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    Combat: I've been spoiled by BDO

    To be fair I have not tested in quite a while but I did log in yesterday and for my tastes (opinion) combat has a long ways to go. As has been mentioned by others, combat simply is not fluid at this stage. Yes I know that we are still Pre-Alpha, however I have not seen anything from the devs commenting on the pacing of combat and their goal. We typically get the repeated mantra of "combat first" without a clear idea of what that means. Also, the overall pace of combat has remained much the same since the original Hunger Dome. While BDO combat pacing might be on the fast end, what it does offer is a fluidity which "feels" good. One of the most glaring issues I encountered during my brief time testing yesterday as the Ranger was how locked down the character felt. I don't quite get the logic behind forcing a Ranger to stand still while drawing her bow when other characters are allowed the freedom to run around and attack. Sure there can be something said about needing to be stationary when using some of the special attacks, but I can't help but feel crippled when I have to stand still just for a normal left click attack. While CF and BDO are obviously different games and in different stages of development, there are similarities that make comparisons worthwhile. Both games strive for action based combat revolving around limited skill sets that do not rely on tab-targeting. My 2 cents for now, for what that's worth.
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    [Obsidian] Crowfall Stealth Operations

    https://obsidian.wiki Obsidian is a uniquely specialized guild created exclusively for Crowfall. Our goal is simple; to provide a home for people interested in stealth-first operations; who value intelligence, guerilla tactics and small-group PVP over brute force and numbers. Our efforts include knowing what is going on geo-politically within Crowfall, even if that knowledge isn't public. We have operatives working within the ranks of our enemies, and we utilize this information to create the battlefield of our choosing. We prefer small-scale, squad-based engagements done to-scale inside the campaign worlds of Crowfall. This means we've organized ourselves into small squads of players operating independently on the battlefield, yet simultaneously acting in concert with one another to achieve a greater and more meaningful victory. Recruitment Obsidian is currently selective of who it permits to join us. We only seek those who are dedicated enough to undertake the recruitment process. We give great deference to individuals interested in stealth operations, but it is not a requirement for the right candidate. We regularly seek out individuals with non-combat areas of expertise and have a vibrant community built for interested crafters and gatherers. We understand the incredible importance these individuals bring to the table. To join Obsidian, you must first find us. Track down the location and name of one of our members (Crowfall Discord). If you can convince that individual to sponsor you into our organization, he or she will refer you to our Council of Whispers for the next step. Please note that joining Obsidian is a one-shot; your application to join us is the only one you'll get. Make sure you really want it, before you begin the process. Things We Work On Malekai.org - The front page of the Malekai Project. The only Crowfall Database!
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    Ich denke da war ich einfach schon zu Müde Aki
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    Crowfall poster series: The Myrmidon

    I love how you don't seem to agonize on the lighting and shadows. You just seem to drop them in exactly where they belong on the first try. Crazy talent (or really evidence of years of expertise!) Also, I didn't realize these were after-hours projects until now. You guys are insane. Thanks Billy!
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    Avatar the last air bender

    Fire=Confessor Water=Frostweaver Earth=Forgemaster/Druid Air=Forgemaster/Druid why not?
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    Avatar the last air bender

    I'm sort of concerned that confessor and frostweaver are locked to single elements. In terms of say damage type options compared to other classes that can choose e.g. physical slashing, crushing, piercing and then say druid's earth and lightning. sort of sucks that confessor just has: fire as the damage type with no choice or alternative in the kit or weapon selection. [e.g. like a burning damage over time alternative that had a seperate damage resistance to fire like bleed does] I do like classes that mix a wide variety of elemental powers [<3 guild wars 2 elementalist] Aang was good. But Korra took it to new heights as well. I'd argue ALL of Korra's 'villians' had degrees of sympathetic motivations [The road to hell is paved with good intentions]
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    Avatar the last air bender

    Fire=Confessor Water=Frostweaver Earth=Forgemaster Air=??? But, no idea what you're expecting, I think I disagree. Earth Nation is Best Nation Bolin Korra Book 3, really made you sympathize with the antagonist's cause.
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    Combat: I've been spoiled by BDO

    Honestly it isn't much different iin CF. Spamming that same button to traverse the "combo". With the Druid you're literally alternating between 2 spam and wicked winds when in death.
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    Pokemon Go

    This game is a Skinner's box where the probability of being run over is high.
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    Phone App?

    I don't know if they'd want to develop it this far, but an EK land manager would be cool. Not for city-building, but maybe a zoning tool. That way people don't have to wait around while you're gone to get building permissions. Fealty tree would be included in this. If it's a no to the zoning though, I would like to recommend a fealty manager by itself.
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    Combat: I've been spoiled by BDO

    I would hope not. My understanding, and anyone correct me please if I misunderstood this, is the the current combat lmb movement was just a placeholder tech as the team wanted to see what how it "felt" and get feedback on it. Clearly it's working and testers prefer it.I feel as if the silence from Artcraft on fluid combat is due for them still in the development phase of tech to see what they can and cannot do. They dont want to promise something then not be able to deliver. I know I am not alone in wishing we would get a clear outline of how Artcraft envisions combat movement to be on final release.
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    Combat: I've been spoiled by BDO

    Lighten up Francis It was sarcasm. It is my understanding the Dev team is aware combat, even ranger range combat, is clunky. Just as Artcraft smoothed over the Confessor, the Ranger in time will get love as well. It feels as if by design range dps will not be of the kiting mechanic kind. From all indications the lmb movement on melee combat is just place holder tech as we await the next introduction of combat mechanics.
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    *ahem* You have a short memory, don't you?
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    Combat: I've been spoiled by BDO

    The classic example I always used for "clunky" was the Confessor's Zealot Rush. You would dash, then come to a complete and total stop before you could continue running again. Then Doggett went and fixed the thing. The same idea applies to many other powers and archetypes, though. As far as fluidity is concerned, I think it's less a question of when you can or cannot move/cast powers, but how and when you transition between the two.
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    I understand that this is a thread about what people hope ace doesn't do and not a thread about what ace is going to do. Perhaps you don't understand that? Yea you think it is irrelevant because you don't have the proper experience to see how things like this matter.
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    Combat: I've been spoiled by BDO

    Yes lets add mobility to a range dps that can pop off 16k to 20k long range snipes.
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    Combat: I've been spoiled by BDO

    There's a clear (and wide) middle ground between 360 snipes and rooted shooting. I think Ace can and should find it. If they do, however, RMB mobility might need to be revisited for melee and ranged characters.
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    Combat: I've been spoiled by BDO

    I lightly sprint and sometimes run at full speed with a few back flips drawing back 50 lbs on my bow all the time in real life all the while with perfect aim. .
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    Dave's is definitely the OFFICIAL art. Before UX and Design I spent many years being an Illustrator so its really just a fun exercise to do some Crowfall characters, even if they serve no purpose in the game. The more artists we have putting their own spin on Crowfall, the bigger the brand and concepts will become which is good for everyone
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    Bought an account with alpha2 access for my wife. Very easy process, very speedy delivery. Made the purchase in the middle of the night on a Sunday and had the account a few hours later.
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    Druid is coming along well. Im chipping away here and there when I have a night free. As far as genders, it really depends on demand. Being that this isn't my main job (UX is quite demanding!) its hard to commit beyond the original announced 13 archetype genders, but I would love to do all of them if Crowfall fans want. Write a letter to your local Todd or Gordon and cast your vote!
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    I have been doing these character pics in my spare time since the Kickstarter - its really just for fun and to show our characters in a slightly different style. Once we get our high quality print fulfillment figured out, we will start selling various pieces from art team. I personally need some Greco prints on my wall.
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    Oh yeah, btw Billy, how's the Druid poster coming along? And will there be gendered variants of these posters later down the line?
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    Crowfall poster series: The Myrmidon

    For looking at.
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    Discipline: Ward Mage [Or Warden]

    Yup sounds good. We've got MINOR elements of this in the damage resistance system but its basically unnoticeably frankly and requires no active gameplay input on the fly. One thing i've missed from Guild Wars 2: Powers that create temporary barriers, fields, lines or circles that block projectiles / magic or people moving through them or reflect powers back at the enemy. Also the vast array of interactive power effects they had through the power combo system e.g. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Combo And I'd definitely like to see more interaction effects between powers rather than whack a mole power rotation exchange we have going on now.
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    What kind of PVE would people want

    You know when you're "jungling" in a MOBA or killing creeps in an RTS to power up your character/army? That's what the "PvE" is in this game. It serves a purpose within the context of the overall strategic picture, but it doesn't fit into the traditional conception of PvE gameplay which so many people seem to want to project onto it.
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    Pascal is here

    Titan P rumored to be in the works and rumored to be announced in Aug - 50% increase in performance vs a 1080 + HBM2. Hopefully the 1080 Ti will be announced around the same time. edit: guess I should just link it out: Link -fuzz
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    I think there's a place for it, but if the choice is all or nothing, throw out that baby and the bath water. When this argument came up before testing Fenris and I went round and round with me essentially arguing that testing it was necessary. We tested it. I think it's a bad default rule and should be used sparingly. You win this one Fenris, but I will be back just like the Governator. J/K, I really do think it has a place. A small place. Like a pond compared to the the ocean of CF abilities. "We have a pond in the back. We have a pool and a pond... Pond'd be good for you." -Carl Spackler
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    I don't think tank are useless, I just think Tinnis had a very creative Idea if we must go this route. I can see what you're saying though, however, once the game goes live will Tanks be a major role for group composition on the same level as Heals or DPS? How many games have we seen where meta's forgo a tank because Focus firing with more DPS becomes more effective? I'm not saying this will be the case but if it does turn out this way then why not have something to ensure that tanks are a Major role. An example would be Warhammer, the tanks had utility but they also had guard which made them a major role in organized combat. Would a group be gimped without a tank? Sure they would. But that same group would also be gimped if they couldn't find heals for their party.
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    Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord

    From 0 to 40 meters, the drop wouldn't impact gameplay much and at +40 m it can't be worse than what we got now (100% miss).
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    Bullet drop, friendly fire and whatever else fit perfectly in this game (crowfall). It's either them pussying out or them being unable to pull it off.
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    Who the hell is Jamesgoblin

    I vote for a new stretch goal. The James Goblin: This unique NPC can't be killed. Upon meeting you, James will follow you around until he finds someone more interesting. Unfortunately, the location of the James Goblin can always been seen on the map, regardless of fog of war, making you a target for your enemies. If you stealth while he is following you, he will frame you in faerie fire, so that he can still look upon you in wonder. The more success you have while being followed by the James Goblin, the more inclined he will be to stay with you and the more difficult it will be to pass him on to another, though periods of inactivity may cause him to grow bored and wander off. The James Goblin will randomly cast LIKE on you. This will cause your movement speed to increase by 100%, but will also give you a debuff that does 10% damage every second while moving.
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    Stalkers will be our Rivals

    https://www.themittani.com/features/crowfall-exclusive-interview-passive-skills-and-stealth-ops I love it.
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    Assassins use In Combat

    I think resources are underplayed in peoples early views on this game. The need for a constant stream of resources and crafters to turn them into gear is going to be mindblowing compared to current games. Shadowbane thrust all of the crafting needs onto NPCs and ignored the resource aspect of the game. With this title, I see most people wasting downtime between sieges/fighting gathering resources in preparation of the next battle. Its during this time that assassins stand to be the most devastating. Its one thing keeping a large organization from collapsing due to internal pressures. Its even more challenging turning it into a cohesive fighting force. In Crowfall it'll be all about keeping that force fed and equipped. A great group of assassins in your guild could effectively stop your opponent from being properly supplied when the combat does begin. I can envision a situation where a war is enevitable, but the attacking force prepares the week in advance by sending its stealthies out to hamper enemy gathering/crafting time. When the battle does start, the ability to reinforce and replace lost gear becomes that much more devastating. In the middle of a giant battle? I don't expect us to be all that useful except for picking off strays/reinforcements running back.