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    Todd and Blair present a 'status check' and plans for the upcoming phases of pre-alpha testing. FULL STORY
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    Changes You Want For 2.0

    Better fps in combat
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    So one mechanic that we know is going to be present, but hasn't been talked about much, is warmth. One of the few things we know about warmth is that it will affect your choice of which character you bring into a campaign, and may affect that choice as the campaign progresses. We know this because JT had made an off-the-cuff comment that you might not want an all-centaur force in the campaign worlds because centaurs require a lot of warmth, and as warmth gets harder to find as winter comes, you might find yourself at a disadvantage. Early screenshots of character creation shows the stat Warmth Conversion. The Forgemaster backstory mentions this little bit: Until the End of Days, we shall toil in the belly of the Realms of Man. We shall keep your fires lit, until the last of us is no more. When the hunger comes, the flame falters. The warmth bleeds away. The Frostweaver has this mention of warmth: It is Winter, now. Your kind has left.. left, or died! A pity. I find it so lonely now. Come, my little feral wolf - let us dance! I am bored and my blade is so cold. You are so alive, so full of warmth! Surely you can spare some for me? The Druid on warmth: I weep, but it matters not. When the last warmth is gone I will weep no more. ...for I, too, will be cold. So here's my speculation: Warmth is part of the spawning mechanic. Your guild or faction or whatever player organization maintains a pool or warmth in the campaign world. When you spawn or respawn warmth is taken from the pool. There are ways to refill the pool, but it becomes harder to do as the campaign progresses. This could be amazing, or madness. You'd be able to knock another faction off the campaign world if you starve them of warmth. Savage.
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    Weihnachten !

    Moin ihr Krähen ! Eine schöne Weihnachtszeit euch allen und rutscht gut in das neue Jahr. Lasst es krachen. Auf das Crowfall in 2016 weiter richtig Gas gibt ! *cheeeeerio*
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    Excellent news, I hoped for this but I didn't expect it. Well done.
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    Changes You Want For 2.0

    I would love to see them start playing with animation speeds once the client side controller is in and working pretty well. They might not need to tweak anything since I have a feeling the client side movement is going to make the game feel much quicker. However I would like to see the game a bit twitchier with faster animations and comboing. Right now a lot of the combos seem like; ability...pause...ability....pause....ability. I'd love for combos to have the fluidity of a fighting game if possible.
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    In Tera, only melee basic attacks and roll dodges could be directed in orientation to your character. Two other iframe skill types were teleport and backstep which teleported camera forward or jumped camera back respectfully. Only a few classes had rolls. An option would be nice to customize which types of skills orient camera and which orient character, but Tera's implementation worked great for what it was. But, no, they do not and SHOULD not make ASD strafe and backpedal. This isn't a tab target game where movement is secondary and all that matters is merely keeping facing and range for skills. You need a consistent range of movement without sacrificing visibility for this sort of combat system. The shear level of twitch that would be needed for the camera in order to always be in full forward momentum or quickturn for an attack facing behind the camera would be entirely unfeasible for almost all players. If you're worried about it being clunky now, it'd be nigh unplayable with your recommendation. No, it is not bad gameplay. You can already do exactly what you describe in any tab target and you can do it without animation lock. You just mouselook the camera in the proper direction and jumpturn/bunny hop to fire an ability, and in every single one I've played A and D move at the same speed as W and I've never experienced an ability that cannot be done from a 90° angle from character orientation. Absolute no-skill tactic you could never do in this sort of game. Keep in mind that this game uses animation lock as opposed to GCD, as well, and requires you to aim your attacks. Your complaint is fundamentally flawed because it's actually far easier to accomplish in traditional MMO combat systems. Realism is a meaningless argument here, it truly is, and always will be meaningless in debates like this unless you're discussing a "realism" feature specifically. Again, realism is meaningless here, as you would cannot shuffle IRL let alone move and attack with any weapon of any kind, yet retain accuracy and consistent movement, especially if it is melee as your whole body has momentum from the swing or attack, thus disrupting your balance and movement. Unless of course you're referring to traditional tabtarget systems or Wildstar's iceskating rink combat which are also not realistic, either. It shouldn't take very long to understand attacks are camera facing, not character. You'll learn quickly. You're now complaining entirely about the interface. Tab target games you can still orient your camera and aim different from how your character is oriented or "facing". In fact, part of the reason (which I alluded to earlier) for full range movement (your character always runs "forward" oriented to the character) is so you can make use of your camera without losing movespeed. In Tera, you can turn your camera around with a quick jump and a switch from W to S to keep up your movement and get a feel for what's around you, or you just flow as your turn from W to WD/WA to DS/AS to S. It's honestly rather intuitive. This is subjective opinion, not objective truth. What makes strafe or backpedal movement restrictions good is a game system that functions around such restrictions. Crowfall does not have a game system that would function well to such restrictions because movement is a key part of its combat unlike traditional systems where it's mostly about keeping in range and is a secondary consideration.
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    I think a lot of people watching videos and streams are getting the wrong impression about how this works because of the direction the characters end up facing on your screen. Let me be clear: The camera and movement are functionally identical to what you are used to in 3rd person view games. The only difference is a lack of sidestepping or backpedaling animations. I made this video to demonstrate: https://youtu.be/QAeDldPIDuo First I hold A to strafe left. Then I hold D to strafe right. Then I hold S to backpedal. All of my basic attacks and abilities fire in the direction the camera/reticle is facing. The only thing missing here are animations.
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    Hats off to ACE for doing the right thing. No need to apologize for dates slipping, I'm sure most here would rather development take longer than orginally expected if it means a better game come launch.
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    This video will definitely give people some peace of mind. TLDW: They addressed pretty much all the major problems that people have had with combat. They are adding camera locking, strafing, and more pronounced lunges with momentum. My erection is going to last more than 4 hours.
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    Very happy hearing this, would much rather they get the combat right before diving into other mechanics.
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    I think they addressed all of the major concerns I have seen expressed around the forums: Movement, rooting in place when using powers, strafing and moving backwards, camera, etc... Should be fun and interesting when this new test comes up!
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    Changes You Want For 2.0

    I don't know how many times I've tried to reply to you on this one, and you ignore it every single time. They are already there on basic attacks. It is most pronounced on the champion.
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    1) The game already has strafe, the animation simply doesnt show it as you attack directly at the reticule now. And they need back pedaling instead of the 100% run at your camera speed while looking behind you like it is now. If you cant understand that or agree you are beyond help. Yes other games let you look behind you but you would still need to release the hot key, turn your character, aim at your target, fire, then turn back around, start moving again etc.... VERY much different than the current system. 2) You dont understand, 100% movement speed when running forward, reduced speed moving side to side and backward. Hold W to move forward at full speed and turn with your mouse like action games should be instead of moving at 90degree flips because of A/D 100% movement speed. 3) "Realism" was in responce to the person I was quoting and how they were contradicting them self. 4) There is nothing you could learn aka no skill involved just randomness and spamming. You would never know what direction the enemies reticule is facing when the character shows no difference between running ahead and running sideways. Where as if there was a different animation to reflect what the character was actually doing you could respond accordingly (positioning) and have good gameplay! 5) It should be, but right now its not. its simply stand in place and attack or run away. It's like a slow ass chess match moving in predictable patterns between attacks. You tried to rebut all of my points but, basically you said nothing. /forumsareawasteoftime... #Thereishopeafterall
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    I've gotten completely used to the camera/movement and have started doing things to utilize the options it gives you for better visibility into what is going on around me. That said, I think it wouldn't hurt to try some of the things you are talking about. I've just been trying to get across an accurate picture of the current state of the game. It drastically improved from 1.0 to 1.1 and got even better while 1.1 was in session. But the forums seemed to be occupied arguing over things that had already been addressed. Maybe not addressed to a highly polished state, we are still in pre-alpha after all, but addressed nonetheless.
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    I was going to post an appropriate picture for waiting but I'm on my phone, so all I have is this mushroom ????
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    If you are that unhappy with your current guild, there are many guild recruiting. Take some time and read through them and make some applications. WE sadly have met our drama quota for December. Please try again in January. Have a great holidays and enjoy the new year.
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    Crowfall harvesting and UO

    I don't want to change the discussion of what is and isn't griefing but rather show that even in a non PvP centered game full loot added a TON to the overall feel and depth of the game. Crowfall being PvP focused and NOT having full loot in EVERY campaign world ring would be a disservice to the players. This isn't a "phat loot" game and venturing out should always have consciences. Good or bad. The only thing I'd add to each game is how much item decay happens on death so you need to go repair your newly looted gear.
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    Fear, from what I've been reading, revolves too heavily on external events such as comrade or enemy death, getting hit, and so forth. Point is, the Duelist should have a resource which they can maintain themselves. I wouldn't be opposed of us just using Mana. No need to create a new resource when this one will probably work just fine for the Duelist's role.
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    I love the idea of Crowfall, I love the developers, I spent more money than I ever thought I would on a game because I want it to succeed but... Combat hasn't really changed from the beginning of the first test until now and client side moment isn't going to fix it. They added... - textures - mobs - champion - improved performance (helped but didn't CHANGE combat) We're waiting on client side movement as the answer to our problems but it will NOT fix... - hard rooted animation locks - slow animation times - bad camera - no strafing - just to name a few of the complaints Client side movement will help responsiveness feel better but it will NOT change the problems listed above. Am I missing something? The best post I've found is... So we're... - stuck with animation locks and the rooted, stop n go combat that comes with them. - changes like the knight turning during a charge are nice but don't make a big difference imo - animation times might get faster but I doubt that will happen From what the Devs have said, they added animation locks because they wanted prettier animations and didn't like "orbital combat"... SERIOUSLY?!?!?! And Blair said in my twitch chat they're thinking of slowing combat down even more so people can react to whats happening in combat....WHA?? And Why cant they add things now that will carry over to client side movement? This doesn't even factor in future issues that could effect performance like... - untested unity engine in a massive MMO - voxels - having more than 10 people on screen - additional spell effects - character customization - additional archetypes animations and models - different armor & weapon models How much worse will combat get when these things come online. Yes they will optimize but will it be enough to over come what is already in game plus the things listed above? FELLOW TESTERS... What can be done to "fix" combat? Ideas need to fit within their system even if you don't like it. Making suggestions that will never change is a waste of time... like removing animation locks... even tho that would solve all the problems Some ideas... - being able to move on L click attacks (even at a reduced speed) - free movement at the beginning and end of animations (more than already seen in game) - faster animations - strafing - an option to lock the camera to the reticul PS. an example of combat right now... As a Knight, spend minutes chasing a confessor, landing all my hits and the confessor simply walks away. - Charge and stun them... try to 3, 3 to stun and the confessor simply runs away before i can hit the second attack... - 6 pull and try to L, L, L for the snare and they are gone before the second L click. - C for a pull and they walk out of it before you land... Another example.. - Confessor 2, E and 5 are the best skills in game. - 2, E lets you move while doing damage - 5 takes advantage of the rooted combat so much so it had to be nerfed already and the sad thing is that in any other game a channeled "turret" skill would be considered terrible... but in this combat system it was the most powerful skill in game.
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    Regarding buildings

    Excluding area restrictions, how much customization will there available for houses (ex. Can players customize the interior of the house tile by tile, such as in UO)? Also regarding furnishing, does it matter where do you place objects in your house (ex. Can enemies destroy your anvil upon a raid if placed in a vulnerable position should it be possible within the campaign ruleset)?
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    I'm very glad to hear this "bad news". The fact that Siege Perilous will be pushed back is completely mitigated by the news that combat and in-combat movement will be given another pass. I have very high hopes for combat testing in Jan/Feb of 2016. You guys have made the right decision.
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    Combat will be the core of this game so spending the time to get it right is a good thing. I'm sure all the backers will get behind that !
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    A good choice to keep working on combat. Take your time with everything, a few great features are better then a lot of O.K. features! Also: the hair is looking good, Todd!!!
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    Strongholds in store tax free?

    If the stronghold structure is linked to the parcel and not a separate building, then I don't think that is the case. Here is what the FAQ says about strongholds and taxes: "Is there an upkeep cost on the land or buildings? (number 29 in EK FAQ) Buildings have a recurring maintenance cost. (We use the word “tax” because it’s easier to say than “recurring maintenance cost”.) The base cost is different for each type of building. Stronghold parcels do not have a direct tax. Instead, they apply a multiplier to the building(s) placed on that land. Resource parcels that are adjacent to the stronghold have two effects. First, they increase the occupancy rate of the stronghold parcel: How many buildings can I place there? Second, they adjust the tax rate of the buildings placed in the stronghold parcel. If your taxes fall into arrears, the buildings on the land will begin to degrade (but the parcel itself does not; for example, a Medium Keep parcel isn’t directly taxed, so it never downgrades.) If a building fully degrades, it won’t disappear but instead goes to rank 0, the “Ruined” state. At that point, the building becomes unusable (and stops incurring additional taxes). You only can repair and upgrade your buildings using in-game resources (i.e. the resources that come primarily from campaigns)." So I don't think any strongholds are "tax free", meaning any building you put up will need to be maintained by tax but the stronghold structure does not require tax upkeep or go into ruins (is how I read the FAQ). However, the FAQ does not tell us what the tax free parcels of land do for us. We can't put buildings on resource parcels, so do tax free parcels make buildings on strongholds tax free? There is nothing in the FAQ saying we pay taxes on resource parcels...
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    Welcome, not totally new person.
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    Changes You Want For 2.0

    This may not be a popular opinion, but I'm not sure I want twitchier game play. Increase some of the animation speeds sure, but slower combat is more methodical. Instead of just going in and quickly hitting all the different buttons as quickly as possible, I would rather plan accordingly to how I know powers and characters work, which brings in more skill and planning than who has the quickest reflexes. *I recognize your comment was just to speed up combat and animations slightly which is fine... I guess the twitchy comment is what rubbed me the wrong way, but I see why you would use it.* For some yes, and for some I disagree. Things like the confessor basic attack, I like the idea of being able to move slowly as the combo happens, but if that doesn't happen then I'll have to plan accordingly. I also think the meteor purge should stay a rooted spell, since I believe a description I read somewhere is it is a "turret" like power and the added range for it I think outweighs the negative of having to stand still. In recap: Speeding up some of the animations would be nice, but not so much that it eliminates all of the work of the animators (which really made awesome animations) and makes combat based solely on reflexes and no planning or adaptive combat. I'm eager to see how the destruction mechanic will influence combat, so I will hold out a more detailed judgement on combat until after I play around with that. However, I would like to see a cancel option for Fervor (6 key) for confessors. In the event it gets pressed accidentally or you are taken by surprise it would be nice to cancel and jump into combat.
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    This is a small suggestion, but it should make the combat feel MUCH better. One of the biggest annoyances of fighting is when a team has won the fight, but their surviving foes simply run away. The victors are now forced to chase the defeated enemy for several minutes until they FINALLY can kill them. However, the champion provides a good window into how this small problem can be fixed. In this, as in many other things, I think that champion, right now at least, is a great role-model archetype. Just about everything on him solves one problem or another that the game suffers from. So, what champion ability solves this problem? The hurl-bats, of course! Crowfall is an animation-lock dominated game, and likely will be at release. However, not every ability will benefit from the locking. And the hurl-bat does not restrict movement too much (At least as far as I can tell. I cant tell if it does a slow on the attacker, a small animation-lock, or if it is just the animation playing tricks on me... but I digress), and gives the champion an excellent tool to help catch fleeing foes. Furthermore, it is extremely weak compared to the other abilities, meaning a player is unlikely to prefer it over standard, animation-locked, abilities when they are available. The hurl-bat does include a slow on hit, though, and while this is probably one of the main reasons its works, is not necessary to allow it to be a tool to catch fleeing foes. These abilities should be carefully designed, of course, as fleeing should be still be a viable option. And now: the hurl-bat ability, once again, shows us how to allow someone to have a defense, while still being enjoyable to both players. The hurl-bat flies slowly, meaning it can be dodged. This makes for an interesting counter-play between a pursuing player, and a fleeing player. Slow velocity does not have to be the only form of counter-play, it does serve as a good example, though. Not all pursuit abilities should be ranged either... or follow this particular model at all. There is a lot of potential here. For example: a class focused on traps could have a melee ability that attaches a device to a target player (this, being melee, will likely be used mid-battle, not during the pursuit). For a limited time, the trapping player should have the ability to "trigger" this device, causing either a root or a slow on the victim. This creates a new mid-battle dynamic of preparing for the post-battle pursuit, at the risk of a small amount of current-battle power (it could have a lengthy animation, or just be a quick attack that takes just a little bit of DPS away.. either way, the player does take a risk). While other systems will likely be necessary to ensure a truly great pre/post battle posturing dynamic, the existence of abilities who, outside of this niche, don't serve much purpose, while being highly useful in this niche, grants the game just one more part of this dynamic that truly improves the whole pre/post battle experience.
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    I wish the camera was locked in this game... that by itself would make it 10x better.
  32. 1 point
    ... and yet you are. This is the problem with devs listening to forum feedback. Most people either 1) haven't played the game 2) don't know what their talking about 3) are bad Devs should get paid more for having to deal with us players
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    I can't comment on the current standing of camera and movement controls having not played the game, but everything I've seen thus far gives me a huge Tera vibe. It looks like that's what they're aiming for. Tera worked beautifully (despite Bluhole's horrendous PVP balancing...) and was incredibly fluid even at launch and only got better. Again, traditional MMO combat systems already allow you to do everything you describe as being a problem. You're approaching this I think a little bit too much from a shooter perspective and that is not what this game is. Your character always moving "forward" in Tera was absolutely necessary to cleanly maneuver on the battlefield, PVE and PVP both. Movement locked to the camera would have seriously hurt that game's flow. Sounds to me that you don't understand my response. I already know what you are referring to and I am saying it isn't feasible. Seriously, go download Tera right now and pretend that ASD slow down your movement. Only press W and camera flip to run different directions. You'll immediately see why that'd be clunky as hell. Reduced speed on strafe and backpedal would get you killed in Tera. If you say so, considering it seemed to be key to your argument. Umm... I honestly don't even know what you're talking about here. If you're facing someone down in combat it should become pretty apparent if they're avoiding you, ignoring you, engaging you, if they're playing aggressively or defensively, and so on. Just because it "looks" like they're not looking in your direction is meaningless. It's called situational awareness, you're going to either be aware of that other player and expect them to react or you get smashed because you're tunnel visioned. And again, you can move the camera in every other damned MMO (with, what, the sole exception of Mortal Online?) to look in directions your character is not facing. I legitimately fail to understand your problem here. It feels extremely nitpicky. How can you not have good positioning gameplay now, pre-alpha clunkiness aside? As I said, I've not been able to play it yet, and given we're in pre-alpha still there's a lot they need to iterate into movement and combat in general to improve flow and responsiveness. Everything I've seen, though, is very Tera-like, and everything I hear suggests the movement and aiming is borrowed from it quite heavily. If the best you have in response are insults and a complete dismissal of most of what I actually said in my response without acknowledging or addressing it, then yes, you'd be a waste of time.
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    Just stay away from Forums and you'll be fine.. my experience tells me that any good PvP-games like CF is bound to attract big egos that poorly made socks-talk each other on the forums.
  35. 1 point
    what did you expect in a purely PvP game? The majority (and mostly nice people) arent around until launch. the trolls hide under the bridge
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    Calling All Murder Deers

    Murder Deer's vibe reminds me of Batman, if batman killed... hiding in the shadows before beating the poorly made socks out of you. It'll be fun to see them in action, though I'm not set on an archetype yet.
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    This should be stickied. I'm not in Alpha so I honestly thought that player's complaints about there being no strafing were valid. LOTS of frustration seems to be coming from people being so used to how an MMORPG "should" work.
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    Ol'Greg Taught Me How To Champ

    Great video.
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    Hi all! New backer here and can't wait to start to play!!
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    What a shame. To ruin such glorious pies by covering them in cake.
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    Thats bizarre and you know that!
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    Rage Quit (NA PVP/PVP & PVP guild)

    Rage Quit moves, week of 12/7 and 12/14: -Demus on 15 day IR, torn middle finger -Nukeyoo on 2 week "timeout" -Manel has been DFA'a to our tripe A affiliate, Rage Quiet New recruits: We've had 1,456 applications since Nukeyoo's strategery thread in main. We interviewed 1151 We narrowed it down to the initial round of 945 We asked for written essays, in 500 words or less, why you would be good in Rage Quit: that cut us down to about 460 We then gave everyone a link to a Rubix Cube simulator, and gave them 10 minutes to complete, about 180 made the cut We then did one on one's again in round 4, narrowed it down to 75 We went bachelor/ette style format, and gave roses to 40 We then made the 40 run the American Ninja course, and further got it down to 2 We'll be announcing our 2 newest members soon-ish, maybe
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    Right, cause fun is universal and objective? I have fun when a group of 5 I am fighting is unable to hit me properly without killing themselves. With a combat system that supports it, FF raises the skill level of the entire game. There's no way for 2-3 people to beat 5 without FF. Is it that you guys have "fun" when your ability to aim isn't compromised? So much for hardcore gamers, go play in God's Reach.
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    My biggest fear is that I will never accumulate enough likes on the forum for me to be relevant in server politica and circle jerkery. Otherwise my greatest fear is that I'll see a picture of JTodd and GWalton on a private yacht wearing suits made of money with the caption "We told them we'd make a game, thanks for the money nerds"
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    It's called "strategy"

    Nope Thenebrosity was never in "Serrated" to start with, he kept winning against them "live" at twitch where "Serrated" kept switching servers or leaving queues once they can't handle the pressure.
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    The WOAT: Worst of All Time

    It's well known that Protonix never even bought, owned, downloaded, or even played Shadowbane. He just wanted a forum to post on.
  50. 1 point

    Arche Age

    you must be either incredibly stupid or incredibly bad to want to start over in AA
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