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    Ask The Team (Personal Questions) V2!

    Soldier, college student. (I had several pre-Army jobs (~12), and several student jobs too (~6), but they weren't really career choices)
  2. 3 points

    Everyone Here Should Be Playing Shadowbane

    I'm sorry but, where the custard did you get this info from? Koster isn't even a full time employee of ACE. As for the OP, no.
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    Crafted bandages and potions. Buffs and debuffs that deal with damage transferring and mitigation. Abilities to escape a fight, or coordinate with friends to help you escape using in game collision detection, like a screen in sports. Certain regenerative over time effects on cool downs. Meatier characters in general that don't die in ten seconds.
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    We've Got Jobs To Fill!

    At least the table flipping will have really good particle effects:
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    I would imagine in campaigns, in guilds, highly valued and always under risk. I don't see those unless they chose that game play, being there because they like to craft. I see them using it as a stepping stone to bigger things. I will probably be flamed for this but, I see most crafters greatest reward is w/in themselves, and I am not saying that in a bad way. They must get a high level of satisfaction from producing that one item that no one has been able to produce. That ONE thing that is totally unique. I am not a crafter but have read so many posts that I am thinking the game for them is totally different from someone that wants to PvP. I want to kill things lol. Not a crafter nor a gatherer. I will do it if I have to. But as much as I want to be on in the thick of things ( my idea of the game ) I think their idea is completely different. And just as satisfying to them as a kill will be to me. Hard for either side to understand the other. Perhaps CF will help to bridge that gap of understanding.
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    I know a couple people that will be dedicated crafters.. funny enough they're coming from the minecraft/survivalcraft/landmark scene.
  7. 2 points
    Nobody, because that's the definition of "winning condition".. at that point the server SHOULD end. This is supposed to be Game of Thrones meets EVE Online, not Call of Duty meets Minecraft. Let's say the campaign lasts 6 months. Let's say one guild invested everything fortifying and mantaining 2 cities they conquered. What's gonna happen 2 months before the end, when they lose everything? Will they start "working" to rebuild or conquer something else, when their chances of winning is close to zero? I would keep playing because I have fun either way, but many won't.... it happened before on MMOs with no time limits, and it will be much worse with time limits. The same applies to alliances that get destroyed by internal or external affairs, there just isn't enough motivation to keep playing if you know that in 2 months everything is coming to an end and you can start again fresh. What about new players? Would you go play on a server that started 4 months ago and has only 2 months to "live"? There's enough arguments to keep writing for a day, but unfortunately I have a time limit for being on this board today. Custard time limits.
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    Indepth Overview & Gameplay Video

    very informative and not boring at all, great video to watch. Thank you great work
  9. 2 points
    Yes, I agree with you on this, that the universe could be "timed" to expire, I just don't want to see a countdown timer in my screen.
  10. 2 points
    This is unsuprising, as the entire game moved to an almostly completely bunker meta due to a system that doesn't leave room for balanced builds, completely slapdash balance in regards to DoTs, poor overall class synergies with most classes being solely defined by a single useful ability, and a general lack of balance targeted at either group or 1v1 PvP. Don't get me wrong. I like GW2 as a casual PvE game. The content is scaled easy enough that whatever screwy build decisions you make are completely viable, and it practically hands you encounters so you can just move on with the content patches, ride the theme park ride, and get off and move on with your life. I think it's a pretty decent theme park ride since the LS patches started, and it's obviously made that model the priority. As an "episode of the month or two" RPG it's a pretty decent offering, and I still play it for a weekend or so each patch, and will probably sink in a week or two for the expansion. As a PvP game, however, it's a hot mess, and has been since launch. Never have I seen a more textbook example of FOTM character building, and for good reason. The game literally shoves builds down your throat like you're too stupid to make decisions, and then decides pre-emptively whether or not you're going to win fights based solely on composition with very little consideration for player skill. Compared to the extremely fluid, dynamic, and protean PvP meta of the first game I was sorely disappointed. It simply sets a general skill floor somewhat high, and tries to convince you you're not playing what practically amounts to a MOBA with an extremely anemic hero list and worse itemization. Or hey, you could go play WvW, where you're either on the hammer train, wasting your team's time and your own roaming, or playing the only useful support class and casting all of two abilities anyone cares about. Or you could be NOT one of the three whole builds actually useful in WvW and click 12345 on siege equipment if you want to actually contribute.
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    talk about Black Desert - sigh... But on a more serious note character customization can be produced easily without raising the costs exponentially for more anim-rigs, and w.e. Different colors of the skin, eyes, hair, armors, etc. are fairly easy. Same with the face+hair combos. And to be honest I don't really care about my characters height, boob size or arm length if I have a solid choice of hair styles and faces and maybe assets like horns for a demon/demi-human archetype or for example a halo for an angel-type archetype as option. Also I never read about a strictly limited customization once. (Please correct me if I am wrong here)
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    Shadowbane WAS a very awesome game... between that abomination they call fishbane and that lonely ass WM server no one should be playing... Shadowbane WAS awesome, cant we just put it to rest as one of the most epic pvp games to ever grace the genre?
  13. 2 points
    something eldritch or arcane or mystical as opposed to Elemental would be my guess... if they are going to stay tight with GoT style lore base....then Fire and Ice make perfect sense but I....for one...am still holding out for a Warlock!!! hey...they have em in GoT..... then again a Faceless or Dancing Master from Braavos would also be majorly awesome
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    The Pve Fallacy

    Uh, oh. Was that your sand castle?
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    Ask The Team!

    vague hint: "I <3 D'Orion" now, to your real question: I am ALL IN on Crowfall. I've invested a big chunk of my savings. I left my cushy job. I gave up my safe little nest, and took a bold (arguably foolhardy) leap into the unknown. Why? Because I HAVE to make this game. March, 2004: Shadowbane basically ruined me. I put everything I had into Wolfpack; I crunched for years. I spent all the money that I made from selling my previous company. I lost friends. I alienated family members. I'm not going to go so far as to say "shadowbane caused my divorce", but I will say: it certainly didn't help. We shipped it, yes. and it sold well. But it was riddled with issues (technical, design, and operational) that caused it to bleed players like a sieve. All that effort, all that cost, all that pain. and it just didn't work. We lost. We sold the company to find a soft landing for the team. The founders? No such luck. Unemployed. I had invested everything in Shadowbane, and walked away with almost nothing. For about a year, I basically fell off the grid, didn't do much of anything but think about what went wrong. I'm over that, now. I'm not longer haunted by 'this went wrong' or 'that went wrong'. I'm years past the autopsy. What haunts me is this: it ALMOST worked. The vision we (the Wolfpack founders) had was amazing. The vision was right there, so perfectly clear in our minds. It was tangible. And, every now and then in development, the rarest of moments. A break in the storm clouds, the sunlight would pour through like a light from heaven and everything would just WORK. For a few moments, you could FEEL it. Ask the folks who played the SB beta, they can tell you what it felt like: THIS IS IT. THIS IS THE GAME. THIS IS THE VISION. IT IS REAL. IT WORKS. ...and then the clouds would roll back in, fires would erupt all around me, and everything would go to hell again. The idea behind Crowfall -- the original idea that pre-dates Shadowbane, that was born in a pizza joint as a scribble on a paper napkin -- that vision is my white whale. We had it once, right there, in our grasps. It was so close! It ALMOST worked. I've spent every day of the last decade learning how to build MMOs. Shadowbane was the first game that I ever worked on, remember. I made a ton of newbie mistakes. Say what you like about Wizard101, but we had a flawless launch and amassed over 50 million players. I've picked up a few tricks. I learned what I need to learn about building MMOs. Launching MMOs. Running a live service. and with Gordon here, and the team that we have recruited, we can do this. We can make this game great. This isn't just a game to me. I'm on a mission. It is time to right a great wrong. Todd ACE
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    The big discussion piece this week for our podcast has been the capabilities of Crowfall to meet and exceed the political landscape that has evolved in EvE. Other games have also found amazing success in player driven politics, such as Darkfall Online, and I'm sure plenty of others. That being said, here's my question: Can Crowfall, with the systems in place that we know about, have the same level of engaging political strife that games such as EvE have had over the years? For some added context, I did have confirmation that ACE wants to have some form of fealty system within the campaigns that will potentially allow a Game of Thrones style of political backstabbing. Have any of you had a lot of experience with EvE and how their community has unfolded and what sort of impact that has had on their game and the population of subscribers? **We will be discussing this topic on WEDNESDAY this week instead of Tuesday, and we will be interviewing a VERY special and esteemed guest, who has direct experience with the ramifications of EvE style politics: Pann. For anyone who's unfamiliar with her, check out this thread that was deemed near stalkerish where I compiled information about who our new community manager was going to be: http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/4759-crowfalls-new-director-of-community-management/ www.twitch.tv/crownsandcrows @8:30pm CST Wendesday Night
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    Money Well Spent

    Well, the poorly made socks needed to come out of the cat. You did what you needed to do to get it out. Sometimes we just need to get the poorly made socks out in the forum too. No cost here. A helluva deal, I would say
  18. 1 point
    I started off wanting to be a crafter, but after thinking about it I think I will have a ton more fun scouting/gathering out in the campaigns. Dedicated crafters are great, but I always enjoyed playing a stealth character that could move quickly (and in turn deliver materials quickly.)
  19. 1 point

    Afk: Honeymoon Time!

    pics or Japan didn't happen.
  20. 1 point
    Maybe at the start, but you don't think there will be campaigns that allow you to bring your EK gear? Also we don't know how advanced skills and crafting intertwine, maybe campaign rewards give rare materials for crafting skill stones to unlock permanent abilities. To assume EK crafting will only be for fun would be premature. Even if the devs don't originally plan to do this it might naturally work it's way into the game.
  21. 1 point

    Afk: Honeymoon Time!

    Japan loves crowfall
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    *runs and steals the additional health and resources from Penlowe's character in the new game* *stomps off muttering to self* "The old game is the better game! It's harder and it's full of l337 rp players! No one remembers what the old game was like when it started but I do! The new game is easy peasy! I'mma make an old game emu!"
  23. 1 point
    Ditto on the old. And if Jedi had been a "random" unlock generated per player? I might not even have been angry about there being Jedi running around. That would have been awesome. Plus the skill web? Wow. What might have been.
  24. 1 point
    The point is, that there are population caps in CWs and that 4 independent characters will be far more effective and efficient than 1 player with 4 multiboxed characters. Ace is well aware of the situation and has commented in the past: source: http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/5575-player-experience-self-policing-suggestion-thread/page-9#entry135436
  25. 1 point

    We've Got Jobs To Fill!

    it works if you change the url to an https https://crowfall.com/#/jobs
  26. 1 point
    Oh I'm sure players will enjoy killing you 1 by 1.... or your afk group of parked characters. Sorry, threat level fun!
  27. 1 point
    I pictured it as a slider...but i see where your idea is and you have to be able to take away in order to allow a flow in campaigns... I mean someone will set down figure out x amount of points is needed to win no matter what then they could rush or some stupid poorly made socks...
  28. 1 point
    It's all about Game Stats Yo! WE have more Bloodstones than you guys!! Anyone who complains and want devs to nerf my l33t skilz probably have this problem:
  29. 1 point
    The way I envision points of interest in Crowfall makes this type of multi-boxing very detrimental. Players should have to choose between actively holding the best defensive location at the mouth of the mine or gathering deep within it. Should not be able to do both at the same time.
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    Pledge Package Upgrades Now Available

    KS-Backer tax-free parcels include unlocked cells. (FAQ #7) You can put your tax-free parcels onto cells in the EK of another Monarch. (ThomasB)/(FAQ #12) But the EK's Monarch has to unlock the cells first. (ThomasB) "It will likely take a combination of time and raw materials (stone, iron and wood) to add cells..." (FAQ #6) As far as i know, it hadn't been stated, if Backer-2015 parcels will also include unlocked cells. But i guess they likely will. ;-) By the way: Please always remember that we are in pre-alpha. Below the line everything is subject to possible changes. It is our job, to test the presented systems (once we can), give constructive feedback and share suggestions, how things could work/feel better. Typically there will be many, many changes during the developement process. So don't count on getting exactely what you now think to get. It will be "something like this". And most likely something at least slightly different, but better.
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    Eh. I've always subscribed to the philosophy of it's interesting, discuss it. Forums are just another form of entertainment after all. Besides I'm the OP, I have the right to derail my own thread! Lol Back to the original subject I fully believe there will be character variety in CF. I'm just hoping they change the feel of combat because honestly the one where you are DPSing directly against the HPS of the opposing team is tired out.
  32. 1 point


    There has already been topics on this but. Yeah multiboxing primarily a tab-targeting problem. The only effective way to multi-box in a title like this is to run harvesters and crafters that require minimal input as they did in Darkfall for instance while you go fight on your main.
  33. 1 point
    Lets not say Swtor had pvp..... we had huttball and a campgrounds they called open world pvp .... where u collected boxes for gear
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    The Pve Fallacy

    uh not quite correct... GW2s WvWvW and PvP in WS = A confusing mess followed by "why did I do this?" running though the mind. But I digress I completely agree with jihan Spot on. While on the topic, one can even argue market competition in a game is PvP, as competing with people to make a profit on the in game trade market is a form of PvP, haggling and pricing competition is also - especially so in games revolving around a player economy and in turn has separate isolated markets for each city/location.
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    I'm kinda into the mountain fortress sort of thing. We'll see what's available.
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    Everyone Here Should Be Playing Shadowbane

    no thanks OP
  37. 1 point

    Let's Talk Crowd-Control

    I think CC is cool as long as there are enhancers to movement too and counters. One thing to keep in mind though. There is talk that there is not going to be heavy healing in this game so there will be a delicate balance if you add cc to it. On one hand you don't want melee to run over ranged but at the same time ya do not want ranged to stun lock melee too. It will be interesting to see how it works out.
  38. 1 point

    The Pve Fallacy

    I think that's what PvX is supposed to stand for.
  39. 1 point
    And this type of concept is exactly why people should relax. Having a `cycle/toggle` bind on the keyboard to switch between 3-5 different nameplate display modes would make it easy to attain more simplified/less cluttered modes. It is very unlikely that the game's UI will have a `single type only cluttered as hell interface`.
  40. 1 point
    Here's a simple list of what I consider support abilities popular in games: - Stuns - Knock ups/knock backs/interrupts/"punts"/pulls/grabs - Slows - Buffs that impact health and combat related synergies, e.g mana, magic, damage,attack speed, cooldowns, life steal, etc etc, targeting speed, targeting range and so on. - Debuffs that impact combat related synergies, e.g mana, magic, damage, attack speed, cooldowns, life steal, etc etc, targeting speed, targeting range and so on. - deployable/directional/castable on others: Shields, Invulnerability, invisibility for amounts/duration. - "Hook Shots"/Grapples Pretty much anything and everything which has an impact on combat or actions in the game which you can use to effect other players, friend or foe and yourself which does something other than just a form of damage, but in turn give you a combat advantage or help to prevent a team member from perishing or in turn assist a team member to defeat an opponent. If such ability also does damage then all the better. A debuff which dose damage over time but does nothing else isn't considered a support ability for example, but a debuff which does damage over time and slows is considered a support ability because it reduces the combat effectiveness of the target. So the spectrum for what is considered a support ability is very broad.
  41. 1 point
    Druids enchanting a Tree to give an AoE regeneration effect.
  42. 1 point
    Sent to the folks who give a definitive answer! Thanks!
  43. 1 point
    Figure out the kind of game experience you want from Crowfall and then find/create a guild that mirrors your expectation. No reason to square peg/round hole. Also no reason to go it alone "just because."
  44. 1 point
    While I support a crest system and think something similar will probably be implemented, I also find the idea of how fusterclucky combat would be if you didn't have IFF-like tags. "Sir. that group we just tore through? That was our mining group." "Well crap."
  45. 1 point
    An interesting idea. While I certainly would not be opposed to being unseasonable my first choice would be a dark elf,
  46. 1 point

    Alienware Vs Build My Own

    and here's the sticker for just $1.99 if you need to show it off to Plush http://www.modsticker.com/products/Alienware-Metal-Logo-Sticker.html Just replace the apple.
  47. 1 point
    It is a MOBA for those that don't like MOBAs... Personally don't like isometric point and click games anymore, WASD + MOBA design isn't half bad. While not perfect, SMITE has a lot of fun "classes" and good use of "action combat."
  48. 1 point
  49. 1 point
    You are one very loud voice in a sea of nobody giving a custard. This game isn't going to be like SB with the botting, the combat won't support that playstyle so who really cares? It should be noted that Todd did make a reference to some kind of penalty to campaigns and alt, so this would be a direct evasion of that.
  50. 1 point
    Why not have each campaign have only one quality of each ore? It will make all of the gear in each campaign different, adding a lot of variety to each campaign, as different types of gear will be better or worse depending on what materials they need and the quality of them on that world. You might want to do a crit build or a life on hit build, etc. depending on the quality of the materials that this specific campaign produced. This would also add a large incentive for players to win a campaign that has a very high quality material.
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