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    Who the hell is Jamesgoblin

    Little is known of the immortal the bards call JamesGoblin. By most accounts, he was a mortal soldier. It is said that he fought with distinction in the speculation wars of 2015, that he carried the All-Father’s banner in the campaign to tame the unreasonables. Did JamesGoblin return to find his wife and children slain, innocent victims of a savage time? Did he slay them to prove his devotion to Crowfall? Kill them in nightmarish fit of rage? Perhaps none of these stories are true. Perhaps all of them are. Who can say, when a man who has lived a thousand likes? We know only that JamesGoblin angered the gods. As punishment, they shackled him with an account that only enabled the like button. Denied the chance for detailed opinion, JamesGoblin became a forum mystery—cursed to like and vanish in every discussion, across every topic,every day. He wakes on the eve of each topic with no memory of his past likes. He remembers only his sense of duty and how to like a post. Each day ends the same. As his heart falters, the memories come flooding back: the speculation, the debate, his opinions and the longing, and the anguish and the pain. He remembers every like he has lived and the pain of every ounce of speculation. With his final breath, he curses the gods… then wakes to like again.
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    Who the hell is Jamesgoblin

    I am going to print this to display at my desk. Well played, sir. Well played.
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    NPC's forsale

    This is a committed feature. Thralls can be looted in the campaign worlds and bound into buildings for various effects. See the FAQ for more info.
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    A First Look at the equipment line-up and animation for the Ranger FULL STORY
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    Hi, I'm looking for a guild ! Guild criteria: Region: FR Atmosphere: Relax and fun Casual/Hardcore?: Casual Size: ? Play-Style: Relax and fun Commitment: I will only play Crowfall et Star citizen Miscellaneous: Experience: LOTRO (3 years) PERFECT WORLD (1 years) WOW (1 years) A lot of other games Voice-Chat services: Any, but one at least !
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    I think a lot of people, even MMO veterans don't realize what kind of time it takes after launch to get the ball rolling. Using World of Warcraft as an example. They already had 3 other titles in the franchise and an expansion on the way before wow went into launch. The company was already a multi-million dollar corporation with 2 of the largest RTS titles ever. Not to mention a huge portion of player base from Everquest. When they launched World of Warcraft the game was riddled with issues, the class design was simple and in many cases poorly balanced. The content in the game was a lot closer to a traditional D&D rule set, which was unforgiving and a large part of the population simply quit playing. It took hundreds of balance fixes to make the game stable. Crowfall is a crowd funded, new IP from a new company that goes against every AAA MMO model in the last decade. It's relying on developer experience and community engagement to succeed. The more involved you are at bringing in new people and helping them stay, the better chance the game has to succeed. Many of you have already given your money to Crowfall, so it's in your best interest to help ACE get any advantage they can. If you have a problem with an idea, post constructively. Give the developers not just an alternative but, a well thought out alternative to a system you don't like. Give examples of why you don't like a system and realistic ways to change it. Help document bugs, help fix the website, post your suggestions in the forums and participate in constructive conversations. If ACE fails, we all fail.
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    I have two key design goals, and they are equally important. They also have not changed. 1. We want to focus on player skill, actions and decisions -- not "grinding". There seems to be some debate as to what constitutes a "grind". For illustration, let me draw a spectrum: On one end we've got WOW, which requires thousands of hours of fighting monsters, and an exponetial power curve. Power in the game is largely a function of the amount of time invested. On the other end, we've got an old-school FPS. Everyone starts on equal footing, there is no prepartion cycle prior to fighting that can be used to gain an advantage, and the power curve is perfectly flat (sans equiment). Power in the game is entirely based on skill (and luck.) Obviously, we don't want to be anywhere near the first end of the spectrum... but we also don't want to be at the other end, either, because that's not an MMO. But we want to be far, far closer to the latter than the former. "Removing the grind" means that we want the game to be focused on actions, decision and skill rather than a simple function of time investment. "Removing the grind" does NOT mean "you get nothing for time invested." We talked about resource aquisition, crafting, equiment, etc in the kickstarter video. All of this is a part of the vision, and it always has been. The question is: how much time do I invest, doing what, and what do I get for it? ...the answer is related to design goal #2: 2. Higher risk = higher reward. Removing the grind doesn't mean "the game doesn't include a single task that is repetitive." There will always be tasks in games. There will always be players who choose to repeat them. The design goal is: the rewards gained over time are a function of risk, and that risk can be offset by player skill. the more easily you can repeat a task, the lower the reward. the less skill is required to perform a task, the lower the reward. Ultimately, this comes down to balance. If we make the game such that you can't be competitive without endless repetition of easy tasks, then we have failed at #1. If we make the game such that you can generate significant rewards with little-to-no risk and/or skill, then we have failed at #2. If we make the game such that you can be competitive through the endless repetition of easy tasks with little-to-no risk, then we have failed at #1 and #2. As I said, it all comes down to balance. You can poke through every interview and chat we've ever done, looking for evidence that we will or won't screw this up, but it won't really affect the outcome, because it all comes down to balance. Will we hit that balance, right out of the gate? Maybe. Maybe not. But that doesn't matter. What matters is that we are committed to these two design goals, and if we don't get it right, keep working until we do. If you don't buy into those design goals, you're going to be unhappy. If you do, then great! All we ask is that you give us a chance to actually try -- and adjust, when don't get it right immediately -- before you cast your final judgement. Todd ACE ...
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    I'm dying waiting for open beta

    when will the game release? Im getting old, Im dying, Im still waiting for the open beta
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    Awesome. I can't wait to try it out.
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    Proper looking bows and armor, and some sick animations ... what's not to like?
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    Ok, I'm going on a little mental exercise here. On the assumption botting will be a thing in Crowfall: The botter doesn't out-compete me on price. He out-competes me on volume. On the ability to supply the demand. If the demand for wood is low... because the botter flooded the market, it hurts the botter as much as it hurts me. But it doesn't take away from the fact that if he's selling his 120,000 tier 1 wood for 1 coin each... I will sell my 1,000 wood faster than he does if I offer it at a lower price of 0.9 coins each. If the botter sees this... he can choose to lower his price to 0.8 coins, lowering his profits even more. Or he can choose to let me as a small shrimp get away with selling it at 0.9 without affecting his profits too much. This is what you get with EVE Online-esque player free-markets. They're ever changing, always fluctuating. My understanding is that in Crowfall you have the added difficulty of needing to "get the word out". I guess there will be EK's known to house botter merchants selling EK resources for next to no value. ______ It reminds me a bit of EVE Online actually where you have botters / AFK miners harvest "veldspar" (tier 1 ore) all day every day. Its then sold on the markets for next to no value. Hopefully the demand is there so the botter / AFK miner makes some money. If I start playing EVE now and I decide to "get into veldspar" I won't make that much money sure... but I always get to sell my goods if I offer a lower price than the botter. It doesn't really ruin the economy regardless. Because there's so much other stuff needed to make the universe go round. You won't see people botting the resources that actually matter because you can only find them in areas where you'll lose your head in seconds if you don't pay attention. With ACE's constant Risk vs Reward design methodologies, there's nothing that leads me to believe Crowfall went off the deep end. The contrary in fact. Why I think botting won't be a thing in Crowfall: Here are some quotes from the FAQ on the parcel creator alone: "Respawn [could be] 2400 seconds after killed [or harvested] by a player". "Since everything in the game decays (nothing lasts forever!) we expect continual demand across all tiers of crafted goods" "Even though there may be room for 50 spawners on a given parcel, the cap might be set to 10" [On circumventing the cap] if you are willing to buy [parcels], acquire the spawners, place them, do all the legwork of running back and forth to harvest by hand and pay the taxes; otherwise the parcel becomes inactive, meaning the spawners will turn off Maybe I'm reading too much into it... but it sounds to me like ACE is conscious about setting boundaries in place to find a balance between supply and demand. In fact, in every communication they ever did they seem more conscious about it than any other game developer I have ever encountered. They're also examples of parameters they can change to ensure a botter produces similar results to me as a manual labor person. Imagine a re-spawn rate of 4 hours on a single tree. Imagine 10 harvest-able trees on a parcel. That's 60 wood a day. That's 5460 EK-wood over the course of a 91-day CW-Campaign. Now imagine the CW victors coming back from their EK and putting 500,000 tier 1 EK-Wood harvested in the CW on the market. I remember Thomas Blair saying in a video the EK spawners are intended to be there for the "I need 4 wood to finish this recipe" type of stuff. TL;DR I'm not worried.
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    A suggestion for the god system

    The whole point of the Dying Worlds mechanic is to eliminate the incumbent advantage so that everyone starts on an even footing when the next campaign starts. Adding an incumbency feature is missing the entire point of the game's design philosophy; it's like saying "this government is just a small tweak to the US Constitution, the only change is that we've replaced the presidency with a hereditary monarch."
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    No worries at all Whiplash. Did the explanations make sense or do you have any more input? Always willing to take a look at practices in the effort to achieve best practices .
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    Test 1.1

    L'abbiamo letto tutti che venerdì è previsto l'arrivo del controller client side? Io dovrei esserci. Con la speranza di non fare lo stoccafisso in mezzo alla battaglia come ho dovuto fare finora edit: aggiunta immagine
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    I've seen this argument come up a lot in the discussion in many shapes. Can someone put me on the right track regarding this? I was under the assumption that: There's no auction house There's no way for you to trade your tier 1 wood with NPC's for coins. The only way to get rid of your tier 1 wood is for real-players to buy it from you. So even if I have a ton of a little thing. Is it not only of relevant use to me if there is an actual market demand for it? My understanding of Crowfall was that the potential value of something could change drastically from EK to EK... or from CW to CW. That it was up to the players to set the value of something based on their perception of supply and demand? If I "grind" myself a 1,000 tier 1 wood... I still have to find someone that wants to buy it off me, no? "supply versus demand" and "the price is what the market will bare"? Are these concepts still valid? Would I not have to hope that my own EK... or CW-popular-place-for-trade-i-have-access-to-without-losing-my-head has a demand for these goods? Would it not be wise for me to sell my 1,000 wood for 0.9 coins each, when there's a dude selling 120,000 wood for 1 coin each?
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    A suggestion for the god system

    Just drop the game mechanic incentives ideas. We got a no to the request already. Like I said, if you want the player behavior, figure out a way to reinforce it yourself, no mechanic.
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    Laughing at the irony, crying for humanity.
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    Blair has stated that Necromancy will be a discipline. But if the best smiths will be Forgemaster archetype vessels with the crafting-oriented promotion, it follows that the best necromancers should be Druids with a necromancy promotion. Just like a knight can be a smith, he can also be a necromancer. But the Knight should not be capable of training up to being the best in either craft. Druids, by their intimate relationship with and understanding of the essence of life and the spirit, deserve a promotion class (or 2) that makes them the premier artisans in these two crafts.
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    안녕하세요! Hello!

    Ooohh! Men! Its not the enemy, lower the weapons! Sorry ö.ö We had bad experience with threads named like this So the men get a bit nervous if they see something like this. Welcome friend ö.ö/
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    I'm dying waiting for open beta

    Stop giving money to capitalistic, unskilled, useless developer of entertainment software, who dont want to make games anyway, only money, maybe?!
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    I'm dying waiting for open beta

    His dying has molded his memories so he forget to include suggestions?
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    And where's your suggestion?
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    Yes this is exactly what I mean, having spawn points with monster hanging around suck. If they could just spawn here and there and travel for food (that's us) or like EQ Next planned (before turn quiet) to have Orcs wondering around where they could hunt down humans running around alone, but still not to close to towns or guards. They also said something about if you attacked a camp with goblins they might flee and rebuild on another spot, OR they would call for help and you would have a serious problem with even more monsters. I dunno if that would work, but I believe the idea is cool as hell.
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    A suggestion for the god system

    New players can't catch up with this system.
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    Download For New Backer

    https://backers.crowfall.com/#/client Go there to download the client. The next test is tomorrow at 5am CST. That's the European server, so your ping might not be great depending on where you live. You can play on any server regardless off your location. Keep an eye out for future tests.
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    Guild Swarms AKA Goon En Masse

    You know what they say in the defense industry, "Quantity has a quality all its own." Being there "firstest with the mostest" tends to be a winning strategy.
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    In our discussion on the possible layout of PvP, PvE & RP zones our Community Overseer, Noc, demonstrated his artistic talents by coming up with a map. Great job Noc! It's uncanny the similarities are to my own ideas. I'm thinking maybe we call this FLA Map Draft v1.0?
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    Ich weiss nicht mehr genau wie, aber ich hab mich Anfang 2015 im Januar auf der Seite registriert. Da lief noch der Timer in X Tagen Leute wirds was geben^^ Ich bin dann leider irgendwie nicht dazu gekommen mich am Kickstarter zu beteiligen, aber ich habe es mit Spannung verfolgt das das Ziel so schnell erreicht wurde. Game History unsortiert: Die 4te Offenbarung Ultima Online World of Warcraft Vanguard Horizons The Elder Scrolls Online Star Wars Galaxies Star Wars the Old Republik Tera Shadowbane (mehrer Jahre von der ersten Beta an) EVE Online (Aktuell seit mehreren Jahren) Naja Querbet schon vieles mitgemacht und ich hatte nach der Kickstarter Kampagne Crowfall auch ein wenig aus den Augen verloren. Vor etwa 3 Wochen saß ich mit einem Arbeitskollegen zusammen, und habe mit ihm über Spiele philosphiert. Ich sagte noch zu ihm: Wie genial wäre ein Spiel, welches das Skill System und die Freiheiten von Eve Online hätte aber in einem Fantasy Setting spielen würde. Ich hatte mir im Kopf schon ein ganzes Spiel ausgedacht. Körper als Hüllen (Raumschiff Hülle bei Eve) die durch Rüstung geschützt wird (Armor bei Eve) und durch einen magischen Schild (Shield bei Eve) modifiziert wird. Viele Welten verbunden durch Portale. Und die Seele dann als Gegenstück zum POD bei Eve. Verschiedenste Hüllen mit unterschiedlichen Stärken und der Einfluss der Skills auf die Hüllen. Dazu dann ein Echtzeit Training. So im Groben hatte ich mir das gedacht dass möchte ich gern spielen... zwei Tage später les ich dann wieder etwas über Crowfall und das neue Vessel System und wie Crowfall das mit den Skills geplant hat. Ich hab mir die ganzen Änderungen angeschaut und war baff. Genau das was ich mir gewünscht hatte. Wenn ACE es nun noch hinbekommt das nachher die Wirtschaft funktioniert dann ist das genau mein Spiel. Aus diesem Grund hab ich auch nicht gezögert und gleich gepledged^^ LG Belgerog
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    Edit: this reply originally started with a couple of questions. But I realize now there also some constructive criticism here. I hope you guys take it well. I come from a Star Citizen perspective here where many (but not all) of the medium (200) to large sized (5000+) organisations there have built themselves crippling hierarchies. From the outside it looks very cool but in practice it is highly inefficient. From my long-term observation I could only conclude they did this as a sort of meta-game. The over-excitement of anticipation and a desire for preparedness leading to a lot of theory in terms of organisation. While effective in the real world where you would rarely see someone be part of a recon unit AND fly an F-16... How do you handle such compartmentalization in a video game where people could feel like "playing tank" one week and "healer" another? Where people throughout various levels of hierarchy might not log in on critical days when it matters? Where priorities can change 14 times a week? You guys have put a lot of thought into your structure. And I want to see it succeed. I think you guys have a cool image, good intentions and your members seem very embracing of the larger community of Crowfall and welcoming towards new Crows. As a staple among current Crowfall guilds, I have a lot of respect for you. But form follows function. I'm not sure if they've been asked but how would you answer the following questions? Do you foresee both US / NA enlist to the same campaigns?Or would they act as islands on their own, focusing on separate campaigns and objectives, with separate hierarchies? Can it happen that I as a European will report to someone in Pacific timezone? Making it virtually impossible for me to build a report with that person? How is the culture of leadership? Do you have "open door" policies where I can discuss my work and how it should be done with the number one leader? Or do you have to follow a chain-of-command in terms of issues, questions and concerns? Do you want your members to have a singular focus in the hierarchy?For example: someone who is a cartographer III: can they also be special agent II and a Guild Recruiter? Or are the ranks more of an ornamental way to distinguish members for their past contributions? If I report to a recon commander as a cartographer. And I also report to a chief special agent as an operative, who among the two of them determines what I should do has a higher priority? If I report to a chief special agent, but I spend the next three days crafting... can I get sacked? Who will move me around in the hierarchy? Has your guild leadership ever implemented a similar hierarchy in another MMO? Whatever structure you implement, its intend is to ensure smooth decision making. They're based on "Who decides what", rather than "Who is allowed to do what in the game". I recommend you read about Strategic, tactical and operational planning. When implementing a hierarchy, always ask yourself where in the STRAT, TAC, OP tiers those positions belong. Example: STRAT: Leader + Lieutenants: Q: What's the focus for next week? A: We should capture that fortress in the south because reasons TAC: Lieutenants + Officers Q: How are we going to capture that fortress? A: Mon, tuesday, wednesday we're going to do resource caravans. We're going to need 50 people for each. Meanwhile we go all-in on crafting siege equipment and weapons + armor. Friday we raid the fortress while fully decked out. We will need 100 people and we will use XYZ plan. OP: Officers The operational level is the leadership in the execution of the resource caravans and the eventual assault on the fortress. I would keep this very open ended. People that are there monday might not be there friday. Let this be based on experience. People who are very good tactical leaders might be "poorly made socks" operational leaders and vica versa. Allow the people able to wear multiple hats if they can. Allow people to "Step-up" on the operational level in the absence of usual leadership. Cheers guys. And good luck! I look forward to sharing these forums with you for the next foreseeable future until we get this game of our dreams... and then some.
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    WildStar going F2P

    A spruced up themepark mmo complete with raids, battlegrounds, instanced housing, cartoon graphics, and all the panoply of other themepark mmos. The combat requires some aiming and skill but otherwise there's little terribly unique about this game. Games like these have become the equivalent of "The Avengers" for the movie industry. On top of that, its yet another mmo going the f2p model. The more we support this, the longer the industry will push for it. Pass.
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    It's not a joke: jokes are funny.
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    Agree with Courant that this is an important concern, but I also agree with JTC that the issue is in the balance not the systems themselves. For example, I farmed mobs in both Ultima Online and in Shadowbane but the time I needed to spend doing that was small compared to the time I spent in player interaction activities like pvp/politics/trade. So those games were fun for me because the balance worked. Eventually we'll get to test these systems, then we can give some loud feedback if the balance shifts too far into grind or p2w.
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    Courant I think that you have a vastly different definition of grinding than others. To some its simply playing the game. If we use too broad of a definition then pretty much every game boils down to being a grind with the only difference being our personal tolerances to it. I also fail to see how it was inferred that there would be no grind at all, all they said we no boring repetitive grind like we see in the typical themepark game. We play the game to get what we want not by doing boring tasks then we get to play the game.
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    I agree with you on the majority of the points you make here. My concern isn't about those ideas and changes being good or bad, fun or not, etc. It's rather based on what we were told "what determines if I win or lose is skill, decisions and actions" compared to what I notice, which is a slow and steady shift into "winning thanks to skill, decisions, actions, real money and repetitive tasks". It may end up being the right decisions from ACE, both monetary-wise and to retain player base for a long time, it's just different than what I'm looking for as PvP MMO. Knowing that only lower tier resources can be harvested in EK doesn't inform us on the profitability. It will depend also on the rate at which the resources are collected, the value of these resources, the ease at which the resources can be sold and the maintenance/other cost related to the EK. If we sell ten thousands ton of copper, it can be as profitable as ten once of gold. Concerning the max, I think both the maximum capacity for a user to collect (how many characters can be controlled by a single user) and the maximum capacity of resources available (they said in the FAQ we can bypass by purchasing more parcels) are not something I believe would be extremely difficult to avoid. Bots, more efficient techniques, cooperation between EK, real money, multiple accounts... There are plenty of strategies to bypass restrictions. The "risk vs. reward" is great I think and I'm happy they're going that route. What I disapprove is that the consequence, now, seems to have shifted to "paying more real money" and "repetitive tasks". It's ok if the consequence is losing some gears after dying I guess. We do a few things in-game and we try to get back some gears that allow to jump back in the fight. ACE has said multiple times in interview that it would be relatively easy to regear after dying and the equipment wouldn't make such a huge impact on the power of a character. With the Vessels in the inner bands, we now have to find the money for a new character if we want to continue to fight at a competitive level (we could stick to a default vessel from cemetery or decide to pick any vessel of archetypes we are not used to / passive trained on, but I guess it would reduce our chance to be effective in PvP considerably) and also the runes that the vessel equips, on top of the possible gears and inventory items loss. The hints we given about 1 character only per CW per account were: "[...] is it allowed to buy and use multiple accounts to bypass the 1-character (per campaign) limit on normal and VIP accounts?" "We aren't fans. However, there's really not a whole lot we can do about it. The thing we can try is: ensure that there's so much to do with an active character that playing multiple would likely mean you aren't performing at 100% effectiveness on either." http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/5575-player-experience-self-policing-suggestion-thread/page-9#entry135436 and "Probably not - we want to encourage players to play a single character within a campaign, so we’re putting design rules in place to encourage that. An upshot of this design is that the best “crafters” won’t generally be alternate characters, because it’s not a very effective strategy." http://crowfall.com/en/faq/economy/ [Q&A #18] The big differences I see between "losing a gear" and "losing a vessel" are that previously losing an item wasn't catastrophic, they said they were designing it so you can quickly regear and return in combat (gears grant power, but nothing unreasonable). Vessels however is the only access to use an Archetype. If a player has trained only 1 or 2 archetypes, and is efficient only with those, he may (still hypothetical but we were given some info about this) need to find 1. the money to pay for the vessel (donation for guild, grind, real money?) 2. the right person selling the specific archetype vessel, 3. pick a decent quality of vessel to remain competitive, 4. find the appropriate runes and then return to combat. Or move to a cemetery offering the specific archetype he's looking for and get a sub-par vessel. Or try to find on the map any archetype he's not used to and has no passive training for. So again, I've no problem with consequences, risk and reward, but I hope the consequence isn't based on making the choice: either I grind or I pay real money.
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    Trading for real money was always going to happen. Any game has it, and nobody can counter it, despite what courant thinks. VIP (as PLEX and other similar systems) is the only way to remove a bit of that trading and make it: 1. Somewhat more risky, considering that either you do the trade in the campaigns or you do some contorted EK-campaign exchange with the risk of being scammed. 2. Profitable also for ACE, which allows them to drop the subscription and make the game b2p ===> more players ===> profit for everyone. Now, regarding the 1 char per campaign, that was the worst rule ever imagined, as I said multiple times the past year. Everyone could just buy multiple accounts and avoid the rule completely, thus being MUCH MORE advantaged than a VIP player is now. Multiaccounts are STILL an advantage for whoever wants to buy and use them, but at least now it has some discomforting elements (since a VIP player has 3 builds on 1 char) and it scales much less with money. In the old system, nobody should have preferred VIP over accounts.. ever. Farming in the EK will be completely useless unless you're a EK-only player that wants to build his barbie's house. Despite what's being said here, farming poorly made socks in God's Reach is easy as pie. Literally one third of the map is at your disposal (surely much bigger than any camp one might buy in the EKs, even considering the number of players). And you drop MORE, and you drop BETTER things. Let's not even discuss how useless EK farming is compared to someone that goes to The Infected and better rulesets. Want to start your God's Reach experience with a T1 armor? Bravo, farm it yourself in your EK, or use the exported poorly made socks you surely took home the last time. Or just don't? You'll get one in a matter of hours, probably a better one during the campaign itself. We already knew PVE was going to happen, who are you kidding? You think you can support a MMORPG with no monsters? They HAVE to drop something useful, because with passive training there would be ZERO reasons to fight them in the first place. And no, this isn't the end of the world. Did you guys ever play a MMO before? Darkfall had PVE and even some serious poorly made socks dropped from monsters... did anyone ever complain? No, and the game was probably more hardcore than this will ever be. More poorly made socks drops from monsters, more fights will happen around them. You guys are literally complaining about useless poorly made socks. Complain about the delay on CC, complain about the range limit on arrows, complain about combat being too slow.... for god's sake.
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    I did some digging before I posted and all I saw was that the character would be locked to a campaign (meaning that character could not campaign hop), but I did not find anything that said you could not put all of your characters into the same campaign. Even Courant said "they hinted", not "they said". If somewhere, deep within the forgotten threads and posts of the forum a dev said so and I missed it (I did skim all news posts, oldest general discussions, and the question section but it was not as extensive as a search could be), then I apologize. (I do not say the following statement in any mean way in the slightest) I did some digging before I posted, and Courant has been here almost since the beginning, and while I do not discredit you, forgive me for not accepting your claim at face value with no evidence and just the fact you have been here early on. If they said so, I apologize. I didn't see it, but I cannot claim a completely thorough search either. That said, I stand by what I said as a result of my search and if it's wrong then so be it. It can be seen even within the FAQs the different (and contradicting) information as the game took shape (read the Kickstarter FAQ then go look at Character Progression FAQ). We bought into a game in development, and there was always the risk of things not coming out the way we expected. It is still early in development, so, as I said before, I will hold off judgement on certain systems and areas until we know more.
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    Sure but you can't provide meaningful feedback for the game?
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    Well I haven't actually defended their current implementation of combat at all but ok.... Since you can't address the points i've made i'll just take it as more evidence that you like preaching doom and gloom but don't actually want to provide constructive feedback for the game...
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    Mapping out the campaign

    Spontaneously i would say, how about an ingame Map Builder, based upon the kingdom and parcel builder? You can use it like the other builder tools and place parcels onto a grid. You can create flags to mark specific POIs. You can add notes to those flags. Options: If you close the map builder, the map is gone. You might "save" a map, by making an inventory item (a map) out of it (as much as you want). You might load an existing map out of your inventory into your map builder. Inventory maps are lootable. Advantages i see: - the general builder system has to be developed anyway. better than having to build a completly new system for maps. - you have to "draw" your own map, you have to interpret what you see ingame in the right way. or your map is useless/wrong. - possibility of exchanging maps. and by this great espionage and misinformation and trading and planning possibilities. - might be used as a (shareable) kingdom planner as well.
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    Often true, but not necessarily. Magic doesn't inherently shatter physics. Sometimes it simply expands upon them. Can real humans conjure a ball of electricity that can then be hurled at something? No. But if they could, that would be magic. Doesn't mean you can't have the ball of lightning perform as much within the realm of physics as possible. Magic is essentially no different from any other natural force. It's simply fictional. One could easily assume it's just as difficult to light a wet log with magic fire as it is with mundane fire, for example. If you ask me, all the best magic systems at least bow courteously to science and the rules of nature.
  45. 1 point
    Greetings. I for one believe Eternal Kingdoms are the lynchpin of this game. They're magnificent and beautiful places where we can write our stories and live our lives.
  46. 1 point
    IMAGINE.... Imagine a world without....................Gold Farmers.
  47. 1 point

    From the Crowfall team

    Blessings of the season to you and yours. Stay safe and warm! ~P~
  48. 1 point

    What do you think of the Male druid

    From a design perspective, making 2 front line support classes and no back line support makes a lot less sense than one of each. We already have Legionnaires... Also, the Frostweaver role has been updated to a melee magical dps class.
  49. 1 point

    Mmo Crafting The Bane Of My Existence.

    If that was an MMO I would download and try it right now based purely on that. That is the coolest crafting sequence I have ever seen. I did notice it pumped out a blade pretty fast and didn't seem to offer much ability to customize or improve it. If you combined that with an improvement system like Wurm's and gave it the customization of Mortal Online you would easily have the best crafting system ever seen in an MMO.
  50. 1 point

    Mmo Crafting The Bane Of My Existence.

    Something like that would be pretty awesome, billybowl! I would probably want something beyond binary "did you click to hammer the blade 10 times, or did you not?" (if that's what's going on in that video), but, still. Functionally, that'd be awesome. No extra interface or anything. No "minigame." Just... regular gameplay, that happens to be crafting. Just have the temperature of the forgefire fluctuate. Maybe how much coal you have in there affects this, AND when/how much you've bellows'd it would affect it on a more short term/immediate level. Then, how hot the blade gets affects how it reacts to being hammered, etc. Little player finesse, little RNG. Voila!
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