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    Crowfall Live! FAQ

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    Der heutige, offizielle Livestream hat schon bisher eine Menge neuer Informationen und Einblicke hinter die Kulissen gegeben. Wir haben für Dich eine deutsche Übersicht zu allem relevanten zusammengestellt und werden die nächsten Stunden des Streams weiterhin für Dich verfolgen. Bleib daher immer am Laufenden: http://www.crowfall-community.de/index.php?/news/crowfall/jetzt-live-crowfall-12-stunden-stream-r283/
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    [Un]Official Community Discord

    Hello everyone! This is going to be the new home for our Community Discord Server discussion thread. First off I personally wanted to give everyone a huge THANK YOU for supporting this community server! We have grown by over 800% since we started just nine days ago. This being a community server we've been asking for (and receiving) lots of feedback. Special thanks to Canth, courant101, Scree, MecroMage, Fenris, NocternalDemise, Miraluna, dhose, Cyberspark, and the other dozen of people I know I missed The community has been awesome stepping up to really refine our rules, chat channels and roles. Things are cleaner as well as clearer so players should understand where to find the appropriate information long with where to chat. I'd like to highlight some of the features we currently have. We'll edit this main post if we add an update post later with the date it was edited so it will be easy to see the latest information without having to scroll down and scour for it. As always this being a community server please drop us feedback, questions, ideas, etc either here or on our #feedback_center on Discord. Crowfall Discord Link: https://discord.gg/0wjluGLmPPK9K6Lw ______________ The biggest change was to our server rules. They've been simplified and stream lined. Now just one set of rules for the entire server. SERVER RULES This server is for public use and will have minimal rules and moderation! 1. All NSFW links or images are strictly forbidden. 2. Keep the language PG-13. 3. No Racist Speech, Personal Attacks, or Spam. 4. Wheaton's Law is always enforced. http://i2.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/000/325/176/69f.jpg BOT INVASION Our first bot is Twitter Bot. It grabs tweets from @CrowfallGame and drops them in our #news section. We are trying to move to a permanent home by hosting in on a third party server like DigitalOcean so it can run 24/7. If anyone has experience with setting up Python based Bots on a VPS please message @Keaggan on Discord. We are looking to add more Bots to add more function including a Wiki Library plus some fun ones that have music, games, trivia and more! STAFF ROLES Admin - They all the power and responsibilities of the server owner except server deletion. Moderator - These dedicated people enforce the rules of server and act as a guiding hand for new comers. Apprentice - When we have an over flow of Mods but still have a place for these trusted members. They have access to the private staff chat an other helpful functions to assist Mods & Admins. COMMUNITY ROLES CF Dev Team - Specially reserved for verified Ace Dev members. Guild Leaders - After having at 4+ guild members plus leader tag up on the server and a link to your guild thread on the CF forums you gain this title. VIPs - Special community contributors like YouTubers, Streamers, Podcaster, community site managers and outstanding active members.
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    Travian is the EU publisher

    Thoughts? I never heard of them. EDIT: Actually I think I remember playing their browser-based game in 2005? EDIT2: Apparently the universe is shared, so it all worked out of the best?
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    crafting discipline sneak view http://imgur.com/a/Rfy7i and see it from here on twitch VOD https://www.twitch.tv/crowfallgame/v/74814435t=7h017m45s
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    Disclaimer: Totally jumping into this way-far in. I see a lot of people complaining about how it stops them doing all sorts of inane things like, fighting for 40 minutes straight with no breaks. (Like a fight has ever gone on that long in an MMO anyway) Or jumping randomly pointlessly and continuously throughout a fight (Which I always thought was stupid and made otherwise cool battles look stupid). What I think people miss is the mandatory resource required for funding an army. That even during a war your soldiers will need to rotate from front to back of their squad to rest up and recuperate energy. I do think that it should expire faster in combat, slower out of combat, or both. And really it shouldn't be tied to expending stamina or using abilities, that way you'd only cause more ability-dependant classes to feel crippled. But sprinting is another thing, there's a reason why setting up for a battle before your opponent was good, it let your men rest, then take the enemy while they were tired. It puts a natural and dynamic limit on simply charging to your death over and over -without- putting a massive intrinsic penalty on dying. Dying is enough of a drawback in itself, it doesn't require any further punishment. Making it -easier- to die if you're rash, foolish, unsupported and ill-prepared is another thing. It's the sort of thing that would turn Crowfall from being GW2 WvWvW the MMO to being a qualified tactical and management strategy MMO in its own right. Few developers have the balls to actually do something like this because players don't understand that making things more challenging and restricting for the player actually makes things more dynamic, complex and interesting. It adds layers of strategy even in its minor annoyances.
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    Travian is the EU publisher

    On shared servers: Yes, that is definitely what we plan to do. It is an important feature to have, for both ACE and Travian.
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    Travian is the EU publisher

    As far as I understood and answered in the stream. Pretty much. All they do is they host the Severs, support and such. The Servers are still connected between EU and US as global account between both. Character, skill tree, everything is global between EU and US which means in return that both Versions always have to be in tandem and at the same version. Its as good as it can get without Crowfall hosting itself in the EU. In my opinion it was the best possible outcome, so a big Hurray for the decission!
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    Travian is the EU publisher

    Mainly because of the shared universe and hands off approach they are promising us. ACE continues to be in full control, while Travian takes on the support, advertisement and legal stuff, aka the publishing part (like it should be imo). Yes, Travian is a small company with not a lot of experience publishing mmo's, but remember ACE runs the servers1 in Germany, like they are doing now. Guess they have to prove them selves to us they are able to publish Crowfall succesfully. I'm confident though. Travian has been around for a while. The two companies seems like a great fit. I trust ACE into picking a company that resonates with them. ACE listened to us and took our 'demands' or wishes serious. A bigger, more experienced publisher would probably have brought a list of demands themselves. I have been fighting from day 1 to not have to deal with a publisher like Perfect World. This partnership is exactly what I wanted and hope it would be. So yes, I'm a happy bunny right now. Edit: 1 - In game chat Tyrant told me they are still looking at the server thing, but it will most likely will be together.
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    Travian is the EU publisher

    Yes, I am expecting even greater things from future projects of ACE, as soon as Crowfall has established itself and proven successful, economically and from a gameplay standpoint. This way Crowfall being/building a strong basis/foundation for ACE for future game projects, which may be even more ambitious, having stronger/more resources available to ACE. Hopefully, because no one else seems to care about the MMO genre anymore, despite it being the genre with by far the most potential remaining/left. Including Blizzard and all other major game companys.
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    Good idea. I upped and commented in the Reddit thread. edit: 8 -fuzz
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    I understand the devs want to avoid having hot bar bloat caused by every class having 50 skills, but I don't think the current combo system is the right way to go. I don't want to go into too much detail so I'll just state a few things which I think are worth considering. Keep in mind I'm not a playtester. 1. The combo system is too rigid. You are limited to casting a handful of static skill chains. Sure there is a slight variation in some of them, but you are basically going to do the same sequence of skills in the same order every time. To clarify, I think it would be much better if you could, for example, cast skills in a combo sequence in a different order or omit skills from a combo sequence. 2. It's too expensive to feint since the mana cost for the entire combo is frontloaded in the first skill (was this ever changed?). 3. I'm not sure how to phrase this one, it feels 'forced'. I think this is due to important effects like CC being tied to the ends of combo chains. Combos should reward you for using them, not punish you if you don't use them. Also, I've noticed quite a few people who say things like "combos are supposed to be predictable so that you have time to react to things like CC". Animation locks already give you time to react, if you allow people to have extremely large amounts of time to react to things then you end up with a turn-based combat system, not an action combat system. If you're worried about getting hit with a CC ability while you're stuck in your own attack animation then I've got three things to say. First, I expect animation canceling to be implemented eventually (if not, RIP Crowfall), meaning, if you have not gone too far into an attack animation (the point at which damage is calculated) you could cancel the attack into a dodge or a block. Secondly, if you were so far into an attack animation that you could not cancel it with a dodge, then you probably deserved to get hit. Reading your opponent is part of any skill-based PvP game. Third, if you get hit with a root, a stun, or some other CC, it's not necessarily a death sentence; whether or not that's the case depends on many other factors.
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    I think a few changes could make this work better. 1. Increase the amount of time before you have to eat. It should not be something you need to consider every 15 minutes, but more like after an hour of consistent combat - whether via PvP or mob grinding. You will be in combat of some sort a lot. This is still an MMO and even the more sandboxy games out there have you in combat the majority of your time. You'll encounter players in game randomly quite a bit and have PvP encounters there aside from the more objective based larger fights, you'll also be grinding mobs for crafting items to make gear, to make food, etc. Also won't active training of skills mean you have to use them to actually progress? It's going to be a core facet of gameplay, so I think something like an hour of consistent combat without larger breaks should be what it takes to bring you to a point where you need to eat. 2. Change the effects from losing regen to losing maximum HP/MP/Stamina. This still puts people at a big disadvantage, but doesn't completely cripple certain classes and makes the focus on proper resource management important and much more viable. I would also recommend reducing damage and healing numbers in addition to the HP/MP/Stamina. 3. Allow players to increase their maximum food pool via higher quality food, giving them more of a buffer before they need to eat. This could provide interesting strategic situations while allowing players more control over their food and rewards pre-planning before long battles or grinding sessions. 4. Make death reduce your food pool to 10%. It just makes the most sense - you don't wake up in the morning on a full stomach, so why should a ressurection magically fill you up? Besides, most of the time you'll be in an out of combat, safe ish spot where you are capable of eating anyway. If you are rezzed in combat, this would be difficult but would alleviate some players concerns over in combat rezzing (assuming cooldowns and other such pre-reqs for rez skills weren't crazy, this would be a good balance). It would also prevent players from trying to cheat the system and let themselves die just to get a free food pool. Death should be something that is avoided at all costs.
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    I'm happy to finally be on board. The live stream today was was fun to watch and I really enjoyed seeing the variety of personalities of the Crowfall team.
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    Base combat abilities

    Okay, a couple of thoughts. First, you saw all the discipline stuff, right? It is basically multiclassing. So, you have the defensive turret base, but you can add whatever you want to it. Also, JTodd seems to be very interested in seeing them become something beyond a turret monkey--something melee related. So, I think we may see an advanced/promotion class moving them in that direction. Finally, grenades off keep walls. Think about it...
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    Base combat abilities

    Ya not sure how I feel about an "Engineer" "defensive" "pet" class for an archetype I am really excited about. The WAR Engineer class was a great class just not my style of play.
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    Honestly, a couple hours may not be enough time, but then it might also be more then enough time. It is really hard to determine without any real concrete info on how import/export and all that other fluff is going to work. I would prefer minimal time, I think anything more then 24 hours could be detrimental. People are going to flock to whatever campaign type they decide they enjoy so you won't be seeing everyone playing other campaigns to pass the time and risking having one of their vessels locked into something that is just a time killer. Until we know exactly how things will work, everything here will be speculation but I can say with certainty that if it's to long ... well lets face it, gamer's are impatient, I'm sure you've seen a forum board fill up with rage when a game needs to take servers down for emergency maintenance.
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    Character names in Alpha/Beta

    Probably not, the vessel system changes things somewhat. You'll have your Crow Name, which you'll choose when you launch the game, and you'll have a name for each vessel you activate.
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    Twitch - combat discipline sneak view

    Hey, cool stuff about combat discplines here are some screenshots http://imgur.com/a/A2WoN and see it from here on twitch VOD https://www.twitch.tv/crowfallgame/v/74814435?t=6h07m00s
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    Travian is the EU publisher

    might be good if ACE set up travian members to have a specific title on profiles here - or coloured names or you put it in 'location' name or something to stand up fyi
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    Yep, all contributions anywhere on the net: comments, tweets, upvotes, etc. So that should be 25 entries for you so far.
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    At the moment it is not possible to upgrade via the shop. Except some very specific offers. If this is the case, you will see these offers like this: If not, your best chance is to eMail at support@artcraftent.com (they are really fast - so it might take some time today, thinking about the 12h-stream) and ask them directely. They might be able to rebundle your package and let's say transfer your package into shop credits that you can us to buy a different package. You also have the opportunity to sell your existing package to a trusted trader (but you might loose some percent of the orginal amount) and buy the new package at the crowfall shop. There is also the layaway option in the shop. So if unsure, you might prefer this because you can easily change this invested money into shop credits later.
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    Miraluna created two threads on reddit: MMO: https://www.reddit.c...ev_team_design/ Gamersnews: https://www.reddit.c...ev_team_design/ JamesGoblin too!: TheMakingOfGames: https://www.reddit.com/r/TheMakingOfGames/comments/4q2rzi/crowfall_12hour_live_stream_including_mmo/ IndieGaming: https://www.reddit.com/r/IndieGaming/comments/4q2s53/crowfall_12hour_live_stream_including_mmo/
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    Travian is the EU publisher

    I believe this is their website http://www.traviangames.com/ Edit: interesting that they are looking to push into the middle east.
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    I've also always liked the idea of a survivalist who can find food anywhere - even when others can't. Trainable skill?
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    Great! I'm happy to see you guys participating ^^
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    reddit threads are up: https://www.reddit.com/r/MMORPG/comments/4q0bb0/12hour_live_stream_with_raph_koster_todd_coleman/ https://www.reddit.com/r/Games/comments/4q0dnq/12hour_live_stream_with_mmo_industry_veterans/
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    Twitch - HTML5 video alternatives

    For those that want to avoid Twitch.tv's abysmally performing flash video player and watch via HTML5 video instead like a civilized modern person. (tl;dr: Better performance and less resource intensive) http://twitchls.com/crowfallgame (probably the better of the two sites) or http://streamhtml5.com/Crowfallgame (won't display anything until channel live) Stream only - no video on demand. Still lets you view and use chat if you sign in via twitch.tv.
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    Looking for some co-leaders

    Guild leading can sure be a headache sometimes, good idea splitting the leadership up. Good luck in the recruitment.
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    Nice! Not many entries so far. You guys can share the word about tomorrow's live stream anywhere on the web and it will count as an entry to the contest. OP tl;dr the contest is about promoting Crowfall Live to get more people to know about it. Let us know what you've done to share the word, each contribution equals an entry. Tuesday I'll be randomly picking an entry: this person will win a $100 store prize (you choose anything up to this amount in the store).
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    fixed that for you in the first playtest some players were reaching the <69 no hp regen within ~12 mins of normal gameplay (combat, movement, fighting) in hunger dome
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    People are just too conditioned to convenience these days. Is gathering resources in an RTS tedious? To some it would be, but it adds a lot of depth to the game with how you go about doing such things. Is eating biscuits constantly tedious? It can be, but at least it is a way to make preparation matter. Food and the ability to make vast quantities of it will be important in this game.
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    Trefft den Myrmidonen!

    So lange warte ich nun schon auf diesen Tag ! <3 ​
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    Column; PVPers Need PVErs

    I think that the comments posted on mmorpg.com can be pretty useful to get an idea on how people perceive Crowfall. Many users have the impression that the game doesn't offer any substantial PvE activities and that the non-combat systems are an after thought or an attempt to lure PvEers into the game. Other users pointed out that they believed ACE changed their plans after realizing that a fully PvP game wouldn't work. Hopefully once the game launches it will be easier for everyone to understand what Crowfall is all about.
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    Keybind Profiles

    Not sure anyone's suggested this yet, but I'd like to see the ability to create and save different key bind profiles. Would save a whole lot of time and effort when switching from one archetype to another (sometimes I like to run different setups, so having to go back and change my keys around every time can get extremely tedious). Not super high priority, but a nice QoL feature to have in the game maybe pre-launch.
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    I like the idea of food as a necessary resource for maintaining an army. Burning crops and starving opponents into submission looks fun from orbit. But do I need another resource bar to watch while in combat? Shouldn’t I be looking at the game itself every now and again? Is there not a way to make food important to the meta-game without dumping it on top of combat? If combat needs improvement, then improve the combat; don’t just glaze it over with a chicken puree. How about food affects players run speed only? That already has a dramatic effect on individual and team tactics; we don’t need to go into mana, stam, health. How about the hungry crow flies slower to the grave yard to respawn? Now there is a huge strategic advantage for zerg busting. What about all them thralls that guard the walls of your castle and craft stuff in the campaign world, if they don’t get fed progress comes to a halt, and the guards can’t hit for poorly made socks. Feed your thrall a poisoned crumpet and it falls over dead cursing you. I am sure posters other than myself, could come up with better alternatives than dicking around with combat resource pools, and still keep burning crops important to controlling the effectiveness of your enemies.
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    Finishing up Assassination Classroom 2 Has anyone been watching Hero Academy? This looks really good, but I will be waiting for it to end. -fuzz
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    Not at all. It just doesn't sound fun. At all. It sounds like a chore. Edit: a chore that everyone has to do, all the time, or suffer a significant relative penalty. To me it's little different from rote questing for rat trails or mushrooms over and over.
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    I dropped below 70% on my knight in the last match I played tonight and, as expected, was completely useless. Once I was out of mana, I couldn't even use Oath of Will to get mana back because Noble Blood costs mana. The only thing I could do was use basic attacks or block, both of which return minimal mana.
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    Do me a favor tonight...when you see me, kill Pixie instead. Thanks. See you tonight.
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    It definitely feels like they added an element of absolute necessity in order to fully enjoy the game. Not something I'm entirely a fan of either.
  45. 1 point
    I personally dislike these types of mechanics. They feel like work to me. I'm not here to work. And that's if it works exactly as intended. Trying to keep an open mind, but I really wish this time and effort were spent on character development. My. 02.
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    It's quite the opposite. If you reach 70 food and you're in combat and can't get out, that's when it's a problem.That's when you really need that regen to be able to keep fighting and support yourself. You'll have a hard time killing the other players if they can just wait until you run out of resources. It's especially hard for archetypes that rely on being hard to kill like tanks and support, who are often spending more resources on just staying alive and are usually in combat for longer because of that, than a dps who can burst somebody down and get away. I mean even your survival abilities on tanks/supports use stamina (block, teleport) and thus make your food situation worse. You are actively penalized for being good at your role in this situation. What's the intention here?
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    40 minutes while fighting, not to mention the jumps, stamina used and health lost. Probably we'll have to hide and eat during a fight before the 30th minute mark if we haven't died yet. We'll see... I am interested but also concerned about the possibility of the system becoming more of a nuisance.
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    Best Wishes ACE ! /waves

    i honestly expected this to be a rage quit rant thread....jaded from other game forums....a nice message treating the developers as people what??
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    Game of Thrones

    Great episode! much looking forward to:
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    FAQ - Rüstung

    http://crowfall.com/de/faq/armor/#0 Hier ist die fünfte Frage aus dem Landparzellen-Tool und nicht die korrekte 5. Frage nach weiteren Vorteilen für das Tragen von Rüstung wie im englischen Original.
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