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    [CONTEST] Crowfall Pre-Alpha Giveaway!

    --------------------------------------------------------------------- Greetings all Crowfall members! We at The Dregs are looking forward to the opening of pre-alpha for our testing pleasure! We understand that the streams and videos posted around the internet will spark some more discussion than normal and we wanted to give you a chance to get in on the action! Given that these forums require a pledge package in order to post and share your thoughts and feedback, we are going to open up the gates and give away a few packages to our new Crowfall members! In order to qualify for the package we only ask that you post your answer to the title question in this thread, "What do you look forward to most in Crowfall?" An answer from an individual without a package (Guests) will enter them into the contest for a chance to win one of the packages we have reserved. If they also register at The Dregs under the same user name and contributes to the forums, they will earn an additional entry. Each individual can only receive a maximum of two entries for the contest. At the end of the entry period we will be randomly pulling names for whom to give the packages. In addition to the main contest, we are also hosting a caption contest for everyone (INCLUDING CURRENT BACKERS) to join in on. The best caption as voted on by the development team at The Dregs will receive a 2015 Backer bundle which includes a variety of great perks! In total we are giving away: Main Contest (Guests) - 5x 2015 Supporter Packages Caption Contest (Everyone) - 1x 2015 Backer Package - 1st Prize - 1x 2015 Contributor Package - Runner Up Our goal is to get you up and running in this amazing community and hopefully provide wonderful feedback on what you see so we can all assist in making Crowfall a great game! Main Contest Thread Caption Contest Thread --------------------------------------------------------------------- Good luck! Contestants are limited to one prize per person. Entries will be drawn through the use of a random number generator. If a duplicate name is drawn, the generator will be ran again until a new name is pulled. All 2015 Supporter Package prizes are reserved for the Official Forum newly registered users without a package. 2015 Backer and 2015 Contributor Packages will be gifted to the winner and runner up (respectively) of the caption contest located at www.thedregs.net. Contest ends 9.30.2015 and winners will be drawn and announced by 10.10.2015.
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    Hey folks, If you're an Alpha 1 backer, and you pledged really early during our kickstarter campaign (thanks!) plase keep an eye on your email, as we're sending out the first batch of alpha-1 Hunger Dome invites as we speak. To be clear: this does NOT mean the game is "going into alpha" ! - The pre-alpha test is going very well, and we want to test scalability, so we are pulling folks up from the Alpha 1 test to see how we handle larger numbers. - That also means the test might be bumpy, so please be patient with any emergent issues. See you in game! Todd ACE
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    Hey all! Just wanted to leave this here. https://twitter.com/jtoddcoleman/status/639832427301502976 Sounds like alpha 1 invites for the pre-alpha tests might be going out fairly soon!
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    Hello there, Pre-Alpha is finally happening and has been quite a lot of fun so far! I hope they start inviting some more people to mess around with I'll be sharing a few clips whenever I get the chance, and here is one of my very first games for you: VIDEO See you soon! UPDATE: My first win, and trying out the Knight! 03.09.15 My first win! 04.09.15
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    Great! Billing you now for the difference to Diamond level. Enjoy!
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    Fine print is awesome, look at how quickly people don't read it...
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    Thanks, Gordon!! Scribbles is perdy upset that I am cooler than him.
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    [CONTEST] Crowfall Pre-Alpha Giveaway!

    You should like it, it is your image! Nice work on it Noc
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    That image is awesome! Good luck everyone!
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    Hey all, now that we are allowing folks to stream and take pics of the game in action, I thought Id share some of my current favorite UI layouts during the playtests. 1. The always reliable DEFAULT with CHAT window up at all times to see what my team is saying... 2. A compact stacked meter approach offset from the character. No power UI gives me a lot more focus on the action itself (really only useful if you memorized the power tray). 3. My absolute favorite. Ultra minimal with a diamond layout centered under my character showing all relevant meters in one handy location.
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    Bug fixed, 9 more people added for this test. Next up, getting everyone entitled for the forums and test.
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    We figured out what was wrong with the database pull and are correcting it now. Great that we found this out early in the process! I'm adding the 3 folks mentioned here now while waiting for the fix. Next up is a email ~3pm to start getting ready for the test at 5pm CST.
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    [CONTEST] Crowfall Pre-Alpha Giveaway!

    Tully. :wub:
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    #12, #72, #178 should have all gotten emails. We're checking this out on our end. More on that soon! Thanks for the reports!
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    he told you to make the fine print bigger. lol. Until September 30th, 2015.
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    Oh I didn't think of that. I thought this was for new/guest accounts to help bring more in, which is really awesome of you guys. But opening it up to everyone is even cooler! One question: how long is this contest running for?
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    [CONTEST] Crowfall Pre-Alpha Giveaway!

    Even if you are a current backer of Crowfall, the Backer and Contributor pledges can be traded in for store credits to either upgrade your pledge or to buy additional items in the store. I look forward to all yer caption entries...I expect some laughs!
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    Hello new Crowfall members! We at The Dregs really want to know what you are looking forward to the most when it comes to Crowfall! We ask the question to help you get involved in the community and potentially win the ability to post on the main forums without spending your hard earned dollars! We have a little contest going, and we are focused on getting you active here on the official forums. We will be giving away 5x 2015 Supporter Packages to those Guests whose names are drawn. While the contest linked above does end, we hope you continue to contribute to this vibrant community! So please tell us... What are you looking forward to most in Crowfall?
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    ...for the first module. Remember, the process starts over with pre-alpha for every new test. Todd ACE
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    Haha we got some funny entries already! Here is one of the images you can make a caption for! Remember to head on over to The Dregs to put in your captions and qualify to win some pledge packages!
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    yo... how does it feel to have paid for pre-alpha access and then realizing it lasted ~1 week?
  23. 5 points
    Holy crap! Just got confirmation that I'm in the test tonight! Huzzah! So they definitely are going out!
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    [CONTEST] Crowfall Pre-Alpha Giveaway!

    Be nice to the contestants, Adall!!!
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    "Dance with me. Be my partner for the evening as I so desire your warmth. I feel that fire within, so strong and yet so weak to my cold embrace. Right foot, left foot. You think that fire could burn a billion worlds and yet you struggle to keep up. Slowing with each struggled breath. Is my frost biting at you? Don't worry... soon you will live forever. You don't need that fire anymore do you? Just fall for me. Stagger to your knees.... we both know the dance is over. Take your final bow and let my wicked web weave it's strings around you forever more."
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    Are you guys addressing the people below #200 that didn't get an invite? We have people in the four hundreds getting invites, but people with #76 has not gotten anything yet. Again, thanks for letting this many people in this quickly
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    http://www.twitch.tv/iraedei was listening to it there
  30. 4 points
    Again, you failed to see the other posts. People with higher backer numbers than scribbie bear got an invite.
  31. 4 points
    This is just testing on one portion no? Next phase it could be longer, so im guessing they dont mind at all
  32. 4 points
    I got mine as well! For all the lucky backers, good luck and cya on the battlefield!
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    I wish you guys luck in the Dome, and be sure to stream it for the rest of us
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    Don't worry I plan to kill you all come Alpha 2. Now get testing!
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    One of the prizes must be a new 2015 Lexus. Thank you, most generous. Well done.
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    When do we get some hot Lich on Lich action? We can send in Bone Hilder to clean up afterwards.
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    For me it is about building something, fighting to acomplish a mission. The problem with Most MMO's is that once you hit the end game, that is it. You either run through the same repedative dungeons day in and day out. Or you fight people in narrow arenas. There actually seems like there is enough in crowfall to build on, way past the end game. And with the possibility of losing items, mounts, even your home if you can't pay the taxes, there is always a reason to go out for more.
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    I cant wait to: 1. Play a MMO that's designed for open World PVP. Uuuuhhh - I LOVE the thrill of not knowing if the the next encounter will be against a zerg or a premade group. 2. Burn down enemy keeps and destroy the landscape. Then log out and log in the next day and see that the destruction I made still is in effect! 3. Gather a group of friends and together try to design the perfect group setup for skirmishing and destruction 4. To build my own kingdom, decide if the lake should be south or east of my castle, and then trade awesome loot together with my friends and guild. I CANT WAIT ! ! !
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    The feel of the combat and the synergy of the combatenants. One have to play yourself to know the game the best, VOD just dont give it away. I am following Crowfall since early countdown but dont have enough money to play and test it to give feedback.
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    It's hard to pick a single aspect of this game that I'm looking forward to. I'm really excited to participate in some cooperative PvP where victory or failure feel truly rewarding/painful as resources and territory are gained/lost and the whole team profits or suffers together vs. systems that only reward the individual with currencies to buy equipment (Looking at you WoW). I'm also really eager to experiment with all of the ways in which we will be able to tweak our archetypes to make ourselves more diverse.
  42. 4 points
    I don't understand, is it only for guests? I'm looking forward towards the PvP part of the game.
  43. 4 points
    How the destructable enviroment will effect the combat. Bringing increased skill caps to understand and utilize your surrounding effectivly.
  44. 4 points
    I'm really excited for the competitive player vs player feel this game will give. I LOVE world pvp and it's the reason I get into the mmo pvp games in the first place, and this game looks to be that kind of game.
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    The Community's Crowfall Wiki

    We've got power tooltip data from the Confessor and Legionnaire fully documented from jumboperson's live streams, will be adding the Knight as soon as we can! Would love to see updates from anyone with A0 access who can fill in any gaps.
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    The devs have been pretty clear that the current 6 powers per archetype were chosen to test a wide spread of different mechanics rather than representing any kind of final design intentions. So I don't think it's safe to make any kind of generalizations from anything we see at this stage of testing beyond "this is how these kinds of abilities work in general" and "this is how basic roles tend to interact with each other". I suspect that locking down any details of specific archetype ability repertoires- even for the three initial classes- is in the same holding pattern as graphics textures for the greybox environment. Until they're comfortable that they have the basics right, it doesn't make sense to start adding chrome and tassels.
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    Test Stage Rewards

    Nokx - while I can understand the reasoning behind the idea of a reward for the game testers, it runs counter to the game testing culture that a lot of folks are used to. Inviting people to the alpha based on their pledges/amount donated is a fairly new thing in gaming. You used to either be invited to alpha a game because you had a rep as a tester or you used to sign up to alpha and get picked based on your age range and game experience. Getting into an alpha was never something that was automatic - rather it was a privilege accorded to very few. If you did get into alpha you knew that nothing would be permanent. Your character would be wiped daily - weekly - whenever the devs needed to wipe the server. The skills and play patterns that you develop one day might be unworkable the next as the game evolved. The point of doing an alpha was never to have anything permanent - the point of doing an alpha was to find ways to break the game, places that the coding broke down, logistics that just did not work - and then pass those ways on to the devs. There was a fierce sense of pride and joy in doing an alpha test. Even closed betas had that sense of going out into the unknown, thinking on your feet, and challenging the game in every way possible. And because there would never be an ingame reward - because most of the time people would never even know it was you that found that nutty bug - there was a strong sense of doing something simply for the good of the game because you thought the game was worth it. It's a pretty great feeling. So now we have Crowfall - and an alpha test that folks join into based on how much they've pledged or paid and when they did that. Adding in a "reward" for testing seems like a slap in the face almost when the actual feel good moments for most old alpha testers are the moments they find a bug, get permastuck, crash to desktop, slide show their way through a battle or simply find a typo in the NPC chat. There's no reward that replaces that feeling of doing something simply for the good of the game because you thought the game was worth it. Adding a reward in will take that feeling away and turn what was once a really great, unique, rare experience into just another pay and get a pat on the head moment.
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    Yeah, its made me contemplate a compact mode for the power tray. Its a rabbit hole. At the end of the day, all these options should be at your disposal to tweak as much as want.
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    I think I'd miss the timer cooldowns if I tried playing without the tray. You get a prettty good feel for power timing after a little while but sometimes it's nice to have visual confirmation that yes, that power you desperately need to be up is up .......NOW.
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    Interesting to hear that the number of concurrent users in a server could be around 2,000-2,500, allowing battles of hundreds of people. I like that they explained how the camera views work. I think that seeing most of the time our character in 3rd person view is really important, especially with all the emphasis put on the archetypes and animations. Even when the world is grey and bland, our characters make it feel polished and radiant. And when we need to get in buildings or near walls and the camera gets in the way, we can always zoom-in.
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