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    The day has finally come for us to pull back the curtain! FULL STORY
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    A Crow has Fallen - Coolwaters

    It is with the heaviest of hearts that I must announce that Coolwaters a.k.a. Charles Wesley 'Wes' Fowler passed away suddenly this past weekend. This has been a stunning and devastating loss to Wes' Family, Friends and the Winterblades community. With dedication, wit, intelligence, and sometimes sheer stubborness, Wes was one of the beating hearts of Winterblades, helping our family grow and succeed over the last 16 years. As part of the greater community, Wes employed his great talents as a Shadowbane Moderator and as the community Sentinel Advocate for the Shadowbane focus group. One of his great joys was theorycrafting creative builds to break the current meta (though he hated the use of the word "meta" with a passion). Many such ideas made it out of the Winterblades skunkworks to the greater community through Wes' guides and posts. In Crowfall he continued his tradition of community advocacy whether on the forums or off them. Be it in the development partners, testing feedback, or general forums Wes was prolific in his posting as part of the greater community. While he played many games that we tried out over the years, nothing got him anywhere near as excited or fired up for a debate as Crowfall as many can attest to. His impact will certainly leave a crater of absence. An enduring love of gaming and competition were not Wes' only pursuits. Although, perhaps cliche, he really did have a flair for life. He enjoyed life and had no "chill"--there were always pictures from his latest adventure. Often this meant something crazy, possibly reckless, and a whole lot of fun. Ziplines. Motorized skateboards. Very large hills and motorized skateboards. Wakeboarding. Surfing. Brazilian excursions. Spearfishing with Sharks..... Likely more hobbies that didn't make the news. Needless to say Wes lived life with vigor, elan, and a side of adrenaline. Wes shared his excitement with many of us when he hosted the Winterblades meet up in July. The shared memories of that week are now bittersweet with his unexpected passing.At request of his family in lieu of flowers they are asking for donations in his name to Wes' alma mater University of Memphis Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law Moot Court division. Regarding donations, Wes' Friends and Family are working on raising funds to create an endowed scholarship for the winner of the top Oral Advocate in the Moot Court program. Wes competed nationally in Moot Court and won the top Oral Advocate at his school. His law school friends and members of the bar in Memphis are getting some big donations lined up. Any donations direct to the school should also be tax deductible. Winterblades internally has already collected around ~$1,000 to donate. If anyone is interested you in contributing you can PM me directly and I can provide details. His obituary can be found here: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/commercialappeal/obituary.aspx?n=charles-wesley-fowler&pid=186443823&fhid=17199
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    We at Caldera love to test and theorycraft. We also love to help the community, so here we bring you a rough breakdown of each Promotion Class, for each class currently available! Are you in doubt which promotion class to pick? Or maybe which class to play even, then don't worry! We have broken down each promotion class showcasing their main objective and strengths. Enjoy! Assassin Cutthroat: Revolves around getting behind your target to do extra damage, your target takes 10% extra dmg while kidney shotted, and you have +20% dmg when using backstab from behind. Your passive increases your damage by 20% while behind targets. Blackguard: This is a more self sustain promotion class, you will have lifeleech, self-barrier when stunning enemies and reduced cooldown on kidney shot and Backstab. Your passive gives your Nature and Poison toxins 8% lifesteal. Vandal: This is the more CC/DoT heavy build, your kidney shot applies a severe bleed, you get the power cheap shot (stun from stealth), and your backstab supresses enemies if you hit it from behind. Your passive will save your ass (the hit that would have killed you, instead takes you to 15% max health and gives you 90% mitigation for 4 seconds) Ranger Archer: Ranged heavy pure damage, you can reduce enemy damage with barrage, and archers stake prevents movement reduction/root effects. You will gain suppression shot, and increased range (+9m), your rapid fire can expose punish targets. Your passive revolves around standing still and spamming basic bow shots. Warden: The talents lean towards full melee builds, revolves around traps (major burning damage and debuffs - including anti stealth), you gain forest step (melee teleport to targets), and you can buff your group with damage bonuses. You also reduce a lot of damage taken, both from your archers stake, and you'll be able to wear mail with this promotion class. Brigand: You are now a stealth/melee ranger, you gain a stealth tray with the Ambush power. Your archers stake will instantly slow in a big field, and you'll have an empowered cross slash to apply severe bleed to your target. You will also do increased damage behind targets. Your passive is a buff stacking up damage for your next Dagger spin, stacking 10 times (max + 250% damage). Duelist Slayer: Pistol duelist as we know it, increased range, resetting cooldown on flintlock shot and it can be used as interrupt, also gets a new ultimate which has half the soul power cost, and grants 2 dodge pips. Very mobile and high ranged damage. Your passive revolves around crits, stacking up a buff, which then can be consumed on either longer lasting buffs or extra dodge pips. Vanguard Scout: Stealth focused build, you gain increased damage from stealth, you gain a new "stealth poke" power, reduced cooldown on tunnel. Your passive gives you lifesteal while in stealth. Dirge: Full melee builds, you can open with a knockdown from stealth with ambush, your impale single target stuns at 5 pips, redirect pain also heals you over time, and you gain increased control duration. Pepperbox shot will debuff your enemy with reduced piercing mitigation - so you can deal more damage with your impales. Your passive makes you do more damage to targets under 50% health. Myrmidon Titan: High damage, revolves around the power Frenzy, where you can't die while it's up. This promo class has the Bloodthirst mechanic, striking bleeding targets will make you do more damage. While Frenzy is up, you will be able to interrupt people after using several different abilities. Battle Rager: Tanky build, more health, reduced berserk crash damage, gives you the ability to avoid berserk crash damage while using Whirlwind, and your passive increases your max health by 50% of the damage you avoid, by avoiding berserk crashes. Conqueror: This is a more AoE focused promo class, you have more CC, and CC immunity than in the other builds, you'll have a single target supress, your whirlwind will make you immune to CC, while everytime you apply a bleed effect you also slow the target, meaning you can Whirlwind through groups of enemies, slowing them all, without being able to be CCd. You also reduce enemies critical hit defense when you slow them (stacking 5 times, 5x3%). Templar Vindicator: This build is heavily focused on doing damage, you'll get several bonus damage buffs, while sacrificing survivability. Your execute move will no longer require pips, making you able to spam it like a melee dps. Many of your powers will have their survivability aspects removed in change of extra damage. And your passive is extra slashing damage based on your bonus fire damage. Paladin: This promo class changes the templar to a more support/healer build. Your parry will drain pips slower, you will have Holy Warrior faster, your Devotion is being enhanced so it heals you and your allies for 50% of the damage you deal. And most importantly, Divine Light no longer has a pip requirement, meaning you have a free healing circle lasting for 12 seconds. Your passive stacks up healing critical chance everytime you heal an ally. Fury: This is the more CC focused version of the templar. You'll have a slow, increased durations on CC, reduced soul power cost on your ultimate, a melee ranged root, and when you place down your divine light - you knockdown and daze on enemies within your divine light. Your passive increases your max health everytime you CC enemies. Confessor Inquisitor: A more traditional confessor build. This promotion class emphazises damage, you can gain extra basic attack damage after using Fervor, your fire tornadoes can hit the same target more times, your righteousness procs damage buffs, your singletarget stun combo doesn't consume the debuff that explodes with damage anymore. Your passive gives all your fire damage type powers a chance to apply severe burn to targets. Sanctifier: A special promotion class, this turn your confessor into a melee/tank, that excels in close combat. You'll be able to retaliate more often, your Fervor increases your physical armor bonus, your condemnation heals you each time it hits, your righteousness also applies a barrier to you, your hellfire auro deals 50% more damage, and your tornadoes no longer consumes the aura. You will be able to equip Mail/Plate armor, but you will also have your range reduced on your powers to 8m - but you get +20% damage. This build will probably be really strong with the focus orbs, so you can keep your enemies close to you. Fanatic: This is a CC heavy promotion class. Your condemnation will slow enemies, you won't consume Hellfire Shield/Aura when using your knock up/tornado combos, reduced cooldown on Fervor because it's a mana heavy playstyle, your absolution always slows your target. Your passive has a chance to trigger Cleansing Fire when dots are applied to you - cleansing all DoTs on you, while also healing you. Additionally you also apply Elemental Vulnerability to targets with your basic attacks. Champion Alpha Warrior: This build revolves a lot around getting critical hits, you will gain a lot of dominance stacks, both through your leap and basic attack crits. Your neckbreaker (ultimate) can now also benefit from dominance stacks. Your rend will reduce your enemies critical hit chance defense, meaning you have 7% higher chance to crit on them. Your passive increase your critical hit chance whenever you spend a point of dominance, stacking up 10 times. MOAR CRITS Pit Fighter: A very tanky version of the champion. Increased self healing and maximum health, Whirling Pain also applies a barrier, you will get the ultimate "Invincible Warrior" which makes you immune to CC/DMG (like every ultimate) but also gives you a barrier and a heal over time. And it only costs 500 soul power. Your passive gives you 100 attack power everytime you trigger a self healing effect - stacks 5 times. Barbarian: This is a very CC heavy build. Not only do you get +21% duration on your CC effects, you will be able to reset your blind combo, your leap does a knockdown, your whirling pain applies a slow and then suppress to multiple enemies, and the soul power cost of your Neckbreaker ultimate is reduced to 350. Your passive gives you +15% damage and +25% movement speed whenever you apply a crowd control effect. Druid Stormcaller: A full dps promotion class. Your life tray will be removed, in exchange for damage. You are able to instant buff yourself with Nature's Avatar (big damage buff), you will gain access to lightning burst (aoe lightning), and your faerie fire/faerie flames will be enhanced, so they also reduces the targets electric armor by 15%. Your passive will stack up a buff, that at 8 stacks will give you a lightning shield. Archdruid: This is the hybrid druid build. You will be switching a lot from life to death tray and vice versa. You have enhanced buffs, Bark Skin have 200% increased thorns, your Nature's Avatar is now an instant group buff, giving all group members increased offensive stats. You will gain the power Shroud of Darkness, and your Blight in enhanced, so your orbs deal 25% more damage when they explode. Your passive cites the way the build has to be played, if you successfully hit with more than 3 orbs when you use blight you get a buff, +75% dmg/healing for 20 seconds. So you will be exploding lots of orbs! Earthkeeper: This is the full support druid. You have lot's of selfhealing, everytime allies pick up healing orbs, you also get healed, your Bark Skin now only applies to you and heals you with a HoT. You gain access to Healing Rain. And your Nature's Avatar can now hit two targets when you channel, it will automatically apply to a nearby ally, 8m within your target. Your passive is an automatic Essence dump, which will then also replenish resources to group members. Can trigger every 45 seconds. Cleric Radical: This is a almost full dps cleric build. You will sacrifice healing on several abilities in exchange for damage. It also reduced the soul power cost of your Divine Order (damage ultimate) by 500. You will have increased range (6m), you will gain a power called Searing Light instead of Flash of Light, which works as an interrupt. Your illuminate will not heal buy replenish resources and increase your critical hit chance. Your passive causes your critical basic attacks to reset the cooldown of your Searing Light. Meaning you can spam interrupts with enough crit chance. Crusader: Your more or less full healer build. You will have lots of increased support stats, like support power, crit heal chance and crit heal amount. Your ressurection will be enhanced, bringing allies back with 40% max hp. This is the only build that will make illuminate heal group members. And your Hand of the Gods (aoe root) will also heal all friendly targets within it's deploy radius. Your passive will grant allies below 50% health a shield equal to 10% of their max health for 15 seconds. This can happen every 15 seconds. Arbiter: This build is more of a hybrid build, you will still get support stats like support power, but you will also gain more CC. your Holy symbol will now also knock down up to three enemies when it's deployed, your AoE has it's radius increased (double radius), and your Divine Order ultimate (if you choose to use it) will reset the cooldown of several powers. You will also be able to stun enemies, with your next basic attack after using illuminate. Your passive recovers mana and increases basic attack damage everytime you apply CC. Stacking 3 times. Knight Swordsman: An offensive build for the knight. Your shield slam is enhanced, meaning you are considered blocking while charging it up (free defensive), your Obliterate causes Bleed effects to have a 100% critical hit chance, your Oath of Will increases your crit chance by 25% for 15 seconds or till you crit three times. Your Pursuit(charge) has it's cooldown reduced by 50%. Your passive has a chance to grant you a buff when using any non-basic, non-shield power, while also wielding a sword. The buff will increase your Basic attack damage by 125% and your Basic attack damage cap by 50% for 10 seconds. Remember to wield a sword with this build! Secutor: This is a tanky knight build. You will have increased health, and several shield improvements. Increased damage on all shield powers, shield slam instantly enables shield bash when hitting a target while charged 2/3rds. Oath of Will reduces the cost of maintaining Block by 75%, and lose no additional stamina from big hits. Pursuit also applies a Barrier when it ends. You are able to equip Tower Shields. Your passive increases the Shield Bash damage by 100%, and all shield powers that damages an enemy will instantly enable Shield Bash. Sentinel: This is the more CC heavy knight build. You will gain stats with increased duration of CC. Shield slam can now suppress the target after charging more than 2/3rds. Chain attack will now also apply a slow to the target. Noble Blood will now also Root enemies. Pursuit will stun nearest enemy when it ends. Your passive increases energy regeneration, gives you a buff if you stun/knockdown enemies while wearing a mace. The buff increases your damage bonus by 15% and movement speed by 25% for 6 seconds. Remember to wield a mace with this! Thank you for reading all the way through! Check us out at https://caldera-hq.eu/games/crowfall/ ! See you ingame!
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    Hey Crowfaller's, Jon here (Env Lead) I just wanted to give you guys a quick update on the current and future state of the Environment. First off, all of these comments are definitely valid feedback and trust me when I say this we agree with most all of them. We see all your feed back and understand your concerns. Here is just a brief explanation on our process and why... The challenge we have as a small dev team is that we can't just throw 50-100 artist to a given area(Man O man I wish we could). We have to do things in a lot more deliberate , methodical process.Think of it as stages (every game and team size goes through something like this). Each stage we set out a task, complete said task, then move on to the next stage(or pass) of that task. The environment falls very heavy under this. For the last year and half we have been working on the tech to allow parcel placement. The ability to pick up, rotate, move and place multiple parcels sounds so simple,right? Turns out, it is far, far from simple. A lot of time and effort as gone into this parcel feature. So early on we knew we would go through heavy, heavy testing on this functionally. We went down a list and decided what was needed or required for the environment to get us to a testing phase. (meaning not finished or final polished art). Long story short. This is effectively what you're seeing in the game right now. Once the engineering team got what they needed for testing purposes (basically what you see in the game now). We focused on building houses, forts, temples, props (basically a bunch of objects to be placed in the game that we haven't shown a lot of yet). Now that we have our tech working for parcels and we have a lot of the initial objects done, I have been back knee deep in taking the Environments to the next stage. Please remember though, it's a tad slower of a process since we're such a smaller team and still in a pre-alpha state. I am not trying to make any excuses though. Again, all of your concerns are valid. I read all of them. You will always have a voice here on these forms if I have anything to say about it!! Here is a quick outline and goals for the next step in Env: Updated lighting/ Near final Camera Effects (AO,AA, SSR...) More/ new vegetation New/updated TerrainTextures New Terrain Objects More varied Terrain types New clouds and sky Day night cycle Updated water Seasons ...and I am probably forgetting some. In a nutshell, I hear you and I want you to know that we are committed to making the environment look as good as we possibly can. Thanks for all your feed back, please keep it up. It will only make our game that much better. Have a great day! -Jon
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    Content: Posting 1 (this one): Content, Foreword, Basic Informations for new players, list of numbers of supported players per stronghold parcel type, picture of full BigWorld 3.3-3.5 Map (spoilered), most important stronghold parcels Posting 2: Picture of BigWorld 3.3 to 3.5, compared to maximum basic map/EK size (spoilered) Posting 3: All existing parcels with pictures and descriptions, as of BigWorld testing build 3.3-3.5. Posting 4: The new canyon parcel in BigWorld 3.7, as of 2016.12.12 Thread: Mountain Parcel - New details as of May 2017 Also visit my Stronghold Comparison if you like to, now including the number of wall parts you will get for your stronghold packages during the 3.8 tests. Foreword A while ago i made a Stronghold Comparison to show and discuss how big Strongholds will be in Crowfall. Though mostly based on rough estimations and a lot of calculations, the numbers turned out to be pretty good. Now, with the opportunity to take measures within the BigWorld test environment, the possibilities of calculations rose as much as the curiosity how the dimensions of parcels will feel and how the world will look like finally. In this thread i will try to juxtapose parcels that we have seen seperated and from a bird's-eye perspective (like concept arts) or mixed up and from a worm's-eye view (like in the BigWorld test). Please note that those are NOT the real things. Based on given informations, these 3D parcel pictures are roughly self-made emulations, so they won't be perfect. But they should be good enough to give a general idea. After some basic informations for newcomers, i will start with the most important stronghold parcels and show you how they look like, compared with each other and the actual BW 3.4 test environment, and will add new informations and pictures from time to time. Have fun, good luck Kraahk Basic informations For those who are not into geomancy, some basic informations. Parcels are the modules our worlds are made of. Each parcel contains one or more quadratic cells with a side-legth of 256 meter each. Crowfall uses basic maps with a scope of 20x20 cells. In the case of Campaigns, several procedurally compiled basic maps will be stitched together to build the whole world. In case of Eternal Kingdoms, players will have the opportunity to build their very own kingdom (they way they want to) within the frame of one basic map. Parcels and Strongholds can be bought in the shop. They can also be build out of ingame materials (if the necessary skills are trained - like stone masonry or geomancy) or shared or traded with other players in game. Parcels can be placed in other players kingdoms. Placing a parcel somewhere else doesn't change the ownerships. The same is true for building components like walls. So people can work together, without fear to loose something. Parcels and Strongholds support different number of players/shops, mostly depending on the parcel type and rank. The numbers show the estimated support provided by the basic version of this kind of parcel. From Shire to Province - an overview We have seen a lot of pictures and we ran more or less frenetically through the BigWorld. But we haven't seen the parcels side by side yet. In this picture you can see the most important parcel types, including their names and supported player base. Where known, i also added the related strongholds, roughly true to scale. Parcels compared to the world It is nice to know how big parcels are if compared to others. But how big is this in game? To say: How will it feel? To answer this questions, we need something to compare an ingame feeling of scope with those dry pictures above. Since we have BigWorld testing, we can do that. The following picture shows the big stronghold parcels side by side with the explorable BigWorld environment of the 3.4 Test. The Palace parcel (province 3) would swallow the whole swamp area + 2 Shire parcels + 2 Estate parcels. To see more ingame maps of the 3.x tests, you can visit my Crowfall Maps thread. edit 161119: content summary added (including later postings) edit 170425: Time goes by. Adjusted some things, added some links.
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    I have two key design goals, and they are equally important. They also have not changed. 1. We want to focus on player skill, actions and decisions -- not "grinding". There seems to be some debate as to what constitutes a "grind". For illustration, let me draw a spectrum: On one end we've got WOW, which requires thousands of hours of fighting monsters, and an exponetial power curve. Power in the game is largely a function of the amount of time invested. On the other end, we've got an old-school FPS. Everyone starts on equal footing, there is no prepartion cycle prior to fighting that can be used to gain an advantage, and the power curve is perfectly flat (sans equiment). Power in the game is entirely based on skill (and luck.) Obviously, we don't want to be anywhere near the first end of the spectrum... but we also don't want to be at the other end, either, because that's not an MMO. But we want to be far, far closer to the latter than the former. "Removing the grind" means that we want the game to be focused on actions, decision and skill rather than a simple function of time investment. "Removing the grind" does NOT mean "you get nothing for time invested." We talked about resource aquisition, crafting, equiment, etc in the kickstarter video. All of this is a part of the vision, and it always has been. The question is: how much time do I invest, doing what, and what do I get for it? ...the answer is related to design goal #2: 2. Higher risk = higher reward. Removing the grind doesn't mean "the game doesn't include a single task that is repetitive." There will always be tasks in games. There will always be players who choose to repeat them. The design goal is: the rewards gained over time are a function of risk, and that risk can be offset by player skill. the more easily you can repeat a task, the lower the reward. the less skill is required to perform a task, the lower the reward. Ultimately, this comes down to balance. If we make the game such that you can't be competitive without endless repetition of easy tasks, then we have failed at #1. If we make the game such that you can generate significant rewards with little-to-no risk and/or skill, then we have failed at #2. If we make the game such that you can be competitive through the endless repetition of easy tasks with little-to-no risk, then we have failed at #1 and #2. As I said, it all comes down to balance. You can poke through every interview and chat we've ever done, looking for evidence that we will or won't screw this up, but it won't really affect the outcome, because it all comes down to balance. Will we hit that balance, right out of the gate? Maybe. Maybe not. But that doesn't matter. What matters is that we are committed to these two design goals, and if we don't get it right, keep working until we do. If you don't buy into those design goals, you're going to be unhappy. If you do, then great! All we ask is that you give us a chance to actually try -- and adjust, when don't get it right immediately -- before you cast your final judgement. Todd ACE ...
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    New Player Guide

    (This is also posted in the Pre-Alpha 3.0 – General Discussion forum. I wouldn't normally double-post, but Gordon/Tyrant suggested it, so here we go!) New players are streaming into Crowfall, and since the first experience can be quite daunting, I wanted to put something down that might make those first hours in the game a bit easier. Because I want players to like the experience and stay in the game! (So that we can fight later on! And I can loot your apples! No, just kidding, I meant to make up for killing some of you the other night!) I will assume here that you are on one of the PvP servers, where the main danger is other players. You can do some exploring and basic crafting on the PvE server, but the good stuff, and the action, is on PvP. I will comment on how you can use them in tandem further down in the guide. Do this first When you first spawn in a PvP world, you'll be in a graveyard. That's a dangerous place to be, and you'll be naked and unarmed, so for a while, you'll have to play the survival game. Run away from there, and avoid any player you see, until you are in a lonely spot. The center of the map is around 1500, 1500, and the edges of the map are sometimes quieter, so go for that. When you run, you can sprint by holding down Shift, but this drains stamina, so you might want to save that until you need to get away from someone. Now you need basic weapons, and for that you need tools. Chop down some trees and pick up everything that drops. Look and listen to make sure that you are still alone. When you have a bunch of wood, twenty or so, go into the crafting menu, hotkey J. Open Basic Crafting and select Basic Harvesting tools. Put in wood, wood, wood and click through until you have a rune in your inventory. Close the crafting and open inventory, hotkey I. Equip the Runestone Hammer you made by right-clicking it. Now you can harvest stone! Harvest the nearest boulders until you have some stone, say around 15 or a little more (to account for failures). Keep checking your surroundings, using eyes and ears, to make sure you are still alone. Run if people are approaching! Go into crafting again. Under Basic Crafting, go to Basic Weapons and make the weapons you need (and shield and arrows if you need them). Make and equip them. Check your food meter, the chicken legs in the upper left corner. It's probably run down a bit, so eat any apples you got from the trees. It's not good to be much under 7 (of 10). You can chop more trees for more apples. Now you're armed and (maybe not that) dangerous! Decide what you want to do now! Probably either trying out combat, crafting better gear, or just checking out the world. For trying out combat, be ready to die a lot, at least if you are running solo. Best is to get into the mindset of dying, and to make that hurt less, try not to have much in your bags that you don't want to lose, because your killers will loot your bags! In my opinion, getting into fights and mostly dying was a lot of fun in the first hours of playtesting, at least when I didn't loose something too valuable. And sometimes you will win, and that's exhilarating! For checking out the world, try to still be ready to die! People will manage to jump you now and then, and they'll probably loot your bags, so again, don't have anything in them that you aren't ready to lose! But do it anyway, because the world is really pretty (even if the edges of the map just look out over a white nothing)! If you want to craft, I really, really urge you to start playing with other people, because in a group of only three or so, you are sooo much more likely to survive and thus keep all the materials you harvest! I won't tell you everything, because it's fun to explore the crafting menu and figure things out, but I'll tell you a few things straight away! First, make a Runestone Pick, to gather metal ore! It's the same Basic Harvesting tools, but this time, you put in wood, wood, stone. Make and equip the Pick! Then, get potions! For this stage of playtesting, there are craftable potions (under Alchemy) that simulate higher skill levels. Make a bunch of harvesting potions, to gather the materials you need faster! Find an ore node, preferably copper or iron, because those are the lowest level ores, and easiest to harvest with basic tools. Harvest until you have two or more, and then make a Plentiful Harvest potion. Drink it (right-click in inventory) and then keep harvesting ore and making a few other harvesting potions (I won't tell you exactly which one, you'll have to figure that out, because that's fun!). Then, figure out what materials you need for what you want to make (probably some weapons and armor that are not the Basic ones), and go find them! Check the timers on the potions and go about it in a way that seems smart to you. And survive! Check your surroundings, as before! A trick is that while the crafting timer runs, while you are finishing the thing you are making, you can close the window and look around, the countdown will run in the background. Then you can open the interface again and move your new item to your inventory. Make new harvesting tools, because the basic ones you made before are just to get you up and running. Find them in the crafting menu and make them. Check the Penetration stat of the tools you make. Higher quality materials require higher penetration tools. Explore and figure out what you need! Also, check out Crafting Potions! Make your stuff! As I said, I'll let you explore the menu and figure out what you need, but here is a hint: most advanced stuff requires components and components of components, so it takes quite a few steps. But it's so worth it when you're done! Also, at one point in the process, you can name the item you're making! My first advanced weapon was called... Fantastikon's First Poleaxe. Yeah, I'm creative that way! About food Hunger is a real thing in this game (both as in The Hunger, the metaphysical force that destroys the worlds of the campaigns and gives us the zombies, and as in... hunger, as in, I need more apples!). The best way to stay on top of it is to chop trees for wood and kill boars for meat. With those you can craft a Survivalist Campfire, and standing close to one while not in combat mode gives you both food and healing. The devs are nice that way! But of course, there are always apples! A few other things to mention Do find a guild as soon as possible (check the Guild Recruitment forum)! Or at least a random group. It's so much better to have people around you. Getting the materials for advanced gear, and getting the peace to make them without being killed and looted can be nearly impossible on your own (unless you log in at odd times, when the servers are empty), but is quick and fun when you are in a group. Even standing guard while someone else (with potions) is harvesting is fun, because you have a purpose! (There are chests in houses and permanent camps where you can transfer stuff between players.) Do be aware of the stage the game is in! A lot of you belong to the 'Beta' playtester group, so it makes sense if some of you enter the game believing it to be in a beta stage. It most certainly is not! It's not even alpha, it's pre-alpha. This is basically tech testing that we are doing. It's fun testing, but it's still very early testing. Be prepared for new things breaking with every patch. Have patience. Do check the forums (but if you read this, you already are). Leave feedback. If you want, try out the basic stuff on the Sanctuary server! There are only basic materials there, so you can't make any advanced gear, but there is also no PvP, so you can explore some of the crafting menu in safety there. You can also, at the moment, move things between the servers via the Spirit Bank. You access this by opening your Character Screen (P) and clicking the Spirit Bank tab. This is an account level inventory, and whatever you put in here is safe from looting, so while harvesting, you can move your stuff here until you have enough. At that point, you can log out of the PvP server and log in to Sanctuary to do your crafting in peace (don't forget your crafting potions!). Or you just take it back out when it's time for crafting, even if you remain on a PvP server. Do note that whenever you put something in the Spirit Bank, it is locked for a few minutes before you can access it. Also, be aware that (as with many other things right now) it is not intended to remain in the game, and probably not for long in testing either. It's a placeholder until they have implemented additional game systems. Also, my dear guildmate Tinnis has a Tester Resource Site that is worth its weight in gold. (Well actually, since the information is data on a server, it's worth more than its weight. Let's say the servers' weight!) Be aware that there is a really nasty bug that means that sometimes when you have finished crafting an item and either press Take or you drag it to your inventory, it just disappears. It sucks, and it seems to happen especially often with the stuff that you spent a long time making, but... No, no buts. It sucks and the devs are working on it, and we all just hope they will figure it out and fix it sooner rather than later. It doesn't break the game, you can just do everything over again, but yeah, it sucks when it happens. (Did I hear someone telling me to have patience? Must have imagined it.) That's it for now, thanks for reading, hope you enjoy playtesting! Here are some videos (made by not me) that might be helpful as well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UphPQbrSTqY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hvsxs8vOQUc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z4glvv-ZxXI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VzxpubV_4MI If you want to add something, please do! Good luck! And good hunting!
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    ...here is a handy visual aid:
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    Hey folks, this question came up on our kickstarter page, and I thought it might be helpful to post it here as well. Todd --- From: Zach T. My concern is that if you soft launch, people who join at a later date are never going to be caught up, and if I recall correctly, not everything is going to be implemented at the soft launch either. It's essentially another beta phase. Now, say I'm a non-VIP member (Although I planned to be one). I join, and I play while not everything is implemented; if I invest in one character only to find out later when the full content is released, I really don't like the character. I'd be stuck playing that character, or be forever behind the trend. Now imagine you're a VIP player paying for the benefits; you would be paying for what looks like an early access game from the outside. That's not ideal imo - and lots and lots of youtubers and redditors have echoed this opinion. I understand your reasoning for doing this, but in a more cynical outlook it would seem like you guys are behind schedule and need revenue. If you just going to soft launch as you described - I'd think the game would be completed at soft launch, no? Am I mistaken and the game *is* complete at soft launch? Performance polished etc? If not, can you understand why people are having negative reactions to this? --- My response: Hey Zach, Thanks for the post. Here are a few points that will hopefully address your concerns. First: we just completed a private equity raise of $6m in December. Our launch plan isn't affected by funding. We are taking this approach because it's the best way to do it. Second: I think we have a disconnect on what "soft launch" means -- which is understandable, since different companies use the term differently. In our parlance, soft launch means 'the game is ready for release, we're turning on persistence and we're not going to wipe again.' I hesitate to use the word "done" only because no MMO is ever "done", so I think ready for release is probably better. "Ready for release", however, isn't the same as "Ready to market". Humor me for a minute and I'll explain. The digital distribution business is different than traditional retail, where you sold boxes at gamestop. When you have a retail launch date, you build up buzz and perfect the game as much as time and money allows, and then you fire every marketing bullet you have to drive players on day one. It's all about day one success. The purely digital model isn't like that. Games like Warframe or Eve Online or Wizard101 didn't become a "day one" success. Instead the process is highly iterative. It revolves around your "user funnel", which means the experience of a new player from the time they first notice you until they become a customer (or not). You'd be shocked how much effort is put into tracking and optimizing this process... because online ads have become so expensive that we have to track (and perfect) every single click, every impression, every decision. You monitor all of this statistically, like: ...is "Become a King!" a better tagline in an ad than "Rule your KINGDOM!" (+3.7% more players click on KINGDOM!) ...is it better to have a RED or a GREEN download button on your website? (+2% more players click on GREEN!) ...do I give the Newbie Hat a feather, or a not? (-4.1% fewer players without the FEATHER!) ...etc etc etc You also do this testing in waves, because (1) you don't want to make too many changes at once (it's harder to tell what the impact of any given change was) and (2) you can find statistically relevant data with a relatively small number of players (1000 is about as good as 10,000). So, why does this matter? We have a limited marketing budget set aside for launch. It's big for a small company, but tiny compared to competitors like EA, Ubi, Activision, etc. So we need to make our $$$ really count. To make that money count, we need to: 1. Finish the game, 2. Stop wiping (because no one really cares when the data can be wiped at any time, and that screws your data) 3. Start running players through our "new user experience" in batches of a few thousand at a time 4. Monitor the conversion and retention of each batch (technically they are called a 'cohort') 5. Try different options. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until your funnel is optimized 6. Once you've done that a LOT, and you believe the funnel is solid, THEN you spend that marketing budget to drive new players into the funnel We've decided to call step #2 "soft launch" and step #6 "commercial launch". Maybe those aren't the best terms, but #3 doesn't really quality as "open beta" (since the game won't be reset again), so soft launch seemed appropriate. As for the "player who come late will be at a disadvantage" concern, two points there: (1) players who come late to an MMO always start behind players who started early, (2) we have a catch up mechanic -- a training tome which can be crafted in game and traded to other players -- to allow you to catch up. FWIW, most MMOs don't offer that; either you grind, or you're left behind. We're a small team doing the best we can to make the game you guys want, and we're doing it the best way we know how. I hope this makes sense, and if you have more questions, don't hesitate to ask. Todd ACE
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    A comment on customer service.

    Context: The last MMO that I played was Archeage. I had inherited over time essentially all of my original guild's holdings (an absolutely massive contiguous area in an ideal location). One day I went to log on and one of my two accounts was locked. I immediately sent an email and waited. I didn't get a response in weeks, even though I repeatedly attempted to do everything I could. *Poof* the land started to go and that was it for me in Archeage. Today: I sent an email at 11:12PM to ArtCraft Support mentioning that I had my email linked to both my Crowfall and MicroVenture accounts and had not recieved my investment bonuses yet. Fully expecting to have merely missed something obvious I got an email back ELEVEN MINUTES LATER from Gordon telling me he had solved the problem. Keep in mind it was after 10pm in Austin... The Point: Just wanted to say publicly how much I valued such customer service, especially in an age where in order to talk to someone at my cable company I had to wait on hold for over two hours last week... Nephal et al
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    The Big Risk

    (FYI: JTodd gave me permission to post this as, at the time of these communications, ACE required me to sign an NDA) The recent founders update, “Innovation is Risky” jogged a memory of when I first heard rumors of Crowfall, before there was any information as to what type of ruleset we’d have. Back in December of 2014 all I knew was that JTodd was a major player in the development. Knowing his background and some of his philosophy from early Shadowbane I, along with the rest of the Winterblades, was intrigued. I reached out to Todd in December of 2014 with a question about an issue that was near and dear to my heart. Server health / population retention was always a great concern, both for the players and the developers. How to keep a server “alive” and fun into the indefinite future was always in debate. The game was marketed, sold, and operated as a traditional MMO with permanent servers, but eventually a minority advocated that Shadowbane servers have a natural life cycle and server wipes were necessary to keep the game, and the active population, healthy. The thrill of Shadowbane conquest came with a dark reality. The servers die. Real asset destruction had consequences. You and your buds work for months to build a fortress that the Desert Alliance destroys in a few hours … wha? That ain’t fun! At least a lot of players saw it that way and sadly they quit. As server after server was launched, thrived, stagnated and then died, I slowly came to realize that, despite my early inclinations, it wasn't the 1337 characters we came up with, nor the massive cities we built that made the game great; it was process of building, conquering, winning and losing with my friends. To use a cliche’ it was about the journey and not the destination. So I emailed Todd about my concerns with the big risk a pvp game entails when asset destruction is involved, knowing nothing about his thoughts at the time. It turned out that he had come to the same conclusions I had, only years earlier and from a completely different perspective. I thought some of you guys might enjoy reading about Todd’s view on the topic of persistence and permanence - from the horse's mouth as it were - before these mechanics even existed. This is the first time I’ve shared any of this: If I am correct, no matter your design in this game, you have 2 real choices: - watch population drop and wipe the server on a schedule not of your own making (creating the impression that your concept or design was flawed) OR - design this phenomenon into your game as a core feature set: a grand winning condition that coincides with, or is triggered by, either the declining server population or the player conflict events which cause the spiral toward stagnation (server war dominated by 2 factions, for example). I say build the server destruction into your lore and your design in such a way that it is the end-game. Every nation could have the highest goal of actually conquering the world. When that happens, based on whatever conditions the developers see fit (some manner of asset / territory control I would imagine), have the world reset in a glorious in-game dev-event (maybe spawn a bunch of high level dev-controlled Gods who go around destroying cities) that everyone enjoys. Then simply wipe the server and grant some legacy bonus to the victors and a smaller one to everyone else. I have ideas about this, but I won't bore you unless you express interest. Characters and items should not transfer to the new server. It's about the content consumption and you can't shortcut that. I'm telling you: the vast majority of the losers would immediately return to the game, because hope springs eternal. I'm sorry for dropping this on you by email, and I won't send any more unless you want me to. I do find it exceptionally interesting and I think there is an opportunity here to make what amounts to an entirely new type of game based on this idea. I also think it would work well with cross server combat and travel. Take care and keep up the exceptional work. Wes I didn’t know if he’d even have time to respond with his schedule. But he did, after emailing an NDA and asking me to sign it: The take-home here is that ACE, or at least Todd, has been committed to the risky proposition of convincing players that pixels aren’t permanent and that with asset loss and consequential pvp, the journey is more fun than the destination. Todd has not only thought this through in fairly painful detail, he’s seen it in action in Shadowbane. If anyone questions his commitment to this idea, take a gander at his reply to my email today asking for permission to post these old emails: I don't think Todd ever questioned whether this idea will work. Todd's biggest question was whether he could convince you, the players, that it will work. This last pearl from another email from Todd seems prophetic looking back: I think Todd’s sales pitch worked pretty well judging by the massive KS success. But ultimately it doesn't matter what I think, it matters what you all think. Happy KS anniversary Todd, Gordon and the rest of ACE. We can't wait to see what you cook up for us next.
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    Skill training matters...
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    A Crow has Fallen - Coolwaters

    He was certainly quite the character. A lawyer to the core of his being, his responses to forum warnings would put Clarence Darrow to shame, and still, in the end, we managed to wrap it up with a virtual handshake. While we enjoy getting to know most of our players online only, Cool was one of the few CF players I'd actually spoken with. MrMike and Bill spent many hours on the phone with him. Their office is near my desk, so I'd pop in and say hello. He was always cheerful and friendly despite the situation that was wonking up his connection to the game. Our hearts are with his friends, family and guildmates. Lastly -- and I hate that I even have to say this -- please be kind and respectful in this thread. It's not the time or place for shenanigans and improper comments will not be tolerated. Thank you for your cooperation.
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    Seriously folks, if the testing gets you torqued up, take a break! We love hearing the feedback and suggestions, but if you find yourself getting burnt out or frustrated, please step away for a bit. You can make suggestions about a 1,000x faster than we can absorb your feedback and implement any changes. We've got a very full plate of things to develop yet, but you've seen more than once that we will slow down our progress to address serious issues that affect everyone. That said, we aren't focused on making everything in the game perfectly polished and fun right this moment. We're working to get enough of the game systems in place so that what Crowfall will become is more apparent to you and everyone else! Up until we get the full game loop of Crowfall in place, in most cases we're only iterating enough to get the systems to be representative. After then, and through launch and beyond we'll be iterating on most of the systems and content to make them more fun and engaging to play. We are only testing pieces of Crowfall in pre-alpha, and alpha will come when we have the majority of systems in place so that you are testing something that truly represents Crowfall! Thanks for bearing with the process of exposing our early development (this process is not for everyone!)! We think it's helping us make a better game though it is high friction on you and on us. We're constantly frustrated that we can't give you more and better Crowfall stuff soonest! But we love hearing what you think, particularly constructive criticism focused on making the experience better for current testers and future players.
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    We weren't that happy with last week's version, and got a lot of feedback on that versions performance issues. The things we were working on this week to improve it didn't pan out, so we made the hard call to forego this test. As those of you who test continuously know, we aren't afraid to show the warts that come along with rapid development, but when the movement/combat fun factor is degraded by performance problems, it's time for us to step back and concentrate on fixing these issues! Thanks for understanding!
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    Uncle Bob via Mega Alliance?

    Hey gang, let's take a quick walk down memory lane. WAY, WAY back in Shadowbane beta (I’m guessing this was 2002?) we had an interesting thing happen. Our testing community was heavily guild-focused; teams from UO and new groups were waging war and building cities and sieges were happening and, in spite of the bugs, the game was kind of working. Guilds were going at each other, vying for domination of the Aerynth, the Shadowbane world. And then, one day, the fighting just stopped. A couple of the top guilds decided that, instead of fighting each other, they would work together in a big mega-alliance. They had enough manpower and enough skill to take over the server. That guild was called the Rolling 30s, led by a guy named Bone Dancer, and they did a pretty good job of locking the server down for a while. I'm looking at the state of the Trials of Malekai campaigns, and one of them looks strangely familiar. So, I have a few thoughts. First: if the game literally gets to a point where it is mathematically unwinnable, we can always end it early. This is testing, and the goal of testing is to (1) find bugs and (2) learn things so that we can iterate over the design. If we hit a point in this campaign – or any campaign – where we aren’t learning anything useful, then we can (and will) shut it down and move on to the next test. Second: while I know this can be aggravating, I want to make it clear that this isn’t a player problem; it’s a design problem. And it’s not an unknown out-of-nowhere design problem, either… as I said, I’ve seen this before. One of the major reasons that we pushed off the First Sanctioned campaign is because we didn’t have a rewards system in place that would help keep this from happening (the other major reason, of course, was performance.) Will the reward system absolutely fix it? No, probably not… but it will certainly help. Right now, the reward system is about as simplistic as a reward system can be: players on the winning team get a gold badge, everyone else gets silver. EVERYONE gets the badge. So, it really shouldn’t be a shock that players are working together to get the gold… because why wouldn’t they? A better solution, and one that we’re in the process of implementing, uses a combination of Multi-Vector Rewards and Reward Scarcity. I was holding off on discussing this because I wanted to lock the rewards down first, but it seems like a number of people are concerned, so let’s go ahead and talk about it now. Reward scarcity is just that. If every person competing at the Olympics could get a gold medal just by holding hands with their fellow participants, we’d see a lot of gold medals and a lot less competition. So, step one is to limit the number of players who can earn any given reward. On top of that, we need to have Multi-Vector Rewards; not just a single “do-this-one-thing-and-only-this-one-thing-to-win” rule because single vector problems are the easiest to game (and as I noted above, this reward system is about as simple as it gets). So, here’s an example of a better reward structure (and it’s JUST an example): 1. Gold medal for the top 20 players in the winning faction 2. Gold medal for the top 20 individual contributors across all factions, in killing/captures/harvest/craft Even this super-simple example is better than the “everyone hold hands” model we have on ToM… and more vectors, with varying levels of enforced scarcity, would be even better because it drives players to have to make hard choices to “win”. Between now and First Sanctioned, we’ll be spending a lot of time working through the rewards design to help offset this behavior – and once we have more players (and more campaigns running) that will certainly help, as well. (Dregs will, too, because guilds are more willing to form alliances than they are to form “mega-guilds” as that requires giving up their guild identity.) As I said, if the situation on any Campaign gets bad enough, if the game literally gets to a point where it is mathematically unwinnable (i.e. another variant of the dreaded Uncle Bob Scenario) then we will end the Campaign and put up a new one, making whatever adjustments we can. I know I could probably step in and ask the main guilds right now to stop holding hands and fight each other… but I’m not going to do that, because it would skew the test and any learning we might take from that test would be flawed. The simple fact is: our design needs to stand up to actual player behavior, not player-behavior-when-we-ask-them-to-play-how-we-want-them-to. Once we launch, we can’t expect players to treat our design with “kids gloves” just because we asked them nicely. I know that it can be really frustrating to test an unfinished game, and for that I can only say: I get it, I hear you. All I can offer in response is: we’re watching, we’re learning, and we will continue to do the best we can to adjust and iterate as quickly as possible. Thanks for sticking with us as we work through these issues.
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    Community Event - The Caldera Colosseum!

    For the past Year, we in Caldera had a great time exploring this developing game and playing together with all of you in the European Crowfall community. We saw cold-blooded ambushes, desperate chases and nerve-wracking skirmishes, but we are longing for the great battles that we expect in the game’s future. So we had an idea... Welcome to The Caldera Colosseum Imagine what we can do together! Imagine 30 Players fighting at the same time in the same place. Together we can make that happen, and more! So, this is the plan. Everyone who is interested in picking up the gauntlet, to join us on this nerve wrecking event: Show up on the EU Server on the 24th of June, at 21:00 CEST Connect to the Discord server here (https://discord.gg/ywMNHKB) Bring your own equipment We will assign guilds and groups into teams as evenly as possible, and fill them up with unaffiliated players and Caldera members. Then we fight. Not for glory, not for a prize, but for the pleasure of experiencing a glimpse of what this game is going to be. One evening of fun, fights, victories and losses is nice. But why stop there? If this works out, and you guys like it, we will continue doing these between campaigns! So what do you say? Will you answer the call? Event info Team forming: First we will all meet on the Colosseum voice channel, on discord. Here we will introduce and explain the event. Then we form teams. You will be asked to choose one role: Tank, Melee dps, Ranged dps or Healer. We will have set up individual voice channels for these 4 roles, and you are asked to jump into the channel that fits what you will play in the event. Hereafter a moderator will come into the voice channels and tell each person which team they are joining - so you know which faction you will have to choose. First phase: Each team will have some time to organize their groups. Then fighting starts, we start out with zerg-style combat, every teammember in their team voicechannel, with an army commander giving commands. We will do several fights in this phase. Second phase: In the second part of the event, things get a little more social and interesting. We will make 5-man groups out of the teams, and assign group leaders to each group. These group leaders will lead their groups in combat, and you are a lot more free to talk during combat, since each group will be in their own voice channel. We will do fights in this phase till the event is over. Attention! We will have a fresh bloodbath faction server for the event, so DO NOT PICK A FACTION before the event starts! Thank you!
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    Kraahk's Crowfall Maps

    News: 3.9 Maps, including some resource and POI informatins: see here. If you look at these maps, be aware of the facts that if you test crowfall for the first time, you should not look at these maps yet (play the tests without any map first or you will loose a valuable and potentially important experience) all maps are subject to changes (parcels can change, resource nodes can change ... AND the coordinate grid can change, even if otherwise the map keeps the same and at any time - so don't believe these maps blindly, test them first) these maps are BW 3.8 maps (there will definitely be some changes on east (+50% cells), and i will replace the 3.8 maps as soon as i nailed down the new environment) i rebuilt these parcels roughly, based on my own researches (they are not perfect and may not show 100% of the real details, but they should be pretty close or at least good enough to give the general idea) these maps are still experimental (feel free to share your feedback and suggestions how to improve them) it's christmas time (so have yourself some merry little holidays, relax and take it easy). You may use the pictures without editing them for any purposes. So feel free to share them with other crows. If you have something else in mind, contact me. Have fun, good luck Kraahk (click on the pictures to enlarge them) Some unnecessary words: edit 2016-12-24: added link to 3.9 maps. some structural changes.
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    Somebody Likes Me

    Lyrics: You just finished posting seven paragraphs of your detailed thoughts and nobody responds. And when all seems lost, something special happens... V. 1 My dog just ran away My roof leaks in the rain My kids took all my money My wife won’t call me honey I post my thoughts online And I hear every time Cho 1: Nobody likes you Nobody likes you Nobody likes you No matter what V. 2: I know I’m usually wrong But I had to write this song Just give my post some time You’ll see that I ‘aint lyin You may be laughing now But look it’s there right now Cho. 2: James Goblin likes me James Goblin likes me James Goblin likes me No matter what He liked my poooooooost He really, really, liked my pooowooowoost He really, really, really liked my post Thank you The cover art for the Soundcloud image was from Noc's Crowfall merch store here . Update:
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    Both. When you're hungry, it will be a nuisance. When you burn the crops and/or steal the food stores of your enemies, leaving them desperate and starving as the campaign rolls into winter, it will be fun. Todd ACE
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    So, we had a nice livestream today with an open Q&A. Here are the questions and the answers. General jtoddcoleman : For next 24 hours, 33% discount on Bronze Bundle. Get it while it... lasts? is hot? something. jtoddcoleman: In general, I need to start answering more things with "post launch", if we ever want to launch Q: 5.3 when? Thought they'd come at the same time as the R/C split A: no, we've been pushing to get CW polished, and 5.3 will destabilize everything. Here is the order of operations: 1) get past gamescom 2) get our first real campaign worlds up, with short timeframes (1 week) 3) get 5.3 out to you guys to start testing Q: With the 5.3 skill wipe is there going to be another 2+ week headstart for only alpha 1.2 players or with the lower test population of late will it be open to more packages A: We haven't actually talked through exactly when the next wipe will happen. that last one was actually because we pulled an OLD copy of the skill tree over, and hopefully we can avoid that going forward. Q: Will the Live Server universe get an update before 5.3? A: You know, I actually don't know what the roll-out plan is relating to 5.2.x and 5.3, will have to coordinate with BD and GW, because it's always more complicated than it seems at first glance. Q: Did you finally found a nice sitting position for our beloved centaurs ? A: no, actually. they've gotten worse. Q: If we sign a petition can we get coolwaters put in a little stronger than even the fallen hero? A: I saw that. I will post something when I get back. I need some time and focus to get my thoughts on paper. Gamescom Q: How is the reception to Crowfall at the convention? A: It's been incredibly well received. I had (not kidding) like 12+ interviews today. we had a line outside the booth all day. It's funny, because I forget how much stuff the "average" player doesn't understand/know about CF. Q: Going to be able to stream in other days....? A: We'll see! I hope so. Q: are u showing the game as it is ..like on test servers or have you made like a "GC version" ? A: Gamescom verion is 5.2.1. you have to submit in advance of show. Campaign Worlds Q : When we get our 1st CW will the map be the current size or will it be bigger? A : First CW will be like current map (the larger one, not tiny tyranny) Q: Will roads enable faster movement? A: I definitely want to provide a benefit for roads, but I don't really want to offer too many speed ups for players because it can lead to issues once they stack. my current thought is to offer a speed benefits to PACK and CARAVAN animals on the roads, to speed them up and make it more attractive as a means of moving building materials ...with the obvious side effect of increased risk Q: Would it be possible for Strongholds to grant players of the owning faction who are nearby a buff, similar to what a Bard's song does for a group, or what SB's spires did? A: Not directly, but we do have some plans (related to relics) that would be similar to that. Q: Any chance of upping the 10 import/export limit? Maybe with a change to spirit bank only working near a local bank? Trying to save the loot at the end of the test is a massive chore. A: Great point on the spirit bank. let me talk to TB about that one. And we definitely could up those limits. I would love to put a regen on them, so they max at 10/10 but they reset based on time or game activity. Q: An interesting way to increase the 10/10 limit and drive more activity to the Tug of War would be to tie the number to the slider. A: Agree! that would be even better Q: So the more forts you own the more you can import export? still doesn't help the fact that the limit of 10 is really low. 1 set of gear and a weapon is 5... meaning 5 for resources. and guilds that actually farm it typically have more than 5 stacks of each type of resource A: If you guys feel (in general) that more imports/exports would be better, I have no problem increasing the numbers. that would be a trivial thing to do (it's just a variable!) Q : Does the tech exist in the 5.2.4 build to make it possible for Stronghold Bank chests to only be usable by the faction that owns the Stronghold? A : Great question, I actually thought it worked that way. I'll have to find out if it's a flag we can set. Q: After release will we have access to all campaign worlds types or can we expect to see them introduced via packages through the store? A: No limitation to CW types. I could imagine us doing some kind of a tournament with a separate buy-in, but nothing planned for that right now Q: How is the faction bar experiment going? Are we going to see different win conditions in this build or next? I personally find the bar ... unfulfilling A: I want to try it on a real CW map, but we already have "King of the Hill" mode ready to go Q: As a designer, have you given any thought to possible ways to introduce persistence to the 'throne war' that is at a scale larger than campaigns? A: Eventually, I'd love to try out some campaigns that are more "sports" like in approach. For example: "This Campaign runs every evening from 6pm to 9pm CST, only." or "This Campaign allows each guild to send in a roster of 20 champions, and they start with a Fort. It's an elimination world; lose all your land and your roster is out" Q: Neat idea but that seems like something at the opposite end of the kind of persistence I was referring to. A: I have something coming on that "involvement of the Gods" topic Q: Can you elaborate on mounts and their use/presence in the Crowfall campaigns. As killable "items" are they also lootable etc? A: So mounts & pets & caravan animals is another design that needs a full pass now that we are here, about to implement. You guys see my pattern now, I'm sure: get the initial idea on paper, sketched in broad strokes, then don't touch it again until you get close enough to see it. Then rebuild it, knowing everything that you now know, that achieves the spirit of the original idea in the best/most efficient way possible. Q : With the ability already in game to Warp spirit crows back to the temples. why not warp non faction players in beachheads out of the beachhead? A : I'm not sure what you are asking exactly, but in the next build it the issue of beachhead camping will be addressed better Q: If we could just lock out other factions from entering the beachhead of other factions that would solve that issue. A: Next build (I hope) we should have a hunger effect on any players who sneak into an enemy beachhead Q: I am constantly surprised at how many completely new players I see in the test every weekend. One thing which befalls all of them is losing their first set of gear to having used the wrong statue to respawn. Any way this consequence could be made clearer in game via tooltips or some-such on the statues themselves? A: The entire new character and respawn flow needs another pass. It just needs to be cleaned up. Eternal Kingdoms Q: When can we expect to see the new castle pieces added to the current castle packages? A: Probably in the 5.3, we've got some issues importing data in 5.2 because all of the tables changed for R/C Q: Is the plan for EK's to have PVP flag for the whole EK only. Or will we be able to set it up by Parcel? A: We're going to start with whole world first, it's a good idea though so I'll try and keep it in mind Q: will there be the ability to sub-divid the EK to non-public areas but keep the general area 'open' A: I would rather find a way to allow you to use walls to restrict access... artificial boundaries seem lame Q: Will you make the maps less "square" than current ones e.g. land branches into "zones" A : Probably keep the square grids, but I really want to get "linking" of EK grids in -- which would mean you could make different shapes by connecting them Q : If a fort "supports" 10 players, does this refer to vassals (so there can be 10 houses but more tennants)? A : It's actually the reverse -- the player limit determines who can own / place buildings there. players are not limited to 1 building each. It depends on the building capacity, and upgrading the rank = more buildings in the same space. you can divide them up among players as you like. Q : I understand the chicken ticker nightmare will stay in CWs but is there a possibility to have it removed/disabled in the EKs? not really fun to stop everything to deforest the EK every 10 minutes A : good point. also seems like a good potential relic effect for a monarch to install in their EK Q: With the placement of target dummies in the beachhead. Will this mean the target dummy system/EK asset be done in the near future? Possibly 5.3 or earlier? A: Yeah it's also likely a 5.3 thing, for the same aforementioned issue with exporting our design tables CW/EK mix Q: Will we ever be able to build across parcels in a CW? A: No plan for cross-parcel, because it means that we can't move parcels in real time. maybe if we forced you to remove any offending pieces PRIOR to moving the parcel? Q: Even in a cw world where parcels cannot move? A: TBH I haven't really thought thru the implications. I like the idea of a great wall of china, though, so agree it would be cool Q: And will we ever be able to build roads via hippos? A: Eventually I think it would be great to add a system to paint roads, but that's not in the plan for launch. I think we'll start with "road tile parcels" (1x1s) that you can place Q : Will relics in the EK affect gameplay in CWs? If so, how? (Trying to see if EKs will have a use beyond setting up shops to sell to people going into CWs that allow imports) A : I feel the same way about the vassals system, actually. So I want to take another look at the relic design. SO MUCH has changed since we wrote that, I think it needs a complete pass. Q: Will their be none player controlled defenses added to game eg towers ? A: Yes, we need to allow for NPC guards Q: Will we see game mechanics like toxic water in swamp parcels which may damage players over time if they traverse it ? A: Yes, I definitely want environmental spell effects / bufs & debufs Q: How do you envision thralls in the world? Will they have the same 'model' and different names? Will we enter combat with them - or harvest like a node? Will they be static/predictable to spawn? A: We definitely need some "spirit thralls" (think spirit bear effect) but I'm actually thinking we might want hirelings, too -- mortals who look like, well, mortals. Q: Do we have to fight them to capture? will they roam the map or be static spawns? A: 1) probably 2) undecided 2) (or both) Q: I recently played a game which had meteors that fell from the sky, which introduced a dynamic event and focus for conflict over the rare resources - would CF's mechanics allow for such a thing? A: The seasons system is going to be our first stab at environmental adjustments. events are definitely possible, but post-launch. Q: Can you share any progress about the taxes/maintenance concept with us? A: Oddly, I have made progress on Tariffs, now that Import/Export is settled. But not maintenance. Q: Once the Class/Race split finished will the art team start working on the Kickstarter, 2016, 2017 EK asset skins? A: those are separate tracks; environment artists aren't part of R/C split. We'll get to that stuff, but my priority right now is to finish out this first archetype set and then move on to adventuring areas (of which we are SORELY lacking) Q: Adventuring areas? A: I feel the lack of adventuring areas as keenly as I feel the lack of TOTINOS PIZZA ROLLS Combat & Skills Durenthal : 5.3 makes combat systems-complete. Can we expect the devs to start paying more attention to balance at that point? jtoddcoleman : Yes, but don't assume that life becomes "easy" for the designers. they're going to be under the boot. Q : Any chance of using the lame-duck/zombie 5.1 Live server to test a high-level skill training environment, by resetting skill training to max for all players? Get some use out of it while we wait for it's repurposing. A : Not opposed to a "max skill" test. great idea. Guilds Q: So we keep hearing that guild support is working in one of the dev branches. Any ETA on this? A: It is in early testing, and will hit the website soon. but then we'll have to tie it into the game, so unfortunately it will take some time (like everything else) Q: Any decisions or thoughts on supporting guild-owned EKs? or still going to let players work that out for themselves? A: My plan (right now) is to have it technically owned by the GL with succession rules. Ultimately, someone needs to "own" the guild object, anyway, so might as well resuse the existing admin structure. Resources Q: Will we ever see new 'mothernode' types e.g. trees or leather? A : Yes on leather at some point (giant monster carcass) Q: Has your design approach changed at all in regards to regular nodal resources and POI's? thought we'd see (any) the later in these tests. A: In terms of # of resource POIs, we kept it low to encourage fights. I'm sure it will go up (and isn't hard to do, it's just another thing) Q: So far we've never seen hides higher than rank1 off boars or cats. Is there tech limitation preventing that? A: No limitation, probably just something the designers haven't gotten to, yet (that I know of -- could be wrong) edit: sorted & formatted
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    I can assure you we are going at light speed based on where we at (a bit over a year?) with the team we have. Astounding and incredible are the two most common terms we hear from other game teams looking at our project. "Because Combat" is actually a much deeper phrase than you realize. Combat is a lens into the entire game. Observing the combat in any game you can tell pretty much everything about that particular game. Think of combat as digital Tea Leaves because you can observe; the quality of the concept, character, environment, animators, UI, and FX artists, the netcode architecture, (client server or trusted client?) server architechture, (how does the server handle under load?) the character controller, (kinematic or physics) the optimization of assets / fancy environments + skys, (fps) the creativity and execution of class powers, (just basic damage/healing or powers that are fun and interact with each other / world?) etc,etc. Unfortunately any or all of those aspects not working right is instantly felt in Combat and makes everyone feel pretty much how they currently about combat. No matter what combat design you have a 500ms power input delay when you press a power is going to make it feel rotten. The same could be said of sub 20 FPS, clogged message queues, forced stops instead of blended stops on power execution, and or hitching as you rotate because assets are being loaded. All of these things we are working on right now because we pushed features around to make them happen now. It really sucks knowing what you need to fix but not having people free to fix it at that moment in time because other issues are more important at that moment in time. That however is the nature of game development. I have a feeling once we have powers animating the second you press the key, proper mass to mass interactions, great fps, no more hitching, solid server perf when lots of players in area, hit events in the animations, sound hit events based on material types, counter slash hit fx, and region based clients so we can turn the blood fx back on, combat will feel fluid, responsive and satisfying. I know you would prefer an answer that would let you sit back and debate the merits of how skillful it is, or how this or that encourages the zerg, but design decisions are not what is holding us up. It really boils down to time to build all the pieces I listed above that make combat (and thus the game) have all the elements it requires to just make moving around the world feel fun. Sidenote: Most gameplay systems like crafting, skills, disciplines are much easier because they are mainly handled as stand alone elements in UI's. Second Sidenote: The kinds of powers we can build for the Archetypes is pretty awesome at this point.
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    We had to decide whether we could call combat and movement "done", and move on. The answer is: they aren't, and we can't. The ripple effect is that we need to spend more time on them, and that means NOT moving on to the other stuff. The other stuff will come in later as a result. Todd ACE
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    Some of the people you're taking about left us last year. You're only noticing now because we decided to add an alumni page to the website to honor the work of people who worked on the project and for whatever reason moved on. We don't talk about this stuff because our employees have careers and families and... well, it's not appropriate. (Tully, given his visibility as our first community manager and later as a designer, was simply more noticeable.) In the last three months we've also added 3 or 4 new hires. Turnover sucks, but it happens. Austin is also a very small game dev community. I wouldn't be surprised if we see some of these familiar faces again. Todd ACE
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    We made a small effort to document all the crafting recipes from the current test version. We'll try to update this accordingly once we'll receive game client updates. Enjoy! UP2DATE for Big World 3.10 https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-fch6RxjRdCYNGBfdbYzNtrnAaXcfXwjXiV4v_witAk/pubhtml# Edit: Feedback is always appreciated!
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    Here's some thought's. The Archetype skills are not there as a means to customize a character, they are there to provide stats one would typically see via leveling up a character by delivering bear butts to some guy who really wants 6 bear butts for some reason. We are using a model where you gain those stats passively over time and will eventually get them all. The Archetype skills by design try to avoid doing things with powers. If we put in (cause we forget), we tend to want to pull it out. All of the Archetype customization is planned through systems that we haven't built yet. Disciplines, advantages, disadvantages, class promotions. I know it is easy to look at the 1 system you can play right now in Big World (skills) and think of ways to make it better. However the other systems are in the pipeline and should handle the desire to make 2 Knights feel different. Right now the Archetype trees are functioning how they were envisioned. Progression skills which raise stats -> that level up over time ->given enough time the player can get them all. Let's talk Universal skills! These skill trees are far different. They have many nodes which grant unique pieces of gameplay or functionality. Yes over time the player could get them all, but we are looking at at least 10+ years time frame, so it is highly improbable especially as we add more content the amount of time will continue to rise. Due of the extended time frame people will either focus on a sphere of gameplay (combat, crafting, exploration) or more than likely get a little bit of each. If I had to make a guess, getting some exploration/harvesting skills initially will be much more of a priority than combat stats. (Yeah you may hit 10 pts harder and have 2% more critical hit chance, but I can get wood grubs from trees and make campfires where ever which means I don't starve) Within a social group of friends or guildmates people will focus. One of your friends will beeline for the leadership tree, another might beeline for the Survivalist tree, etc. Figure out how you can make yourself a unique piece of the social puzzle. Catch up mechanics! Yes people joining after 3 years of vets having played will be behind. (As Todd and I like to say these are problems for futureTodd and futureBlair. These btw are problems we love to have, it means we have been working on the game for 3 years after launching and folks still want more!) This will be the amount of time we spent building the entire project, I am sure we can have a model for latecomers to catch up to some degree. The archetype trees are easy, as the time to train them is months. (If you were to go into any MMO years later, you still have to level up) Universal trees are a bit more tricky but this isn't an entirely unknown problem. I am sure we will arrive at a good solution. What you can do to help! Suggest more STATs you would like to see for the Archetype trees. Suggest more pieces of gameplay you would like to see for the Universal trees. (Or heck, even a mini skill tree) Example. We didn't have a way to get food in early Big World testing. There were no NPCs to kill! So I created and added the pine nuts and wood grubs to the trees as an alternate loot table when you harvested trees. Later I turned nuts/grubs into scavenged ingredients which now required you to cook them. Even later I made them require campfires to cook and added craftable campfires. This led to a plan for a mini skill tree called "Survivalist" that will contain: the ability for the bonus ingredient loot tables to trigger if you have the appropriate skills trained, the ability to grant to cooking recipes, the ability to grant the recipes for the campfires. I am sure it will grow even bigger as we find other things that make sense to put in it. Hope this helps clear up the purpose of the various trees and general thoughts behind them.
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    Come all ye crows and murder-lads and listen to my true story. It might save your souls... ...for i have seen the deepest dregs. Stage 1-3 Stage 1: 330,000 m below sea level First you think its cool. You slobber and you drool. You grow additional limbs to show off in the gyms. Yeah, bath yourself in glee. The truth is: You're not free! Stage 2: 660,000 m below sea level You feel a little pinch. One eye begins to flinch. The fingers getting longer (what you equate with stronger). You still think you'll get through. If you only knew... Stage 3: 1,000,000 m below sea level But your are lost. You just don't know. You take your part within the show that leads you to the deepest hole. And on this path, just like your soul, your face is getting darker. Ignition of the sparker. (click to enlarge) Stage 4-6 Stage 4: 2,000,000 m below sea level Oh, now you start to feel the pain? You think it will drive you insane? Suggestion: Better be prepared! For this is nothing if compared to what awaits you on your way. This stage is just like holiday. Stage 5: 2,150,000 m below sea level Your shoulders down, your fingers stretched. Your body, like your soul, is wretched. But that your eyes can't see no more, they sailed away and left the shore. Do you believe now what i tell? That it's not good to go to hell? Stage 6: 2,250,000 m below sea level Your body crushed, you feel your sin. You're down. Remember where you've been. And what decisions brought you here. Don't shift the blame onto your gear. Confess to her - and with some luck she'll kill you and get you unstuck. Thanks to the confessor who stopped my endless fall. I felt like reborn. And strictly speaking: i was. xD edit: couldn't count up to three. fixed.
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    Note: Our website is still undergoing some major work, so we're publishing this update here on the forum again. We hope to return soon to our usual method for delivering news. - Pann Hey, gang! Two great announcements for you today! First, we just crossed the line of $3 million in crowdfunding! Add that to our investment funds and licensing money and it puts us right at $10 million in project funding. Both of these are huge financial milestones for us, and we will be forever grateful for your continued faith in our team and in Crowfall®. Second, we have successfully started our first persistent world test! This means: - Expect the servers to be up for days at a time (instead of hours!) - Size of the world map has increased dramatically - You can log in and out of the game, and then pick up from where you left off from the last test session - Skill training (and equipment) are persistent between game sessions and test windows - You will continue to advance your skills even when the game world is offline - Skill training can be changed from the lobby any time – even when the game world is offline! This is a huge step forward for Crowfall. Our first test run, last Friday/Saturday, went off without a hitch. This test had relatively low concurrency (with only 250 people invited) but the server stayed up for 27 hours without interruption until we decided to take it offline. Our second test, which started last night at 5pm CST, brought the total number of invites up to 800. We did a game update this morning, and sent out another round of invites – bringing the number of invited players up to 1600. The test group now includes ALL backers with the Pre-Alpha1, Pre-Alpha 2 and Alpha 1 reward (in other words: Sapphire pledge packages and above). We’re going to extend the time window on THIS test by 12 hours because we also made a significant change to combat movement (with the Myrmidon) this morning, and we want to collect additional feedback. The current test will now continue until 11pm CST tonight (11/02/2016). Next Test Window Our next test will run for 50+ hours. It is scheduled to start on Friday night, 11/4, at 5pm CST and to end on Sunday night, 11/6,11pm CST. Our current plan is to invite the Alpha 2 Kickstarter test group first (~3,000 people invited), and – subject to server performance – we will look at adding the rest of the Alpha 2 test group folks during this same test window. Everyone in the Alpha 2 and 3 test groups should be in by the next weekend, 11/11 (unless we have some kind of development setback). Problems in development are to be expected, so don’t be too distressed if that happens. Every problem we find and fix now is great for the future stability and scalability of Crowfall! Remember: we want to invite people as quickly as we can, but that is limited by the performance and stability of every test version. We’ll continue doing mid-week tests, followed by weekend tests through most of November. Your skill training and inventory will persist between tests**. Exciting times! As always, we appreciate your help as we create and iterate on Crowfall, and we can’t wait to see you in game! J. Todd Coleman and Gordon Walton Co-Founders, ArtCraft Entertainment ** unless we have a development need to wipe the database, which will happen from time-to-time. We are still in pre-alpha, after all!
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    I don't think we have a fixed plan for launch already in mind. We'll be very agile about the process rather than have some monolithic plan that will never survive contact with reality. As the game comes together we'll all see how it plays and we're going to be fine with pure organic growth in the beginning. We don't actually want to grow crazy fast, until we have the game in a great state. For most large multiplayer games like this that takes at least a few months after launch, and often several months. If anything, I worry about people piling in too fast before the game experience is where we'd like it to be. You only get one chance to make a first impression. Almost every recent major MMO has ended up with a million+ people piling in at launch (often driven my launch marketing hoping for that outcome of course). Only to lose most of them within a few months. I'm sure many people here have that experience. Our game is targeted at a specific subset of MMO players. So we don't expect (or want) really giant numbers in the beginning, and we encourage you as our backers to only introduce us to the players who are going to be right for Crowfall, rather than every possible player out there. Longer term, of course we want our game to be appreciated by as many people as possible, but not at the expense of trying to make it a game that appeals to every possible player. We want players who want to affect the world they play in and are willing to accept the consequences of that type of environment. We want players that don't need every hand-holding, on-the-rails option in their game feature set, but in instead want consequences in their gaming experience. You, our early believers and backers, will help us stay on target to build that game vision through your feedback. We appreciate this more than you probably know! Thanks!
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    Citadel City

    Of course the system is in flux. It should be. For example: we recently moved from "pre-baked" strongholds to a modular system, where you can drop walls and towers and design your own castles. That's a major change, and I make no apology for changing it. It was the right decision for the game. But when major changes happen, other systems will inevitably be affected. And we really don't know the impact until we circle back around to those systems and re-examine the design in detail. Until that re-design happens, I don't like to talk about it. I am very reluctant to just "wing it" on how those other systems will be affected, because I know anything I say will likely be changed or just wrong. These systems are incredibly complex and deeply intertwined. The tax / maintenance system is a great example. We've changed a LOT about how world construction works, which had a huge impact on EKs. Some of that has settled; much of it has not. So, until we're ready, I don't want to talk about how and to what degree those system(s) may be affected. I can say this: we have two priories. ONE, make the best game we can make. TWO, make sure the backers are happy with the decision to back us, and the rewards they received for their early faith in our project. The only reason priority ONE trumps priority TWO is because, without a great game, nothing we do to support priority TWO will ultimately matter. So, all of that said: - We haven't forgotten about any of your rewards, - We aren't trying to "pull a fast one" and make changes on the sly hoping that no one notices. (ha! like that would work.) Sometimes, we will need to change the design to achieve goal ONE. If those changes require us to shift (or obsolete) any of the rewards, we'll make good on it, so that we also achieve goal TWO. Did that happen this time? I don't know. We haven't gotten back to that system yet. We're too busy trying to solidify the world building design into a real system. when I do know, I will tell you. and if anything changes, we'll make good on it. Todd ACE
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    Malekai.org | The Crowfall Database

    We are officially launching the https://malekai.org page today! The combined efforts of several community members (most notably Michael Fedora), this site represents a milestone for Crowfall. The game is quickly closing in on launch and we wanted to do our best to give players tools to look up in-game information without needing to actually be in-game. Theorycrafters need great tools, and we worked particularly hard on this project to make it flexible (to all the changes remaining to be made in Crowfall), as well as responsive to user needs. The site features some pretty cool tech as explained somewhat in this video. We'll be doing an article on Stealthed to get more into the nitty gritty coding side, so check that out when its out. There is still a lot left to do on the project, but the biggest aspect we want to ensure users know about is that we've allowed contributors to tell us when data is out of date. By utilizing several automated systems, we'll be notified immediately of these inaccuracies and can address them in a timely manner. This gives us all sorts of ways to utilize volunteers to run out and gather data as it's found to be inaccurate. If you're interested in helping us out, join us over on the Stealthed Discord! We have a launch video prominently placed on the front page for the first 30 days. This should give you some ideas as to how it all works. Hope you enjoy it! ~The Malekai Project Team. Edit: Sidenote... we are only going to implement changes if the tooltip is out of date. We are not going to guess/interpret what a power actually does if it differs from the tooltip. Sorry! Need to be able to validate our sources somehow
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    Uncle Bob via Mega Alliance?

    This thread has veered very far from its original intent. We have the feedback we asked for and a bunch of misbehavior that we didn't. I'm going to close this thread now because if I started handing out warnings, several of you would be perma-banned. Please do me these two kindnesses: - Revisit the Rules of Conduct, particularly taking note of the differences between the forum rules and the in-game rules. - When someone from our team asks for feedback, it's sincere. When you take advantage of that sincerity and use it as an excuse to troll or insult others, it robs you of the opportunity to interact on a meaningful level with our team. If that's a message you're sending frequently, it gives the impression that you don't really want to help make the game better - and in cases like that, I'm comfortable with helping you find your way out.
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    Big news for ArtCraft !

    https://venturebeat.com/2018/07/10/crowfall-studio-artcraft-will-license-its-mmo-making-tool-artisan-engine/ Hey folks, This morning we announced a new division of ACE -- ArtCraft Technologies. This is a long-term strategic move for our company; the intent is to build a technology base that we can not only leverage internally on future titles, but that we can also license to other studios. In the short term, this also provides two immediate, impactful benefits: 1. We signed our first major customer, and the funds from this will be used to hire a "core technology team" of 6 to 8 senior engineers. These individuals will be tasked, first and foremost, with bolstering and optimizing the Crowfall technology base in preparation for alpha, beta and launch. 2. To run this division, we recruited Josef Hall, a name that some of you might remember from my previous Murder of Crows videos. Josef was the co-creator of both Shadowbane and Wizard101. We've been business partners for 15+ years (every company until ACE, in fact) and not having him here at ACE for the last few years has felt, for me, like I was fighting with one arm tied behind my back. His experience, design acumen and technical chops are a huge win for our team. I believe that Josef and his engineer team are going to be a force multiplier for Crowfall, and for our future game titles. Simply put, I can't imagine a better addition to our executive team. Todd
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    A Crow has Fallen - Coolwaters

    Can we get a druid power named "Cool Waters"? Druids were his thing, would be a good way to remember the fallen. He was involved enough in the early stages of CF that his legacy should continue. @Pann
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    That's not how games of any scale are made. There are always multiple features being worked on at the same time and not all features are equivalent costs or built by the same people. Some features are so big or need to be outsourced and need tons of lead time. Bentley for example started on the Ektool and building placement last summer. It took almost a year to get those systems built. If we had waited until this summer to start that effort, EK's wouldn't have happened. Basically you need to have a strategic plan for long term and a tactical plan for the emergencies. It is certainly a challenge maintaining the Live environment at the same time as implementing new features because some weeks we have to break things, or inadvertently break things. This is going to continue to happen. For example: I needed a way a make a rectangle DM have a non uniform size for one of the Banshee powers (So I could make it wide and not high). Engineering implemented this for me by making all DM's a vector3 instead of a vector2. Unfortunately we didn't go and update the powers data for every single rectangle and raycast in the game. Which sadly used that new field (which had defaulted to 0) for length of the ray or rectangle. This meant the DM would gather all targets within 0m. This is why many powers were broken last weekend but not all of them. If all powers had been broken we would have caught it in internal testing. While it sucks to have a few bad playtests, have faith we will get those issues ironed out as we can while also pushing towards the larger strategic goals.
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    Metal Bar Combinations

    Spent a while harvesting a bunch of Metal ores and combining them in every way possible. Here's the list of the different combinations and the benefits they'll grant to the items that you create with them. Built a great Sharp Rapier for my Duelist with only top tier Tin and Iron and it rips people apart.
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    This was reported early on which is why we were limiting thing. The ways to do it were blocked. The people that took advantage of it did lose any ill-gotten gains (still a few in progress).
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    Yeah, I agree. I think this was a PR misstep. To give a little context, we didn't make the video *for* PC gamer. We just had it on the schedule to make a video for a normal Tues/Thurs update, to show how the destruction stuff was coming along for people who aren't in Siege Perilous. If this video had just been posted for you guys, i.e. just another weekly update, I don't think it would even been talked about that much. "Oh, some of the destruction stuff. Cool." An opportunity came up to place something with PC gamer and we took it. In hindsight, the video was a bad choice. It would have been better to do an interview with some screenshots, or character renders or something. We have a lot of great stuff to show, but the truth is that the game just isn't in a state yet where we should be trying to cut together trailers. It's too early and too un-optimized. On the good side, we did see a big up-tick in registrations yesterday (a multiple over any day last week) so at least some of the people who read the article (which was positive) and saw the video were interested enough to sign up. So: we learn from it, and do better next time. ... Oh, and one more thing, I would just like to say to Courant and JamesGoblin and the others who jumped in to defend us: Thank you. Todd ACE
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    Who the hell is Jamesgoblin

    Little is known of the immortal the bards call JamesGoblin. By most accounts, he was a mortal soldier. It is said that he fought with distinction in the speculation wars of 2015, that he carried the All-Father’s banner in the campaign to tame the unreasonables. Did JamesGoblin return to find his wife and children slain, innocent victims of a savage time? Did he slay them to prove his devotion to Crowfall? Kill them in nightmarish fit of rage? Perhaps none of these stories are true. Perhaps all of them are. Who can say, when a man who has lived a thousand likes? We know only that JamesGoblin angered the gods. As punishment, they shackled him with an account that only enabled the like button. Denied the chance for detailed opinion, JamesGoblin became a forum mystery—cursed to like and vanish in every discussion, across every topic,every day. He wakes on the eve of each topic with no memory of his past likes. He remembers only his sense of duty and how to like a post. Each day ends the same. As his heart falters, the memories come flooding back: the speculation, the debate, his opinions and the longing, and the anguish and the pain. He remembers every like he has lived and the pain of every ounce of speculation. With his final breath, he curses the gods… then wakes to like again.
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    Tomes P2W Model

    When/if we add tomes after launch (and I suspect that we will, because we do need a catch-up mechanic for late arrivals) we'll put a gate in place to keep people from abusing it. My current plan is to add a global max # of minutes since launch that players can't exceed; in effect, a new player won't be able to use Tomes to gain more total minutes than a standard VIP player who started on launch day. Todd ACE
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    A Crow has Fallen - Coolwaters

    FYI: In the context of his last post, the lore of SB/CF, and the sound of his active outdoor nature, I donated for the planting of twenty trees for my fellow druid and theorycrafter via the US National Forest Foundation @Pann I wonder if it would also be possible to give him the forum title of "Fallen Hero"?
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    ...as an odd side-benefit of backing into into this decision: since we started down the road of archetypes first, we ended up with a very diverse mix of races (centaurs! elken! guinecean! stoneborn! fey!) and kept that diversity in making the shift to Races / Classes. We ended up with a much more interesting lineup than most MMOs, I think (pretty damn close to Shadowbane's lineup, for those paying attention). Todd
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    It took me a while, but the truth is out there. Stonehenge wasn't about aliens, it was about Crowfall, all rocks fit the logo (no photoshop, kappa). Crowhenge. Edit: Added title to the image.
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    I'm happy to jump in, and I'm the first one to admit that we make mistakes, too. If you guys were to take a look at the design architecture for this game (or any MMO, frankly) you would quickly see that there are so many moving parts that it's pretty much impossible NOT to screw something up. There are just too many interdependencies for any team to "get it all right" on the first try. I'm trying to just make that part of the plan: don't obsess about getting it perfect, obsess about (1) setting design goals and sticking to them, (2) building a framework that allows for iteration (i.e. fixing things that don't work or turn out to be less fun than expected) and (3) iterate over time. I've been making MMOs my entire life, and I think my biggest mistake migth have been that I went into the Shadowbane launch thinking of it as a "finish line." It's not. Launch is just another update in a decade-long series of releases... generally, I now think of it as that point where the servers are always up and we decide not to ever turn off or wipe our persistence. Ideally the process should feel organic: we grow into our vision, we grow into our community, and (fingers crossed) we grow into enough of a revenue stream that we can all keep doing this as our day job, for years to come. Todd ACE
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    i would personally welcome a skill wipe etc [especially if it comes along with some sensible skill tree revisions]
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