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    Content: Posting 1 (this one): Content, Foreword, Basic Informations for new players, list of numbers of supported players per stronghold parcel type, picture of full BigWorld 3.3-3.5 Map (spoilered), most important stronghold parcels Posting 2: Picture of BigWorld 3.3 to 3.5, compared to maximum basic map/EK size (spoilered) Posting 3: All existing parcels with pictures and descriptions, as of BigWorld testing build 3.3-3.5. Posting 4: The new canyon parcel in BigWorld 3.7, as of 2016.12.12 Thread: Mountain Parcel - New details as of May 2017 Also visit my Stronghold Comparison if you like to, now including the number of wall parts you will get for your stronghold packages during the 3.8 tests. Foreword A while ago i made a Stronghold Comparison to show and discuss how big Strongholds will be in Crowfall. Though mostly based on rough estimations and a lot of calculations, the numbers turned out to be pretty good. Now, with the opportunity to take measures within the BigWorld test environment, the possibilities of calculations rose as much as the curiosity how the dimensions of parcels will feel and how the world will look like finally. In this thread i will try to juxtapose parcels that we have seen seperated and from a bird's-eye perspective (like concept arts) or mixed up and from a worm's-eye view (like in the BigWorld test). Please note that those are NOT the real things. Based on given informations, these 3D parcel pictures are roughly self-made emulations, so they won't be perfect. But they should be good enough to give a general idea. After some basic informations for newcomers, i will start with the most important stronghold parcels and show you how they look like, compared with each other and the actual BW 3.4 test environment, and will add new informations and pictures from time to time. Have fun, good luck Kraahk Basic informations For those who are not into geomancy, some basic informations. Parcels are the modules our worlds are made of. Each parcel contains one or more quadratic cells with a side-legth of 256 meter each. Crowfall uses basic maps with a scope of 20x20 cells. In the case of Campaigns, several procedurally compiled basic maps will be stitched together to build the whole world. In case of Eternal Kingdoms, players will have the opportunity to build their very own kingdom (they way they want to) within the frame of one basic map. Parcels and Strongholds can be bought in the shop. They can also be build out of ingame materials (if the necessary skills are trained - like stone masonry or geomancy) or shared or traded with other players in game. Parcels can be placed in other players kingdoms. Placing a parcel somewhere else doesn't change the ownerships. The same is true for building components like walls. So people can work together, without fear to loose something. Parcels and Strongholds support different number of players/shops, mostly depending on the parcel type and rank. The numbers show the estimated support provided by the basic version of this kind of parcel. From Shire to Province - an overview We have seen a lot of pictures and we ran more or less frenetically through the BigWorld. But we haven't seen the parcels side by side yet. In this picture you can see the most important parcel types, including their names and supported player base. Where known, i also added the related strongholds, roughly true to scale. Parcels compared to the world It is nice to know how big parcels are if compared to others. But how big is this in game? To say: How will it feel? To answer this questions, we need something to compare an ingame feeling of scope with those dry pictures above. Since we have BigWorld testing, we can do that. The following picture shows the big stronghold parcels side by side with the explorable BigWorld environment of the 3.4 Test. The Palace parcel (province 3) would swallow the whole swamp area + 2 Shire parcels + 2 Estate parcels. To see more ingame maps of the 3.x tests, you can visit my Crowfall Maps thread. edit 161119: content summary added (including later postings) edit 170425: Time goes by. Adjusted some things, added some links.
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    A comment on customer service.

    Context: The last MMO that I played was Archeage. I had inherited over time essentially all of my original guild's holdings (an absolutely massive contiguous area in an ideal location). One day I went to log on and one of my two accounts was locked. I immediately sent an email and waited. I didn't get a response in weeks, even though I repeatedly attempted to do everything I could. *Poof* the land started to go and that was it for me in Archeage. Today: I sent an email at 11:12PM to ArtCraft Support mentioning that I had my email linked to both my Crowfall and MicroVenture accounts and had not recieved my investment bonuses yet. Fully expecting to have merely missed something obvious I got an email back ELEVEN MINUTES LATER from Gordon telling me he had solved the problem. Keep in mind it was after 10pm in Austin... The Point: Just wanted to say publicly how much I valued such customer service, especially in an age where in order to talk to someone at my cable company I had to wait on hold for over two hours last week... Nephal et al
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    Who the hell is Jamesgoblin

    James Goblin is proof that there is a higher power than ourselves. I wrote a haiku in my head this morning about JG as I was driving to work -- Man of mystery Always lurking, never posts "JamesGoblin likes this"
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    Declaring War on ACE!

    Ok, you guys have done a great deal to make the "vocal minority" angry. You are charged with the following: 1. Hiring xComVic 2. Not unbanning accounts like xComVic promised you would 3. Natalie hasn't been in videos for a while 4. Firing Doc Gonzo 5. Implementing the pay-to-say "feature" 6. Not grandfathering in pre-existing posters like Courant101 (rip) 7. Keeping JamesGoblin from liking our posts 8. Sheen is no longer with us 9. Creating a secret forums for the Bloodstones to suggest silly changes we can't see or dispute. 10. You KNOW what #10 is! For all of the above reasons, we are declaring WAR on ACE. A banestone will be dropped shortly. The trebs are placed. Prep to get rekt. -- Tr0ll Patrol
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    So, we had a nice livestream today with an open Q&A. Here are the questions and the answers. General jtoddcoleman : For next 24 hours, 33% discount on Bronze Bundle. Get it while it... lasts? is hot? something. jtoddcoleman: In general, I need to start answering more things with "post launch", if we ever want to launch Q: 5.3 when? Thought they'd come at the same time as the R/C split A: no, we've been pushing to get CW polished, and 5.3 will destabilize everything. Here is the order of operations: 1) get past gamescom 2) get our first real campaign worlds up, with short timeframes (1 week) 3) get 5.3 out to you guys to start testing Q: With the 5.3 skill wipe is there going to be another 2+ week headstart for only alpha 1.2 players or with the lower test population of late will it be open to more packages A: We haven't actually talked through exactly when the next wipe will happen. that last one was actually because we pulled an OLD copy of the skill tree over, and hopefully we can avoid that going forward. Q: Will the Live Server universe get an update before 5.3? A: You know, I actually don't know what the roll-out plan is relating to 5.2.x and 5.3, will have to coordinate with BD and GW, because it's always more complicated than it seems at first glance. Q: Did you finally found a nice sitting position for our beloved centaurs ? A: no, actually. they've gotten worse. Q: If we sign a petition can we get coolwaters put in a little stronger than even the fallen hero? A: I saw that. I will post something when I get back. I need some time and focus to get my thoughts on paper. Gamescom Q: How is the reception to Crowfall at the convention? A: It's been incredibly well received. I had (not kidding) like 12+ interviews today. we had a line outside the booth all day. It's funny, because I forget how much stuff the "average" player doesn't understand/know about CF. Q: Going to be able to stream in other days....? A: We'll see! I hope so. Q: are u showing the game as it is ..like on test servers or have you made like a "GC version" ? A: Gamescom verion is 5.2.1. you have to submit in advance of show. Campaign Worlds Q : When we get our 1st CW will the map be the current size or will it be bigger? A : First CW will be like current map (the larger one, not tiny tyranny) Q: Will roads enable faster movement? A: I definitely want to provide a benefit for roads, but I don't really want to offer too many speed ups for players because it can lead to issues once they stack. my current thought is to offer a speed benefits to PACK and CARAVAN animals on the roads, to speed them up and make it more attractive as a means of moving building materials ...with the obvious side effect of increased risk Q: Would it be possible for Strongholds to grant players of the owning faction who are nearby a buff, similar to what a Bard's song does for a group, or what SB's spires did? A: Not directly, but we do have some plans (related to relics) that would be similar to that. Q: Any chance of upping the 10 import/export limit? Maybe with a change to spirit bank only working near a local bank? Trying to save the loot at the end of the test is a massive chore. A: Great point on the spirit bank. let me talk to TB about that one. And we definitely could up those limits. I would love to put a regen on them, so they max at 10/10 but they reset based on time or game activity. Q: An interesting way to increase the 10/10 limit and drive more activity to the Tug of War would be to tie the number to the slider. A: Agree! that would be even better Q: So the more forts you own the more you can import export? still doesn't help the fact that the limit of 10 is really low. 1 set of gear and a weapon is 5... meaning 5 for resources. and guilds that actually farm it typically have more than 5 stacks of each type of resource A: If you guys feel (in general) that more imports/exports would be better, I have no problem increasing the numbers. that would be a trivial thing to do (it's just a variable!) Q : Does the tech exist in the 5.2.4 build to make it possible for Stronghold Bank chests to only be usable by the faction that owns the Stronghold? A : Great question, I actually thought it worked that way. I'll have to find out if it's a flag we can set. Q: After release will we have access to all campaign worlds types or can we expect to see them introduced via packages through the store? A: No limitation to CW types. I could imagine us doing some kind of a tournament with a separate buy-in, but nothing planned for that right now Q: How is the faction bar experiment going? Are we going to see different win conditions in this build or next? I personally find the bar ... unfulfilling A: I want to try it on a real CW map, but we already have "King of the Hill" mode ready to go Q: As a designer, have you given any thought to possible ways to introduce persistence to the 'throne war' that is at a scale larger than campaigns? A: Eventually, I'd love to try out some campaigns that are more "sports" like in approach. For example: "This Campaign runs every evening from 6pm to 9pm CST, only." or "This Campaign allows each guild to send in a roster of 20 champions, and they start with a Fort. It's an elimination world; lose all your land and your roster is out" Q: Neat idea but that seems like something at the opposite end of the kind of persistence I was referring to. A: I have something coming on that "involvement of the Gods" topic Q: Can you elaborate on mounts and their use/presence in the Crowfall campaigns. As killable "items" are they also lootable etc? A: So mounts & pets & caravan animals is another design that needs a full pass now that we are here, about to implement. You guys see my pattern now, I'm sure: get the initial idea on paper, sketched in broad strokes, then don't touch it again until you get close enough to see it. Then rebuild it, knowing everything that you now know, that achieves the spirit of the original idea in the best/most efficient way possible. Q : With the ability already in game to Warp spirit crows back to the temples. why not warp non faction players in beachheads out of the beachhead? A : I'm not sure what you are asking exactly, but in the next build it the issue of beachhead camping will be addressed better Q: If we could just lock out other factions from entering the beachhead of other factions that would solve that issue. A: Next build (I hope) we should have a hunger effect on any players who sneak into an enemy beachhead Q: I am constantly surprised at how many completely new players I see in the test every weekend. One thing which befalls all of them is losing their first set of gear to having used the wrong statue to respawn. Any way this consequence could be made clearer in game via tooltips or some-such on the statues themselves? A: The entire new character and respawn flow needs another pass. It just needs to be cleaned up. Eternal Kingdoms Q: When can we expect to see the new castle pieces added to the current castle packages? A: Probably in the 5.3, we've got some issues importing data in 5.2 because all of the tables changed for R/C Q: Is the plan for EK's to have PVP flag for the whole EK only. Or will we be able to set it up by Parcel? A: We're going to start with whole world first, it's a good idea though so I'll try and keep it in mind Q: will there be the ability to sub-divid the EK to non-public areas but keep the general area 'open' A: I would rather find a way to allow you to use walls to restrict access... artificial boundaries seem lame Q: Will you make the maps less "square" than current ones e.g. land branches into "zones" A : Probably keep the square grids, but I really want to get "linking" of EK grids in -- which would mean you could make different shapes by connecting them Q : If a fort "supports" 10 players, does this refer to vassals (so there can be 10 houses but more tennants)? A : It's actually the reverse -- the player limit determines who can own / place buildings there. players are not limited to 1 building each. It depends on the building capacity, and upgrading the rank = more buildings in the same space. you can divide them up among players as you like. Q : I understand the chicken ticker nightmare will stay in CWs but is there a possibility to have it removed/disabled in the EKs? not really fun to stop everything to deforest the EK every 10 minutes A : good point. also seems like a good potential relic effect for a monarch to install in their EK Q: With the placement of target dummies in the beachhead. Will this mean the target dummy system/EK asset be done in the near future? Possibly 5.3 or earlier? A: Yeah it's also likely a 5.3 thing, for the same aforementioned issue with exporting our design tables CW/EK mix Q: Will we ever be able to build across parcels in a CW? A: No plan for cross-parcel, because it means that we can't move parcels in real time. maybe if we forced you to remove any offending pieces PRIOR to moving the parcel? Q: Even in a cw world where parcels cannot move? A: TBH I haven't really thought thru the implications. I like the idea of a great wall of china, though, so agree it would be cool Q: And will we ever be able to build roads via hippos? A: Eventually I think it would be great to add a system to paint roads, but that's not in the plan for launch. I think we'll start with "road tile parcels" (1x1s) that you can place Q : Will relics in the EK affect gameplay in CWs? If so, how? (Trying to see if EKs will have a use beyond setting up shops to sell to people going into CWs that allow imports) A : I feel the same way about the vassals system, actually. So I want to take another look at the relic design. SO MUCH has changed since we wrote that, I think it needs a complete pass. Q: Will their be none player controlled defenses added to game eg towers ? A: Yes, we need to allow for NPC guards Q: Will we see game mechanics like toxic water in swamp parcels which may damage players over time if they traverse it ? A: Yes, I definitely want environmental spell effects / bufs & debufs Q: How do you envision thralls in the world? Will they have the same 'model' and different names? Will we enter combat with them - or harvest like a node? Will they be static/predictable to spawn? A: We definitely need some "spirit thralls" (think spirit bear effect) but I'm actually thinking we might want hirelings, too -- mortals who look like, well, mortals. Q: Do we have to fight them to capture? will they roam the map or be static spawns? A: 1) probably 2) undecided 2) (or both) Q: I recently played a game which had meteors that fell from the sky, which introduced a dynamic event and focus for conflict over the rare resources - would CF's mechanics allow for such a thing? A: The seasons system is going to be our first stab at environmental adjustments. events are definitely possible, but post-launch. Q: Can you share any progress about the taxes/maintenance concept with us? A: Oddly, I have made progress on Tariffs, now that Import/Export is settled. But not maintenance. Q: Once the Class/Race split finished will the art team start working on the Kickstarter, 2016, 2017 EK asset skins? A: those are separate tracks; environment artists aren't part of R/C split. We'll get to that stuff, but my priority right now is to finish out this first archetype set and then move on to adventuring areas (of which we are SORELY lacking) Q: Adventuring areas? A: I feel the lack of adventuring areas as keenly as I feel the lack of TOTINOS PIZZA ROLLS Combat & Skills Durenthal : 5.3 makes combat systems-complete. Can we expect the devs to start paying more attention to balance at that point? jtoddcoleman : Yes, but don't assume that life becomes "easy" for the designers. they're going to be under the boot. Q : Any chance of using the lame-duck/zombie 5.1 Live server to test a high-level skill training environment, by resetting skill training to max for all players? Get some use out of it while we wait for it's repurposing. A : Not opposed to a "max skill" test. great idea. Guilds Q: So we keep hearing that guild support is working in one of the dev branches. Any ETA on this? A: It is in early testing, and will hit the website soon. but then we'll have to tie it into the game, so unfortunately it will take some time (like everything else) Q: Any decisions or thoughts on supporting guild-owned EKs? or still going to let players work that out for themselves? A: My plan (right now) is to have it technically owned by the GL with succession rules. Ultimately, someone needs to "own" the guild object, anyway, so might as well resuse the existing admin structure. Resources Q: Will we ever see new 'mothernode' types e.g. trees or leather? A : Yes on leather at some point (giant monster carcass) Q: Has your design approach changed at all in regards to regular nodal resources and POI's? thought we'd see (any) the later in these tests. A: In terms of # of resource POIs, we kept it low to encourage fights. I'm sure it will go up (and isn't hard to do, it's just another thing) Q: So far we've never seen hides higher than rank1 off boars or cats. Is there tech limitation preventing that? A: No limitation, probably just something the designers haven't gotten to, yet (that I know of -- could be wrong) edit: sorted & formatted
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    Ask The Team!

    vague hint: "I <3 D'Orion" now, to your real question: I am ALL IN on Crowfall. I've invested a big chunk of my savings. I left my cushy job. I gave up my safe little nest, and took a bold (arguably foolhardy) leap into the unknown. Why? Because I HAVE to make this game. March, 2004: Shadowbane basically ruined me. I put everything I had into Wolfpack; I crunched for years. I spent all the money that I made from selling my previous company. I lost friends. I alienated family members. I'm not going to go so far as to say "shadowbane caused my divorce", but I will say: it certainly didn't help. We shipped it, yes. and it sold well. But it was riddled with issues (technical, design, and operational) that caused it to bleed players like a sieve. All that effort, all that cost, all that pain. and it just didn't work. We lost. We sold the company to find a soft landing for the team. The founders? No such luck. Unemployed. I had invested everything in Shadowbane, and walked away with almost nothing. For about a year, I basically fell off the grid, didn't do much of anything but think about what went wrong. I'm over that, now. I'm not longer haunted by 'this went wrong' or 'that went wrong'. I'm years past the autopsy. What haunts me is this: it ALMOST worked. The vision we (the Wolfpack founders) had was amazing. The vision was right there, so perfectly clear in our minds. It was tangible. And, every now and then in development, the rarest of moments. A break in the storm clouds, the sunlight would pour through like a light from heaven and everything would just WORK. For a few moments, you could FEEL it. Ask the folks who played the SB beta, they can tell you what it felt like: THIS IS IT. THIS IS THE GAME. THIS IS THE VISION. IT IS REAL. IT WORKS. ...and then the clouds would roll back in, fires would erupt all around me, and everything would go to hell again. The idea behind Crowfall -- the original idea that pre-dates Shadowbane, that was born in a pizza joint as a scribble on a paper napkin -- that vision is my white whale. We had it once, right there, in our grasps. It was so close! It ALMOST worked. I've spent every day of the last decade learning how to build MMOs. Shadowbane was the first game that I ever worked on, remember. I made a ton of newbie mistakes. Say what you like about Wizard101, but we had a flawless launch and amassed over 50 million players. I've picked up a few tricks. I learned what I need to learn about building MMOs. Launching MMOs. Running a live service. and with Gordon here, and the team that we have recruited, we can do this. We can make this game great. This isn't just a game to me. I'm on a mission. It is time to right a great wrong. Todd ACE
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    I've already acknowledged the confusion, and it was clearly our fault. The answer is accurate, but the question should have been "when does testing begin?" I don't know why it was written this way; it is certainly confusing, and it absolutely could have led someone to make a purchase decision based on incorrect information. Which is why I offered clarity and then invited people to contact me directly if this miscommunication would have affected their decision to back us. So far, not one person has done so. You now have two options. 1) you can accept our apology for this miscommunication and move on, 2) you can decide that my apology and answer are not good enough for you, and contact me directly to take me up on my offer, Either of these options is fine. What is NOT fine is continuing to call our integrity into question on this thread. Todd ACE
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    disgusting Like farming

    its really gross how many posters are farming likes and im glad the guild forums have that disabled. im not starting a witch hunt and naming names but you know who you are anyways, discuss Like Farming and whatever you do, DONT Like Farm in this thread. about how bad Like Farming is.
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    Metal Bar Combinations

    Spent a while harvesting a bunch of Metal ores and combining them in every way possible. Here's the list of the different combinations and the benefits they'll grant to the items that you create with them. Built a great Sharp Rapier for my Duelist with only top tier Tin and Iron and it rips people apart.
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    This was reported early on which is why we were limiting thing. The ways to do it were blocked. The people that took advantage of it did lose any ill-gotten gains (still a few in progress).
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    Yeah, I agree. I think this was a PR misstep. To give a little context, we didn't make the video *for* PC gamer. We just had it on the schedule to make a video for a normal Tues/Thurs update, to show how the destruction stuff was coming along for people who aren't in Siege Perilous. If this video had just been posted for you guys, i.e. just another weekly update, I don't think it would even been talked about that much. "Oh, some of the destruction stuff. Cool." An opportunity came up to place something with PC gamer and we took it. In hindsight, the video was a bad choice. It would have been better to do an interview with some screenshots, or character renders or something. We have a lot of great stuff to show, but the truth is that the game just isn't in a state yet where we should be trying to cut together trailers. It's too early and too un-optimized. On the good side, we did see a big up-tick in registrations yesterday (a multiple over any day last week) so at least some of the people who read the article (which was positive) and saw the video were interested enough to sign up. So: we learn from it, and do better next time. ... Oh, and one more thing, I would just like to say to Courant and JamesGoblin and the others who jumped in to defend us: Thank you. Todd ACE
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    Anything on the A-Line is the previous key, ie 4, 4, 4 will execute Onslaught 1, 2a, 3a. Anything on the B-Line is the currently bound to the E key, ie 4, E, E will execute Onslaught 1, 2b, 3b. (E will be able to be rebound at some point, we just haven't built rebinding functionality yet) Since the Knight has branching combos you can perfom a 4, E, 4 to execute Onslaught 1, 2b, 3a.
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    Seems a bit of an over-reaction.
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    I'm good with this.
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    The plan hasn't significantly deviated, other than in some systems/areas we've built more than we originally intended (vessels, disciplines, real-time parcel stitching... and of course the poster-child of expanded scope, the race/class split). That said, while the "top-level" feature list hasn't changed, I have made -- and will continue to make -- made changes to content and implementation where it makes sense -- the vassals system, which I'll be doing a refresh on soon, is the one that leaps to mind (because I'm working on it right now). My general rule in these cases is to give you guys something either more flexible/functional than promised, or -- if and when we have to fall back -- to explain how and why and do the best that I can to live up to the spirit of that feature. When major things happen, Gordon and I will typically announce them "off-cadence" with a Founder's Update, typically on a Wednesday but occasionally on a Friday. In terms of the milestone schedule, yes, of course we have a plan internally but we never share that because I things shift around constantly in the development process and it doesn't matter how many caveats we make; if we say it, or even imply it, some players take it as a gospel -- and get really mad when we "break that promise". So instead our approach is to (1) communicate constantly, (2) be as transparent as possible, (3) which includes openly owning our mistakes, and (4) show constant forward progress. To that end, I think we've done a pretty good. Hopefully you guys agree. Todd
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    Just wanted to make an aesthetic note - the Confessor fire animation concepts are absolutely gorgeous! Well done!
  18. 18 points
    That's the nicest thing anyone's ever said about me. ;(
  19. 18 points
    No. A minority of people have demonstrated that you can't have nice things.
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    Meet the Elken!

    Would be cool, yeah. But it might cause certain strategical problems.
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    Crow-a-Thon July 25

    section index: blair and todd intro and qa sessions blair and mhlash cleric powers and QAs dogget human assassin smoke bomb animation after stream reset back to todd eric modeling stoneborn shield back to todd destruction FX effects back to todd and dogget Blair and Susi character sheet and QAs back to todd New building pieces back to todd greco half-giant myrm art back to todd jonathan world parcels after stream reset back to todd blair hlash new racial powers back to todd [starting the booze] stream back billy and lars UI skill tree changes, powers etc back to todd and blair closing QA todd and blair
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    These are very exciting times for the Crowfall team and our backers! FULL STORY
  23. 17 points
    "Today, we’re doing a refresh on the Eternal Kingdom FAQ to give you a deeper understanding of that design – and we’re giving you a LOT more detail on how these Kingdoms work." FULL NEWS STORY ETERNAL KINGDOM FAQ Discuss below
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    I must confess, i nearly missed it. I only recognized it because just a few minutes ago i said in a discord channel, that today it's the first time ever that i have a strange feeling of being bored about Crowfall, though i would have never dreamed that i would say so (yeah i know, shame on me ... but hey, i went through a lot, so maybe you can forgive me xD ). Then someone asked me how long i am here. I didn't know, so i looked it up. And yes, kickstarter just started ... exactely today three years ago, on february 24th 2015. Which was the same day i first was introduced to the new Crowfall project. So, hail to subconscious informations. I got it and understand the source of this strange inner turmoil now. (which also means that it is gone now ) So, how long have you been here? What is your story with Crowfall. What changend in your eyes during the years? Which of those changes did you like most and which least? How much are you still into Crowfall. What is the thing you liked or hated most since you followed Crowfall? What did you expect and what are you still waiting for? I am really curious about your stories. It would be great to hear some. Let's see how much energy the community can provide at the 3-years mark to get them. Have fun, good luck - and happy anniversary Crowfall! Kraahk
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    Fellow Knight fans, rejoice (yes, I'm looking at you, Durenthal)-- the designers have given him some love. Lead Designer Thomas Blair introduces the StamiKnight in today's update. FULL STORY
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    Murder of Crows: Gordon Walton, Pt. 1

    How did this one-time paper boy become the legendary Tyrant? FULL STORY
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    Vessel System & Crafting

    One of the cooler aspects of early SWG I look fondly back on was the 3 distinct gameplay spheres, the Combatants, the Crafters, and the Entertainers. Think of the spheres like a giant Venn Diagram. Each sphere had their own gameplay and relied in some fashion on the other spheres. In the broadest of strokes: the Combatants would use gear the Crafters would produce, the Crafters would use credits from the Combatants to fund shops, cities, resource purchasing, rare components, the Entertainers would cure Combatant wounds, and provide appearance customization to the other spheres. There were other skill setups that fell under the parent spheres, like Doctor buffing fell into the Entertainer sphere, and Resourcers fell into the Crafter sphere but both of their gameplay was different than the primary professions. (Also both of these gameplay styles were emergent so it was pretty awesome to see them sprout up) The glue that kept all these spheres working together was deeply rooted in 3 rules: Everything wears out, Accounts only have 1 character per server, (effectively 1 char per account) A player can only buy so many skill boxes per character. It is amazing how broken the spheres became as the first 2 rules were eroded over time (ironically "because it would make the players happier") Crafters took a huge hit from the veteran reward Anti Decay Kit. (This also introduced the escalating arms race with items, new items had to be much better to be considered for usage) Crafters / Doctors / Entertainers took a MASSIVE hit from multiple characters allowed on an account. Entire gameplay spheres once required by the Combatants became "alts", only logged in for brief periods to Buff/Craft an item. *sigh* lessons learned the hard way from working on the Live team. I really hope on Crowfall we can make some of the more niche roles primary roles and not relegated to alts. (Yes I know, multiple accounts, but the barrier of entry is higher than a "create another character" button. Also if we can get some active gameplay/gameplay that timewise competes with combat time we can thin out the amount of alt crafters) We chose not to go with a fixed number of points for a couple of reasons. Mainly the depth of the trees and scale of time will have players dedicated to a play style, there really is no reason to further gate via a hard cap. If you want to spend the time you can find some nice perks at the beginning of each playstyles paths though. (For example you might want to pick up a few skills in the basic crafting tree for the ability to place a Vendor Thrall in your EK to sell all those rare additives you don't want. Your Vendor Thrall might cost waaaaaaay more in rent and not look like a badass demon, but you get a taste of the functionality)
  28. 16 points
    Nah, he's just British.
  29. 16 points

    New Strongholds in Store

    We got a lot of feedback from Guilds that they wanted to build together on a single Kingdom, from the beginning. For that reason, we moved away from an artificial "unlocking" mechanism on the cells -- instead, you just drop a parcel into a cell to change it from "wild" to useable space. That means a bunch of players can get together in the game, day one, and combine efforts to build a single Kingdom. You can get these parcels through the shop, or through use of in-game resources. This does mean that a player could fill a sprawling (cosmetically impressive) kingdom day one, but it wouldn't really do anything. And they would be severly limited in their ability to upgrade the buildings to MAKE the land do anything, without materials from the Campaign Worlds. I'm not sure why anyone would do that, but it's certainly possible. Todd
  30. 15 points

    They call him a Tyrant, but...

    ...who would be afraid of that face? ♫ Me and Tyrant, GuineaPals ♫
  31. 15 points
    Hey guys, This is Larissa (can't log into my "official" account so this will have to do) I feel incredibly grateful for all the support and love that this community has given us. Thank you so much for caring about the individuals who've made Crowfall apart of their lives. I've been on the project for two years and, though there were times that it still felt like a job, there's really no experience like working on badass stuff and shooting the ---- with amazing coworkers. What's so great about the game industry is that we're all family here. It's such a small world. You'll hear from us again in some project or another. I have faith that Crowfall will be an incredible game. Please continue to support the people who are still there; they deserve a lot of appreciation for all the effort they've put into making this an enjoyable game. They really DO care. They are passionate and wonderful, and I really will miss them a ton. I am still going to be posting art if you ever feel so inclined to come follow me, and I am kinda-sorta-really-not-much on twitter @larissaangus If ACE allows me, I'll probably still stalk the forums too. Anyway, super mushy stuff aside, thanks again! It means a lot to us!
  32. 15 points
    Interesting question. Let's flip it around; should every player should have the right tool to react to every opponent in every situation? Todd
  33. 15 points
  34. 15 points

    disgusting Like farming

    wow, im seeing a lot of likes itt. is anyone unclear of the purpose behind this anti Like Farming Thread? NEVER STOP protesting against the LIKING inflation going on around the forums. its wrong and anti-eagle
  35. 15 points

    disgusting Like farming

    If we dont stop the Like Farming, our likes will become worthless, its like economics 101 people. smdh
  36. 15 points

    disgusting Like farming

    Then I won't.
  37. 15 points

    New forum ranks

    Again, there's no solution here that would make everyone happy. The rank system is a bit tricksy because there will be people who will try to powergame the system just to increase their post counts to get to the highest rank possible in the shortest amount of time. That means we'd all have to put up with a boatload of absolute crapposting. *cough*youknowwhoyouare*cough*
  38. 14 points

    Shoutout to Support

    Thank you so much for the shoutout, @Farske! Gordon, Pann, and I work really hard to be on top of support tickets, and it's always awesome to hear you guys appreciate it. This made my day!
  39. 14 points

    I did a thing... for my video.

    I really went a little bit overboard. You can say I like Duelist. A lot. And yes. That's my face. Very shopped and overpainted, but it is.
  40. 14 points

    That sad zerg feeling

    Instanced mini-games would kill the open-world concept of CF. A better approach is to design world maps, territory objectives, and a scoring system that encourages players to disperse across the map in smaller squads.
  41. 14 points

    Founders' Update: Soft launch strategy

    Do whatever you need to to get it right
  42. 14 points
    People can go berserk, but this is a no-brainer. If the game needs a lot of optimization, it will fail in today's game market. I'd rather be too patient for a game I love than be too eager for a game that is broken. I'm certainly left with questions about the launch process, but I'll presume not all the details have been worked out. To me the core of the game is: combat seiging/building 13 archetypes (promotion classes can be delayed, since they are behind a time wall anyway/maybe consider a two-tiered promotion system, too so the combatants diversify even more over time) 20-30 disciplines crafting 1 workable rule-set win/loss embargo
  43. 14 points
    You are 100% correct. Testing, testing, testing...Only way we can get this game to where everyone wants it. That's why I love our community. Like us, you all want this to succeed. There is true passion in this community that I've never seen before. Makes coming to work every day that much cooler and more rewarding. Just wait until we polish this destruction...Going to be epic!!
  44. 14 points

    Who the hell is Jamesgoblin

    JamesGoblin is love...JamesGoblin is life.
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    ArtCraft Entertainment Non-Commercial Use Policy ArtCraft Entertainment (“ACE”) encourages and welcomes our fan community to generate content for their non-commercial use on/in websites, videos, webcasts, etc., using assets (“The Property”) created by ACE. ACE hereby grants to you a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferrable and non-assignable license under the following terms and conditions: 1. Any and all trademarks and trade names used by ACE in connection with thenon-commercial license granted hereunder are and remain the exclusive property of ACE. Do not alter (e.g., remove, obscure, stretch or deform) ACE’s trademarks in any way. 2. ACE reserves the right to limit the use of its Property at its sole discretion. Content using assets from ACE may not be in violation of our Terms of Service or Rules of Conduct. You may not use The Property in any way that features defamatory pornographic, or inflammatory content, including, but not limited to, hacks and cheats for our products or any other content that ACE finds objectionable or unlawful. 3. When using Property belonging to ACE, your website and/or video must prominently display this disclaimer: "This material is used with the limited permission of ArtCraft Entertainment. No official affiliation or endorsement by ArtCraft Entertainment is stated or implied.” 4. ACE’s Property may not be used in relation to any third party products or third party intellectual property. 5. You are permitted monetize videos in conjunction with partner programs offered by YouTube, Twitch.tv or similar services provided that participation is done within the parameters of the terms listed herein. MEDIA KIT You are welcome to download the current version of our media kit here: http://media.crowfall.com/MediaKit_Winter2016.zip
  46. 14 points
    >By quests I mean specific tasks assigned by the game that require players to perform certain actions (kill 10 pigs!) in order to advance in their skill level or win a reward/item. No quests of this definition is my understanding.
  47. 14 points

    Declaring War on ACE!

    WAR on ACE is evidently "Operation: Make Tully fat". I won't complain.
  48. 13 points

    Crafting Master List

    This is a master list of all the people who wish to be known throughout the Crowfall community as a crafter. No matter what alignment, faction, guild or god you decide to follow, you will make crafting your primary way of life until the hunger consumes us all! Post a reply if this describes you and you want to be on the list! *Updated 01/12/2017* NEW GOOGLE SHEET! Click the link and add your info. All names will now be added to this spreadsheet link which provides the community with the ability to add your information. For now the list will be wiki format (meaning everything is honor system). Once I get more time to work on it, I will update it with some cool new spreadsheet functions and a customer satisfaction system where people can leave ratings and feedback on different crafters. Link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1lGoXYdgSPhoUrwvcdSGnElkT07ukrEfRUZ9AiJohFv4/edit?usp=sharing Keep showing the Crowfall Devs that crafting matters.
  49. 13 points

    Political discussions

    You were right to call me out on that, CYT, and I sincerely apologize. I did not read the text fully and missed the direct shot; as I read it, it was a general statement about a lot of people's poor behavior that I've been cleaning up for the last several hours tonight. Please forgive me.
  50. 13 points

    RIP Doc Gonzo

    Damn. Ok, here goes. I am a very laid back kind of guy. I have owned my own business with many employees. I have been a gl, ic and many other positions in games. I have admin'd forums, been a mod on several forums and a member of many many more. In the forum I admin'd, I was given the nickname WoM, for Wise ole Man. 99.9% of the time, I post only when I think of something funny to say. Even when I make a serious post, I put a twist of humor in it. The recent events concerning Doc has raised my ire. Injustice, unfairness, little green plastic soldiers tactics or attacks on free speech always makes me draw my sword. In this case, we have MaT who is notorious for baiting, exaggerating and doing anything he can to start a fight. Not anything anyone from SB is unfamiliar with. Doesnt even bother us. If he didnt act like an asshat we would think that someone stole his name. We also have Doomgrin. Someone who claims to have stolen someone elses name. Someone who has no history on these forums, but yet has managed to bring down a community icon. And there is left....poor Doc. Fair, witty, wise, humorous....etc..etc..ad nauseum. Had I been modding that thread, I would have locked it. Sent a pm to MaT to cool it down a notch. Ignored the email from Doomgrin. Sent a pm to Doc congratulating him on his ability to keep his cool. No, I am not a personal friend of Doc. I have been reading his posts for over a decade. As far as in game, QFT did destroy one of my cities once. (then they gave it back) But that is all the contact I have had. This whole situation troubles me deeply. Because Doc lost his Modship? No, he will get over it. What bothers me is the circumstances leading up to it. It reeks. It reeks of unfairness. It reeks of possible future nightmares. It reeks of a loss of confidence in our devs. If they take the easy way out in this situation instead of researching the history of the participants, what is to protect us once the game is open? Will my guild be banned because some whiny ass got his feeling of self righteousness bruised? Will the ability to hit the report button or send an email count more ingame than the ability to control your character? This is a war game. War is a form of politics. Politics from previous games WILL carry over into this game. MaTs posts in that thread are almost word for word the same posts he was making 10 years ago. I was laughing while reading that thread. It was like being on a pg rated Ubi thread. And they were rehashing the same old poorly made socks that has been rehashed ten thousand times. And ten thousand and one times and it still boils down to he said, she said. tl:dr(dont really know what this means) Actions were taken on this situation that forebode dire future possibilities. Those actions were wrong, in more ways than one. I fear this game may not become what I thought it could be. Sorry, JTodd. I love you man, but this is a serious situation. ps. If this rambles some, My apologies, I like my late night brandy.
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