vs EK (not just an option) but a PVP fueled conquest based option that goes beyoned "you can PVP in my EK". I want to see it go deeper than that. EK vs EK anyone?
  29. 1 point

    Death To Gold Sellers

    In the event that gold sellers come into our public mercantile EK to spam "selling resources dot com" please allow use to go murder them and take their stuff. Thanks.
  30. 1 point

    I Just Doubled-Down On My Pledge

    custard you, you piece of poorly made socks ass hole. Suck my chicken you %+@!$#?&*^.
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    03/20/15 - Eternal Kingdoms!

    Human nature is to gravitate toward areas with their preferred population desires. Whether it's the small town coffee shop, Starbucks, or the mall. Shouldn't force people to mega cities when they'd be happy with their 10 man EK for just their guild. Besides, if there's 4,000 people sitting around an EK when they could be in a campaign, they're doing it wrong.
  32. 1 point
    Building up an EK is going to take a huge outlay of resources. Groups that are successful in campaigns will bring back more resources and higher tier items that probably make prettier castles. Your average player (me) will not be able to get that many resources by themselves. So I can choose to live in my wood cottage or find a bigger kingdom that has space for me. I'll still have my 9 parcels but they will be largely ignored. answer to your last question is based on the campaign you select to enter some let you bring gear others do not.
  33. 1 point

    Eternal Kingdoms! Kickstarter Update 19

    Yeah that'd be proper swell, but not very likely I think, the sieging part anyway but I can live without it. I do think most guilds are gonna combine and live in one EK together though, doesn't seem like much point spreading out from all your friends when you can just make a town or something like that. As long as the campaigns give an awesome PvP and conquering experience I quite frankly don't give that many custards about the way EK's are setup although the way it sounds is better than I expected as well.
  34. 1 point

    Eternal Kingdoms! Kickstarter Update 19

    By that definition it won't be any instances, since there won't be any copies of any zones, just many different unique ones.
  35. 1 point

    03/20/15 - Eternal Kingdoms!

    Might be nice if a court system accompanies the public kingdoms for when visitors get naughty.. then you can press charges if ,for example,you catch someone urinating against a divine cathedral. Each archetype could have different roles in crime solving; Ranger(investigation) Champion (execution) Confessor (interrogation) Knight (supervise) Assassin (wipe tracks) Templar (keeping order) Frostweaver (captivate target) Duelist (dismantle) Stalker (spy) Forgemaster (crafting torture stuff) Legionnaire (hunt targets) Druid (provision/nursing/facility)
  36. 1 point

    03/20/15 - Eternal Kingdoms!

    The simple solution is that you only build up your own land, but when you become a guild member it becomes a part of the whole (gets Tetris'd in) So it benefits the guild to have you (you bring new buildings that benefit everyone, you pay taxes, etc), but you're still working towards building up your own land. If the guild breaks up, you still maintain all your own land and buildings.
  37. 1 point
    HAHAHAH!!!! If you ever played Shadowbane it was never boring traveling, the paranoia level was insane. If you wanted to travel long distances you had to auto run while spamming track. If you saw a player's name come up on track you took evasive measures.
  38. 1 point
    Hmm, I was in hopes that people would have to make decisions early in the game. Do we farm food to survive in the end or do we farm mats and get an early advantage in hopes of people not being able to catch up. I hope resource management is part of what will make it a successful campaign or not. I hope deciding what archtypes group one cobbles together makes a different in the harder rulesets. They have taken away what attracts most hardcore players (early power curve). Now, give us something to strive for; Strategy is a good fun pastime.
  39. 1 point
    - Burrower: mostly operates underground - Lander: mostly operates on land This way, we can make use of the famous guinecean saying: "Neither a burrower nor a lander be!"
  40. 1 point
    Buy Occulus Rift, get the 1st person mode FREE!
  41. 1 point

    Gold And Glory: A Crowfall Podcast

    Episode 7 is up! "Werewolves and Guineabests" is available for your listening and/or viewing pleasure right here. Once again, a huge thanks to Gordon Walton, J. Todd Coleman, Thomas Blair and Tully Ackland for stopping by chat and interacting with both us and the community!
  42. 1 point

    Thoughts On Vr Support

    Right out of the gate is the perfect time for V.R implementation
  43. 1 point

    Ek Wars

    No it's not a boring mechanic. It's a way to feel like you are progressing in the game as an individual player. Without having a safe zone for players they will always be at risk of being reset by other players who choose to join zerg guilds. Making a player run persistent world where you can be freely attacked could be fun but don't replace the EK with that.
  44. 1 point

    Mmo Crafting The Bane Of My Existence.

    I admit just watching a bar move across the screen can be pretty dull, but I do it for the more economics and seeing how it mirrors actual markets.
  45. 1 point

    Keep On Switch One, Thread Game.

    homeless dude
  46. 1 point

    Petition For The Unicorns!

    is this some weird form of unicorn scrabble?
  47. 1 point
    So much worry on these boards. smh All over hypothetical situations that may or may not happen. The only thing I can bank on at this point is I am gonna die many many times.
  48. 1 point
    I think there is always going to be this type of stuff done. However how many people want to be locked into a campaign for a month without people to really play against? I mean yea there will be some but i thinkt he vast majority of people enjoy playing against other people.
  49. 1 point

    03/13/15 - Character Progression Faq

  50. 1 point

    Name Over Head

    Do it Game of Thrones style, Your armor/clothes are colored to that of your Guild/House/Family. You can tell almost immediately who someone has allegiance to.
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