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    So I decided to put in a last minute entry into the Crowfall Cawstume contest.. just got an email informing me that my Cawstume will likely not even be posted on Facebook. So just wanted to share it with ya guys.. This is my first attempt ever at cosplay and it was alot of fun. Alot of work was also put into this and hope you guys enjoy it! I grew my beard out and everything for this! XD 50 straight hours about 60 Vegetarian Chik'n nuggets and Pot Pies have brought you this: I definitely would of love the opportunity to get in there today but, meh.. oh well Tweet: https://twitter.com/GamingExports/status/659198173559173120 Facebook post: http://cawstume.gamingexports.com <- Facebook voting page forwarder.
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    To post something positive, I thought I would share some of my process behind making my costume and photo entry. I've been sewing my own costumes for over 20 years. I primarily focus on sixteenth century costuming, but have also made several video game related Cosplay costumes. The first costume contests I entered were at the Dark Age of Camelot Roundtable conventions. For this costume entry, I decided to limit my scope to something I could finish in a week (though it took me a bit longer due to sewing/fitting fails). Since I have experience with archery and have the equipment for it, I decided to use the Crowfall female ranger concept art as my inspiration. I drafted the patterns for both the fitted jacket and pants by modifying patterns I already had on hand. I had to draft the jacket twice as the first time the sleeves and arm hole area were just not fitting correctly. My seam ripper was my most used sewing tool during this process. Once I had a jacket lining that fit comfortably, I cut out the more expensive suede fabric, cut out and made the bias binding, and sewed everything together. I copied an existing pair of pants to make the pants out of the same suede fabric that I used for the jacket. The wig was purchased specifically for this costume and styled into the braids with help. Other costume bits including the boots are items I already had for other costumes. The photos were taken in my garage with sheet backdrops. I used GIMP and Picasa for photo editing and watched many Youtube videos before I started. This was my first real attempted at photo editing. A couple before photos: If you have any questions on my process, let me know!
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    Who the hell is Jamesgoblin

    The dev team is too busy to be James Goblin.
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    As one of the participants, I approve this result.
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    Should really just let James Goblin decide.
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    Mal cheated so hard she went from second place to second place.
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    This week we crossed the threshold of 23,000 backers! That and more news in this week's Founders' Update. FULL STORY
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    There's still one entry that hasn't been added to the album! I think there was a lot of effort put in this one. https://twitter.com/Torenstahl/status/659185164833173504
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    Just a quick note to reassure everyone that we're aware of the issues, have chosen a plan of action that we think is just and fair. We'll announce the winners at 5 pm Central today as promised.
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    You knew this was going to happen. Very disappointed in how this contest was run.
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    Crowfall contest being ran on facebook is starting to get blown up by a bot.
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    Getting ready for Halloween?

    I was wondering what are you guys up to for Halloween, are you gonna roll in a costume, play some horror games, watch some movies or simply not give much of a custard? I was browsing through a shop with costume parts yesterday and i stumbled upon this neat piece. Bought it straight off. Probably should have done something earlier and entered the contest.
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    I'll follow your lead, lets get this back onto a positive track! I've been doing costuming for about 10 years. I primarily focus on LARPing garb on the cheap and leathercrafting (not so cheap!) My specially is combat grade armor, though I work with lighter leather than they would have in the past (or the SCA). I largely let Tandy Leather Factory decide what I would do for this contest, I had gone in intending to dress my wife as a druid but none of the greens they had worked. They did have quality garment grade / suede though. I had hoped it would only take a week, but unfortunately I wasn't working from a pattern so it took longer. Generally speaking, making "clothing quality" leather is a lot harder than armor. Armor is usually about rigidity, and part of that is simplicity. Clothes have to fit well and that means curves and random angles. Seeing what was there, and taking into account my own appearance, the male confessor seemed the best choice. In hindsight I think it looks a bit too Assassin's Creed-ish, but I am very pleased with how it came out. I decided I would make a leather vest and then use a standard tunic pattern for the shirt (using felt for warmth). The next step was a day of cutting posterboard as I used trial and error to figure out the proper lay of the vest material. Posterboard is cheap and simulates some of the rigidity of leather. Its a bit too stiff, and tends to result in papercuts, but overall its the most practical choice (especially since it is easy to mark up and recycle-able). The shirt, on the other hand, was easy since it was just trace and sew. The next few days were filled with sewing and taking breaks from sewing to make the various other props. The hood was particularly tricky because I didn't have enough material to use an existing pattern and had to reverse engineer the hood on my jacket. Leather bracers are a breeze, I have made so many pairs that I can do it in my sleep. Again you trade the pattern in posterboard, then you cut and assemble. The best part of bracers is you can rivet them which makes assembly a snap. I was REALLY happy how well the gold paint took to them for the detailing and the plastic gems glues on easily. The book strap was another standard pattern, though that took longer than intended as my snaps warped forcing me to remove them and replace them with a clasp. One of the hardest parts was looking up local blade ordinances to make sure I wouldn't get arrested when I went to a public park for the photo shoot. The police like to speedtrap there. Fortunately a LARP was running there at the same time so I blended right in (even though I had live steel). I can post some closeup photos later, but for now here is my deviant art album. http://switchcomb.deviantart.com/gallery/56547914/Crowfall-Confessor I'll likely add more pictures from the shoot later.
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    ...and just like that the contest goes down in flames.
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    Scandal! Excitement! Drama! Liars and cheating and betrayal and mud-slinging! In other words... POLITICS!
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    Btw, those are totally real books I made and hand painted for the cawstume*:
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    This update suddenly made me realize we are almost at the end of 2015. HAHAHA
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    Thanks for the update. One error: Our current plan is to do updates on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday—one article per day—with an occasional extra treat on Mondays or Fridays. I'm assuming that first Friday should actually be Thursday.
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    FIRST! I didn't even read it yet I just wanted to be first! Did I win? *looks up* damn! X(
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    Sorry if I was unclear, I completely understand buying likes to win a contest can pay off! I'm also in the party that it should be resolved by in-house dev voting. I just digressed into trivia because I find it interesting how facebook can be a double-edged sword with respect to advertising.
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    Alright will do! XD I'm just glad I was added to the pool, I could now officially say I participated in the contest which is really was I was going for since I said I would on stream. XD Just a few more days till Alpha opens up again!! Whooooooooooooot!
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    While this might be true, it isn't the same as liking pictures. Buying Likes to win a contest pays off. While this whole contest was a marketing tool, I hope the contest will be fair. So far it isn't. It's a lot of money to win and it will only be received negatively by the community if done wrong and when someone wins that doesn't deserve it. Like we said from the beginning, best way to fix this is to judge the pictures in-house by the devs.
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    well they got what they wanted... People promoted their game via facebook. That's what mattered to them. The fact that the participants and some other people actually cared for the contest itself, seems to have been forgotten or just blatantly disregarded when that decision was made.
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    Haha they are actually hand cut stickers with a mask and glow effect; the X rune was being a bit fussy towards the end thoguh lol. I'll post a non-FX version of the pic a bit later. Guess just a bit of pessimism on my part. I had a number of peeps who wanted to vote last night, hopefully they are awake when it goes up. I had a bit of an emergency come up so i couldn't enter sooner. Keila and I really wanted to do this but in the end we only had time to work on one cawstume.. not gonna lie though it is a bit disappointing we couldn't submit something sooner. Thanks a ton for the compliments guys, they are much appreciated. PS: and Thanks for the Likes and for sharing once we get up there!
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    Who the hell is Jamesgoblin

    I doubt it's Valor himself but a friend/guildmate who enjoys the stream since I've seen them participate in it. More humorous to me was all the copycats JamesGoblin spawned once of which outed themselves fairly quickly.
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    Yikes, I just heard about this now after I got a txt msg asking what happened. I have been posting Facebook updates about my votes if anyone needs to see a before this happened vote count. I posted an update before I settled down to watch TV for the evening. My votes should have just came from my Facebook friends and friends of friends. I had a smaller number come from a few guild and mmo/gaming websites I shared the contest info to. Hopefully it all gets resolved in a fair manner for all.
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    Hopefully ACE can find a fair way to determine the winners... it's always a shame when some people feel the need to cheat...
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    keep talkin meanwhile I'm sharing every minute
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    And I slept with Natalie, it's just no one saw it. If a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound if no one is around to hear it?
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    Thanks for paying attention. The blonde druid had 7 fake like accounts from the get go. It's only because Mal now has a like tsunami, you're paying attention. How come the people who said nothing the entire time about cheating said zero. Now that there's been some obvious cheating -- either to force disqualifications, to win, or to prove a point -- all of a sudden people speak up. But when I speak up, I'm being told that I'm tinfoiling.
  35. 3 points
    Maybe it's not too late to change all the rules of the contest at the last second and just have the devs vote!
  36. 3 points
    Yeah, its pretty crazy how three specific pictures end up getting over 350+ likes almost instantly
  37. 3 points
    Kriptik didn't send me a friend request. I'm reporting him just for that. Also, Mal said something about hiring people from India to like her photo. Don't know what's up with that.
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    Relic Weapons

    In Lineage 2, there are these dangerous weapons like "Zariche" and the duals "Akamanah" which are dropped randomly in the world. They are extremely powerful (also really hard to find) but the player who picks them up are toggled as PK players, turning their name Red, meaning, there's a chance to drop their gear when killed. This was a really fun mechanic and I think crowfall is perfect to adopt this. EDIT: Rebumping this so I can see your updated opinions.
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    Congratulations to the 2015 Crowfall Cawstume Contest winners! FULL STORY
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    Ok, the price should be correct now. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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    Thanks courant101! That's extremely helpful. Back on the case...
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    Unfortunately I'm unable to reproduce this behavior. Try completely quitting the browser and restarting after you clear your cache. If this issue persists, can you open the Chrome Developer Tools (CTRL-Shift-I) and go to the "Console" tab? Refresh the page and see if there are any error messages. If so could you please post them here? Thanks.
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    It also has to do with the page ranking and fan involvement, which go into how much Facebook automatically suggests the page. If you have a bunch of people and none of them appear to give a poorly made socks about your page, you're going to see much growth of it organically.
  44. 2 points
    Same. I got a lot of texts of people who gave legit votes and are trying to understand the increase of 400 likes. They worked pretty hard sharing the link and pestering their friends list to help out. I don't think it would've resulted in getting even in 3rd anyhow, but crappy how it's going down.
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    The happiest of birthdays to you. May it be filled with loved ones, blessings and giggles and lots of fun surprises
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    Dunno. I wasn't the person who posted it on Reddit. I don't even have a Reddit account.
  47. 2 points
    I mean, I think I speak for most people when I say it's pretty obnoxious to spam out friend invites with the sole intention of just posting a "vote for me" on their wall. It's basically just spamming anonymously for votes.
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    You have a lot of money, don't you?
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    Changing the update cadence again

    Good news! It's not a happy story! >:-D
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    Yep, definitely a bug, but it's code not data. I'll get it fixed by tomorrow.
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