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    Hey guys, This is Larissa (can't log into my "official" account so this will have to do) I feel incredibly grateful for all the support and love that this community has given us. Thank you so much for caring about the individuals who've made Crowfall apart of their lives. I've been on the project for two years and, though there were times that it still felt like a job, there's really no experience like working on badass stuff and shooting the ---- with amazing coworkers. What's so great about the game industry is that we're all family here. It's such a small world. You'll hear from us again in some project or another. I have faith that Crowfall will be an incredible game. Please continue to support the people who are still there; they deserve a lot of appreciation for all the effort they've put into making this an enjoyable game. They really DO care. They are passionate and wonderful, and I really will miss them a ton. I am still going to be posting art if you ever feel so inclined to come follow me, and I am kinda-sorta-really-not-much on twitter @larissaangus If ACE allows me, I'll probably still stalk the forums too. Anyway, super mushy stuff aside, thanks again! It means a lot to us!
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    It would literally be every game that ever launched. You can launch an unfinished product. But don't you dare launch a bug ridden, dupe happy, laggy piece of crap full of cheaters.
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    Maybe all what is blue is water, the dark blue/green are submerged lands, and light green is wild land. Possibly that we only drop parcels on "wild lands". The ones with vegetation look like resources parcels, and the empty green ones I think are those we can build structures on them.
  4. 3 points
    It would be a survival game...
  5. 2 points
    Most likely it's just because they didn't give a poorly made socks about you or any other member of these forums.
  6. 2 points
    I'm loving that skybox, if indeed it is a skybox. What are the chances we could get a dynamic skybox that would allow the skilled or enlightened to read the stars for portents?
  7. 1 point
    I got to drop the scoop on a new video, keep screenshots and upcoming anniversary celebrations FULL STORY
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    Hello all!

    Hello Fellow Gamers! Just introducing myself, I'm Fiendly. Been a gamer for as long as I can remember (20+ yrs) and I am looking forward to meeting you and having fun with this game!! I am really excited about what is in store for all of us! Fiendly
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    Who knew we'd ever see another carebear come and suggest PvE content? Good god.
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    Like others have said, this is directly opposed to the current vision of Crowfall. Another issue that hasnt been touched on as much is that creating raids and PvE content like you want takes another full game's worth of funding. Creating a level in a videogame can take weeks or even months (and staff for those months is expensive, that staff being the vast majority of the costs). Creating entire tile-sets for levels helps cut down on costs a little, but that doesn't change the fact that you need to put in a massive initial investment for only small long-term savings. Unless there are a few million dollars lying around that we don't know about this won't even be possible. Even if those dollars are lying around they would be far better spent on Crowfall's unique vision instead of blindly pandering to the WoW audience. Who, by the way, have no reason to pick our half-baked shoe-horned-in PvE over the highly refined content offered by WoW.
  11. 1 point
    Before you get flamed off the forum, I would suggest you look further into the FAQs (in fact, I suggest anyone interested read them all). The reason you are not seeing posts about PvE campaign worlds is because this game is structured around PvP. There are no raids and instances, and PvE only exists in symbiosis with PvP (need to fight over materials, land, points of interest). The closest you might get to anything like this is by putting energy into creating your EK in this vision (to whatever extent that will be possible). Good luck.
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    Maybe you're right, but at this point it's just speculation. The only ones detaining the information required to make the estimation about the launch date are the developers, and as far as I know they haven't informed us of any delay yet. As for the presumption that "since 2.0 has been delayed by a month, the launch also is delayed by at least a month", it may end up being correct or incorrect, but at this time it's impossible to know for us. If we knew what caused the delay, in the first place, maybe we would be somewhat closer to being able to make an educated guess. Is it because the entire timetable has slipped by a month, or is it because a specific feature (Ranger ability, animation, wall destruction, siege mechanics, etc.) isn't working as intended so further testing is required before launching test? And will they hire more programmers that will speed up the development? Will they give up on certain complex features like environment destruction, procedural tile placement, tunnels, virtual reality, etc.? Will they reduce the amount of archetypes, seasonal effects, monsters, rulesets, armors, powers, disciplines, types of castle for launch and add them gradually later? We have no idea, all what we know is that they haven't announced any delay, and until they do, we can only speculate about that.
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    Weather or not we have confirmation of a delay isnt important. It was silly to think an MMO would get built that quickly to begin with. The launch is going to be delayed at least by the same amount as 2.0 was delayed; I don't see how that time can be made back I agree to this 100%. But following your bout with courant was hard. Please quote the person you are talking to
  14. 1 point
    Yep, Fenris is right. The upload option has been broken for a while now. Iri~
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    Da ich noch recht neu bin und es gut sein kann, dass ich evtl. bereits vorhandene Beiträge übersehen habe, poste ich meine Wünsche zunächst unter Vorbehalt. Sollte jemand ein paar Informationen zu meinen Punkten habe, so freue ich mich natürlich über jegliche Rückmeldung. Ich wünsche mir mehr Informationen zum Thema... Wirtschaft, Logistik, Mobilität, Burgen und Sicherheit: Ich würde mich über Konzeptbeispiele bezüglich Wirtschaft und Logistik freuen. Gerne auch mal den vergleich zu Ansätzen oder Ideen von anderen Spielen wie EVE-Online oder ähnlich. Wie darf ich mir das Konzept mit den Steuern(Tax) vorstellen? Gibt es dies auf alle Erträge in Form von Matterial (wie Holz, Stein usw.) das dann direkt beim Abbau an die jehweiligen "Gebietsherren" automatisch abgetragen werden? In welcher Art und Weise bewegen sich Helden(Spieler) und Handelswaren von einem Königreich in ein anderes? Müssen Handelsgüter immer von einem Spieler begleitet werden oder kann man diese per Auftrag veranlassen? Haben Warentransporte eine Reisedauer? Gibt es einen Globalen Marktplatz oder entstehen diese ähnlich wie in EVE-Online von den Spielern selbst? Kann man die Preise von Waren in anderen Königreichen aus der Ferne einsehen um zu vergleichen? Wird es Skills geben, dies dies ggf. unterstützen? Bei einem Fort oder eine Burg ist im Shop die Rede von Sicherheit, in wie fern hat Sicherheit eine Bedeutung für Königreiche? Können diese in irgend einer Weise Angegriffen oder ausgeraubt werden? Kann man ggf. den Warentransport anderer Spieler manipulieren, beeinflussen oder ausrauben? Allgemein finde ich wenig Informationen über Burgen, welchen konkreten Nutzen diese haben, abgesehen vom Land das man bekommt, hier wünsche ich mir mehr Konzeptinformatioenn zu den Inhalten, die man bereits im Shop erwerben kann. Spnatan fällt mich diesbezüglich Nichts weiter ein und würde mich natürlich über jegliche Art von Informatioenn freuen Beste Grüße Feuerwehr
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    We can surely compare Crowfall to other projects and speculate about its launch date based on how other projects suffered delays. However, the last time I've heard about it, we were still on track with the initial schedule. We started testing end of summer as planned, 2.0 is happening a little later than originally planned but it may or may not be an indicator of a delayed launch date. It all depends on how far the development really is, what they want in the game for launch, how the future tests will go, how fast the development goes, etc. and we don't have this information yet.
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    Its not the first game project we are obersing by now, isnt it? We all know hos things work I guess. Barely ever heard of a game giving out a release date at start of developing, and then really releasing on that date. Its a mythos, like unicorns, reindeers and honest people in politics, they just dont exis in reality, only in people's minds.
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    We don't really know how far the development is, what are the major things still missing to the core module or any details about the timetable for the future tests (but 2.0 in March), so it's hard for us to judge. Until they share information about it, I guess that we can only base our expectation on the most recent estimated date given by ACE: December 2016.
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    December 2016 as release date isnt realistic by now anymore for sure. At best release will be somewhere in 2017, and more likely towards the later late second half of 2017. But first campaign world testing is within reach it seems. Lets hope, that the new staff finds into the job quick.
  20. 1 point
    I wonder if it changes anything to the estimated launch date. Last time I heard ACE talk about it, it was still planned for December 2016. ACE has a lot of non-development related positions like video producer, marketing, web, community staff, translation. With several developers leaving, I guess the ratio gets even bigger, hopefully enough resources go to the development. Also wonder if they've found the quality insurance guy yet.
  21. 1 point
    Well, I was really looking forward to sbe.exe. I feel sort of numb now...
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    World Slots instead of Character Slots

    Thanks for your suggestion. As far as i understood, the principles of your idea are already planned to be implemented. Generelly you should be able to change your vessel within a campaign and the number of campaigns you can participate in should be limited. You should also be able to leave a campaign (under some cost). But all of this can be restricted by the individual campaign rules. Following the basic principle: the bigger the risk, the higher the possible gain. If they will provide additional campaign places for sale, who knows. I wouldn't like it, since for me this would feel a bit like pay2win. The more campaign places you have, the more you can gain.
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    I think they said you can set your personal EK to PVP if you wish. Since I do not want to run a kingdom myself, I will offer my EK to my guild 'king' as a PVP enable battleground for guild events that are PVP. Since the EKs are singular then there would be no real uncontrolled crossover for the guilds regular EK central operation.
  24. 1 point
    It does seem that social and trade activities will be dominated and centralized within an EK. Also. since each EK is a separate 'world' there is no continuity or 'one land mass' covered by 'kingdoms' so there will have to be some game system introduced so that players will even know about other kingdoms. Even exploration to discover other EKs is not mentioned. Still a long way to go. I guess 'parcels' will be sold in the shop to bring in revenue and I understand this if expense doesn't limit such things to a few well off players. The 'layaway' system actually sounds like a way to allow players who actually cannot afford to buy 'stuff' from the shop to at least get some access without real cash. Although I am not yet eligible to participate in the 'tests' I can see from videos that the UI is becoming a bit crowded. Also the Skills system is massive and will be intimidating to new players. I presume some sort of tutorial will be included, especially with all the icons that a player will have to remember, especially in PVP combat. All of these things will have to be thought through carefully. Some weaknesses show up only as major over time, usually seen in a drop in player retention, always a bad sign. When I paid my cash into what is, in all fairness, a Game Wall Street investment, I followed the mantra 'you pays ur money and takes ur chances'. I have every hope this game will succeed 'cause I bet it will.
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    Seems to be an industry of transients and opportunists. Is the nature of the beast I suppose, every time a game is done a pile of devs have to go elsewhere. Modern day gypsies.
  26. 1 point

    Horse Taxi Service Confirmed?!?

    http://www.twitch.tv/oberoncf/v/46325403?t=01h09m012s Yes this has been confirmed
  27. 1 point
    I dont see the taxing system in this GUI, what is the plan for the taxing system?
  28. 1 point
    Reading stars for "signs" is one thing... Reading stars for direction is another (ranger pls). But of course the patterns would change if you're in a different world. Or would they? -- Awesome screenies as always; still absolutely love the art style! (Not too "try-hard" realistic, not too.. low poly / ugly Beautful!)
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    Incredibly unlikely, but I shall hope along with you. *crosses fingers and prays hard*
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    I'm sad to see Tully and Larissa are gone. It does seems as if we've lost favored family members, and I'm somewhat surprised they didn't stop by the forums to say goodbye. Please keep that handsome astrophysicist Bill Dalton Iri~
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    Thats what the CWs are for. Castles and keeps will be built in CWs and fought over and captured and destroyed. EK is for basically housing, trophy rooms, lobby, social area, market places.
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    I this that your post is lacking consideration for the developers' contributions and our attachment to them. "They all are not even aiming for it, they got totally no visions or claim, or seemingly any liking or passion for games." "ACE with Crowfall, CIG with Star Citizen and CD Projekt (Gog.com) are the only companies who really care about games and the people buying and playing them." "So dont even worry, because this isnt even possible to become any bit worse than what all the other crappy companies out there produce as games these days." If I understood your message, you're saying that all video game companies but 3 are crappy, don't care about their fans and only have one goal: make profit. It seems inaccurate. Pretty sure that most creative directors have ideas they want to share with the world, many artists are doing their job because they love art and they are interested to work on a project, lot of programmers are passionate about coding, systems and innovation... They have unique experiences, abilities and motivations and inevitably, if they get replaced, the team is losing a part of this. The people who left recently, Billy, Larissa, Nick, Tully, Allison, Seth and Thomas, represent for me a big part of the "core" of ACE. Most of them were there at the beginning, some spent 2 years working on Crowfall, I consider their contribution to be enormous and Crowfall wouldn't be the same today if those 7 individuals would have been other people. I'm confident that the newly hired developers will do a great job, but it's still disappointing to see the ones we appreciate leaving.
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    I didnt even care about Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. I wont look at the franchise or Battleborn again until they got the guts to bring a Borderlands 3 out and put the 3 behind the name of this new game. Because thats whats gonna be the deal, not a Pre-Sequel full price Addon which nobody wants or cares about. Borderlands 3 would have to be a full fledged MMO with a great new experience for not only people who are familiar with the Borderlands franchise, but also are familiar with the MMO genre. And I can understand that they are hesitating, as no game studio for quite some time until today, was able to give players a new fresh experience in the MMO genre so far for so long now, resulting in the Dark Age of (Online) Gaming. They dont know what this game Borderlands 3 should be yet. as they stated theirselves, and thats fine, but hopefully they are really working hard to figure it out, because time is on the matter and people wont accept another fail like the Pre-Sequel. Also the money grabbing in Borderlands 2 with all these DLC and microtransactions was clearly too much, and only cheap money grabs.
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    Yeah it's kind of in Tomb Raider territory, more content is always good but you have to innovate the experience to justify multiple sequels.
  36. 1 point
    Borderlands franchise isnt looking too good lately. If they dont get it done with Borderlands 3 and make it a real new experience, the franchise will be done for.
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    If you really love them and thats what they really want, then you have to let them go, or you didnt ever really love, respect or recognize them in the first place. Like Faye had to let Spyke go... Also lets give the new ones a fair chance to get some love. We arent uncaring parents, arent we?!
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    Because we care. It's not fun to see people you like working on something you like, leaving the company you like.
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    I think if Todd doesn't like the name he should be fired. If we beg specifically-you for further insider information, would that be called Pannhandling? "A new 640x480 screenshot? Oh, THANK you! I shall feast tonight!" Seriously, though... That keep shot looks AMAZING! The art style in this game is so refreshing. And 'dat lighting on those keep bricks! *bites lip*
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    Borderlands 2 plus all DLC A Borderlands monster pack with Borderlands 1 & all DLC, Borderlands 2 & all DLC and Pre-Quel.
  41. 1 point
    That doesn't stop us from wildly speculating though!!
  42. 1 point
    Well if ACE would actually tell us what's going on, it would help I guess. No idea why we're not informed about it before they actually modify the team page, or before MassivelyOP finds out.
  43. 1 point
    just saying... people leave and join development teams all the time
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    Oh lord... the time I spent making an area flat for a starter set up. God that game is so intense it terms of grind. Much better than Wurm online however.
  45. 1 point
    And to answer the question of the only game. For me this would be Star Citizen. As its just having so much more assets and resources it can turn into real game quality, and for once the developer team doesnt seem to be totally unable and incompetent to use these enormous assets and ressources for something productive towards the quality of the game. Of course I would tell everywhere else than in the Crowfall forums, that it would be Crowfall, to help the game getting acknowledged Because I am such an honest man like all you other mothaf***** out there, right?! ö.ö/ But as it is my second most favorite game (and that really means something for the personality I became), as well as for the resources-to-gamequality ratio my most favorite game, its very much ok to say this in other places, so dont judge me! ô.o
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    Thanks for the welcome! I live on a small island in the southeast US, Tybee Island Georgia.
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    Who the hell is Jamesgoblin

    James Goblin spreads love through a cold and unfeeling universe
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    Who the hell is Jamesgoblin

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    Who the hell is Jamesgoblin

    James Goblin is proof that there is a higher power than ourselves. I wrote a haiku in my head this morning about JG as I was driving to work -- Man of mystery Always lurking, never posts "JamesGoblin likes this"
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